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Lesson 4/16 - Migrating Presets & Saving Multiple Docs


Adobe® Photoshop® Deep Dive: Creative Cloud®


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Migrating Presets & Saving Multiple Docs

So it's been just a couple more moments on behan's so minute show you how you can comment and see work in the creative cloud application so let's trot back up here at the top of our screen to in my opinion one of the most clever logos that I've seen in a long, long time. So if I zoom in you can see what is that created plowed logo is to seize locked together where it looks like a cloud that is clever logo design of my friends so let's take a pic up there so we were looking at uploading are images tio project which is like an album on the hands and when you start doing that even from the creative cloud death and it pops open in a web browser but let's go back to the creative cloud at for just a moment we'll give it a click and we come over here to the b hands section and do be sure that you're on the right spot appear because that changes what is displayed in this main content area so I can come over here to the my work tab and for some reason it's not showing me any my projects but it ...

really should but if I want to discover work I can come over here and I can enter some criterion it will find people and portfolios and things that I might want to follow so that's helpful but that is nice that it's not showing that we have any projects uploaded because we really do one if I click on projects if it'll do anything no I live this you can see there's projects over here not over here but anyway that should not happen to you should be able to see your projects and you can comment on them and everything right from this window which is real nice so let me show you another thing about this created cloud app you'll notice that every time I get a follower I'm notified by a little poppet menu here on the mac os the top right hand portion of the screen that is going to get annoying really really fast so let us look at how to turn that off shally let's come up here to the little gear I conso click the creative cloud app in the minibar click the gear icon and you're going to open the preferences specifically for creative cloud you might think that that notification preference could be controlled in the mac's system preferences or I guess it would be control panels on the windows negative it is controlled in the creative cloud at preference isis so again click that will gear sprocket when you get this poppet menu click preferences and from the resulting dialog box you're going to click the hands I was a little bit you can click this little guy right here and when you do this is the check box that you want to turn off, so we're going to turn that off it's otherwise, all day long today we're going to see those notifications it's only exciting for a few minutes in fact, I'm going to turn off all that just in case and will zoom back out so we can close that it now. Another thing I mentioned earlier was that how you can make this creative, creative cloud little apple it things that are in the max minibar here called apple it's little bitty meaning applications you can make it into a really application, which makes it easier to access you don't have to try all the way up teo that many bars top of your screen to access it, so to do that we're going again click the little gear icon and we're going to choose open as window and when we do it's going to be liberated from that minibar, so now I can scooted around perhaps putting on another monitor if you're rolling with two monitors, which is a great way to teo use photo shop so now it's a free standing at which also means if you're using any kind of keyboard shortcut to switch focus between currently running aps on your computer that you can switch to it that way so on the mac it's command have and when I press that it shows me all the open aps and I can use the tap key to go to the right or shift tab to go to the left so that's just in the easy way to access the cryonic created cloud after that have a mouse all the way up to the mini bar. The other thing that you might consider doing if you're on a mac is two mouths down to the dock so now created cloud shows up in the dock I'll zoom in so you can see a little bit if you click and hold on that item and click on the options you can choose to keep that in the dock so they created cloud act will always be in your doc if you would like I think I'll win those you can do that through the task bar you can add it to the task bar, but you have to liberate it from the mini bar for so open as window and then you can choose to keep it in your taskbar or dog so that's a handy little thing otherwise it'll drive you crazy having tried all the way up there especially if you got a big honking monitor that will get old real class now your next question of course, will be well, how do I attach it back to the mini bar if I want to so let's click the little gear sprocket and then we could choose pin to mini bar, and then that pens it back to the mini bar as an apple it so that we open it that way. So that's just a couple little things that might be useful for you and working with be hands. Okay, now, it's, come over here and let's close this up and let's, start talking about photoshopped somebody come over here to bridge and when you purchase the course, I've divided all of the different content up into folders. It should be pretty easy for you to follow some. We're going to come over here to the deep dive folder and you can see that all of the files are numbered, so were unfolding number three right now, and really, I just grabbed the screen shot because I wanted you to see it because you're not. I can't make you see it on this machine has already done this, but when you first install photoshopped created club there's, a little change in my great pre cess. So you're going to see this window come up when you installed a program and it's going to say, would you like to migrate presets from your previous versions? Well, in photo shops, sisi it's only going to look at the most current version, the photo shop. In prior versions, migrate process would look at all the copies of photoshopped that ron your machine, and it would pull over all the process that doesn't happen anymore. It only looks at the most recent version, so just one version back. Also my great presets and photoshopped sisi will bring over presets that aren't currently loaded in the program, so if you've got a slew of custom brushes or actions, or grady ints or patterns or what have you that you didn't have them loaded and active, they're still in the priest that folder you just weren't currently using them in that version of photoshopped photo shot sisi is still going to grab all those and bring him over bush ops cia six didn't do that they had to be loaded so you could miss some of your presets. Another thing along the same lines is that plug ins changed a little bit in soda shop cc you used to be able to tell photo shop a photo shop I really don't want to save my plug ins my third party plug ins like mick on one it's a tree, etcetera! I don't really want to save those in the photos shot folder I want to put him somewhere else that was helpful, because if you needed to reinstall the software for whatever reason, or if you had a crash or whatever you wouldn't lose all your plug ins in gettys and stuff, so that was why some folks like to have there designate a whole another folder for plug ins. You can't do that anymore and photoshopped cc the plug ins have to be stored in the photo shop, whichever folder that photoshopped music for that I think in on the mac it's an application library application support adobe and then funnel down to the program and that's, where all of your your goodies are so in cc no longer can point photo shops begins to another folder that you've designated so that's different even still install third party plug ins all day long, so if you got some on one software and et cetera that you wantto use, go ahead in and install it. No problem at all, so that's one change migrate presets another thing that changed is that we can now q a list of documents to be saved, so in previous versions, if we were to save a document, we'd get a little status bar at the very bottom of the window and see a six that let us know how long it was left for that document to be saved and you couldn't trigger the saving of another document till the first one finished not true and photo shop cc you can cue them up so you can't close a document before it's finished saving. But if you've got several large documents open and you want to save them all, you can absolutely disc. Click to put the focus on that document. Window cheese file save and you could click to another window. Chiefs files safe, and they would just stack up in a queue. So that's need and that's a nice new little feature.

Class Description

Whether you’re an Adobe® Photoshop® beginner or an old pro, a strong mastery of key image editing skills and an understanding the newest version of the software (Creative Cloud®) will take your images to a new level of creativity, quality, and impact.

In this one-day CreativeLive course, taught by author and Adobe® Photoshop® expert Lesa Snider, you'll learn what the Creative Cloud® is, how to use it, and how it affects your future. We'll break down the pricing schedule so you can learn exactly which package to purchase in order to get the most bang for your buck. Next, Lesa will dive deep into all the new features in Adobe® Photoshop® Creative Cloud®, including how to use the new Shake Reduction & Camera Raw filters, how to use the new Image Size dialog box to make higher quality enlargements, edit the corners of a rounded rectangle after you've drawn it, create 3D text, and much more.

By the end of this course, you’ll have the skills and the confidence you need to use Adobe® Photoshop® to bring out the best in your digital images.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 14.0