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Minimum/Maximum Filters

Lesson 10 from: Adobe Photoshop Deep Dive: Creative Cloud

Lesa Snider

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10. Minimum/Maximum Filters

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Lesson Info

Minimum/Maximum Filters

The minimum and maximum filters change, so these guys live in the filter menu and the other category, so you've got maximum and minimum here. When did I use those filters thinking while they're in the other category? So it's got to be for something other something else, something on I used to find him later masks, and they got a lot better for that in c c because we can enter decimal points in those filters so we can be incredibly precise when we're using them to either contract or expand layer mask case in point, if I wanted to put this cowboy on, I feel the blue blue bonnets because he would be much happier there right then on boring all green background going a little bit inside there, I might go for the quick selection tool because the area that I want to select has nice contrast from its background, so I could pretty quickly come through here with a quick selection tool and I could paint a selection onto the bit I want to ask you could certainly go up to the refining edge button, ...

which you're going to see in the options for any time you have two things going on one of father's shop selections tools are active in the tools panel and also an active selection on your screen, which means you got marching and somewhere on your screen you could come up here click the refined image and tweak that selection try to get it is perfect as you could but what if you're short on time or if you're not really comfortable in that dialogue box you could go ahead and mask the image right now so let's go ahead and add a layer mass by clicking the old circle within a square icon the bottom of the players panel and now we've got amass so we can see through to the layer content that's underneath but while it looks like we had a pretty darn good selection, we've got some green loitering from the old background what can you do at this point fixed that you've already got the layer mask it's a little late in the game to go have a go with refined edge click to activate the mask and run a filter on it. This is a fabulous production technique and magic trick tohave appear sleeve because it's so so useful so while the mask is active and you know it's active because it has that extra little white bracket on the corners we're going to go up to the filter menu and we're going to go down to the other category and what do we need to do? Our mass needs to be smaller we need to contract it right or actually we need tio mobile to see in a minute so let's just use minimum and if I skipped this out of the way already, you see that that edge is gone? I like that I think of this is shrinking the mask although shrinking the area of the mask that's being revealed ok, so really we're shrinking the white part and in the realm of layer masks black conceals and white reveals. So while technically you may think, well, that was really expanding the mask, what we're really doing here is shrinking the area that is remaining visible shrinking the light area so for that we would need minimum if we needed to do the reverse if we need to make the the y area the area that's being revealed larger than we would go for the maximum filter instead so I just think of it in my head is shrinking the mass always go from minimum smaller so and the minimum filter or maximum filter you'll notice that we've got a new pop it many this was not here in previous versions, these two filters were notorious for making things that looked round in the deep in fine details of your image it was notorious for making them so swear and you could kind of notice that in the image so adobe gave us this wonderful poppet menu so we can tell photo shot what's important for us to preserve well when you choose roundness, you get the ability to enter decimal points in this radius field which lead she be incredibly precise in using these two filters to find him layer masks like that. So for example, if I take the radius down to one that might be not quite enough to hide the extra green pixels at our lord a ring from the original background but one point five might be perfect, so in previous versions of the program we could only in her whole members so often times you would contract the mask a little too much you know what I mean? So this allows you to really use these filters powerfully and fine tuning your layer masks but now from the factory I believe this preserve menu is set to squareness and when it's set to squareness you cannot enter decimal points so the program's going to say hey, an energy between one and five hundred is required why the hell that doesn't say you can't enter decimal point? I mean could it be more cryptic but really that's what it's saying can't enter decimal points, so don't let that for you. All you have to do is change the preserve menu to round this and then you actually get that point zero in the field automatically so you can't be very precise with your your layer masks, so I've got another sample image for you to work with on them this is one of our superheroes not julie bree so let's, go ahead and delete the layer mask or actually I'll just run the filter arresting kind of see what minimum and maximum do in comparison to each other so we clicked toe activate the mask and also in the exercise files I've given you the original so you can play around with making the mask yourself on the not delivery if you like tio okay, so here we are with the mask active now let's come into the filter menu and go down that other and let's choose maximum this time so you going to see what it does? What this can do is expand the area that's being revealed see how now in the image we didn't have that before, so I'll turn the preview ofthe to see how maximum kind of pops it out expands that mask there so here again, if you choose round this that's when you get the ability to enter decimal points in the radius so you can be very precise about how far what kind of fine teaming you need to get. So now at this point, look at that with a maximum expanding our mask a little bit. We've got a nice, nice edge around our super wrestler dude, so that might be all you need to find him your masks to whip them into shape so don't feel like they're financed dialog box is your only choice in perfecting your selections like that because you can do it after the fact you, even the minimum maximum filters. I love that this is one of my favorite new features in the program, which is really incredible. So if we kept going up with this radius field, see how that area keeps getting larger, larger, larger. So that's, what maximum does? If I cancel that and go back up to the filter menu and get a minimum, you'll see it does the office it. We're already on roundness. I've got the ability to inner pixels, so, as I say, as I increase the radius on minimum or shrinking, shrinking, shrinking, shrinking, that area that's being revealed and stuff gets pretty creepy pretty fast, so that's the difference between dirty filters city reach for those when you need tio, find in your layer masks, that's, the minimum and maximum filter changes.

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I have purchased all of Lesas Deep dive classes and have learned so much. She makes it easy to understand and she gives you examples and goes through them more than once so you understand. This is the class that not only shows you how to but what you can do. She gives you ideas and she is a joy to watch and listen to. I can say enough good things about Lesas classes and I am so glad to have them in my tool box to refer back to anytime I am stumped on how to fix problem in Photoshop. Thank you Lesa!!

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