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The Role of Facebook

Open up facebook, get into your admiral because there are a lot of things here I think you're gonna want to be able to play around with and tinker with for those of you purchase, of course you're going to get the pdf and I tried to show screenshots with some step by step to give you a sense so you guys here will be able to kind of look back on this and go through it. So facebook, we're going to talk about the main features of facebook pages, we're going to talk about insights and how they can help you understand data from your facebook site. We're going talk about ej rank right half this morning actually, none of you really knew what ej rank wass on out there. You may not know what I drank is, but it is very, very important part ofthe facebook's, we're going to talk about that. We're going to talk about the promotion feature how to promote your post if you're looking at your facebook page right now, you make a post right down there, it says promotion right where you have to pay to prom...

ote this there's actually use for that you need to be thinking about using this to get your message out, how do you build your audience on facebook? We need some tips and tricks to get how many of you have more friends right on facebook than you do necessarily have facebook likes or fans on your business page how do we convert those people over? Maybe you've got a big giant mailing list but you can't get them toe like your your business page so we'll talk about all that stuff in detail well, we'll talk about some contest ideas right? How to generate and get people on our facebook site and get them engaged that's the key word they're going to hear me say that over and over again engaged they have to engage in on your site when and how to push images and of course posting live from a shoot to build some excitement that's something we're experimenting with were starting to do and it's starting to get a lot of buzz so I'll share with you how exactly we do it so facebook this is where your clients are today in fact it replaces your block it's the difference between pushing information your client are having them come to pull it and so when you're waiting with your blawg you're hoping clients coming your block right? You hope they come there to see everything but on facebook you can push it out there tagging a minute and now everybody sees everything they contact themselves in it all their friends and family see it show up in their their news feed on their pages it is a completely different it's a paradigm shift from pulling information to pushing information so if you don't have a facebook site I don't understand what planet you're on right now, but on this planet you have to have a facebook side for your business especially if you're a photographer I get emails all the time we were in a facebook contest about two or three months ago and I had e mails from people going I refuse to have a facebook site uh okay wow what's next to refuse to have a car I don't get it so I just I'm a photographer but I refuse to have a camera sorry I'm just not going to do it so it's stupid it's ignorant you've gotta have a facebook page you've got to get going if you want to have this because that's where your clients are they want to tag themselves they want to share photos they want sharing with their family they want to be you want to engage with them, they want to like them they want to make a comment about him all things not necessarily possible on your block, especially with weight of pushing verse pulling um blog's don't allow that level of interaction even though I showed you some tips to increase engagement right with the with that plug in that wood to share this plug in that will sit underneath each post its still not facebook I mean guys were sitting here in the studio and on the break over lunch break all of you I've seen you on facebook we're checking facebook my wife she's on facebook she's looking at status update this's part of a part of culture now so we don't want our brides seeing our images show up in their news feeds we want to create a separate business page for each major that you're going after so if your weddings you have a wedding facebook page if you're a senior u have a senior facebook page well for us, my core business weddings and seniors hence I've got a wedding and senior facebook page both separate my brides don't care about my seniors my seniors don't care about my brides and each one is branded differently as well, right? So we'll talk more about that um I want you to be engaged and what I mean by engages I'm reaching for my phone, which I don't have eyes there's an app called pages p a g e s that is how I manage my facebook pages, so I've got probably four to five different business pages across everything we do. I don't want to have to log into each one separately so there's an app called pages it's free app allows you to manage all your facebook pages so check it out so here's how we use it we have one for weddings, one for seniors again, this allows us to push information out to our client base. We do specials, right? So maybe we're running a promotion. Uh, twelve hour sale for high school seniors were running sneak peeks, so I'm coming off a senior chute. I'm coming off a wedding. I want to throw a little an image or two out there to generate some buzz about it. Those air sneak peeks on then any pictures that are ordered from a session we will post up to facebook and of course, our logo is on all of these images never, ever, ever upload a high res file to facebook, you know there's a little check box there when you go to upload to upload a high res file, don't don't give them that ability to have anything bigger than what they need. So for us, we do a seventy two dp I file ah, and we do on nine hundred forty pixels on the long edge when were uploaded to facebook that is a preset again tied to workflow inside of light room. So when I export from light room, I have a facebook preset and its size is everything the way I needed to be adds my logo on it automatically, so I'm not wasting any time uploading to facebook. During season, we are extremely active on facebook right clients are coming in every day to see their pictures and we're trying to post these pictures as quickly as we possibly can. So it's not unlikely if you follow us on facebook, you'll see it's like one o'clock in the morning. All of a sudden, I'm posting a ton of senior pictures wedding pictures because that's my time to finally sit down ah and start knocking off some business stop because maybe I've been shooting all day, but it still has to be done so here's our wedding photography page, you can see it is branded towards weddings, and so what you're seeing there is that banner image I try to keep that fresh I try to reform aarav refresh that image every month or so with something I like something I enjoy on, I'll just keep flushing that out and then the little icon on the left we'll talk more about that later. It's a branded icon I don't want a picture of my face on my business site, right? So create something that's branded because every post you make that little icon is going to show up as your representation, right? That's gonna be your little icon to create something a little custom there for our seniors? You can see it's a little bran it's branded a little bit differently. So it is in fact branded for seniors right? Very in your face very grungy this is what my kids like so we are changing the branding here we're gonna give you five templates that plug right in to your facebook site so that not only you khun branded for yourself why not bring this for your clients? So if you have an engagement session coming you know they have a facebook page, right? Why just give them their raw digital files? Why not create a branded facebook post where your logo's on it and it's got their images fully edited there so they're showing it off to the world? Is that making sense it's an easy thing to do so we're gonna give you five of those templates that you can do with the icons and everything and you can figure that out for yourself using for your client's cell make money at it I don't care key features cover photo we're going to dive into each one of these cover photo profile pic pin post featured post facebook offers okay management tools, private messaging you can now message from your facebook page not as yourself and of course, email blast you can actually do that from the facebook environment to drive traffic to your site so well kind of dive into each one of those but does this make sense here? Are you guys doing this today separate pages for each party or business or no. Yes. No, no, no. Yes. Okay, so what if you're not? Why not? She's never thought of it. Lisa, what do you mean, like, no, I'm not doing it. Why not? Just didn't just didn't think about it. Well, no, I think because for right now, with the salon it's pretty basic that's what I do and then adding thes other features is so new that I just kind of bunched it all together. Yeah, I did notice that so you're you're saying on then you have a, uh you're doing photography now we've got to separate those there's no reason for them to be coming with absolutely no reason, because it's free, right? So just get out there, do it and brand it differently. I'm not saying we can't do cross promotions and things of that nature, but from a branding perspective, we need to separate the two brands for sure. Um, so let's, dig into some of these key features. The cover photo. Now you will get this template. And what? So this is the cover photo. So if we look right over here, this is the cover photo. This is sized a certain way now can you upload ah full size image and moving around? Of course you can but knowing the size of that template right it just makes it easier I'm all about efficiency saving time saving money I don't want to sit here and have to think about re sizing and re cropping all the time, so what I would do is I know this is the size of it it's eight hundred fifty one pixels by three hundred fifteen pixels that's the size put that size in your light room tool create a custom crop and now you can export your image is ready to go right into your facebook timeline that's what we want to do um it's one of your main branding features now here's some don'ts according to facebook terms and conditions and I break it all the time so I don't know how heavyhanded they're gonna be enforcing this no call to actions excuse me meaning no discounts, no specials et cetera no like this page apparently if you do that they will take your site down. I don't do it. I do walk the line on, um having my contact information there so they say don't put your contact information there but I have my logo there so I'm not quite sure if that crosses that line or not or if it's a gray area for them but don't put your phone number there don't put your website there apparently that's a big facebook no no don't infringe obviously there should be a no brainer on intellectual property right meaning don't take someone else's images put it on your timeline page on your banner of course where photographers we should be using our own imagery that's the ultimate goal uh no reference to facebook features like or share so again take that size the eight hundred fifty one pixels by three hundred fifteen pixels and create a custom crop in light room so you can export with that right with one click and that is in fact the cover photo because it does matter right if we're gonna have copy here from have my logo in the top right hand corner where that's all falling out matters so I need to know what that crops going to look like it just makes life a lot easier so for the cover photo things to consider doing it's got to be branded okay so we definitely want it to be branded with our logo on it on brandon towards seniors so if we go back and we look at that that is clearly we're targeting in our high school seniors class a twenty fourteen that's who we're going after right now not twenty thirteen so I'm trying to keep current pictures up there I'm trying to keep my style up there yet you know still keep it fresh right? So I want to report uh refresh this all throughout the summer I'm okay with or without a logo it depends on your profile pic the call is total yours I'm a big believer in having my logo on there just in case people start taking that image and of course facebook user writes uh terms and conditions I should say once you put that image up there they technically own it so I want to put my logo on there to make it impossible for them to be using it use it as a billboard right that's the main image on your page that is should become a billboard for you can you put more than one image up there? Of course you can we've got five templates coming your way that some of them are single image some are a medley of images so you can put a little collage up there if you want us well, so that choice is yours must represent your style, so we want to have impact images on there. Of course, right? We don't want to just have random images up there have images that represent you again this is your billboard you want to track the right clients, the people who see you know the work you're you're showing right, you don't want to show if you're a gritty, edgy photographer don't show traditional images up there that doesn't make a whole lot of sense show that style that you're looking to go out and do now this always raises great questions well south I've been traditional, but now I want to convert and I wanna be a little more edgy look more gritty how do I make that conversion get out there and start photographing all the time, right? So lisa, you're a perfect candidate for this you're growing your business right? So get out there and start photographing for free because when it's for free, you could do whatever the hell you want, right? You go hey, I'm working on this new concept I'm working on off camera flash well, maybe you've never done off camera flash before and it's gonna take you two hours to get one shot, ok, but when those two hours are up, you know what the hell you're doing? Hopefully and you've generated some imagery that would work for your your portfolio is that making sense? All right? Change it monthly create a spotlight image will talk more about that at testimonials, testimonials on the banner of powerful people already getting there at a testimonial or to your profile pic ah, this represents your page on other parts of facebook sewing any ads sponsored stories wherever it shows up that little icon is what's going to show up I don't have a picture of you, but more importantly, I don't have a picture of one of your clients you don't want your client, it may be the most beautiful head shot you've ever taken in your life now that just became your brand and everywhere you post that's there, the minute you change that, it changes everywhere that you've been posting so there's no brand awareness being built. Do you understand what I'm saying when people see that little red dot right in the s e p there they know it's, my brand so again, it's all about brand awareness. I hope that makes a lot of sense. Now on your personal page, you do whatever the hell you want, right? You change your profile pic on your personal page and all of a sudden it changes everywhere, and that could be a cool thing. But on your business page, I think you need to stick with this, ok? I'm on my personal page right now I got a picture of me wearing ah mullet wig, right, it's pretty hilarious, but I changed that and create also everybody you know, credit because they thought it was legit, like from the nineteen seventies or eighties, I don't know what's wrong with people, but no, I've never had a mullet haircut just doesn't work um you guys were looking at me like we have questions do we have a lot of questions? First, we're actually looking at your mullet photo right now a official it's also all right uh colleague james and boulder, colorado asked does sal find his post with a picture? Get more reach than a regular post? Yes, we're going to cover that post with a picture will get mohr reach and it will impact your edge rank, which nobody really knows what that is right now well impacted in a positive way, but we will talk about that, so absolutely text post nobody cares, man, those random status updates like I just had corn meal for breakfast again, no one freakin cares what they care about our pictures and where visual people we're trying to attract vision people who are visually stimulated post pictures just a quick question on tying your website to facebook, but you know what? The buttons at the bottom of the page to like your pages well, if you're creating different pages, which one do you actually link to? Yeah, so for me, most of my post are linking back to the main that's a great question, so they're linking back to the main salvator sing cotter photography site so you would have to pick one to drive them back two for that very reason so great question more questions yes absolutely this is a question that I see come through the chat room's every single photography class at group I got the right answer I'm hoping you do I think you did uh our spy free says I assume you get model releases as a part of your contract for a job so you can publish photos on the web correct that is correct that is one hundred percent correct and one hundred percent c y a you have to cover your butt on that or see why be depends on who we're talking to but ultimately every wedding in my wedding contract in the actual contract I don't go back to them after the event it states clearly we own full copyright on all images that is in the wedding contract on high school seniors families, babies portrait right as they come in to purchase their pictures to look at their pictures in our studio taylor puts the model release in front of them and says, hey guys, if you don't mind we'd love to be able to use your image is in some of our marketing and promotional materials if you could just sign here giving us permission to do that it's very simple process if they say no you pull it back you don't use the image is no matter how good they are but ninety nine point nine nine out of ten clients are going to say yes very few clients have ever said no to that, so hopefully that makes sense, but that is a great question you've got to protect yourself and your business for sure last questionnaire when we get back to the to the course and as this questions one that I have for you, of course you mentioned earlier sell that people when you meet someone, you have ten to fifteen seconds to make a really good impression when someone comes to your facebook page it's probably even that much more important make a great impression, correct? Yeah, absolutely your web presence in general when they get to your website, you are making that your first impression because you're not there to make the impression right? So now they're judging you based on your website and your facebook page and something I wasn't even going to talk about, but, you know, I'm kind of being a little facetious when I say, you know, no one cares about what you had for breakfast, it gets even worse. I mean, I don't want to see personal pictures ofyou out drinking out, partying on your business page because again, I'm going to jump to the wrong conclusion and some of you may be sitting there or out there going who would do that plenty so in my local market, I see my face, my news feeds come through and my local market I have competitors there's one off this female photographer she's out drinking and doing a keg stand wow really congratulations you can party but what? I trust you to shoot my wedding what? I trust you with my baby what? I trust you with my high school senior and so this is where common sense has to kick in this is a visual medium we are right vision delivering a visual product you cannot do that aunt thinkit's okay? So and to be clear, the photo of you with the mullet is on your personal that's all that's right, mullet shot goes on the personal page not business that's exactly right it's common sense man although you know so although do I have clients? That friend me? Of course, but they know what they're getting into, you know where's taylor, she my wife she will not friend you unless she has had a drink with you. She don't have that drink with you. You'll have a chance of being being her friend on facebook. Anyone she's a bit of a snob on facebook so it's all good. All right, let's keep going so back to this profile pic here you go one hundred eighty by one hundred eighty pixels that's the size if you do want to use an image create that is a custom export option so that you can export this and put an image in that place. I don't recommend it. I recommend creating something that is branded to your studio. Uh, so accustomed logo pinned posts and we're gonna drill into this in a second. This is an important rite thes metrics down four hundred three pixels by four hundred three pixels and this is allows you the ability to anchor just like you see here so you can anchor your post to the top of the page. So what you're gonna do is let's say you have a post here, go to your facebook page. I hope you guys are following along and there's this little pencil icon you hit it and it's going to say pin to top what this is going to do is it's gonna add that little ribbon there like you're seeing right here in the top right hand corner and that's going to keep that post right? Cause your timeline is indeed order, right? The poster showing up as they as they get posted. Right? So now I post this big sale. I'm running right this week, but now I post, I'm really active, I'm telling you guys to be active and I post seven more post in the next three days. Well, that's special is going to be all the way down my page by pinning that post to the top, it will remain at the top of the page for up to seven days and you can turn it off just as easy as easily as you turned it on and let's say that seven days europe and you want to repent it to the top for another seven days, you can absolutely do that. S o this is very, very important because it's highlighting content that doesn't change that often. So if you're running let's, say for high school seniors, this is the month of book in may and get twenty five per cent off your session fee and you're gonna post that to your page. You wanna pin not to the top that should absolutely be pinned, and again, it couldn't be easier, right? So you just go right there as you see, hit that pencil. If you're on your pages right now, you'll see it and it says pin to top you hit that boom it's going it's going to show with that ribbon and stay at the top of the page the minute you on pin it or the minute the seven days are up, it falls right back into where it should be in history, right? So if it was posted on march first, and march seventh year is going to drop all the way back in your timeline to seven days ago where it should rightfully be so hopefully that it's easy enough to do but a lot of people just don't even know about it and if you've got a video tour or hot sale or products you want a highlight or an image you want to highlight image of the month what a great way to pin that post and keep it up there and get everybody excited about it featured post these are my favorite actually so they're a little bit bigger I'm gonna jump to this slide um jump to this side a little bit wider so the featured post is going to be the entire with off the facebook timeline and with imagery why wouldn't we want it to be the entire with so if we go back here it's eight hundred forty three pixels by four hundred three pixels again create an export script out of light room that crops to this size make your life easy time is money save those precious minutes so to create a featured post you're gonna click on the star icon if you're on your facebook page right now look for that star icon you can see it right there they've got a picture up of it on the screen all you gotta do is create a clique that star and the post immediately becomes a featured post okay, they do not remain on the top of the facebook page so they will move down in your timeline overtime so a pin post cannot be a featured post, right? Um, great way to hyo past highlight past events on items that are important, right? I think imagery, if you're posting let's, say, do a senior chute and all those images get posted for that client, I create a photo album for the client and then post it there for them and make it a featured post make. One image of featured post is a great way to get attention, of course, to my images, I don't want them to be, uh, tiny now. So, like I said, consider featuring a wedding or senior chute to get maximum exposure again. Let's, go through this look at your sight, we'll do practice along hit that star icon and so here's what a normal photo album would look like. So, mclean, this is one of my seniors from back in november, okay, she ordered you can see here twenty one photos, so twenty one photo's got posted. I don't post all my photos into a generic, um gallery. I create custom albums for each senior or each wedding, okay, so I want to create that level of distinction here, it says mclean, twenty thirteen that's, your year of graduation twenty one photo's got uploaded, so I exported them out of light room using an export script. That size is everything the right way now there's twenty one photos here. Okay, but this is doing no justice. Look it's a picture of trees, right? So that's not doing any justice. So I want to make this a featured post. So I hit the little star and now the main image turned into a featured post. But you know what? This is really not centered, right? You ever do that? You want to resize and move your images around in there or even change the image? Maybe that's, not the image. We wanted to be the featured post so all I do is I come here and I hit this the pencil icon again and I hit reposition photo. You can see it right there. This allows me to now move this image around so that now I dropped it and she's more in the bottom thirds and it's visually more appealing and it's what I was looking to dio so it's that simple. Just click that icon and change to reposition photo makes it super simple to move your images around what about if I want to shoot, I want to change my photo I don't know if you guys realize you could do that right here when you come back to the screen change primary photo so hit that little pencil icon change primary photo and now it's gonna pop up a screen like this where I can select which images the main image on there you guys with me how we doing questions you don't have to ask how we're doing this course are doing fantastic you over here man I'm doing good man I'm overheating yeah all this information you're fighting right now is very helpful for you guys you know I'm assuming all of you have facebook pages correct is all this information you guys already knew where you're learning some new things that's one thing you're gonna walk away with from today when you get back to hotel room home and and implement anyone yeah rob um for me mainly you said you don't like headshots that's what is currently on my business page but I never want to change it because for the last year and a half for whatever that's been what it is and it shows up everywhere yeah I understand why you would say or why you would want it to be, you know, branded icon because then it permanently locks in what you're trying to achieved by your brand exactly well and that goes back I know this morning seems like it was four days ago doesn't it? But it goes back to what we're talking about this morning and that's the power of the brand and that is just a cz much party your brand is anything else the pin post we had several videos that we I created to help promote our business and I hated having to repost it all the time I felt like I was damning people so being able tio have that pin it's really helpful cool cool yeah these are all features a lot of you some know about and they're like god, I know this but a lot of those little features people just don't realize our there so no that's good so I don't get ahead of you and I'm not sure if you're going to address this or not before for the business pages which we're talking about right now how much if it all beyond you know, posting original content? Do you engage others in other brands? I don't particularly so from my business pages I don't particularly engage with other brands meaning like flores or caters and stuff like that I just don't have time I would love to if I had time so if you have time engaged with those sites on dh help prop them up but ultimately for me it's all I can do just to keep my social media moving forward s o I don't spend a whole lot of time not that it would hurt you I just don't have time to do it right question from see photo for photos that are on facebook I read somewhere techs should only take up twenty percent of the image is that true for photos that are on facebook tax should only take up twenty percent of the image I guess they're talking about like putting text over the image I don't particularly like that at all I'd actually like to see no tax on the image whatsoever have the text to be its own text separately so I don't know if I'm just not understanding the question correctly but you want some tests along with your image because you want to encourage them to engage and click on that content so I think I understood it so yeah take the text off the actual text I don't know how about logo or brands wow that's a great question marking your water marking trying not to overdo it where you've got your logo like just obnoxious you know what I mean? I really try and keep it small in the bottom right hand corner but again I use light room for a preset so have a preset right out of light room for my logo and it puts it in the same space same size every time so it's not just giant and obnoxious so keep it to like really small if you can can you just share again briefly how user friendly you make this process for you that you're not each time resize and doing all these things. You have temperature. Thanks. Set up within light box. Just basically set up to push since submit. You gotta go. Yeah, it comes down to workflow inefficiency again. Time is money. Yes, while I have a team behind me, that doesn't mean I want to be inefficient. I want to be I want to work as quickly as possible. And so most of our social media I'm doing all of it. And so put the that's. Why I'm giving you all the sizes right? So that you can put this into a light room and get it to work for you that way. So yes, time is money and light room is a great tool for a lot of this stuff, and it just streamlines the process. I remember the days back before light room when to get my logo on an image. I had to import every image in the photo shop one at a time and manually resize it. Why? Because it would put your logo. It would make it a weird size. If it was a vertical image was the horizontal image. Thank god light room takes care all that force that was like my biggest ah ha moment with light room when it came down I don't know if that was version two or three that did it but it was a big change for sure there probably are still quite a few people at home right now so what? I don't have to do that you have a photo shop that's right it's automated I think we have another question that's okay, so no one last month a creole are asked does sal post senior images and this probably goes for all portrait images weddings do you post them on facebook on lee after they have purchased their images or do you post them there as a preview? Yes, that is a great question no, they do not go out to facebook as a preview you want to bring them into your studio first don't lose all that excitement of momentum. The only thing I will post a facebook beforehand is in fact one or two teaser images to get them excited the rest they only get posted to facebook based on what they purchase. So if you didn't like your image is enough to purchase them, they're not going to facebook it's that simple you cannot start using facebook as a gallery I'm posting two hundred images for each client up there I just started implementing that myself last week awesome what I'm what I'm talking about right now exactly hot to man it's just clients or getting to a point where the digital images more important than the actual printed image and a little bit of that comes back to us that shame on us as artists for being willing to give up that that level of control and I'm not willing to so if you if you're coming to me for artwork I'm gonna give you artwork and that comes in the form of a printed tangible image uh and if you just want digital images there's a million people online that can deliver that for you so no that makes perfect sense uh let's keep going here so facebook offers you can share discounts with potential customers and when they claim the offer I was talking about this earlier they get an email that they can show at the location or redeem online now I'm not gonna lie this is a feature that's actually been part of facebook for a little while but was that kind of buried on they actually just changed the icon and made it a little like green star so look at your timeline right above status and you'll see this it's kind of interesting there's this offer or event that's actually been there for a while it just the way it was it was just so convoluted and it wasn't until I was because I'm constantly playing around on facebook I saw this if you click on this offer event you can actually create an offer that is available in stores only in store and online or online only and you can actually create a promotion that goes out there and shows this in their news feed. So maybe you're running a twenty four hour senior special maybe right in europe you're a lab and you're running a special on canvases and so whatever special you're doing this is a great way to do it it's built right into the tool so it's real simple to do again if you're at home follow along click on offers an event let's do online only and it's a four step process enter the web site where people can use your offer I bet you guys don't even know this freaking existed it it's an amazing feature for you to start running specials and promotions whether it's a session fee ah wedding discounted engagement session so now I can say hey here's where you can redeem this step to describe your offer so hey, we're having a twelve hours sail one day only seventy five percent off your session fee so you've got a certain amount of characters that you can put their you cannot blow to thumbnail image you can define terms you can set a reminder that goes out to them ok step three it's going to show you what it looks like okay, it's going to send you a sample so that you can see what it looks like in your email. You can see it expires. On what? When reminders will be sent. This is the most powerful part of it all. This is your promotion you can see here. What it's offering up to me? I can now promote this to untargeted my market. I'm telling you, I bet a bunch of you did not know this even existed. I cannot target this by gender, their relationship status. Well, if I'm going to offer up a half, fifty percent off engagement session to people in my local market, I don't want to offer it to people who are married, right? I don't want to offer it to people who are right. So I can start focusing on that relationship status, educational status, what their ages? I don't want to offer it to a bunch of people who are forty years old. Okay, maybe you do. But that's not my target market anyway, right? So these are the things I can handle from the targeting you can also see on the right hand side there targeted too one point two million people. So as this ad stands right now, because there's no targeting identified, it would go out to not only my friends but their friends and their friends okay because that's all built into facebook so now I've got to get that one point two million down to a reasonable number but let's be honest here for three hundred twenty dollars you can see this budget will reach an estimated sixty two thousand to one hundred twenty thousand people I like those odds so you're telling me I can run a promotion right now and reached close to one hundred twenty thousand people for three hundred twenty dollars signed me up okay, this is a great way to promote what you're doing now that number will drop because notice there's two things there were going to adjust if this were for high school seniors truly I would've just age and I would just location right now just my geographical location makes no sense for me to be advertising to people in new york for a high school senior portrait same for you right before you're in irvine makes no sense for you start going after clients in florida okay, so you're gonna just this that number's gonna come down? Not only is the one point two million going to come down the three hundred twenty dollars is going to come down so more than likely you can get the promotion price on this thing on this ad you're going to run so probably in the fifty to seventy five dollars range to hit thousands of people guys this is a no brainer this is something you should all be doing and we will be doing it this year for both our seniors and families when we get into october going after family portrait month that's a special we want to run this year in the month of october so yeah questions on this please would you run an offer if you don't have a lot of likes on your facebook page like we have a high school senior page but we have like six likes no I think well, you've got to see what these numbers come back and look like maybe we could do it tonight or something uh when we're all sitting together but because you know you'd only have access to those six people you've got access to a broader audience in fact that's a great way to start trying to build your audience off that so let's take a look off line and see how far you can go I don't care if you got six likes or six thousand likes it's about how many people will this reach does that make sense now you don't want to start driving him to your facebook site but notice if you remember where do you redeem this south and kata dot com so I'm driving them back to my mean website on this okay it's making sense questions how do they were demon on your website well, they they don't they have to call us right? So there's not a legit coupon code for this so that's why it's just south and co dot com but let's say I did let's say I was running a special for behind the shutter we're selling some of our pre sets or something I could create a discount code and then that discount code would be what they're using to redeem it on our site. Okay, so here there is no code they've got actually booked their appointment, but you got to put a website. There is part of the offer details, right? So they'll get tau south and co dot com and then it'll say call or what if you create a custom landing page south and kata dot com slash seventy five percent sale dot html and that's where we drive them. Thank you for stopping by our side. For more information, please contact us at six one eight baba to book your session by april twenty fifth, right? You put pictures, you put a slide show all sorts of things like that it's not making sense. Yeah that's this is easy stuff to do, so you're talking about you know dana we talked earlier howto I market I c u fi virtually writing down how do I market how do I do all this stuff? For fifty bucks you're getting access to something he would never have access to any other way because I can tell you right now direct mail cost a hell of a lot more than this sounds good quick question on lands coming in from lo and behold facebook hello chris chris wants to know how much time do you allocate allocate to facebook each day to keep current now of course many people the personal pages they talk about what they're eating where they're checked into etcetera now and you just broke down features and pens etcetera do you wantto inundate your people who like your pager? Do you take it easy with some strategy behind it? Yeah there's definitely strategy behind it I try to dio when it comes to imagery and things like that like I'm posting like a wedding on posting a senior I'm posting it whenever I have a chance to because it won't show up. I don't want you to think that because you post something on your facebook page at six a m that's when it showing up in everyone's news feeds that's not how it works so facebook's making a lot of decisions about when it's dripping information into people's news feeds so you could in theory post something at six a m and it won't show up in somebody's new feed until eleven am one pm okay so that's just the way it works that being said I am, I use our tool called hoot sweet h o t s u I t e on what I love about this particular tool is it has a scheduling feature, so I can actually sometimes you'll see a post go out at six a m I promise you one thing, I am not up at six a m I could be up till for him, but I'm not going to be getting up at six a m and I'm using a tool like hoot suite to control and schedule when things are going out, and it just makes it super super easy to do and sometimes actually schedule the entire week ahead of time. Yeah, actually hoots we'd open right now is I'm monitoring this course and all those different things, and this is a question you briefly touched on sal, but it goes back, teo, the who you're targeting with your facebook post, this is from a k a m when you're advertising for seniors, why don'tyou geared towards the parents rather than the kids, the kids? Eso for us gearing towards the seniors, what happens is we're gearing, they're the ones controlling the parents purse strings, I mean that's, just reality, the kids are the ones pulling this now we are doing things to go after the parent that's where direct mail comes in so specifically as we're talking about high school seniors, direct mail is how I reached the parents today. Will that change in the next ten years? Of course it will, but today to hit my parents. Ah, yeah, I got some parents who are fans on facebook, but a lot of them I have to hit with direct mail because that's just the way they're used to interacting, but the kids I'm hitting mostly on facebook open up to the folks here in studio audience you guys have any questions for sal? As relates to it to facebook and promoting etcetera? Is there an app? Teo do posts on multiple pages so you don't have to go to each one? Sweet, sweet don't let you do that? Yeah, it's an amazing tool, so sometimes you'll you'll probably see I might be like, hey, I'm heading to creative live ah this week I did it a few times that went out the hoot suite it pushed to my personal page to my behind the shutter page to my salvador, some kind of a tire official, not sitting there back and forth multiple times that's a great question again, time is money and who sweet, I think you have a free version and then they have a version that's very inexpensive so well well worth it from a promotion perspective, someone ask kali. James has has coached the answer. Jess has cell ever done a facebook promotion for a post because the answer's yes, but how do you feel about that? Of course, there's a lot that goes into that, you know, targeting. I'm going to spend, etcetera type of research do you need to conduct before saying yes, I won't allocate x amount of dollars to promote something? Uh, short answer is we're going to cover that in the next segment so it's a great segway, but the maybe that's the long answer, the short answer is no research. Just go do it. You can do targeted promotions for twenty five bucks, fifty bucks, so you're wasting time and energy just talking about it. Don't overthink it, go do it, try it. See what your results are, because the beautiful thing about the facebook promotions you can actually track those results and see how it got your story out there. Ah, and measure the results on the way back so well worth it for twenty five or fifty bucks.

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