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Exporting Images in Alien Skin

Lesson 34 from: Powerful Portraits using Mirrorless Cameras

Miguel Quiles

Exporting Images in Alien Skin

Lesson 34 from: Powerful Portraits using Mirrorless Cameras

Miguel Quiles

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34. Exporting Images in Alien Skin


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Lesson Info

Exporting Images in Alien Skin

So for me, this particular shot looks pretty good. Let's just say I was getting ready to go ahead and export this for a client or export this for the web. When I right click on the image, you have your export option, so we'll click on that. And so you've got a couple of different options here. So you can go ahead and you can save in the same folder as the original image, which is the capture folder where all of the other pictures are. I tend not to do that because then I can't find it if I have 300 pictures and one of them is an edited photo. I don't want to see all that. So I'll usually click other folder and you can put that anywhere. You can put it on your desktop. You can have a folder for just the images from this session. You know, you can customize that as you see fit. Scrolling down, file naming. So here, you can do some pretty cool things. So, you can add, like, an exposure suffix to the image so it'll be like whatever the file number originally was and then some exposure deta...

ils at the end so that if you did add this to the rest of the images that are in the folder, you would see that this one has an extra long name to it. So, you've got some customization there. You can go ahead and keep the original name. You can do custom text, so I can change it to dramatic portrait one and that will be how it gets exported. Typically, I just leave it as the original name. You can add custom text here to where it has, again, the file name, dash... In this case, I used this earlier so we'll get rid of that. I did a black and white portrait so what I did was I did exposure B W for black and white and then I had another image that was in color so it's just dash exposure. So you had the file name, dash, exposure B W for the black and white and then the color one just had dash, exposure so I knew that that was an image that I did and exposure X two. So you can custom text to the image. So you have a lot of customization that you can do in terms of exporting and adding the file name straight out of the program. You can go ahead and add the extension of the image. So you can make it whatever that is dot jpeg or dot tiff, depending on what you pick, or you can actually have it stay dot jpeg. Again, very powerful. So the example here, this is the file that will actually be exported. So is clday11811copy dash exposure dot jpeg. So I see exactly how it's gonna be exported. So if I want to search this in my computer, that's what I'm gonna be looking for. Scrolling down, you have your file settings. I can export this as a jpeg. I can export it as a tiff or original file. I can change the quality of the jpeg so if you're going to give this to your client as an image that they're gonna print, you export it as a 100% quality jpeg. If you're putting this on the web, you probably don't want to put high-res jpegs on the web because, number one, it takes a lot to upload. Number two, websites like Facebook will compress it anyway. Number three, if you are worried about people stealing your image, don't post high-res jpegs on the web. You won't have that problem. So you could go ahead and you could change this to any percentage between zero and a hundred. Color space, you can put it to sRBG, Adobe RGB, pro photo or original. Meta data is another thing. So you can include all of the meta data or none. So you remember I was talking about putting my copyright information. At this point in the export process I can choose whether to include that or not when it exports the file. We can remove location info so if I'm somewhere I'm not supposed to be, you know, that stuff you can remove or if you're somewhere really cool and you want to remember where that is, if that location data was recorded, you can have that there. And then image sizing. So if you wanted to be able to crop an image to a certain size, like somebody tells you they're looking for specific dimensions, you can choose that. You can choose to edit the long edge, short edge. You can change the megapixels of the image or change it by percentage. So usually, what I'll end up doing, if I wanna make a... Keep the perspective and the proportions. But let's say I don't want it to be 100%, I can change it to 25 or 50 or whatever, and it basically constrains that particular size. Resolution, I usually do 300 pixels per inch. I don't know... If you're doing it on the web, you probably don't need that. But what I've noticed is when I export at 300, and I put that to Facebook, everyone always, they'll say, "Oh wow, your pictures looks so good on Facebook "and when I upload mine, they don't look as good." Part of the reason is because I upload with 300 pixels to the web. So once you've selected all of your options here, you can go ahead and hit export. And it will go ahead and it will export that RAW file that we just edited with all of the meta data, all of the details, all of the information the way we wanted and, to the folder that we chose as well. And it's done. The image is there. We have our high-res jpeg. I can take that, send it to print. Upload it, add it to a gallery, whatever. Once you export that file, the next time you come back into Alien Skin, will it still also be in Alien Skin? Yeah, so that's a good question and when I go back into this, it saves all of these changes into what they call a sidecar file. And so all of those changes are there in that sidecar. So I can go back to that same file and let's say, they come back to me and they say, "Miguel, you know, that's really cool, "the artsy thing you did with the grain, "but I don't want it to be so grainy. "Can you get rid of that?" I can basically go back into the file, go back to this grain section and turn it off completely and then go back again and right click, export the file, and I can go ahead and redo the file very, very quickly. And I didn't mention this earlier but, you could basically... You have other options here as well. So if you need to copy an image. If you don't know where the image is, like where it resides on your computer, you can do reveal in finder and this basically will open up your finder and show you where the image is on your computer. This happens to me all the time, especially now that I'm on a Mac cause I don't really know my way so much around a Mac, I'm like a PC guy, but that's an easy way for you to be able to find your images in the folder. So, good question.

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a Creativelive Student

I want to commend you for hosting Miguel Quiles. He is beyond competent and knowledgeable. Light is Light, but It is encouraging to see incredible minority photographers on your platform and to see diversity in the presenters. It is inspirational for minorities to see themselves on the center stage. I sincerely thank you for that. I am buying this course although I am not a mirrorless shooter because of my support of Miguel and the quality of his instruction of which benefits all photographers. He is a great addition to the Creative Live Family of Presenters that I have supported as well. Kudos Creative Live!

Danae Khan Jones

Wow! As a Newb and someone looking to get into portrait/studio photography, this course was perfect and comprehensive. SO MUCH GOOD CONTENT. Miguel is so approachable about questions, positive, and thorough in his explanations. This course broke down the gear and technical side very well. I recommend going to a class live. It was a great experience with food and beautiful facilities. The facility has a positive vibe and really encouraged me to be creative. Thank you for the experience and knowledge!


WOW!!! I LOVED THIS CLASS!!! I learned so much. He made lighting soooo simple, I finally understood. I liked the way he explained the why of his camera settings and how to overcome ambient light. he explained and made everything simple!!! I liked the way he talked about connecting with your clients. I am so happy I purchased this class. I finally understood lighting What a great teacher!! Thank you!!

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