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Adobe Photoshop Blend Modes Will Change Your Life

Lindsay Adler

Adobe Photoshop Blend Modes Will Change Your Life

Lindsay Adler

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Class Description

Blend modes are one of the most powerful creative tools in all of Adobe® Photoshop®. Blend modes effect how two layers blend together or how certain tools interact with your pixels. We will explore both practical and creative ways to utilize the Adobe Photoshop blend modes for more control and breath-taking creative results! You will be amazed at how blend modes will change the way you use Adobe Photoshop and its capabilities! This is really a game changer! 

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 14

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Ratings and Reviews

joanne duncan

WOW, JUST WOW!!! this is amazing, i love the non destructive methods, this really is a life changing thing for photoshop enthusiats, saves so much time, thankyou, i have loved all your classes, just amazing!!!


Her knowledge is obviously amazing and her experience has her moving really fast; this is NOT a class for newbies....I know a little bit about blending photos; enough to make me want this class; but I was over my head. I paused, wrote, paused, wrote, etc. and came away impressed and totally over-whelmed. I can't even read my notes! Luckily I can watch again--and again and again, ad nauseum, until I can finally grasp the techniques involved. Class is for confident intermediate or higher (experience).

Ellyce Moselle

Interesting, fun and creative. Will it change your life? Well, only if you are shooting portrait/editorial. There is no material covering other genres here. Fun material, even if it wasn't as helpful as I hoped.

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