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Lesson 10/11 - Tip 10: Practice!


Photography Tips for Everybody


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Tip 10: Practice!

Okay, so ten number ten is to practice a lot and guess what we have another aaron johnson what the duck for you so here's a little dust looking through camera magazines and he's like oh man I would take better pictures if I had a better camera or I would take pictures if I had a more expensive lens that's it or finally he realized you know what? I would take better pictures if I just went out and took pictures and I think we can all relate to that because sometimes it's just easy to get caught up with dreaming and thinking I need this first and I need that and I need more money and I need more space I mean, better looking subjects are better weather or whatever and those things are nice but if you really want to get good you're gonna have to get good and all the situations including the crappy web on dh that just takes practice like I said earlier you have to break some eggs to make a cake sometimes you have to go and take bad pictures and pushed through those before you get the good o...

nes and with digital that's a luxury that you have you know, I remember shooting film and I would shoot a wedding and have like I don't know five rolls of film and that was it I mean it was just and it was really great. We can take terrible picture than you just don't have to show him to anybody. Take test shots, try things, but totally fail and are terrible. And you will learn so much more from doing that than you ever will. If you just wait to try to get the perfect shot all the time, I will tell you, like, when I should've wedding, I will shoot two thousand three thousand images. I'm going to give my clients, like, three to five hundred, like I'm shooting way more, and I know that, and, you know, there is a problem of overshooting, too, but that's different. But you just got to get out there and try things and that's, how you're going to get better.

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Who knew that dramatically improving your photos could be this easy? (Or this much fun!?) With Khara’s help, you’ll learn how making small changes with a touch of mindfulness can push beyond the typical snapshot, taking your images from drab to fab—no matter which camera you have.  



She simply makes sense. I like learning tips from Khara.


I think her ideas were simple to follow and to consider before going out to shoot. No ah-ha moments for me....nice that the ideas are short and to the point. thanks