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Shoot: Newborn with Parents

You know, the nice thing about having two hands, two is you always know that someone capable is holding the baby properly and that the baby's always save mean, you know, all these poses out there that do their shit and hands and the hanging and swinging stuff and that stuff that's really kind of trendy and actually, clients don't buy it, so stop doing it because it's not worth it, it takes so much time. It's not really safe, it's a little awkward, it doesn't look natural, and so I've kind of given up on them and there's so much argument about baby baby safety these days, and I big advocate for it on when you're low on the ground in a bucket on a bean bag, it's just it just feels better. You know, when I strongly encourage everyone to to have liability insurance. Um, if your mom's I mean, if something gets god forbid, should happen, you need to protect your family and your business from medical expenses and that's how you do it with liability insurance, ok, they're getting mom's dress a...

ny other questions while we're waiting for mom this baby? Absolutely. You know, just what you sow a question had come in from anne with an e who wanted to talk about when you're selling and you're using the same props and doing the same poses of what they was over and over. I'm kind of paraphrasing, but do you worry about having repent? Repetition is a good question no, my clients wanted they see stuff on my block, they see stuff on our facebook page and that they love it, so they wanted to it's fresh to them it's new to them and I know these go to poses, they're goingto work, I've done him a thousand times and it's reliable and I know I can provide a good product doing these poses, and so they really think that's the creativity that changes is the composition in frame it's the fabrics, it's, the wraps, the different hair colors I mean, gosh, amanda had this gorgeous auburn hair mean, how fun is that? I can you know, I knew I was getting a cream backdrop today, but if I had her in my studio, I'd put her on like mocha with red tones in it and pull out that beauty and her hair and dresser and long along, you know, really organic bohemian style, I'd probably do a composite with her. I love doing the boring composites there so beautiful into put mom in a forest with a baby and the animals all around her I mean, they eat that stuff up and it's different that's unique. So okay, let's, get to had in here. I'm gonna go ahead and hand. Maybe after you, tiffany. Yeah, so I'm thomas, I'm gonna have you go ahead and sit down here. I want you to lie down just like this on the floor. Okay. Makes there's lots of fabric behind you. Put your hand like this. I know it's hot in here who spent a little bit. Okay, let's, go scoot down with just a touch. Well, the more I know. Sorry. Okay, let's, go ahead and turn your shoot all this to get rid of some of the no it's. All good, though. You got cologne on. Okay, mom. Amanda, I'm gonna have you come over here and I want this this hand right above your head like this when I do is I put leo in your arms right here. And you're going to control his feet and hide his little private parts with this hand has local can you put it in front of their well working with you? Okay. So that's a camping thing that newborns no cold hands. They wake up, you're going to show you I'm gonna be in your bubble a little bit, so I'm sorry. This arm here behind you okay, touch shoulders shoulder with dad then put your head on his chest and put your hand on his when he gets in around okay? Are you okay to do this? Did you ever see sexually you okay? Yeah, I want you shoulder to shoulder, so bring his shoulder tears beautiful. Okay, put this hand underneath you you can put behind their perfect yet and you're gonna bring this hand up and around her shoulders like that. Okay, awesome. Pretty straight now you're sure here. Beautiful. Ok. Oh, so cute. Okay, data here. Put baby in. We'll get my store may still go. That will still go over there. Can someone grab that stool for me would be great. I will need that. Ah grand bring your head up towards me but like that let's get a little talent. You saw his face pops up touch more tallis, if that happened to my is the problem with working in new studio here, space is all different. Okay, just use this. Use this I know, but you're doing so good. I just talked a little piece of cloth behind the baby so his chin pops up so we can see his face a little bit more okay shorty, shoulder, head on your shoulder touching his shoulder there we go, good girl head up head down this way more like that believe it or not I actually clipped a little kid once and it made me feel so bad you have no idea okay where's my stall stall stall stall there it is thank you beautiful okay we're gonna need to come on his little private school that long just talk hold that in real nice and tight good job change my settings I'm going to go out there shooting at one six on the beanbag to get that depth of field and now I'm going to go up to about four maybe a four point five because they're on different planes and I wanna make sure everybody's in focus so it's going to be I'm going to pop my eyes so much about six forty I'm working in full frame so that's definitely helpful with noise and everything I'll tell I will tell you everything to do it's a good question but I will I will tell you everything to do so just bear with me while I get my exposure here s so even more make sure I got what I want ok dad knows towards me good job awesome both of you close your eyes I just want you to breathe in sweet little leo and how cute he is you jumped from the shutter when I was a kid my mom when he just leaned in and kissed out on the cheek beautiful kid now I want mom I want you to turn up towards me good girl just your nose towards me look up at me catch up dad look at me and close your eyes both of you count of three you're gonna look at me one two, three these are my favorite images one two, three little small you go they're doing awesome little smiles for me god I that me little boy so keep watch out he might fart on you he fronted on us it's really stinky come on little smiles you gotta be serious no teeth teeth do pretty theme park it all pretty you're beautiful gorgeous we gotta kick let's move on let's uh hop up on what? Tiffany grab baby where's my posing stool putting store no, I know it's really warm in here that's the way it is with babies, huh? Oh, thank you. Hair up you're gonna see me sweat it's the reality of being anymore. Okay, let's, hop up have you gotta stand up mom it's gonna be your turn let's get this other way here. It's gonna dump this over here real quick. Okay, how tall are you? Have a seat for me were just like, okay, this needs to go up, we need to raise us up, okay, um let me get my lighting situation set up here table for sweet I'm gonna put this here right here but if you don't mind standing over there for me quick can I need to raise it up it's hard when you're not used to the equipment? Okay, gorgeous, I want my four by six a second way I need to raise this up. That light is so big and radio normally I would have another light over here to kind of help fill the backdrop because the lighting, the backdrops because it's what you see is what you get with these teeny sixes so and you can see the great asian over here so I would have a in fact I'd like to do that. Can we get the four by six over here? Is that okay? That one? Yeah, and pop it over here just behind him. Okay, in the meantime, I'm gonna talk to mom is really important. I'm gonna be in your bubble, so I'm sorry. I'm a little close to you when you have a baby. No one really? Yeah, it's kind of a big deal with every baby post there are three points of contact for safety when with parent one, two three you're always going to keep him close to your chest, okay, I'm gonna tell you what to do, you don't have to to anything I've been just enjoy sweet leo relish this because he's not going to fit like this okay in a month he won't stand in your arms like this so enjoy it I want you to put your hand like this this hand up here like this it's gonna feel awkward it's gonna look right okay I want to be able to kind of put your hand behind his head are gonna pop him in here with his feet here you're able to control his head but I don't want to do is shoot up his nose because up the nostrils just doesn't look good so sometimes you have to lean forward just a little bit to kind of get that sweet sweet little scrunched that we love so much okay okay I'm gonna pop that were needed see how that filled in the backdrop a lot it also kicked I was have a nice little kicker on the on the parents okay so yes I did she's doing okay now when I put him in your arms you might get a little cold because he's been in this blanket so might complain a bit so if I jiggle you like jell o just let me to kill you I'm gonna do the work do not help me okay oh okay I'm hiring you somewhat this your right arm to go up around his head your left arm your other right no I was instructing even correctly okay and bring this hand down close to your chest he's doing great there we go mama good job. Okay, so arms close to your chest there you go mama good job perfect height is we we yeah can you hold that with your sample beautiful. We're gonna take some with mom initially so you can step out and then we'll bring you in okay this far your cheek just fall sleep on good feels weird looks great okay attorney knows towards me closer his little willy see peace is going to be all over you I always shoot mom from a love they just look better drop your arms just a little bit there we go what's happening at a space between her two arms she's got really thin arms there we go like that now just kind of fell asleep on him what your nose towards me just a touch if you cannot feels weird chin slightly down good girl beautiful don't move amanda you're doing great tip's gonna fix his issues here that are under that yeah I think so great sweetie chin up just a touch nose towards me a bit more gorgeous he's a little squished in there but it's okay, count of three eyes on me one two three beautiful mama oh he's just not gonna fit like this very long not miners take your lips and touch your lips from no person just touch uh let's come forward on his head just a touch more yes and close your eyes just smile at him and you kiss him when he smiled big you want a queer little baby boy because he's so cute stunning okay he's a little squished in there so let's bring down in yeah dad promise come on a quick one of her with you and then will you be done dad come around here and we'll wrap your arms around mama what? You come this way I don't want you to hold her elbow like that fearful I want you to turn us to touch this way certain this is not this is not making me happy here yeah bring this hand up more if you can't swing all the way around yeah here we go that's what? I want it good girl great job amanda turn just slightly this way you sick I twist my body this direction there we go good girl okay when he was falsely pointed chin up good job dad come forward and fell asleep on mom shut up yeah good job don't move mom turn a little bit towards the big light if you can your whole body just a hole I want I want a twist leo towards me a little bit more there we go there we go beautiful like I'm over exposed here I can't see what I'm doing I have to rely on my meter who woulda travesties chin up dad touch feels weird looks great count of three eyes on me one, two, three ah little small your baby boy he's so awesome beautiful mom kiss baby dad kiss mom I don't know I feel rushed because we've got so a little time okay mom fell asleep on baby shut up shut up shut up shut face towards me go ahead and um amanda look at me just kind of turn your face towards baby chin up yeah jin forty beautiful detroit there, dad same thing I want you to close your eyes it's me? I'm inadequate right here hang on I don't have as many focus points on this camera so I'm like I gotta actually do auto lock beautiful and mom close your eyes turn baby towards me just a touch beautiful okay dad it's your turn ok you did often have a seat, dad yeah let's do football with that stand up remember three points of contact. Okay, remember that that I tell you that's billy didn't three points of contact for safety one two three always have baby close to your body okay, I'm gonna tell you what to do let me do the work, okay, this town goes up here like this okay I'm gonna put little leo on his belly right here with his button your hands this hand's gonna come over the top of him one two three and sometimes I'll take a little bare like a stuffed bear and actually put the bear and the parents are because that um that sometimes I think sometimes that helps them see the pot's better okay so the seam don't separate your hand from your arms your hand your arm here you go just like that job in this hand underneath him just a touch more no toward your chest roll it under here we go I'll fix this thing this hand goes up let me do the work good job great dads really wanna help sometimes they can't help but help you mean and so sometimes I have to remind him let me do it you're good let me do it awesome look great okay, I would normally perfect this I'm not liking this right here but since we're a little rushed I'm gonna go ahead and shoot it okay grand turn changed my life touch here we go I'm looking looking looking at lighting patterns on the baby's face so I just want you to look down on him for me I can't see my images that will check my history ram is driving me crazy okay dad eyes up at me hi gorgeous okay don't move great mom I'm right here this will be it because when I want to do is take your right hand and just put it underneath thomas's elbow. Yeah, just like that. And then I want you to lean on his shoulder and looked down. It may be both of you. Look down. Beautiful. Shut up. Just a bit, thomas. Good job, mom. Turn up. Just a touch both of your eyes at me, gordon and both of you. Good girl. That looks better, sweetie. Thank you. Kind of fell asleep on it, but keeps looking at me. Amanda, lean your head. Beautiful. Where is the smile? In there? Somewhere now. Mama wants a kiss, baby. Beautiful. Dad, look down. Beautiful. Okay, that's it. Very nice. So I don't know. I can't see what I'm doing so weii questions for we move on. So how I would advise my client now is I would set up the date for the for the viewing appointment. Okay? And I would give them a packet of information is my fact. I'll probably give that information to amanda and thomas and what's in that kit is just a bunch of information about the different products we carry and there's a big sheet in there that talks about how you want to visualize your images five, ten, fifteen years from now. And that packet is so important to give to the client, because, again, it's, another visual reference of what we discussed in the pre consultation. What we discussed the session, things we planned for. And it says, start thinking about what you want to do with these images. Okay? And so it's. A really beautiful pac. Information. That helps the client get ready for the viewing appointment and that's. So, so important.

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