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Recap and Review

one of the things with this class that I think is the most important thing is you have to if you got this video it's twenty plus hours of content it's twenty plus hours of information now as muchas I want you to buy the video and creative live wants you to buy the video there's one thing you need to know this video is worthless to you if you're not going to watch it you gotta watch it it's called the project it's called the experience for a reason and the reason is very very simple the reason is I want to be able teo give you that total experience of what I'm doing so one of the things we discussed last night that was important was I wanted to give out something to the people at home who were watching to take it to the next level because obviously if you're on a job you can always watch the experience but what you can do is I'm going to give you everything about it so we created a pdf with every image we shot from the past couple of days now these air just not out of camera images thes...

e air the images edited and re touch to perfection to perfection now you know what that's not enough either so what I decided to do was people want to know how I add it and you're going to get to see it today but I wanted to take you step by step through my thought process so included in the actual purchase price the ninety nine dollars besides the course you're going to get a pdf of all the images and even better you're going tohave over two hours two hours almost a photo shop tutorials built then of all the images I shot and everything with it honestly it's a no brainer at ninety nine dollars because the amount of work and time and energy that went into this by creative life myself the people in the audience here but ninety nine dollars you can purchase this now so if you could find a way to just really get that money scratched up it's a good investment because you have every piece of information from this class every tutorial everything you need end on top of it we're going to give you what we're going to give you the slide show that you're about to see so what we're going to dio mike if you can run a slide show of the images that we took over the past two days so the people at home could get an idea of exactly what we did and what we accomplish so let's take a look and see exactly what it boiled down to so you see ah juana and ben frey's in time into so thing ah wait you wait wait you wait no way thank you thank you you don't realize it you saw I think it was roughly about two hundred fifty images so we shot a lot during the course of that time didn't weigh but what's more important is how long did it take me to edit those images I was able tto edit we touch make a tutorial of those and make a slide show and roughly two hours that's not so bad is it so that's what it's about today is equally important as maybe even more important because he is the biggest problem we have his photographers were falling into a trap we forgot the time is money today is crucial because you need to understand that as I said on day one floor posing is not a system it's a way of life it's a way to do things you khun taken apply that same method of what you do to everything you do people ask me all the time how were you able tto work and coach on being a p t a and run all these different things and speak how do you do it I do it because I plan I'm organized I'm or efficient because I'm organized you could call me anal retentive you could call me obsessive but here's the thing I really can't be that obsessive with work if I'm able to find that much family time into things I d'oh it's because I created a system I could sit and try to make each one of those images into a picasso I could but do I really need to do it considering that ninety nine percent of the world is not editing and retouching their images until the client buys them I'm way ahead of the curve I cannot stress to you enough how important it is to get your life back I said it on day one shoot it right edit it right it saves time what I'm about to tell you is absolutely utterly gonna blow your mind and some of you in here are going to be like this no way on the people at home are going to be like he's out of his mind there's no way he can cover it right my jobs all of them that I shoot are edited and re touched the night of the wedding exactly and I'm gonna explain to you how now you see I get asked all the time are you off photojournalist do you shoot candidates on the fact is the reason I don't shoot as a photo journalist the wedding photo journalist is those moments as I told you in the beginning don't occurs naturally as you would think so what's the problem with that when they don't a car nobody says well my wedding wasn't loving it wasn't happy my session wasn't loving it wasn't happy it's they say widen it this happened I need to make it like I told you I look for the perfect shots the great photojournalist have taken one of my big inspirations as a photo journalist would be one of the greatest ones ever job you think he is amazing he feels it he touches it he created but I'm sure joe is honest and is kind and carrying a man I'll tell you he'll say it it's not always there you have to look deep inside for it now coming from where I came from and shooting film I remember remember when I started we weren't doing five six seven eight ten thousand dollar weddings we were dealing five hundred dollar weddings so every ounce of film cost money so if you shot film you understood guess what each world a two twenty roll twenty four exposures is going to cost me thirty five dollars because I have to pay for the film I have to pay for the production then I gotta pay for the pages in the album I don't want to do that I want to make it really really simple and I've always counted that way because I come from the philosophy ofthe mohr is less is more less is more so you notice during of course to the week how many doubles did I take on ly if she blanked now am I telling you to stop taking doubles well in some cases they are if you're doing one hundred twenty different poses in a bride and groom do you really need to take a double of each cut your work flow down you need to make life easier by shooting the right image is shooting the images that make the money so here is how my day runs here's how I edit on the wedding and if those of you I'm sure because we've sold a whole bunch of them there's a video that we created it's a five hour video roughly it's called the real wedding day with may you will see me shoot and edit the entire wedding while out it add it now I guarantee you you don't miss anything it's ano websites called a real wedding day

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This 3-day weekend workshop will be unlike any other CreativeLive event you've experienced. You'll learn Doug Gordon's unique flow posing system. Learn how to seamlessly move from one pose to the next creating a string of 30 – 50 different unique poses all within a few minutes. Doug is an amazing businessman. He knows what clients want, and how to deliver a product that every client will always love. And beyond everything you'll learn, Doug's style and personality are unique. Prepare yourself for a wild ride!