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Powerhouse Yoga

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How-To Approach This Class

Kristin McGee

Powerhouse Yoga

Kristin McGee

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2. How-To Approach This Class


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Lesson Info

How-To Approach This Class

Hey, guys, it's Kristin McGee, and I'm so excited that you are joining me in this powerhouse yoga Siri's This is a Siris of five Pilate's infused yoga flows of various length that's really gonna teach you how to tap into your powerhouse, that core region and make you super strong in your yoga practice. So the very first class in this plan is tapping into your power house, learning how to really engage that region. Are you engaging it correctly? How do you find the pelvic floor muscles? How do you really find your powerhouse and let the ribs connect to each other and get that strong foundation in your core? The second class burn baby burn is using our glutes and our lower back as part of our course. So we forget that our powerhouse is really comprised of our but all the way up to our shoulders. And it's that core region that we're gonna work to really make our practice strong. Not to mention we're going to get a nice, strong booty out of this class. Third class is a real big spot sessio...

n. It is a twisting flow, so what we're doing is working the obliques and a lot of that rotational movement that is so important in our yoga practice and also in our daily life. So as you do a lot of that twisting movement, you might really build up a sweat. You're gonna detoxify and you're gonna get really strong in this class. Fourth class is all about balance. So finding our court when we balance when we're standing, when we're on our arms when we're in an inversion. So the powerhouse is super important to supporting ourselves when we're in our balances. Fifth class is a restore it, Ivo powerhouse stretch. And this is one of my favorites because it just feels so good. We release the so as which sometimes gets tight when we're doing core work because we don't really want to grip in the hip flexors or the quads or the so as we want to learn how to engage the pelvic floor in the powerhouse. And then we had long gate the muscles so we learn how to really get more flexible in are yoga practice by tapping into those Pallotti's powerhouse principles The very first time you do this, Siri's try it in the order that I presented because it's a great way to start without tapping into your core and then seeing how everything builds. After that, you can use the classes in any order that you want. If you're ah, diehard Yogi, don't worry if you're a little frightened or you've never done any Pallotti's or you don't want to do Pallotti's during your yoga practice. I've really found a way to just kind of sneak in some core principles and some powerhouse moves. That's only going to support your yoga practice. And if you've never done Pallotti's before, you don't need to be afraid of it. I'm gonna break it down for you. I'm just gonna teach you how to tap in your powerhouse right from the beginning. You don't need any props unless you want to have some props. You can have a block near your Matt. You can have a strap for your hamstring stretches, and then, really, you just need a willingness to learn to dive in, to do something different with your yoga practice and to have fun. So good luck. I think you're really gonna love this program. You're gonna really find those strong core muscles tap into your powerhouse spine and energy you've never had before in your yoga practice and really take your practice to the next level.

Class Description

Skill level: Intermediate
Classes: 5
Time: 30-60 min
Cycle: 5 days

Spending long hours sitting, standing, bending or crouching in service of your creativity requires a strong body. In fact, creators can benefit greatly from exercises that strengthen their core and improve their posture. Powerhouse Yoga is Pilates and yoga combined, designed to activate and strengthen your “powerhouse,” which is the core group of abdominal, lower back and pelvic muscles that are the foundation for all movement. These classes will help you:

  • Create a dynamic, full-body workout
  • Improve your posture, body alignment and stability
  • Unlock newfound strength
  • Develop heightened control over core muscles
  • Build an understanding of the most connected part of your body

Kristin McGee is a celebrity yoga and Pilates teacher, speaker, author and mompreneur who’s considered a pioneer in the yoga movement. Kristin is known for making fitness fun and accessible for students of all ages and stages. She’s appeared on a variety of TV shows, including “The Today Show,” “The Jay Leno Show” and “Good Morning America.” And she’s produced her own DVD series covering power yoga, yoga for preteens, Pilates for beginners and more. Kristin will teach you how to:

  • Perform stretches and standing postures
  • Engage, activate and stabilize core muscles
  • Support balancing postures, inversions and other yoga poses
  • Increase overall strength, flexibility and control

These five dynamic, full-body fusion workouts of 30 to 60 minutes are perfect for intermediate yogis. They are ideal for those who want to harness deeper core awareness and activation to enhance their daily yoga practice.

Workout Descriptions:

Wake Up the Core
Wake up your core with essential Pilates moves for your yoga practice. No props are needed, but you may want a strap or blocks for stretches and standing postures.

Burn Baby Burn
It's important to have a stable and strong back as a part of your core muscles. This class will focus on Pilates glute exercises and hip exercises to make sure your powerhouse is as strong as can be.

Full Body Sweat Session
Get your heart rate up and ignite your core! This class focuses on Pilates oblique exercises and twisting actions, which are crucial to everyday movements.

Core Balance
This yoga balance sequence will explore standing postures, arm balances and inversions. We'll understand why a strong and active core is so crucial to these types of poses and get a good workout in, too.

Powerhouse Stretch
This class offers a calm, restorative sequence to release all of your muscles, especially your deep psoas. You'll focus on using your core to go deeper into poses and increase your flexibility as you go.


Anja Vlasblom

This ​is a great class. I like Kristin's energy and way of teaching. A few years ago I attended Bikram Yoga Classes, and that is all my experience with yoga so far. Before I started to view this class, I watched Dylan Werner's class "Yoga Strength Basics for Beginners" here on Creative Live, and this was super helpful for understanding how to move correctly during this class.

Christine Yun

I took the Full Body Sweat Session lesson and thought it was a great overall yoga class. Kristin walks you through all the basic moves and I loved how she incorporated ab workouts too. I didn't sweat as much as I wanted to but it was definitely a great home workout!