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add one other thing to this and when I type in eyes I'm going to get it it's called eye color enhancers take a look at what it does I'm going to go right in here I'm gonna reduce my brush to size watch that pop bam bam she's got more color in a rice now right now he is one of the things you're looking at you're looking right here and you're saying but look at her skin she needs some help doesn't she she doesn't need help I'm gonna flatness down real quick so I could go here just gonna get rid of that one mark watch what powersoft does powersoft is going completely soften her skin up visiting we got rid of almost all the imperfections we go right and here now we go right here we go right here right here now let's talk a little bit her eyes are jumping our thing but they can jump mohr you want to do selective sharpening is there an action for it of course but I don't want you to think I'm trying to do is sell your actions I'm gonna make an alternate layer again by hitting apple j and ins...

ide your filters there's a whole bunch of cool toys I'm gonna go into here and I'm going to go to it called other and I'm gonna go to something called high pass have you ever heard of that high passes awesome if you take a look right now I've said it ninety nine point six do you think she's going to like her teeth that shock you know between me over whitening and shopping and she's gonna have teeth like mister ed it's just going to write about she's not going to be cool with teeth like that so your high pass should be roughly around you know you want to be around ten percent margin right now now let's take a look when we're ten percent you're probably wondering what's happening you can't see her right so what you need to do is with each layer there's something called blending boat it's the blending mode is going to get you back to a normal image here is something called soft light now obviously I have nowhere near enough time to start explaining blending modes but if you look at it is that image to clear now yes so what I'm gonna do is add a layer mass to it white reveals black bloc so watch what happens when I block it by inverting the layer mask now I would say you did all that work and then you're going to invert it well the reason I'm going inverted it because what needs to be shot just her teeth someone hit x to bring me the white I want you to look at the difference here so I'm selectively sharpening this area okay can you guys take note she's got a little bit of slack plaque buildup on number seven I'd like to do a root canal on number twenty three I'd like to make sure I'm a little worried about this back one here so I'd like to set her up is a little bit of an overbite so I'd like to get a retainer ladies can you take notes okay that's where we could get it we go here look at the explosion here that looks awesome doesn't it isa radiating it now watch what happens I can soften this up if you want to soften an image more do you want to keep adding softness story no but look at what black and white does and what else is black and white do you know what black and white is black and white is the greatest action ever made do you know why because it's the perfect order white balance correcting action when you were a bad color what do you do you go to black and white so take a look now let's look here I'm looking at this year I'm going to go ten by ten on what I'm gonna do is go right here and I'm going to add it action on what it's called is ej blur now I love the product lend speed if you've ever seen it on a creative but we always have time to use it no but the action here we'll make up for when I don't have time to use it you see are created a little bit of a blur around the edge now watch what I do here I'm gonna go in I'm going to use an action called radiant landscape take a look at how it makes the color push bounce saturate if you think it's too bright because it looks like it's going through the screen too right looks better on my image I'm gonna press something here and it's going to go down and look at what it does yes girl have a request from the internet and for you and I were wondering if you can apple the history tab up a little bit so that people can see that you know I'm really tired can I send a message to the people at home this is my show is that about satisfying it's about making me happy you asked nicely can I'll move the history is that better although up under the color swatch I don't even know where the color swatches teller in the eye and I told you I don't know photo shop I actually hold on wait a minute kevin got bodies in my ear you want to say that kevin cambodia is great not only is he the best looking man home for hawaii he's a genius as well you could tell he's talking to may just that's why is already other request does anybody want to take off my shirt is this a good spot is that good enough for the internet says thank you thie evil empress insists I'm sorry the evil empress amanda well if amanda had asked I could tell you I would not have done it okay I'm not doing anything for amanda all right window that dog play let that way so you look right here is there anybody else at home who wants to interrupt what I'm doing you go is there anything else I could do for you people it's all about you good here we go so flattened save move onto the next image not look at the crop we're going to change it I had the nail in the wall so we're going to get rid of it right there now let's take a look at this year so now I know what type of crop should I be five by ten now watch what we do you haven't seen me use this action yet but it's one of my favorites it's called starburst vignette it creates this random crazy look on what we're going to do is bring it down right there look at how it creates that shape I'm going to hit enter and now what's going to make it work is we're going to soften it up around the edges because we don't want it to be is rigid we're going to hit okay now the wall got a little dog but I really want to make a darker so when money was open it up it's a levels layer and I'm going to start to bring it down just a little bit more intense and then I want to change the color a little bit by using something close dude on the unitas on look at how it really boarded up just a little bit now do I like the halo no I don't like the halo so what I'm going to deal first I'm going to go into the layer here I'm gonna bring down blue dawn but that I'm going to go in here I'm going to use smokeless burn and I'm gonna paint it down and get me to where I want but I don't want to overdo it so I did a bad job first so now I'm in my history palate and I'm just gonna go in here and feed it in a little bit better okay and then I get my image now let me show you something that you haven't seen me use some of you at home are probably in detectors okay textures air really cool self like I told you kevin thinks of everything so we goto a vortec dashboard I'm going to use something called dirty shoe I hit apply let's look at what happens I go right in there I hit this and now take a look through the texture all over the image but what's great is now I can come back in and I can wipe away where I don't want it so I'm wiping it off right in there because it's on a layer mask I wipe away the texture I get a narrow wipe it off for them I go in here just like that and make sure I get it all the way off you see how I missed it here I'm going to hit x and I'm gonna paint the texture back down but do I want it on top of them but the image changes by having that texture and it doesn't complete change completely different look now from here I know that I'm five by ten I'm going to see I'm going to reverse my crop I'm going to go in here just like this I'm going to go here I'm going to hit h d to show up in it then from here I'm going to add the icing and guess what image is done now from here I know that she's looking down so I'm gonna go five by ten I'm going to crop right and here just like that look at the image I'm going to shopping it up just a little bit now I'm gonna add something from across processing which is when the newest sensical ten seventies you could see how it changes to color up now they're like get rid of it I can't see the history anymore I'm gonna hit in there and I'm gonna add icing again beautiful soft image just emotion I bet you the next one he has his hand around her shoulder and she's looking down pretty good huh now do I want to five by ten I could use it remember I said you want to be able to crop in image several different ways let's take a look how does that look looks pretty good doesn't it there's your first crop I would save that is an a after I give my work now what about this here is that a nice crop that works too doesn't it now what about here if I go here and do this in a five by ten right there and all I'm looking to get that did I not just create the re different images from nothing that's the whole idea you want to be able to look at an image multiple ways there's so many segments to an image is that a good thing to have that ability if you can look at an image different ways that means you're going to find something that's not there which means you're going to be more excited about it how many images could I create from this I could do a ton but I know that I've already shot so those images down creating I'd already pressed the button for so I go right in here again I'm gonna hit one button ten by ten just like that we're going to go down there take a look I'm going to go there just like that I'm gonna shop down just like that image is done I bet you she's looking up on the next one a moments positive that works do I need all of him in I don't think so I need just a little bit so I'm gonna go and here just like that I'm gonna pull down I don't want to get too much of anything but I do need to go in and clean that up again so j but a patched fool just like that I'm gonna get rid of this we're gonna get rid of this I'm going to get rid of this I'm going to show you another action it's actually pretty cool it's called cleaning the skin now I apologize that I have to go through this so fast but you guys here you're lucky you're getting b the file the ninety nine dollars of the whole course this stuff's going to be equally is important yes albert uh I suppose so those actions work withdraw files as well well you have to remember when you open a raw file yeah flaming photo shop is a j peg alright tiff or jeff yeah but it'll work with that not as a royal file though obviously now watch what we do here good I'm gonna hit cleaning the skin watch what we do watch this here this is a pretty cool action now I want you to look right now it's in a layer if I inverted look at how heavy this is is that a little too strong a painting at that point but what you could do is you can lower the capacity to what you feel is an acceptable level okay on then I'm going to go in and I'm gonna wipe it away well don't worry I always want to be touched while teaching we're going to hit me here all thank you we're gonna wipe away where we don't want it so we're wiping away at one hundred percent thank you right in there just like that we're wiping away take a look now is it still too strong maybe so I'm going to tone it down to a respectable level but that's a quick easy way to get rid off what we're getting rid of acne at that point we don't wantto over retouch okay if we always retouch and make them look too much like a supermodel they're not going to like it so the first one was black and white I bet you the next one is the hand pretty good how he knew that do you think that makes a difference when I'm editing go right here just like that they're black and white actually know what I'm not going to go black and white I'm going to step back and I'm gonna use something you haven't seen me use and look it's got a little bit of softness built into it hold parral soft take a look nice soft look and then on top of it I'm gonna add powersoft over to help clean the acne there and we get rid of it and look she looks great sharpening up here absolutely beautiful sharpening the ring the edge of the nails because we don't want over softness there just like that and look at how simple and easy that comes together going here I offset it this for a reason what should obey I'm thinking five by ten I'm thinking panel print and then I'm going from here that makes life a lot easier on my disappointed that I cut out the hand not really I remember people say all the time you shouldn't use hands hands make connections do I worry about cutting things off again it's not an international print judge judging me it's a client I've never had a client oh I'd love this more getting cut out my index finger you want to keep it simple okay looking at it here just like this now take a look at her face I want you to see the difference that black and white makes to the image that already changed it detonate it already softened her up tremendously so I'm gonna flatten it here and the reason believe it or not I ran a black and white first is because that's going to give me a good idea of the extensiveness of retouching that I have to do in terms of the spots I know okay I've already minimized the spots because if you know you're going to go black and white power soft what do you not need two d'oh you may not need to remove discoloring is ations okay look at how beautiful skin is perfect isn't it so was sharpening up here sharpening up in here sharpening up in here and going from there one of the questions that's probably being asked at home is what do you do to the guy's eyes do excuse me do I go in and soften his eyes up and retouch them and remove him usually not because a man is about texture I don't want to bring him to family now take a look at this image one of the things I love to do what images and I'm going to go back in here again because this was one of my favorite things years ago when we shot film we usedto have toe work with other things where we leave negatives on top of each other which are now layers so watch this this is called a sloppy border and I go through here and as all sloppy board is in here I'm going to try the sloppy border called judd I heard that's a hot one on now from here we're going to click on it you could look at me and know I'm stopping okay look at what that sloppy bored it does does it to create a whole different to the image now do I do the sloppy board is a lot on the proofs the answer is no because it's going to cause me more grief when making the albums later on but I go right in there and I'm able to create my moment yes question about retouching on by what they have yes it's bad enough we'll take it out because nobody wants to look but that's about it so yeah I'm gonna go in and I'm gonna clean him up just a little bit but I'm not gonna overdo it no and if you look right now you're kind of getting an idea of my regular work flow I'm able to go in I'm going to look at it I'm gonna have my icing how long is it taking website press too fast ana but how long is it taking me to do each image seconds that's it flatten move on that's all it's about is making sure that you're able to get the image to where you want look at that average dad looking us soft it is I know what we under ten thirty correct so I should take some question chef tonight because they they still pouring in or not we could take questions or you keep going in the way all right let's do let me do it I'm gonna change some different images up is that all right I want to take a look right here I want you to take a look at me making a mistake some people would look at this and say let me kill this image on dh you'd probably be right you should kill it as a color image but the great thing about going to a black and white let's take a look down down down down I've now brought it down five stops I was severely overexposed okay so I'm gonna flatten the image you're thinking now let's kill this right but the image still has some clarity it's still got some detail now that's a determination what I just did with a baby I know my wife's like what are you doing there kids of course their bags under the eyes don't make them with plastic I removed that stuff I don't like them um I got to talk to the parents about it now I'm going to go in I do my thing so let's use in action we didn't use yet this is called modern antique it's a cross between a color and a black and white now am I still getting that overexposed look not as much but what about dio is I'll try to go black and white and now when you look at the image doesn't really have it as much anymore does it you're gonna have to make the determination whether or not you want to use this image or not okay so let's get out of here for a second and let's take a look right here let me see let's find one that we had fun with this one here I'll finish up with this one this image here doesn't look like much right now does it but there's an action it's called anna mae soft and what I'm going to do first is I'm going to shop in this image up on now you see I got some pretty good text do you remember what the finished there mention of like on this what was the background ward all blown out a white yeah so how did I do that it must have taken me forever to do that right I push one button called anime soft take a look at what it does it baloo the whole image up sky high didn't it so what I'm going to do here is I'm gonna add a lay a mass to the entire folder I don't even care about what's in the folder I'm going to go to my brush and properly it about somewhere in a fifty to sixty percent range I'm going to take it off of her just a little because I want to give some clarity toe heart okay oh I want too much dinner someone reverse put it back on now from here let's take a look I'm gonna flatten it down and here's what I'm looking at this stuff here what I want to deal with it I want to get rid of it going to go in here at all I'm doing is a patch tool and get rid of all this junk right here now from here I'm gonna go here on with my work tool what do you think we should use as for cloned I'm gonna go right here and at one hundred percent I'm going to get rid of it I'm gonna move over here and now I'm going to get rid of all this now I'm gonna zoom in really really big this image you would think would take you forever wouldn't it but it's not because I know exactly what I want to accomplish right in here right into the edge of the couch that I'm gonna reduce my brush size right there do I care if that blends together not know least go right there and look at how soft you look she looks awesome this is one of my favorite images this is one that I put my studio okay and look all I'm doing is taking from the areas I screwed up there this is why you don't want to hold the cone stamp too long because what'll happen you'll wind up dragging things and then you'll do a great job and what's going to go on with that you're gonna wind up screwing up the end so you want to do this in small little segments okay so right in here and now take a look I'm gonna grab up here why am I grabbing up here this way I don't have to worry about drag over now some people say oh it's completely overexposed I say it look streaming you would never know it's in front of this window on a white couch from my care they couldn't be going better couch right flatten save watch this one of the things I like to do two images that's important to finish is something called the key line whips so let's take a look I'm going to do a border black with a white horizontal and take a look what makes this cool is if I want I could just go directly into the colorful and I can grab any part of the image and make it the background pretty cool isn't it so now I got my tone I flatten I save I'm done what questions do you have a cz we run out of time when you smoothed her skin did it also smooth hiss of course I'm right weight depends on the action but if I'm using a powersoft I'm smoothing over his is well again I don't mind smoothing his skin I just don't want to take the existing texture out where is with house I would and here's the thing if I want to remove it couldn't I just change the capacity of the brush I take one hundred percent of the ice and take fifty percent off his skin I may do that sometimes depending on the look of the man if he has a rugged look yes uh brian cmb photos is wondering how you're not having really hard lines when you're using a hundred percent capacity when you sharpen the eyes and the mouth because where is it I'm not having hard lines because those city areas which I'm sharpening the inner part of the eyes do I care if the top of the eyes are the eyelashes are crystal clear no because I want to draw attention to the eye I'm not worried about the lines because I wanted to write the attention there I want to pull it in that's where I want my shortness because when I look for sharp edges that's what I'm going to find but I think what he's saying is if you when you when you um paint over the eyes and the mouth in the mouth there's no sharp line between the softness and because I'm doing it on the edges okay that's what I'm doing on the edges if I make my brush super big and I just wiped the whole lie area and I happen to get some down here then one hundred percent going to be a problem isn't it but if I just do the areas with the edges like the jewellery and I'm going over that same area and I'm looking for sharp edges I'll be fine but you don't want to make it hit like right here because then you could have a big circle of shock nous right in the middle of something so karen asked just to clarify again do you use similar editing techniques within an album or just whatever you think looks best for each image so whatever style what it's whatever I think looks best for each image I am working for an album in terms of my cropping because I'm going to go to five by tens I'm going to go to my panel prints but in terms of each image I'm looking to see what makes it great and now like we didn't talk about it we'll talk about it later when I'm doing uh studio sittings and portrait's how long do you think they wait to see their image is they come up in about twenty minutes they'll be able to see them during the holidays and I'll talk about this when we do business in next segment when we're shooting starting it's actually october fifteenth through december twelve we have over three hundred three thousand portrait sessions to do during that time frame we're shooting it's being directly linked into a computer in the back and someone's editing as they go along now here's what makes a great each image is taking seconds at it by the time the person comes out of the setting their images of fully edited and being ready to be presented in an animal a slide show how excited do you think they are yeah do I have them coming up on a screen inside the shooting area no because that would be a distraction and slow me down when you have that many portrait sessions you need to be quick so everything's flying back on when we do multiple once we have multiple editors and we have eight different sales rooms going on at a time question from mary from costa rica what is the average time of deliver you expect from outsourcing editors to give you that again pilot image is phenomenal you know maybe I am a little lucky maybe I'm jaded because they're so quick with everything I get my album designs in like three days I send the album designed three days a week max our clients have already been notified of their design image retouching they're doing it beyond quick you know less than a week but if I say I need to him this is what I like about them while these companies thes big major come police are trying to charge you all you need in a rush let me get it for you but I have to try to one hundred percent russia the company's idea what the companies who are looking out for my best interest if I called bay photo and I need something rushed they take care of it because I'm a client I've been a client if I called pilot imaging and so I need to start tomorrow because we somehow screwed up and we dropped the bat the ball somewhere we couldn't find the order and now they've been waiting three weeks it's all for they're going to go on rush it out so again I'm probably lucky in a sense that they do all that but I know they do that for all their clients every company idea what does that I'm about quickness everything's about speed because I think time is money so maybe one more question before we get a break of course and inca from cyprus ass dug the most important thing that keeps your workflow so fast in my opinion is that you know what you're looking for any tips on developing that perspective yes it's very simple in the beginning the best advice I can give you anybody is find something one would a proven track record and let them be your mentor you came here I hope that's mae it's okay for you to copy me it's okay for you to be a cone of may I realize that now because when I had the opportunity to be a clone of mighty sucker in the beginning I didn't embrace it because it was like whoa I don't want to be him and then I realized wait a minute I'm being compared with a legend I should be embracing this copy someone who works hopefully it's may because then when you get it you can make it your own took me a long time but monty was successful I became successful because I did what he did and I made it work I told you monty's videos I watched them so much it melted because that's all I wanted I didn't want to be monty's clone I wanted to be monty that was it and now I realize it's okay it's okay I'm thirty nine years old and I still dream of walking on a baseball field to be a major league player I sit in my mirror sometimes and go through my pitches I remember what I did twenty years ago because that's my dream I copy what other players do even a thirty nine it's okay in business my track record is proven I hope that you copy it because if you copy it that means I can use you to my advantage that means that I can help you when you needed him the most easy going person in the world if you need help I'm there for you no matter what you will see I've had thousands of people reach out over the past couple days beyond thrilled it's amazing it's a dream come true uh but they will tell you it's a matter of going and I'm going to work with them like my wife said to me my birthday was two weeks ago so I had over four thousand messages on facebook I individually responded teo each and every message why because they took the time to wish me a happy birthday that's what I'm going to do that's part of being good in business that's part of knowing what todo copy me I'm begging you to because I know it'll work for you and the fact is and I'm going to talk about it in a little while and I'll touch on it before we go to break we're in trouble this industry is in a very very dangerous place right now it's about to fall off a cliff if someone doesn't stop it so the truth is we have to bear together this is not about instructor saying hey charge large amounts of money it's about developing something that separates us from everything else it's about developing a brand of photography in her system I have a proven track record I promise you if you follow it it'll work

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This 3-day weekend workshop will be unlike any other CreativeLive event you've experienced. You'll learn Doug Gordon's unique flow posing system. Learn how to seamlessly move from one pose to the next creating a string of 30 – 50 different unique poses all within a few minutes. Doug is an amazing businessman. He knows what clients want, and how to deliver a product that every client will always love. And beyond everything you'll learn, Doug's style and personality are unique. Prepare yourself for a wild ride!