10 Steps for Getting Your Video to Turn Out


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10 Steps for Getting Your Video to Turn Out

The best video is the exception but most everything fits in these ten steps for making your film your idea have tohave one or a message something you want to say or an induced so this here is really important and you're starting spot then you're going to create the mood in the look location on that location sorry uh props what? Uh inspiration do you want to pull in? Two should share the idea with the client or with yourself a like you need to have some visual references to write your shot lists into right your problems and to prepare your shoot probably a mood board music we already know how important that is it's super important so you might want to get your track and actually some people hear a track and get an idea and then go keep going so that there are you can mix and match a little around this but you must have a track and you have your location so important uh you have to also be careful about some locations. I didn't mention this before but you can get fined for filming in the...

in certain locations and showing certain things like the eiffel tower at night did you know that you cannot film the eiffel tower at night with the lights on without it? Well, you can film it but you can't use it without a license and we found that out, huh? So getting in some parks actually really funny about being chased off so many locations for filming if you set up a tripod, you're saying on filming or photographing, but mostly people can tell you're filming, and usually you have to have a kind of a license or an agreement to be there. So what trap for that talent really important? You wantto make, uh, pick someone who's going to connect with your, um, viewers and inspired give also inspire you if you're shooting this, you want to pick someone who interests you, who makes you think, oh, I could do this, I could do that. I mean, anna is such anna is that video talking about early it's supervises video that's coming up next and she is such a lively alive person you can't help but want to film her. I had a billion ideas, I was like swinging from the tree do this do that. What about we do this she's like, you know what about we do that? It is so inspiring. If you get talent like that, you will make an amazing video. So pick town that's going tio engage you as much as a viewer and tell him that you don't have to pay for like we just put a call out on facebook. It wasn't about booking a model or anything I could be real people your real clients will relate to real people and she is a really extraordinary real people but she still is yeah really also if you are a photographer and you've met great, you've all probably had great clients who you know is just going to be fun in front of the camera and relaxed with you that's a that's, your that's, your database of talent already you've got a head start from lots of people, so count fantastic story telling in storyboard so now you've got all these things in place you can right your story board and and you're going to put in there all the ideas collect everything mixture the location and the props in the field for the film what the talent's going to do? I remember writing soo's some of suze storyboards and shot lists and I was like, does she have long hair? I hope she has long hair I see long here you know so it's it's a bad visualizing everything and then writing your shot list and remembering that you need more than one shot of walking across the carpet we need lots to edit too, so you're shot list will give you all that it will say close up mid tight, medium close up long shot all those things so you want your shot list to take off you're shooting, make the most of whatever happens and have fun with it, explore every angle and shot you possibly can think outside the box, go and look at it from from above from below from around and play I think that's my only difference to me and anyone else is that I play and play and play and play and play it's hours and hours and hours. I now know that I now know what works, but that took hours and hours and hours to get here, and if you do it, you can to just play have ago you're thirty day project will be perfect for that. Calling footage shorter, shorter, shorter. No, you think about that video, the thirty day project that I showed you where there's this fourteen seconds or twenty seven seconds of footage and I'm showing one think about what footage actually helps tell you a story, what footage is real and moving and resonates with people and then edit it together with your music and you've got one of my videos. Yeah, is there any questions? Guys, we're good, I think sometimes a shoot a portrait shit for me would be over in two hours, but when you shoot me doing a portrait shape, it takes six hours on end. Is that one night when you first out of cheating, may I was like, oh, she's, so painful way we have to do that again that you didn't get it the first time, and then you run around this way and then you run around that way and you run around this way and I just didn't really get it. I was just kind of like it's so long and she would be done I'm tired everybody's type you ate something, keep going and yeah, I get it. After doing this last one, I done the video shoot and then time it would take me to do a funny shape and I've missed the opportunity to get on the extra stop. It does take time and I'd appreciate it if I do my critique sure, you could show me the fairy, the best one that gets me out of all the fans being mean, I get sick don't don't bag teo so healing that. So you said, so are you finished? Yeah. So so you said that it would take us six hours to film her doing a photo shoot, which takes her two hours and dave owen from the uk said howmany hours filming and editing did you do on your family portrait film and I'm just wondering if you have an equation like a one minute film takes ten hours to edit that I actually don't have like a pdf when I have photography ida? Pdf that I sent out two people wedding is this this package? This package portrait this in this? I don't do that because I don't want to quote until I hear your idea and if I think it's going to be five days then I want to quote for five days so it's, how long is that piece of string? And then I'll tell you how much it is um so sure reels and all that sort of thing. I I just give a gauge of between five to ten or five to eight or whatever, but, uh in terms of like a family portrait, I estimated the time and then put a price tag on that so again, I don't even I don't even quote family portrait on a pdf or any set price I work out what do you want to do? Because I could do you know that confetti one of like my family's just say you wanted a competitive you and your sister and I was like, okay, well, you know, what am I building that confetti thing? Are you building that and who's doing what and then the shoot for that confetti, probably really tight me now and then the confetti was all over and that's it so it's not it's not as big a deal so yeah, I think that less related to pricing and more like your time if you have a finished say one or two minute video you know that that's going to take you sixteen hours to make as faras filming, editing everything do you have it in you know because because it depends on the idea because if it's if it's um I'm just trying things okay on later I'm showing you a show reel I did for someone else that took two days shooting because it was lots of different locations locate I like all the locations to be close all one because every time you move that's an hour I'm not working and we're just moving all the footage and not the footage of the gear it's not that much, but it feels much andi well hopping in the car we were driving somewhere I'm not filming so we had lots of locations, lots of talent and I wanted to afternoon lights because I needed it in the in the first part of the film and I needed it in the afternoon as well, so it also depends on light so if I go I think you have to shoot this in the afternoon but I also have to shoot this in the afternoon that's already two days so maybe one more question before we go to break and any questions in the audience first of all here in our studio how do you found out about like the locations that you can't film that like how did you guys find out that you can't do the eiffel tower? And when we were in paris someone mentioned it and then I thought well, just before I'd already edited that documentary and I just before we finally release this let's find out for sure I don't want any legal ramifications on to supervise esso I sense a little e mail at and got it did a bit of online research and basically found out that yes, it was true and then I e mailed them and I said we're doing this documentary and it's a beautiful project and I tried the sell it and they came back with a price tag so we cut it seven hundred dollars one second of it was it was literally not even I don't even know the whole second it was so quick I was any it's blurry fire in the background but it's quite a distinguished boat video that the airport tower yeah everyone about that anywhere you can can you do it in the daytime you can in the daytime it's the lighting so so they worked out that the lighting they could, um, copyright or something license here

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Video is a powerful tool for bringing the story of your business to life. Learn how to use still photos and video together to create dynamic products that promote your business from Sue Bryce and Hailey Bartholomew.

Sue and Hailey take you through the process of producing a promotional video from inception to completion. You'll learn how to develop a video concept and establish your messaging. Hailey shows you how to prop and prepare a shoot and covers the 10 essential steps you must follow for every video production. You'll learn how to use Final Cut Pro to weave together still photos and video clips and how to pair that footage with music. Sue brings it all together and shows you how to integrate video into your marketing and how to effectively spread the word on social media.

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