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Photoshop and Lightroom for Landscape Photographers

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Lightroom Mobile and Landscape Photography

Matt Kloskowski

Photoshop and Lightroom for Landscape Photographers

Matt Kloskowski

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Lesson Info

17. Lightroom Mobile and Landscape Photography

Lesson Info

Lightroom Mobile and Landscape Photography

Talk a little bit about sharing. Uh, anybody use Lightroom Mobile? A couple? So, I didn't either, I didn't use-- I didn't use Lightroom Mobile for a long time. And I never really saw the need for it. It's recently where I've started getting it into my workflow a little bit, in that-- so you go shoot. You edit your photos on your laptop, how do you get them over to your phone and iPad if you want to show somebody? Email, Dropbox? Yeah, I mean there's different ways to do it, but if you're already using Lightroom, the work is kind of done for ya. So what you can do is, remember we did the collection? Earlier, we went down here to, "My Collections" panel? And we went to-- uh, where my Yosemite? There's the Yosemite. Well, we did the collection, and there's this little icon next to the collection. That's saying, "Sync that with Lightroom Mobile." So by default, when you actually create a collection, you can tell it, "Sync with Lightroom Mobile." So it's done. So I told it to sync that with...

Lightroom Mobile, so from that moment on every single thing I did on this trip was automatically on here, and on there. I never had to do anything. And it was pretty cool because what would happen is, is you go on, and you know, we were shooting with everybody, and I'd get to dinner, and I'd sit there and I'd be like, "Oh yeah, did you see this, and this?" And he's like, "You took that with your iPhone?" I'm like, "No." Like, "How'd you get it there already?" And I'm like, "I just edit inside of Lightroom, and it's automatically here." So it's pretty cool, because you instantly get to share with everybody. And if, you know, this is- this is the device that's with you, so it just-- it kinda really lent itself well to me, so I'm becoming more and more of a believer. To be totally honest with you, before a couple months ago, Lightroom Mobile rarely got opened on my iPad or my phone. But that's how you set it up. As soon as you create the collection you can tell it to sync, and then-- let's pull it up on my iPad here. I just want to show you what it looks like. When you get over to Lightroom Mobile, this is what you're going to see. So those are all my collections, all right? So yeah, so there's Mono Lake. Look Mono Lake, four photos. So if I click on "Mono Lake--" Pretty neat. And it's there automatically, and from here I can share. So I can send it Facebook, whatever I want to do, I can email it to somebody. I'll go back. Go back to, let's go to Valley View. This one's funny, because it actually was like one of my other favorites. I mean it's just classic, but it's one of my favorites from the trip, I have to show you. I'll show the before photo, because it's pretty funny. Interesting thing about this, so has been to Yosemite here? There's a couple of you. Funny thing about this place, this-- the view you're looking at right now. I'm literally like 10 feet from the car, in the parking lot. I mean Yosemite-- I know there's lot of trails and everything like that, but really some of the iconic views are so accessible. It's pretty cool, I mean you have get like under trees to get here, but it's still pretty cool. All right, so don't need to belabor the point too much. I don't really do much more inside of Lightroom Mobile. It can let you edit, um, my photos are usually edited by the time that they got here. But the other cool part about it is that, remember how I told you about starting to incorporate the phone in here? All the panos and everything like that? This is where it hit me, because now I'm out there, and I'm taking all these photos with my phone. And inside of Lightroom Mobile-- let's go back. Inside of Lightroom Mobile, I hit that little plus icon, in the top of the corner there, I can create myself a collection, add from the camera roll, and I added the photos straight from my phone. So not only when I did all my work inside of Lightroom on my trip did everything go here into my iPad, but as I took the photos, they all-- when I got back to my computer, they were already there. So that's pretty cool too. And I know there's lots of apps and everything on here to edit them, but I'm already using Lightroom. Right, I'm already familiar with Lightroom. Has anybody else-- so I know there's a ton of apps. And I know like everybody swears by an app. But there's still just like no app that's like it. Like, every app is just missing like a little something, you know. And I know they're supposed to be easy to use, but sometimes it's like-- I don't even, like-- they add layers, and it's like there's almost too many icons on this small screen. But so, I don't mind editing them back inside of Lightroom. You know I get back, I've got my mobile phone photos on there, I got all my presets, I've got all my workflow, I know all that stuff. So I edit the photos there and they're automatically synced right back over here. All right, so-- So Matt-- Yeah. For people with earlier versions of Lightroom, is this just Creative Cloud? People like, can get mobile, Lightroom Mobile? Yeah, so just about-- just about-- other than HDR, and panoramas, everything I did today, the presets, everything, will work for Lightroom four, five, six C.C. Okay. HDR, panoramas, and this, is the only thing that's C.C. only. Okay. And not C.C.-- HDR and panoramas will be Lightroom six slash C.C. But yeah, Lightroom Mobile is only in the Creative Cloud clan. Cool. So, there's a couple other options. Dropbox is a interesting option. ON1's got an app called, "Photo Via." Anybody here use Mosaic? So Mosaic was a program that-- Mosaic was really the first Lightroom iPad program out. I mean, beat Lightroom Mobile by like two or three years. And, uh, ON1 has Mosaic, which is now called Photo Via. So that's an option if you're not part of the Creative Cloud. Um, you can use Photo Via, it's an app, just go to the App Store, and you can use that. And that'll sync back and forth between Lightroom and your mobile. Awesome. Okay, so that takes care of that. Let's-- I want to show you that one photo, just it's your classic iconic view, but I don't know, it just-- I like that. I want to show the one because it's pretty funny to see the before photo for it. Let me go over to my Yosemite collection. And then we'll take-- we'll just talk a little bit about printing and we'll finish things up here, so. Where'd it go, there we go. So here's one-- oh you know what? I'm going to go to the original. Go to the folder and like that way you can see the whole entire thing. So I'm driving through-- I'm driving through the park. I'm on my way to Mono Lake, which is on the other side of the park. So I'm not-- it's like my first day in. So I'm actually just literally driving through. And how do you look up and not stop for that, right? It's the first time I've ever seen it, I've never been to Yosemite before. My tripod's packed so far away in my bag that that's not coming out, so I get my camera. Throw a lens on it, and stick it on top of the luggage rack on the car. And I grab a photo, but I mean, it's so easy to go in here, do a little crop. Get the roof rack out of the car there. And honestly guys this one's pretty simple. You know it's actually mostly just brushes, for what I did for it. This was kind of-- here. I didn't show you the tack sharp. And I just painted the sharpness on here. So those-- those are not part of the ones that come with the class, those are the ones on, but there's a brush pack which is all these different brushes. But these tack, sharp, and gritty ones are literally some of my favorite ones here. And all, "Tack Sharp" is, so, clarity, sharpness. That's it. So there's, "Sharp," and, "Tack Sharp." I don't know why I made, "Sharp." Because I never use, "Sharp." It's like, "Do you want it sharp, or do you want it really sharp?" But anyway, I just go over here and paint. Paint right on there, hit new. And then I think I just did, "Darker Sky." "Darken Sky." And then I painted on that. Again you probably want to spend a little bit more time working on the edges. And we're done. Um, if I had more energy? I'd go in here and clean all these clone all these contros out, but I just don't know that I have that much energy for it. And I finally, I think I finally would just throw a little bit of warmth on there too. So a little bit of sunshine. So before, after. But that like-- I put it on my phone wallpaper, you know. It's like the iconic view, you know. You can't-- you can't not enjoy it.

Class Description

Outdoor photography is about capturing the feeling you have when you are actually out in nature. Learn how to make photos that reflect the beauty and mood of the landscape you see with your naked eye in Photoshop and Lightroom for Landscape Photographers with Matt Kloskowski.

In this class, Matt will show you his personal workflow for enhancing outdoor images, so they reflect the world as it truly looks and feels. 

You'll learn how to: 

  • Create the best looking skies you've ever seen
  • Manage the entire landscape workflow – from start to finish
  • Implement the "go-to" adjustments Matt uses on every photo

Matt will even offer insights on preparing and printing the final image. You’ll learn the latest techniques for giving photographs of beautiful places the same color, atmosphere, detail, and feeling they had when you took the photo.

Whether it's images of the sun, water, snow, trees, or that magical light that you are always looking for, Photoshop and Lightroom for Landscape Photographers with Matt Kloskowski will help you bring your landscape photographs to life. 

This course is part of the Lightroom tutorials series

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2015, Adobe Lightroom CC 2015

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Barry Walsh

Great class Matt! I am about two-thirds the way through the class and have learned a lot about Lightroom and the objective of this course. I must admit I was over-whelmed by the amount of material covered and that was probably due to not having prior knowledge about Lightroom. I have since signed up for the 7 day trial of Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan and then went through their "beginner's" tutorial. If you are contemplating taking this course, I would highly recommend taking the Adobe Lightroom tutorials first. They cleared up a lot of confusion on my part and I now have a better understanding of the concepts Matt covered. I'm actually going to go back and retake what I viewed to help reinforce both what Matt initially covered and the basic concepts tutorials offered by Adobe. Again, great job Matt and thanks for all the useful information!

a Creativelive Student

Matt is the best and he his the same in person. I had the fortunate opportunity to run into Matt on the side of the road at Dallas Divide in Colorado a couple of years ago.... he is the real deal. I have learned almost all my LR post processing from him when he was with Kelby and have continued to follow him over to On1 as he is the best teacher out there when it comes to Post. Great class and bring him back again. Another great CL class ....... bravo!........ Johnny Boyd @