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Pose It, Light It, Love It

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Shoot: Wedding Couple

Clay Blackmore

Pose It, Light It, Love It

Clay Blackmore

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Lesson Info

28. Shoot: Wedding Couple

Lesson Info

Shoot: Wedding Couple

Now we were going to start fresh here and we really never spoke to the business portrait so here we're going to do it like a business porter it's the groom it's the same thing business or studio so he's going to lean forward over the belt buckle I'm going to take one little block here and put it under the left foot, shawn yep. Sorry. Now that helps lower the back shoulder now let's put this elbow right in here and lay it down like that. What is the body? Forty five looking good today. I ran you through a carwash in that makeup room. I know how it is back there and they were right there. He's posed. Now what I do like turn your nose to the right a little bit, tip your head to the right a little bit good. I'm okay here. I'm always looking around. Okay, well, sorry, don, I came unplugged probably on that move. I'm gonna have to go vertical don, why don't we go ahead and just pull that light out and we'll go? Bart, we'll put it back up where it was let's critique this picture, I think what...

's wrong is that front right hand dropping down like that? So I've got too much height here, I'm gonna pull this out and just put your hand down all right, now I've got you stay right there. We're gonna go video but you guys can see he's leaning over a little bit too much now turn a little bit more little cuff showing maybe attention to detail one time I did a business portrait for guy and he started his own company and he was at another real estate firm and I went in the offices and I did the portrait and then he brought me twenty people to photograph and he said I'm starting a new company called best address and I said, how did you find me goes I was working for another company and you were making portrait's for us and your attention to detail before you push the button and how fast you did everyone's portrait really impressed me he opened his own firm and just saturday natasha came in and did her session they keep sending me clients so not only am I thinking right now about a great portrait I'm thinking about sean could buy, you know, google one day and say man, we need to redo all of our reporter photography lets get clay over here you know what I'm saying so every portrait you take is important never settled he still feels like he's leaning over a little so kind of straighten up a little this way sean lean back this way not tipped atop your head to the right suppose the light looks good right there a hint of a smile dropped that right hand down the fingers just drop him right there make a little fist chin up a dash chin up stop right there and when I say chin up no smile just like that chin up a little bit what am I what am I looking at? Chin up a dash chin up a dash I'm looking at the plane of his face against the plane of my camera that's an awesome portrait this is a little bit distracting the hand feels like a fist but I think this is all going to go down to stop, you know, with a vignette and light room now you stay right there and I'm gonna come in here jennifer dash right there. Chin down a dash right there. Chin up a little more right there. Beautiful chin up, a little more boy that's gorgeous. All right, can you get in here and give me a little better kicker? I'm right here. I got it. What does that mean? A little better kicker. I wantto feather it right in remember that where we're going to kind of skim it back into the lens, the angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection that means you want to bring these lights in an angle let's see what that did when I brought that in a little bit tighter the mirrored highlight hopefully it came in there there it is there it is that is a powerful portrait yeah look at that I mean when you look at shawnee looks like nothing but boy in the camera he looks great I want that picture of you see I don't know if you guys at home can see I'm teasing him because I think that he's look at this he just he's laughing out loud at what I said but don't you feel a little better around somebody who's not going to be so serious good now the next one I did yesterday was this hand up like this and boy I've done this a few times and people say oh that is so corny nobody would ever want that picture I wouldn't do it if it doesn't sell this is a good one trust me good that's it no smile lips together so one two three he never moved relax what I'm speaking to here is the bridal session where I can kind of make short work of it now we're in a studio here we're teaching fundamentals I told you a day one and day two if I take a wedding album the groom in the album a solo maybe one maybe but usually it's him with his buddies it's him with his you know fiance or his family the groom you know sorry about it you know sorry to tell you the groom just it's not your day it's the bride's day so there's usually three or four portrait of the bride I don't need to spend an hour and a half with the bride I can spend ten, fifteen minutes now the couple together I want to give him a big selection so yesterday I did twenty five portrait's in ten minutes so I need about a half an hour with the bride and groom but boy I'll tell your wedding photographer you need to stay on time you need a time schedule and you need your list of people and you need to be getting those people ready because that's you know if everyone's late and nobody gets under the camera the right time whose fault is it? It's your fault it's definitely you're the photographers fault the bridegroom today gets married once or twice in a lifetime and I get married every weekend and I want you in the in the on time we waken give incentives how about you know if you're on time for your pictures schedule I'll include ten extra free pictures because if they are on time you'll sell fifty extra pictures so you're going to give him ten but yourself forty does that make sense to you and that's everything all right so now I'm going to bring over the bride and I'm gonna just add you into this portrait and bicker, right? Why is that? Just have a seat on this chair. Pull your knee that just sit right here. Slide that way. A dash and I need a real simple little bouquet boy that's a strong shot of you, isn't it? I mean, really, I love that you put that in my wallet. Yeah, put two of those together. I'm using the same old one liners clean while you're setting this shot up. Can you go ahead and explain to us like what you're looking for in terms of lighting while you're moving and changing the lights around for the couple shot? Sure. One thing I wanna point point out here as educational is if you hold the flowers this way and put him by your side here, a lot of big bouquets that's, goingto that's going to be hard to lower. But if you take your hand and hold it like this in the camera, see that look at the hand here and we put the flowers like that. I could get the flowers lower. And as far as the lighting, you know what the good news is? The lighting never changes it's been the same since day one. The loop shadow now what I want to do here I'm going to talk them through this I've been posing them for two days I could come in and do all this right but I'm going to show you more importantly than talking then than handling them I can just hand I can just do it with speech ok so sean can you put your right arm behind ambika under her veil notice I said under the veil under just you know what I mean uh I'm because lean right into your fiance good now take your hand sean like this and flip it up on her knee and she's going to put her hand right there can you cover his thumb with your hand look at that there's the engagement ring looks beautiful now she took the flowers and I have to come back over and she's got him just right I thought she kind of changed him a little that's good now I still haven't posed them as far as handling them what am I going to look at? I'm gonna look it and beat his shoulders turn your shoulders to him a little bit the other way huh lean over to shawn and turn your nose to the right to the right more what pose is she in feminine now shauna sideways to the camera tell him what to do tell him I think he needs teo talk him shawn okay sean um take your right shoulder and lean in you didn't watch this shawn put your right shoulder behind ambika john put your right children behind her I'm usually in a rush but I'm just telling him exactly what I need him to do shawn open up to me a little bit you see I did it right there don't you think he's forty five now likes better what you did is what every that's that's where the top of the mountain when you can do this without touching people that means you can see this in your mind's eye all right lean together and let's take the picture I think that shawn needs to be a little taller so stay right there and just stand up a little bit right there uh we have a piece of black fabric or that blue fabric I would throw that blue fabric under shawn's chair just to kind of make a little bench here stand up just cover that that could be your tuxedo jacket to sit there sit sit okay, here we go sheldon back now if I if I could help with creative ivan get with them I would love to show you guys the casual session that I did on monday and the formal session that I'm doing now that it's identical and we did this portrait on the floor but I need youto pull the kicker light to my left I'm going to a quick exposure and big let me just say yeah tip you head to the right leaning them a little more good alright perfect burn now what I'm seeing here is very critical refinement number one I think the hair light's a little hot can you raise that here's the most important thing I feel like their bodies are too close together that if shawn if you khun scoot out slide yet a little more and then pick a lean into him more yes and because chin down a little more and turn your nose to the light lean into him or shine you back up a little bit can you go in uh they want to be pulled a veil off her shoulder a little bit you see how it's bunching up you're there you're there good, good good right there lean in a little tighter lean in a little more beautiful how about that picture and sean turned to me more your shoulders back around to me get a little more good right there shawn drop your right shoulder down yes did you guys see that good can you both smile it's your wedding day? Come on, shawn, you're getting married, bart, I want you real carefully to sneak in there and lower ambika just go around the other side, stay there and just all your weight he's gonna push you down about four inches go go, go go go now lean into your fiance again good that's gorgeous right there your chin up a little bit sean sean your nose to the left right there her nose to the right a dash good that is just banking beautiful not bart uh well I'm gonna just come in and do this lean together again smile teeth teeth now can you hug his neck with the flowers in your hand cheek to cheek or your chin a little bit your your elbow a little bit in the front let me see the flowers up by his face a little bit right there lean in tighter squeezing squeezing tight come on smile teeth teeth, teeth that's good shawn can you just kind of looked down at her you guys are actors can you just know you look at me and become turn your nose this way put your cheek right up by his mouth that just kind of give her a little bite on the cheek just a little but I don't want a big smile big smile because real smile teeth teeth come on, come on look at me sean turn your nose out to me and you have the right look down now look down I mean, just turn your nose at me now look down at her and bite her on the cheek right? Just a little this laughing just a little nibble put your lips together a little bit shawn you look like you're taking a big bite of apple now look at me sean now can you do the same to him just give him a little nasal right there be tall sean turned to me a little bit and he could turn to me and just put a smile on his face just now look at him look at him just that big smile put your lips together put your lips together and there's no biting big smile big smile just looking him though look at him look at him look at him yes right there you look at each other yes right there pressure cheeks together you know just like this sean put your cheek right in there now just kind of slowly turned to each other and look at each other laughing, laughing, laughing right there yes right. They're hardly move the light. This is a good lesson that I would not a lot of times I have a baby and the mother and can you help me? Cristina I'm just loving all over you today uh you're the baby I'm the mother and I tell the mother kiss the baby and the mother goes you know puckers up so have a seat what you want to tell the mother to do put a smile on the baby's face that's that's huge I think that's one of the best lessons I've given you and it's in there these air looking really good guys so now spin your chair this way ambika and slide under him just lie back and throw the flowers to bart there's tape those together if you want now this is where you kind of put your arms around her over the back over her shoulders and then down lower like this now yeah don't hide the pretty dress that you hold his wrists yeah now this is great there they're doing great because they're leaning forward but there's still, you know here's the way they're seated right there let's take a look but he did really nice I've gotten so far out usually disposed the people kind of center up but I like the fact that you're kind of leaning forward and lean a little bit more for me good the lighting's bin just real consistent right here and this is a beauty right here this is great the veil would probably be served better if you just wrote softly let me have it right they're beautiful right there too much beautiful I messed it up shawn, I can let you do this better than me pulled the veil back over your elbow like you had it yeah, there you go there you go in I just stick your arms around that's good look at the shot that's good enough shawn hug hold now lean forward that's good. Sit up taller yeah that's beautiful now lean forward more good right there I'm going to tip the camera this way they're leaning this way I'm going to tip this way ready? Yes smile come on and be good yes now can you slowly turn and look at each other look at each other and laughing laughing yes look at that shot pressure smile right on her put a smile on your chin down ambika he's got a tip the top of his head away from me now turn your nose to me sean and put your your smile right on her on her cheek you don't have to kiss her just smile now look down at her oh that's good and because you look at me and that you look up at him don't look at me you got this beautiful guy next to you right there and we'll that is a gorgeous picture right here and see his head I'm getting the top of his head watch what I did sean tip the top of your head to the right and I know I got it and because you stand up for a second there we go you see the difference right there what we did that's that's is that good or what I mean really I mean, you guys have to give me an ata boy every now and then I'm up here. Thank you. All right got it. Come around behind your fiance. Thank you, that's good. Can you come this way a little bit? You guys are great. I know there's a clock right down here on the floor I just when I just keep shooting you're gonna sit again. Now, how about this time put one hand on each of his shoulders and I think you were better, right? Where had you now put your chin right here. Tip your head this way. Put your hand right here. Put your hand back. You know what? I'm going to tell you what we're creating here. We're creating a cheat sheet for everyone at home to go home and know how to do bridal portraiture. You you can take these pictures and do screen captures once you buy the video and you can print them out or put him on your ipad you can put him on the leg of your tripod and I'm serious. I usedto have these poses. They were thirty five millimeter contact sheets I took film and I copied there was this guy I forgot his name, I copied all of his pictures jennifer what was his name? O is monty uh I copied his work and I stuck it on my tripod and I got to the job and the bride was like, what is all that stuff? You know? And then I said, you know what? Why don't we try to do this picture? And she looked at issues you could do that because it was so beautiful I mean, it was like art I said, well, we could do it together if you will help me you know, I have I'm not sure I could do it, but if we work together, I'm all yours she said, you do whatever you want if you can make me look like that. So from what I'm showing you right now, you buy the dvd, you do screen captures and you show that to your bride and groom, and I think they would like that now I'm stuck under the lights, I can do that at the beach, I can do that under an archway at the ritz carlton, I can do that under the hookah with ten thousand dollars with the flowers behind the couple, it doesn't matter where I'm working, I'm speaking to the fact that I'm making people look good and you know what the poses, what it's merely a platform to rest the head she's forty five he's forty five I'm just looking at this picture and thinking, you know, I'm going to feel really good on the flight home tonight saying you know we did it you know I just feel good about that picture and and I'm not anxious about the ability to do it because it's just technique it all starts here so now just put your chin right on his head there your chin down now turn your body to me a little bit shawn keep turning right there excuse me clay a cz you're working imposing them a lot of people are asking about pressing the cheek a cheek to their you know cheek to cheek and also pressing cheek toe arms and hands do have them lift up a little bit so there isn't so much of the cheek like uh, muscle squishing uh lean together you know what? Um I think the answer to that is that you know, I just kind of roughed in right there now I'm behind my camera and this is where the picture happens and I think they're doing their own thing over there I'm crying to get their heads toe touch if there's a gap between their heads were going to know it right away, I've probably done with the bride and groom I've probably already made ten pictures I'm going to make ten more right now lean right in, so my answer is, you know, they're getting married there in love and they wanted put those cheeks tight together you know what I mean they're getting married they love each other I know I love to hug my wife turn your nose to the right a little bit more tip your head a little bit shawn and shawn's elbow out to give me that base shawn the right elbow this is great now they look like gothic america lean forward shawn you know I mean they just like to pose turn your nose to the left a little bit ambika let's pull this feel like back a little bit I hope I can do that confederate you guys feel okay over here? I'm always checking with the subjects making sure they're feeling good and here we go ten more you guys ready here we go your nose to the right and make a little bit your elbow up even more shawn right there hide your right hand back their ambika your right hand there we go this is one come forward a little bit more and bicker in front of his ear yes tip your head to the right good good good right there smiling because he's smiling you smile that's a picture and I mean look at it before I keep going who is that a good one don't go don't look don't look I want to keep going so now can you take your right hand and put on his cheek and let your fingers go up and pull him in and tip your head that way a little bit more that's just to say he's he's got his back to her now she's holding him in now put your hands on his shoulders and can you guys do the same thing? But I want you to kind of look at each other again look at each other and squish your heads together for that viewer who just called me yeah right they're real smile real smile and because smile yes then became like this go like this hugging yes keep your head down like that yes come on guys look at each other you're on national tv making good and because tip your head two more to the right it's magic time look at each other yes pressure forehead right on his yes yes his chin down I don't want to cut his nose right there squeeze lean forward to the light a little more this way lean lean lean right there now look at each other yes ok now come on the other side and become come right over there they're beautiful put one hand on each of his shoulders now this is where you need to come up in inch stand up that's it again now put your chin right here bring your right foot to me your right foot to me and then just like that and that hand there good your elbow out in front of her a little bit like it's on a table out in front of her the right elbow. All right, guys, this is this brings it all home. All right, bigger your right foot to me. Right foot to mei wai because I'm starting down low. If I tell her you come forward and because she's like this guy's crazy, how am I going to do that? I said, bring your foot out now she can come in. Does that make sense? So come on in now. Ambika is square to the camera. Got it? You need to turn your shoulders your elbow way down on the sign turn your shoulders this way a lot. Uh, sean and your elbow down are good right there. Come forward a little bit and become right there. Bring your right toe to me. Put your left hand right on his neck. So you khun tickling. Now come forward a little bit right there and begin your nose to the right a little bit and there's a little hair and your face off of him pull his hair back a little bit yet right there and get your face in front of that here and be a little taller now that's good right there, you did it right there shawn your nose to the left a dash a little more a little more smile teeth teeth yeah right there shawn tip your head this way a little bit right there yes one more time that that's eyes here sean now when sean looks there it's a it's a home run this is the newspaper photo you know we still do pictures for the newspaper and that works good you could look at each other again just do it so we can count them up hands the same way and just head for heads touching laughing, laughing, laughing there we go just like that how about I do a neat thing here? I'm going to speak to the one, two three right now, okay really quickly? I want to do a lot because I want to do fun this rust colored wall all this stuff I want to get kind of sexy for everybody at home come out here for you, doug gordon I want to be sexy like you dead gordon's mr sexy with your left hand here and put your heads together your shoulder behind. I love doug because he studied with monty for years and monty put a lot into doug and doug is taken it and made it his own thing and I have to be honest with you I'm kind of I've kind of stayed right where monty left me because I'm making a good living you know what I mean? It works I'm going to stay there I've got bills to pay I want my son to goto private school put your shoulder behind your wife under the veil pull the veil back. Alright guys, I'm going to two more formals and then I'm going to do something crazy and fun. We're gonna get that spray bottle the fan flowers I mean, get ready. Get a fire extinguisher handy. We might need that too. Turn your nose to the right, ambika. All right, now look, let me just take this picture real quick her chin down a little bit his chin up a little bit. I feel like I got a little bit um the fill light might need to come up a little bit there. It looks good right there. Okay, on your mark guess that her nose to the right a little bit his shoulder behind her more ok, tip your head to the right right there. Good. His he's got a tip his head a little more good right there. Okay, now we're going to look at this picture and the next picture the next picture is going to be her two thirds and look right over there, so I put her into thirds and your profile right there, okay, lean together real tight now where do I like this picture from here have we done this this week? Yes slide out just a little bit on your chair let me help you no right here that's it there again you look right there beautiful look down you're gonna tip your head this way a little bit good but your eyes look right here good lean into him a little more her chin and there there we go what am I lighting? I'm lighting his profile I could light her two thirds but it would like his ear also now wherever you're looking ambika look that's good look to the left of dash I'm gonna tip the camera I think I'll go this direction just a little just look down on her a little your nose to the right ambika more more tip the top of your head to the right and lean into him a little more you just looked down at her a little more buddy right there shawn sean your chin up a little now I'm going to get really real refined sean tip the top of your head to the right sean turn your nose to the right can your subjects at home do stuff like this? You better believe it your nose to the right ambika no smile and ambika wherever you're looking look to the left of dash right there look down a little shawn shawn, look down, chin down that's gorgeous and big just your eyes at me just your eyes chin down give me that beautiful look right there smile teeth oh yeah we'll take a little quick break and let's look at those pictures back to front on what the light room guys to go back to where they were facing me and while that's happening let's kind of pull some of this equipment back here a little bit and get you guys can you walk over here for a second? Just not really sure. All right, there we go. Um pull these two lights out of here for a second bart I've got an idea one two three what is it? One what? I bet kenny knows do you guys know one one one you know what I want to do? I want it takes um chocolate frosting and I want to put it right there under my nose and make a loop shadow and just leave it there for the rest of the day so you see, I've got a little loop shadow and it's one lighting pattern you know, we used to say oh f l p one fabulous lighting pattern okay, can you remember it now number to to what poses okay, so what do you have going on here? You have one lighting pattern on both of them right there you have to pose is feminine and basic can you go to the next picture now you have a two thirds and a profile those two images in your portfolio will illustrate the one two three for the rest of your life and I love the way you split screen them right there and guys you can do this in your garage you can do it under an overhang you can do it on the beach but you need direction of light and I love it I mean that is solid that's good education all right let's keep pulling this stuff out bar let's make a big finish when you guys get off the chairs and get in here for a second I got an idea come on make a right in here here we go just we're just gonna give a base now that I got it all folded up with caitlin step out here for one second put it on the back all right you go that way I'll go this way come on way shouldn't have hauled it out my fault now what you're gonna do is just make it nice and tight like a floor for just the floor all right how about we put sean in there sean get in there and get really gorgeous and let's go with that light shape or hear take off the beauty dished on just sit bart put on that snoot lights over there that's nude over here! Look look look at my hand see it on the table I'm going to give us hollywood snoot and we're going to light it strong now you come in and just sit in between his legs there for me yeah let's get a little fan going in here blowem turn this way a little bit getting that when they don't go this way about shawn all the way to the edge this way over here sean way over here now turn your knees in. Yeah, just like that now both of you lean back on the wall but sean you've got to come this way yeah, there you go. I just leaning on a leaning on him just get real low put your elbow on his on his time pull your feet way out of the picture all right like their faces get lower like this elbow up on his thigh there we go right there and keep your back tall good, good, good good just like that. Can you teacher arm maybe behind him a little get your cheek to cheek a little bit. All right, let's make something good here. Little fan for the wind little smile you got two minutes ago almost done here this could be a beach post, but look how square she is to the camera not loving it, so take that arm and shoulder behind him a little more throw some flowers in her right hand turn the other way actually stay there first let me take a picture we have the snoot in there let's get that snoop closer jerry just like their faces be real careful it might fall off let me take a picture no smile what I don't like here let me see the picture real quick up here just move forward I don't like the way she's turned away from him I did that on purpose because a lot of people posed like that can you turn around to him that's it pull your bomb out here a little you you scoot out this way a little more a little more used, eh now you can lean into him yes right there put a bouquet of flowers in her right hand there we go right here I got an idea get your heads right there together. All right give me a light pattern chair come to the right a little bit but you come to me a little bit more come come more give me light pattern it's kind of hard because the room's kind of full of daylight and the sun just came out put the flowers down low they're opposing block right here under sean I got it right there john shine I gotta tell you and it happens all the time women have more torso than men and I'm sitting men all the time up on blocks there we go now I want to get edgy here we go right here let's turn up your light a little bit jerry can you look at each other with your foreheads together good right there put your left hand on his shoulder a little bit yeah that on his neck that's good alright don't go far it's a lot of body and very little face um I'm just going to get this here we go just like this sean you creep out for a second and just give me a solo here can you just hug your knees pick your knees up I know you're a model there we go hug your knees and put the flowers right where your knees are bring your feet to me a little bit shaun get ready I'm gonna bring you into the picture I'm going to start with one person bring your feet to me so your knees or lower yes cross your ankles that's gorgeous right there I love it yeah that's good right there and let's see what that light looks like cross that there we go right there that is beautiful right there just like that come on camera nice and slow someone let me just take a look let me go toe color that looks good doesn't it guys all right, let me get color in here all right it's right there custom white balance beautiful beautiful right here let me say it before I keep going come on color there we go all right let's go let's just have some fun here one teo and yes I love it all right take that light off the stand jerri and do hollywood lighting which means a long shadow from above and and you're just going to kind of come right over the top of her yet like just straight over the top just hand hold it real carefully watched that we go that's noot make sure it's not going to fall off you're good okay just right there you go bart you need to come to your left a little your urine my picture right there all right shawn kind of come get close because I'm gonna add you to the picture shoulders square to the camera everything's were breaking every rule why not we've been doing roles too long let's break a few for awhile drop your left shoulder you can break the rules if you know the rules tip your head to the right put that back by your face here again those flowers yeah close shaun creep in there come on lay down. Just forget that just get your face right in their nuzzle up right under the nape of her neck put your nose right in there get in there right there! Yes tip the top your head to the right sean yes shawn laughing you got it made right here you want to trade places with you, sean come on here we go the back your hand turn it a little bit the back of your hand yet right there shawn taken nico is only a little higher throw the block under his rear end again I need him up looking down at her I'm liking the pictures get the light a little lower into her eyes don give me this feel light from below like we were doing earlier remember that here we go last couple times I think we're thirty seconds from brake turn your nose to me, shawn right there. Good. Can you just love it right there, shawn kind of get lower into that neighbor than that kind of scoot away from her and then get right in there turn your nose to me, sean all right, you guys air models, you're actors and I'm going to take ten pictures and I'm not going to tell you what to do there's one now it's you do something different again again yes again we should have started this way and again and again oh, shine he knows what he wants todo right there hand again how about put your back into him yet you're back keep turning your feet way over here and lean on him and now look back up at him yeah right there yeah I looked at her like his profile there oh that's good right there look at him again his chin down his chin down a little bit his chin up tip the top of head me gary of john a little bit sean tip your head to me a dash the top of your head like this look at her all right both of you stand up for the kidney shot all right here's what we're gonna do back up a little pull the lights back a little bit throw the flower and the hold the flowers raise raise your light on raise your light pull the hair light over a little bit you guys pull it over a little and pointed at them come in front of her come in front I want you to shimmy up your dress a little bit and you're gonna pick her up piggyback you got a lighter with this big soft box we're gonna get this we're going to shoot right over the rust ready and show me the dress that let's go pick her up now put her on the side throw up high yes now look at each other look at each other put the flowers higher yes turn to the right turn everything to the right turn everything to the right stay right there let's get it let's get it turned around this way a little turn this way now look down on him, that's it that's it pressure cheek on him pressure check can you get higher? Really hired you got it. Come on, shawn. Big finish. Yes, go on. The other side threw up on the other side that looked down at him. Light him up flat lighting real high, real high. Yes, biter. I love it. I love it when you get your cheek. She's got to scoot up a little salt just kind of right there. They're going to put your cheek on them. You got it right there. I love it by this cheese. Go ahead, just look at him. Smile at him. There's. No, no, no that's great. I needed that. Well, give me one great shots of finish on. Put the flowers in the right hand so that they're behind his head. There we go. Right there. Look at me, guys. Uh, we got it. All right, well, thank you. Thank you. Thank you guys were wonderful. Wonderful. Can I say a word to you real quick? Okay, thank you. Got it. Really that's a good shot of her legs and ankles. Really? The whole idea there was way went super formal in the beginning, and I know what my critics at home are saying who would ever want formals like that, I have customers that love a few of those formulas. They have silver frames and the piano just waiting for them, and then we ended with some fun things, some mohr editorial. But a lot of these looks are great outside their great by the window. They're great with mohr environment, and we're not. You know, we're kind of stuck in a studio, so I'm just speaking to the fact that I would love to get him outside by the windows. Thanks. That was fun.

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Join Clay Blackmore for a three-day immersion into the art of photography. Drawing on decades of experience, Clay will cover the essential posing, lighting, and composition skills that are key to creating jaw-dropping images with any camera.

You’ll explore working with both natural and in-studio light. Learn about the essentials of portrait posing, including strategies for working with individuals, couples, and groups. Clay will also share his fail-proof tips for making on-the-fly adjustments so you're able to work seamlessly with any subject, in any environment and source of light. You'll also master the art of capturing the picture-perfect wedding story quickly, reliably, and completely with stunning results.

Whether you’ve been taking photographs for years or are just starting out, this course will give you the knowledge and inspiration to take your work to the next level.

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a Creativelive Student

Clay Blackmore is the real deal in portrait photography. The guy is a bundle of creative energy and technical mastery. I took portraiture with Monte Zucker, and am glad to have Clay now as his successor. This concepts in this course are the rudiments. They'll never change, regardless of trends and fads. Clay is also very likable and fun to watch work. Keep your ears peeled for every word. When Clay points out those many little details, they all count. Love the course, and have a ton of respect for Clay. He's a portrait master, and a great guy. What else could any portrait student hope for?


This a wonderful class. Clay has worked w/Montey and brings a supreme knowledge to photographers who want to learn more. His skills are creative and insightful with a modest personality. This is an amazing class that comes with a great price.

Tom Lokos

Of all the courses I have purchased without exception this is the best. Clay is an excellent teacher. When he speaks he is saying something and not just talking. He explains his lighting techniques in great detail while demonstrating them . He is clear, concise and fun to listen to. You will learn how to pose individuals all the way to large groups, while learning the correct way to light them. All this while being entertained by one of America's great portrait photographers.