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Adobe Photoshop Compositing: Essential Techniques


Adobe Photoshop Compositing: Essential Techniques


Class Description

Compositing allows you to bring the vivid images of your dreams to life. Join Phlearn’s Aaron Nace for an exploration of the artistic and technical skills that are essential to creating stunning composite images.

You’ll see Aaron’s core techniques in action, from start to finish – beginning with a green screen photography shoot and ending with an elaborate post-production compositing session. Aaron will shoot a sports-themed action shot and a model in a flowing dress. Then he’ll teach you how to build a background out of multiple images with a focus on making the new background dynamic and believable. You’ll also learn lighting techniques for matching your photo shoot light to the light in the alternate backgrounds. Finally, you’ll explore the best ways to use Adobe® Photoshop® to assemble your images so they match your unique, creative vision.

This course will teach you everything you need to know to conceptualize and produce complex, visual masterpieces driven by your imagination. What will you create?

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014



This was the Best Creative Live course I have had the pleasure to watch. Aaron was so informative and explained each technique very well. He was so pleasant to watch because he was so humble and was so happy and excited about what he was creating. What an excellent teacher. I hope he does more seminars.


Fantastic Course! I've watched (and purchased) many courses from Creative Live, and there are many good instructors; excellent instructors, in fact. Aaron's course on compositing essentials is one of the best. In addition to being a technical expert, he is a great teacher; a real talent. Great information and good illustrations/explanations. He does go a little fast when using Photoshop, and while I was trying to find the short-cuts keys, I would find he was three more points down the trail ahead of me. (That's part of why I bought the course ;-) )

AJ Photography Ireland

I purchased Photoshop Compositing Essentials after watching the course on live, from start to finish here in Ireland. I was so impressed with the teaching style of Aaron in this course ( I have also purchased an earlier course by Aaron), that I just had to purchase this course too. I have always had an interest in Compositing - having tried and had reasonable success.. however Aarons way in which he passes on his knowledge and expertese in this subject is pure Mastery to watch and absorb. This is indeed a complex skill and there is so much to learn.. but,Aaron's manner in which he teaches comes across as almost " one to one" in nature and so enjoyable and absorbing to learn from. Having purchased the course and once again on a personal One to one' teacher pupil experience I cannot recomment Aarons courses enough . Learning through Creative live is such a joy.. ( Im 57 and been into photography since my teens and working as a Professional photographer here in Ireland for the last ten years -- As an ex Cop in London for thirty years and now supposed to be retired ( ! ), I can now experience my Love of photography in a working enviroment and continue to learn my Craft with Creative live. Thanks C.L !!! Andy Jay - Cork Ireland. and WWW.andyjayphoto.COM