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Compositing Soccer Player Part 1

so let's go ahead and look att some of our images from yesterday and we're gonna start bring those in so in this segment we're going to be bringing our subject into this image and basically getting things roughed in place everything I'm doing you know the first segment second segment it's going to be roughing everything in place and then we're going to pick up in section three and we're really going to start to brief find everything and really mail down all those little details all right so going into light room all right very cool if you guys remember from yesterday we got some amazing amazing images in light room james did an awesome job with our images and so usually what I do after a photoshoot is I'll just go through my images and relatively quickly all go to the images that I actually like and then hit p for pick on the images all right um it's possible that all right let me just close out photoshopped really quickly I'm gonna hit shift command s teo save this we're goingto just ...

call this version two point oh alright it's possible we're using a bunch of ram right now yeah do you like to work into a format tiff former yeah really I am drinking is there a reason it's pretty much industry standard so it's I'm I'm just using everything when I'm going back and forth with clients and things like that most of the time it's tips whether it's a sixteen bit if or in a bit of a tiff support layers they don't compress images nearly you know well you can have un compressed tips so using j pegs is like you know that's gonna be a super compressed version of your file so I don't really recommend using j pegs been possible and yeah I find it tips and ps cesaire pretty much interchangeable but tips are useless more injured industry standard so that's why I use him all right let's see if it's going a little bit quicker yes okay so if you ever have some problems with a program shutting that slowing down just photo shop and light room open at the same time can be a little bit of a memory hog so I quit like a squid photoshopped and we're going into the light room now all right so I'm just kind of like going back and forth and choosing you know some of these images that we like a little bit more that was really cool his foot's out of the screen out of the actual frame so if I did wind up compositing this in I could either choose to use a different foot like I could use that one and warp it up if I wanted to or we could just have it go out of the frame as well I'm really okay with either one alright that's awesome generally I'm going to try to choose an image that is completely in frame just to make my job a little bit easier if I can get everything that I saw something floating if I can get everything that I need to in one frame generally I'm gonna prefer to do that I don't know there was a really cool one yeah that one there is really coming into his camera and if I needed to kind of amplifies some of this perspective aiken aiken do that as well all right so just kind of flipping through these images at this point this is mostly what I'm concerned with someone hit g for our grid view again and then I'm going to filter this by our picks all right and then when I'm looking through these usually I'll go through a couple of rounds of pics all basically bring in there are a ton of different methods that I use one of them that I've kind of grown growing to like is all choose four at a time so I've got my original picks which is looks like we've got about thirteen or fourteen images of james so we'll bring in four times and then I'll hit and for basically end up and this allow me to see four minutes at a time and from here I'm usually able to pick which ones I like and don't like so like that one is probably going to be a no that one's probably going to be you know that was probably gonna be a no and that one will be a yes so I'm going to hit now the number six on this which is goingto like that as read so everyone's got their own way of calling their images but I just went from you know four images down one so now I'm gonna take my next four and I'm going to hit and on that and I can kind of pick which ones I like the most we're probably gonna wind up one with his shirt off because it's pretty badass so on makes sense um here we go so kind and taken those out and then between those what do you guys think between those this one all right so we'll cut that one out and I'm gonna hit six his face is awesome in that one it's six on that one so that's red now so we're gonna take our next four and hit in all right any let's see this one is a little bit static so I'm gonna take that one out all right this one his face isn't really doing anything so between those two what do you think this one here all right we're gonna take that one out and I'm gonna hit the number six which is gonna flag this is red as well alright and then we'll do blue three and then I'll do the last two so let's sit and for these all right um the bottom one's good yeah together too aren't really that exciting right comparatively anyway there's still pretty cool all right let's look on those two and then between these two good they're both good aren't they all right we'll go with the one on the right so we'll hit the number six on that one so now we've got our wanted just command click on these so I've been hit and on these and now it should be pretty clear what we want so sure honor off we'll probably need a shirt off right so were to hit command click on that and then we've got four here um that was really cool what do we think guys are there anyone that way no we're going to be a no so far like involved with paul and more floating yeah kind of looks like he's falling here huh okay this one definitely looks like a kick which that's really really cool um all right so between this one and that one bottom one's better okay all right so now between those two the left all right so I'm gonna hit the number five now and that's going to label that as five stars so that's basically how I go through a whole photo shoot we went from all of our images and now we all know that this is all of our favorites so pretty cool right it's it's a really quick way to just like we go through our initial picks and then we kind of like cool it down from there all right so now that we have this we're going to get we're going to get this in two photo shop all right so I'm going to right click here again we're going to go down to show in finder all right here it is pulling it up and I'm gonna write click here and we're gonna goto open with photo shop cc two thousand fourteen alright and because it's a raw file it's going to bring it into the oh yeah close photoshopped what's going on here normally had old clothes for a shop when going back and forth okay this makes a lot more sense now all right so it's going to open it up in the adobe raw window all right this looks pretty good and I'm not really going to mess with any of these settings pretty much everything I have here is available to me in photoshopped as well so let's go hit open image all right that was great now I'm gonna hit command o again and we're going to go ahead and open our soccer camp live too don t I f and we're gonna hit open as well so placing things together all right and just to make sure it seems like we're little limited on our resources here somebody just quit light room in the meantime that's going to make sure that photo shop runs a little bit faster right and if you guys are working on like a light laptop or something like that I would recommend you know don't have photo shop in light room open the same time because it it will just slow you down and there's nothing worse than the computer program slowing down your creativity in my opinion all right let's go ahead and hit after for full screen and we're good to go okay this is great we're gonna go ahead and turn off our czech group did the colors get converted there looks like a rigid closed that looked pretty good okay just making sure we're still in good page I'm gonna go ahead and bring this out we're goingto use the layer mask I could've done this probably a little bit better but in terms of masking out the edges but I think this is totally fine so let's go ahead and select this area out I'm gonna fill that plaque we're going to move this over here because I want to make sure I'm getting all of our document boundaries here because we are probably going to be moving our soccer player around quite a bit yeah when you're taking out the excess are you trying to make sure that you have ah good branch of green around him for selecting getting that out or is it because is there a reason you don't just take like the polygon alas hole and go around them oh yeah I could do that I'm just this is faster maybe I don't know yeah you could totally use any selection tool this is not about color for the green screen or anything like that it doesn't matter as faras not really I wil I do find however to answer that question if I am using a political lasso tool and let's say I were to cut out like this or something like that and do this often times if I worded let's say I goto you know select color range whatever in the nice like this color range let's go ahead and get that and then on my leather mask I wear to fill that with black oftentimes you you'll see like the light can you see that there and this is like an anti alias sing problem photoshopped like won't it won't get all the straight those lines but it tends to do a really good job if you have straight edge is so like you know here farther right here that that problem pretty much disappears right is our porridge is a little are a little bit more straight so that is a possible reason but that I was pretty much just removing all that all right good question okay you guys ready to cut him out from the background all right and we all know how to do it right because it's super simple to do like we showed you guys on day one as well as yesterday when we were doing these rough trumps just click on your lame ass I'm gonna go to select and then down here tio color range so we're selecting out this green and find you just like more of a green I'm just going to use this plus eyedropper and click on my image anywhere I need to and I should have a really nice selection around our subjects so we're going to hit okay there we go and then here honor lam asking to hit shift delete and we're gonna fill that with black all right there he has cut out of his background really really quick now if I do need to take care of any of anything else I'll go ahead and do that as well with my last two all right like our little light stand here in depending on how much detail I actually want to include with this thiss might be a good place to show you guys how to use the pen tool really quick because they're often times like if someone is you know gonna be kicking over top of flag or something like this but I still want a really nice accurate selection around here this's be a really great place to use the pen tool just your hand an audience you guys how many people are comfortable with a pencil everyone that's awesome okay just studying how in depth I actually want to teach the pento because I know they're going to be attending questions but I'll just go through like the very ill go through a rather to the quick explanation of the pencil all right so pencil is an awesome tool for basically making selections and then cutting things out of the backgrounds so to get your pen to a super simple just a p for the mental and it's most simple basically just click a couple times and it's going to make a line that connects those points together now if you go to the very end you'll get oh right next year cursor click there and that's going to close your pen path so what I just made is a pen path in photo shop and those air stored over here you see layers layers channels and paths so those air stored in her past so now we have a work path basically anytime you're creating a new path and you haven't named it it's going to be work bath so creating that with a pen tool if I just if I want to turn this into a selection which most of the time that's what we're going to be doing with our pencil all I have to do is hold on controller command and click on that layer thumb now it's going to turn it into his selection or aiken right click in here and go down to make selection and I confess that the radius if I need to do that as well so that's a really quick version of a path if I want to go more complex basically all I have to do is click and drag so if I click and drag it's going to bring out these anchor points that are going to find curves so I dragged this out in that direction if now I'm going to click in this point it is basically going to be dictated by where I dragged these curves around so you can see I'm pulling it out in this direction which basically these two points air now defining that curve and this anger point is being pulled out in this direction so if I click here I'm going to have a curve that's going to curve around like that there we go so with a lot of this is kind of like predicting what's going to happen because these points actually just move they define where these curves actually wind up going the cool thing about the pencil is all of us is totally movable and totally changeable at any point in time so if I hold down the control or the comanche and click on any of these points I can move them at any point in time so I can move my pen paths which gives me a ton of control when I'm actually going to create a selection that I need to be relatively relatively accurate I can also move my points here I control points and I can't even click on my curve and I can move this around as well if I need to do that so I've got a ton of control over like that over my points if I want to turn a regular curve into a and angle just hold down the altar or the option key and greg anyone dragon with drag anyone of the year points and there we go we're able to just click on any of these anger points and move them around and now we've got a couple of points here as well and I can also click on any of these points and no convert curves back into straight lines there we go all right or if I have a couple straight lines let's say I have this and I want to add the changes into curves after fact hold old or option and click and drag these out there we go and now we have curves as well so after I've created a really amazing shape like that again just right click and go to make selection hit okay there's your selection and then you can use that define really anything you want to in this case we're going to use it to cut out our subject all right so let's go ahead and do it we're gonna start in here so I'm uh I'm a claim to fame on the pen tool on the way you want to know what it is yeah I was the one that showed you the rubber band you were the one that showed me the rubber band way back in the day you showed me the rubber band which I've since then forgotten about throw the big gear if you click the gear yes and you click on rubber band okay and it that is way that is actually why does that not on by default I don't know I think it's off by default and it's so hidden it's so hot it's so hot it's off by default all right we're talking to adobe about this this is beyond by default I'm going totally use this it does yeah alright let's delete this work path we're starting over and we're keeping rubber band on all right I really do like that I forgot about it all right let's go ahead and click here and we're just going to kind of work in our way here we go let's work in our way up to this little shoe lace because even if we were to try to select out this shoe lace it be insanely hard to do this with any of our selection tools because there's almost no difference between this shoe lace and the backdrop behind it so getting that is really simple with the pencil all right there we go just kind of clicking and dragging again we're just to find in these curves that's kind of like the idea here is just to finding these curves because we we just want to cut this out and big big kind of tip when you whenever you're using the pencil is trying to create as little points as possible that's going to create the cleanest selection possible and that's really your goal whenever you're using the pen pencil is creating clean clean selections so my goal my goal generally is trying to use as little points as possible all right and you khun b is there we go as accurate as really you'd like to be in this I'm trying to do a decent job but I'm not going to spend thirty minutes trying to cut out this shoot that's just ridiculous and no one's gonna be able to tell anyway all right there we go let's bring this point down there all right there we go kind of coming down off there and you guys will notice there's a little bit of flair that's gonna wind up showing up in the shoe anyway if I need to get that out I can use oh this part is she was already cut out on I'm done I was just gonna keep going on the entire body until someone said something alright cool and I'm done so I'm just going to go back around and hit enter which should finish my path so now I'm gonna click inside of my path I'm gonna right click and say make selection we're going to hit okay and then we've got all this selected out here back on my layer we're going to go to our layer mask shift elite and I'm gonna fill this with black there we go so we've got a perfectly cut out shoe including this you lace which is awesome all right cool let's go ahead and work on the hair a little bit because that's something that I know a ton of people are going to be curious about and we showed you got some really great techniques on day one with cutting out here and basically we're going to be using the same thing today so to get a really accurate selection of the hair let's just make a new layer under this and I'm going to fill this with black so we can see that's our current selection which is not bad but we can do a little bit better so we're going to shift click on our layer mask here and that's going to disable the layer mask temporarily so I have a little something better to actually work with all right so shift click right there on the layer mask and then we're going to go down to our channels and I'm gonna look at my red channel let's go red channel green channel and our blue channel and sometimes like right now it might actually be better to use our blue channel because we've already got mohr difference between the darks in the background and the lights in our subject like the green channel you can see there's not as much for contrast so I'm always going to use the channel that has the most amount of contrast between what I actually want to cut out so let's go ahead and duplicate or blue channel when hit control command l for our levels and now I'm just gonna bring my black points up there we go and let's bring our white point up a little bit of well all right and just for the hair this should totally work for us well it's not okay and I'm gonna get control or command and click here on my blue copy which is going to select out all the lights and it's not going to select out the dark so just the light's going to selected all right let's keep that visible so now here on my leather mask these light areas which is actually the hair I want this to be visible so I'm gonna paint white on my lame ass so painting white around there were going to see I'm able to get a little bit more of this detail back which is exactly what we want all right and now to define this a little bit better I'm going teo invert my selection so we're gonna hit shift command I so now we're selecting the darks ivan hit command h again to hide my selection and I'm gonna hit x on my keyboard to select other blacks and now we're able to get this but I don't want to go too far because then I'm paid things face like that so let's just make sure you just take care of the edges right around here consist is really what we want to make sure all right this is just gonna help us get a nice accurate selection of the hair very cool let's see select and then turn this black layer off we could say we're really really cool really cut out very well there

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Compositing allows you to bring the vivid images of your dreams to life. Join Phlearn’s Aaron Nace for an exploration of the artistic and technical skills that are essential to creating stunning composite images.

You’ll see Aaron’s core techniques in action, from start to finish – beginning with a green screen photography shoot and ending with an elaborate post-production compositing session. Aaron will shoot a sports-themed action shot and a model in a flowing dress. Then he’ll teach you how to build a background out of multiple images with a focus on making the new background dynamic and believable. You’ll also learn lighting techniques for matching your photo shoot light to the light in the alternate backgrounds. Finally, you’ll explore the best ways to use Adobe® Photoshop® to assemble your images so they match your unique, creative vision.

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