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Afternoon Q&A

I get constantly specially looking the chair asked one of one questions come back to the real beginning and so we're just gonna answer a few of those before we go any further one of the ones that people were writing and asking all time was how do you turn the video component on a new camera? So obviously we only shoot on cannons by by the vasari shoot on cannon and on the five team back to win the five team act three the life he functions are in different places, so they're gonna trick you with that one. The hayley's life you function on the five demon too is there in my life video function on five t mac three is up here. Okay, so they switched it around just keep you on your toes. Like may hayley owns the five team back to win the five three good in the three because we have graded so we have both in our kit, so you'll be shooting with one and then you pick up the other one and then there is a wrong that was done that drives me crazy and that's. Why I want to go to that one too of tho...

se but the point is, is that that life you function when it's pressed so if you turn us around and that life you function when it's turned on shows your lcd when you've got no obviously landscapes on in a card that's full and that shows you life. You right, just like that. So when I was talking about pushing and pulling focus when she was talking about pushing twenty ferguson, I was talking about painting and taking a still everything that I shoot right there in that moment, if I press, start and stop in ways to start and stop on the fighting back, too, so no, teo so staten stop on the three is a stud and stop is the same button, which is pretty easy start, and when it starts recording there's a red dot in the top right corner and five team back to it's that button down there, so again, they move about and that's exactly why I'm now recording and there is an on camera michael finds I am now also recording sound now the movement with which all one o one beginners I think that make the biggest mistakes. I've just done it. I just shot a video and I have done the same thing. I have captured all of my emotion, pretty much doing little gentle pans. So what haley's been showing us today is getting people to move through. Or moving around and looking at different shot angles and the rest of it that's where I've gone very wrong, I've done exactly what everybody asked us have held the camera here to my model, and I was I've moved and and that's all I've really done when I've done that repeatedly, and now I've made a little moving thing, but what I want to say about that taking the photo, so do it on the five to two because people might have the five d is what I said before if I was filming in motion and then I wanted to take a still because I thought it was amazing at any time, you can hold your shut it down and take a still and then keep going, and it will keep filming, okay? But when I play back that footage where I took that still there'll be a jump in that footage that's what I meant by doing that, so that means that any time I can shoot raw and footage at any time, but it will interrupt that footage as long as you know that. So the one thing I'm going to talk to you about is when I won sittings, because this is how easy it is when I first lend about video, and this is the best part she's a filmmaker she's going to contradict what I've learned and that really bags may not that she's contradicting me, but that I was told that this was the only way to do it. I was told that you shoot your shadow speed at fifty and you do not move off fifty if you want to slow down or speed up us or expose correctly, you have to change your eyes so because if you open your lens up and shoot at a really sort of like one point two or one point four or two point eight it's leading a lot of light into lynn's, your first instinct is to toggle up, which, you know, make sure shutter speed go faster so more like doesn't get in your leans that's. Your first instinct is when I'm shooting, I keep my if stop two point eight and I just talked with my chavez bay when I'm shooting bang, and I'm watching my exposure on manual at the back, and I'm just hauling bacon ford. So when I went to do video, I talked on this and my shutter speed goes up as soon as my shutter speed goes up, I'm away from fifty now, I'm told that fifty shutter speed and film looks more like cinema, and less it doesn't have that wave or the staccato. So what I did then did was like I would spend all this time doing my eyes oh and I put it down and then I would want to shoot at one point four and I was outside or there's lots of light coming the studio and I can't shoot they're open because if it's that open I have tio lift up my shell a spade so I got a nine stop density filter now the nine stop density filter is incredible thing to buy for this camera because it means you can shoot wide open but still have fifty shallow speed so it's still look simpson cinematic but you get you know this beautiful light filters that light and so I was like yes that's the answer so then I go on watch hayley shape and she's like four thousand shatter spain are like watching ivory shot in life I was told I was told that you're not allowed to do that and I'm like what no no on that's exactly right hey does not care and she does not hold to that role so if it doesn't look good change it but if it does it's working so I have not found any my footage for that cicada thing that they're talking about, I'm sure you know if you slow down some of my footage, you would definitely have that that was especially from the five d this one it's beautiful and I don't find that problem at all but I have heard from especially now that I'm working with them cinematographers they're like oh you shot with that and we're not with the four thousand I'm like oh well it's working since you later we're talking about frames per second can we talk about that? A lot of people were wondering what this sixty I p it's coming yeah perfect citizen this next segment so in terms of basic one I won for the camera turning on your life function interrupting your life view while you're filming with stills and then it re carries on filming a lot of the new cameras don't so when you would film and you take a still it would stop recording so you just have to watch for the read dot and terms of the basic one eye one what I just said wass I was taught fifty shutter speed opened the lens right up if you get too much light adjust your eyes so if you cannot adjust your eyes so low enough and and there's still to much like coming in you do have to look at a new toward entity filter now that is really basic and when somebody told me that and I first out of filming with it, I was like, okay, I'm shooting at one point two I've got this filter wide open and my very fierce try is on youtube and it's under my name and it's called father, and it was about a guy making an eight protein camera. I shot at one point to my hand held most of it. I didn't know what I was doing, and yet it still want two big awards in australia in the u s and because it had a lot of heart and a head feeling, but when I saw that, I realized I was getting a cinema look, but I didn't have the moves that she has no didn't hit the editing or anything like what she has in terms of being a storyteller. So that is the most basic sitting haley saying, don't worry about the fifty shutter speed if it looks good on the back of the camera. It's um it's tough, she shows now I have dated a filmmaker before, and he told me he would never, ever shoot on a prime lens. Okay, then I went to a workshop and that god and the filmmaker said, never shoot on anything but a prime linz and I went so I went back to filmmaker boyfriend and I said what? Why? And he goes, I don't want my footage that shop, and then I went back to which often workshop said, I want my footed sharpe. And then another kid to may you can talk to me about shutter speeds you can talk to me all of you know, but you need to try and hear that because she proves all of that wrong he proves the zoom lens wrong. He proves the primes, right? So everybody has their own way and that is basic like, can I get more basic won? I won question. Is there anything else like just real basic? Yeah, really basic one from island tweet or you again are using auto focus or manual focus on video function you on ly commend you not only mine d mac three they have life mode face detection that will follow it and you can focus, talk or your focal point and use auto focus on it. Search in there, though I mean where you can tell that there is a sitch and so yeah, there is, and obviously that in life function you will watch the sea change, but you just have to learn to push and pull you focus. You have to learn how to go back to manual and push and pull your focus. But what haley saying its most of her work is done fake? Show them a real basic move ur fiv e minutes three I look silly using that one cause I'll be like with the button I'm doing in a way we're one of the what camera can get us close to you is gonna make of the camera and maybe maybe I want to use this so that you can actually see and I'll just things like that I don't know maybe if I do it here it's good there's nothing to film fish um sorry if I'm if I'm going to fill film kiwi okay, what a cute face. Uh, I'm I'm holding my elbows in as tight as I can here, elvis aaron. Usually I'd have the next trap to pull against bo not going to do that so you can see the camera and then I'm going to pull my focus as I move in and try and keep her in and I won't get it, but the beauty of film is that it's okay to move in and out there's actually, it adds a little bit, I think, and so I won't get it all perfectly, but all move and I'll follow her, so I'm just pulling it might take me a second to get it, but I got it and I mean that and I pull out when you go towards something that goes out and when you go away from something, it goes down and when you become really familiar with the up and down and watching the focal point you just start living that I know when I go towards trevor might some has to start moving upwards in its hester move at the same speed that I'm moving towards him. Yeah, that's, just something that you lin also, I noticed with haley a lot when she just does a basic shot, a basic little pulling like that she'll often go in and do the focus and then come back out of focus and then just walk into the focus. So she's not at you pushing or pulling it, I don't have to do it, and they're looks amazing by the way in film, you'll notice she does that a lot, and when you see it, you see that deep the field, that wide open dipped the field and it goes into the focal point and maybe not one point too, but differently to or two point eight, right, right down and maybe don't start there. Actually, I started like two point eight, and then when you get confident, two point eight, move down, keep going and see what you can get. Challenge yourself. I love a bit of a challenge here you'll see some tape marks and this is for pull focus on amman apart or try, but I could do this, but not so much hand held and we were doing this with trevor the other day I was showing him that to make it simple listens to a pull focus so I could say at this this is when you're in focus here so I'll put the piece of tape to match their sometimes he's talk whatever I've got um but of a hack er and then over here if I pull take one step back this will be where I need to be so I might start here and then all I've got to do is line up the tape by the end of the shot so it's really simple I'm here and I lined up the tape I didn't watch the tape I was watching the back of the camera on good move and I lined up the type there it's good so it's if you're using a modern porter trifled that's great, but if your handheld that's a little bit too hard to watch tape and walk and focus and something that I just do it by eye pulling against like thiss and moving and trying to bully and yeah, so let me get this straight yes if you can and I over here like really when you focus up yeah it's when you're walking towards the one did you say that so and when you're going away here pulling down yeah, we're both so did not know that so I didn't either until I did it and then I was holding it and I thought right now I have to get it in focus so I would move towards my client and get hurt and that would be like a well there it is and I never thought for one minute it only goes in one direction I'm walking towards you so it must go out and then I would like this I was like, oh, look at that and then you shoot past them and then you bring it back to you kind of go you go zoom past, I'll find you and then you bring in that kind of looks funky too, because when you're doing a little book in yeah it's just hilarious I think the biggest question that people head with the biggest question I head for two things one is haley does this incredible thing if I was filming hayley from being a beginner, I would do exactly the same thing she always does a little pan movement this way but haley does this she's going to go? You need to move through my frame so she's got a direct hit right? Harry would do that and then henry would do it from that angle that angle that angle, that angle and that angle and get body parts and there that I didn't even think of it I just did he going I do my little pan and then she goes in and then she goes out and then she goes around up, down butt and then she'll go into hands and when you start to see in this video you start to see how she breaks down and they're just basic moves so there's nothing fancy about what she's doing that's exactly right? So there's a disparity between what you think is won I won and what you think is really dynamic video the good thing is is I've done a basic video and you're going to see the difference between me and hayley but it's my fourth video ever so you're going to see where I went wrong and how I could get better but what I wanted to show you was how badly I screwed it up what I did screw up because it was so basic that tin roles I had an idea and then I was shooting it uh I'm cocky, right? I've been shooting for twenty three years, you know? I'm pretty awesome I how are you gonna pay up? What about you do it? Uh, so there was a few steps in there then I might have jumped and that's really hard and then that's really had because it's missing oliver really cool stuff that could have been in there, so I've learned my lesson there for status but I'm going to be really excited to show you that why I did that was because I don't want you to look at haley's work and say what she does is unachievable because it kind of is for now, but there's a little bit in between there, where she wasn't as good as she is, we she still made money marketing her business with really basic video, and also, if you start doing a thirty day project or something that is going to teach you to practice film and also you think, okay, I can't just get one shot of the girl riding the bike. I have to get eight, haley said. Eight or ten or fifteen, how am I gonna get fifteen shots out of this girl? But riding the bike, you're gonna quickly find you get creative, you'll have to because you will die. I can do this, I just have to find fifteen shots, so that means ow your nose is so interesting. Your scarf is amazing, your hat is brilliant and yes, it just cut you stop breaking down so s o way could show live you if you were going to do it before you're going to shoot for an errand forty five borrowing a shoot. And I just didn't want people to think that they'd missed that, like there were so many questions in the chair that I thought, I don't want people to think it's not coming back again. Um, the whole point is I gotta keep bringing hayley back to when I want is it? When I went to a one or is it what I want to know? What we had we go out there to? Depends, I want to take people upgrade to leave, but I need her to understand I'm leaning this today and I'm buying this. This is my workshop, I care about you all this was about me, I think that we are like in the city day challenge. Yes, we'll see about that and so on and so it's really important that I keep bringing her back to the reality of and I want people to ask the basic questions, the more basic questions and tomorrow when we go live shooting, I'm going to make her break down, break it down into one movement, push and pull, you know, up and down in out why she does it what's going to do stop motion, she gets to stop motion fusion and she gets to break that down and it's really magnificent, so you can see every shot she has talked about now. Um you're now going to see that broken down in the video that we did she did for mai from my website this video has been on my website for four months and its head twenty eight, twenty five and a half thousand hits I have not promoted this video other than it is on my video channel, which I don't have subscribers for because I don't promote my vinnie I child this is all part of the marketing I'm going to bring in the next two days and it's not on youtube because guess what? I go to teach a class and video marketing and I forgot to put any of my videos on youtube I have a youtube channel with a thousand subscribers and no videos on it other than to one I did in two thousand nine, which is so bad please go on and it's bad I mean, I'm talking, we shot it with a handy cam and all of the images of vertical it's, a slide show and its head nearly eighteen thousand hits on youtube and I've got a thousand subscribers on youtube that I am not feeding this a thousand people that want to see my videos of work and I have missed a golden opportunity to market I'm talking about mac and quick come back, I can't help it I'm just like I don't have to talk about marketing you, goto teach you how to shoot it first. Okay? Okay. Talk about marketing while you do. You, my friend, I am missing a complete opportunity. So when I asked her to shoot in his video, I had an idea. In america you have a high school seniors market, right? That's your business, we don't have that market like it. We just call them teenagers and there's no need for them to come and get photographed other than my brand is pretty enticing because they want to look like models and they want to look like victoria's secret models, so they're like, I love her brain and they do a mother and daughter shoot, but in terms of being a high school senior has a market it's not something I've ever done. So all of a sudden, when I'm teaching over here in the u s, the bigg market is high school seniors, and I needed something that resonates with that. Now, even though we don't shoot seniors, I still shoot a lot of teenage girls because I love shooting teenage girls. Teenage girls are the best the best teenage girls in fifty plus on my favorite demographic in between. Well, we can sometimes get a little bit messed up along the way we find their way again, so I called haley up and she had already done samonas video, right? So miners video are released it on my very first creative live it's on my web page, some of them you know, on whom your channel it's the little story off the mom that wakes up in the cat in the two twins and dead and everybody's on mom she's making breakfast she hasn't gotten here makeup down and she kisses the kids ties up, lunch is off and the way they go and then she sits down and she opens a magazine and I don't know if anybody noticed this, but one thing happens there's a supermodel court agnes and she's in the vogue magazine and she is the same here cut is semi and she looks like her like if someone was going to be a supermodel, she would be agnes. So she flicks over the page to agnes and she pauses and takes a breath and that's like I could be a city motto if I looked like here, I kind of looked like here in good light with some photo op and then you flipped the page and I've actually put a photograph and they're off the dress that she then appears in solo people don't notice that little we think then she closes her eyes and when the music keeps editing and she's getting here, makeup done and that's my experience suddenly you're in my trance transformation mode she's dancing around in a dress and it's all you know I would rather being kept man do in marin and his thanks and then she gets photographed, and then she goes back to her family life. But instead of its my dreary family life, they meet her at the door and they will run off together laughing because I see it too. Haley, I don't want to make it look like sad housewife has a model day goes back to said life she loves her children, she loves her life. She loves looking like a supermodel that to me is marketing to a single demographic, which is family first woman with kids, so I want to make a video for every shopping demographic that I have and the next round was seniors. I called up hayley and I said it's time we did another video um I found a song now I chose the same writer of the song is for you to say hello and you know, I told you a second piggy music when I listen to him other music, I found the other song and I was like, I want to make a video to this I didn't really think that my idea, so if you get back, we'll be good go big uh, so my idea was going to make a sound or this, and then I run haley and she did the mod because I'm paying her to do that, so she sent me pictures. I said shut lis pitch is also the things we talked about locations I mean, the song is actually very unique in that it is saying I'm going to run ride up this hill right up this hill I'm goingto doing to belly down learn to belly dance it's so descriptive I mean, I had to be careful not to just do everything on the list. So here's, the weird thing, I think the song I ring haley, she gets the mood, we both start throwing ideas into the part I wanted to be dressed like this, and she goes, I want to be in boots and I'm like, yes, boots, but with, like, a julie belly dress and I want her in a top hat and I'm like yes, with like, so I go to the bling, she goes to the fun yet, so and I'm like, oh, and she goes, yes for heaven and work boot and I'm like yes, with a bell, a frog and a top hat, yeah, and I'm like every time and I'm like flowers in here every time she says who think I say my thing? We throw them together on some awkward moments where she says something I don't like and I say something she doesn't like and we kind of go at this thie first video I did so I sent her I got she said I want it to be for the mums and I wanted to be a little story and I can't call great I've got it I've got it go away listening to the song I'm like brilliant idea we'll have exploding pillars of feathers and I was like suits lettie mae and she'd say that you don't like that and I was like, well, not really how many moms wake up in the morning and have a pillow fight before they go to school? Is that you not going? Yeah, what what will doesn't happen and I said, hayley, you're now shooting a kid's video and she went, oh yeah, I knew she called me to the excellent clank she's like uh this is all good but this feather thing that makes fun at harm I'm trying to say the shoot is fun yeah, good point so we throw that we throw it to get through but the thing is going back one state when you see a way through in, um location then all of a sudden we are now producing a mini movie and and I'm the producer and she said director so we take that role you know it's pretty full on it is full on because I send emails with okay so this is my shot I'm starting to get a shot list this is like a teeny tiny piece of my shot list I listen to the track I know there's twenty five beats in the first sequence of mindy glenda hills song so I'm like in the first bid in the bedroom I need twenty five shots so I go and I'm sent listing all these things and then I send su no walk skip us this for a second I'm going to sit show what I'm sending suit just maybe here we need top hat buy roller skates stream is makeup confetti change about it's fun hat sonny's cute dresses, boots location I want need staircase into the spray painted allie I need a girl's bedroom and then walk for the the cool for changes any someway to bike ride on the hill with no trees and what's my budget because this is the thing now I'm producing a little, many movie and it's going to cost me a lot of money so straight away the first thing I did was I afforded that list of all of my girlfriends and I said who's got roller skates who's got a bike who's got flowers whose got a top hit who's got confetti who's going one of my friends turned up with five bucks is a confetti from her wedding, and it was so great she's filming this son sitting, I've got this confetti bomb I'm down when you know, because I'm about to lead off this mess of confetti bomb we've got two big ones, and I'm like this going great guns, confetti, bomb, she's like yo and I go boom and it's just like this, brown dust goes on and on and on and then hayley goes like this did anything come out and and and it's like a pound of with this brown powder, and I takes my friend and I go when that confetti come from. This is like a wedding, and I was like, how long you been married? You're steven years, confetti, rocks, people wait a couple of fun things, but the idea really is I want to comeback tio, not the production off this money move because it's going away past I want to comeback tio go back! We had the shop pictures is this is how haley sees she pre sees that now I cannot see like that yet because I'm not a I'm not a filmmaker now, in order for haley, haley shot those, but she wrote a list she hasn't actually draw pictures like a story boyd so in order for me to think like that, I would have to draw that in my mind like I would have to get up in a paper and do lips uh tika um you know, looking up on the bike I would have to go and create their she's already via seeing that and so she simply wrote this list now and she turns up to shoot the list is four pages long and she's got a peon she shoot it, shoot it, shoot it, shoot it, shoot it shoot it takes it off and I was like, oh, I've seen that so I didn't do it larry do my knife and I'm leaning um so coach and ask how far in advance are you having this back and forth before the shoot? Well, it depends so soon might ring me and say I need it by march and I'll say okay, well, the date I can shoot this and she goes the date I concluded this and then we go okay great by then we need all the production and it just based around time friends but if if you rang and said you needed a video in a week, I'd say no, you're too late that's not enough time for prep for it we would have had easily ten emails but I never felt like there was a lot of like I felt like I was communicated well I understand she gives me visual boards and that's why the mod border is really important because it's given me a mod right? I haven't included the mood board for this because we can't show it because it's other people's photos and a combination of things but I will show you one that, um tomorrow that I did, which is all using my own stuff so okay, so I go to the shot list for the huge this is my shot list, but I've pulled apart the film and giving you a little shot off what I got so he's the shot list but while I was there I also got this on the way there I found a nose and also I'm taking that to the shoot again that's very made with suze good natured um make up we found that little make up thing you had the little polaroid camera we did that with these all add ons that weren't in my shot list, but we found and got inspired and just did so basically, haley said she listened to the music and they were twenty five feats that start that song like that and so she wanted twenty five shots off her getting ready at home on the beard and how do you do twenty eight different shots of one girl sitting on a bed you have to change the prop you have to change the crop okay, so police pretty much in the same position the whole time at the end of my beard but she's making inner she's directing a moving inner and that's why it looks different and that's what looks amazing but when you actually think about it that is four seconds how many seconds in the song like maybe twenty seconds of it off the movie crew of the film so she has spent now two hours shooting twenty five little clips and you khun billy see the movement in them because he's so fast there almost like stills um but the bitter because they can see some movement just like yeah cute little tweak so you can see this is a little bit this is ah like probably uh that's a tight tight tight mid but there's only about this fair between the bean and the wall's gonna be pretty tight this's overhead this is front on front on there isn't actually a huge range this is overhead overhead but in this sequence because they're so quick it works really well and the action is all different in the hat too going on and there's this cute little smile so you'll see all that when we play this well yes sorry which lens were using when you're shooting okay, are you just getting in close? You changing? I shot this on the minor part this this sequence here on the motor part with either thirty five other fifty both because I wanted to make this blurry I didn't want it all in focus in the background you want everything um beautiful this will be a fifty you can see uh what else is it that'll be thirty five probably thirty five thirty five, thirty five lives a thirty five it is just absolutely amazing assed faras she said it took two hours like is this I mean because you're kind of playing and video at the same time was there points where it was just like are we still shooting video for her? This girl is so energetic that she is a bowl of energy I was like now this is a big shoot to make sure she's an energetic one like oh don't you worry I could not keep up with her she's a runner I'm not around she's a future olympian runner so she's like fastest fifteen hundred meters under eighteen in the world and so I hate goes I want you to run up those like two hundred cia this's a staircase I made her run those so many time like eight times and she didn't even puff on about four time tell you had to run up after another is energetic enough haley e okay, I can wait uh what else did you have before we play it and then we'll break down the shots of it um oh yeah about that how how do you handle clients or somebody that doesn't have that kind of energy I mean that's not willing are not not that they're not willing to do it but they're not over the get tired of it after five takes you make a video that's more their personality and if they're that lethargic I mean this thing that the magic man is gonna be lightly it's going quite down this video that girl is a sort of person that she loved the she loved the making of it so much that we put the story shot list in front of here and she was I'm going to do most of the young girls just can't get enough of it they just love it yeah she was famous for a day we shot here around sydney people steering it here and stop and take photos old young ones love that she's got a video to share on facebook and everywhere she's pretty yeah happy with it so we won't break down this it will come back to this and we show you the video I'm gonna walk a hundred my I'm gonna waste alot if that's what it takes to make me smile I'm gonna walk a hundred my I'm gonna run right up this hill summer sky our winter chin if I gotta take a break I I want to run right out of this I wantto weigh right here in my open hand and maybe I'm just a little girl is great thank you I'm gonna go take a chance I'm gonna learn to violate dance a little something about round man it's I'm gonna go take a chance I'm gonna live a crazy dream possible as it may see doesn't matter what the future brains I'm gonna lay a crazy dream way maybe I'm just a little way style of shooting is everybody slow instill haley style of shooting is everybody do the running walking running away from here running past here walking past here would spinning around in front of her like nobody is ever just really still in front of here. The only time you saw anna still was when I was shooting care stills and so it's kind of amazing when I watched haley because she's always got the fig she's either walking along beside running along behind you know study coming along behind I want you to run down that hill and she runs after here and then I want you to run down the hill I wanna run beside you and then I'm gonna do it again but I'm going to record your feet running and she spends the whole day you know, running around after the clients and it makes you realize how much motion so she's capturing her moving and she's moving as well but she moves with the people she showed so I think it looks so incredible here I am aesthetic saying still panting to the right you know instead of moving on, you know and it's it's something you just have to learn in the in the scenes where she's in the field dancing and things like that well, you have the music playing no she's just going on and I'm like more energy, more energy no keep going laughing it's fun it's fun um if you go back, would I just want to quickly go over a few of these shots? So this is a big list? This is a big shoot. This was two afternoons one morning in the afternoon, I think wasn't it to separate days? Something like that? Uh, this look at that, how many are on my list? There's actually only like four on that page that I didn't already plan to do so it's quite a big I think visualizing it before you get out there is really important it's ah uh yeah a good thing to have but this is advanced. So imagine that when you go back to thirty days of grateful when you just take thirty clips and make a little movie to a song, this is hailey's advanced vision of thirty days where she's taken all the favorite who all of her favorite angles all of her favorite ideas and then she's cut it together as one story with one girl it's the same concept like it's really easy when you break it down like that that it's not just about making a movie and going het widow I start you start with thirty days you d'oh footage just unrelated footage just your favorite things every day for thirty days and heated it together and what you learn in that time has had a shoot and then when you apply it to a client like me when you get good enough you can make stories like this and again that's a hundred thousand dollars for the o yeah, it it is so simple when you get so something like thirty day grocery I did not plan those shots I did not run a list I just saw what can I see what's moving and guess what you find when you're looking for yeah, but you also got this and you've got that and you got this, you know? And you got that you got all of those things are in your thirty days a grateful and you were replicated them and your shades um as the stills photographer doesn't it make you feel incredibly inadequate because I look it if I know what photographers produce and we produce a whole other images, they look the same and we're so static and I get that you can't always get people that can't move but with motion you can because you're capturing the movement so I think that is amazing in itself and it really attracts me to using it in my macaroni also people you know after they see video and audio together forty eight hours after they see it they remember ninety five percent of your information is remembered so if I asked you about that video there so many aspects of that video you will remember they remember like thirty percent off anything you saw his tics and maybe forty five is just um images so we are trained to see in here and taken pictures in moods and stories without eyes and ears at the same time that's what makes audio products and audio visual such a powerful tool the one thing I'll say about that is I watched to click through that shot list and I don't know is a beginner help I would eva eva conceptualize editing something like that between your thirty days of gratefulness and where you're just like I just wanted to shoot pretty stuff and this like do you feel like there was like a transition or like a defining moment of like now I can start to see this before it happens or you know I mean like or is it just kind of something that happened twenty of video know what's between them it is what it is what? Is between them practice one thousand hours something like that? Uh, no, it is its use of playing, but I think you know what? I what I think thirty days is such an important start a place is that it's a plate there's nothing wrong? You're not going to do anything wrong in that you have to experiment do every single shot you could possibly think off in fact do everything even if you think it won't work there's no failure in the thirty day project because it is about experimenting and trying and you should fail if you aren't failing, then you're not doing very well because you haven't pushed yourself out of your comfort zone at all. So when we were shooting deal in paris head, he had this incredible idea to put the five d mac three on the road and have you drive over the camera on the car so that she could get a shot with cars leaving the airport. So you know, here a shot, I'm going to see that I'm going to hit records, security tasting and I've just got to step onto the path and you're goingto run over my five t mac three and chills absolutely like I'm going to run over your camera and she's like it's okay, just stay in a straight line, you won't cross my camera and like they did that and it incredible the camera's really low it's sitting on the ground which is the beauty of shooting digital slr couldn't do that with you couldn't run over a big video camera in the car crosses over hayley looks at the shot when she eat it and it's so much of a hero shot it takes it away from the story so it's such a good shot you can put it in the dark oh because you stopped hearing the story to look at that shot you think wow, the camera just got run over on and I don't want you to think that I want you to stay in my story and we gave jill so much anxiety over there because what if I crush it? Well the funny part was that the first time that we went over the car hayley perhaps from the camera on so jill how to do it once and then we couldn't do it again because this security card came so then we had to find another spot we drive onto the camp quite a few times where I got it right before you and it's just a fun but I I that also keeps my interest doing that keeps me interested in passionate about film because I'm trying more and more new things all the time what kind of song that lines first along that line is like I feel like sometimes when I'm trying new stuff is like I imitate other people that I like until I can kind of find my own voice to do it so like what for you like what was some of those I just really like the way that looks I like the way that feels before you kind of did your own thing like other films, films or the way people shot or like sure inspired by like I love emily and um family, family, family, family uh and I mean to be honest, I don't get time to watch a heap of films, but I had my favorite a huge list of favorites and I am inspired by those but I think the thing that inspires me most is other things like a person or a song or it would be the finding the angle that I didn't think I'd get anymore I've done seven shots of the bike riding come on there's gotta be one more here like that challenge to me is exciting I like it so I think that might be mohr where I get my ideas is actually the plane in the making the mistakes I think you get most of your separation from your children just nine percent and I highly and her husband have big instagram is and we're gonna talk about building a community on flickr instagram in terms of marketing because andrew her husband who essentially it's not a photographer he's a designer his over ninety thousand followers on instagram ninety thousand nine zero and I'm gonna talk about that in my marketing segment because by doing photos when they're out and about with the kids and family huge, they have now created a community on instagram that he is now getting quoted for jobs for photography, jobs on his from his instagram account so that's another would like that. But I have no being quoted from my e, and I only have two and a half thousand follows because it doesn't move no, but the thing is, is if you look at those images on the wall behind hayley that's, how haley sees so that's how she sees and she sees everything like that she's done motion long enough to stop saying in stills, and I feel incredibly limited when I picked up the camera because I realized I only seen stills, I did not see movement, and if I do, I see one movement and that's a skirt willing, and I repeat that overnight begin and I get paid really well for it. So on my life, I'm not gonna make a run back and forth a tutu, but what I'm saying is that if I'm going to shoot my john ra im gonna have to shoot like here, so I'm gonna have to see like here. So when I look at those images there that is not how I see and if you look the weird thing about hayley stills is they're all moving in the stills someone put walking running, rolling, laughing they're all moving she does nothing still ever so that is kind of the video brain so can we just go back to one thing when you shoot you thirty days when you do you challenge um you're going to make that look as beautiful as possible I want you to consider two things one is the music you have to pick my suit your brand I know it be nice to create a really personal video of just your children but if you're a winning photographer that suri lt's not going to help you and trust me this is not only an educational project it is so beautiful you will have a finished show reel that potentially will be gorgeous like hiss. So if you shoot a genre, find what is beautiful within your genre in shoot thirty segments off that that's what I'm going to do because I wanted to work for my business and I'm not really so much going to make it about a photo shoot I'm just going to make it about the beautiful things that a kid in my studio around parachutes and I know exactly what barney in my mind started to build my chute list so you can do it um talking about the shot list when you're writing on a shot list do you write in an order of what you want the video to be or do you just put him down and then after you get all those shots and then you put the video together both so sometimes I don't have the song before I shoot so I'm just I'm just winging not we interesting christian I think that you would want to film it in the timeline that it's going to be edited in so like the the that's talking all those pictures of havana you know, those aren't the order that you actually wrote out the shot list that was just nine film is and you know that you've got all the shots well essentially yes because she changed her outfit and change location every time she changed her outfit so when we're in the bedroom they were getting really shots and the getting really shots have to be at the start of the story and that's why I knew the song and it was twenty five and she was dancing on the beard and putting lip gloss on and then taking a photo like young girls do and then I'm going out then she put his shoes on and then she went out say so you can shoot it in order so the better one or then we went with him we went actually kind of that's a freak that doesn't normally happen. It just happens to be that when we started, it was the middle of the day, so we needed to be inside, so we didn't actually we just shoot in sequence that is bizarre, not normal. Yeah, it's true, it all is based on light for me. So, like a photographer, whatever I'm shooting outside needs to be at the right time. So everything else is shoved around that today, tomorrow when she shows you benny and sam stop motion and fusion video, which is amazing. And then she's gonna show you how to shoot it. And I'm gonna break down all of those shooting sequences and how you do stop motion and how you shoot those little videos and things. And then we move into, um, editing some stop motion, and then we finish off, um, making more show reels, more advertising show reels making your show reel because you guys shot for how many hours the other day and you got to shoot. So you did a lot of the behind the scenes footage. Its course. You got to learn all the moves we get to break that down. So right now, before we go home, what are the most basic steps that we can give you right now? From today that will take you into doing really awesome thirty days like, what will your thirty days look like? What do you need? What do you need to know about the camera? What do you need to know about? Like, what do you need to know? That's going to help you do this? Because essentially after just today, you should be able to go in film. I mean, you're gonna get lots more, um, over the next and next day as well, but after today you should be out of going give me thirty days, you are creative photographers, you take beautiful shots all the time, they're all we're asking is for some motion, so you need to start looking at angle's and light and stop finding what is gorgeous so what's going to help you get there? Well, I just had it it's kind of gear related, but kind of like that is a lot of times when we're shooting, I'll just be like, oh, that's, cool, let's, pull over and go there, so we've been chased off of places before I'm just like, sorry I didn't know, but a ce faras like gear do you feel like people are less? Oh that's, a professional doing work when you'd just kind of have your camera and the fig versus I have a bunch of stuff, and they're like that's, a professional. If I'm on a location that I think I might get in trouble, I would only take the camera, and this is the strap. I'm not endorsing the I would only have this drop and I if anyone, walks, I let it go. Uh huh, you know what, it's kind of weird, though, but people don't associate that with video, a video camera. They don't know what you did walk in front of you. People will walk in front of you, feel, I'm filming someone, not realizing you're filming, and they just don't see it as a video camera. In anna's film. A man walked up to me. Right now, I'm feeling he with louise and stanton, says what's, that round thing I'm filming and a riding a bike coming toward the camera.

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Video is a powerful tool for bringing the story of your business to life. Learn how to use still photos and video together to create dynamic products that promote your business from Sue Bryce and Hailey Bartholomew.

Sue and Hailey take you through the process of producing a promotional video from inception to completion. You'll learn how to develop a video concept and establish your messaging. Hailey shows you how to prop and prepare a shoot and covers the 10 essential steps you must follow for every video production. You'll learn how to use Final Cut Pro to weave together still photos and video clips and how to pair that footage with music. Sue brings it all together and shows you how to integrate video into your marketing and how to effectively spread the word on social media.

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