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Cropping and Upsampling

Lesson 5 from: Adobe Photoshop Deep Dive: Creative Cloud

Lesa Snider

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Lesson Info

5. Cropping and Upsampling

Lesson Info

Cropping and Upsampling

Now another change in photoshopped cc and this one is going to make a bunch of people scream for joy so get ready I mean the press see to activate the crop tool now in photoshopped cia six ah hold onto people scream bloody murder because it only took away the resolution field in the options bar for the crop tool so you used to be able tio used to have three fields appear in the options bar okay one for with one for haif and went over about here for resolution well to keep people from accidentally change the resolution when they I didn't know what they're doing mainly beginners adobe removed the field but you could access it a little bit of a convoluted way about coming appeared to this menu going down here in choosing crop change crop in resolution at the same time we'll happily and photoshopped cc we can get the resolution field back in the options bar the trick is tio come appear to this aspect ratio poppet menu scroll all the way the top and you want to choose this new option right ...

here with my hi fi resolution that's noon photo shops sisi and when you do you can see that we get the resolution field back so that's going to make a lot of people happy as it was a little bit of a pain now let me show you a little bit of a difference on that cells in back out and we're going to go back tio ratio and what we're going to do is we're going to pretend that we want a crop this outrageously yummy tagliatelle ing with ching golly wellbore pasta we're going to go ahead and crop it, but let me show you the difference between changing the shape or the aspect ratio and actually cropping to change this physical size of your image. So right now we're just set to the factory default of ratio here in this poppet menu and so it only gives us two field well, if I really wanted to change this to let's say for eighty by three hundred twenty pixels and I could click and drag to reposition my crop box on the image let's say that's beautiful in the naked press return a couple of times to accept that now let's, go into the image size dialog box and see if it really changed the size of our image so we can chalk up to the image many choose image size or press the keyboard shortcut, which is command option I on a mac or control all eye on a pc and what do we see here? Well, that image isn't four hundred and what did I say for three eighty by four twenty four twenty by three eighty why didn't it change? Because when you use the ratio boxes, the width and the hype all you're doing is changing the shape of the image so that it is that aspect ratio, so when you use those two fields, you don't really change the size of your image off the shop is going to do is crop off what it needs tio to make it that aspect ratio to get that shape that you want, it doesn't really change the size, so that was very confusing to folks and photoshopped. Six so let's cancel endless used the universal save me command command z or control z for undo the holy grail of keyboard shortcuts. So now let's come up here to that unnamed aspect ratio, poppet menu with the crop still active and let's choose the new setting and cc w by age by resolution. Now it kept our settings, but let's pretend that it didn't so let's say four hundred eighty p x for pixels three hundred twenty p x and this time let's say seventy two pixels. Prince can we can reposition our crop box with its beautiful now, when we press return a couple of times to accept that and we go check in the image size dialog box, see how our settings really changed that throws a lot of people we went over that for. Quite in depth for a good chunk of time in the photo shot for beginners class that we did a couple weeks ago, so if you really want to dive into resolution and understand that concept fully, how big or how small are the pixels, then I would highly encourage that you check out that class because we spent quite a lot of time on it, but this gives you an idea of how using just the aspect ratio of fields and changing that option and cc tio with by high resolution how those two commands do completely different thing one is changing the shape of your image, cropping off whatever pixels photoshopped needs tio to make the photo that shape that aspect ratio versus using the crop tool to change the size and resolution at the same time, which is what we just did, and we're in we really get what we expect to see in the image size dialog box, so that is new and photo shops sisi so yahoo for the resolution feel being back! But again, you do have to change that setting in this pop it many with a crop full active or you won't see it, so don't let that through you so that's one thing that's new also what's new, I'll close this image and open up another fun one is the ability to resize images tow up sample so we're going toe pop open a couple more images into photo shop here also I want you to know that just because you see across box on the screen right here that's your only saying that because the crop tools still active there is no crop in progress I have to click on this box for photoshopped to think that I was actually about to cross my image so when you see that bounding box don't let it freak you out you're not in the middle of a cross it's justcause across it was active you get an automatic box let's go ahead and go to the move to also we get rid of that now this is a little image that I shot my hand today in the iphone forests of the coliseum in roma and I liked the image for a couple of reasons it was raining so there was hardly anybody there and also it shows you a really neat perspective on how big the coliseum is and where the action really took place when this coliseum was in use and you get to see all the underground tunnels which was where all of the gladiators were and the animals and the props for the stage play that they would put on at the coliseum and people and animals and props would pop up through a system the police that were all managed in this underground area so the government has built back is all this headed rode it had fallen into disrepair, and people had been stealing all kinds of stone and iron and everything from the coliseum to the middle ages for their own homes and things really pirated. But the government has came in and reconstructed a little sliver of the floor, so it gives you a better idea of what it really was like back then. So I really love this shot, but it's, an iphone shot it's an iphone shot? What if I want to up sample it? What it was really good iphone shot, and I wanted to be able to use it large format somewhere printed, or what have you in previous versions of photo shop had gotten better at making a pixels that weren't there in order to, for youto make the print larger but funny shops? Sisi is absolutely amazing, and because we got two new things, we got a brand new image size dialog box, and we have a new set of math new formula that we can use to up sample so up sampley mean, enlarge your photo and you will not believe what a good job it does so let's go up to the image menu and shoes, image size, organ music, lord shortcut here, first of all. Well, what are we seeing here? This is new. We've got a preview in the image size dialog box, which is very handy because what are you doing in the emphasized a lot box? You're changing the size of your image in your picking a mathematical formula that supposed to the best job for whatever that you're doing? Well, isn't it handy to see the result before you commit to them? So that's, how we got that preview here now you're not going to believe this, I'm re sizing the size dialog box. Holy thor, I can hear the gasps on the internet that's, right, fully re sizable preview if my monitor would allow it, I could get that preview where this image sized I'll a box big enough where I could see the image at complete one hundred percent wonderfulness right here in this dialog box, so that lets me experiment with different sizes and with different mathematical algorithms so that I can make sure that I've got the best math going on for what it is that I want to do. Now. Adobe knows that a lot of us want to take control of which math it uses for what if you're going down in size, you'd use specific math, if you're going up inside, you use a different mathematical formula, so back in cia six we get this new option right here called automatic so theoretically the program is going to go through and according to the settings that you enter versus the original pixel dimensions of the image photoshopped chooses the best math for you that's what you're going to get if you leave this set to automatic, which in my opinion in photo shops sisi great thing to do for a shot see a six you might want to take control of it yourself, but in c c go ahead and leave it set to automatic when you do and you increase the pixels dimensions beyond what they originally were photo shop is going to use this new math right here called preserve details and we're going to take a look at doing that here in just a second and we're going toe compare it to the old method, which was by cubic smoother yeah, does that mean e? So you're going to see how much of a better job is new math will do, but also new in c c look at these guys that's right keyboard shortcuts for the different re sample algorithms we've never had that before, so that's very very handy if you do a lot of this and you want to switch between them, you've got keyboard shortcuts right here and again you're going to see the results here in this preview so let's just demand a little bit here and let's pretend that we want to up sample this photo we want to enlarge it three hundred percent remember in the old days where we used to have to just enlarge ten five to ten percent at a time and then it would do a kind of decent job not really you couldn't just go from one hundred percent to five hundred percent in the style autobots for years photoshopped jockeys have been touting that is over there their best tips you know, if you enlarge five to ten percent of the time it does a better job forget all that you don't worry about it anymore and photo stock cc absolutely not so let's go ahead and cheese percent from the unit of measurement poppet menu and let's go up tio let's say three hundred percent here and I'm gonna mouse over to my preview window and click and drag because I want to focus in on a different part of the image when it's got quite a bit of detail so we'll leave it set to these these people right here? Well, this has given me a preview of what that enlargement is going to look like, so if I come over here to the re sample menu and I choose the older method wash those people they're blurry aren't they? And that amazing we've got a three hundred percent enlargement it going on here so again this is the old math this is the new math preserve details and that a lot sharper so if you've got images that need to be bigger lit perfect example is you know, shooting on your iphone if you get a really great shot you may want to do more with that image then you have the pixels four great way to enlarge your images right here also when you do choose the preserve details enlargement not automatic but when you do choose to preserve details enlargement you get a noise reduction slider so if you using this handy preview see that you're introducing noise then you can simply use this slider in photo shot will go through m blur that did you see how some of the noise disappeared here on the gravel of the coliseum floor so we'll go back to zero you can see it come back a little bit of noise there pretty amazing, huh? So in large that's got a lot better and you have a reduced toys slider when you choose the preserve details enlargement so that's the great thing about this preview leave it set to automatic if europe sampling go ahead and enter the full size of the enlargement that you want whatever it is don't have to do this in increments used the preview to mouse around to the area that you really want to focus in on the focal point see if you've got any noise that's being introduced, and if you do, then come over here to this menu and either choose it preserved details or use its keyboard shortcut and then use that new noise reduction slider to find teen it all before you click ok and commit to these changes. So this is really, really nice. Another new thing in the image size dialog box is a pre set menu of dimensions look at that or not that when this one the fit to menu, all of these air presets so we've got a lot of commonly used sizes in here very easily accessible and you can save your own, which is very, very nice so we didn't have that before we had a preset option and see a six, but it was in that extra dialog box you had tio summoned before you could type resolution in, so it was like a three click process to get to this now, it's all right, here in the image size dialog box, I'm really excited as you can tell about these changes, they're long overdue, and so all that is the new emphasized dialog box, which is very, very nice. Quick question, any questions on the image, size, dollop, boxing, be thinking of those s o duke in park city asks in your professional opinion or have you seen any side by side comparisons with genuine fractals or perfect resize oh that's a fabulous question I've not seen any comparisons between the new math new preserve details and photo shop and those third party programs that are just amazing for enlargements I would be tempted to say that those third party programs are going to do a better job of an enlargement so if you do a lot of this definitely download a trial version of those planes if they're available I think they are on one actually owns what used to be genuine fractals now I can't remember what it's called that I've got a whole chapter on plug ins in my book and all the orioles or their sets fun but anyway down the trial version and tested against this new math and see what you think I have a feeling it will do a better job but it just depends on how often you do that and how you know really what kind of quality how closer people going to get to this thing when you print it if it's going to be from a distance don't bother spending the extra money for a plug in because people won't really be able to see those details but if if the proximity is going to be pretty close then you might be better off purchasing one of those third party aps but decent tests. Okay, let's, look at that one more time on another image. See, today we're gonna be sprinkling in lisa's favorite things from italy you saw the pasta it's been two weeks since my last pasta dish. Then if everything was gelato this is a fun picture. This is my husband and I j so this is on the piazza navona in roma. And if I zoom in and you can see that this is one of bernini's beautiful fountains in rome what's up what? This dude with the hand he's like going like that? What happened was there's a building that's directly behind for jay and I are standing and bernini and the architect of the building were at odds. They were like arch rivals. Ok, so bernini found out that that guy was going to be building that building at the building wasn't even there. So bernini this was his little, you know, gesture at the architect you hadn't yet built the building so that's really, really funny. So facing that bernini's like that, it was pretty funny anyway. Beautiful found again, if I wanted tio up sample this like it printed at large format or what have you, then we're going to trot up to the image size or image menu rather choose image size or use the keyboard shortcut here and you can just drag from the bottom right corner of that dialogue box it still freaks me out of this can't believe that we're actually will do this now cruz over in your image preview to the focal point or the area of detail that you're most concerned with and then change the unit of measurement two percent or if you know the exact pixel dimensions, you can enter them there or if you want to use inches instead get anything you want but let's go with percent so we'll type in four hundred on this one and weaken mouse back over to some details we can really really see the difference here and now let's see the difference between the new math so from the re sample menu it's cheese by key vic smoother, which was thie c s six and previous s version of her math for enlarging your images see how it gets a little bit blurry and we changed to the new math preserve details it gets a lot more sharp, but we get a little bit of noise and we can use the noise reduction slider to soften it up just a little bit so I think you'll be pleased with the new ability to create enlargements here in photo shop and again the new fit team in you allows you to easily access commonly use presets in a course to save your own if you've got settings that used time and time again. You can do that. So that's, a lot of fun stuff.

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