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Facebook Data and Management Tools

Sal Cincotta

Marketing Your Photography Business

Sal Cincotta

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8. Facebook Data and Management Tools

Lesson Info

Facebook Data and Management Tools

Management tools everything you need is located in the new admin panel. So again, if you're in home, go to your business page, hit that drop down menu at the top and you'll see hide or show and that's gonna hide or show your admin panel on your business page, you khun view page and post performance you're not only looking at the actual page, but you're looking at your individual post and you'll start seeing trends tax post might not be trending as well as image post, and somebody had alluded to that earlier on, like, do you get more traction with images? The short answer is yes, but now you can actually get metrics on it. You can view notifications you can view direct messages so that you can email clients directly from your business page, and this becomes good as you grow and you scale because you don't want everything to have toby from you maybe want to hire a summer intern or an assistant who's monitoring your business page that might make more sense for you, but so we'll talk more ...

about that. And then, of course, something called insights, which are very, very important, and we're going to start drilling into that stuff, so on your admin panel top right hand corner, you'll see the hide show button. And this becomes your admin panel now you'll notice on the top right hand side there we have something called messages this is my cells and kata photography paige I turned it off I had to turn it off because it was getting too many client request and I couldn't respond in a timely fashion. So does you no good to get these client messages if it's taking you three days to a week to respond, that doesn't make a whole lot of sense and so for me I had to turn it off on there is a way to turn it off and I'll show you that later, but if you're not going to respond to this, do yourself a favor and turn it off that's the best piece of advice I can give you because if you don't climb they're gonna get pissed off getting your go hey, I sent you a message and they didn't send it to your email the senate to your business page incites if you look back here again, you'll see that little tab in the middle and it's called insights basically what this is is reporting and metrics on your page this is updated daily you can run it over over the course of a date range so you could look over the past thirty days, pay sixty days, passed ninety days and really get some valuable data about your post so but I want you to do is go there and we'll scroll back here and hit your see insights select see all and you will see this and we're going to go through this step by step so that you understand what you are looking at here so first you'll notice it says overview for those of you watching at home if you don't have access to this, just pay attention so that you understand what we're looking at here. So this is your overview you'll see on the bottom you'll see all sorts of post that you've made what date they were made on you're seeing all these charts here let's break it down number one total likes so the salvador cincotti photography pages nine thousand likes that's what that number means ok it's the total likes on your page but this is the one that's really powerful number two friends off fans four point four million friends of fans this what this means is if you have your total reach, if you get your clients to engage, not only will they see what you're posting, their friends will see it and their friends will see it. So what I'm looking at there is a total reach before potentially four point four million people will I ever hit four point four million people? No but the bigger that number is the bigger the pool you have to go after in your friends of friends, this is a very powerful number because this is how facebook works what it's working on is let's say you have five hundred people that you're friends with, but they have friends, right? So it gives you this exponential reach toe all your toe, all your clients and their friends you understand that when they like something, it shows up in their news feed when they make a comment on something, it shows up in their news feed now we're gonna talk about getting them engaged in a second, but this becomes very, very important to understanding how that all works together. Number three I want to show you a post here, so on four five on april fifth, I made a post on the howard engagement as we go across here, what will notice is notice the total reach from that post it reached five thousand four hundred eighty eight people? That means it showed up in five thousand four hundred eighty eight people's news feeds now showing up in a news feed doesn't do me any good if they don't what's the word engage, they have to engage in it engaging is liking it or commenting on it right? So engaged users there were sixteen hundred sixty one engaged users and what that means is they clicked on the photo not necessarily made a comment right or maybe liked it so that becomes now they're engaged in it but talking about it ninety four people so whatever it was lovely love your photo you looked beautiful great job guys whatever their friends and family are riding on this that becomes talking about this thes air very important numbers to understand because when we start talking about ej rank in a few minutes here this becomes part of the equation so again that post for howard reached five thousand four hundred eighty eight people that's a great reach that means it showed up in their news feeds but just showing up in their news feeds is there scrolling by it does that do me any good not really right I've got to get them to click on it and engaged and that's what happened sixteen hundred people clicked on it that's a great number I'm really happy with that number now would be even better if I got them talking about it more but arguably when you're posting pictures maybe there's nothing to really talk about that's where some text comes into play maybe you're directing them to comment on it this one's my favorite no that one's my favorite stuff like that vote for your frame favorite and if you really want to get perspective on this look up and down above this so below um actually let's go to if we look at for eighteen right I made a post even though it's my salvadore cincotti photography page I've got clients who are who are fans as well of what we do in the professional community, right? Everybody's a photographer so they love watching what we're doing from the educational perspective well that only reached twenty, two hundred people that was a text post nothing really behind it on that one right? No reason for them look how many engaged on ly one hundred forty two people engaged so they're not clicking on it right? There was no reason for them to click on it is this clicking with you so an image is going to get them to engage you want to get them engaged so here's two different post one had a picture one did not have a picture and the one with the picture got more people engaged because they want to click through and look at those albums that trend you will see throughout the rest of the year. So as I get into season now and I'm posting seniors and engagements and weddings, I guarantee you I will see no continual numbers like this because they're going to engage in pictures more than they will just a text post uh across the top if we select likes so now you're looking across the top menu bar here you see overview likes reach talking about this check ins as we click on likes okay, notice what we're looking at here are demographics number right by number one people who like your page that's the demographic we're looking at so I can actually see a breakdown notice you can also select date range, so if you're looking at this, I can select a date range from january to march. Ken, ninety day window. I can even export this data. Maybe I've got another way. I want to look at it. I want to put it in excel, tweak it even more. You can export it. Truth is the metrics there showing you right here. Very valuable. The people who like this page check it out. Sixty five percent of female. It doesn't really surprise me, right? My brides are typically going to be females. They're more into pictures than the men are. So sixty five percent of the people who like this are female, then it goes down a gender and age range. You understand how valuable this data is, and if you've not looked at it on your own pages, you've got to get on this because this is a telltale sign twenty five to thirty four. So twenty eight percent off my fans are in the twenty five to thirty for age range on then the next biggest one is thirty five to forty four, okay, so roughly forty five percent ish. Are sitting in the meat of that market nothing surprising about this data right? But if I started seeing most of my salvadore cincotti photography fans were like sixty five and older marketing to the wrong crowd right? I've got I've totally got the wrong crowd engaged in my sight so this becomes very very valuable data of course we can see what countries what cities there from what languages there speaking and see where they came from didn't come from a mobile device a recommendation a timeline this is priceless priceless data right at your fingertips and I cannot tell you how many of you have seen and worked with and you don't even know this date exists it's free it's there on your page engage in it let's go across here reach so now across the top I click on reach who you reached so now I can see not only who my target is but I can see who I'm reaching right remember I'm making this post who seeing it in their news feed who's being reached with this well I can see no surprises thirty percent of the people that I'm reaching are in the twenty five to thirty four age range on the female side so I'm reaching sixty two percent females thirty six percent males in that break down thirty percent are twenty five to thirty four female fifteen percent male so right there in that meat again I'm at forty five percent in that age range that I'm actually reaching with my feets that's the age range I want to reach and then of course it jumps up a little bit in the thirty five to forty four it's all making sense next is talking about this. This is extremely powerful remember these are people who are making comments on your page, so talking about this they're making comments there engaged in the page this's what matters on your edge rank this is incredible. First of all, it's fifty fifty split core making comments on the pages, whereas the other two starts were heavily weighted towards females when it comes down to making comments and talking about it. It's a fifty fifty split and again it's sixteen percent twenty five to thirty four female, seventeen percent male, twenty one percent male thirty five to forty four and sixteen percent female in that age range so it's interesting to see that percentage wise the males men are more engaged and making more comments than the females. That was a surprising stock to me to see that, but I need to have access to this data to just understand what I'm looking at and what it all means how many of you are actively looking at this? You are awesome! Yeah, so what do you talk to me? What do you mean, mike I didn't know you could go this deep into it. Okay, I went to like the people reached and view all but I didn't realize there was all the stuff out on the top to keep going. Yeah, and, you know, you cannot you can change the date range too, and so that becomes really, really powerful as well, because you're wanting to look at your wanting to look at your post, right? I want to see how my poster doing here and what their potential reaches because this is probably I don't know one of the most valuable pieces of information you could have all of you out there who were wondering. Well, I don't agree with south I think this kind of post works better than this way. We don't have to argue about it. That's the great news go look at your data go look at your metrics. Your metrics will tell you what's working and what's not and I've got history on my side when I say to you pictures get mohr traffic mohr engagement from my users than an actual text post, right? So I've got tons of history with that. So when I say to you no one cares what you had for breakfast. I mean it. No one cares from the perspective of facebook, I don't care what kind of flowers you got unless you're going to show me a picture of it. I don't care what kind of tree got in your backyard unless you're gonna show me a picture of it because I want to get people to engage and click through and look at that. And photos and photo albums are the things to get you there. So what are you doing with it? Are you looking at it all the time or passive? Well, when I look at it, geering like to pay on season what's coming up, I use it for facebook ads to target those type of people, like more females in the age of eighteen twenty five and know that they're probably going to get engaged soon or, you know, etcetera, so very good work it in. Yeah, you want this data is priceless. This is data that facebook has, and they track it on all of us, by the way. So it's, nothing new, but this gives you great insight into your client base that's here and there on your page already and again, getting them engaged is the key word in your post that's what you want, if you want more likes it's not gonna happen by accident not gonna happen by tricking them it's going right by running just a promotion it's gonna happen by posting relevant content, getting your current fan base to like it to comment on it to share it then that will drive and show up in more people's news feeds automatically because remember that number right from the beginning I want to hit this four point four million number now we'll never hit that full number but that's the potential market of candidates I have to reach if I can get my nine thousand fans or likes to engage with that post is that all making sense? And so the other thing you can see here now we're not restaurant so there's the cheque in stat as well so you can actually see if you were a restaurant or one of those other kind of stores where people come in if they're checking into your location because me and taylor, when we're out to dinner she's chill check in every place we got right she's always on check in duty and so that's up there as well. But from my business it's just not relevant we don't particularly care, but again, if you're a different kind of business that same stott is there for check in so very, very powerful guys before I continue on I want to take some questions on this assed far as I'm concerned, there should be a lot of questions on this because it's very powerful and not a lot of people use it or use it correctly. All right, a lot of questions are coming in right now, but uh, jennifer augusta has a really great question, she says. How often should you post on your facebook page to keep it relevant two times a day and what are the best times? I would rather see you, uh, post less and post relevant content pictures? Uh, then post with a ton of frequency but it's not relevant data because you'll actually start hurting yourself. If you start posting a bunch of stuff that isn't getting people engaged, it hurts your edge rank right? And I know I keep throwing that word around, but that's a facebook algo algorithm that's controlling what shows up in news feeds now you start posting a whole bunch of relevant content and no one's engaging in it, it actually hurts you so poste les but post more relevant content. Of course, if you've got a ton of relevant content, keep posting right there's nothing wrong with that at all. That won't hurt you that will just help you or repost keep in mind in this day and age people mike it on facebook at seven a m on their way to work right, maybe they're on the train maybe they're on the bus on them when they get home or when they're on launch, so I tend to sometimes post, especially for me I've got a kind of ah international audience I might post at two a m in the morning and that's going to get people engaged and then I might post again at nine a m or ten am because it's a completely different audience that it's showing up for that is the question quick down from the from the bahamas and you mentioned something earlier about potentially turning off your messaging features on facebook and this person says saudi think that may be a disadvantage to turn off the messaging feature on facebook. What if that potential customer thinks it's too much work tio have to go to your website and e mail you you've got to measure it. So to that question, I will both agree and disagree with it it can be a disadvantage because that's the whole point of messaging it makes it easier for them to contact you right then and there where it becomes a disadvantage is when you're not responding to it because you're not plugged into your sight. And so for me with four five different sides, it was becoming a disadvantage because I had clients getting upset that I wasn't responding to him, so if you're not going to respond turn it off if you can be engaged and can respond yes, keep it on. I think it's a huge advantage and it plays right into social media and letting people get you when they want where they want so it can working therefore or against you. Another question coming in. I think it goes to when you look at facebook and you look it likes, likes don't necessarily equal paid customers that's, right? This person says how we go about getting more like beyond just other photographers liking our page. Yeah, exactly. Uh, so it's ah, we're gonna talk about contests on how to drive relevant people to your side and how to increase your edge lying, too. Dr moore likes, and the promotion tool will talk about that that's how you do it and yes, you know, as photographers it's great to have other photographers looking at our work, but at the end of the day, it's not helping us because they're not the people were selling too, right? I don't have a whole bunch of photographers hiring me for photo shoots I need to get to really, really clients. All right, looking at our facebook algorithm are stupid algorithm, but, um, analytics anthony's wondering, given the information, how do you drive customer activity to get those numbers up? What helps we what helps is we're back to the engaged post you've gotta post stuff that forces user engagement, and so if you're not posting stuff that's relevant, they're not going to engage in it. And as a photographer, that's what's relevant pictures pictures are the only thing in my opinion that are relevant when you're going after high school seniors, high school seniors again, I know I'm beating a dead horse here. I don't want to hear about what I had for breakfast that's not what they're looking to hear, you know, or what my favorite color is or which headshot I should use. What they want to do is get engaged in pictures off their friends and get them to share it, so you're looking to give them a reason to share it, and this is a common sense question. But again, if people are using is analytics that facebook gladly provides to the consumer to you for free and knowing about the demographics and that type of information, what is the disadvantage there at like not knowing this basic information? You don't know what you don't know if you're not looking at this because you're afraid of it. I was teaching a workshop down in dallas last year, and bunch of eyes opened up in there like I was afraid to go in there, I started looking at it and it freaked me out if you're afraid of it and you don't go in there and look at it, you don't even know what you don't know, and so I've just shown you really easily how to make sense of this data that's there and that's going to ultimately help you grow your business because now you know your target demographic I mean, I'm looking at some of these numbers and, you know, there's some ones that are really telltale if, uh, where I can see what's working and what's not working so this one back here, back on the main page, I can see through experience not because someone's telling me I can see what's working what's not working and that becomes very, very important so you you've got you've got to use this stuff it's there for you don't ignore it don't pretend it doesn't exist. I'm embarrassed to say that I just looked on my an elixir my facebook page and I don't have a high number of likes, but it confirms something that I guess my business already told me is that the georgie my coaching clients are women and lo and behold, looking at this majority folks that visit my page, our women are female interesting so is that is that we're gonna have some sexy pictures of you up on your side sometime soon I'm a professional south you will not see any of those real quick. Any question from the audience is great information sounds providing I mean, this is a great time for you guys for your facebook page is to get some information with cell if not, we'll keep it moving let's keep it going all right, so private messaging we talked a little bit about this ability to message from and as the business and this becomes, I think, very important as you grow your business and you wanna have staff start handling these questions on behalf of the business right? So as a business, the last thing you want to do is create an identity for let's say susie who's, an intern or she's a photographer for you and then suzie uses her personal account to start engaging with your clients that would actually be disastrous for you because now susie leaves or something like that she's tied directly to it. So this allows the private messaging allows susie to log in is kind of an admin and when she's responding and engaging it's as salvador sing cotter photography or in fact the business page uh removes that personal attachment again turn it off for me too much to manage here's how you turn it off if you want to so you go in here, uh, you see messages, right? Mine is turned off and it's right here you go to manage permissions, right? You click on, add it, this page manage permissions and right there it says messages show message button on salvador cincotti photography. I've turned it off, so just check or on chek it. Whatever you're looking for, just my only recommendation to you is if you're gonna have it on, just make sure you're checking it ah, and engaging with your users or you're going to get a ton of negative feedback from that, so just keep that in mind, right? I think it's a reasonable of clients see it's on it's reasonable to expect you to respond to that uh, facebook does not create a user friendly name by default by default. It's going to be facebook dot com slash one, two nine, four, three, three, one whatever, right. It's not creating a facebook friendly name and that that's alright, you are all friendly name and that's not going to do your business any good, right? You want some level of branding around it? So let's, take a look at what we saw from the studio audience dana yeah, I kind of get so lucky. So dana is like a check out my facebook page it's facebook dot com slash pages dana dash beverly dash photography one nine two two four eight two nine four one eight zero two eight nine what right we can't do that so it's easy to change everybody look at your own pages out there if you haven't changes here's what it should look like okay? It should just be for me it's facebook dot com slash south and caught a photo that makes it super easy for me to give it out to my clients. All you do is you go into your admin panel and where there was managed permissions two minutes ago we're going to go back to basic information and here because I've already selected my user name okay? I can actually request to change it, but for you, dana and anybody out there who hasn't done it it's going to ask you to put in your username make it something that makes sense for your business as well as once you requested, okay like for me I have one for seniors as well, so I think it's south and cottage sa or something like that but regardless make it something that you can put easily on a marketing piece so that if you want to drive traffic to your facebook site they can easily get there so and it will check for you so if you're like, hey, I want you know facebook dot com slash wedding photos that's more than likely taken and it will kick back to you and say, hey that's that's already taken so you can check some custom user names if you want to so definitely take advantage of that ah super super simple the promotion feature so lots of questions have been coming in online about how to promote post how to generate more exposure and more fans things like that will on the bottom of your post there's this little feature down there if you scroll down to the bottom you'll see on a post here says promote now and so this is going to allow you to actually promote your post and get some paid exposure yeah, you gotta pay for it but it's worth it depending on what you're what you're actually doing so this is increases chances of showing up in their news feeds again building brand awareness is it worth thirty bucks to build some brand awareness? It is now it's not gonna be one post and you hit a home run we've got to think about this in our overall marketing plan for the year. How much are you willing to spend on this over the course of the years of five hundred dollars is a thousand dollars we've got at least think about what we're willing to spend over the course of a year it gets them engaged in sales or promotions again. That has been the key word here for your facebook presidents engagement we've got to get them engaged in your post because then it shows up in more news feeds uh, get some clicking and liking and generates more fans for you. Uh, and then, of course, the best part about the promotion feature is we can see the results via insights so we can see how much of this worked and didn't work based on the twenty five dollars the fifty dollars spent and it doesn't have to be expensive. Twenty five bucks to do a promotion is not that bad. All right, so it's it's pretty affordable so what you would do here again if you're following along at home? Go to your post, follow along just so you get the sense of how it all works and then, you know, cancel it before bringing it live. So you hit the promote now here's what's going to pop up it's gonna tell you immediately what the audiences people who like your page and their friends back to four five slides ago when I talked about remember the four point four million names I had access to so that's who I'd be showing this to sew for fifty bucks I haven't estimated to reach of eleven to twenty thousand people to get this to show up in their news feed is not worth it. I think it is worth it for fifty bucks to get access to that many people, not for five hundred bucks. I can get access to let's, say up to one hundred eighty thousand people. Is that worth it? I don't think so. That one becomes a little more tricky. That's. A lot of money just for people to see some pictures. However, if I was running a special tied to this book your engagement session now get fifty percent off your session. I would make the argument that three to five hundred dollars would totally be worth it, because all I got to do is book one session out of that promotion and it's totally worth it. The average engagement sale in our studios about fourteen hundred dollars. So it's totally worth spending that if I can book just one session, let alone book five sessions, ten sessions and along those lines you so you've got to start thinking like a business person when it comes to that. Is this making sense? Hasn't we tried this with any results? You have daniel tell me a little bit about it. I did it for a week and I think I did like mine was a max bid of five dollars a day like I would spend five dollars a day as a max bid we running an ad or were you doing a promotion? I was doing a promotion on a post and when was it um two weeks ago okay interesting and in a week I think there's ten thousand eight hundred people who I reached you reach ten thousand I don't remember how many people were actually engaged in it right now that's the more important number yeah initially it's easy to get caught up in that big number which is how many people that I reach but ultimately all that means is it showing up in their news feeds the real number that's valuable to you is their engagement and talking about it that's what makes it start going viral viral in the world of facebook is you want to get people talking about it and engaged in it and you know virility is different depending on what you're trying to do look, I'm not trying to create the latest youtube video and propagate this thing out you know, two million views within my client base I'm looking to get you know it out to enough people that it generates buzz builds my brand and gets them engaged with me so eh? So any did any business come of it and he likes kind I think I received maybe fifteen more likes from it but no no business okay, so and that will happen over time right? So as you start building that audience it'll start showing up in more and more people's news feeds but how much did you spend on it over weeks time I think it was fifty dollars, fifty bucks you got roughly fifteen new likes out of it right? So it's a little bit expensive it's about two dollars and fifty cents per like that's. Too much money, right? We'd want more likes but the truth is did you give him any reason to like it with text? No, probably not now so the next time you go back, give me a reason to like it right? Maybe in the description hey want to see more engagement photos like our page and see upcoming specials but we have to be careful with saying come like our page I thought not in this and this you can do you can do whatever you want. You have to be careful like your page if you put it in your timeline banner right so that you've got to be careful there here you can you can run any kind of promotion you want put any kind of descriptor you want in there so just another way right fifty bucks is not a bad deal you experimented with it you saw a little bit of success we need to see a little bit more success and give them a reason to engage you know you could run a caption contest ah quote contest you know we did something similar to this for behind the shutter of a few weeks ago maybe a month ago we've away like a two hundred dollar gift certificate to virtuoso to the winner of a caption contest and we have three little girls laying on the floor I don't know if you guys saw it with cameras right that it got hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of comments I posted it on my personal page my business page on maybe one other place well that was extremely engaged and as more and more people were engaging it writing comments on it okay it started getting this little bit more of this viral feel to it on the numbers were very very supportive so we generated a ton of new likes just based on that so that's the kind of stuff I want to see so you're doing image of the month right contest like that we'll talk more about it all right questions from out in the world man before we go to building an audience all right photos a peacock just ask from pensacola florida I've seen this option in the photo page and have been afraid to try how often do you use it and will they keep charging me they will they will keep charging you if you keep the promotion active you can actually start the promotion and turn the promotion off so I can say my budget for the promotion is fifty dollars, and then after it's been running for a week, I can actually go back in and and see that only twenty five dollars, of that has been used and then turn it off. So just because you allocate fifty box doesn't mean they're gonna burn through all of it, but you can start in a low dollar amount, right? I think here I mean, you could see I could try it for ten dollars give it a ten dollar try, see what happens on, see if it gets the results you're looking for. So I think it's a very inexpensive way to experiment with this and see if it works or doesn't work or more importantly, see what's working and what's not working I mean, hell, if you don't believe me, try it on a text post promoted, see what anybody does right, so run a this is a great test, by the way, I run a promotion for a seventy five percent off photo session, right? Just spend five or ten bucks on this and do it just text based. Then take a picture of your high school senior your portrait your wedding and run the same seventy five percent off promotion, right, allocating the same amount of money to it, see which gets more engagements I'm being interesting ah, bill case study there ciao. Thank you. Bring up a really good point there and it makes you think about the lean startup method is this is a low cost way to test something to see what works what doesn't work before you get all the bank on just one thing correct? Yeah I mean, ah lot of times you sit here and you listen to speakers like myself and we're sitting here like just, you know, kind of preaching to you about what works what doesn't work but here's a way to really gets improve yourself so you build your confidence I'm not offering you ah ah method that's gonna cost you a thousand dollars right out of the gate I'm offering you something that's five ten bucks for you to experiment with and try so that you feel comfortable with it before you bite the bullet and spend even more money on this it's a really easy easy test uh you a sixty nine says also I was spending five dollars daily on facebook and didn't get any likes. As soon as I started spending ten dollars daily, I started getting tons of like so far in ten days I got almost four thousand likes first a that's amazing I'll spain I'll spend ten ten dollars a day all day long to get that kind of traffic but secondly facebook is a business, right, so if you're only offering up five box uh, especially you're running an ad campaign it's going how much money you're spending is going to control where this thing is going. So right there, they're making money too, based on getting your stuff out there, so keep that in mind, right? Don't be cheap and I'm gonna say five bucks make the investment because with that kind of r a y that's just absolutely phenomenal. Now don't everyone be misled out there? I don't see his post, but I guarantee you his post wasn't just attacks post it was something something requesting and requiring user engagement and that's what's going to lead to the like, so that's phenomenal, fantastic think we continue on let's go. All right, so let's talk about building an audience. So in building an audience, first of all, everybody struggles with this. I don't want any of you out that here or out there to believe for a minute that oh, yeah, we just start up a new facebook page and banned ten thousand likes it's not how it works. Everybody had to start somewhere. Everybody was below one hundred at one point, right, because if you're below one hundred certain features don't show up for you on your facebook business page everybody's there the difference is what are you doing? Are you actively engaged in building that audience while there's some ways for you to do it first of all right problem number one friends don't like your business page anybody having this problem you got like you know a thousand friends, but then you got like, you know, fifty likes on your business page and you can't convert them over a lot of people have that or maybe when you started your business you started it under your personal page and now you're trying to set up a true business page like I'm telling you to do and you just can't get anybody over there as well. So that's problem number two right? These air ria world problems for you? How about if you got a mailing list and e mail list and you want to convert there's an actual really easy way to do it within facebook that a lot of people don't know about uh obviously one way to do it to build an audience is awareness, so if you're truly trying to do it facebook like us on facebook should be on all your marketing material it should be on your business card your facebook killing should be on your business card it should be in your signature on your, um on your emails going out it should be and it should be a user friendly name right dana we want that user friendly name and then of course we wanted on our business cards and web page make it easy put the little facebook icon there make it easy for me to click on that and go right to your page and so you have got to make a considerable effort conscious effort in getting people to like your page it's not gonna happen magically okay we've got to run promotions or specials give me a reason to like your page what's there if I go to your page and last post was four months ago more than likely you're not going to get a whole lot of likes from people because there's no reason to you know when the internet when facebook first came on the scene you saw all these people getting like ten thousand lives right out of the gate and you look at these businesses with like a million likes look at the end of the day times have changed people are actually less likely toe like your page unless there's value there where's in the beginning thing about when you first got on facebook you were like oh I'm gonna like that like that like that way eat hot dogs in like hot dogs I mean so you're like you start liking all these things but at the end of the day what's now the way the world's working is a little more conscious about what's your liking because you don't necessarily want to see your news feed being cluttered and so the same thing is happening with our client base they need a reason to actually engage and like your page so give them that reason come up with some promotion or special that gives them a reason to do it uh posting images and getting clients to tag them okay there's a there's a reason you got to give him a reason to go to your page and like that paige and tag that pay joe if you're delivering facebook images to your clients I don't deliver them to amon a cd I post himto my facebook page so that they come over and tagged themselves in that and then that immediately shows up on their site and then all their friends and it shows up on their news feeds right? So this is anees e way to do it pages offer the ability to assist will dig into that a little bit more so that being said if you're back on your site what I want to do is an in that admin panel if you go back to your side up on the top where you hit show there is going to be a drop down menu that says build audience as soon as you hit that notice there it says invite email contacts you can actually import all your email contacts so if you have all your clients that aren't there, you can import them. You can use all these tools from constant contact vertical response, other tools you can actually just import an excel file with all your e mail contacts in there and facebook will then send a request right south and kata would love for you to like your facebook his facebook page click here to like it and it will come from facebook requesting them to go out what an easy way to get conversion jewels it looks like a light bulb just went off on for you yeah, because I store a lot of our contacts in constant contact so I can send them on monthly newsletter but they're not necessarily in my outlook database in my email so that is fantastic this is a no brainer then and it's not work right? So typically you'll hide from this stuff because you're like, how am I gonna get my contact from here to there facebook built this interface for you so now you can actually you said use constant contact boom interface is built right there so you can actually pull right from constant contact and immediately do this this is it should be an eye opener for a lot of people has anyone here tried it? Now you've tried it um just what the invite friends so you went right you went the other out where you can actually so that's part two of this if you see you can invite your friends so let's say you've got a bunch of friends on your page so I have I'm trying to think on my friend paige because it's interesting if you go to salvador sin kata it'll say like five hundred of your friends like this page michael I got four thousand friends why don't the rest of them like this page what's wrong with me that they don't like this page right? And so you can actually see on your business page how many of your friends like you're paige if there's a big discrepancy there, what a great way to try and close the gap and do this so all you gotta do is go to invite friends and you can actually select all your friends and it will allow you teo to invite them toe like your page and do that once or twice and see if you can get people from your personal page to your business pages is an easy way to do it, but is anyone tried? Invite email contacts? No, I think that's hilarious man, what an easy way to get them to your page especially if you've got an email database of clients jules, how big is your database in constant contact it's push and six hundred yeah, that's. I mean, imagine if we could get a fifty percent conversion rate o r sixty percent conversion rate there's no reason not to. And maybe the way you do this the way you invite your contact is you're on some sort of promotion before you do it right? So don't you send out that? Hey, like our page, right seems very desperate to just send out this blanket email like our page, maybe there's a promotion going on that hey, like our page and get a twenty five percent off discount your next family session or something like that, right? Give them a reason again to engage in it. So it's all about generating buzz that's the entire point of facebook generate buzz an interest again the word the keyword engaged so what are we supposed to post? We've talked about this all day no one cares what you ate or what your favorite recipe is that's absolutely ridiculous. Stop doing it! Pictures uh, they want to see pictures were photographers. I don't sell food recipes. I don't sell diet, you know enhancement drugs. I sell pictures that's what I sell that's. What? When I want my clients engaged in and looking at pictures, pictures, pictures, it's going to get them engaged, come up with a social media plan what is your plan? How many days a week are you gonna do? What are you going to use a tool like hoot suite are going to do it twice a week four times a week every other day on saturdays I don't care what your plan is just have a frickin plan start thinking about this stuff so that you're doing it and it's not just happening haphazardly there should be a plan with this minimum is one time per week post something of interest okay image of the month I'm giving you ideas here this is super easy image of the month what's the image of the month how easy is that? Have them vote and force them to be a fan in order to vote winner gets a large print so senior portrait of the month vote off but we've got five seniors this month vote on the number one senior of the month the winner gets a free sixteen by twenty four print give them a reason to engage give your seniors a reason to send it out to their friends to drive traffic to your site this gets them once again the word engaged I'm gonna beat you over the head with it because it's important short stack dot com is the tool we use to encourage people to vote so short stack dot com is a plug in for your sight ah that will allow them to vote on it and you can control this thing. So you can say the only way you can vote is if you are in fact a fan of the page or like the page, how powerful is that now? There's other tools out there short stack, short stack is what we use but find a tool that will force that and there's a ton of companies out there that allow you to have a plug in so that you can control this right or to get access to a coupon. The only way to get access to the coupon is toe like the page. These are things that are all part of what short stack does really easy tool to use. All right, post a wedding link back to the block. I showed you that. So right? Poster wedding on your block. Take that girl. Drop it right into facebook. Start driving all that traffic. This is also something you can do once a week. So all of you out there saying, hey, what I post one of my post I don't have anything, uh, to really talk about I'm giving you all the ideas here. Get busy, get active, start shooting and post this stuff out to your site post a teaser, right, so linked back to your blawg post a special of the month, maybe it's a discounted session fee right so for high school seniors again ah the month of may fifty percent off your session fee now we gonna post that on text no, of course not we're going to take an image and we're going to create an image and post that as an image maybe even promote that post october family month right? So let's make let's declare today that october will be family portrait month and that's the special we're going to run okay so start getting ready for that I know it's like oh it's only april october will be here before you know it and you won't be prepared so start thinking about your social media plan thirty days in advance what are you going to do for the next thirty days? I guarantee all of you if you sit down and put pen to paper and start doing it you're gonna realize you've got all these gaps and how you may actually start going out there and shooting just for your social media postings how's that right? So now we're getting you to start thinking differently and driving your social media first going ah what should I post get out there and shoot your photographers, get your camera and get out there post live from a shoot I'm going to show you what we're doing today I love this idea I've been trying to really perfect this and I think we got a system down pat questions on this we've been kind of touching on this all day any reason you guys can't go out there and start doing this stuff immediately so why when you do a post is does some of it have more reach than others even though I may be your last ten post sir pictures with text and links and all that stuff but one postal reached thirty people on one will reach two hundred right? That is going to come down to your edge rank so we're gonna talk about that in like the next two slides and your edge rank is where facebook is determining how far this is going to go with them, right? So that's a little bit of facebook and a little bit of promotion, so sometimes you may just have t do promotion to get it out there to a larger audience and that's where you're monitoring it if you see it's out there and it didn't go far enough as far as you needed to go pay fifty bucks paid twenty five bucks and get that out to more people, right? We cut back in a couple to a starbucks and uh it seems almost criminal to think about, but ultimately it will get out to a bigger audience this is something I am really excited about I think it's a huge idea um I'm starting this I got so tired of seeing people on photo shoots right or whether seniors I did a senior photo shoot not too long ago mom was on the photo shoot with her camera the whole time whole time she's just she said you mind if I take pictures? I'm just like whatever dude right I moved too quick I don't care do whatever you want to do but it's just like holy crap she's posting to facebook fromthe shoot weddings guys they're sites out there now that brides are signing up for so that all their guests get this app there taking pictures with their phones upload into this app real time for the bride so here I am the bride caesar pictures two weeks later it's like weren't where it's not very it's not very exciting right it's like sam boone pictures air up online it all happens immediately I got to do something about that I've got to be able to respond to that they get the images up quickly so I'm starting to post really time from a shoot to avoid all these iphone og refers now I will tell you look the only way not to teach us to share share what we're doing share how we do it real time and let you know I failed just like you fail and so I wanted to get pictures up real time I don't want to take pictures with my iphone I don't like the quality of it okay, so what I started doing was I'm like okay what if I use my my real equipment my cannon one d acts my seventy two hundred and I take a picture of the back of the camera and then I added that on my iphone all right, that could be cool right? We'll start doing this that the quality of the iphone camera is so good right now you can actually see the grid lines of the back of the screen so is starting to make my pictures look like crop even though I'm posting them from a real shoot right on the back of the camera the image that we're posting looks pixelated it just didn't have the right I'm like man I can't figure this out I can't wrap my head around it but I want to be able to post real time so I'm out in pennsylvania and somebody's like why don't you you know why don't you bring your laptop with you? I'm like dude, I don't want to be on a photo shoot with a high school senior and then I lose twenty minutes in the car trying to download images, editing them then somebody's like well, why don't you use your ipad and that's when they hit me with this idea? Why don't I use my ipad so here's the rub man I can now take? I should raw plus j peg so my cannon one d right I've got a second memory card slot you don't even have to have a second memory cards line you could be shooting to the same memory card I can now take this memory card plug this in and I'll show you where to get this ok I plug this in I take my ipad all I got to do here let's plug this into my ipad and it is going to immediately start reading the j paige's off this memory card maybe ah and then I can select my the image I want let you see here on this camera and eventually the images are going to start popping up here and I can select just one image I want and I can upload that single image I can edit it on my ipad using one of a handful of abs and we'll let this get going here but it's reading the card realty I'm so while I'm in the car as I'm going to a different location I can pick my one or two favorite images from a wedding I can add it them and then I can export right from my ipad to let's see why this has taken so long right from my ipad to facebook in real time so if you're at a wedding and you're trying teo beat all those shooters with their ipads that are in the middle of the aisle and let's see why this is working guys quick question sell off loading up so when you do with something like that, you're making sure you get the images out via social media, whatever from that wedding or that high school seeing your photo shoot is that for the benefit of your client, making them look like a rock stores rock star, as you mentioned earlier? Or is that for the benefit of you or combo of boats? A little bit of both right? So I'm trying to show I'm trying to show off that we're still plugged into technology, we can still get images up quickly and I want to beat all those other shooters to the punch because they're already think about this let's say they've got three hundred guests at their wedding, okay? So at their wedding they've got three hundred guests let's just say a hundred of them decide to embark on this if I can engage with those hundred people because now I'm now posting guess what those hundred people are going to do. They're going to go on like my sight, they're gonna like my image, they're going to engage with my image all of this is happening because my bride set up this stupid little site and I'm I'm choosing not to boycott their side I'm choosing to engage in their side and so here's an image I grab it's right out of camera it's not edited it all okay, so I can now take this image and the plethora of you guys can see so in the pleasure of editing tools out there step out here see if it'll pull up the rest again ah what's gonna end up happening is it's going to um let me compete with them all of my app now I'm not saying you should go in your car and start editing for like you know, two hours trying to find the right pictures but imagine it from a wedding we can post seven images right from the event couple from the bride getting ready one or two from the groom getting ready want one or two from the ceremony and then ah handful from the uh right the creatives we went off to dio and I'm posting real time I'm guaranteed that big word we've been talking about all day of course the real time the world of real time demos I'll show you that later but I'm guaranteed to get their guests to engage and like my page because I'm not playing the same game they are except my pictures are better than theirs and the apse we use for this are ah it's a combination of ops one app is going to be snap seed okay that's from nick software google now owns it snap seed it is going to be here we go guys sorry about that so what you're seeing here everybody is you're seeing all the images that were taken on this memory card so these are all small j pegs right? So you would shoot raw plus j peg and I can now come in and just top on one and it's going to get an arrow there I don't know if you can see that meaning that's the one I want to import right and I can select multiple images I can select all the images if I wanted to but I would just scroll through here quickly grab one or two images just so you guys can see that right? So this is reading all off um that memory card just without little the dongle there it'll read off all those memory cards off that one memory card so now I can now I can see that pick a handful of images and start editing them so the aps I like to use for that or snap seed like I said ah and then another one is, uh an app called distressed fx d I s t r e s s e d f the letter f x it's like a dollar ninety nine app it actually adds textures to your images but here is the most important one you khun get it's called I the letter I watermark this will actually allow you to add your logo to the image from your ipad so now I don't have to worry about getting mixed in with all the other guests at the wedding or anything else like that it's going to be guaranteed to have my logo on it all in real time so not just my logo text my actual logo stamp on the image bottom left hand corner top right hand corner wherever you want to put it all being done from my ipad and then there's one tool you need you can get it from ah at a rama okay this is on your ipad connect camera connection kid it's twenty five dollars that's gonna allow you to read uh or connect directly to the camera you can actually connect from your usb directly to the camera and pull it right off the memory card that way so you don't have to have this interim step where I'm pulling out the memory card but the bottom line is it's a twenty five dollars connector and so for twenty five dollars now I can actually get access to a decent resolution image that small j paige from a senior chute I can post one or two images from the senior chute right front right from there so while the seniors changing outfits I'm in the car and I'm doing and I'm doing this right real quick at it's down and dirty get my logo on him get him up now what happens with the senior? She starts telling all our friends right cause she'll I'll tell my senior hey, I posted a picture on facebook already? Yeah, make sure you tag yourself in it so all your friends could see it. So now my senior as she's on the way to the next location is tagging herself in the picture and it's creating this viral approach within her friends and gets what's happening the word again engaged. They're getting engaged because they're liking it. They're clicking on it there going, oh my god, all the while that's improving my edge rank from a facebook perspective, same from a wedding, except the pool of people on the wedding is so much bigger. Now you've got access to one hundred to two hundred people that could very well be seeing that show up in their facebook feed. Why? Because the bride decided tow like it it's more important to let the bride tag herself, then for you to tag the bride or your client? Forget if the bride your client period you tagging the client facebook algorithm says they didn't tag themselves it's not as important, let them tag themselves. Facebook treats that completely differently, just so you guys know questions on this that people, if you don't jump all over this, I don't know what you're thinking about is the twenty five dollar ad on it allows you to be dynamic it allows you to get stuff out there in real time there's absolutely no reason to be jumped not to be jumping all over this so the day of that individual who was afraid to put their continental there that photographer theyjust shot you can't wait no longer for the big reveal correct so you've got to put it out there to be with the times and to compete with that person at the wedding that mom's over your shoulder and everybody's talking for man we right it's just like we're having stupid talk at this point if we agree everybody's a photographer and now here we are knowing everybody's a photographer knowing everybody's out there standing in the aisle taken that picture of the bride coming down I've got to be able to compete I've got to be able now I'm not saying post your entire wedding that way I'm just merely highlighting I want to be part of the party there's a party going on out there on facebook I want to be part of it I want to get my imagery out there so this is our way of competing man you've got to change with the times the innovate or die I have to do it I love the passion behind that all right adrian and ohio ask do you find that clients will still purchase those real time shots later? I've been hearing a lot of advice against sneak peeks yeah I think that advice is coming from people who are paranoid because they don't know how to make this turn they're afraid to innovate they're afraid to put their stuff out there we have not had any decrease not one penny decrease from us doing this in fact is increased customer service tenfold because people are going there looking at this going I've never seen anything like that before right that's my magic phrase I want to keep my client's going I've never seen anything like this before I've never seen a client go we're not gonna buy any pictures because you posted that one from the wedding that was amazing we're done we're good right that's just not gonna happen one more question from online this from nikki miami when you post live from the wedding how do you direct the bride and groom and their guest to your facebook page? I'm assuming that the day the times of old folks aren't doing anything people are engaged the whole time during weddings correct oh my gosh I mean go to any go to any wedding hell try and have a conversation with your spouse nowadays or your kids right there all on facebook just doing that the whole time so I don't really have to do anything what I do is I post post that image up there especially if it's for my bride and I go to my brian to go hey f y I I posted a handful of pictures up on facebook, why don't you tag yourself in it? And I do that while we're out on the road doing creative pictures because she's got an hour and a half window of where she's jumping into pictures, jumping out of pictures and you'll see my bride go out there go right out to my facebook page, tag herself the minute she tags herself, all her friends and family know those pictures in there, so I don't have to propagate it out to her friends and family she's doing it for me, so sounds like, of course we're talking about online marketing, right? But by doing something like this, you doing online market via facebook, the brightest tacking herself etcetera, but then that leads toe offline marketing people we know word of mouth correct that's, right? I'm showing because you know what ends up happening right now there isn't now the daughter ofthe somebody who saw this picture come up, she goes, oh, susan's photographer he was posting images during the day during the wedding to facebook. Now that twenty something year old bride who is plugged in the facebook is like what he was doing, what and now she wants that for her wedding so it's starting to lead to people coming in and going, I want that for my wedding can you do that and I'm like yeah that's already something we do for free it's no additional charge right? So it's just a value at its service and it's yet another way guys go back to this morning I know this morning seems like it was eight days ago when we started this journey but this morning we were talking about building your brand separating yourself from the crowd this is one easy way one twenty five dollars away of separating yourself from the crowd it is not complicated to do yeah, you need a couple of editing aps and of course you need an ipad or an ipad mini but there is a way to do this and it separates you from the pack because no one else that I tell you who's not doing it that five hundred dollars photographer who's handing you a cd they're not doing it because they can't they can't afford to do it all right I'm gonna ask one question but it's going to knock out three questions all right, all right it's coming from christina joseph salami photography and fred photo in maryland basically wanting to know the ethics around tagging people in photos on facebook do you do it? Do you have your clients do it yeah, I have them I have them tag themselves I don't I don't go out there first of all let's step back ethically maybe I just don't understand the question, I don't see a problem ethically, they hired me to take pictures off, right? So I'm already doing my job and I know they're engaged in social media, so I'm not seeing an ethic problem now maybe I'm gonna I'm gonna go out on a limb here. Maybe they're talking about tagging the bridal party and things like that from an ethics perspective. That's not something I do, so I'm only gonna tag my bride and groom and try and put pictures just of the two of them out there, so maybe that's where they were going with it? Not sure, but yeah, we don't have any problems doing that tag in a minute, but like I alluded to earlier, I'm not going to be the one tagging them anyway. From a facebook perspective, it's better if they go tag themselves. Then facebook tags this as being more relevant and pushes it out to more their friends and family, so let them tag themselves. How about contest ideas? Why can't we run a cuties? Baby contest? That's easy enough, right? How about an image of the month contest? I'm giving you ideas now to get people engaged, how about a senior of the month? Senior of the year so all of you are saying well I'm running out of things to post there's no reason for you to run out of things to post reuse right and repurpose your content how about casting calls if you're going to run a cute baby contest why don't we have a casting call hey we're expanding our baby line we're expanding into baby photography we need help do you have a friend who has ah baby all right and that would like to be photographed to get a free eight by ten to get a free eleven by fourteen what do you think they're going to do with that casting call post share it they're going to share it they're gonna be more engaged with it they're going to start sharing hey suzie you've got a baby don't you look at this you'll get a free eleven by fourteen picture from this photography so recently we expanded into the glamour photography so we have a glamour line at salvador some kind of tar fee well we're expanding that's a new line for us we didn't have any photography there so what we do we ran a casting call on our facebook page that thing got shared all over the place so all of a sudden people were engaging in it and sending us names and leads I didn't have to run an ad in the paper I didn't have to go to aa er you know craigslist or any of those other weird places right there people were calling out, saying, hey, I want to be part of this, so that becomes very important. What does the winner get? Well, maybe the winner gets free prince, by the way, guys that's a great marketing idea. Add your own flair to it that's add some flavor to it. Get people going, how about they win money or a gift certificate into the studio? Right? So winner gets two hundred dollar print credit at salvatore's in qatar photography winner gets banished the banner image on your sight for a month maybe they get featured on the main website. Maybe they get a free banner posting on on the main facebook site. You think this is an important people? Everybody wants to be a celebrity in their own way, even if they say they don't they don't. They love pictures that's why they're coming to you, so make them premier give them premier location on your site that that to me is what it's all about ed drank while we've been talking about this all day, haven't we? So what the hell is it? Is this something new? No, it is not something new, but if you've ever wondered why people are not seeing your post in their news feeds, hence your reach. So it's all about reach so if you have a post and you've got nine thousand friends it doesn't mean nine thousand people are going to see this in fact it's quite the opposite rarely will everyone see it that is tied to your edge rank and so facebook determines which users to display content too based on the relevancy algorithms or as I like to call it black magic because nobody can really explain it there's no right they don't publish this stuff it's their relevancy algorithm which changes over time by the way it ranks your content according to its affinity to a given user what does that mean in english it's affinity to a given user based on the user their behavior their previous interactions with your post their friends interaction with your post facebook is going this is not relevant to them I'm not going to show it in their news feed and so that's what you have to work on and so yes while there may be a little black magic associated with this and no one really understands it and it is constantly changing there are ways to understand just like seo seo isn't really unpredictable ok once you start following certain principles same thing is here for your edge rank so first and foremost it's all about interaction likes are not worth as much as a comment or share so if you have a post and you get two hundred likes it's actually not that good for you from an edge rank perspective it's not going to propagate it's too easy to like it, so facebook has determined a like really, as faras interaction goals is at the bottom of the barrel it's not that it's not that much of interaction, however, sharing and commenting on something that gets a lot more interaction for you and so that becomes much more powerful from interaction. So that's why you want to post things that will get that so post photos forces them to click actually gets you twenty times mohr engagement by posting photos these air rials stats so by posting a photo, you'll typically get twenty times more the engagement, then by simply posting text. I love watching all you guys just take notes, man that's awesome create photo albums photo albums actually show up in the news feed in a different way than just a plain photo again requiring them to verse, just scrolling through them on the news feed, clicking on it to go see what it what it is and of course, that click becomes engagement right, more text that doesn't mean don't post photos, but if you're going to post tax one sentence like right today was the worst day of my life that's not going to get you much engagements today I had eggs benedict no one cares. They look at it, they scroll by it. They're not going to engage in it. They're not gonna click, but if you start posting right three paragraphs guess what doesn't show up in the news feed three paragraphs. What shows up? Seymour dot, dot dot they have to now click on that if they're interested to seymour. Ok, so of course, the first two sentences have to be compelling to get me to engage. Well, I guess you could make the argument that if you were to make a political post on facebook, that would get you plenty of engagement right from your user base. However, we all know politics and religion do not mix in business. That's not what you should be talking about are doing no matter how strong your principles are, it's just not good for business. You're gonna get the wrong kind of attention. Um so write more tax to get that seat, seymour keep it fresh, repurpose repost so current postings are more likely right there. They're going to die over time. I should say so. If you have a post it's out there for, you know, a month it's not going it's not gonna be showing up in anyone's news feeds, right, so if you posted it and you want to do it again, repurpose it re pope reposted change some tax to it and feel free to do it like I said when I'm doing post one likely I'm doing him twice a day the same post sometimes just because I know I've got different audiences around the world so if it's behind the shutter I'm gonna post it twice today but twice in a day but if it's for salvador cincotti photography and it's an engagement session no, I'm not gonna post that twice I'm just gonna post an engagement session once because my clients are all based in the same time zone I'm in post targeting you won't hit is large of a target we're gonna talk about this in a second, but you will hit a larger percentage of your audience so post targeting I don't know if you realize this you can actually control who seeing your post when you post it and I'm not talking about like private or everyone, you can actually control the demographic of who it's going to. So for those of you who didn't know this and I'm gonna bet a lot of you didn't. When you make your status post here you can see you khun ad targeting and that is going to be gender, relationship status, educational status, age, location, language and I can actually sew right now with no metrics there it's targeted to nine thousand people and so once I start controlling this gender right cause nine thousand people, those air, the fans I have on salvador cincotti photography. So right now this is targeted to everyone. That doesn't mean everyone will see it as faras reach goes, but what I can do now is say, okay, I want everybody who's engaged with a certain age and a certain location to see it. Well, now that might cut that targeted list from nine thousand two thousand, but off two thousand eighteen hundred might actually be reached by it. So I'm reaching a larger percentage of what I want to reach, by the way, there's no cost to that. That actually helps your edge rank because now, because I'm reaching ah, more refined target, they're more likely to engage in it, which means my engagement numbers go up percentage wise and now that's gonna help my edge rank in the long hall. That makes sense as a lot of data on how to improve your edge rank do not underestimate the importance of getting them engaged, and you will see a drastic change in your likes and your comments on your overall edge ranking a cz well

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Learn actionable and affordable marketing strategies you can use to help grow your business from Sal Cincotta in Marketing Your Photography Business.

In this class, you’ll learn how to generate more site traffic and prospective customers though easy-to-implement digital marketing techniques. Sal will show you how a combination of social media (Facebook, Twitter, blogs) and search engine optimization (SEO) can attract leads to your site. He also show you how to build a marketable portfolio that impresses potential clients once they arrive on your page. You’ll also learn how to determine if your marketing plan is working, and how to fix it if it's not.

This course is great for both beginning photographers and established studios. The basic strategies provide a good fundamentals refresher for established studios, and the more advanced information gives less-established photographers a roadmap for the future. There will be advice for ANY genre of photography marketing.

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bonus material

Top 10 Objections for Sales

Bride Groom Blog Questions

Setting Client Expectations

SWOT Analysis

Facebook Template Instructions

Sal Presentation

Facebook Template Fonts

5 Facebook Templates


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I'm currently a business owner in another industry. The business is financally successful, highly respected and the envy of our competitors. In order to market the business how I visualised our brand/customer, I learned how to take a photograph! I then feel in love with photography... I can completely relate to the concepts Sal is offering. This is fantastic advise many of which I have implemented in my own business. It's amazing how this advise can easily transfer to marketing any business or product. Unless like I had done you want to find the time to read countless books on the subject of business marketing, learn from trial and error, then simply fast-track years ahead and buy this course. It's a no-brainer! If only CL had been around when I had literally fought my way through setting up my business I would have found success a lot earlier. Sal's passion, drive, creativity and determination is what he can't teach you however. You are gonna have to do it your own way! Good luck to you all and Happy New Year.

a Creativelive Student

I have been taking Workshops all over the world these past two years. Once CreativeLive was introduced to me I began trying to absorb all the free information and taking notes. You do not always review your pages of notes so it is wonderful to have a video library. Within one hour with Sal I realized he was providing so much information that I just went ahead and bought the course. Happy to have it to refer to and feel that I have a mentor who I will be checking in with. Great teacher, funny and entertaining.. Well worth $99..thank you Sal.

a Creativelive Student

All I have to say is WOW!!!!!!! Well actually there's more. My husband is USC Ulumni, business major and sat in for 45 minutes of day 2 while I was watching and couldn't get away. He was so impressed he told me to buy the course now and listen to it 3 times. He said this guy knows what he's talking about. Says a lot coming from him. Sal, you are amazing and I am so excited to learn everything from this course and I'm already sold on getting your other course as well. Thanks Sal and Creative Live!!!