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The Art of Language: Sales Demo

At this point I'm going to kind of pretend you guys are all not here and I'm going to go into as this was my viewing room okay? And my my client here which they are super sight hi guys, how are you? How come you I'm excited to see these that's been a little bit since you took this session, huh? So first you got to do is sit we're gonna watch a slide show, get set to music just enjoy these images turn out so great I'm really excited to see them and I want you to just sit back and relax and remember the feelings you had when we took them okay? And he won't be like this forever. So it's kind of fun tow to cherish that moment, okay, so just relax and enjoy way on the bathroom door so I sent is a thing to be telling, so wait don't have a lot but there's no shortage here for love a lot of pennies weigh all the damage other it changed get away could love make me know you any better? You could get the iron cross give you see, darling, be my guest, but I'll take a class sequined shoes private j...

ust can't mend a lip any way make station about oh oh, a lot many way make me love you any better uh, okay, well, uh, I know there's a lot of images, and sometimes they get a little bit overwhelming, teo to decide. So I'm gonna be here to help you with that kind of walking through that process, so I don't want you to feel like, oh, my gosh, we have to narrow this down because I know that could be overwhelming, so what I'm going to do is kind of show you them all we have let's. See, we have a good forty three images to go through, which is typically a bit more than we do normally, it's thirty to forty. But it was a really nice session, and we have trouble sometimes narrowing it down to so we're gonna let you help. Help let you let you help us do that. So, first of all, we have a couple of decisions to make, and I want to go over how you can invest in portrait so real briefly, I'm gonna pull out the silver shirt, and I know you guys have had a chance to look at this. So how it works is there's two ways to invest you kanai todo digital files ala carte, where you select twelve images printable up to eight by ten, so that means that you'll have unlimited personal usage rights on these images and you can put them as much as you want up to that eight by ten size okay? And then you have the choice if you want to narrow it down to twenty you could do twenty large files as well. Okay, we also have what's called creative collection and this is where most people decide to go on. The reason for that is there's two steps and create a collection and the second step is to choose your digital files but you get them all it's just a matter trafficking which size you want. We kind of did it like that because folks were having trouble deciding and it was just agony here. So once we did create a collection with this method, people tended to relax a little bit and it's really just step one that you have to kind of focus on, which is the art product that we're being we're going to be creating for you. We talked about doing something for your wall, which is certainly an option. You have plenty of images so we could do an album too if you wanted to or one or the other. So step one is to choose an art product of some sort it's one or more so you could choose just to do one single small walk portrait or you can go all the way up to a canvas siri's or on an album indicated that the world is your oyster it really is and of course I know that depends on budget and things like that so first the decision to make is do you want to purchase l a cart or do you want to go in create a collection and then from there we had to start nearing the images down and weeding out to our absolute favorites or reason start looking at at the type of our product that you want to do it doesn't make sense okay? So really that's kind of the first decision and we go from there so I know you guys may want to chat about it so if you do want to chat about certainly obviously this is a weird situation but we can you can step out for a minute and talk it over on biff you want to do that, we can go for it and if not we can just kind of take it from here if you want to see the images again we can kind of start through those as well why you while you make the decision but ideas questions you know we'll obviously have to take into consideration that we don't have that big of a place so I mean we only have so much your room to really put to put these types of portrait there so probably not a siri's but yeah what what a single that's silly an album we were talking about you ok and you definitely have enough to do that with it something nice because it doesn't look you said it doesn't take up that wall spaceman and you can open it and leo's eventually going to be to my son's two and a half years old and he loves to just sort of you know go through his baby book go baby you know it was a sea gets older that's gonna be something that you enjoy the force can have that later on it was an heirloom so okay so but that was like a kind of leaning towards collection like we want teo and get all the files and go that route okay well then really it's just a matter of kind of deciding which are parks we want to go through I'm going to kind of explain everything from you for you and pull out our big product right here and just show you things and we can touch and feel and look that unhappy decide which album you want to go with and then I know you sent me an image of your wall so well I'll go ahead and import that into our studio their software we can kind of see what it looks like on the wall which is nice if you see that you know it's gonna look okay, okay, so let's pull this out quick with your water okay so like I said create a collection is um too well it's three steps but the third step is optional that's things like birth announcements we have some cute jewelry that you see around here that stuff is you really need it but you might want to go out on a fun thing so critic collection is essentially those two steps choose one more signature products and then your digital files so for signature products we have the different wall finishes we have our gallery campus which is right here I'll go ahead and pull that out for you so you can take a look and touch and feel so and this is the twenty by twenty four sides so it's kind of middle of the road but the image wraps around the edge to find out you don't need to frame this so you can just put it up on the wall as is and the nice thing about campus is that it's modular so you can kind of build over time so if we do a baby plan or when your session with him you can take these images will photograph the next session very similar this so you can build like up a stairwell and you guys won't be in your house forever and move on but you don't want to take these images with you with that so that's gallery on campus we also have what's called our water color prints and these are all hand on here in the studio we print them upstairs on our printer on are what's called a watercolor paper so I have that real beautiful hector two and then we hand tear the edges and paid the edges with an acrylic archival paint by hand then everything's float mounted off the page so it has that depth to it it comes with museum glass and framed and that is located here on the guide and we only do two sizes in this it's kind of our finest finished so we really have a specialty a specialty thing with us and this is great for if you just want to do a single image and you do have a smaller space it's kind of a nice way to do something special but not having the room for it and you know it is one of our finest finishes you need to consider but it's fun too and unique so that's our water color and then we also have our stand out and this is kind of a modern take on images it has a metallic paper on it with a stainless steel edge it's very lightweight and the advantage to this like in a nurseries that if it ever does fall off well that's not going to hurt the child you know but it does hang on the wall just like this you don't need a frame it's a contemporary look I once had a a baker. She was a lovely lady and she brought in her kitchenaid mixer. First photograph her baby in is the stainless steel mixer, and she put three of these in the same still edge of those mixture images in her kitchen. So it's, kind of a modern contemporary take, and it just depends on really on what you want to do and how you want to display them. So on. And then, of course, we do have photographic finish prints and those of the type of prince that you guys will be able to do at your lab. And those are just our standard prints. They do not come framed, but they come mounted the nice hard substrate on them so they won't cripple inside the frame over time. And those who are different finishes. So think about those for your wall. If you want to do something there and then the albums these are really fun. We have our diamond album, which is our most beautiful album. This one is definitely a custom product and I don't know where that one went. I think it's, maybe over there. Let's, go grab it. Okay, this album is all custom. And it's thirty pages. The pages are that board style the paper it's printed in japan. So it has that really lovely feel. You can certainly feel, touch and feel that if you want in that pretty even the color turns out so nice. And the good thing about this is that little hands can't tear it, you know, which is a good future on dh then we custom design we can put quotes, will put his first assistants and there I always encourage parents to write a letter to their kids. And we can put that in here. And then when he's older, he gets to read it home know exactly how you felt when he was born. And you could maybe tell your birth story. Mom studio so this is a custom album. It does take about six weeks to produce, so keep that in mind. If you want something quickly. This is definitely going to something it's going to take all the time. Our platinum album, which is right here, same concept. It comes in a box, your choice of cover. But the pages are a little bit center, but it does have forty pages inside. You can touch and feel this as well, but the same concept, you can custom design it, but it is a smaller book. It's just a personal preference and you want to do it but this is a custom album as well and, uh, this is the page for that if you if you do want to read through that in the prices listed there as well so the sapphire image box is this what you see here? It's images in a silk box with mats and they're all printed on canvas here in house. So it's it's a really pretty way to do a product without like to display images that you walk by every day you don't actually have to open the book and then the images are all inside the box and you can switch him out so it comes with an easel and you can switch amount as you go and it comes with ten ten canvas prints inside that you get to choose you know which ones you like in the lot. And then the amethyst album is this one here this is probably these two republic our most popular choices for albums kind of the middle of the road not too fancy but then also, you know nice enough that you want to pass on toe leo and his older this includes twenty images inside with your choice of border around each image you know, white pages but borders or the opposite and then we do the cover with his bow first to six in the front and get to pick the fabrics and things like that so that's kind of a fun option as well and then our final two albums of the smaller books we have the ruby book here in the pearl book everything has a dual name the ruby book has the same board pages, images are full bleed so they go to the edges of the page. The one issue with this that I've had clients say you know they prefer to upgrade to the next album is because vertical and horizontal images with vertical music and I have to turn the the book to see it. But again, this is nice for little fingers and in this book is our pearl book it's a little teeny tiny sweet book it's got twenty images inside, but it has that center paper to it. These make great gifts for like grand parents they're going nuts over these kind of things and then if you do any album as a duplicate, so say for example we designed an album from you and you two want to give one to family and friends each album duplicate isa discounts with herself forty percent off we don't have to design or do any graphics works to it so it's really just the cost of male okay, okay, so that's it from there so it's just kind of no matter of deciding what you'd like to do with them and how you want to see them five ten, fifteen years from now you know so I'm gonna go ahead and pull your gonna pull your image up of your wall of your where the changing table is kind look at some options and look through this and kind of think about it maybe talk amongst yourself as to what you'd like to do yeah do you mind if I ask a question mba photo said that if I was a client I would be feeling really overwhelmed right now with all of the options and I'm wondering if you at when do you see is our point where you see them glaze over and then what do you do with that point is how do you back out of that or how do you slow down to where they're they're back with you and I'm wondering if maybe the husband gets glazed over faster than the way let them have a conversation about what they want to do what we're talking okay yeah they do get overwhelmed and I'm sure you heard me say in the very beginning you don't get overwhelmed I know this is a lot that's why I'm here to help you that's what I've done this a thousand times as I know how to take someone through this process and there is a systematic approach to helping you nero thing down and that's where the pre consult comes into play so much I mean free consul comes out because if you know what they're after, you can squash a lot of that overwhelming feeling just by reaffirming hey, this is what we talked about in the pre concert let's stick with our goals let's have a focus a place to go and that helps a lot and I've started wondering if depending on the individual couple if bye they're just they're they're nature who they are and you know them at this point a little bit if you you're pacing of this depends on the couple and their pacing the way they speak definitely and I'm talking really fast here and I apologize I probably should I think a little bit nerves it's kind of like having like the whole world watching you do something that's very intimate I am a little bit nervous, so I'm probably talking with too fast I apologize but thie rhythm yes, it definitely depends on the couple this couple if I had tio character you characterize their personality there a little bit of the silent type they're quiet, they don't say a lot and that's okay, so it's my job to talk to them and kind of explain things to him and answer questions almost before they have them but at the same time be comfortable with silence I'm not quite very excitable nervous, but you know, at some point like right now they get to talk about themselves it's, almost like I've left the room because we're not paying attention to them, so they get to kind of figure out what they want to dio and they need that moment to do that set makes sense. Alicia, do you have a question? Not the pre console you showing their pricing right? Yes. Do you show him that album or just like a flyer? They have basically this brochure. So have they gone through all of this, or is this the first? They usually go have gone through all of it? Yes, and I make sure that they understand what the prices are before they come in here. That's why it's not a selling appointment? Yes, I'm encouraging them with different options of what they could do. And yes, they do have a budget but it's not a matter, trying to push them into something that they can't afford and they've already seen because they've already seen the prices. I know they can afford me it's just a matter of what they love and what they want to spend the money on. And are they willing to blow the budget a little bit? Because it's really cool, you know what I mean? Is that clarify things they break council typically when they do an in person concert week of over everything yeah now remember what I said a lot of pre consult I do on the phone okay, but remember they're coming into the studio for the session so they're seeing all the products and walking around while I'm photographing their baby the product guide is sitting right there on the table that they can go look at while I'm photographing the baby this is a challenge for on location photographers that catalog is going to save your booty get that catalog handed to him while you're shooting the baby let's um browse through it and on their own time but it's a nice thing because when they're sitting there while you're doing their family images it's a great way for them to spend some time you know what I'm saying is that does that make sense? So any other questions before I got a question yeah so how exactly do you build your collection? You give them a choice off on art work and then they can buy so many digital files on ly wanted to file off that the same particle they you know they get all fast, they get old, they buy create a collection and there's prices in there okay, so they get to see what that value is for the files, okay? And when they create a collection there's two steps our product and digital file you get them all but you said something that you can get like a certain amount of digital files that car size that's all a card if they don't want to do a collection they can purchase digital files ala carte when I'm sure they're looking at those prices right now going it's a way better deal to do critic collection yeah look at them they're like yeah totally worth the value to do create a collection because the files are less expensive and create a collection than they are all a card one more question the same price that you could do a couple of files allah card you can get an art piece and all your digital files why make sense yeah, but one more question do we give digital files like full resolution full height is eventually just eight by ten points of flavor choices they can either do full resolution or eight by ten but the price is way different okay way different okay makes sense more questions I think we're good we're good ok back into sales mode you guys were so good. Okay, I'm gonna go ahead and let you guys talk about the firm and I know you have been for a second but I'm going to import your image of your of your home here really quick so let me do that so she sent me some images of her and her husband and their wall which older had one image please ask one more question of course please do well I'm struggling with this here so even if you had the pre consult and you knew the products that they were fairly interested in or even if you didn't having these two come in how long would it really normally take you to just go over the product sitting here because that talk less than five minutes is not that long maybe lily's lower I was rushing but it would be it's really you just go over everything really quickly yeah because they've already seen it all okay? They kind of know not always mean sometimes they come in blind and typically what happens is they ask a lot of questions how many pages there in that it's one image for paige can we put more than one image of the page? You know, they kind of asking those types of questions so I must have done something wrong I'm in a hurry slow down julia don't be in such a rush are you going to show us higher collection pricing work? Um um I show the I show the actual structure but not the price is so yeah like how it I'm happy to share the structure that's not a problem at all okay? Just a second here I am having issues for some reason I'm in too much of a hurry so julius looking through photos you guys I would love to ask you guys just to briefly chat about how you felt when you saw those photos I mean we've had a chance to look through quite a few of her images and then I don't know to see our baby in those pictures is really I don't that's really special and then you know our faces as well as the family that those are our first family portrait is aside from the birth so yeah right especially just that image of you laying down and you're smiling you're so beautiful I had thought that image was sco gorgeous blue blew me away yeah just blew me away it's going to be really hard to choose just one for the wall I don't know what they say okay so let's talk about your wall we can kind of talk is that first and then maybe we can talk about doing an album or you know what kind of see where the budget is from there and you can make decisions like that again okay so here is your home and so you know don't worry about the quality of the image it's okay but this is the changing table and I think we're gonna do something over the top of that so I went and had a calibrated the room and I mean one of the decisions you should make now is we wanted to just leo on the wall or do we want to do family? You know, when I know you have a small space here so we can only fit a ton so that's a kind of a good question evaluate do you want to walk by and see you to with him? Or do you just want to focus on him? And I think we're also looking to see potential for it to be used in an home later on too. So it's like what works now and what work? Okay, okay, so we have got to stick with things that maybe we're in a neutral color so that you could run in any room later. Sure, we did focused on a little bit of color in your session, but I know you guys like that rule travel, eclectic style way to keep it in that in that room. Okay, so what do you do? You know, if you'd like to do family images, were you drawn to anything in particular that kind of made your heart saying, when you went through this, you want a family and I think your style of really lean more towards a family portrait rather than just individuals to portrait of him? I mean, it's really can't go wrong, okay? I would I'd be more inclined to take the family portrait, but how do you feel in that manner? I'm I'm on word of that thing let's go ahead and take a look at some of the family image is in there right down to our favorites and then maybe that'll help you clarify the decision okay, so I'm gonna go ahead and pick out some of the family image is here let's just look at this set with you guys on the ground first and see if we have any favorites that we really like there and I'll go to the other set I've always liked black and white portrait's personally it's just like I know next to nothing about photography but the little idea no, I do know that I've always had a leaning towards towards black and white photos it's not a personal aesthetic I don't know what but it's just yeah it's always just been kind of pleasing to me so I would lean towards I really do like the black and white photo right there but weigh in on that yeah what do you think I'm a favorite hard to choose um I want like a little unhappy to contribute but not unless you want it so yeah, I would love to hear your opinion just you know, neither one of us are better okay? I designed them so said you designed them oh, I would love to hear your well I agree with you the black and white is timeless I mean it really never got a style as faras expression and look me in the bottom right one you guys look really happy and content and sweet I love the emotion in the upper left there I was like, you know and it's unique it's not you know everybody has a smile on picture their family on the wrong I prefer the ones that are a little bit more of an intimate look it's who someone is into me the upper left conveys that and then I do like the black and white sometimes you know, the smiling pictures are great and people love him, but if I'm going to make it on my wall that has that feeling of finer I tend to stick towards the ones that aren't necessarily smiling but again it's up to you what you're gonna look at every day when you walk in your home so how easy is it for you to make the one on the upper left black and white and see vowels I can show you ok, so I'm gonna go ahead and just kind of put a quick black and white on it there you have it in black so let's look at all of those again you can see the black and white women do you like it? Yeah do doesn't think it's like I really do like there's there's not really any okay, I know and that's the hard part is we do need to narrow down, right? So all these right now we're kind of in our yes pilot we're not leaving anything, right? And since you're doing collection, you're gonna get to take them all home regardless. So we're just kind of focusing on your wall of this, so I kind of sense that we like the top two on the left. Yeah, and we like the black and white on the lower left. So is it safe to maybe put these other two in the no pile for now? Yeah, the upper right one wasn't really do too much for me. I'd say until we eliminate one of the five, I really take the one on the top, right, right, right. But then I mean, to be honest, lee of the of those other four, it could be happy with any one of them. Do you agree with the selection to get rid of that one for now? Yes. Ok. I mean, I'm wearing it down in some way so let's, go ahead and toss that one. We'll keep those for now, this is the first pass we can always come back and we can deal with things later, okay, so let's go to the other family images here, the ones of you guys standing there's a lot so if this is too many for me to show go ahead and tell me that to cut it down a little bit so but let's just kind of start to narrow things down well loosely the ones you guys agree on and then we'll narrow narrow it further from there bottom line I like long bottom left us well again I like the one in the black and white I I like the one above that as well um I guess I'm not super crazy about the top middle one okay um manner yeah I mean I like others betterthan that pressure you know and that's what we're trying to do here is to take down so don't worry you won't hurt my feelings don't worry about that come hmm I love that one in the upper left I used it in a presentation and it just makes my heart sing I just I can see your faces you can see leo's face really well um I love the one in the lower right but I can't see your faces so that bothers me a little bit the upper white one is beautiful I love the intimacy of your u on his shoulder it's very sweet moment which one makes you feel like a parent which one makes you feel that I love you first felt when leo was born I mean all of them I would probably lean towards that top right one as well as the top centre one top left one um for me personally I feel like it just doesn't really of those six apparently match our personality like e I think it's a nice shot I just think that from who we are is like actual individuals it doesn't like really, uh I feel it doesn't capture us, okay? And I kind of want leo, you know, because these air shots that you don't want the time being, we also have to thank, you know, like, years ahead in future and I kind of wanna have, like, hey, you can only get so much of a personality from a from a picture, but I kind of want to have leo have an understanding as to like, you know who we were and who we are, you know, is like, and be able to get a little bit of our personality from the shot. Um so with that being said, as like as like, beautiful was shot is I'd say probably of the of these six to eliminate one more really take the top? Sure, okay, so let's, go ahead and toss that one. We're down to five here and we choose one of these well, we can certainly plan a series for that area, but remember, if you're going to do a book too this is just what you want to walk by every day, you know what I mean? Ultimately everything's going to be the book you're gonna have the images on disk so there's not like you don't have to get rid of anything that I'm saying so, um, can we narrow it down any further from there was something you just really don't think you'd put on the wall. I think you look really good in the in the bottom left black and white one personally, I can we talk this one down here, but the bottom the bottom great one exactly what you're saying, I think it's nice for an album, but yeah, play a wall display a it's really important to have I think all three phases okay, so we'll do that, so that narrows it down a little bit. Okay, so now is where we need to start making some decisions if we want to do something for the wall. So what I'm gonna do is go into your home at this time and I am going teo, pull up that image and your your image was taken on a angle. So this is going to seem a little bit thie image on flat, but at least it'll give me an idea and of course, your camera tends to make colors look a little warm, yeah so on the incandescent lighting in the room makes the image lukewarm and this was photographed with a cooler light so just the color won't quite match so just keep it okay. Okay so that's forty by sixty on your wall such a lot a bit big but that's a thirty by forty okay let's take it down a little bit smaller than that show you twenty four by thirty go ahead, put a frame around it so you can kind of see what it feels like you like that kind of a little bit too dark for that image something along the softer lines like that more of a worldly look to it so you could easily put a nice frame around something like that and it's a twenty four by thirty you could probably go a little bit smaller than that especially you want to do a siri's but you wanted to a single image that would be they fit well now twenty four four thirty is one of those sizes that might not in a lot of places of later it fits but it would be you won't be able to put a small hallway that makes but if you are going to move up to a larger space as you grow with leo and I don't think you have a problem twenty four four thirty but it really is personal preference and kind of re envision hanging in all the time okay do you think of that particular image there like I mean um uh can we see the oh yeah of course no problem so I'll show you one of the ones from the different when um you guys are on the floor here so that's a twenty by thirty it's a little bit smaller just a different a different aspect ratio but that would be really pretty too now if you really wanted teo if you can't sign and you're like shoot we need this one and this is really hard when you can do is kind of mix it up a little bit and go smaller on the main portrait and then put a couple of other smaller ones next to it yeah heroes rather than doing just one single so I'm gonna go ahead and knock this down touch that might even be too big teo so let's knock that even down to see sixteen twenty four and then you can take individual images for example of just amanda with leo uh I put that down you have a small space here somewhere if you keep it on the small side it's designed like this try to ignore the owl print the background their way no that's moving and then one of you thomas with him and you know the images can change here I'm just putting what's possible here I think that could probably go out a little bit more and I know the image like cops, you out on the side a little bit, that won't happen in the final prints like you had in mind, you could certainly do with three siri's like that on the wall, and then as you move on, you can separate them and either put the two images of you together somewhere, since they're nice and small, and then keep that twenty, twenty four on its own, or if you have a nice big space, you could parent together, so it gives you a lot more flexibility as the future goes by. Yeah, well, I'm also envisioning we have some other space potential space is in the house that could work okay as well, and so I'm trying to think I know, and you want the best value for the investment to so I completely understand. So how this works is obviously with credit collection. If you go for the large digital files that gives you some freedom, because you'll be able to print any size from tiny up to thirty by forty, which is the size that you see behind you that's a thirty by forty there on the left and it's twenty by twenty four, sixteen, twenty four, thirty six, twenty I'm getting my numbers mixed up thirty five forty twenty for my thirty twenty by twenty four and sixteen twenty okay, so just the range of sizes and I know I'm throwing a lot of numbers at you, so try not to get overwhelmed by that, but you'll be able to print up to that largest size so oftentimes that people like us to do is just to do the album for them and then they'll print their wall syriza's they like, and then you don't have to sit here and agonize over which image right now you could kind of go home think about it, you have the large digital files and we what happens is we give those two on usb and you can walk out with those today, which is really nice if you don't mind waiting a few minutes while we go upstairs and process those given to you on usb, but then we also upload them to our online for film in sight and it's a professional of a lab, we have strongly suggest that you go there because the color data that we're kind of in vetting the files, the appropriate professional level actually read that and give you a print that's the same colors that you're seeing here on the screen where is if you go to a consumer level lab, chances are you're not going to get a print that's real high quality and that's got that color that's a. Nice. So we upload those two professional little lab it's the same a couple dollars more than going to a consumer lab. And we give you the links everything. You just go online, order your prints, how you like, and they ship right to your front door within a couple days, so that makes it easy. So in order to make a decision here today, you could just have us to an album for you, one of the ones that you really love and then go with the larger files, and that would give you that freedom to do that from now until leo's in his thirties and forties. So because you do have unlimited personal copyright usage on those for a forever, right, the only thing you can't do season, like an ad or commercial purposes. So I know we talked about really like the style of this one back here way weren't to go with just the digitals today, then could be come back to you and get this, of course, everything that you order. We keep on file for one year. So again, another reason to go with the larger files. If you go with the larger files, we're going to keep those on on record for a year, so that'll give you a full year to kind of come back and decide what you want to do, anything that you don't order. We, you know, our policy say that we've heard after thirty days, which I told you guys before, but really it's, like every three months make hard drives and making room in space because the files are large, and so if you don't order, we kind of assumed that you I don't want it. So, yeah, you come back to us with those images eight months from now, and you're gonna have the disk to so you could even do two years later, come back to us and and do something like that. So, yeah, I think with our particular situation, probably only going to be in this apartment for another year. Yeah, we would probably opt for the digital images at this point because it's, so hard to envision what's going to look good now and later, sure. Ok, so then maybe we'll go with the larger digital images, and then you just decide on what our product you want, a smart as other things go, and maybe we'll just not focus on the on the wall right now you know it's yeah it's difficult for me to visualize the space. Yeah, yeah. Is there any one of the albums that maybe you're drawn to it was within your budget. I know you. Yeah, we both like to wear clothes like the box. Okay. Here. Okay, so that is a custom album so what'll happen is is really if you guys it's up to you, but I'd really love it if you'd write a letter to leo. Or maybe like I said, your first story or something like that and we can incorporate those kinds of things into it, it really becomes a special erlend piece, and if that's the case, we'll go ahead and put that on your on your invoice now and, well, make another appointment for you guys to come back in two weeks and that'll give us some time to design it at least that initial design and in that time I want you to write your letter. I want you going to give you a list of quotes and pretty things about babies that you may want to put into it. It means something to you, and then when you come back we'll have a basic layout of your book, and then we'll start incorporating those those words and things into it. Then you'll come back for a final design that's not good so we're not gonna like do that all today and it's kind of a fun process wood to build something and you get to come back and see it and we have a hand in how it how it looks at the end for you go yeah so I questioned sure perhaps a miss this when you were explaining but there are so there's the linen album option and then the custom fine our album. So how is that? How are these yesterday? And I know that you are a little bit confusing our linen album are these smaller books over here? So these air this in this brochure right here is like the starting point ain't right for art products. So that represents our linen siri's of albums and then our fine art albums go into the more customized pieces. So this right here is the platinum album which is in this book on thiss pages give me money if I know this from her second it's on this page here right here so that will give you kind of idea of the price is and how it works and you know that is the price no matter the custom of the investment no matter the customization, so if we decide to do like graphic design work or keep it simple lots of words or very few it's all within the same the same investment ok, so what what? Their relevance of the prices on here then those are the those air, the investment for the smaller items within the album category. So if you guys want to go with this album it's a little bit of an upgrade, okay? And so that's why? It's it's the higher higher investment. Okay, okay, okay. So I'm gonna go ahead and let you guys down for that album you make an appointment to come back and further first review and they were gonna go with the large files is that we want to do okay, let me get that going. Go ahead and put that in and I'm gonna take this out so you guys can kind of see, make sure we get it right. Okay, so can I just yeah, charlie, I actually have more of a comment. I just wanted to let you know, just bringing in the creative live audience that when she was showing in your photos people were crying, saying their eyes were leaking. Eso just talking about how beautiful you are and I just wanted to let you know that they were total, they were crying, you guys weren't even crying and people from around the world that are complete strangers, that was awesome, so people are really touched by this whole process washington is go through and with your newborn leo this is really cool yeah well our homes both watched the rebroadcast of yesterday's then I know at least I was with your mom when she was watching us wait he's getting up the emotions more in private so I don't you don't have to much of a crier reflex but definitely really touching the avalon yeah that just means the world to me okay so we're gonna go with the platinum album which will set up an appointment for to be the customization were also there with large digital files everything looks good here we're happy with that okay with that I know that will be on your budget but we're good with that okay okay you can take the option tio tio you know give us fifty percent now and then the rest when the album's done or if you just want to go out and take care of it now we can do that you guys have a preference you want to take care of it okay you do that with a credit card or is that how we're going to be okay okay and that's how I would normally do it we would take the car run it through give them an invoice make him sign for everything and then they would leave with their images so obviously we're you know we're gonna go through all that aboard aboard the heck out of people but thank you so much for your help in showing people how to do it first and you guys were a clap they were classic client I had did you see how they were a little indecisive I had to kind of push them through a little bit and help them and you know, sometimes just telling them hey, this is a better option for you in a better value than doing this huge siri's and album and a digital fouls here I could help you get the best value by saying print it yourself with a professional level lab have us to the art product that you wouldn't normally dio and then that gives you a better value does that make sense? So I'm all about not pushing the client into something that isn't necessarily it's beneficial for me but I want them to be happy and walk out the door and if they look at my priceless later to say oh yeah she did really help us get the best value without, you know, pulling us through the wringer I mean, yes, I am I'm I'm expensive I'm not crazy expensive compared to other people in the world but I'm not ridiculously cheap either. I'm christ from a market ok and I'm price for my cost of goods and I priced to be profitable I have no issue with an eighteen hundred dollar sale plus the session fee which is to twenty five that's a great thing okay, that's, a very common occurrence on ly producing one art product. For them. My time is saved on the back end. And, yes, it's, a it's. A our product that has a big time investment. But I'm also getting paid for it.

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