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Blur Gallery Filter

Lesson 8 from: Adobe Photoshop Deep Dive: Creative Cloud

Lesa Snider

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8. Blur Gallery Filter

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Lesson Info

Blur Gallery Filter

All right, when we left off, we were exploring some of photo shops, he sees new filters and filter enhancement, and along those same lines is the ability to use cia sixes, nublar gallery filters as smart filters. So that's, what we're going to do, so we are working on now file number f in the filters folder. So here again, I've got the layer that I created for you that would apply the effect, and then you've got an original down here that you can play with so let's, just take a moment to look at the before and after this image. So here is the original as I shot it, and that was what I was able to create using photo shops, field or iris blur, actually, so that's, what we're going to do, we're going to turn that off again, and just like we did before. Any time you want to run a filter, non destructively, let's, turn it into a smart object or converted for smart filters, so you just activate however many layers that image comprised is comprised of, and then tried to the filter menu conver...

t for smart filters, and this is new and cc, so go back up to the filter menu. The blur filter says these three filters right here were new and c s six but they did not work with smart filters so the only way you could run them not destructively was to duplicate your image layer which adds a little bit of fat to your file size not that big of a deal but by running them is a smart filter and you get the ability to pop them back open and continue to tweak your settings if you want to find him them it's really really great so that's what we're going to do come back up here and go tv iris fuller filter that's my favorite one of the three field blur in irish for very similar but you get a lot more control with my response always reach for that one instead of field so again, if you're in cia six these three filters gonna be great out after we do the convert for smart filters thing so school headed she's iris blur also these filters take advantage of what's called open see ellis technology found in newer graphics card or the video cards in your computer and basically open seal let's photoshopped tap into that cards extra processing power whenever it wants. So you're going to find that when you work with thes three filters in cc field iris until shift that the life previews are faster that the filter flu shot doesn't take his long to draw the effects of it so going in and out of it is a little bit quicker so a noticeable speed boost specifically in these three filters because photo shop is able to tap into that your video cards extra processor really whenever it wants, which is a nice thing. So here we are in the field iris till shift blur workspace, which is nice to get a nice big preview of the image here in the center of your screen and you've got a panel full of controls over here on the right, but what I like to do is adjust these filters on screen. So here in the center we've got what's called a blur pin and a blurring the pin lets you scoot keebler around on your inner city conventionally place it wherever you want. So for this image I want the infocus part to be the very center of that orchid there the outer ring right here, this half black, half white circle that lets you affect the strength of the blur on the image on your screen. You could use the slider that's on the right hand portion of the work space and that little panel. But how did you that when you could use this cool circular control? So the way that works is that you drag in a circular motion either clockwise or counterclockwise and as you drag, you can either increase the blur or die decrease it, so if you've got more white on the blurring you've got more of a blur going on in your image if you've got less white, more black and you've got less of a blur and about that handy rich overlay that pops up until it easy exactly the pixel amount of blurred that you have going on so that's anything also while resumed in here, I want to point out these little handles right here the's let you control the size of the area that's perfectly tax sharper's tack sharp is your photo was so you can click and drag any of them, and if you pull them in word, that is making the area that remains in focus much smaller. If he pulling out, you can see how that's changing on screen they're pulling out, and that makes the area that stays and focus a little bit larger so you can find him that, according tio, you're liking kemal's email a little bit here. Other controls are the little white handles that you see around the shape the shape is really the shape of a blur that you're going to get here. I find that these extra controls and the iris blur are let me get a more realistic after the shot shall adapt the field effects like you might get in camera. Should you have been able to pull that off you know while you were taking the shot so you can grab any of these little hamels around that shaped the blur shape and you could make it any shape you want you could make it into a circle you could make it into the lips all kinds of things and I screwed up a little bit you'll notice that one of the handles is much larger than the other ones if you grab that one it actually changes your blur shape into around it right tangle so that's anything so you can really get specific with this and fine team the way your post production shallow depth of field effect looks and of course that we can do before an ass try toggling this preview often on so there's our before and there's the after so just that preview toddling and often on is so much faster than it used to be so that's neat down here in the field effects or the blur effects panel rather I don't know what it is I think it's a bug in the program but sometimes you won't see any of those sliders even though that panel is open it wasn't collapsed in any way and you see I had to click the tab for them to show up that seems to happen intermittently I don't know what's going on with that, but if you don't see any of those controls? Don't freak out. Just click that blur effects tab and they should appear so down here we've got some nice features, these aren't nay, but they are worth pointing out is the bucket effect? So this is where you can apply that so basically, if I dragged the slider to the right what's going to happen is it's going to find my lightest highlights and it's just going to make them really stand out and sparkle? You can see that I'm starting to get some speculator highlights down here at the bottom right of that flower. Now which highlights are being affected? You control that I'll zoom in by using this light range slider so straight from the factory. This book effect is really only going toe effect, the lightest end or upper third of your highlights if you want to change that and all, you have to exchange these sliders. So if I wanted more highlights to be affected, I would grab this shadow slider and drag it to the right. You know, I'm widening my range of highlights that are affected by the book in effect, so that I get more sparkly bits and it was a mountain you can see that with little overdose of sparkly bits there, so I typically leave it. Sit to the default, but if I drive this light book a slider to the right and I find that I don't really have any highlights that are being affected and the only highlights there going to be affected or those that fall outside of your blurring your blur shape here, okay? So nothing in here, nothing that's in focus is being affected, it's only this stuff is being blurred, so if I find that I'm not really getting any highlights come in or getting those nice shapes and I might affect this slider down here and change the range of highlights, boca color just introduces a little bit of color into those highlights. See how now, as I drive that to the right, they're starting to take on some of the color of the pixels instead of this being more towards white so you can play around with that, but I do like those affects, so if you need to do a book effect on an image, but you don't necessarily, you know, I mean, this would be the easiest way in my opinion to do it, even if maybe you didn't think that you needed to do a shallow tipped the field effect if you just want the book a part of it, you could widen out this area of focus and make your blurring, you know, larger so that you're not so much doing a shallow depth of field, but you're kind of getting some of those speculator highlights appear in your image so that's a neat thanks so click ok, and then we come back down here, and for the first time since we've had these filters in the program, they are running a smart filters. However anybody noticed the missing icon over here hello, adobe where's, the blending options blending options don't work on thes three filters, no idea why they're unless there's some chunky code that I have no idea about. I can't imagine why we don't have this blending options, but hopefully we'll get them in a subsequent update, but it is a bit of a drag that we don't have blending options there, so if you did want to get creative with the blend modes of the particular filters effects of these blur filters, then you would not use smart filters and you would simply duplicate the image layer and then run the filter. And then you could change the layer blend motive here of the deep pocket layer that you ran the blur filter on that's the only way that you can tweak the blend modes of the field iris until shift blur filter. Is my didn't on duplicate layer, but it is a big drive that we don't have that so don't think, it's, just your machine, nobody has that right now, but hopefully we will get that there's a quick before and after before and after, and I actually like the way that looks a lot better because the edges of that work it we're kind of frayed at the end, so it kind of covers it up blurs it out don't look over here, look over here, so we'll do another effect the till shift effect, which is really nice. This is a shot I got of the forum in rome, where all the amazingly old ruins are it's, so I had such a hard time wrapping my brain around exactly how old this stuff is. It was really incredible, so I'll go ahead, turn off the layer that I created for you and this one, we've actually got two layers to play with here, ok? So here's, the original and I added a curves adjustment to kind of bring out some details in the image at some contrast there. So this time we're going to go ahead and click to activate both layers before we convert for smart filters and that's going toe compress them into a single smart object that we can then run the till shift filter on so let's go up to the filter menu now and shoes convert for smart filters so now we've got two layers that air compressed down into one we can always get back to those original layers I'll show you how to do that in a second so now we're ready to go back out to the filter menu and go down to blur again these three filters were new and c s six we're gonna choose till shift and you get the same interface so this one also has the blur pin the thing in the center there that you can use to position the band of focus and like the little dot as we had in the center of the irs poor filter we've gotten these which also control the width of the band of focus and as you can see, you can use those controls to spin the band of focus around so however you want that toe look you can certainly make that happen and then the dotted lines dis control where where you going from partial blur tio solid blur so you can make those areas wider individually if you'd like to create a customer fit and of course you've got the opportunity to add a boca effect to make your highlights really sparkle but that's not really going to work out quite so well in this image as it did in the flower image so we'll leave that set at zero percent so here's our before and here's our after I like this effect on this photo because I've got some interlopers down there at the bottom how dare these people get my picture always happens and yes, I could use content aware tio get rid of them but this does the trick because it blurs them to the point where you really don't notice him as much and also gives you a little bit of a miniature effect when you do this till a shift to hide these controls so that you can actually see what your image is going to look like. I think he pressed the key. Yes, she do press and hold the h key and that hides all the on screen on image control so that you can appreciate what your artwork is gonna look like say ok, and then we're back in the layers panel and there's our blood gallery filters there's a before and there's are after and again the missing blending auctions e don't know why they really burns me up it's like almost a doe v it was almost fabulous. Yeah, where is it anyway? Hopefully we'll get it. But another great thing not to be too fussy is that since the's toby calls him blur gallery filters are now available with smart phil voters that means you can run them on all kinds of layers, not destructively type players imagine the effect she could make on text. How about video? Let's? Take a peek at that you could not use thes three filters with video because in order to use a filter on video, you have to turn the video layer into a smart object. Otherwise the filter effects the first frame of the video and then doesn't for their remaining frames of the video, which makes it the opposite of useful, right? So let's, take a look at trending this till shift filter on video that's what we're going to do is click and drag this from bridge down to my dog, where I can pop it open with photo shop if I just double click the movie it's going to open in quick time because it's the dot and movie file so that's why I had to do that. So here we better movie and photo shop and you could also just choose file open so here's, our known movie cable display it it's just venice, little boats going by, but, you know, just venice too slow venice little, really, but you know that their left and right sides of this video isn't really interesting. No it's about right here, where the fun action is happening is those boats there are passing by. So let's, just take a look at how to run the till shift filter on this what we're going to spin around our band of focus so that the left and right edges were blurry and only the center strip is in focus I mean any defect for some of your videos, so we'll take our play head back teo the starting point and our first step is to turn that video layer into a smart, opted you can just think of it as converted for smart filters, so we've got an active in our layers panel come appear to the filter menu convert for smart filters that's done back it to the filter men you go to the blur category and shoes till shift, so the same kind of face dealing with video so let's spin the surrounds by clicking just outside of those two white dots that are in the center. And if you want to constrain your rotation, tio pop to say like ninety degrees, then present hold the shift key and that will allow you to get it perfect. So analysis drag out arnold and the focus to the left into the right a little bit, and I'm still holding a shift because I don't want to accidentally rotate that banned the focus there, and we can increase the transition area of where it goes from kind of blurry to completely blurry and we could use our focus ring here are blurring rather to control exactly how blurry those areas are, and again, you do have to drag in a circular motion, so don't let that three so we'll say that's good enough right there and we can come over here and click the ok button and now when we press the space bar to preview our video, it's had the processors having to think about it quite a bit so it's turning a little slowly, but you can see that we really are applying that filter to all frames of the video, which is neat. So that's a nice little special effect if you're dabbling in video in photo shop, which is a heck of a lot of fun. I've got several classes on that my course catalog so that's something that you couldn't do before. Ok, you could not use those bore gallery filters on video and photo shot because to use a filter on video, you have to turn the video layer into a smart object, and previously those filters would not work on smart objects so that's anything so that's fun, so coming back over to bridge now do we have any questions on those blur filters as smart objects who's the next thing we're going to do is talk about the changes in the liquefy filter, so what the tilt shift option can you what's the keyboard shortcut or something that you can pull from both sides at the same time supposed to do in one side and one side to make sure it's like equal or do you just you just do it on your own? I'm not sure you can affect both of those what what it really would be is option on a man her altana pc because that's how it works on the crop tool instead of dragging out each are affecting each corner on the crops. Will you compress and hold the option on a mac or alternate pc? And re size is from the inside out, same latrice free transform and the selection marqise. I haven't tried it in that new blur gallery workspace, but if I had to guess it would be option or all so and then just one more quick question from the internet tips squirrel from the uk is asking in the blur filter why is high quality off by default? And how does it affect the quality? It's? Just a preview and for projecting we're projecting the screen. I haven't turned off just so the screen redraws or a little bit faster, but if you turn on high quality, it gives you a really good idea of what the rendered version of that image is gonna look like with that filter applied. So that's. The only difference. He a little bit faster screen redraws when you have high quality turned off. Thank you. Great question.

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