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Portrait Retouching Essentials

Lindsay Adler

Portrait Retouching Essentials

Lindsay Adler

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Class Description

In this segment, we'll cover the basics of portrait retouching: cloning, the patch tool, teeth whitening, brightening eyes, and more. If you've been wanting to jump into portrait retouching but didn't know where to start, this class is for you.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CS6

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Ratings and Reviews

joanne duncan

Fabulous introduction to editing skin. learning how to use modes for clone and heal tools is an absolute game changer! Also incredibly helpful was the tips on using plugins, I have Portraitpro and its so easy to go overboard. I thought I already knew the basics of these tools, but my control of these tools just went from about 2 to 12 out of 10!!! thanks Lindsay, I cant wait to get to the Advanced class and blend modes next - I bought the blends one because it was on special, but after watching this, I cant wait to get a better understanding of the blending modes. simply amazing. For wrinkles, pimples, blemishes, dark circles, start right here! cheers


Outstanding introduction to portrait retouching! It's concise and provides an excellent overview of relevant tools and when they might be useful. This 73 minute video has been much more helpful to me than any Lynda course I've taken. Lindsay Adler is a gem.


Lindsey is an expert in every aspect of photography and, in my opinion, can do no wrong. She's not the type teacher who is there to win a popularity contest and put on a semi-phony act; she's simply Lindsey, the real thing. I particularly love her editorial work; excellent taste in wardrobe, lighting makeup and set (if there is one). She's simply one of a kind and is as likable as she is knowledgable in all areas.

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