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Faces, shapes, and the higher camera angle

Ok, I have a question here from cookie catch iq um she says that zack areas always said when shooting men and to never pose a duo crotch to crotch I'm sure zack said that and she wants to know if that's ok with women that's a very good question I actually don't have a problem turning women towards one another I wouldn't call it crotch to crotch I call it more like boob to boob but but let me show you how let me give you a demonstration need come here linda, come here and I'll just show you how I might do that because it's not I mean it's it doesn't set it's not doesn't sound as because women can get closer than men can because women are touchy feely kind of creatures and we you know even even though they're not they don't have to be like in love with each other again just actually be friends and and friends like that so what we might do so linda, I'm going to have you were going both lied to each other with our chest a little bit see how we're actually boot to boo but it doesn't look v...

ulgar it just looks like oh we're friends we're facing each other I might just give her a hog and now both with lean towards camera that way so yes women can definitely turn towards each other teo and be posed together great question all right second question was from we've we building so the question was bambi how do you prioritize decisive moments especially if there are a lot of things happening before you? So you talked about pre visualize ing them then if there's so many things going on how do you prioritize that's a really good question? You know I'd have to say that for me collie that's a good question it's just all about timing I just I'm a very I'm very good at paying attention to the hierarchy and the moments that are our special if if it's of the degree of difficulty I think it is probably what would determine it for me if there's some magic like that ah ha moment that I showed you earlier in the slides of the bride pulling the veil over that little kids that little girl's face and then getting really cozy it would take an earthquake for me to move away from that too something else there's nothing quite almost that could get priority over that unless it was the dead may be dancing on the dance floor with a lamp shade on his head but you know, I don't know I even then I think that there's not a few a lot of things that top that so I'd have to say it would depend it would be the degree of difficulty in my mind of being able to get that later on so you know, I think that's probably the way that I would handle the hierarchy I just I'm so focused in my mind I'm so focused on where I'm going and what's going on around me I am extremely good at listening to the banter even though I'm doing things with my face or with my eyes this is the one area of the world that I'm really good at multitasking isn't listening to other periphery that's going on around me as I'm capturing images so that while things were happening over here I may be photographing you over here but I'm paying attention to uncle john over here is he's getting crazy and doing some all kinds of wacky stuff so I think you have to become a really good listener and I think that's that's a very important quality in order to be a good photographer to begin with so that's right no it's statue of liberty there you go you want another question, baby? One last question then we'll goto program ok? Jessica lark asked, do you think the everyone's a photographer phase will start to dwindle and what do you think is necessary to start raising the bar on the quality of photography again? Um I think that's a very good question and I would have to say that I don't think it's ever going to change that and you know I have to say nothing has changed when I started twenty five years ago, everybody in their brother had camera and they always thought, oh, cameras take pictures. So I don't really think that I mean, I think that it's gotten probably worse than it ever was because it's easier and cameras are more accessible and they're cheaper than they were, you know, but but I really think the thing that helps us to raise the bar we need t give people a reason to want to hire us. For example, if they see sloppy photography from us, where we have no skill and there's no beautiful lighting and it just looks like a happy snapshot like mom took in her backyard, why in the world would you hire and pay somebody you see, there's got to be a difference between what professional khun duo and what an amateur does, and so what you can do, I would say, take classes on specifics about lighting and posing and on composition, and learned the difference between an f stop at a bus stop. And I know I said that a lot this weekend, but it really is true that it takes skill. To handle your craft as a photographer this is this is not a happy accident no more than you can hand somebody a paintbrush and say, hey, I want you to paint a scene, a scenic portrait like moon money could do, you can give them the tools, but you cannot make somebody a photographer with a good camera cameras don't take pictures, people do, so I would say learn your craft, take lots of different classes and this is an amazing platform. I don't know that there is a better platform for is inexpensive is as creative live does it toe learn from the people who are actually making making a difference and the really difference between this and I don't mean this to be a sales pitch, but it's truly the way I believe is the fact that what makes what we're doing different is that we are working photographers. I work at my craft as a photographer. I'm not a teacher of photography that's, not my profession. My profession is photography. I have a full service studio, I photograph families and children and head shots and weddings and such and the difference between that and someone who's in school teaching theory is just that is that teachers and school teach you concepts in theory. And when you see this kind of an environment and one creative live brings and professionals like myself you're we're learning from people who are actually in the trenches every day and we can teach you the right way to photograph under the set of circumstances and that's the big difference so thank you bambi we got a whole bunch of stuff to do now we're going to start by doing a big group shot and I think it's time that you saw what the bam sturcken really dook now I am on fire because I just had one of those high energy drinks and now just go ahead okay? I need all of you kids to come over this way we're going to use the couch. Uncle john, can you give me some light? Okay, I need my beautiful bride. Yeah, okay. Let me get mama debt mom over your only get my precious mom first we're going to do a group shot of everybody on the couch so mom, let me have you take this knee you're gonna park your knee right there and flopped down and I want your spacing that way right there beautiful may see how that looks turn your oh, actually that looks lovely turn your shoulders that way just a tad I hear you kid kitty right here, here you go, miss, if you come here okay, first all, linda, I want you to sit right up back there for me park your feet right up there and then sit on the back of the couch scooted right over this way just a little bit. She got more, more, more, more, more, more, more coming. Nice, too close to your aunt. Right there. Excellent. Well, here you go, miss, if you have a seat right there for me, here you go, precious. Come right over here. You're going to scoot over that way just a little bit. I want this chief right here, baby, right there. And you're gonna lean into your mother going to kind of cover her little foot up right there and love, I want you to turn your feet this way. Good. K that's perfect. And bring truck. Drop your foot down, honey. There you go. Turn your feet more this way. You know, I'm lean into your mother here a little bit. Love, darling. Oh, that's good. You're going toe across that leg over this one right here. Here you go, precious. Come here, kepner. I want you to sit on the arm of the chair right there and scooted nice and cozy where's, my oh, here you go, precious, come your baby I want you darlin you're going on the back of the couch is that right there for me right on the edge excellent you're doing great uncle might come right over here for me and you go here commuter bay uncle mike you're gonna be this center pillar right here so I want you right back there for me excellent girls that are sitting on the couch behind I want you to turn your feet this way for me and lean towards me just like that perfect turn your feet nope this way look beautiful accent right there and you know you don't have to leave which is nice and tall right there is good and come towards me just a little bit for me perfect you guys are doing fine uncle mike stand up nice and tall forming right there let me have the two of you kids come right here for me um here you go baby come right over here and you're going to stand right over here that's not right there come your precious I'm gonna bring you right over here and you're gonna park you're listening I think I have you stand right in there for me please let me see how you're looking this is looking good very very good. Well, this looks way better than I thought it would look here pressures walk your feet a little closer to me right there excellent let me have my beautiful bride and I'm gonna move you, you know, hanging about a little of two people. Move right there. Honey, you're going to come right here for me. Mail. I want you to stand right there. Now. You might wonder why am I gonna put our bride right here in the back? I'm gonna put her in the back home right here. Mel, you're going come towards me a whole bunch. This is mel, asshole. Family mail. Come towards me a little bit. I'm putting mel right back here because she's got her beautiful gown and I don't want to wrinkle it. This is actually her real wedding gown. She's getting married. And how many months mill too much. So I don't want to hide. Here you go, precious. I'm gonna bring you right around here, daddy. Oh, hang on a second. Dad. Let me see how that looks can write your precious. Come right over here. Come in. And nice and cozy. And, you know, let me see. Looks like bring your knee right there. Okay. This is exactly what I would do for a group photograph. Absolutely what I might do the only other thing I couldn't continue to do and now this is a big nice big group of people so we're going to we would start by doing this kind of a photograph right here now the only thing I want to do is I need to feel the love kids so I want all of you to get a nice and cozy you're all gonna lean towards the middle right here you know the only thing is that that's missing in this shot right here uncle john hello okay, listen with your excellent and you know I'm gonna move a couple of people uncle john I'm gonna put jealousy here q t come over here on this I'd love laurent you're going come on that so I hear you uncle john you're gonna come right over here as you can see the first thing I do is I'm going to determine the people that are the tallest and the shortest and then I'm going to mix them up just a little bit I'm looking to create triangular shapes john that's perfect right there coming a little closer right there laura perfectly right right in their excellent right there I'm looking to create triangular shape composition there's a triangle here there's another triangle here there's another triangle here and another one here I will start by this basic concept I would love to get a higher camera angle let me just grab my camera real quick and I'm just going to switch lenses and we'll take a real quick shot of this excellent can I have that rounded just a little bit towards me this what? There you go perfect and I want to get a higher camera position can I move that that would you make that love? Thanks the real question did you notice how fast we were able to create this image so you don't need to have tons and tons of stuff you just need to know where you're going. Let me see how this looks hey uncle uncle john I need to turn it towards the people a little bit more perfect perfect my aperture is going to be about five point o and I want my shutter speed to be fairly slow it could be let's see if it's about a thirty five a second right here let's see how this looks here let's see how it looks ok well that's looking pretty darn good I think it's pretty cool I'm going to go at about thirty five seconds because I want to have enough time for that light to hit the back I want be able to bring up the little bit of background right there I would not use this kind of light source to do my groups if I were going to do groups I'd probably just either use the little five eighty e x flash on my camera and pop it from behind me or I might use a tube I might use an umbrella maybe move this around just a little bit more this direction but what I want you to notice about the way this grouping looks is that people look relaxed the whole idea is to make it comfortable I don't want them to be too static you kids that are in the back I want all of you to lean towards me right here really getting you kids that are in the front I want to just feel the love I want all of you to wrap your arms around each other right there perfect this is so much better right here love it awesome on account of three although that's a fake a smalls I ever saw perfect love it right here one two three give each other big love right guys one two, three and got it awesome very very nice though and that's exactly how I would do a group shot I always start with the big groups first that looks pretty darn good if I say so myself I'm focusing about and I will tell you I would probably move a couple of people once because I've seen this what would I do different when you look at that picture and I'm gonna move if I would do if I were going to recruit latest picture I would look, I have looked at the back of the camera and I would notice I need to move my bride which direction? Where do I need to move her? I need to move her on that side. Why? No because there's too much light on her chest you see how he or she that's all you see you start thinking she's you see too much of her chest so if I placed her on this side right here where michael's that switch places kids and mel turn your feet this way a whole bunch melanie, turn your feet more excellent. See, now I don't see quite so much of her shape I'm saying I don't see the light will skim across her chest a bit more aware of my meter where my focusing I'm focusing on these people right in this front area right here um but I'm shooting at about five point six so that I can get so that can get everybody in focus whenever I do groups of people you guys can relax. I always start with the big groups and then I will whittle down to smaller groups. I find that if you get it's better to get it's harder to get a big group of people together to do a photograph than it is to get a smaller group it's very, very easy to get a good group of three or four or five people together, but getting a group of twelve or fourteen or sixteen people together is very, very difficult. I want to get those done right away as soon as I possibly can, because it'll just make for a much easier flow. And then if something happens and I don't have much time as I thought I was gonna have then later on during the reception, it is so much simpler for me to go to one family unit and say, ok, can I borrow you all for a quick photograph real fast on dh that's? How I would do that for family groups, one on photographing families in my studio you guys in the back and step aside. Thank you. I very, very, very often use my couch just the way you see it. Right for children. I quite often have them stand on top a sense stand on the back of the couch like as you see right here, the other thing that I will do to make just a more relaxed picture on. Let me have you two girls help off the couch for a second economy. Let me have you hopped down right here. And this time what I'm gonna have you do is you're going to sit on this guy right here. And let me actually to sit on this side right here um yeah go and have a seat and you're gonna lean into this side right here bring your feet up beautiful sculpture but back and you're gonna talk to bring your top like over your bottom leg beautiful and now I want to stretch out your top like a little bit right there just drop it down right there is fine I like things that are a bit asymmetrical here q t k move over this way just a little bit k beautiful and then bring this foot down I don't like people too crowded I think it just looks a little bit too uncomfortable to have people crowded if I had a group of four I might not I might just have them do this let me have you hop off their missing who and here q t let me have you k you're gonna lean into your mother right here put your feet up on the couch and stretch him out that direction right there good job more ah whole bunch right there and what you to rule your flip your wait this way beautiful tucked out like underneath the other one beautiful and now you're going to just lean back into your mom's shoulder right there getting cozy turn your shoulders this way towards me no just the opposite what you're doing and lean back turned more with your feet more this way good job excellent. And I want you to getting cozy to your mom right there love it very nice I might even here hop up a second term and I just want to see something else scoot your butt down this way a little bit right there and now just lay right into your mom right here just getting cozy my photograph might be can I have some right here, mother rapid chuck your arm right through your mom's arm right there. Beautiful, but just real soft right up here like this and now roll into her I might just actually don't like that. Why is this not gonna work that's right? So it would not do that but I might take this arm and I just take it and just tuck it right here beautiful somewhere right in there and then maybe this is about their faces. Let me have you sit up for seconds, ok? Beautiful mother is perfect right where she is that this is a really nice angle on her. Okay, come over on this side of the couch for a second and I want you to say you're going to sit back over that way scoot your butt back that direction and put your feet up beautiful drop this leg down and then flip your weight this way beautiful enough put your foot back up, tuck it underneath the other leg beautiful very very nice so you know I'm liking though these two as pillars for the outside very much if I had children involved in this photograph I might place one right here and place one right here in the center of the picture so that we had so that we'd have a way to create a nice balanced image without but I'd want the two people that are similar in size to be on the opposite ends okay thank you ladies very much ok now let's move on and we're going I'm going to show you some concepts in k if I could have you stay I mean not um annette thank you and sorry after wealthy all the names blend together hey dad can I have are set over here lit yeah just the big octo bank is fine and yes let's move those things right there and let's have our beautiful bride over here and let's just demonstrate real quickly a couple of images with a melanie and her mother so um we'll see mom come right here in debt and we're going to bring you somewhere in this neighborhood right about here good job that's very very nice excellent and right about there is good melanie come towards me just a little bit beautiful and the flowers did not show up uncle john can you come just a tad more around this way with that light beautiful melanie are you a professional model ok have we ever been photographed? I mean have I ever photographed you before? Okay, so let me have you separate your feet about shoulder's length you're gonna push your hip towards my hand right here more beautiful and this is such a flattering angle for her I'm gonna photograph her I think on this side of her body to start with because I want to show off some of the details of her hair you're beautiful gown that dress fits you really? Really well, you did a really good job of picking out of style for you did you really good job excellent. So I'm gonna have you melanie of though I want you to turn your shoulders towards me a little bit with your feet good job and I want to see this toe right here beautiful. I just need to see where that this there now push that hip this way towards your mom. Lovely mother might have you step a tiny bit behind your daughter with your feet let me have this arm form email no, this melanie right here and I just want you to take your daughter's hand lovely just very, very nice right in their excellent very just real rule soft on those hands right there girls very nice right there and now a net with this shoulder I want you to turn your feet a little bit more this way good job, right about there and with your chest on what? Your leads towards me right here. Perfect. Lean toward your daughter just a little bit and you know it. Melanie, can I have you? Just take your mom's hand right there with both hands. Just wrap both hands towards her. Very, very nice. Now, this is a bit of a traditional pose on them. I'm liking this. Okay, but I think I'm gonna take melanie's hand here and put it behind because it's kind of creating what's, you know. Is that a little bit more bulk? And I don't want that. So now there have you girls right here with your chin. I want you to lean towards your daughter a little bit beautiful. And melanie, turn your face towards me right here and turn your shoulders out a little. Tiny bit. Perfect. Both of you girls lean towards me. Beautiful. And melanie, can I have you tilt your head towards your mom? Just a little bit and I would probably move my light around just a tiny bit. Mohr like that. Can you see how that could really be nice on account of three a melanin, which should give your mom I mean, you give your mom a hug with that cheek right there, melanie. Beautiful very very nice you know she's promised he's going to give you five grandchildren three boys and two girls excellent. Very very nice now it just for fun I want to see what happens if I turn you a bit so melanie turn your feet towards me this way okay good keep turning keep going a whole bunch right there for me a little bit more beautiful I want to separate your feet and you know this time you gotta push your hip this way towards my hand very very nice. Oh scene of this actually looks very pretty for her as well that's just absolutely beautiful you're doing really great ah hi camera angle is going to be important to her can you see see I want to stretch her out a little bit she's a well endowed young lady and if I don't stretch her out of it it's could be it's not going to be very flattering for her she has a beautiful shape but you know even someone with a perfect shape the way that you and I posed them we can make them look better or we can we can enhance their shape or we can create something that's not quite so pretty for them so I want to get her all situated here you're looking just beautiful right there I'm going to stretch this arm out a little bit this way why do I do that because by stretching that out a little bit there with her shoulders it's going to just enhance her bus line and it's going to enhance her waistline very very much okay could you doing great you are adorable as it is pushed that hip away from me good with your chest lean towards me a tiny bit beautiful mother coming running right behind her here you're going to tuck your feet right and reefer gown very nice this hand right here just put it on the back of her arm right in there just real role relaxed right in there good and with your chin I want you to lean right over her shoulder towards me right here beautiful with your chest lean towards me a whole bunch mama love it bring your chin down and you're on and I hope that you would be getting that you're going to lean back into your mother just a little bit love it oh that is my shot right there look at how beautiful that looks you guys really look cute together look atyou so that's one thing you could do is just this kind of a scenario okay relax for a second melanie excellent and then if we have another person I need one more body can I have another body got anyone let's have john come here john now I'm gonna put john in this picture because I want you to see that you know come your q t obviously, melanie looks like her mother's side of the family. I know. He's. So cute. He's been my sidekick all weekend. Okay, but let me let's have dad in the middle right here. Okay? And, melanie, turn your feet towards your daddy right here. And this time I want to have because melanie is such a tall young woman I want to be able to I'm going to make it. I want to work with them in such a way that I can create a beautiful shape with all of them. Uncle john, come towards me just a little bit and turn your feet this way. And uncle john, you're just gonna lift this foot off the ground for a second, just set it back down because I want to shift the way to his back leg. I don't want to tell him to shift his weight to his back like because when you tell people to do that, they automatically throw themselves back and it looks stupid. So by having him just shift by having and lift at front foot off the ground and put it back down, I'm able to get a very, very nice angle on him. So you're standing perfectly now, melanie, we should back up behind your daddy just a little bit, but right about there oh, and this time I'm gonna have you turned towards him come in nice and close right here uncle john you're just going right about there is where I want you to be and now you see she's a taller young lady but how do I connect them now what would I do to connect all of them mother come in nice and close to your honey right here people back up just a tad behind him right behind him right there, mother all beautiful and now what you're going to do mom is going to push your hip away from me and you're gonna leave with your chin over his shoulder right here towards me with your chest lean towards me right here mother beautiful bring your chin down a little bit love it and then melody you gotta push your hip away from me melanie beautiful and not put your back arm around your dad's shoulder right there even with your chest nice and tall with your chin lean incoming nice and close your daddy right here beautiful love it excellent on account of three kids all I want all three of you to lean towards me ready one, two, three go got it excellent very, very nice let's try something just a little bit different dad put your arm behind your daughter right here beautiful but not way around her waist line why don't I want that because I don't want to see the hot dogs and we want to show off her waistline so this time I'm going to take dad I want you to turn your feet this way a little bit more towards your daughter and your turn your face back towards me excellent back up with your feet I want his arm behind you but I want to get you back a little so I can bring your because you're just really tall you're gonna want to bring in a little closer now you see I'm started you noticed I've changed what I was going to do that other one of the other shot that I just did I wasn't all that crazy but it wasn't quite right why wasn't it quite right? Michael um sorry that's okay why was what do you see any of you guys remember what I was doing? Why didn't it work? Why wasn't quite perfect it's because his arm I was out here and it was it was because melanie's a tall girl and on top of that she's well endowed I couldn't get I needed to get away I want to get them cozier and I couldn't get them coz because I had his arm out here so by tucking his arm behind her now now look at how much more intimacy there is in this grouping so mother come in nice and close to your honey right here beautiful very nice x and dad can put his hand in his pocket on but that would be the whole hand not just the thumb or whatever and now melody I want you with your cheek right there just lean towards your daddy a little bit tall with your back and now all three of you lean towards me much much better so the only thing I would want to do to connect this group right here is just bring mother into kind of complete this right here and then the only other thing that I want to do okay kids on a count of three I want all of you to give daddy a hug ready guys one two three and hugs that makes all the difference in the world ok hang on let's do that one more time and this time all of you lean towards me and give them a hot ready dad you gotta lean towards me one two three and hugs excellent very nice very very good ok do we have any questions on this? Thank you two very much oh hang on dad stay put for just a second mother thank you very much annette thank you. You have been adorable you have a question okay row which is when you have a bride with tattoos and you want them to not just talk from the photos do you what do you do imposing to avoid them or do you not well if you if it is a distraction well, first of all if I have a client who has not covered up the tattoos then I am not worrying about that because they obviously are very comfortable with it so that's not my maybe I wouldn't you know I wouldn't do that that the tattoo kind of thing but that doesn't mean that it's a horrible thing I mean I'm not going to put my own personal preferences on a client however if they are trying to cover it up and they don't want to show it then the obviously the obvious thing to do there's a couple things you could do for instance first of all by photographing melanie this direction right here her tattoos on the back of her other arm the other thing turn your feet this way that missy can turn more towards me this way a whole bunch more more good job ok, now we're seeing that tattoo so what could I do to cover it up? Pressure him away from me daddy come in right here. I could place this hand to cover it up right there and in fact my photograph for the two of them daddy was just bring your cheek right there just lean into her right there I'll tell you right now that would make my heart mel look at that tell me that this close picture right here would not be just adorable ok let me have you turned towards your pop right here gorgeous come in nice and close to your daddy right there excellent right here and pop come towards me slightly right they're excellent very very good and then now you're going to turn your shoulders out a little bit this way but I want the energy I want you to hug your dad with your shoulders just getting a little hug right there beautiful and see but see now she's not doing what? She's rocking backwards right? We wouldn't want that so we want her we want her leaning forward a little bit so we're going to push that hip away first they're now look at how much difference that makes see how it makes a whole lot of difference and now with your cheek just coming to get my hug right on his head right there love it you know can you turn your face this way just give me a hug on that ugly head of his I mean just give me a kiss on his cheek, right? You know what actually would be even better that hugging with your chin right there love it get my hunt all beautiful so I love giving I love that kind of an environment say look at how beautiful that looks for her now the other thing to uncle john turn your feet towards me this way I want to see something now, in his case he has one eye that's larger than the other one of his eyes is larger than the other. So what do you do? There's? By the way, there's two schools of thought on this. Ok, the school of thought is that some people think that you should photograph into the small or into the lazy eye and that and that that will be the thing for me. I have found just the opposite that if you turn, you'd want to photograph into the other eye and then it will this I will still appear bigger, right, john closing that's, right? The smaller eye falls into the background. So my school of thought is the small I goes away from the camera, but remember okay for photographing and the nose districted which side of the face we photograph on into the crookedness. So if the nose, wherever the nose is pointing to that's the side of the face that you photograph on, because if the nose is pointing this way, if you photograph on the opposite side away from the point, guess what? Your accentuating your accentuating that that movement I mean that that that the crookedness of the nose and it looks worse, ok, I think we have some more questions, and I think we're out of time on this segment, so girls first of all, can we have a hand for these folks? Thank you so much for being such a good sport. Ok, so what kind of questions do we have? I know that keeping anyone noticing yeah she's so full of crap she's lying but I love her okay she's my hero okay? She just helped me out their girlfriend way gotta watch out for each other's back it's your show she is young and beautiful and gorgeous everything but thank you that's very sweet you know that's an excellent question what do you do for all groomsmen? Let me have a bunch of guys and I'll show you what I would do and I know we're almost out of time on this segment but I want to get a bunch of guys that you and I'll show you what I would do first of all whenever I want to get I want to get gentlemen guys close to one another the words that I use because guys are a little funny about standing close to each other you know they want I don't want you don't want to get too close people think there's something wrong you know or that they know that their their lovers or something and they're not or whatever s o I always say you're going to stand together like two sports casters and that totally eliminates that problem I'm not kidding because don't sportscaster stand close together and so when you tell guys you say hey guys I want you stand like two sports casters so I'm gonna take michael and mike's going to kind of be in the middle right here excellent right about there and you turn your feet this way excellent what you separate your feet and you're just going to take this wooden lifted off the ground and then set it down gently really nice right there excellent uncle john turn your feet this way I don't want to get too close I like to have a little bit of space between them yeah there you go so uncle john you're going to just leave I bring this leg and set it down right there excellent right about their spine excellent now the next let me have you guys come over I don't know why I am so having our bambi avoid what is the deal with that I swear to god everybody I can totally get everybody's name including onto me I got that one down on me and I can't lord that keep having a brain fart on you scooter yeah so lloyd I'm gonna have you turn your feet this way because I don't wanna have I don't like people all like perfect and and I don't want lloyd in front of john because what's going to happen he's going to dwarf and he's going to make him look shorter so uncle lloyd back up just a little bit excellent right about there for me and lloyd what I want you to do is you're going to do just the opposite you're going to lean towards me and you're going to lean towards me on this leg and on this shoulder right here I want it there you go but not a lot back up with your feet a little bit good job and now do that put this hand in your pants pocket actually right about their perfect good job that looks awesome. Very good you guys, you look marvelous. You look marvelous, lloyd a love it, right? They're excellent. Uncle john, scoot over this way just a little bit and uncle john let me have you because our light has turned this way. Which way should I have him turning? I might want to turn john the opposite direction, right? Because, you know, because he's a heavier gentleman and by turning him towards a light source all I'm doing is having a beacon on his belly. This is hey, look at me and I don't want to do that. So then if I've got him turn this way we have turned this speech your feet this way that's, right? But you know, what can I say and what I want you to do is you're gonna back up behind john just a little bit right there and now I want you lean towards me with your shoulder right there. Love it. Keep that. Don't bend that me, though. Keep that next. That, like straight stamp. Nice to tallinn. Just rock towards me. This way. A little tiny bit. All I want is little movements. Excellent. So now look at the way john looks. They now we're starting to look a little bit better. I would probably even have maybe a little stronger light on them, right about like that. So that we have. Really? I think this done a very, very nice job. Might come in a little closer to your about your dad. Right there. Excellent. Right there. Love it. Nice pyramid shapes. If this was a guy in his kids, what if he was a groom and he had a girl as a a zey grooms girl, usher or whatever and the best man so, see, I would even take the girl and I would do this with her here. You got a wrong way, right? Like that so that you know, there's there's a way that you can photograph lots of people if I had come here. Daddio, I have another groomsmen. I'm gonna bring him maybe slightly back this way. And the idea is that I don't want a lot of space in between them and others I don't want lots of space this way but I want to be able to have lots of these guys just hanging out being dudes coming here lauren very good oh very good love it right there but turn your feet this way a little bit but and this let me have you fold your arms across your chest love it about like this may be the way I do it just to get things started and then once I've done this lauren bring your hands down right here you are bad you just hang I want you all to hang and you gonna hang towards me love it love very good mike you look so I mean this is like so I need your best blue steel yeah uh awesome right there guys see by doing that I always get people to do the blue steel thing because what happens right after that it's what you get okay now on account of three guys all of you we're gonna walk towards me but I want uncle john toe walk towards me first and you're going to let him get to steps in front and then you're going to walk after him what I'm looking for is to create a triangular shape as you walk towards me you're going to walk towards me nice and slow with one foot in front of the other like this john you can put your hands in your pocket and just hang forward like this see how guys and you gentlemen can keep their arms out like this they can just I wanted to hang out lean forward like this okay but basically the whole idea the thing I want is I want those guys like you're not going to be behind him in a row you're going to be slightly behind his shoulders okay so ready guys and lawrence let me have you back up behind mike just right there okay ready on account three one two three mother didn't say go excellent but see that's what I'm going to do because look what happens to their faces at the end of the day it is about getting great expression ok ready guys let's try one more time ready one two three go love it we bad we don't even care that was the worst job john you are so not cool but okay well more shotguns going again and then this time after we do this one this one I'm gonna just do one one of you yeah yes it and I hope that you're paying attention to the banter of these guys that is the key to success right there who they personally are right now this whole thing you don't have to make everything so anal anne perfect perfect perfect it because it's what? What, that, that that thing does it's about it's, not the actual walking it's about what it initiates right after that. Ok, so one last time, right here, guys, get ready, and this time, john, come almost see, I'll feel it, baby, okay, you won't go for it. Okay, ready. One, two, three, go, love. Oh, yeah, haha, love. If not, you know, it certainly was a lot of phone, okay, all right, that was great, okay.

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