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Portrait Retouching Redefined

Lesson 8 of 10

Liquify in Photoshop

Chris Orwig

Portrait Retouching Redefined

Chris Orwig

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Lesson Info

8. Liquify in Photoshop


Lesson Info

Liquify in Photoshop

And jumped to sit liquefy um photograph I capture this fascinating guy and this is one of my favorite types of light it's where you have someone stand in a doorway or garage opening and just the background becomes dark because the light from the exterior it's wonder that's how steve mccurry captured the afghan girl its tentlike you know it's you should get him right towards the edge and you control the brightness of the skin by how close they are or how deep they are in the shadow. So anyway fascinating character but the way I photographed him my fault not hiss his cheek on the left side of the frame looks really weird you it looks like you're almost like has something in his mouth maybe or whatever but that's more that's more if you see that that's more my fault this right here and what tends to happen in retouching if you mention the word liquefied people like you like it rid of I don't know like make people thin or whatever and what I'm trying to do is say let's rethink that it's no...

t just for that you know there's other situations like in this case it's I need to correct my bad angle and the way I had his shoulders turned and whatnot so look fi quickly command j copies or my layer I'm gonna call this job we know liquefy filter liquefy and the trip with liquefy of course is that it's really fine really powerful but to not get too carried away and to go to your advanced mode where you have the ability to control not just your brush size but also its pressure and its density so let me just show something so have a low brush pressure and I'm gonna push into his chin here I know it looks weird now I'm gonna take my pressure up and now it looks even more weird right? Option key change is cancelled something else right? Options like hey do something different you know, it kind of has its own, you know it does its own thing and it's nice that didn't cancel that reset that mean reopen it in theory it should okay, so back to this advanced mode I want to drop our pressure down why? Because when we're shifting pixels we want to do this really delicately and what I'm gonna do is with a big brush just look to kind of bring in this jar online and you noticing that because it's a big I'm just nudging it like a little bit at a time and that's how a lot of good liquefy work happens um, I mentioned I had a chance to work with rita cher's some really good ones and lots of what they do with liquefies make years when you get older years get bigger and noses, so that just kind of reducing just a little bit or or if the angle's wrong on those just taking him in. So this works in the situation, and then in the advanced option you have showed backdrop. And this is your preview here and liquefy. And what you're looking to do is to just make sure that it's it's going in the right direction and then if it isn't just abandoning ship, you know, because bad liquefy work, have you seen it it's not worth it, you know, and should look kind of kind of subtle. Does this guy look okay with his new job online? Yeah, I think it does. I mean, again, if I wasn't communicating while he's doing this, it might be it would be a little bit better. But thinking through how can liquefy help me was shape, especially when I've messed up on some kind of angle or something like that.

Class Description

Good portrait retouching requires more than just removing wrinkles and whitening teeth. Get ready to expand your retouching abilities and apply them to any type of images.

Chris Orwig will guide you through a 15-step process for improving all of your photographs of people, whether in the studio or outdoors. You’ll learn how to combine the powers of Lightroom and Photoshop to get the best retouching results. You’ll learn about making retouching look natural and clean, burning and dodging, changing backgrounds, selective sharpening, improving light, and enhancing color. You’ll also learn how to brighten eyes, fix teeth, improve makeup, cover up skin issues, and much more.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2


brad in glenwood

Not sure where all the criticism is coming from. It is a good source for a basic workflow to create realistic portrait retouching. Probably not for the advanced Photoshop user, but I consider myself an intermediate and picked up some very good tips that I will consider and definitely add some to my workflow.I think Chris gave some good philosophy for retouching in the short amount of time. If you want a more involved course with more info then I would recommend Lindsay adler's portrait retouching, but even then her course is given over THREE days! In under 1.5 hours for this lecture, did you really expect more for $19-29? By the way if you look in the upper left hand corner of Lightroom it says Adobe PHOTOSHOP Lightroom, so if you want to be technical he was using Photoshop for all of his retouching! Would you have felt better if he was in Camera Raw? It's the same thing!

Rebecca George

Chris is an amazing teacher -- and he's all about efficiency, which I LOVE. He knows ALL the shortcuts and he's so skilled at smoothly working in repetition as he's teaching, so by the end of the class I found that I had effortlessly learned so many important shortcuts and had shifted my editing into warp speed! Such a great class, as are all his classes


Lots of good information here. I just wish there would have been more of a walkthrough with the main image that is used for this lesson. It would be useful to see how he manipulated the color in the portrait of his friend for a beginner like me. I like the side by side comparison, but would like to know what else was changed in that photo besides getting rid of shine and softening skin.