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Posing Mature Couples

Lesson 4 from: Posing 101: Couples, Weddings and Families

Lindsay Adler

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4. Posing Mature Couples

Lesson Info

Posing Mature Couples

So, what we're going to do, is we are going to start and talk about mature couples, so an older couple. And actually, our lovely couple, you already know them. So, let's go over the basics. What I want you guys to know is for mature couples, you definitely still want to refer back to couples posing guides, we talked about that yesterday, we got into the essentials of posing couples. The do's and don'ts, the things to watch out for. But here are the nuances, or the things that are a little bit different when you have a mature couple. So one thing that I will advise you, is to read the couples' dynamic. Not everybody is kissy and touchy and they don't want to nuzzle necessarily. It's not necessary for a portrait, especially if someone's older, it's not like you need to have, like, I'm gonna do a couple poses later, maybe the kissing the neck, okay. You can, but I probably wouldn't advise it. So here what I recommend, is just read their dynamic. If there's a lot of affection and touching ...

already, when they're just standing there holding hands, arms around, then you know that you're fine. If not, then you don't need to go as in depth with the multiple points of interaction, which is what we talked about in the essentials for couples. What I do, is I start more traditional. Which, I mean, honestly, I read as boring. But you know what, I start traditional, the poses that we know work, the poses that have been traditional couple poses forever, I get those done and then I go a little bit more unusual because I don't want somebody who's maybe older, who has a certain expectation to be thrown off right away, and think like, okay, I don't wanna, you know, kiss her neck, you know, (laughs) like have it be weird. I start off with basic poses. Always remember, though, it's body language. Heads tilted together at all times, and I know that isn't essential of a couple's posing guideline, but that's a really important one. Last but not least, just like with mature men, just like with mature women, poses can be more subtle. You don't need to go over the top. It's the whole quiet confidence thing, you don't need to reinvent the wheel, just flatter them. I don't know of any mature couples usually that want sitting on the ground, or laying out, or anything, you know, a huge dip and kiss. It can just be dignified and beautiful. And so that's what we are going to do. So I am going to photograph these lovely people. Hi guys. And can I have that light out here? And I'm gonna grab my camera. So would you guys stand right here? Perfect. Let me grab my camera. Alright. So, I'm gonna tell you a couple dos and don'ts right away. So a big do and don't, do you guys know each other? Uh, no. Okay, so. So, what you're saying is you do want me to have you kiss? I'm just kidding, I'm just kidding, I'm just kidding. I just had to check. We both know how. Oh, okay, okay, good. (audience laughing) I like that, good answer. Will you come forward just a little bit, perfect, okay. So a big don't, will you face each other and put both of your hands on each other's hips, and you have to be close like you know each other, okay? I see this a lot, is that people just hold on, or they just wrap their arms around each other's shoulders or something like that. So what you always wanna do, is you always wanna have asymmetry. You don't want them to be doing the same pose, and if you also look, it's not that they need to be pressed up really tight to each other, but right now, they're naturally leaning back a little bit. So you wanna make sure, and oh, I know they don't know each other, but people do that anyway, you know, they lean back a little bit. So here's what we're gonna do. Really, really basic poses. I'm gonna have you hold hands in the front, 'k. And I'm gonna have you put your shoulders together in the back, perfect. And I'm gonna turn your bodies in a little bit more and bring your hips together, 'k. So you are going to hold hands like you're dancing, okay? Just kinda like that. Perfect. And lean your heads together, there. And hands down just a little bit more. This is totally fine for a more traditional couples pose. So I'm gonna grab that as post number one. And soft hands, don't look like you're trying to cause pain to each other (laughs). Perfect. (camera clicks) Let me make sure, it did not flash. Let me just check this. (camera beeping) Boop. Maybe it's not on. It's quite possible it's not. Yeah, that's a good place to start. Okay, let's try this again. (camera clicks) Perfect. Oh, blank, one more. (camera clicks) and I will tell you a slight flaw that I see. Okay, um, when we bring this image up, not that one. When we bring this image up, and not that one, what don't I like? Fingers, fingernails. From both sides, from somewhere. Okay, so I don't like the fingers poking out. There are, there's really one other big thing. Yes, you got it, okay. Because she's leaning into him, she's actually leaning back and it's not flattering. So what you wanna do, is you wanna lean forward. So you can still tilt your head towards him, but don't lean back, and you don't have to tilt that much, a little less, and lean towards me just a little. So what you can do, is right now, the reason she's having this problem, her feet are tight together. She's flat foot. Feel free, even though you're trying to be as tall as him, put your weight on your back hip, it makes a big difference. Now she's not, 'cause right now, your adjustments for height is all up here. You can do so much more with height if you can move your feet and your hips. So I'm watching that, perfect. And now you actually look like you're dancing. Okay, cool. And now I'm gonna have you hide these fingers, so I can't see them. Put 'em back a little bit more. So you could do one of two things for those hands. One, you could just hide, and lean out, and chin out and down to me, chin down just a little, good. (camera clicks) You could do that. Or, could you bring your hand even more around her, like wrap it even more, so if you're gonna see the hands, see the hands, okay? So let me take a shot for that. Arms. And very good. (camera clicks) And one more. (camera clicks) Perfect. And it's really funny because they're a really good example of the different height couple, but we're gonna actually talk about that later, so I'm not gonna talk about it too much now. So that is pose number one. Basic, traditional, they look cute. Alright, the next thing, is could you put your hand just real soft right here? And put your hand on her hip. Good, and now I see a little bit of a grip. So you can put your feet back together, and you're a little bit taller, and I want soft hand right here. So what I noticed, too, we'll talk about this later, is when people are different size heights, to compensate, they reach with their hands, so that's why I'm gonna have her, lower your hand even more, cause right now, that high hand raises her shoulder. If I lower her hand, now she has a lower shoulder and a longer neck. Okay, cool, just like that's great. (camera clicks) And I'm gonna hide that hand, so just hide your right hand, keep going a little bit further back, good. You guys are good for not knowing each other, I like this. (camera clicks) Good. Alright, perfect. Next one, for more traditional pose, I'm gonna have you stand with your hand in your pocket. Perfect. And I'm gonna have you come around to the other side, and I'm gonna have you hook right in that arm, perfect. And I'm gonna have you step this way, just a little bit more, and you are gonna wrap both arms around, and tuck your head in, and you're gonna lean back towards her. Now, this is getting into what we were gonna talk about before, so I don't, or later, about height, so pretend you watched that part first. Can you just step your legs like this? Okay, good. Like that? Yep, and lean forward just a little bit more, and then you're gonna step forward. Perfect, great, great. So pretend you see that part first. Okay, good, perfect. Good. (camera clicks) And I don't want you to sunch so much, but a little bit higher, perfect, great. And I'm gonna have you turn your shoulders towards me just a little bit, and your weight, where's your weight right now? Did you see that? The weight's actually forward. I can see it cause she's holding on, weight back. Perfect, just like that. And you're gonna lean towards her just a little more. And how I would actually shoot this, is not from this straight angle, because from straight on, we talked about proportions for couples. If I shoot straight on, he's much larger in the frame than she is. So what I would actually do is rotate them, or come around from this angle, and I would have, can you turn towards me just a little bit more? Good, perfect, lower your shoulder a little bit. And so I'd shoot kind of from this angle, so I'm gonna actually have you guys just rotate, rotate, rotate, this, towards your right. Right, keep goin', keep goin', keep goin', good, good, perfect. And instead of death grip on him, Okay. Soft and then turn your shoulders towards me just a little bit more, and your head, and then remember no leaning back No leaning back. Lean towards me. Good, and chin out and down, perfect. Great. (camera clicks) And tilt your head neutral, like straight up and down. Good, tilt your head this way just a little more, good. (camera clicks) Perfect. Okay, and let me get one more thing. Can I have one chair. Yeah one chair's perfect, perfect. So there's one more. And notice everything's just like subtle, would you take a seat in this chair for me? Perfect. Turn a little bit more to the side. And what you are going to do, is you wanna wrap your arms around him, just like this, okay? And the big thing I'm watchin' out for, is this. Making sure she doesn't hunch. So what you wanna do, is spread your legs and lean. Okay. And you can just wrap your arms, whatever's comfortable, okay. So what I would do, normally, is i would either stick her in another chair, or have a bench over here. Iris, can I have that bench, so she's not struggling as much? These are little chairs, my chairs aren't that, I actually have posing stools. This is why posing stools are great, 'cause I can make it higher, so I don't have to even things out. So can you put that right here? I'm gonna actually have you kneel on that. And you can just put your knee on it. Perfect, much better, okay, and no hunching. Thanks. Okay, good, right there. And so I want soft hands, soft hands, and you sit up real straight. Okay, good, just like that, perfect. And my light's gonna be a little bit ... Great. (camera clicks) and bring your chin a little forward, good. And wiggle your fingers really soft, good. And last one, drop that hand, hide it, perfect, perfect. And you're gonna lean back, so right now her head's further back, compared to his, so I'm gonna lean you back, and lean you forward, just like that, perfect. (camera clicks) Good. (camera clicks) Perfect. Okay, cool. So you guys are all set. Those would be my basics, just nothing dramatic. Move around in circles, that's great. You guys are all done.

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