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Adobe Photoshop for Photographers: Beyond the Basics

Ben Willmore

Adobe Photoshop for Photographers: Beyond the Basics

Ben Willmore

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1 Adobe Bridge: Metadata Panel Duration:22:16
6 Hybrid HDR Techniques Duration:28:39
7 HDR Q&A Duration:15:38
8 Difficult Panoramas Part 1 Duration:23:16
9 Difficult Panoramas Part 2 Duration:19:19
10 Time Lapse Effect Duration:19:11
11 Other Essentials Duration:23:58
12 Line Art and Pen Tool Duration:34:10
  Class Trailer
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2 Aligning Layers and Warping Duration:30:03
3 Vanishing Point Duration:21:05
4 Masking Smart Objects Duration:17:00
5 Antique Color Duration:30:13
7 Nik Silver Efex Pro Duration:32:19
8 Perfect Photo Effects Suite Duration:18:34

Class Description

Ready to take your Adobe® Photoshop® skills to the next level? Join Photoshop expert Ben Willmore for a three-day introduction to the techniques that separate the novices from the pros.

Ben will take the guesswork out of using the more advanced tools, techniques, and menus of Adob® Photoshop. You’ll learn about which Adobe Photoshop tools are essential, and which you can ignore altogether. You’ll also learn about compositing, texturing, and retouching skills, like removing shine from foreheads in portraits and seamlessly joining images together. Ben will also cover hidden and hard-to-find features and shortcuts that will help you produce higher-quality work in a fraction of the time.

By the end of this course, you’ll have professional-level Adobe® Photoshop® skills that will set your work apart from the competition.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 14



The best investment I've made to improve my PS skills. Mr. Willmore is a skillful lecturer. English is my second language and I appreciate the clarity of his voice and the fact that he repeats several times what he's doing or what he did. It is great for note taking as well as for practicing. Just an Excellent workshop! Thanks Mr. Willmore!

a Creativelive Student

I absolutely love Ben Willmore's teaching style. He is clear and thorough. This class has a wealth of good info so I had to purchase this course. Thanks Ben and Creative Live!!! PS, Don't forget to forward the PDF. I am waiting patiently.

a Creativelive Student

AB FAB- Ben is an excellent teacher. He is very through and "down to earth" in his explanations. All his courses are worth the time and the money to view and purchase them!!! Please keep on teaching on CreativeLive. Thanks, Thanks, and more Thanks. Janet Bozgan 4-24-14