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Collaborating with Behance

So now let's come over here and what else do we have in this creative cloud at we've got ba hands so this is interesting so here because we're logged in is me then we see the information that I have entered so let's just spend just a second to talk about the hands it is another social media outlet it is another way for you to promote your self your product, your business, your service why on earth would you want to do this if you're already doing facebook google plus lengthen twitter et cetera, et cetera, et cetera behan's is different remember when we did that graphic design for everyone class back in? Was it february something like that earlier in the year? Fabulous class a highly recommended graphic design for everyone we had three days of looking at designing logos business card, et cetera I got about a million e mails after that class which was great but most of them wanted me to critique their work so let's just think about that even if I had time to do that and I would love to d...

o that unfortunately and I still have a lot of time to do that what would be my process for that? Well, these people are e mailing me right so I would have to look that email and they probably give me a link of a web site to go to to look at there photography their designs their business card, et cetera so I'd have to click that link I have to go there and then I need to what go back and find the email to write up a critique and then send that email off so that's a several step process and it could be even more complicated than that all that's to say that it's difficult to do that kind of clunky because you're having get the information here then you got to go look at the thing then you gotta ride a critique is that you have teo you know it's fun to do write it up then you got to go back and find that email that they sent you know what's her name again that gun and then send it off and then maybe they'll email you back and you gotta try to remember who was that again so it's all very clunky and it's not stream one b hance is perfect for that because you can upload images and you could send me your be hands a portfolio or I could even see it if I subscribe to you here within this behan section and there's a field for commenting so it's a perfect way to get feedback in critiques from your peers or colleagues, friends and family things like that also you can do that on flicker but if I were a musician I can't upload an audio file to flicker and get feedback on it can I know I can't upload a movie so would be hands it's a great place for you to share your artwork whether it's still images videos music logo designs business cards what have you and you can control who the audiences that can see your work so it could be everybody or it could be just your circle of friends so that is what makes behan so special they have about a million members so far there's going to be a ton more than that once people start getting on board with this creative cloud situation here but that's just a little bit of why you would use it's really great for collaboration and critiques on your work in the portfolio site that you get with the pro side feature which is a ninety nine dollars version is amazing so if you don't yet have the portfolio side you're good to go you can just build it through the hands and publish it and you're done it's really really nice so let's take a look at a little bit of what's in here so here's my profile's going give it a click it opens up in a web browser so here's some of the information that you can put in there again you control exactly what you put in there I've uploaded my picture fabulous new head shot by the amazing john cornyn cello thank you john and kim corn attila I've got my website it's got my my hometown here I entered a little bit about myself so a little bit of a bio and this is another anything right here it lets she put in web references, so this is a great way to show off your work I love shooting brightly colorful, gorgeous alien looking flowers in hawaii, so this is from a recent trip and it's a great way to showcase some of the photography that I like to do and people can comment on these images and when they do, I'm going to see those comments in the creative cloud aps I can already see how many views we've had appreciation zehr like clicking the like button in facebook and I can see the comments here so it's pretty amazing and I can also choose to share this album out if I would like teo the social media outlets that I have tied my behan's account to you do have to trot through a couple of small hoops to do that you have to give twitter permission for be hands to access it facebook and so on and so forth. So it's a really anything so I'm enjoying that so let's take a look at how you upload images like that first of all, behan's takes care of all the re sizing really so you don't really have to worry about what size you upload the size is limited to five megabytes though, so if you're shooting in raw, then you will need to say those out as j pegs in some form that is not bigger than five megabytes, but you don't really have to put in a specific pixel dimension because beyonce is gonna take care of that for you. Videos can be uploaded as well except just know that when you upload them to be hands, behan's converts them into flash, which means that you can't access them on any iowa's and and all our device. Rather that means that you cannot take your ipad and c thes videos because ipad still support the ios doesn't support flash, but a work around that is that you can download a free ios aps that adobe will say that let you carry your portfolio around with you so you can show it off without a live internet connection that's just a vegetable, archy what they really mean to say is that yeah, flashes it work on ios devices so the only way you're gonna be able to show off your work whether you're online or not through the hands if it's a video is tio, show it through that ap so that's why they're given the way the freebie hands I was app so don't let that fool you anyway, but it is kind of handing the are free so that's nice so now let's, take a look at how you might process some of these images, so I shot all of these images in raw, so let's, come over here to bridge and I've got these images for you, and you can't even practice with the stuff don't couple of my pictures into your own behan's portfolio, but I just want to show you the process of doing this so let's say that I want to upload I want to make a new project with these images right here, so I'm viewing them in bridge and again. Bridge is a separate download these days, so I have shift I've clicked to activate the first image I'll shift click to activate the last one, and all of them are now active in the bridge window so I can either doubleclick than this point open them in the camera eight or I can control or right click and choose opening camera raw doesn't matter which one, so we're gonna pop him open in camera. I did that a minute ago and open just fine. There we go, it wanted to be double clicked instead of using a shortcut menu. So what? I'm andy quickly here is have cameras save all these out is j pig so that I can go straight to my be hand sport fella because you cannot upload raw images. So I've opened them all up and raw so I'm going to going to click this little select all button at the top and it's going to activate all those images so that anything I do the one happens to the rest of them, which is very nice now we're going to come down here roll the pretend like these air all corrected and all happy and beautiful and let's come down to the save images button at the bottom left of the camera wrong window and cameras is going to say, hey, where do you want me to put these files? What do you want me to name them and what file format do you want them to be? And if it's a file format that supports compression like j pig, then you know what kind of quality do you want? So let's come up here and we'll say save in the same location so they're going to go into the folder that we had and also go ahead and make a new folder within that folder. So we've got be hands project upload and we'll say new folder malley for be hands select it so now we're ready to go on that now we can come down here and choose to rename them if we'd like I'm just going to leave it set to what it is, but you can use these little poppet men used to set the naming template file extension? I don't worry about that because under format, I'm gonna change it to j peg right here, that's going, take care of that file extension for me, and now I can choose what kind of meta data tio let roll with these images, and I'm just going to say all of it. My copy right information is buried in there. I could remove the location info, solenni, gps information that tag along with that file. You can choose to keep it or not, and here's the low quality setting. So I usually let mine role with quality setting of high, which is fine, and you can limit the file size. So right here we can say limited to and we could put in five thousand if we wanted to limit that to five mag allies and then click safe, and then that is going to happen to all of the images very quickly. So that's a little extra camera raw process, a tip for you. If you are using bridge, you could do that in bridge using the image processor script, you could do it and photo shop using the image processor script, so our images are all finished, so now we can click done, and we can come over here to bridge and make sure that they're all here they should be there we go, so now we've got j pegs out of all those digital negatives because I was shooting in raw format, so now it's come appear to the creative cloud at and we're on to be handsome section and let's click add work takes us back to the web now again, since I'm gonna upload multiple images, I want to create a project, not a work in progress that's for one image create a project so let's go ahead and click that button and it prompts you to upload your files and see the interface is fairly easy to follow along with snow has come over here tio the fuller number two creative cloud and be hance project upload malley for ba hands and we can just click and ship click to select all of those files and click choose those files are going to upload and all of their beautiful big size glory, and now we can edit the project name, so I'm gonna call it malley flowers and these were shot in two thousand twelve and even add as much information or is little as you want. Okay, I'm gonna go ahead and click continue now it's prompted me to designate one of those images as a cover image that's going to be the thumbnail that you see on my behan's home page, so you want to choose your prettiest of the prettiest and maybe it's not finished uploading yet but we can just go ahead and pick one that'll be our cover image in which one is my favorite it isthe this one right here so we can say choose and then it'll prompt you to crops that image in the most visually attractive way so this is your little crop window right here you can click and drag within its executed around and get a nice little preview of what your project thumbnail your cover image is going to look like over there on the left you can use these little handles too make that crop at the displaced by smaller or larger so lots of flexibility to display your work the way you like it and I'll say cropping continued and here we can add in some information this is mainly about photography so I'll click digital photography and go down to photography as well. So depending upon what you're uploading images of if you're uploading images of your most recent ballet performance than you would choose performing ours and you can say done when you're finished project tag someone tagged this one is maui and it creates these tags automatically and just add a common if you want to add more tags on the same macro as well and then on project description again you can enter as much or as little as you want a collection of photographs taken now a in two thousand twelve and over here you can add branding information if he like will brand these is photo lisa be nice if she could type this morning click done credits copyright information, et cetera et cetera is that your you can link this album to a work in progress if you'd like so let's say I was uploading a business card for feedback to the behan's community then maybe I would do an album of all the different iterations and I might link it to that work in progress if you want to tie those two together and that could be fun if you've got folks that are following along and kind of helping you with the creative process then then they can see what happened or what your final in result was and this is kind of fun for everybody so that's neat and these photos do not contain nudity so I don't have to turn on the adult uh check box there you could say the changes and publish and it really is pretty easy now this is not creating a full on website this is merely creating an album on behan's so I'm gonna skip the social media but isn't that nice so soon is you couple that album you khun directly send it out to all those different social media outlets and I've only link to my baby behan's account with a couple of them but there's a slew of them you can link it to penn pinterest you can link it to google plus you can link it to linked in it's such a it's such a etcetera and you don't have to do this I'm going to skip that part of it and that's it that's absolutely it so here's all those wonderful I think wonderful mountie flowers that's it uploading to be hands and it's nice and if you want feedback you want feedback from me at any point do this and then let me know and then it makes it so easy for me to give you feedback any questions on the hands? It was very similar to facebook to me for photographers there's a big controversy between water marketing not warner marking especially if you're preying on facebook came you right click and save images if you're not an awesome person and you still work from other people are late house see for the images on there from other p people well by uploading them tio enhance community you and if you don't change the settings you're kind of allowing a creative commons license so people could snatch them and use them they would probably be good toe watermark them before doing it. In fact, when we go over conditional actions later on today I'm gonna show you howto set up a conditional watermark for landscape and portrait images so if if you are worried about your image is being stolen then definitely watermark them okay, I'm not worried about way you know we all roll in different ways, right? That's right that's right? All right so deep bp is asking is ba hands on lee for adobe creative cloud users are ok? Well be hance is its own community but you can access it through the creative cloud app if you have a creative cloud subscription either single app or the full enchilada the whole thing but it is it is a community that you can get access to, you know, even if you're not an adobe user and shade k from spain ass. Similarly, if you had a previous account of behan's, can you use that account and its content on cc and just sort of incorporated? I believe so you can link link your existing behan's account to the creative cloud and then mick trev, who is actually marry from new york this saying does enhance stripped the copyright copyrights information I know you kind of type some stuff in there, but so when we did the uh put process when we had the option to include all of the metadata. So the only way we get stripped as if you stripped it out by choosing something else from that pop down menu but straight from the factory it wants to keep all the meta data with the image we continue with two and a cool eso curtis act s were will be any additional cost for type kit beyond the fifty dollars creative cloud monthly cost there's not supposed to be so I'd say no because I know there's you have to pay for it now too to receive it right that's the benefit of the creative clouds so you should not have to pay for that but again it's not ready quite yet so just keep popping up here to your creative cloud ab and click on fonts and one of these days they won't say when but should be pretty soon I say maybe within the next month or two with most then we should see that come on line and this is where you will choose which fonts to download is in this little fonts area right there, all right? C j dawson photo says if we've already been on the creative cloud for six, does photoshopped creative cloud offer any new creative functionality or updates? Yeah, absolutely that's what we're going to spend the rest of the day on is looking at all the new features and photoshopped created cloud there are a bunch of them especially in the realm of filters filters got some major love and photo shops sisi so we'll take a look at that camera eight also have some amazing new features and we're gonna look at all of those this afternoon as well cool, cool andhra andre asks is the five megabyte limit on photos on the pro version of ba hands? The version I have has a limit of two megabytes that's a really great question, thank you so much for it asking it the five megabyte limit is only on the collaborative part of be hands pro site is a completely different thing and that has a much higher limit or no limit they really don't. You can upload full resolution gorgeous images that you know when you're creating your professional very professional portfolio website so that's a different thing, but in the collaborative part of the hands you are limited to five megabytes, that process is different, all right? I love that we're getting to answer so many questions so confusing because the screen that you get when you first open behan's through the creative cloud at before you link your account makes you think that, oh, you get all this great stuff, but oda publisher and it talks about pro side, and this is on ly pay when you publish, so but you have to know that that's this the general screen that everybody gives. So at that point, that website that you've hit has no idea that your creative cloud subscriber, but when she link your account to create a cloud linker behan's account to create a cloud or link your created cloud account to be hands then you see that oh, you don't have to pay really with the option says is pay through creative cloud, so don't let that throw you really do get to create and publish one this one professional portfolio website through the hands with either the single app subscription or the full creative cloud subscription but once you start accessing that stuff until you link those accounts, it looks like that's not quite true just don't panic just know that you do have to link the creative cloud and the behan's accounts for the published end of that to really be free because it looks like they're going toe charging ninety nine dollars but they're not going tio once you link your account that kind of goes away but it is confusing because it's just one splash screen yeah if it changed if it could look for a cookie you know on your on your hard drive that says, oh create a cloud and then it would swap out the information on that behan's home page it would be it would make a lot more sense, but it doesn't do that well again it's a good thing you're here lisa to explain all of this to us another maybe a couple of quick questions then three sixty saying what happens when I stopped the creative cloud subscription he's upgrading from cs three? Can I continue to use my older version of cs three absolutely that's a great question, so as long as you keep those older versions on your hard drive, if it'll open and function, then you can absolutely use them. And like we said earlier, you can still open documents that you created in photo shops sisi with photo shop c'est three except for if you used let's say the new shake reduction filter that we're going to look at in photo shops sisi, you'd see that or you see the results of that if you open the file and cs three but you couldn't get back to that filter because it doesn't exist over there, but as long as you keep an older version on your hard drive, you can continue to use it just know that if you're shooting in raw format, that whatever version of camera raw that came with that program is all you're going to get, so if you've got a camera that's newer than that version of camera raw isn't gonna be able to open your files that's a little bit of it let's now for you there yeah, but that's really good to know because whether it's three, four, five, six you can go back to all those different pieces of software just in case all right, lisa, thank you so much for de mystifying this I know I'm another person that's on the fence, as you know, between six I just it takes a lot is complicated and there's a lot to learn, so I want to appreciate you going through all this stuff a couple things I didn't know about type, kid, I do web design so that's, you know, I pay for that now so that you could just take that right off off my bottom line and the tax implications. That was the coolest thing I've heard so cool so far today. Yeah, that was really absolutely brilliant, pretty awesome. Yeah, so you guys were in and take a fifteen minute break, but before we go lisa, what are we going to do when we get back? Well, I'm going to show you really quickly how we can comment on some of these files using the creative cloud app, and then what we're going to do is jump into photo shop, creative cloud and we're going to take a look at all the new features the new migrate presets has changed a little bit the crop till change saving documents has changed. We're going to look at the new image size dialog box and how you can make enlargements that are so much better photo shop is so far shops sisi is so good at up sampling it's going to blow your mind then we're going to take a look at some of the new exciting filters like shake production and the newly redesigned smart sharp and filter so we'll hit all of that soon as we get back from break very cool so already this morning we've covered so much s so much that I actually didn't know about so again I'm learning as we go as are you guys out there? But we've covered various myths of the creative a creative cloud I'm actually really glad that you covered those because a lot of people had some ideas that weren't quite write about it we talked about pricing and packages and what might be the best for everybody to use what the differences are, how to access your settings very important and we talked about collaborating with ba hands, which is I'm going to check that out. I'm really excited about that it's really good if you want feed that on your work is you don't want feedback on your work you just want to show it off the respondent t but that the feedback portion because it's just so easy for people to quickly type of comment you know when wednesday's class is going to be all about how to make money shooting for micro stop and I can't tell you how many lovely people send me images with this because for stock with this because for stock how easy will it be for me now, tio log onto their behan's portfolio? Yes, no, yes, no, you know it's, like it was designed perfectly for you.

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Whether you’re an Adobe® Photoshop® beginner or an old pro, a strong mastery of key image editing skills and an understanding the newest version of the software (Creative Cloud®) will take your images to a new level of creativity, quality, and impact.

In this one-day CreativeLive course, taught by author and Adobe® Photoshop® expert Lesa Snider, you'll learn what the Creative Cloud® is, how to use it, and how it affects your future. We'll break down the pricing schedule so you can learn exactly which package to purchase in order to get the most bang for your buck. Next, Lesa will dive deep into all the new features in Adobe® Photoshop® Creative Cloud®, including how to use the new Shake Reduction & Camera Raw filters, how to use the new Image Size dialog box to make higher quality enlargements, edit the corners of a rounded rectangle after you've drawn it, create 3D text, and much more.

By the end of this course, you’ll have the skills and the confidence you need to use Adobe® Photoshop® to bring out the best in your digital images.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 14.0