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Mobile Workflow with Mirrorless

Lesson 43 from: Powerful Portraits using Mirrorless Cameras

Miguel Quiles

Mobile Workflow with Mirrorless

Lesson 43 from: Powerful Portraits using Mirrorless Cameras

Miguel Quiles

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43. Mobile Workflow with Mirrorless


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Mobile Workflow with Mirrorless

Here's what we're gonna do. We're gonna go ahead and we talked about one of the really powerful things when shooting with mirrorless cameras is the fact that you can go and take a photograph, and that you could go ahead and while you're out on the field, you can transfer the photo from your camera to your mobile device and then upload that to the web. So let's assume that I took this picture and I wanted to really quickly, I can't even wait. I got to post this online. I could go ahead and transfer that wirelessly. And I'm gonna show you how do that. So, this is what you're gonna see on the inside, this is the live view by the way. So every time that you've seen me with a camera up to my face looking through the eye piece this is what I see, right? So, that is basically how I'm able to kind of cheat because anytime, let's say for example, I'm gonna go into menu here and I'm gonna do this as a quick aside because now you can see a little bit better what I'm actually seeing in my own view...

finder. I'm gonna turn setting on. So, what that live view display setting does is you see at F9, 160 it's really dark. But if I go ahead and if I change my shutter for example, you notice how it's getting brighter. So now I can see that at 1/6 of a second that is what the exposure would be. So when I take the picture, that's the picture that I'm gonna end up getting. Like it's very simple. If I wanted a different shutter speed maybe I wanna change the aperture. We wanna kind of view what that setting would look like. If I wanna see what an F1.8 looks like that's what F1.8 looks like. If I go to let's say F8 or F9, you could see or F10 it's very dark, right? So, the only way to be able to adjust that if I go to ISO, I raise that, I could see what the ISO is actually doing to the image. This is where I say that it's like cheating a little bit because I see all of these stuff inside of the viewfinder. But anyway, with that being said, let me show you how you transfer this wirelessly. You go into your menu, I'm using an a for this particular method. You could do this exactly the same on an a7II, 6300, R II, so on and so forth. You're gonna go to this top tab right here that has the little broadcast-looking icon. You're gonna hit either Send to Smartphone or Send to Computer. I wanna send it to my smartphone so I'm gonna hit Send to Smartphone. And you could either select the image on your camera, so whatever image that I was just playing back a second ago. If that's the image that I wanna send I can go ahead and just hit select on this device and it will give me the option to select this image or all images on this date. So if I took like a hundred images it will transfer all of them to my phone. Or I can choose multiple images and one by one select which images I wanna do. For the sake of the demo I'm gonna select This Image. And it's gonna say Wi-Fi standby, all right? By the way, this is available on Android, this is available on iOS, basically everything. I'm gonna go to my phone and I'm gonna open up the Play Memories Mobile application. And so, once I open this up you're gonna see my camera says connecting, my phone says connecting. And it's gonna show accessing and basically that's the picture that I had taken, it was on my camera, this is an old picture so everyone like when did this happen? I took this picture in my studio so we're pretending like I took this picture of this camera and I just had to upload it to the web for whatever reason. So, once that's done I hit view and in the Play Memories Mobile app, that picture that was just on my camera is now on my phone. Just like that it took seconds. If your phone has NFC or near field communication you can turn on NFC on your device. On the side of your Sony cameras you'll notice there's a little NFC icon on the side of the camera. So you can actually go and just take your phone and tap it to the side of the camera and it will automatically do everything that I just did manually. It will do it automatically, you just tap and it transfers that image to your device. So once it's here, I can hit share and that is gonna give me the option to basically take this image that you're looking at and to share it on whatever. It will send it to a different app. I can for example send it over as a direct message on Twitter if I'm, have to send them image for some reason. I can attach it to an email. I can upload it to Facebook if I wanted to which is something I do quite often. Or what I'll do is if I wanna edit the image very lightly usually what I'll do is I'll put it on Instagram. And when you select that it gives you these different options so you can add hashtags to the shot and all that kind of stuff. I never do that. I just want the image to basically open up in the program so I hit the check mark up here. And now you'll see that that picture that was on my camera a moment ago is now opened in the Instagram application. And so, I can go ahead and crop the image if I wanted to. I don't want to because it's a pretty cool crop so I'll hit next. And you could add Instagram filters just like you would to any of your images. What I tend to do because people are like, eww, you're adding Instagram filters to your image. You don't need to do that. You can just click normal and if you hit edit down on the bottom you can actually edit the image on your own. So if you wanna adjust your brightness, your contrast, structure, gives it more of that kind of HDR type of look. You can adjust the warmth, saturation, color. Basically everything that you would really want to adjust in a photo you could do it within the free Instagram app. Once you made that adjustments you can hit next. And then I could go ahead and type my message, add my hashtags. Basically everything that I would normally do. I can add locations, tag people and then I have the option from here to share it to Facebook, Tumblr, Flicker, Twitter. I never heard of Swarm, I don't know if that's a thing. So you can basically upload it to any social media that you would like. And it saves that adjusted image in your gallery on your phone. So just like that I could go ahead and the image is actually uploaded to the web. And if I wanted to open it in let's say Lightroom Mobile or in Photoshop Express, all of these mobile apps or Snapseed, there's a bunch of different applications that I'll usually have on my phone. Typically I'll use Lightroom to be able to do the corrections and stuff on my phone and just upload it to the web. So it beats the pants off of taking your cellphone and putting the image on the back of the screen, and taking a photo of that and then uploading that. Because can't really do too much with that as opposed to taking a nice shot like that and uploading it. So, that's it. Any question on Wi-Fi and all that good stuff? Now's the time. Question from Photo Fun, thank you for all of your questions today, so many amazing questions from the viewer, thank you. Yes, thank you. Question is, can you go from the photo in Play Mobile App to bring it into Lightroom Mobile app on your phone as a different place to edit the photo out of the camera. Is that an option as well? Yes. So we'll do that. What we can actually do is we could go ahead and I think I see what's happening. So if I go back into Play Memories and I look at all the images and I click on this one. This is the one that I transferred over wireless and I hit that share button. When I do that I could go ahead and if I scroll through these options. I have Photoshop Express. Oh, this goes in there. Lightroom is in here somewhere. I don't know if I'm missing it. Where are you Lightroom Mobile. I don't see it in there. You can do it in Lightroom though if you open up the Lightroom Mobile app on its own. So we'll just do it that way. We'll go to Light room here. There's a lot of Lightroom lovers that are watching. So if I hit plus we can create a new collection and I could actually go ahead and in Lightroom Mobile I can go ahead and add photos. And you could find the photograph so it's adding from camera. We'll go to add from Play Memories Mobile and we'll select that image. Hit check. And so there is the image. We'll click that. And now within Lightroom Mobile I can go ahead and I could adjust everything. So, white balance, temperature, tint. Exposure, contrast, highlight, shadows, whites, blacks, clarity, vibrance. All of the things that you would really want to adjust on a photograph you can go ahead and you can adjust those within Lightroom mobile as well. Whatever application, I don't care what it is. Like name it, I don't know. There's probably iPhone apps that are out there that maybe I don't have on Android that allow you to do correction of photos. You can transfer it to Play Memories and it's saved on a Play Memories folder on your phone. So if you go to your gallery you'll see like the Play Memories option there and all the photos that you transferred are within that group. And from there you can kick it out to an email, to Facebook, Twitter, whatever. So, good question. So a question from MacGyver who asks on your Sony cameras, now we know you shoot in RAW. Yes. Do you ever if you know you're gonna wanna sort of upload it quickly. Yes. Do you ever shoot in any of the creative styles as well as RAW? So, for like the standard, vivid, neutral so that it speeds up your work photo. Is that something that you could do? No, I don't usually do that but what I do is I will do a RAW and JPEG. So if I'm in the menu I'll select RAW JPEG and that way if I'm gonna deliver, let's say if I'm shooting a event and they say, "Miguel, I need the images before you leave "so I can upload them to the web." I wanna make sure that I'm shooting them to where they don't need to be post-processed so you wanna make sure your exposure and everything is correct. But I'll shoot RAW and JPEG and at the end of the day I'll just dump all of the JPEG files. I'll bring the RAWs home with me. And then if they say, "Well, Miguel, "this particular file." There's like perfect example, I shot an event and I'm walking around taking all of these shots and there was a roll of paper towels on the floor and I didn't notice it because it was a really wide shot that I had just done, and there's just like a random paper towel roll on the floor. And so, they're like, "Hey, could you take that out." And so, I opened up the RAW file, got rid of that using the tools in Photoshop and resent it to them as a JPEG. So, usually that's as far as I would go but I tend to kind of control the process a little bit of delivering files, and I think I talked about this on the break. But basically I wanna be able to deliver good files to the client. I don't wanna have to kind of jury-rig it and just go with whatever the camera is spitting out. I wanna give something that's true to my level of work and my caliber of work. And that's all done when I'm working in Exposure and Photoshop and Capture One and programs like that. That's a good question. All right, Miguel. Well, it has come to that time. I would love to ask you one final question. You started off this class talking about how you started, how you're here. Yeah. Many years ago in the CreativeLive classroom, this very room as a student. What would you tell yourself back then now that you have sort of most learned, what would your biggest recommendations be for people who are still sitting in your shoes, like in the shoes that you wear years ago. I would tell myself to be more confident, you know? I would tell myself that a lot of the reality of your situation as a photographer is that you really need to be confident in yourself, you need to be confident in your work because there's gonna be a lot of people in the industry that they will want to tear you down. They're gonna want to tell you that you don't know what you're doing, that you can never be good. I've had people along the way that I've thought, that I thought were friends and that I counted as friends that basically kind of tried to take me down along the way and discouraged me and keep me from ultimately achieving my dreams. And so, that was the scenario that I was in when I was a student sitting in those seats and watching like everyone else's online where I had people that were Debbie Downers. So I would tell myself from back then that don't listen to all that noise. You know, focus, work hard. This isn't easy but it can be easy if you take the time to work on it and apply your craft. And so, I would tell myself not to give up, work really hard and this isn't rocket science. And I really hope that as you walk away from the class that you understand that these types of images, they can be very, very easy. They don't have to be this like mystical, magical process. Like I literally showed you from taking the backdrop and setting that up and turning on the light, and putting the settings. And what did I do to get the proper exposure. How did I retouch the image? I'm literally showing it to you from start to end because that's what I needed to see when I was sitting in your shoes. I wanted to see the whole process. I don't wanna see half of it because in my mind it's like, well, what about the rest of this stuff? How did you get to that? So, I really wanted this first class to be one that was, it shows everything from soup to nuts and hopefully everyone sees that and enjoyed it. Absolutely. Absolutely did, Miguel. Where can people follow you? Where can they make sure to keep up with all of your latest work? Yes. So that would be awesome if you guys do that. If you go to you can basically go to all of my social media links from there. I have a blog where I basically share my videos and articles and reviews and all sorts of different stuff. Follow Facebook, Miguel Quiles Photography and Instagram is the big one because I share a lot of images on there. I tell you what lenses I used. A lot of different detail and information and they're usually images that are different than what I post on Facebook. So, Instagram is the place to be.

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I want to commend you for hosting Miguel Quiles. He is beyond competent and knowledgeable. Light is Light, but It is encouraging to see incredible minority photographers on your platform and to see diversity in the presenters. It is inspirational for minorities to see themselves on the center stage. I sincerely thank you for that. I am buying this course although I am not a mirrorless shooter because of my support of Miguel and the quality of his instruction of which benefits all photographers. He is a great addition to the Creative Live Family of Presenters that I have supported as well. Kudos Creative Live!

Danae Khan Jones

Wow! As a Newb and someone looking to get into portrait/studio photography, this course was perfect and comprehensive. SO MUCH GOOD CONTENT. Miguel is so approachable about questions, positive, and thorough in his explanations. This course broke down the gear and technical side very well. I recommend going to a class live. It was a great experience with food and beautiful facilities. The facility has a positive vibe and really encouraged me to be creative. Thank you for the experience and knowledge!


WOW!!! I LOVED THIS CLASS!!! I learned so much. He made lighting soooo simple, I finally understood. I liked the way he explained the why of his camera settings and how to overcome ambient light. he explained and made everything simple!!! I liked the way he talked about connecting with your clients. I am so happy I purchased this class. I finally understood lighting What a great teacher!! Thank you!!

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