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Flow Posing Bride and Groom

there's not too much of a challenge of lighting in here right now so we're going to bring our handsome groom actually know what you're going to stay right over here keep you guys have turned this way beautiful now let's take a look at the two of them got to introduce them first on what is your name beautiful this is the beautiful miss christina on dh what is your handsome husband's name ross ross look at brooks was really pumped up for that in graz yes okay it's my show wake up all right so we're us you're going to come right over here so now we're going to welcome you into the world of flo posing so we talked about it yesterday is there a height difference between the two of them do they look disconnected a little bit now we obviously know ross is taller than his beautiful life the proud and he may be like well I'm taller I like being told the problem is when she gets in close she's not with ross she's with this chest okay so we need to keep it very simple so what we're gonna do is we...

're going to start by creating a wide base we went through this yesterday divorce you're gonna open your legs and I some white kick your right leg around behind her in the back excellent we're going to bring him down to her level now the first rule is opposing a very very simple we're going to bring her own around the back we're going to start that tuck remember so what you gonna do with see me create over sixty poses from the two of them just sitting right here I'm going to do it and show you in a slow way but realize you'll see how quick and efficient it is now from here should normally have a bouquet right so what we could do is bring her arm up where the bouquet would be and give her a little bit of an attitude but look at her hand doesn't work this is what most people do so we're gonna bring a hand to a hip now the big pouring is making sure that we bring her leg bring your right leg in front why is that emp court and I want you to look at the curves that it creates and I want you to look at the body language which it creates to him now or spring your hand in your pants pocket for me good just like that now so we have the arm tucked remember they were bringing their bodies together we're turning her head to the right we're turning her head to her high shoulder correct so now we're going to bring larson nice and close the lips of the eyes notice again the key here is most photographers do this and tilt their heads here that's not good I could drive a truck through them okay there's no connection but by tilting her head to the feminine pose turning here now we lean so we have the tuck the role on dna lean now the big question is you guys uncomfortable okay you will be and don't worry it's going to look great I'm going to put them in uncomfortable positions but I'm not here to make them comfortable am I I'm here to make them look good so turning your head a little bit now so we have the tuck the role and the lien here's the next foot this veil is one of the most important things on the world in the world to me why because if you look stunned a girl but when our arm goes up what happens gets a little jelly there because we wind up making look big we don't like that right because she's getting a bicep we don't want to make her arm look big so what do we do we cover it up because she doesn't have big arms she's beautiful she slanders she's perfect but her arm will look back to the camera so now we're leaning them forward stretch lean forward lean forward lean forward excellent can we go to this camera here so we could see the actual angle at which they're leaning on their stretching forwards you see the bodies like this the camera can't see that so now from here turn your head a little bit now how do I light it if I was using the light which technically I don't really need in here I'm goingto light into her face through her body and into his face into his body whips I didn't mean to pull your jacket open sorry about that good right there not bring that leg in just a little bit good perfect stay their heads together now I'm going to bring my light in so I'm gonna bring my constant light in but I don't want it to be too strong I wanted toa light into the face again so the first three images are going to be full length images but refinement is everything good all things become distractions this here makes a suit look bad we don't need to see it this here is a distraction we want to know is there but it's supposed to be a formal portrait how could I possibly turn this into multiple poses I'm goingto work here again you could work in program you could work in appetite priority I'm gonna work in appetite priority because I know that I want to keep myself but around an f four so I'm gonna come in here and what I'm gonna do is since I can I'm going to fake this because this is where believe it or not I'd want sunlight or daylight to be hitting from behind I'd wanted to be a kicker so this is kind of the angle I'm going out if I was shooting this outdoors with flash it would be them and shade and I'd be filling them with flash how many stops underneath ambien to so now the first story ofthe full length boring traditional images we're going to pretend they're a plus sized couple so that means my camera height would be where right above eye level so we're gonna go vertical again we're looking at me you guys were doing terrific you're gonna lean forward I'm going to change my eyes hope back from thirty two hundred down to will go to eight hundred looking at me leaning forward a little bit beautiful just like that now my problem is I may not have enough room here on set but I'm gonna do my best leaning for chin up a little bit handsome good take a look your eyes are upright to me now look at their eyes in relation to the camera once I'm set we start working on magic so we're going to go here hold it right there beautiful hold it you're doing terrific oh I forgot to change from apple tree priority let me get myself set good here we go guys you're doing terrific stay there beautiful lean forward a little bit gorgeous eyes right up here nice and happy chin up beautiful nice and happy I won't call you beautiful I promises good happy there's our image don't move each pose leads to the next image so you take a look here why is my exposure off this is important because I want I want to test you on what we learned just why am I under exposed did you meet her for her is it what did I meet her on her dress exactly I hit the wrong spot now let's take a look before we get into it I just wantto kind of recap just a little bit where we were so we did that now take a look now what happened I wind up what overexposing so what do you think I hit I hit a soup pretty important right we want to be able to get things right so again keep things very simple leaning forward just a tad beautiful and I'll tell you when I'm set here we go looking at me you are doing terrific good lean forward to me just a little bit eyes up here smiling happy teeth there's our image and I bet the exposure's right why because I'm metered on the face now look at how easy the second images look at each other you're going to turn your head look at him beautiful good look at each other good now take a look is she in a true profile no so she's gonna lean her body to make looking up in each other and now you're gonna lean in close stretch the chin up look at his forehead that's important bring the eyes up to the forehead we always keep the eyes of above you're doing terrific turn your head a little bit to the left christine good just like that you're doing terrific stay right there one second you're doing terrific don't move absolutely wonderful happy now watch how easy the third images give a kiss close your eyes don't pucker just press close your eyes hold you're doing terrific stay there absolutely wonderful there's the first three images you're boring traditional images that you've done a thousand times now turn your heads back to me looking at may not lean your bodies together turn your head to your right beautiful and lean forward not so much and remember this is important the veil is here because a lot of times what do you get underneath here you're going to get a little bit of skin that they're not really going to like so we want to cover it up defusing it so now I'm going to just zoom in and this is when I start toe work we're already up to our fourth posts or take a look eyes on me guys you're leaning forward just like that you're smiling happy teeth eyes up here excellent don't move there's our fourth image so now we have four completely different images did we ever move them note so we're leaning forward we're going to bring her hand here where do you think his hand should go arm because we want to cover up her arm we're going to bring the veil in here turn your head beautiful you lean in close to it now lean forward you notice I'm not touching them as much am I because I'm already starting to teach them what I want you have tohave a command of what you're saying to him again knowing your left from right now for these for the first time I'm gonna add the element of camera tilt and by adding camera tilt what's gonna happen is I'm going to make him a little bit higher and I'm going to thin her out even though she doesn't need it but when we look in there's a little bit of shadow because he's getting light from that studio like lean forward a little bit beautiful good and you're going to lean in close to her handsome good and shit up a little bit beautiful on eyes up here you're smiling not overly happy come on a little bit more gorgeous excellent don't move the camera is tilted on a forty five degree angle so you look we go from straight to keeping it more simple now from here we're going to bring her nose to his cheek to turn your head chin down beautiful lean in close to him good and you turn your head to your left now lean forward we're leaning forward we're keeping the light and right on top of them on my camera do I move it this is why I stay on tripod looking right here handsome lean forward to mae eye's up hold it there just like that don't move stay there you're doing great hold it wonderful eyes up here just like that relax look it out we see the next one comes still not moving the camera look at each other noses together look at each other good now we in your bodies to may exide tilt your head to your right a little bit from your name was forsaken cyrus good look at each other look at the light beautiful soft light and now am I moving the camera turn your head to the left a little bit christina lean away from him look at his forehead smiling beautiful happy teeth come on give it to him don't move now watch how easy the next one comes christina turn your head back to me beautiful a little bit more little bit more voice put your nose on a cheek but lean for to me where I spring you nose to achieve not a year now you see always pushing so hard that doesn't work because it's going to make his nose looked bigger so look at the difference just a little adjustment how long would that take me to direct them to make that minor move but I walk over and I do it in seconds so now her eyes are coming up to me now look at what she did with her right shoulder drop your right shoulder down beautiful more now lean forward to me beautiful you're smiling nice and happy hold it teeth ross not you good hold it excellent don't move so now we've already created from that same sequence we've created four images could we show the last four images never moved the camera could I batch crop all of these works pretty well doesn't it now if you look can we add the other first four images every part of little posing is breaking them into four two to four image sequences so if they step back I don't know if they could see the first four images we did there also a sequence aren't they that's amazing how that works so you're breaking into different sequences so now I've already completed a poses have have I ever moved their body have I ever moved the camera how long do you think it takes me to do that second watch this this is one of my favorite poses that I ever came up with I take the veil and I bring it up over the pet over their heads now when I first started doing this I said there's no way photographers could screw this up but you found a way to do it okay take a look at this put your cheeks together can you guys look at the camera now smile hey I'm under the veil it doesn't work it doesn't work it's a matter of creating that illusion that emotion between look at each other noses together now they could look at each other but we have that already don't wait we want to get the moment before the moments or tilt your head to mae I want you to go in like you're going to kiss but I know what you'd actually kiss I want you with an open mouth close your eyes but no not like you're about to eat her okay I want you to tilt your head because I don't want to see you as much get in close and open your mouth it's the moment before the moment you're not smiling you're kissing take a look so it's the moment before the moment the actual kiss doesn't do anything get in a little bit closer close your eyes stay right there hold on one second would make one change because I'm not liking what I'm getting hold it right there good beautiful stay there take a look now look at the beautiful soft light look at the little emotion right before not done now they are going to kiss but I don't want you to pucker up I want you just the press soft now how do I make it look different then this image it's my cropping because I'll obviously have something besides a wet ah red wall in the background go in and kiss close your eyes stay there take a look we crop it off to the side because again I'm thinking about creating the page now here we start to go when you still haven't moved the camera already up to ten inches had back beautiful I want you to go into her neck cancer go back there close your eyes now what's key here is the lean they need to lean forward because that's going to stretch them both out head back close your eyes beautiful get into a nut cancer good coaches you see that expression on her magic I'm feeling hot from this good we go closing your eyes now take a look we went one way we're now going to go the other lean your body's forward to may so I don't get is much knows holder I gotta move just attack because of my light excellent stay there beautiful lean to may excellent relax don't move don't move sorry that's hard isn't it the red wall makes it but don't move nothing do I care about that little white dot on a veil of course idea but I'm gonna have to remove it because they're all over the veil I just got to keep it out of a place that I can't move but that'll take me how long is that going to take me to do and photoshopped seconds there's a reason I put it in a texture of hair it's just a small little spot because if I put it on face it's going to be more noticeable because you can't really clone because you have texture so what I'm gonna do is basically paint it off which cinema but watch we're not done take a look here green all the way forward now you go further back behind her and now I want you to open your mouth a little bit on what I call this is the one what what does that mean look what happens when you say you guys go what does it do it creates the lips you get the war moment so watch where we crop now I am going to come in tighter eyes down beautiful take a look at what idea we're focusing in there on the mouth eyes down gorgeous this is about nothing more than creating a spectacular crop that looks pretty good doesn't it and um I finished crop I promise you I won't see all this red wall I'm going to see his hand does his hand matter in this print it matters more than anything else the hand is the most important thing because you know he's there he's doing it it's like remember that old movie posters like gone with the wind that seductive look that's what it is is making a lot of it doesn't look like much now and I guarantee you your client would never imagine what it's gonna look like a fiend but it is going to look spectacular you've done how many poses already you've done thirteen poses thirteen poses have I moved him I'm not even close to done bilking infomercial we're not even coast we're going to keep going and there's more okay we're going to keep it going so now we're going to take his right hand we're going to bring it around her shoulder now in this case we're very lucky because it makes it a little bit easier based on their body positions with their rings we're going to bring her hand to her hip with a little bit of attitude now she may be like I feel really done you have to remind I'm not going to see your hand why use the hand really going to the hip toe open the shoulder and pushed the bust so we're going to take her left hand you're gonna bring it around front now she has her ring this is something she waited our whole life or he worked his whole life for look at what we do so what I'm going to dio from camera one this is important one of the most important things you can learn is how to pose the hands so if we could come back here this is what people d'oh they take the hand and they go like this can we show the sum a screen for the people in the studio they put the hand right there if you take a look at the screen okay which I'm sure is going to come up you're going to see the hand looks can we assume in really tight come to about here good let's take a look at the hand the hand looks terrible it looks big it looks bony nothing good about it this is the secret this is one of the most important things I could teach you right now look at my thumb and going into the palm of her hand look at my index finger watch this now I take this finger up I go here and I'm shooting the side of the hand you shoot the side to make it look thinner it's that easy now what's even more important so I have it if you look right on your video now you have a beautiful image don't you look you have a two thirds view with a face but I would crop right to below her nose right and here is a beautiful image of the ring maybe I should take that as part of flow posing it's already there because it's an image because I'm thinking about how to tell a story now watch we're not done yet they're married now you are married right where's your wing you two got to get a look at that you know you're right I feel like killing may take you a little good so let's pretend he had his ring we're going to bring his hand here I notice here nice hand it's highlighting his watch what she gave him is a wedding gift it's highlighting his ring that he didn't lose its hide I'm in their love now most grooms immediately after being married will have a ring you'll be in pretty good shape if not they'll have a tattoo artist who's doing it at that point you're leaning close now look right in here come we pull up so we could see his face take a look watch stretch forward you barely touching him and you like it when I touch you please don't let me know you were gonna bring the veil in here and now glean forward now I want you to look at her eyes now you would think she still looks beautiful but that's not great with the eyes I spoke about it last night it's in between she's not open she's not closed it looks like she's blank bring your eyes down here tilt your head a little bit now look at the difference but what's going to make this really dramatic is going to be the tilt so let's look at what we do I'm gonna pull back here to camera now I'm going to teach you a basic basic rule about tilting if you want the subject toe look down you're going to tilt in the opposite way they're looking does everybody understand it so they're both looking to camera left or in their case camera right so if I wanted to look down I'm going to tell the opposite way if I want them to look up I'm going to tilt in the same direction why is tilt important here tilt is important here for one major reason I don't want anybody to think I don't want mom to be oh she closed her eyes I wanted to be obvious I want him down so here's the thing for all of these poses ninety percent of them I'm actually tilting opposed tilting the camera to the groom at a forty five degree angle because that's going to raise him up one of the upcoming poses is a little different so look at what we do there looking down lean forward stretch out your chin handsome take a look don't move look at how simple this image comes together it's a nice image isn't it we're not done now what we're going to do is bring her chin up tilt the top of your head to him now I look and see the veil is on the edge of the eye it's a little too much till to him I'm gonna pull the hair out of her eye now lean forward by yourself beautiful your eyes they're coming right here chin up a little bit looking at my hand again I didn't move the camera smile and beautiful happy teeth eyes up here go keep those eyes open remember I said it's about paying attention if I'm right she closed her eyes you see how close it is come on let's admit it at home is that impressive tell me you're not impressed by that I am okay we go he's over your beautiful chin down a little bit gorgeous smiling don't move we're not done we got two images from the sequence don't weigh but there's another one in it so I am going to move in because she's gonna open her mouth not smiling actually be serious no smile close her mouth up take a look again he's not in it and you know why he's not in it because the less we have of him the better we are don't move not done yet turn your head to me handsome lean your head to your wife now is he tilted too much a little bit so we need to shorten him and let her come here now the key is leaning forward both their bases are in which direction to the light watch how I set this up I'm thinking album so they're both going to lean forward and now eyes out here I may have to kill that studio light actually it's better for the video we have it on but I want you to realize that home in any audience it's causing a shadow that's very obvious but I'd rather have good video than have great images right now okay so we're going to keep that light on but please know I'm very conscious of this shadow right here on this shadow is coming because what really is the main light here but the problem is I have to focus on the best identifiable part of her which is turning her face this way because sorry how left eye is slightly smaller than a right so I want to bring it closer all right so we're working with it here we got lean forward a little bit beautiful you stay back russ good and now you're looking at my hand I'm goingto go horizontal and now I'm tilting tow her smiling happy teeth don't move what's important to realize here is that this works because they're both looking in the same direction same direction now we're going to talk for a second don't move though you notice when looking at the image most people have bags under their eyes you have to make a choice is a photographer I am obsessed with bags under the ice it absolutely kills me because I don't think it looks good will I eliminated from royce the answer is no but well I eliminated from hard yes I'm either going to go in and completely remove them but you have to be careful with that sometimes because if you remove them they start to take on a different look she could look a little bit more like she's of an asian descent now that may or may not happen you have to determine when doing it if I don't remove them what I'm going to do is work on a layer and photoshopped take them out and play with the capacity to get them to exactly where I want okay but notice I left the whole right side of the frame open to build an album now watch what we do here we're going to take her hand here well he's going to do is pull it up to him you're gonna pull her hand up bring your lips to a hand not my hand what's wrong with you you little freak here we go I knew you're into me roses or look down good stretch that chin out now bring it up just a little bit just press just press on again we're leaning her forward chin out now I'm going to stay where I am in camera spot and I'm going to tilt the camera to the right look down beautiful eyes down don't move take a look very simple and easy how consistent is my lighting and my posing and tilting at this point pretty good right watch how easy than exposes but there will be no tilt bring your eyes up to me going just no you go down big boy now look at what he did you may not realize it can we go back stay where you are can we go back to main camera and we can resume in nice and tight come in take a look at his chin if he doesn't have the beard it's a problem storage you see the deference give him unidentifiable chin line bring your hand out now her eyes come up to may thank you she's looking at may lean forward a little bit gorgeous a little bit more turn your head slightly to your husband showed up turn your head slightly to the right ross can you remove your hand from her shoulder smiling beautiful royce look at her hand happy gorgeous eyes up here keep the eyes open but we beated her eyes will be open take a look at the crop again thinking of a page in the album pretty easy right now watch what we do here at this point I'm going to move but they're not looking down chin up a little bit beautiful I'm going to come to the side of their hands I'm gonna focus on their hands lean back a little bit beautiful little more tilt your head to him ok hold on see this is why it's better to right there because she wasn't getting what I was saying okay we in forward cook down stretch your chin out worth chin up close your mouth take a look side image of the hands now I'm back to center to nature sting image that we're creating with depth of field my cropping is almost all gonna but eliminate the top of them okay watch what we do here now we're going to take ross's hands here I'm sorry we're going to take kristina's hands here bring him around her husband's head now let me ask you this is a nice image but we have the same problem that we had yesterday when the arm goes up what happens it gets too big how can we get rid of it he covers it up and we use the veil now watch what we do here this is going to be a little bit harder but I want to bring hard looking directly at me full face we should do that right that's a rule but once we know what role what can we do break it lean forward and front hide behind shit up for us a little bit come down a little bit lower us no bring your body down we bring ross in front royce is hiding a little bit off her isn't he he's hiding one side he's creating a depth of field issue who do I focus on do I care about ross turn your head to your right a little bit beautiful and look at mei royce look down no bring your chin up and bring your eyes down lean forward works a little bit perfect smiling beautiful keep your eyes open stay right there don't move notice first one her eye starts to close look at it when it opens up much better now stay there don't move shut up beautiful royce chin up look down gorgeous stay right there you're doing great don't move lean forward and your eyes down chin down eyes down beautiful eyes down look in front of you I want her I down I don't want it halfway look at halfway okay it's not enough watch how we change that adjusted to get it down we lean them forward chin up eyes down here almost looking at the tip of their nose not closed look at the difference chin up a little bit beautiful don't move here's the difference now from here watch what we do they're goingto lean away and look at each other look at each other turn your head to him now look at what she did her body went back did she get bigger or smaller to the camera bigger they need toe lean he end up side of the hand look at each other look at his forehead hair out so I see her beautiful eyes make sure she's in perfect profile looking up at the forehead now we're doing great whips good lean in closer to him turn you head to your left beautiful more more more more cleaning closely knit close smiling nice and happy stay there don't move watch how easy the next one comes for a spring your lips to a forehead just press don't kiss close your eyes no smile close your eyes no smile beautiful don't move so we set it up looking how easy they're similar but they change now watch how we move to the next sequence three remember we're always building kick your left again between his legs you're going to push your pelvis into a roy someone open your legs wide by kicking your right leg in between good now I want you to bring your head back beautiful head back all the way russ go work the magic right in there close your eyes ross do a good job good stay right there close your eyes perfect profile now I'm gonna bring whoops just like we did yesterday I'm gonna bring my camera height lower lean your bodies to me guys good close your eyes beautiful royce don't get too crazy don't move watch how easy we change it up lean your body's too may turn your head to me beautiful more more more more chin down a tad looking straight up you're looking straight up you're smiling you're laughing you're wishing it was me doing that to you excellent and you got your image don't move now from here we're going to bring her lips to his forehead relax lips to forehead stretch chin out lean the bodies do you see how quick these images are coming together I'd bring my camera height back up I need to answer some questions though and I are okay we're okay good stay there there's our image we got our image she'll look the's air nice images aren't they they're working great do you know how many images we are we'll weigh over twenty already aren't way not bad if you shot just this would your client be thrilled but it's there's more okay reacts what we deal you're going to stand up tall like a big boy this time you can be taller than her this time I want him taller because I want to create that separation so bring your hands in front beautiful you're going to be in your head to his chest I want you to bring your arms around her hugging bring them underneath the valda underneath here and then I want you to bring your hand here hand here and here and bring your hands up where I could see your ring relax right in here now turn your head to your light you lean forward eyes down to your hand you lean it but I don't want to see you so stretched that chin out turn your head to her eyes down chin up I don't I'm obviously setting up not to have him on the camera still stays tilted to the groom forty five degrees lean forward a little bit good just like that stay there looking down again the less I see of him the better we are now take a look it may beautiful eyes right here your chin up gorgeous just a little bit little bit little bit and you're smiling at me beautiful nice and happy teeth eyes up here you're doing terrific excellent don't move so now take a look you went from this to a completely different thing just by your crop pretty good right now she's going to stand up straight nice and tall she's gonna wrap her hands are on the top of his head you're gonna bring your hands up cheeks together looking at may again they're both in a two thirds you this looks familiar but we're going to change it completely lean forward turn your head lean forward lighting into the face through the body now watch how tight I shoot this I'm literally going to be right here just on the face if I was shooting that tight would it work with flash it would be too intense because I went off to play with it to get it where I want I want to use my torch light at this point shown up a little bit russ good looking at me here leaning forward eyes here no smile no smile good don't move watch the subtle change put your nose right on his cheek beautiful chin down gorgeous ross you were just starving for my attention you starving for a big boy just like that tilt your head works a little bit now turn your head to make rice tony hood little bit little bit little bit good close your eyes beautiful now watch this is where it becomes interesting watch the crop we're going to cut royce and half down the bridge of the nose and I'm going to finish it off and photoshopped so take a look good stuff take a look don't move now they're going to look at each other and I'm going to shoot really tight just on their noses leaning close noses together take your arm around off the back of a shoulder good now looking at him look in his eyes when you see what happens smiling laughing teeth come on give it to him good look at how tight it is don't move now we're going to turn her head to may we're going to turn her head all the way to the right ross put your nose on a cheek chin down russ good now close him out for us stretch out your chin I want you to notice how tight their faces are molded together the foreheads gotta press to get what you want now what do you think I'm going to do I'm going to cut her in half down the bridge of the nose so we're right there look at me beautiful serious close your mouth up and take a look eyes to make a right up here don't move so we created for different images but look at the cropping and when I finished them that's an interesting croft isn't it and we're going to cut more of him out and all finished crop we're not going to see his ear because it doesn't work it does nothing force now watch this we're going to turn ross's head back to us rice is going to lean forward you're going to lean back wait a minute this is an issue why there's a depth of field issue isn't it I'm not worried about this because he could do it there's a depth of field she's going to be softer than him where he's going to be soft or hard because I don't have that much room so what we're doing is I'm looking for something here we're going to lean him forward chin up handsome going to bring her back but what's key is making sure that huff base is not turned in here because if it is what happens on the lighting no good we need to turn her face to the light so he's going to look at me he's going to be serious she's going to be smiling take a look turn your head to your right beautiful good royce you're looking at may stare right there hold it royce serious for me just like that you're doing great ross christina you're doing okay smiling beautiful royce serious good just like that eyes up here good perfect don't move ross watched the adjustment so he shot she's out of focus now what should we change it looked down beautiful good actually you're going to get may voice you look down good lean closer to him gloat about kristina now look at me beautiful perfect stay there smiling gorgeous eyes up take a look don't move look at how easy this is we now changed our focal point from him tahar works doesn't it now from here watch how we change it we're going to turn her back to him turn you back to him everybody knows this pose it's the traditional boring prom pose just gonna help you out a little bit so but you don't get a show good what we're going to do here is we're going to turn back you know this post you've seen it a thousand times you're well over thirty poses on their bodies never moved until now that's pretty interesting isn't it but we're going to go back we're going to get more let's take a look right here the prom pose yea book doesn't work number one she's tilting your head back to him we want to make them connected so we're going to tilt their heads here I want them on the same plane bring a veil in here and take his very masculine pink tie down leaning forward chin up a little bit lean florida how could I make this look interesting I don't know but I know I don't want to shoot it like this it's terrible it's terrible it's boring nobody likes this watch what cropping does looking at me beautiful horse turn your head a little bit to your left good ross you're gonna look at me stay right there eyes up brush chin up a little bit hold that there lean forward a little bit beautiful good chin up gorgeous ball to be serious ross stay right there chin up go just a little bit christina what's you're not gorgeous muchas you try good stay there nice relax serious don't move take a look at what this became just by cropping a lot more interesting turn your head to your left beautiful look down at your shoulder now you turn your head to her look down now here's the thing if I keep my light like this is it in a good spot no because I'm going abroad cider turn your head beautiful more to your left and lean forward she has to lean forward to get the shadow of his nose off of her turn your head to her ross perfect looking down I'm tilting to my right towards him and then I'm going right there just like that hold it don't move stay there you're doing wonderful stay there don't move take a look I made one adjustment just to make sure that I opened it up now her eyes they're going to come up a little bit chin up beautiful chin up now tilt your head to your right ross go into a neck good looks straight out beautiful royce goto her neck the want youto work no rice I need to see her stay right there leaning forward beautiful just like that whole that you're doing great lean forward a little bit gorgeous to make perfect now smiling like he's doing a great job you like this is what doug would be doing happy excellent it's not about anything other than making sure you're getting what you're looking for out of it and look at how easy and simple

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This 3-day weekend workshop will be unlike any other CreativeLive event you've experienced. You'll learn Doug Gordon's unique flow posing system. Learn how to seamlessly move from one pose to the next creating a string of 30 – 50 different unique poses all within a few minutes. Doug is an amazing businessman. He knows what clients want, and how to deliver a product that every client will always love. And beyond everything you'll learn, Doug's style and personality are unique. Prepare yourself for a wild ride!