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Posing and Lighting a Bride & Groom

Our next couple and we have a couple of this time a bride and a groom. So let me have you come out of her kids. I'm reminded your names again and you might recognize laura and billy from a little wedding that creative life put on with jasmine stars meet billy very good to have you always been professional models. Really? I'm telling you oughta be in pictures. Honey, I'm telling you right now tell me, but you know, in order for me to photograph, you just need to know, can you do your best latigo t grow? Tell me you don't know, ok, I just want to make sure, okay, now just don't move, stay right there for just a second because I want to demonstrate something that that we could do in this environment look at how beautiful the quality of light is on his face. It is screaming perfect, right there. We have a really nice shadow side of his face. We've got a great highlight on that on the cheek, the light coming through the windows. It doesn't get any better than that, but we have some distract...

ing elements behind only we've got that, you know, the big starfish that's back there, I call it a satellite dish it's called an octo bank, right, but I call it a satellite dish because it doesn't look like satellite dish ok, so but if we wanted to let's say that we really love this particular environment could we use this take a response yes if we are doing one of two things if number one if we are shooting depending on the camera angle we're shooting from number two would be way could blurt out you have to be kind of close we probably won thirty five millimetre lens and everything can go but by it's all gone so even in this kind of an environment if I were but if I was going to do pictures of a couple I'm looking for an l possible a neutral environment for behind and then I can concentrate on getting some pictures of them as a couple so the first thing I want to do is I think I'm going to start like right? Maybe we see the light over here hang on a second I may just move them forward a little but john I might want to get rid of that but I'm not sure yet actually I like that I'm gonna keep you right where you're right don't move stay right there for me and laura, right? Ok laura I'm gonna have you stand a little bit behind your husband for second and we just move this black thing a little bit I just wanted to trip on it a little bit one got ok, now the first thing I want to do is I want him leaning towards her remember how we were going to do this? How are we gonna have him lean he's not gonna push his hip one way or the other he's gonna lead with his shoulder into her why do we want to do that? And the next thing I want you to do have you take urine, loosen your tie and listen, you're just loosen the whole thing I like I like to get guys a bit more comfortable I can't say the last time I head up the tile perfect around the neck I find that that guy's tend to get a lot more relaxed and they get a lot more comfortable when you lose since he look at him already he's like it's like okay, well, I still want to show that he's got a tie on right there. Excellent. And now laura I'm gonna have you come around him a little bit good job now are you a professional model? Laura okay, good. Now notice loris shape we could photograph for like this but her hip is pushed in this direction. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Nothing. Why, first of all, her hit right here is closer to the light source that her face is, so if you squint you pushing it that's my baby if you shut your eyes and squint you'll notice that that's all you're going to see right here you're going to see that hit that's all you're gonna see so if I have her push your hip the other direction now on with the shoulder lean around towards me right here beautiful see now look at that. Oh much better now the next thing I want to do laura because you're just really gonna touch your your face right there in turn your face right here beautiful and now lean into him with your shoulder right there love dolly excellent but I think I want to move you just a little bit depending on my camera angle I would not want to photograph him like this. Why? Because men do not they do not tilt their head into the down shoulder they don't do that see how that makes him look a bit feminine. So what can I do to change that perspective? Maybe if I changed my camera angle that's one area but I think I'm just gonna move them all the way around the city where I'm right now I'm kind of getting to know who they are as a couple um uh turn you're pushing it again, billy okay, billy, turn your feet towards me this wife more you've gone right there excellent and I want to lead in this shoulder with your hip in your shoulder right here very good excellent job have you lift this split off the ground right here and you're gonna step down put it back down but something like you're stepping on a butterfly you don't want squishing john x and see how that weight shifted to that back like right there accent very very nice I'm liking that on your face this looks way better for you let me look and see how you're looking right there turn your face this way billy beautiful okay I like that okay, now that I kind of figured out I'm starting to see his facial anatomy and see what part of this face on like photographing um then that's what helped me a lot he's got a very balanced face by the way many people have one eye that's bigger than the other or the heaven knows many men because they played football in college and stuff there knows tends to ben one way or the other if my nose ben's this way what side do I photograph from that's exactly right you photograph into the band so in other words whatever happens if that nose has been this way you want to shoot on that side and guess what will happen you're gonna make that knows appear smaller it's going not smaller gonna make it straight now well they look much straighter okay john coming in of the chairs right here for a second oh, you don't hang on a minute I just thought of something else can you can have a seat for me love yeah parker but I just want to see what this looks like right here for him actually this is going this might actually work I went like this okay with this shoulder right here lean towards right here. Excellent right about here can I have you like let me see what I'm getting but your arm over this part the chair right here and put the sand right here you're gonna lead into that our love it you see how that works for him see now straight your head just a little bit billy you are the man turn your face is a little bit like it with your channeling towards me a little bit right here nice actually, I'm going to get on my ladder and shoot him by himself for second where's my camera yes. So do you do the same? You do the same thing that's like the thighs like getting out of here guys are gonna be quite the same way. Hey, I'm really crossed that like over this one girl guy style love it and not put your hand on your knee right there just kind of leaned toward me and not across your knee but you like down by your ankle love it love it right you are adorable right there tim down towards me a little bit nice man I'm telling you right now if he were good looking this could be just absolutely amazing nice very love oh yeah what's that on the girl's name you're married to forget he did a good job yeah, that awesome court do you see what happens to him it's not the moment it's not it's not when you press the shutter it's not on the first frame is nothing but trash it's a second frame when he gets that really nice look now I like to move myself around my subject a bit because I really like this for this side of the space turn your face a tad more that way billion bring your chin down a little bit I love writing with your eyes right here. Excellent that's where you're going to hundreds really? Where you going? Tio? Shut the front door that is unbelievable. Loss on regular hood gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous really could see now you're doing great. You're really you're getting into with it leading to the shoulder a little bit more here for me power with that harm and lean into that arm a little bit more oh yeah he is seriously off the charts on can we have a little bit of ladder? I'm gonna change my camera position is right about here somewhere in this new neighborhood right here no my my camera position for him is uncovering in fairly close on his face but this is the way I always try to start is they'll come in close on the face and then I'll back oh yes see, I know this is gonna be a great angle on him, right? They're awesome nice if you could have any part you wanted what kind of car would you have don't tell me a volkswagen rabbit please what is the deal with that? Come on, give me a break. You're not a portion of the oh oh give me james bond manus deal no small whatever you do do not smile don't do it I see a small happening on your would you let it go? I love it awesome see that's all you takes right there just give a little bit of you know of reverse psychology it works every time the cool thing is now I can come in tighter and I can get a couple of shots of his face showing his hand if he had his ring on that would be good right there. Nice very nice love it, love it, love it. Ok, so now let me em have you moved out of the way for second you get your cute little girl and some of your more bambi d ever use assistance you won't have any assistant how mu lutely I think it's very important to work with an assistant my assistants don't have to take pictures what they do are some really important things, so they make sure lenses get back in the camera cases. I want to just be shooting and running, and I want them to hold a reflector. I want them to be handling all the non essential so that I can concentrate on one thing and that is taking pictures you see, every time I'm if I'm photographing, I want my assistant to automatically know that I might want a bit of reflector over on this side or I may I may they carry all the camera gear. This is okay, baby's a little bit vain, ok, I'm sorry, but I don't wear a bunch of cameras on my body, I don't mess up my clothes and it makes me look fat, ok, I'm sorry, but it depos so I have one camera with one lens on it, the lens that I think in that scenario is going to give me the best bang for my buck. In other words, when I look at a room, the leaden step right away so I kind of gave me the best overall for the moment and then I will switch lenses and see I think that's a plus to switch the lenses, I like that break in my thought process went on for switching lengths and the reason I like it because it gives me a moment to change to change it up and sees that I think I could get stuck in a rut if I have more than one chamber body that it doesn't break the flow and I like that breaking up the flow I think it's important for me to be able to do that a little bit now before we move on I want to have somebody come over here opposed her come here do deuteronomy okay, maybe sunday I'll get it. I know it's not it's an economy same like like dude you're on anybody that works for me. Okay, so first of all, where is the like source coming from mommy right behind me. Okay, so let's pose her as we would any broad poster now with a look that stand flat you put it okay, so I'm gonna have you turned toward me over here all right? Good. And I'm gonna have you then turn your shoulders toward me follow me with your shoulders but keep your feet all right, let's start back over so feet here, turn with your shoulder's good and bring this bring this nie forward toward me. Good. Perfect. So then um do you have a particular spot you're going to shoot from? No, this is your shot. You're going ok, perfect, so um let's bring this arm back and I'm sorry, I don't mean to touch shouldn't okay, so so bring your hand up and sort of put it just gently on your hip. Very nice. Um all right, let's, start over let's, bring your favorite what's wrong what's wrong start. Talk to me and vocalize with the with the problems so I just I wasn't able to get the shadow onto her arm, but it's not about see, the problem is is that you didn't start with foundation. She did not start with foundation, which is what you got to start with the feet set over you and you put her feet right? But you didn't finish it out, which is you see this body part of her push it towards my hand. So you look what happened with her hips when she's because you were trying to get her like this and then turned back, but you see, you've got a flat footed right pushing that hip away from the camera will will bend that front well, then your friend me a little bit and then pointing that towards the camera a little bit. You've got you've got the foundation late so now push the city towards my hand, beautiful put your both of your arms, put it behind you, and I want you to do this lovely see she could do that in a very see how sexy that looks for her the only thing I want to do is to turn that risk a little bit I wouldn't want her seeing we don't want to see the back of the hand to see by turning her wrist a little bit and now watch this with this shoulder right here lean towards us a little bit this way to me that's beautiful towards autonomy and not turn your shoulders out a little that way perfect job excellent ben this me a little bit more beautiful very nice now look from here and look at how much better that looks so you know we've got designed the shadow we've got shadow coming all the way down her shape right here I'm gonna take your arm from behind you and just bring this hand right here on your hip right there beautiful see how it feels right it works he all the energy is flowing in this direction now the good thing is is that we could easily add her husband into this from your kitty um watch what happens I want you to see what happens when you don't do it right okay standing to straight flat footed and I want you both to turn facing new this way right here okay just hold hands right here and now I want you to both now this camera position I want you to look at each other hey do you feel that way why not there's no light on her face and all light on his face right but what else what else lost their square but it's not just that they're square to the camera the energy is flowing this way isn't it you see all of their body language is slowing straightforward and then we're like wait there you are you're cute you know see it doesn't feel right doesn't work it's not feeling good it doesn't work with them so what we would want to do there's a couple things you could do first of all switch places okay now I want you back just a little bit for me dad and really turn your feet this way a little bit it's now in this case we could not if we were gonna have them looking in the camera we have to be careful because we want if we're going to do that we have to have their energy but flowing this way right so let's try this now they have you back up a little towards your cute hunt has been right here excellent and now it's your turn your feet towards me right here missy the job pushing up a whole bunch this way right here beautiful and you know what? You're going to just take his hand right your love darling turn your shoulders towards me a little bit right here and come towards me a little bit I want their faces on the same plane with your chest lean towards your wife right there and can you put your back hand on her waist line right in there put it right around her waist and can you bring her walk towards you too far away from her good job access uranus let me have you come towards me to see a little bit beautiful very very nice good shop turn social result this way a little bit I love it so we could start by doing this click click click click now turn your feet towards him a whole bunch and I want this time what I'm going to have to do this time is going to push him away from me beautiful with your chest lean towards him uh lovely and not turn your face towards me right here beautiful champ a little bit lovely for him see, this would work though if we use this hand down here I can't tell you how many times I see pictures where the guy's hand it's like down here and she's all over him it's like like it doesn't feel right to you know I'm sorry a man who loves is why he's in silvio over her right so let's put those hands on hit her hand right here could go right appear it shows off her ring nicely put your other hand in his hair you like right on the back side of his neck right beautiful does that look believable see how there's more we feel the love right there here scooter pie miss he looked right at me with your chin bring your chin up and leading him with that chin right there get hung with cheap beautiful cnn's she's hugging him with the body part with chief told with your back now lovely that stand up tall formula and I want him to come towards you turn your feet a little more this way but just a tiny bit you get great I'll tell you right now now if you were if you were a really good looking guy this is what we would do a thing turn your feet away from our see your booty beautiful right about there and you push your hip this way towards my hand that with the shoulder lean into him and give him a hug with that shit right there you read this and regular with your children towards like between really like me love it relax your fingers, darling very, very soft in this finger tips love it see how he's got now this is about him turn your face this way a little bit really love who it's right in there is my shot right in here and now they're laura was for something in his ear like you're going to go to lovette awesome regular quickly, quickly click way get him bring this hand down learn to move yourself around your subject see right here don't look at me really look at these ugly people out there beautiful right there. Okay, now kate relax for a second laura and I want both of you to turn and we're going to switch places see your but actually doing great hey, turn more, billy this way good job and bill you're gonna lead into her with your shoulder right here but the sand right on your hip right here with what I want you to do laura you're gonna push your hip away from me lean into this shoulder with this right? They're beautiful and we don't want to see the back of the hand I see the side of a hand right here beautiful. Can you give her all of your cheek right there pounds floor turn your face more this way now you notice by the way the light was changing, isn't it? See how the light is changing so what do I do? Fire camera angle or have her look down see and we still have light in that cheap this would not be a time when I maybe would want to have her looking in the camera does that make sense? I would need to have her looking down so I could get a really soft look where I get this really dreamy eye on her make sense maybe what? Why not looking camp? Because I don't see any light in her eye see look ok see the shadow right there right here we don't like that you know that's really unattractive for her but doesn't mean we can't use it it just means that we can't shoot it the typical white put your other hand behind his head right here you see now that completely connected the two of them let me have you felt when you turned this way more with your feet more right there good job lovely they keep your back tall missy your job and they turn your shoulders and your beat that want more, more, more, more, more and now the over your shoulder towards me beautiful. This by the way she's a really tiny girl she's a very slender girl but if she were a big girl this would be amazing because we would hide anything we don't want to see anything out of pride that had a double chin guess what? When she's got her head right there do we see any double chin? None so that's why my ladder goes with you no matter where I'm shooting it's a really, really powerful way to photograph questions michael get a fresh home when you're having billy kind of his back to your camera are you are you gonna you're doing this pose with the thought that you're just shooting him like a head shot or torso? Great! No, my photograph is right in here. This is this is my image. This is very, very I would have none of this. And you know why? Because does any of this make a difference this any of this help the picture? What is that moment about it's about this? You see that you don't really think about that? You want to think about that? Can I just say right now, bill, you only a papal? You ok? Oh, you want to think about what the picture is about? Is it about the full scene of their bodies? Or is the magic moment happening here in this little scenario right here? Is it happening right here and then even dissect further? One of the things I always do. I am a voice in my mind dissecting pictures and saying, where is that moment happening right here and now and it's happening in the faces and I'll do that sometimes I will if I don't have a big area to work in if there really tall in my background so that cut into their heads, then maybe that's what I want to get up on a ladder and do my close up pictures in that environment but it's gonna always be about some of the I'm gonna think about what that particular moment is about now now that we've tried this okay really go have a seat over here for second economy start again I want to do this one more time that he opposed her and give me just a beautiful pose of first of all in the way you know why would you oppose her okay all right so we're gonna start again toward me perfect and now just relax this hip out toward my hand good just let your arms fall ok and then follow me with your with your face lovely and um sorry camera position to copy you entirely I'm gonna shoot from right about here okay so bring this shoulder just straighten up your shoulders a little bit and then leaned down with your chest toward me lovely and put this just drop your arms sort of behind you there we gather all nice better all right they go and take your shot so and this is just sort of a head and shoulders shut okay um sorry follow me with your eyes I don't quite have enough light in yours lovely and then I just want to have you looked down at my hand right about here you can keep your face right here but your eyes come down here okay now relax for just a second and one thing of you when you've got her looking down you got her looking away the energy slowing away from the light. Okay, so you may want to when you're having to do that thing where she's gazing away have her little and towards the light sources so that so that the energy is flowing in that direction. Thie other thing too is I want you think. Look how important this thing is with look with feet. It's really becomes especially important when you have a subject with straight dressed like this there's. A couple of things we can do. Number one you can have her stand where she pushes her him one way. We should be the other way. Beautiful. And her leg. Can you bring this out? Put out, like towards mary here. Beautiful. You're going to hear what I do. Okay, so you gotta do that. Good. Excellent. And put this hand on your hip. Okay, now take that same leg and no one should across it in an x. Beautiful. You see what happened with the energy? How that it caused that beautiful shadowed across her shape. Right there. Better this nino moving here and with his shoulder now with chest rather with your chest towards me. A little bit beautiful. See how man looking, what that's done to her gorgeous shape she's got this? Beautiful shape now because the energy is flowing in this way in relation to the light source and we don't have too much light on that arm she's got a beautiful figure but so you want to get that even cross the legs girls could do this I can cross their legs they could have put out the front put out then the needs will import of enemy or they can have it to the side and bend the knee this is really a pretty pose if she's got that really long if she's got that kind of that forward start because in that a lot of fame on ever skirt go out when she's wearing a straight sexy dress crossing those legs is really, really cool it's a really nice thing to do umm yes baby when you have girls actually usually you have been kind of energy towards yeah do you ask them to second guess the conscious of that, you know usually I mean a good question when I have about that you have no. Well, first of all women are I mean it's a code a woman who is the person we're always going to do is we're just conscious we're so not going to ever go okay poker get out we just don't do that so but also the other thing I think about is look what happens with shape if you said you know with your chest what? Your lean forward a little bit you see how my stomach area is pushing back? Some say it naturally goes back. So even if I had a stomach that was poking out a little bit by me leaning forward a little bit, you're minimizing that anyway. Hey make sense. Ok. Excellent. Next job enemy very, very good. Okay, relax for just a moment. Let's also see the other side of where I want to turn a list of your back. And this is this is equally important when your subject is facing away from the camera. So now let's see through your towards me right here. Beautiful. Laura, I want to push your hip this way. You've and bring this knee right here across her. Like like that good job, except very good. Very nice. Excellent. You see what happens when she does see how? Look at what's going on with her back. You see how he created this beautiful line on her shape, you see? Because now there's weight on this chief it's causing her backside to give us really shapely appearance that's really important. And what do we do, the same exact pose that she was doing facing forward that stay right here for second where's that cute bill you're going to come and stand in front of her right here okay excellent billy I want you to lean into this shoulder a little bit this way it put the sand in your pants pocket just put your hand all the way in just all the way and love it except and now more with this show regularly towards him right here and lean towards me right there mrs beautiful with your chin can you lean on your face towards me right there and then just like with your forehead just give a hug right beautiful see how it feels more believable right there accent really relax your shoulders right there excellent and then straight you're edible or more relaxed the second missy beautiful very nice now very gently needed excellent to see now it feels more believable we've got that nice line stand up straight for me there a laura okay now does that look believable now doesn't look believable it doesn't feel right okay relax for a second I'm lynda okay relax billy come over here for second bambi can I ask you a question yes omar would like to know if you have any tips and judging whether a certain pose doesn't apply to a subject's character oh really good question yes there are times when the pose doesn't fit the subject's character for instance if I have a bride who's got this riel sassy sexy wedding down on a very straight sexy dress I'm not going to make her bead you the perfect you know bride pose maybe like this because it's not gonna fit her style and maybe a bit more edgy she'll be that gal like the gal that we did the boudoir coaches of earlier I would have her being much more editorial and leaning towards the camera but we're making it much more fashioning with laura laura is traditional look at her beautiful gown she's elegant she's very very she's got this beautiful sophistication everything about her screams sophisticated look at her hair she got this beautiful hair ever harris up in a bun she's not the gal who I'm going to get you know all super bowed out because it's not gonna fit her it's not gonna fit for style what did your bridesmaids were ok were they you know what by the way what does that tell me from bridesmaids wore different dresses it was same dressing for color ok the fact that they were different dresses what does that tell me about her wedding she's well but it tells me she's not a control freak she's pretty casual that that's okay but the fact she has flowers on her dress she's got some playing on it that tells me she likes a little bit in a blink she is not like it's not like you know there's not crap all over the front of that trust me she doesn't have like stuff everywhere so it's going to tell me a lot about her personal style? She is feminine so we can do the posting that I would do with laura would be much more fan and base versus that bogey fat, funky stuff that we would do with with christina earlier to get an example. Ok, what I want you to do, mrs you're gonna have a seat in this chair, but I don't want you to go into town taken e three this is one of those dresses that we have to be a little careful of her sitting down and I just sit flat straight, you know, a lot on your dukes just kind of sit. Just relax, okay? So we are going to be doing that that's not gonna be nice for her, so what we would want to do is I want to get a little bit more grace from our so many across this, like over this one beautiful and not to flip your way onto this guy right here. More more beautiful. What a change in that perfect for her looking that's it that's my girl with this with your chest right here lean towards me beautiful and this elbow bring your elbow back very nice and just like that, I would want this elbow I want to see that we'll get a light trap right there, but would you agree that looks very plus her that's a very, very pretty angle on her so and if she were growing in the arms I would hide that she does that really pretty arms but I might hide them but you see how now we've created a really pretty esper right here for her does that make sense? Let me take a picture that siding up with this up on the screen. Excellent. Let me try this. I'm not sure I'm going it laura turn your shoulders a bit this way. Hey, beauty can I have a bit of a collector on her face and laura turn your face this way a little bit more beautiful. Chin up a little bit beautiful and I want you tilt your head that way a little bit hello with your chest lean towards me a little bit keep your back well told lovely oh, that's nice john that's absolutely gorgeous. Excellent. Very, very nice. So you're going to ireland, huh? Oh, that's awesome. I've been there. This arm right here. Really? Bring it in front of you this way more and then turn your shoulders more this way and then tilt your head that way a whole bunch chin up a little bit lovely you're not gonna look at me that you're gonna just look down stunning gorgeous le excellent. Very, very nice, beautiful, precious one. Look at me a second. Now I want you, teo, with your chest, you're gonna lean towards me right here. Lovely. Hey, john, bring that a reflector around this way. See how we're just giving we don't want to we're not going to like I don't want to completely like her face because I don't want it to be as light is the other side but I want to just add a touch of light and I don't want the reflector underneath here why don't I want that reflector coming from underneath here? Yeah, because it's going to make her look at me right under here so we want it nice and high so we keep that line of the jaw. I want that little bit of a jaw line now in this place when I had her face turned this way notice we don't have any light in her eyes we have no light in her eyes so I might probably change that looks pretty bad. I gotta tell you write about their turn. Your face is a little bit lovely. Very that's. Nice right there, but a little bit higher. Gorgeous and all the lovely, lovely, lovely till trade this makes a little bit very nice or just what your last name oh that's a lovely dog awesome right there gorgeous children this way a little bit more and with that shoulder want you roll it this way a little bit no just the opposite where you didn't actually you know what I really like that but you can you bring your arm down this way on the chair nice stretch your shoulders roll tall gorgeous and and turn your faces lovely that is people just part those lips for me awesome what a beautiful beautiful bride how did you pick up pick out your wedding gown did you really good for you let me have you stand up for a second excellent very very good okay now I'm gonna have you turn around let me see the back side of you a little bit here the job now the next thing I want to do laura is you're gonna let me have you push your hip this way right here beautiful turn your with your shoulder right here put your hands on your hips right there and I want you to lean towards me like you could appear into a pool wow does that work for you that's really really pretty stay right there you see we've got the reflector behind her right there but yes what had a really nice quality of light on the front of her face right here let's see what happens if we change our camera position and shoot into the reflector because guess what? She's one of those faces who could actually easily the photograph into the o that actually really nice for you I'm liking that because I'm using a reflector behind her the reflect is just gonna go blah it's going to go there's no gonna be no it's not gonna be sharp let me seems like have you turn your shoulders this way a little bit more lovely and now tilt your head that stunning chin down a little bit lovely that is just amazing gorgeous parcher looks for me just a little bit let me see how that looks like they're lean towards me oh, you know what? I am going to get a fire so I grab one of these chairs right here. Wait a higher camera position on you turn your face of oh gosh I scored this for you that's really? Pretty literally with your children in this way a little bit right there yeah, but lean towards me with your chin nice can be back in about a couple of hundred like a toothpick like put right there good, good, good scoot over this way a little bit because it's a little bubble in the back I want to get that train your shoulders this way a little bit more perfect awesome that is stunning I'll tell you right now you are looking amazing me towards me with your chin a little bit beautiful nami oh yeah love it awesome so turn me turn your show you I think this is really good for you with your eyes only look at that ugly man right there chin down now with your eyes right random in a mall scott I want you go like this and look at it nice one to three with your eyes the credit me chin up a little bit oh hello you're doing great train get away see now where I'm looking for in her is I'm looking for to see which side of her face photographs better tall with your back and now I actually really like that we should pressure tummy forward and lead back under shoulders do you see what's happening with those shoulders lovely lovely lovely gorgeous chin up a little bit stunning stunning stunning stunning gorgeous so what was it about this dude over here that made you realize he was the one that's awesome that is actually stunning with your eyes only this look right over here nice came down a little bit you know turn your shoulders this way a little bit more actually lead towards the right this is what I have to do in their giant yeah, I do I have to do this so much for that oh yes she would yeah you love it oh crap okay, I didn't say that I'm sorry trying not to use body mouth at all today nice gorgeous beautiful beautiful you're doing great okay so I'm gonna move my position that hey dad, can we just um we're gonna lose him in ten minutes right? Can we just drop that down so I can use the brick is the background and let me just put to them together yes do you ask them to do a lot of like little gestures to get like the mouth expression or expression? Generally I try tio I'm very body parts specific on what I want from them in other words, I want I want a natural expressions instead of rather give them a reason to smile than to tell them to smile but I do like for instance we could do a number of things let me show you what I'm talking about for instance if if this were my daughter and I wanted to hug her I would say mom can I get you hug your daughter with your chief see how we can hug with body parts I could hug her with my cheek I could hold her surrender my breast pump right now I could say with your shoulder right your lean towards me if I was her mom which I know I'm way too young to be a mom I could say with your chin I want you to look over her shoulder or hunger or hold your daughter with your chin you see how it's creating an emotional experience but it's not I'm not making it happen. It doesn't have to be that way. I mean, it doesn't have to be, you know, where I'm not saying you move your lips, blah, blah, blah. I'm just giving them a reason to engage and do what I need them to do that except it does. What about, like more for portrait sessions where you're trying to get exact expression or look for portrait sessions? I absolutely it has to be the real thing, so I do engage them a lot and I'll say, you know, I might save them, you know, I want you to think about what it was the two were thinking when he asked you to marry him and then let me I'm gonna demonstrate that in a really quick way in a second let me switch lenses this well, I'm not use this lunch for a minute. Let me change to put my twenty four seven and I'm gonna demonstrate exactly what I might do in a very riel I just I just noticed I think I saw one of your videos and it showed like you asked them to breathe out of their mouth. Yeah, I will do that, but that very seldom do I have them do that much kind of stuff more out to get them tio to engage with one another facing now that's gonna be really pretty. Ok, so we've got our I just wanted to lighten up the background a little bit and I think I'm talking to me by ladder to stand on. Okay, so let me get you two kids over here and let me so kind shoes you have on you have a nielsen, right? Can I have you take your shoes off? Would you mind? Excellent. Take it. I'll take the first thing I want to do is it really? Let me have you coming close to your little honey right here. Um and I think I'm gonna start by doing a couple of really nice close ups. I usually start with close ups, and I like to start with interactive pictures of people when I'm going to start like a really session of them. I very seldom start with my mom's looking in the camera kind of thing. And the reason is, is that I find that people are much more apt to be themselves when they start off in a session where they're looking at one another and they're engaging with one another. Then they will be if they're like, starting off like fine mom looking in the camera kind of thing. So that's, the first thing I want to do. But I want to I want to just check a couple of things. First, let me get a pair of my ladder, and then I'll engage them from up here. Ok? Definitely. I think this higher camera angles gonna be great on dh. This is a real this fire camera angle is especially a flattering camera angle for laura. Because when you have, she said a fairly good sized jaw line underneath here, and this is going to just really it's going to accentuate her jaw line and make her look. Her lips look absolutely centuries from up there. So let me have the two of you kids move over this way a little bit beautiful. Excellent. And then, billy, maybe both your turn. This way, tad and I need to change my camera position. I think I would be right here. Back up. Just a little bit about a foot. You see how that's gonna work back up this way? Just a little bit excellent. And, laura, turn your feet toward your honey right here. Exile. Hard to wrap your arms around his neck. Beautiful. Let me see how that's looking. Oh, I'm liking this, all right, let me see on this looks right here. Yeah, I had my camera dad beautiful and let me see hey maura, your front hand can you just put it down it's just right there beautiful and now both of you turn this way a little bit and john john can I have a little reflector? Turn your feet more this way kids more more right? They're beautiful and very nice to me so that's looking through here let me get let me go and get my exposure love it excellent right about here laura put your hand right in his hair not that but bring it towards me regular buys you love beautiful excellent nice john looked right at me john not john billy billy right here turn your face this way a little bit more and now I want you leaving him with that shoulder right here and bring your chica beautiful love it gorgeous right there love keep wrap your hand right around his neck right there love it awesome that's a fake a small in the universe billy I want you to hug that's nice and you hug her like it's the last time you're ever gonna hug no that's okay, you know, because it's not about love it's about what happens right after that and actually that's gonna work out ready one, two, three give her a hug right there beautiful very nice here, relax for a second and now, really, I want to see your butt turnaround. Laura, come in front of him on that side right there. I mean, come in front of him physically, like not in front of his front is just right there. That's actually look really, really laura coming close to him. On what? Your chest. Right in front of him right there. And I want you to lean into this shore. Push your hip away from me right here and lean into this shoulder right here. Beautiful. Put your hand right in his hair. Right. Oh, gosh. Look at how beautiful that looks for burger king up a little bit. Oh, laura, that is so pretty for you. Like I just didn't change my exposure a little bit. Turn your face towards me a little. Love it, lord. Briefer your lips right there. Oh, honey, passion. You really turn away from the little bit. I want to see your and just give her a hug with your cheek right there. Right over your shoulder. Laura me? Right here. Love it. And I went to now the hug her like it's the last time that you ever gonna hug, chin up a little bit, laura, love and lord, do me favor, turn this way a little bit more oh god look at her eyes man your eyes just scream right here yeah that's beautiful okay relax for a second and now both of you really going on with laura what's your booty hey baby yes what a nice place what up to feel what apertura you are you just going to see what you think on her I'm focusing on her it's all about her in that shot because his space well he's not in the picture I mean he's it's he's supporting on that okay now laura break your back arm around his neck and this front hand put right on his chest really leaned over her shoulder towards me beautiful turn you and both of you look at the second turn this way a little bit why am I turning them because I need to like his face right there laura lean and I want this chief right there on the back side love it very chin up a little bit billing so this is a good example of how you okay and I want you so whisper something in his ear love it love it awesome and now put your arms all the way around his neck right in there and lock your fingers right in there love it awesome and I want you to give her a hug really like it's the last time you ever gonna hug beautiful right there really want you to look at me nice that's, my boy. That's. Ok, now let me get to you up and we'll do a couple of pictures of the two. You just look at my mom in the camera right about there and I need have you switched places beautiful. And laura, I want you right about to come in nice and close and you're gonna push him away from me. Laura, I want this need venture front right here. Love it. Very, very nice. But, you know, look at their body legacy. Howard energy is flowing this buy more with this shoulder right here with me. I'm actually really turn your feet towards her a little bit more. Moore and laura, turn your feet that way. A little bit more. Really? Look at the second, put your arm around her waist right there and, you know, and laura pushing him towards him that way. Job very nice. And both of you lean towards me. Beautiful love. Really lean into her a little bit knife. Excellent. And know what you just came. One, two, three. I want you both to be enforced me and bust out laughing. Ready guys went to three bustle having no, laura had not that big a small holy cow, she ate the whole thing right there love it, beautiful beautiful very very nice let me just try one of the thing right here see there you go. I want those kind of smiles out of you but you're doing awesome awesome okay now more to stretch your arm across his shoulder both arms right here beautiful that's really, really nice but real rules stop right there drop this shoulder down beautiful arlene with your chin towards me right here chin up a little bit lord don't touch your chin to much real quiet on your eyes turn your face that way a little bit gordon relax that shoulder just attack right here and roll that shoulder this way chin up a little bit, missy or just stunning right there. Excellent. Give her a hug that cal love it love it love it very, very nice let me have you relax his shoulder for me billy and you don't lean towards me, billy right now on that shoulder. More with your feet. Good job right there except turn your feet this way a little bit love it, love it, love it and now more with your chest when you lean towards him becoming really pleasant view that put this hand right up on this just right there oh, honey, lean towards me with your chin and billy put your hand right on her waist line right here chin up a little bit. Laura, you know, I've got you totally screwed up, huh? I did. I told fund him up, it's. Not good. And I didn't say what you thought. I said that they really come on the other side of her. I want to see that side of her face. And laura, let me have you come in close to billy now. Beautiful. Beautiful. Oh, I like that for you already. But turn your shoulders a little bit. This way. Laura. Beautiful. Pushing him away from me. Beautiful. Put your arm behind his back. Right here. And with this shoulder, laura, lean towards me writing here. Beautiful. Can I have both of you turn your feet this way? A little bit. Good. Good job, john. John. I need a little more light on her face right there. And billy, lean towards me with your shoulder right here. Excellent. Nice missing. Put your arm around his neck right here. Right on. The money is here. You love it. Love it. Love laura nice. And I want you back up. I hear them because you don't want you to fight him. Even though we know you're way better looking than he is right there love it awesome gorgeous loving it beautiful no small just a real I want you to think a big beautiful smile right there and laura turn your face a little bit more this way with your shoulders and billy turned that way a little bit I love this side of your face billy more beautiful or not your forehead just kind of leading to him. Okay, champ a little bit missy and with your chin lean towards really a little bit love it love it up gotta hang on last shot turned towards each other right here and I want to just look at how you feel and record arms around his neck like there lovely very nice got it got it that's a good job okay, all right, so more on the story is is that you don't put your camera down because when you think that they're not you're finished, you're done. You're not I missed kiss did you see that? So I have ten minutes now. Okay, let me get a couple of editorial pictures of laura and then we'll take some questions. Um ok, laura, let me have you back to the wall excellent and let's see where the light is it see how we've kind of lost our light on her laura scoot over this way there was no, we've got a little bit of it back. Is that a little bit more like to work with? We could actually have some fun with her here, laura, across this, like over this one right here. But I want to see about half of your body. So turn this way a little bit more beautiful. And now with your chest lean towards me, you will bring this hand back away. It like that. I just love it. Chin up a little bit. Or just I'll tell you right now. That's. Awesome for her that's. Beautiful chapel. Little bit. Beautiful. Fake a small I saw in the universe love it. I'm gonna move myself around her because I think that my better angle is going to be in a different spot a little bit. And you look over right there, that's. Nice, laura. Love it. Love it. Love it gotta hey, missy, let me have you come towards me. A whole bunch right there. See how much better the light got as we moved forward. Now, laura, let me have you turn your feet towards me this way. A whole bunch of killing people write about half of that, and they crush you like like mine. And listen let me return your shoulders now look toward the window and this hand just like this on your shoulder that appearance but it'll be a second laura see we don't want to see the back of the hand we want to turn sideways can you bring it like out more like two sides um yeah can you get more just like this is like beautiful turn your arm out that we were more actually I'm not like and that's not right for you doesn't just bring your army just barely put a bit of your album love it but turn your face this way more more good jobs by beautiful that's that's really nice for you honey chin down a little bit nice beautiful beautiful beautiful chin up a little bit more see I've got to get light in her face come towards me but more actually there yeah accident like that now that's much better for you and then turn your face that way look more love it don't look at me just looked right over there nice chin down a little bit exit with your chin now look at the second chin down a little bit right here can I have a bit of reflector john right on this side of her face I need to get a little light up underneath her eyes is it like to much white do you get concerned about how much why is showing she's looking at you no and the reason I'm not good question and the reason I'm not is that look at the way her body's position you mean with the reflector no, I'm not with her eyes like how is she's? You know, showing the white of their eyes because question no, because I'm this from my camera position is not so much white showing in her eyes um you see right here lean towards me just a little bit not too much right there love it and bring your chin down love it love it right there see now we're kind of pretty much I've lost my life in there so I'm gonna change my position let's see how much better this looks from here now turn your face is a little bit more excellent right about there but see, the whole saying is if we haven't got there's there's nothing going on in her an emotional experience this is what you have to do to shake it out. Relax, look back that way for a second maker. Okay, now what I want you to do, laura is on a count of three you just gonna want you walk towards me, ok? But you're not gonna walk towards me just straight on what? You don't like this okay? I want to purpose in that look, I want some some such assassin that step okay what you notice what happens with her shade when we do that ready one two three good that's the worst job I ever saw going back to get my way they write yourself right there turn on with me okay ready come on ready one two three families now we're getting it in her that's what you gotta do to get him to walk it out but the one thing we have but it has to be done in the right way in other words but the light's not coming from here so we would want to get her to do what maybe walk this direction right so that if we're going to shoot it so that we have her face in the face in the same way the light is right so we get the light on her face because I really really like so much get back that way again and one more time this time I think would be careful look no falling down was allowed on the job oh you don't be really fun for you I think would be really cool is you're gonna walk straight towards me this way if you were up on your ladder don't you shoot from a ladder grab a lot on watch what happens that at this time when you do this I want you to stop about right here for me and you when you want not want like like this we don't walk straight she said uh no anyone any yeah yeah that'd be great notice what has to happen way want way don't want her walking straight you want to have one leg in front of the other watching knows what happens with body language than you do see how it changes it swivels the hips when you do that's ok ready okay beauty on a count of three you know you could have your hands on you have some kind of keeping ready shaking in there I want some sass and that but that back side ready ready one two three go comport me love love love it bam and then just turn to face that went on good excellent excellent excellent with your eyes right now you have fallen down you can't do that okay go back to doing more time this time when you walk back towards us laura I want you get about right here for me and I want you to pick you're just going to one quick tour one two, three tour like that and this is where you got to be really fast but in essence said it's not about what you may not get a great photograph from this experience but what you do get is you get you get it breaks it up and then the next pictures that you'll take you'll get something better ok you ready one two, three smile tolerate and graham there you go that's when it's really and that's look at the smile on her face it is you can't buy that you can't buy that ok so ok now you know I want to get somebody else's you laura I want to compose her yeah yeah linda linda started the other war okay, linda, I want you to post her for me and you're gonna pose her in such a way that I want I want you to get to the oppose of her with her mom and I'm gonna play the mom okay? So it's like should mom be on on this side? Why? Because the light is coming from the side and why does that matter for a moment to be over here because it's um highlighting the mother well true but I don't know that's not always good thing ok see who's wearing the white o see the mom is going to be absorbing some of that white ok, so now those are okay, so laura um turned this way torture mouth mommy hang on a second. Wait a minute now you haven't. What did she do wrong? What you do wrong feet no one besides that but what's the first thing she did wrong we're not ending get closer and a director but if you want her to stand over here and turned her feet this way you come and say stand right here say they turn your feet towards me right here the reason you do that because see if you stand right here hundreds turn your feet yeah then you may get back to the camera position you might realize you have to read repose her because you didn't get it right. Where is if you come right here? She knows exactly where you want her to go because you're standing right here in front of her and said turn your feet towards me right here well, now you know she's right? And then you can back up towards the camera so if you have that if you stand in the direction that you want them to face, it just means that on a day when logic doesn't ranges king when you're crazy motive here and emotions are running high the reason you want to learn to get visual with opposing is that you may have only five minutes to do an hour and a half photo shoot and the less words that you have to use and the mortar that you can actually get down to the business of photographing the better off you are so you want to learn the art of visual communication really quick okay, good and do me one more we're going we're going to take some questions okay, okay, so but um come over here and then mom put your but this hand on her shoulder and this hand on top of this one and get closer a little bit and lower short shoulder with your cheek on face towards me mom okay okay but what is she doing wrong? Uh true but there's a lot more going on here than that always start with what where are my feet pointed? Oh, my energy is slowing this way and yet you've got me doing this you see that's why it's not looking believable you see if you want a connection between the two of us first thing you do is look at the dogs see, my feet are pointing this way when in reality you want me turned towards her right so you see now to count my energy is flowing towards her. Okay, now if you wanted ok that's one thing he now let's switch this around a little bit turn your feet this way missing laura and and I'm gonna have you push appreciate it this way good with his shoulder I want you to lead towards me this way. Okay beautiful what's hang on a second. Turn your feet this way a little bit more actually only twenty feet this way they don't now pushing it that way people with the shoulder leading this direction right here now you see if mom see how mom is tucked behind her but because her energy is flowing this way see it's unbelievable I could hold her hand up to my chest like this old and more importantly from a high camera position this is really flattering me you see how we got the energy flowing now my energy flows towards her and if I were a bigger girl I've hidden half of my body back here does that make sense and okay um excellent job ok good job was thinking ok we're going to take your questions now all right we have so many questions van we're ready for you uh let's do a few before we break for lunch a question from desk and also dj in the chat room was any tips for noticeable height difference between the bride and the groom especially for especially for a bride taller than a groom you know another way outstanding question yes, I have some some absolute tips and this is what you want to do I need something to play ugly bride for me welcome your lord ok this is a real stretch ok um and I'm gonna play the groom ok so here is my bride okay? Now the first thing that I'm gonna do is notice we have I mean we have definitely I mean this isn't as much of a head like you know I need michael because he's told you on your come here michael come here, buddy you get you get you you're not going to the groom in this ok, so now we have this easy is much taller than me ok, so the biggest thing that you want to think about is the fact we basically I don't want to try to make them be like the same fight but what I do want to do is bring their heads a little bit closer together so what I would recommend doing here come over your beauty and what I'd recommend your camera this is this is so that we could get the light right the first thing I would do is turn your feet towards me right here beautiful on dh then even turn your feet a little more this way let's try this more turn more excellent and now separate your feet for me push your hip this way towards my hand right here and turn this way a little bit and now with this shoulder I want you lean in this direction right here beautiful sea now notice how? Because he's actually if he were the bride his most of his weight and body is back there right? But our our bodies our faces closer together. Now tilt your head this way towards me right here and now both of us lean in this direction lean towards me with your shoulder good scene we could have this and now you see how we've taken the height and I've been able to minimize it so you wanna have a pushing at hip away and then having them lean towards the camera aa lot well really go a long way to creating a much prettier it will make that look much more like it belongs to be there just make sure that the shorter person is standing slightly in front of the taller person you put a lot of their weight behind and then have them leave forward and you're going to get word going there head heights will bring a little bit closer together makes sense ah, higher camera and overwork the other thing that works right here let me have this area your kids um this isn't your baby parker, but right there no, not in the seat right here. Put your butt right in the crack right there. Okay, now you see now how? See how our we've been ableto okay, turn your feet towards me. This my pal take it right there now I could do this if you especially does this work really good if you have somebody who's a little heavier see how now leaning cake? If I were back here, I can still eat it don't look at me look over there see now how our energy is flowing in this direction so I've taken the taller person and I've still been able to make them to bring their heads in closer to get a nice pretty picture of the two of them together without having to you know have this you know, without too much fuss yeah, one of the other things I mean there's so many things you could do with people one of them that's taller than the other I would like to concentrate on close up pictures when they are there's a huge head height difference um that's one thing and then the other thing is is that when I'm doing a formal picture of them where they're standing he is taller or she is taller and I'm not gonna try toe change it they love each other obviously so I'm not going to try to make it really awkward and you know and make this exaggerated kind of post and full length form I'm very, very comfortable having them be that the taller person I just want the taller person a little bit behind and then leading forward with their chest a little bit do you do you emphasize them sometimes? Uh no, I wouldn't I won't emphasize them but I wouldn't de emphasize that neither I would just keep make them who they are another question jesus would like to know what your average session time is and the average amount of photos you show or give the client oh great question if it's for a portrait session my average portrait session is about an hour hour and a half long I don't really do like your portrait sessions a day just so I have time to spend with each family or with each person that comes in, I'd like to take my time. I'm not happy snapper all I mean, I don't just click, click, click, click, click I try to get it and then move on and get it move on. I want a lot of variety because the more variety than I have in a session, the more images that they're more active, I however I want to make it a reasonable amount if I take too many pictures on her, show them too many photographs, they cannot make a decision. So on average portrait session, I like to give them toe look at somewhere in the name of neighborhood of sixty to seventy images, two for two people to choose from in a family portrait session, and that way, it's a manageable number where they still be able to pick out pictures and that they still can actually make a decision. It's been my experience if you give people too many choices that they can't make a decision it's overwhelming and they can't do it. It's just it's too hard to comprehend so I want a reasonable amount of images for them to view, but I want those images to look is different as possible, so I really only take I'll take three or four images in that kind of environment, and then I want to move on to a different environment or to a different pose for that particular person. Okay, thanks, bambi. Huh? And we've been instructed by a producer to have one more question before we go to the lunch break. S o this question was asked by a couple of folks, uh, lynn photo and another gentleman, and that was, could you give? Could you talk a little bit more about catch lights? We've been talking about that throughout the different poses, but people were so people weren't as familiar with that. And so what you're looking for. Excellent. Good question. Okay, let me bring you up here. Let's, bring the camera over here and more than a terry here's here. Come right about here for me, terry. And what I want the camera to do is I want you all from from the videographers to come over this way. And I want you to notice where the cats lights are on the face is so you know, let me have you sit temperature, a giant holy cow have a seat right there from that would make it easier for but oh yeah now if you look at her eyes look at where the light is that the highlight in her eye is called a catch like and actually it's it's actually quite a nice spot in the eye and when you have a light a big light source like this that catch light will be fairly good sized and it skims across the iris and illuminate that that iris in a very flattering way about maybe right here is where I would want my camera position to be because see we get that really really pretty catch light in her eyes and it's illuminating the isis it's brightening up those eyes but that's what a catch like cit's a bright spot in the eye that could be achieved by using any kind of light studio lights or whatever but you want to think about where that light is in the eye to give an example it's in the really nice vice in the eye right here hey stand up for me now now look at her eyes is it there now that's why I sat her down because the lighting has changed and for her head height for the tallest she is the light is not coming in in a pleasing place in her eye and now her eyes have gone dead that's how important catch lights are because they really they they give life to the eyes and so when I walk around the room, I start looking at where the catch lights are on a face. And on that on in those eyes. And it really does help me to be able to identify where I'm gonna photograph that person. Okay, awesome. Thank you so much.

In Bambi Cantrell's first creativeLIVE workshop, she led an powerful three-day course focused on posing and lighting techniques with a focus on wedding, boudoir, and portrait photography. This workshop was one of the most popular subjects we've hosted.



  • I'm very grateful to have the opportunity to lean from this course. This is such a fantastic value. Thank you, Bambi, for your time and talent. Thanks to Creative Live for making this resource available to us. I'm very, very thankful.
  • I discovered CreativeLIVE this weekend. I am so glad that I did. This workshop was fabulous! I watched as much of the live broadcasts as I could. Then I kept my computer on throught the night so I could watch the rebroadcasts. I was compelled by all that I learned to purchase the course. Bambi is an incredible, down to earth, informative and funny woman. Her insights will have already helped me shape my future as a professional photographer. Thanks for a fine, influential weekend.
  • WOW BAMBI!!! Thanks so much for your generosity and love in the abundant information you gave us during this posing and lighting course. I have had dozens of aha moments throughout the course and your practical tips have changed my photography forever. I see the direction of light and know exactly where to place myself and my subject confidently and swiftly. I still have a ton of practicing to do but this class gave me a great start . I plan on re-watching the classes and give myself some mini exercises to practice what you taught....Oh...and i wish I can remarry my husband of 15 and a half years so you can be my wedding photographer :)