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Purpose: Top 10 Motivations

The top ten of these air just little tidbits I've acquired it might be just a few more than ten, maybe eleven but it's hopefully it's kind of wrap up everything we've talked about it's going teo give you some thought to move forward. Don't worry about the things that can go wrong the wrong things were typically what lead you to the right ones okay, so sometimes failing is the best thing that could ever happen to you have ever had, you know the whole thing, the whole concept of the silver lining. Oh, that cloud has a silver lining when rain clouds come in there you always sunshine peeking through afterwards, right? And it's true with mistakes that you make, sometimes your biggest mistakes lead you to the best result. So don't worry too much about the things that can go wrong because things will go wrong, it's guaranteed they will go badly wrong at times, but you have to step outside yourself and look at the big picture and go ok, what can I learn from this? How can I take this bad and m...

ake it good again? It's that positive that gets positive thing? A positive attitude? We'll fix a lot of problems and at least don't make you feel better, right? Don't devalue yourself and don't play down the value of pure assertiveness perseverance and passion I think that's what I've been preaching you guys this whole time don't devalue yourself and don't play down the value of assertiveness perseverance and passion be extraordinarily audacious and really humble I try to do that but I'm not always successful it's a hard one to be audacious was audacious mean relations means brave take those calculated risks have that fire in your belly and be willing to go you want I can do this if it's really hard just take one step at a time if you have to be like my sister look over the edge of the cliff and calculate the trajectory make sure there's water down below measure how deep it is and how strong the current isn't the wind will push you in a direction do it if you have to over analyze do it if that's how your personality works do it just always be able to step outside yourself and ask yourself is that over analytical nature is hurting you or helping you and if it's hurting you you might want to change a few things don't do this alone okay solidarity is the kiss of death a support system will save you when you need it even if it's just a complaint about a client my sister bless her heart I love her so so much she is my older sister and she has put up with me for years basically being in her shadow following everything she does, I feel like sometimes I feel like the younger sister who you know, when you used to be in the car used to copy everything your older sister said, you know, that whole copycat game and you shouldn't annoy the heck out of her. I have little sister syndrome. I totally probably yeah, I could do you could do it. I could do it too, you know? But she has put up with me in so many ways, and we have this beautiful friendship and camaraderie and we share problems together and we call each other the complaint about clients she understands. My husband doesn't always understand wes is hurt he's just don't understand the industry. I could tell him things and he's just like yeah, yeah, honey y you understand? But he doesn't really feel it with me. Jenny feels it with me and having that kind of person in my life has been so helpful in moving forward remember the whole hospital display thing I told you about? I must have called her five nights a week crying for like, a week, okay? And she she helped me. So how do you find that if you don't amazing sister like mine, you get to know other photographers in your town? I have several photographers in my town who are dear friends and we talked to each other we don't have always have the time to meet but when we do we talk about our experiences, we go overpricing ideas oh I'm going to do this marketing tactic and most photographers and other markets would look at me go really you share all that stuff yeah kimberly and I sit down at jackson's corner with coffee and we'll go over oh my god she says I'm going to do this new marketing campaign with these preschools in bubble but um she's all off in her own little direction like yeah, you could do this this and that and she does the same thing for me there's a mutual respect there where we respect each other's business would not be nice to have you have to go out and find it and you're going to burn occasional there'll be a photographer who takes what they want from you and leaves so be it let him do it cares find the next one don't waste your time there will be a doctor out there who will help you and then you guys are in a great situation will most of your from seattle right? Are all of you from this area? You're not the same zip code or you know look at what you have the four of you can exchange information, talk to each other on the phone and come back your problems together even if you live far away that's the beauty of technology and you know I speak a lot all around the country, so I have friends in every state and it's so fun to get together at these conventions and big events and and pao about stuff I'll pick up the phone and call laurie and I won't be like what you did you television advertise what would you know? What is that about and help me and she'll talk me through it okay? So find a network even if it's just going to a convention and finding someone outside your town that may be easier that you've been calling the phone that's helpful but have a support system not only your family and close friends but people who are in the industry who know what it's like that helps a lot solidarity's the kiss of death and it makes george come out in full force. George loves it when you're alone who he loves it when you're alone and that's the time when you need to really kill him. Okay, yeah running a business is a wild ride of emotion I don't think this is mine I think who said this if you give in to the ups and downs, how can you get anything done? A positive attitude in the face of adversity is what will keep your passion alive and help you focus when you need it most the glass half full mentality. I mean, there's. I mean, you guys have heard my emotional struggle on crying because the display didn't work and elated to some client spent ten grand. And, you know, I mean there's there's, just this little rule up and down, up and down. But can you imagine if you let those emotions get you on a daily basis, the little things you wouldn't get anything done, so try really hard to keep an even keel b positive. And when the bad things happen, you know, find that silver lining and live on that take that and run with it and go. Yup, problem sucked. Normal lesson. Moving on. Yeah. Five. No, I didn't put them in order. I forgot the five. Sorry, my bad mood anyway. Okay, so take risks, but do it on your terms. Some people jump without looking, knowing there'll be water below. Some people need to look over the first the cliff first to make sure figure out who you are and take calculated risks. Nobody gets ahead unless they take a calculated risk. Don't go wildly at it. I mean, my whole example of having two hundred dollars in my bank account and not being able to pay my rent a little stupid, okay? I'm not gonna advise you to do that, but what I wanted the reason I tell you this because it was a big risk and it paid off, I don't advocate huge risks like that, but I do advocate being brave don't let yourself be paralyzed by a weakness or by a lack of opportunity make those opportunities and take those risks that resonate in accents clear okay, sometimes you just gotta go for it's daunting task to run a business but it's not a scary is a dead end corporate job for the rest of your life. I don't think this is mine either, so keep that in mind. I don't think I didn't just go for it ask yourself, would you rather be in a golden cage all your life in a corporate job you hate or would you rather drive your own ship? It's the life of an entrepreneur? I'm an entrepreneur, I have that mentality I love the idea of driving my own ship, you know why? Because I know I'm going to get it to its destination. I know that no matter what if I persevered even in the windy weather, even the storm's, even when the rocks get in the way, I can fix my ship when it breaks and move on, and if I can't fix the ship, I'll figure out how to do it if you can just build a conference yourself to say you know what if there's a problem, I can cope with it, you can cope with it think of all the hard things that have happened to your life name inflation in the hard thing that's happened to you in your life I couldn't be business, it could be family. It could be anything, you know, a challenge with child rocky relationship, whatever something that really bad happened to that resonates. Harden your heart, you know that that was tough. One getting the college is hard, but did you finish? Yeah. Okay. Yeah, alone's, but yeah, just like kind of balance working in school and paying bills was scary, wasn't it? Yeah, but you did it. You coat. What about you, stephanie? Well, starting this business was hard. Yeah, you know, not the dreaming about it. Photography of it designing the studio part. That was the fun and pretty part, but the getting clients and figuring out accounting systems and thinking that yeah, has been very hard said hard, but you're coping. Yeah, you're figuring out solutions doing you may know how all the answers right away, but your I mean, look, you're here you're you're taking action to fix the ship when it's broken what aboutyou arena what bad has happened in your life you don't have to share if you want time here I am putting everything on the spot well these bad things but what happened in your life that was traumatic I can't think about anything okay if you're sure it's ok just let me know weaken its okay I want you to feel pressured I need to think with you let's get this away you want to share? Sure go for um it runs in my family but when I was nineteen I was diagnosed with a mood disorder and I had wild ups and downs but I'm here now and I love what I do you love what you do you're coping it's something you're gonna live with the rest of your life but you're living exactly and you're doing what you love which I'm really grateful yeah and you're coping just fine the time I know it's hard way all have times in our life where we have problems and it seems like it's the worst thing in the world all the time but ask yourself what's the worst thing that can happen the absolute worst thing that could happen so maybe I would, you know, crawl in a hole of emotion my mood would be up and down left right? I wouldn't be able to control it I'd lose all my friends, I'd lose my money my job and I'd be destitute that's pretty dramatic right but it is the worst thing that can happen what's the best thing that can happen get it under control I have a life that I never dreamed off get married think about having kids have my own business that I love and both of those you can cope with and you know what nine times out of ten it happened somewhere in the middle you get part of what you want you have hard times but if you have if you think about the best and the absolute worst thing that could happen to you usually you sit there and go well if I can live with the worst I'm probably okay if you don't I mean if you could live with the worst you're probably going to be okay for me it was I had a really traumatic relationship with my with my dad and he wrote me a very strong letter to my sister and I and said that he didn't want to talk to us and for four years I didn't speak to him and I have to say this last january he there's just a few weeks ago he came and spent a three day weekend and met my grants his grandson for the first time and it was lovely and beautiful but at the time I hit felt like he had died I feel like he didn't love me it was so dramatic but I coped with it I grieved I moved on, I cope with it, I was able to pursue my other interests and it's okay? And it ends up with a very happy ending and I'm so grateful that he came back into my life was open to the invitation and now he's gonna have a beautiful relationship with his grandson, and he told me he loves me and in that effect, he texted me on wednesday and said I watched him and create eleven I'm so proud of you and that just made my whole world but what I'm trying to tell you is yes, a daunting task to start up and run a business it's but it's not a scary is the worst thing that can happen in your life and no matter how hard it gets in the process, you could live with it. You will be ok, you're gonna be okay, you're talented, you're beautiful, you have a gorgeous heart and you're passionate and if you persevere and never take no for an answer it's gonna happen just I mean swing the bat, I don't play baseball. Can you tell this'd be scary for me to be on the baseball field? Look, I mean, baseball players out there are going, julia don't do that, but I mean swing the bat eventually you're gonna hit one out of the park okay it's physics it will happen it may not be very graceful but it will happen right? I'm sorry so you need me to make you cry ignore the advice you get and here I am giving you advice you are your own radar most advice is crap less than five percent of it is game changing. So take advice with a grain of salt and I mean that and I mean my advice too. Okay, here I am spilling all this advice that you and I'm telling you not to listen it's true just take little pieces of it that you know, resonate with you and you feel it go yeah that's that could work what's she saying does mean something. Okay, take that that's the five percent that could be game changing for you, okay? And may and like like austin cleon says steele liken artist pablo picasso good artists copy great artists steal, steal it, take it, make it your own ok every time you state what you want or believe you are the first to hear it it's a message to both you and others about what you think it's possible don't put a ceiling on yourself oprah winfrey said that okay, when you even just think of a dream, you are thinking that it's possible right, you wouldn't think it otherwise I mean just logically statistically if you have a dream and like when I was I used to ride horses when I was a kid I rode massage and I want I want it to be the olympics she could pay the olympics and I dreamed like, oh gosh, I could do this and I ended up not going to the olympics because my desires and my dreams changed but had I persevered and presumed it you bet I could have did you know that becoming a meteorologist in a top twenty five television market is the same odds of making it into major league baseball? It's not easy there are four positions per market and there's only twenty five markets there's only one hundred positions I mean granted keep in mind not every some stations have mohr mohr positions than others but generally on average about four positions per station there's the morning meteorologists there is the evening meteorologist there's the weekend morning in the weekend evening you so there's four slots so multiply that by twenty five that's one hundred positions in the u s in the top twenty five markets joon how many millions of people want that job the otter ridiculously against me but I had a dream and I sat there watching cnn jeannie mose who's still on the air to this day watching her stories and I wanted to be her diane sawyer I watched her and worshipped the ground she walked on I was like only cost I'm damned to be diane sawyer I loved the news I loved what it stood for I was writing the first draft of history that was my passion sadly that purpose got squashed by the industry the industry is not a very kind one it's very harsh and the negative energy that all these negative stories you know kind of put on me on a daily basis dealing with rapes, murders and child abductions and fires every day was was very draining and so that kind of killed my purpose and the industry wasn't what I thought it was it wasn't capital j journalism with a cause it's an advertisement industry it's ratings okay, that is a business but that's ok, I found my new passion and that career gave me so many skills to do this one who was it was stephanie and I were talking about how everything it passed in your life is just preparation for what's going on in the future so mistakes that you make and bad things that happen in your business are simply preparation for what's coming next, so learn the lesson the quicker you learn it, the less often you're gonna have the problem okay, so don't put a ceiling on yourself and when you say what you believe that means you're saying it's possible don't put a ceiling on and then finally george is your enemy crush him? He is a narcissist and he is not doing you any good, okay? Really, george is evil get rhythm okay? And when you're alone is when george is going to haunt you most and when you've done something wrong and you know it george is going to really reared his ugly head you need the angel on the other side saying it's okay you screwed up just fix it it'll be all right listen to that one talk to yourself as if you were talking to your best friend if susan royally screwed up here and made some terrible mistake and george was on her shoulder just knocking her down on dh she was upset I would say to her susan it's ok, you can fix it you're still wonderful. I mean, I would talk to you like a friend like I really cared about you care about yourself and take care of yourself, okay? How do we feel? Motivated inspired let's go through it all of it really people in the chat rooms they're like they're like we love this, you know, and george was the big one way all have george we do we we really we do all have toured jim alberto just must have joined us because he's saying who is george way george three days, georges, that little devil right there on the shoulder that tells you you can't do it says you sock he's lying okay, so just really briefly before tart takes taking questions for those of you who are interested in upcoming workshops that I'm doing throughout the year, you can go to our website and kind of looked we have approached like workshopping coming up and a newborn workshop that I'm doing with julie class meyer and call it paula can't her town in kansas can't pronounce it anyway, so that's in september, so take a look at that and then, of course, social media. If you want to find me, the best place to do so is on social media, instagram, twitter or facebook. I love instagram it's so much fun I, but you'll be inundated with obnoxious pictures of my son, so just keep that in mind if you follow me on instagram and the books to me think of you that sort of that it's brilliant books to me is a through pro d p I my lab and they follow your instagram feed, and if you pay a monthly fee or a quarterly fee, they will send you ah press book of all your instagram photos and you don't have to think about it, they just put it in and send it to you. And if you don't want the image in the book, you just put the hashtag no btm, no books to me and they'll ignore that image so you can I mean, this is brilliant for me because I'm totally that shoemaker his kids have no shoes, you know? I don't have I don't take enough pictures of my son and they stay on the hard drive I mean it's terrible, but I wanted them in print, so I'm constantly with my iphone and so now it's like a solution for my little my little scrapbooks, I love it. Yeah, question. Oh, I just wanted to let everyone know if you have not liked her facebook page, you need to go to jule images facebook dot com slash jule images I think we've gotten over fifteen hundred like from the last local vice yeah, life it's kind of cool, it's really cool, actually, I started at thirty two hundred, I think for at over over fifty, five hundred over fifty, five hundred now. All right, so let's get some more not under her facebook page let's. See how many facebook likes you could get her in the next twenty minutes? Everybody rally jule images and jason and like her hey, just get up, say at least a six thousand before we in the class today think that often but I do want to take some questions I know people have fears, you know, they have concerns and let's use this last half hour or so to really hone in on problems we know we might have and let's hash him out let's talk about him same with thing with the folks online and I wanted to leave a little time at the end on purpose so that we could do this andi you know, have that camaraderie you can't do this alone you just can't so between all of us here in the studio and those of you online, what are some of the problems you're gonna anticipate with growing your business and developing a sale system on what's working now for you that you want to keep that you want to keep incorporated into this new system? Yeah how do you deal with it the beginning very inconsistent monthly incomes what do you plan for or is there a good way to deal with one month you bring in mr thousand dollars in the next month year you know? So what you're asking is how do you deal with you have this inconsistent income? Yeah do you just keep everything tight until you can get more? Yeah that's what I did I mean, there were times when I was worried I was going to make my overhead I mean they're they're definitely times when you're you know you could barely have enough sessions to cover the overhead and that's just the way it is when you're first starting out you have to grow what's scary is you know you need certain budgets for things you know you need a marketing budget and in the beginning for me it was more like whatever money I had market you know, any extra income that came in I would try to use for some marketing project so um I think the biggest question that you should ask yourself when you do have a little extra income is how will this money make me money how can I use this pile of money that I have a small as it is how can I use that money to make maur what efforts that I take we'll bring in more cash and like I was telling you guys earlier at lunch I mean sometimes you have a winston fly rod and sometimes you have a bamboo pull with a rusty hook some marketing campaigns are going to work great that you never expected because you just kind of threw it out there I'll see what happens and sometimes you point make all these plans you spent all this money on something and it does nothing like my my hospital display those air really scary because you've invested a lot in them but as long as you have the confidence to know that the fish know you're out there I mean the hospital was the best thing I could've possibly done every single woman who gives birth into shoots county does it at charles birthing center so they're seeing my work okay I knew they were seeing it the fish were there but why aren't they biting the bait wasn't right the wrong fly okay, so use your whatever leftover cash you have and sometimes months going too tight especially when you're trying to do this whole fine art thing with commercial and drop off the wedding's there's gonna be times you'd be like okay, I just gotta book a wedding to get through next month do it do what you have to do to survive okay questions trying to decide if I should break into framing christian I do some framing I like my clients to go home with a finished product that they can put on the wall I don't sell a ton of it I don't wantto have a hard time with with framing cos right now who are promoting two photographers because they charge you retail and then you have to mark up from there larson jule is ah is a frame company in united states that that works with frame shops so they distribute their product to you know michael's and american frame and all these companies that do framing for the consumer well if you have a retail space studio you khun b a larson jewel customer as a photographer they send you the frame course for free yeah, I know you shouldn't be charged for frame corners okay? If they say they want you to sell their product, why would they charge you for the corners? You give away free gift cards, right? I don't have a little pet people about this but so larson jule charges me wholesale and they do join frames from you a little bit more expensive to join frames but then I do the insertion of the image staple it in the paper backing on the mountain and all that so I don't actually join frames but I do insert and protecting all that stuff and it's not hard skill you could certainly do that on what might save you some money but it is some time so ask yourself if the time is worth of value. You know I asked you guys about product did you do your product homework lessons and kind of think about the products that you wanna carry? Was it helpful? Yes, it was helpful. Good, good. And I think all this whole while these last three days you're kind of starting to develop what your purpose is. And so as you start to implement the five piece with that purpose in mind, things might change a little bit so just be for warned that those changes may happen and this is a lot in your head I mean, your brain probably hurts a lot right now. Um so take some time tonight, relax, take a bath, have a glass of wine whatever it takes and just kind of let it just sit there and marinate. Ok, then tomorrow make your list the list that the circle encompasses and start prioritizing. Ok, any other questions? How we doing doing them? People are just starting to type in their comments about what we talk. What? We just talked to the broker burger portrait says julia I just got this class you have lifted me up since I lost my job yesterday on this just proves that I need to focus on my photography and stop chasing something that I'm not supposed to be in all caps thank you for opening my eyes oh, you're so welcome that could be so hard to lose a job it's very self esteem crushing george loves to come out in those moments and he's really hard on you. Thank you that's just awesome. Um keep pressing. You can do it. That's it's really it's really the take home message I guess is and persevere. I tell you, if it weren't for perseverance, I would not be where I am today I mean, there are times when I just want to quit, so there will be those times yeah, should I put my whole priceless like splitting those collections different options for clients on my website or should I send them in the email when they contact me? Yeah, well, I still my pricing two photographers, so I don't have the whole thing online because I don't want them to just be able to go because, you know, I worked hard to develop it, so I do offer two photographers, so I don't put the whole thing on my website and I still have client success if that's a good you know, that's, the reason why I don't put it on my website, but I do give the structure I do say ok, you'll pick this, you'll pick this and I say most clients spend this and collection starts at this, so I give people an idea clients you collection start at around six hundred fifty dollars. Most clients spend between eight hundred thousand on their session and get a lovely selection of fine art pieces and their digital images, so that right there tells them whether or not they can afford me and whether or not to call because honestly, I don't want to just keep all my pricing off the website because then I'm gonna get increase and phone calls for things that that waste my time, who people can't really can't afford me like the wal mart, j c penney people you know they'll call me on my budget two hundred dollars can you don't know I can't help you sorry, I mean I'm going to wasting all my time talking those people on the phone or if I have some basic pricing on the website and people read that that pre qualify a lot of clients that's my reasoning photographers have a different reason you have to do what works for works for you but I have found that to be the easiest sometimes my time just my time is valuable and so when it gets wasted on people who I know are going to be recalled my client's it can be a little annoying so yeah when the plinth returns to you for a session do you send the same packet like you send for the first time or you just book them and that's it no, I send them the same pack it all over again yeah, so a repeat client what's what's really cool is give me I've been in then now for four and a half years and I'm starting to get a second baby which is really, really neat and talk about becoming close with your clients you're the first day becomes we photograph it and then two years later the next one's coming and they call you go we're pregnant just on the facebook page today one of my clients it was so sweet because you're doing a great job on creative lives and and little morgan was looking at you and she knew that was her photographer I was just like about way can't wait to see you in june with the next one you know that was so cool number one that my clients are actually watching this and number two that she's she's become part of my family and I love that about what I do that to me that special in some business owners would say don't do that that's the kiss of death I don't know I love being close to my client's I'm in a relationship business so to me that's valuable but you do have to stand your ground and say you run a business I gotta make a living you do if you do want to hire me you have to pay me I'll treat you well of course and I want this relationship there's that respect blind that you have to draw and say hey respect my livelihood and that's all it is if you do it in a kind way than people will pay you and value for what you do and you want that don't you you want people to want to pay you for your work because it feels damn good it's like wow someone values me and values my time and a good friend and a good client will respect that and they won't ask for a discount okay, more, more, more, more stephanie, I have a question about pricing your ala carte prices versus your collection prices is there a significant bumper vintage bump or is no it's just enough to be influential? What is his? The digital files are the same price in allah car as they are in collection in ala carte you get to pick twelve in collection to get him to see where the value is remember that family yesterday there's no way they could pick twelve you kidding me? They would have agonized over it now I have had it happen but rarely do buy it do clients by allah card because they don't want to have to choose it's too hard and I don't blame them and I want to create art product for them so I steer them towards collection because to me the value of a printed photograph says everything to your kids about who you are and why you love them and that's part of my wife. So to me printing a photograph is it you must print so by leading people to collection like that I get to print but they're still getting what they want more questions more way haven't internet question and I just want to make a new internet comment looks like photography group ceo has created a facebook paige called say no to george yeah, so you can't go there like awesome. Oh, george, please me, it s oh! And speaking of facebook, we have had a handful of questions. I wanted to know your personal philosophy on marketing on facebook. I know we haven't tom, I know quite a lot about that. What do you think I'm asking for all these likes? I mean, seriously it's great my I am I was really bad at it at this time last year it was hard, it's hard to I mean there's so many social media platforms, I mean, juggling them all is a full time job and so I kind of neglected it because it was overwhelming to me and I was so busy doing other things and speaking and everybody always ask me, how do you have time to do all this? I don't I don't have any time and that's my next challenge is my son will be three in july in another two years he's going to be in school and he's gonna come home at two thirty or three o'clock in the afternoon and I want to be there, I want to be there. I don't want to miss that. I've got to figure out how to run my business so I can work from nine to thirty and still make the same income that I'm making now and it's a daunting task. I'm going. Oh, gosh, home again. So that's another take home messages. I want you to know if you guys are in this kind of starting area where you need to grow your business, it doesn't end this agony will not end. Okay, I have the agony just as much as you do. It's just in a different form is to sit in a different pill to take. Okay, so I'm dealing with issues, too, and you guys are gonna have similar issues to deal with, and everybody does it's just a matter of putting your p's and q's in place and figuring out how it works. So my philosophy on facebook marketing is I was trying to juggle all these things, and I was so overwhelmed I just want forget it. I can't do it. I'll do it later. Maybe all. Donna yeah, I mean it's, just like I can't I can't do all this. And then sarah came along. Sarah daily owns ke pt media and she actually rent space out of my studio. So we have a trade agreement. I pay her a little bit because the value of her services are more than mine, so she does all my facebook and social media marketing for me and god bless her she is the best thing I ever did for my business her and tiffany and now I mean, look when my my facebook page at this time last year had eight hundred likes and before this class started I had thirty, two hundred and you have hopefully close to six thousand yeah that's really cool and sarah is a huge part of it, her strategic thinking and how to do facebook media she's like oh that free beach because you need to make sure they like your page before you before you give that away because you worked hard for that you got to get something in return you're right she is right she does think like a businesswoman she's brilliant and her talent in that area just just blew me away and so, yes, I do do facebook marketing but it's more on organic nature tagging clients, getting lots of likes instagram same thing I love to collect post clients images on instagram and tagged them or whatever all that cross marketing on social media platforms is powerful because it keeps the buzz going and I tell you our bookings have increased since we've hired sara huge because the buzz is there she posts everyday picture everyday something everyday the baby we have in that day I mean behind the scenes tips for photographers when she's just constantly posting every single day on our facebook page and that alone has increased my booking because it gets the buzz, keeps the buzzing community, it keeps you at the forefront of the mind whose people of the people whose feed your your invading, oh, yeah, okay, baby, and how much better can you get them cute babies going through your feed? People love that stuff. Babies and animals, I mean, pet photographers, you have it. Awesome. Put a doggy picture up every day, and people are gonna like it like crazy, because it's, happy it makes them feel good. All that emotion, people all about emotion, wedding photographers, love, love, I mean that's, just another one right there, like awesome.

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In order to make money as a photographer, you have to know how to price, package, and sell your work. In this 3-day course, small business owner and award-winning photographer Julia Kelleher will teach you how to create a strategic sales system — without relying on over-the-top, hard-selling sales techniques.

Julia will help you identify new product and sales opportunities, including the importance of in-person and projection sales. You will learn powerful selling techniques by watching Julia conduct an actual sales session live, right before your eyes. Julia will also give you a comprehensive pricing overview — including how to create packages that encourage your customers to spend more purely by adding the right value.

By the end of this course, you will know how to predict your sales averages, forecast growth, and go from thinking about the next single sale to thinking about the next year of sales.