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Creating and Sharing Showreels

Wanted teo, I didn't get to do this in the last session tell you whole bunch of video editing software options I felt like when we were talking about editing again, hailey goes into pro editing mode I'm a newbie mode and I'm just like there are a lot of people out there that don't will never get final cut pro, they'll never get premier earth and they just won't get anything like that and it might you might not be a riff ordered what might not be a priority or like me, I want to learn how to do it so I can talk to an editor, but no, I don't I don't want to do it so I will find a way to outsource it. And if you think that's impossible there's always a way you featured into your cast, you can do you can, you know, market your editor to other people and sheer with other photographers here there's a million ways to always find a creative solution to get what you need, but what I really felt was important was that you understood that even the most basic editing software is is affordable with...

in your reach and easy to use tomorrow morning, uh, susan roderick and I shot a video this week, which is going to be critiqued without alisyn's I wish I had been ever shoot it now. But the cool thing is is we put a challenge to ourselves because we wanted to prove to you that we're not haley so we both headed out five days susan here's a five team act to have five t mac three thirty five million and fifty millions we didn't change lancers we did not have a monitor pod or a fig rig or strep we just shot, you know, handheld and as we shot the shoot actually it was a proper clients, so we were actually shooting still is a proper client. Susan edited this on an eighty five dollar program called premier elements so just to prove how affordable it is then after she's edited on premiere elements, we recorded the voice over off the client on meck garage band on the laptop with no microphone, so I helped my let talk to my client, my client's, both the words that she wanted to say and that is the voiceover that we've used in the video, so we've proved that with two cameras two great chicks, one great client we've put together a little video and it is not a haley bartholomew video but that's the whole point it's a supervised beginner's video and you get to see me produce something that is good enough to market my business and we're going to show you how we did it real quick and easy so his premier elements is on there yep apple final cut sony vegas final could express which is discontinued I maybe I'm maybe it's fantastic my kids use it all the time and they love it get on there and have a go doesn't I maybe come with your mac or is it it okay, so that means you already own it if you wanna make you already own and most people these days yes, right you're right. That was so there's a lot of argument about what is best I actualy lind my very first evening I ever saw was on premiere pro and I thought it was way over my head but then I remember the first day I opened for the shop didn't you feel like you have two left hands until two right feet? And I also said, how will I ever master this? So you know you'd have to have a great love of it to master it. And if you don't find a creative way to be able to outsource the editing off it there's always a way don't tell me you can afford it and stop doing it. I would just that would annoy me more than anything in the world there is always a solution and I'd just like to say when you are hiring an editor for the first time when I did it, I was like this is a bit weird. I lost a bit of control and it didn't turn out how I thought, and I had to hone in my communication skills to do it more than once before you decided some for you. I'm developed a great relationship with my editor and night and hoping that that keeps going, and as my work grows, I can't edit everything. So so in australia, I found it editor, a freelance editor for around fifty dollars an hour. Um here in the state, I found editors for twenty five dollars now twenty dollars now, um really good enters the need work that will take days of work for twenty dollars an hour. Now, if haley's show really took two weeks, then effectively that is a you know, inexpensive show reel that that have an editor wouldn't take that long, though that was me learning and true. But let's say you spend a thousand dollars on that and for sixty percent of your income, I think that that is one of the best investments you could even make in terms of marketing in your business. So I think it's a small price to pay, we're going to go through lots of different ways to do it anyway, so this is my quick editing tips. Pick a great song selected the best shot shortened short until it's only the very best is left edit to the song happy have a couple of days off and then look at it again and see if it's as good as you thought it was and if it is shortening in any places they say it takes two artists to eat it's something one to do that you getting the other one to hit the first artist over the head when it's done you can, you know, overdo it and overdo it until the cows come home you know, let go you gotta let go enough was enough and if you are getting somebody else to get it for you going with an open mind because if you hold two unidentified and they did it differently, you will not like it and it's really hard to get around in your own mind that it just didn't turn out the way you wanted to either communicate better lots of visual communication or let them do it and trust them. Okay, we created a show reel for kiwi photography. The whole point humphrey played the whole point of doing that was to show that we could do it on the fly, and I think the cool thing about this is when we spoke to carrie and trivia way my biggest fear was most photographers wouldn't have a whole lot of horizontal images and we cannot put vehicles this is not a slide show we wanted this show reel and we wanted the show we also look professional it looks more professional when you have horizontal images so when we wrapped them and said do you have horizontal images? They were like you we have some and I said to haley oh no we're going to shoot so much because you know they don't have any then they sent through four hundred so I was like sorry I like whoa, wait look how many images so what we did was we took their gallery, the library of images I'll just show you some of them that they sent through to us so high school seniors right your genre and this is a super basic shot list I wrote which I've actually tweaked a bit trevor since you saw it because it didn't actually make any sense to anyone else. So I put things down behind key with model of focus fingers clicking trigger spin around winding model's hair kiwi and travel laughin camera being loaded with camera times many do you remember that every five angles on the camera being loaded with cards and also to stuff so I went through everything with travel very, very quickly and said, ok, let's start shooting on here's how you do that so should we show the cheryl first or good to make them wait isn't next no it's not next to its other stuff but should I show them some of the things through yeah suffer suffer in pain so way didn't get to use the steadicam did say no, we don't we did you got to use that great it was really neat because when they turned up I'm haley decided that because you're a couple and because trevor does most of the behind the scenes shooting he was going to shoot the sheriff so she was like this what I want you to do in course he's already had a play with most things and she went through the motions with him and she showed him the fig rig all the moves you could do with the figure actually showed him the city came she showed him they um pans whipped, you know, all the way with pretty much everything that I use and you kind of got comfortable with pretty much most of figuring you seem to take to pretty quick so easy and even this you had a little girl with have a little um I didn't get to use this on the shoot, so I just wanted to quickly go through having trouble you give an example of how it was used, so the first thing to ever said when he came in was his obviously camera shake is a big issue, but after you eat obviously watching people I call it I could I don't know if you call it this did you call this before I call it taichi videoing it's when you learned to do this yeah you should see the shots of me running after an hour on life and I feel like you get into this motion where you're doing like little tighty moves and you're leaning to use your body is a steadicam are and what did you like the best of the different devices? Teo I would say the big rig yeah, just because it was so diverse and easy to like the the steady cam you know, you really have tto watch it you know, with the figure it's just there it's really study and you can just two things that I've noticed with video makers filmmakers is when they steadicam through a large space with a wide angle like afford a mill are, you know, twenty four or thirty five prime when they study came through a massive building I've seen it done it is just the most dynamic shot you can see with stick him when they do it through a wedding on a dance floor and they still he came through the dance floor absolutely dynamic charlotte always look at that shot and think hard so smooth and it's so beautiful I've never really seen it down, you know a lot and I know a lot of people that have them but don't use them a lot, so I don't know that you really need one that figuring is pretty incredible also for your height when you went down low with the fig rig and you didn't even have to be in that much, you could just run along with it and I just felt with your height you could reach great heights with that yeah, half the time I don't know if it'll show up, but half the time I was like this with the figure because I had to be down like so but then I was also able to get up yeah it's great having your height you could do quite a few overheads, which I would find harder so I don't need you have to stand in the whole time, but it was it's simple enough that you can get a handle on it pretty quickly if you were then you went through a couple of things, what did you tell him about panning? Don't pay and live to ride all you pretty much way talked a lot about just about movement. Yes if if kiwis they're just taking pictures, then I should be moving you know, if if it's stat air moving and being active than I can be studied and also I got you to do a lot off wide, medium close up of everything so I think that was something we were talking through a lot so it always ended you do ours in d'oh probably figuring a little bit more yeah, that was very fun seeing him trouble I think you had definitely played with some before um yeah, he he took to it very quickly so it was really encouraging so most of the footage that you see killian on behind the scenes to ever his shot and then the scenes that you see trevor and cue in haley has shot yet so you pretty much shot a really large portion short area what we've got you shook a lot and the best shot so I would say yours anything that travels in I shot but otherwise he should uh I want to go back to ideas so we had the idea with making a little quick show reel for these guys an example of something between mine and say because I don't have me and mine um but it's kind of towards mine more than say aye supervisor story sort of one. So that was the idea we had a talent and a location and a whole bunch of fun signs. So next is hi, this is me going over the different things with trevor and him actually shooting on location as well, so I was giving an example actually of that you know gideon sams film if if she'd had a fig rig, then I would have been like using the figuring it would have been it's much smoother, but, um, I just used the strap, but trying to make winter cierto look like l a was challenging the images are also way looked out the window and we went, oh, s so far, you couldn't see the over the road, and we're like, yeah, yeah, there was an ounce of sunshine, so because of that, I made a stick to walls and colorful things that you already do. You use in your photography so I was careful to try and match it up a bit. So, uh, that's small loading them honor pod and doing little pans and follow follow focus with the figures. So all these things you will see and all these basic moves to the villain in the last two days make it out. The thing I do want to say is this let's say you two as a photography kabul um, no, these two is a photography couple or singular you don't have to be in couples and let's go quick so you meet and you go listen, we'll cut you a show really will shoot us aerial ofyou, you shoot a show reel of us, make sure you pick somebody that's around the same level issue you might feel ripped off if you produce a really good video and they sack you for getting your own just get them to venice just get them to film it and then if you haven't got lots of horizontal images to create what's in between that show really that really plump it out or you want to create something special, like what haley did today, really unique type shoots or whatever, then you spend the next month creating those chutes, but if you two shot each other's video and didn't pay each other, you just gave each other your time then essentially, what you create in it from your own show really is done so it's that a done deal for may I don't tell me you can't afford to get a photographer I know about sixty thousand photographers, so I know you all know sixty five thousand photographers because photographers hangout with photographers, so you know, I just think it's so accessible from now on and I challenged everybody at all for viewers call each other you need to ring you know, find a friend in the safe fifty fifty let's go shoot your show and you don't want to shoot video how's this come to a shoot in showed may beautiful behind the scenes footage because horizontally and then I will intertwine my behind the scenes with my footage and I can shoot the video or I will shoot stills in enter time beautiful behind the scenes footage and right now I know that there's a million photographers taixing somebody going let's book an hour shoot for shoot because that is how you get a free show reel and then learn how to eat it yourself on I'm a bee with a great track and you will be on youtube than me at the end of the month. Yeah, and the other thing is my doesn't even have me in it, so don't let no friends stop you either. That would be sad for you, but don't let me so I'm not gonna go here, we're gonna go we're gonna go right into the film, but I'm skipping a slide I'll come back to which was the editing brief, but we'll go back also sorry, I just wantto make sure everybody at home knows that this is the first time that you two are kiwi and trevor seeing this correct. So you came here to create alive and now you're getting a show reel from you know the two of these finally this too, you understand isn't eat it is like a layer mask on photo shop, so what? Any time over the next two months, you khun change out the stills and we'll hand you the edit and you know, it just matched the eat it on the timeline with shots that already that you could even squeeze them out, so they're exactly the same length re export that file and you have a a brand new show reel with still your brand, which is you and trevor, and you can create anything within that sequence that you want that show reel becomes multi use and it stays on the timeline just like a lay a mask and then every time you change it out, shorten that, lengthen it, make it better, whatever you want to change it's right there for you to change and now everything you've lent this week, you now go on, shoot more and add more footage and then your sheryl just keeps evolving. Nobody will get sick of seeing the same cool little stuff as long as you keep making it bitter and different, and I love it said, just keep posting it on bidding it and make it work for your brand. Yeah, and I mean ask you normally one of my chutes would be like, I want two days, so you had, like five hours to learn and do the shoot, so it's it's going to be your starter show real it's, you are going to go really far with shooting and you've got a lot more you could do and push with it and don't you have a brother who's a filmmaker as well so between those your show reel is gonna be amazing this is your starter show reel and I'm excited for you to see what you also we were we were at this class so we didn't eat it so it's been really great to see it come to fruition and I can't wait to see and it's a one day ed it normally I would spend weeks on it so in three months time when you've had a chance to film and play from this class I want you to read it it re export your show reel and then make sure you call me and haley so we can feature a slog for the people who have seen the beginning and then saying your evolution of shooting because I think that would be really need to say yeah do you know this kid he's an australian say nate it's really made on you notice how many times harry is's hates of times haze you say that based on what we americans say so what's that what we americans say like like literally glittering way literally like literally like I literally died I literally sounds like you ladies are describing a show reel template what it sounds like you guys are explained living kind of way because you know at the end of the day it comes down teo the footage and it's all gone together on a timeline I know somebody who made a film and they wanted to make the most amazing trailer they could even imagine said you know what they did they pulled the trailer for pulp fiction onto the timeline in it goes out it doesn't break down into images obviously but it just goes on to a timeline and then they ran a second time line underneath and edited their trailer and match the graphics the changes in the features of everything in the pulp fiction trailer and when I watched the trailer today many films like that's like epic and they're like I know it's a direct repubblica but their footage came when you did teo you know it's like probably highly illegal but I didn't name names so everyone on the crew of live tab including marty who says play literally everyone is saying love you girls but please play it dying here theo has can we do it your way do a drumroll wait sam wait e wait just wait flying your shot so when I when I watched the first team bates host man I love it already as soon as I saw camera see if god click they got me straight away I felt the beat I felt the either on the bait I just got it straightaway I got you two I got it you know and I totally totally but it literally literally totally like so michelle flan grin online says wow, I hire them and it's not even finished playing yet on make ruth says no, I was gonna say meg meg rose says super cute man I so need to make one of these yes that's why we're here that's why you are here because you can you are going to put it on your block you were going to embed it in your vimeo account you're gonna put on your bet me? I can't load it onto youtube account okay your youtube and then your accounts both what both will host it then you will embed it onto a website from u of m your account and as you embedded onto a block or onto the front page and makeup of your website, then every time somebody looks at that the counter goes on vimeo and of course every time somebody she is it watches it and it's it and they're blocked the video your search engine of course goes up then what happens is, the more you can get other people to share it embedded facebook the more people that can block it if you know other photographers with blog's get them to do a guest post on it just say um kiwi and trevor making sure reels to advertise his business and get as many people as you you can't guess blogged as soon as they get blocked they embed your video on their web site it stays embedded on the website. Whoever reads their blogged if they load the blogged that's counted is suit changing if they play the video that's counted as a play that is counted in calculated on video so you can watch that if people like it, they can go to your vineyard account follow you on the mir, follow you on youtube, but you don't just go on those two websites and expect that they're viral videos you have to market that, so you have to market your show real just like you would anything else that you want to shout out and say, look at how beautiful sheryl and there's a million ways for you to keep regenerating the marketing around a show reel by replenishing it by making a new one by making a better one by you know and as time goes on, you can keep doing that so the amount of traffic that is coming to my website right now from only my blawg with embedded video is just humongous, and I'm going to show you that tomorrow I'm not even marketing it and my videos of getting up in the thirty thousands with no shears and no marketing I never occurred to me to get other people to embed my videos until I wrote it down to teach it to tell you guys to do it I have realized in writing tomorrow's marketing plan, I am falling down about teen different areas and my marketing that I'm not doing myself yet I'm still winning with video, so, um, what I'm going to do tomorrow is just give you is many ways to market that is possible, and you can't tell me that that is not an incredible visual representation of youtube as photographers, I just can't stop talking right now, this's shameless self promotion people. You know why? Because I used to be the photographer that's set in front of photo shop and said, I wish I could put myself out there. You've heard me saying a million times, I wish I was good enough. I wish my work was good enough, you know? I wish I wish we'll have wishes with kisses, you know, and dreams came true, then I'd still be sitting behind that photo shop thinking I want to be good enough and the thing is I'd strive to become a bit of photographer so people would pay attention to me when all I had to do was go out and show people what I did. There is no fear around putting yourself out there fall in love with creating an online polio and then share it because you're with it and that is your business, and if you can't promote that, go and get a job because you're gonna fail and if I can do it everybody can cause I I failed at that so badly for the first teen fifteen years I can't put myself out there and don't think if I build it they will come because there is not that is the most misquoted quote in the world okay it's actually built it and he will come in kevin costner sitting in field of dreams it's not some temple and grease and everyone's come it is it is just a movie somebody made it up and then they changed a little bit and everybody says they build it and they will come uh it's more like build it and then market it and they will come build it build it with beautiful imagery and then market beautiful imagery with incredible service and then they will come really yeah so think about that and I love it and I can't wait to see it evolve yeah it's good stuff so I just wanted to quickly tell you what I told the editor because normally I had it sometimes I don't mind work and sometimes I work with an editor but in this case I just said I gave him a guide video which was my video but I said instead of my video with there was no footage of you guy means photographer I want all that in there as well but I wanted in the same kind of pace fun bobby quick start with dear rolling in quick, quick, quick cuts to be I want at o point oh six with clap sounds kiwi to come in photographing the camera so me which was really you but and I won't cut so like close and wide bouncing uh between the images of cuties, photos assigns and fun and shooting behind the scenes cut song tto one minute thirty or close to and sometimes with the wave form you can't cut exactly to the number that you want just by the the turn of the thing sorry, ellie, you work with an editor than have you already called the footage or do you just give them all in this case? I gave it all to him. I gave him this kind of little list and then came back tio let it well, naar came back later in the day, had a little look and added a few changes, came back again a little bit more and then came back and I got it. Yep, we watch it again. Yes, you should go over just good way your street way that I love the high five and you go to that now, right? You shot that? Yeah, and I love thee here blind umbrella it's fantastic, like when you do the jumping turning into quite the stuff teo there's a question in the internet about never give up would like to know if you could name the song from that video you remember it derby is the baby is a band from with attic and street light thank you but we discussed the song beforehand I sent them a song and you picked the same band but a different song it's really similar to you will you sent us a different song by derby and then you then you showed us with etiquette and suggest you have a listen and we went through him probably for an hour and we ended up with a way we're packing way wait we're leaving in about way came back to the same band and ended up that nice pace yeah, well I did have the right way just kept coming back to you. What I love is that the internet is picking up on your sort of your branding and what you return what you brought to that video. So amy g photo says perfect energy for marketing to seniors and carrie ann says that video screams fun why would any senior not want to book them? So I just think it's I think it's really cool to think about thinking about what you what you want from your brand and then you always did that so well we have to pay us what is the team twenty fifteen thie end of every year and you use your favorite shoots and then you tagged all those kids in the shoot and then they shared it with all their friends so fun yeah these were all our two thousand thirteen seniors great. So the go nice and current well all right, so here's something that we need to consider let's look at what you're next combination video's gonna be let's look att one thing when I started to think about educating people in the give it to me sorry e I wanted to be out give you lots of different ideas on where you go from here okay? So I feel like there are sit their this is how many types of movies we have okay? So the show reel is when you take a whole lot of images from your folio and you cut it to music maybe no moving footage and if there is a photographer out there that doesn't have two hundred images and the data and then on the hard drive that they could use to showcase the best of the work then you are a real newbie because most photographers shoot them in the first shoot so you can always when you go in there pull two hundred images I mean it's probably not a fast thing to do but you could do it and they have to be horizontal yes if you want it to look get away from putting any vehicles and they're well looked like a slide show and it will make you look unprofessional to that simple the I can see it now consider that you now have some motion in there and that you're going to combine your stills with motion that that's what I would call a show reel with stills emotion so you go one two number three a prime my film now this is going to be more expensive for you but there's people out there with a more expensive budget there's new base with none okay I have been in business for twenty three years I could afford to pay haley can I just say one thing about that there's a lot of money that I paid haley when I saw her do it and that's all the work I realised I'd got it cheap I realized my first video for five thousand dollars was cheap now I didn't get that for free I paid that. Do you know why I honored her work and I honored my business by paying for it? It was a very hard thing to do to take five thousand dollars out of my savings account and give it to this woman and yet I did it out of trust and I did it because I loved her wig that much and I knew it would pay off for me it paid off one hundred fold when I started working with hayley I said to her you're too cheap you should be ten thousand dollars because you want to see this woman would she can shoot from nine in the morning till six at night I can't do that not like that and then it it it it it it it it and then produce gold for me and so I realized the value of that at my level of business if I was going back to being that newbie again I would be onto that show real like nobody's business in the fifty fifty find a friend you do my video idea or video I could've knocked out videos for other people fast as anything I would have loved the opportunity to shoot someone else's brain and have them ship mine pick somebody who does a different genre so if you shoot glamour and when well go and get your newborn friend to show you and vice versa you know so that they're not competing with you in the marketing and rain if you don't feel like you know you're going to get a good swap then this sort of promo film like you know obviously we talked about yesterday big budget big payoff it's a story it was like a little mini film yep this prime my film here this behind the same a shot on the iphone that you saw used today why stylist and not even a photographer eight millimeter ep on the iphone edited on my movie great little track to this love this video here's that here's something really cool to consider you know how when I do a glamour shoot I try and given entice her image onto facebook off their client that day imagine if I did a shoot now and just eat it too thirty seconds or one minute of behind the scenes eight millimeter cut it on I movie put it up on facebook and said look look what I shot today is a lt za how many of my followers in friends on facebook would go nuts over there not to mention the girl that I just felt how easy is it to do that then I put up one gorgeous to buy three on water mac to my choice still image on facebook or even better still I seemed at first to the girl I just photographed I get her to tag me because it looks better when she takes me and says I just got photographed by surprise because now she's advertising me to her friends instead of the other way around and I have got an eight millimeter dynamic vintage show reel on my facebook three times a week whenever I shoot and everyone's looking at my wick instantaneous that will take you an hour do it and do it and enjoy it because that excites me that's so awesome so different type of primeau's l promise videos a showcase of fireworks so that's all stills makes with motion um haley show really is a very advanced sharia like that guy said that's one hundred thousand dollars video he was considering that you would have to probably sit up twenty shoot to do something like that without realizing this is just haley's everyday work she didn't have she is one hundred thousand dollar video one hundred percent and I have two of them such a shame won't even be out of work together again it was good while it lasted not all things go okay so then we've got in this film which is exactly like some miners to me and his film was just like so minors it's a story it's an advert it's a tv see? So when I first opened my business my big studio in new zealand I looked at tv commercial sixty thousand dollars sixty thousand dollars was one round of broadcasting, which was three months so that was to shoot the most budget commercial with slides well, guess what? Sixty five percent of teenagers now watch youtube over television. You know network television is only reason it's surviving right now is because it's paid television hey bo and it is making lots of money because they're producing film quality tv serious now like walking did biggest watch tv series in the world love it okay tv is becoming a thing of the past now cable was the only thing that will survive and we know that the internet is king uh moving footage is the most dynamic footage that you could possibly here for your business and youtube is now the second biggest search engine in the world. Yes, what beat youtube in video she is last year something just beat youtube and shearing video around the world in two thousand twelve and it was pinterest countries you could load videos onto now has now over taken youtube and she is not and views and she is and it is the largest network marketing it work now coming through like it is growing so fast it's exponential and I'm not on it okay, so we're gonna talk about water that you're tomorrow alright to heights of show reels before I go into a whole lot of ideas for you because this is me and hayley, we're really tired and it's late and I'm filling in the last of the key nights three nights ago I was like haley, I know that you know, we've been working fifteen hours and we'll be sleeping three hours and nine they come out to my place and we'd work I just gotta do one more thing and it's got team slides and she's like what is it was like we need to give people ideas some people don't have idea slits we creatives you know we can give him ideas and she goes okay, can we do in the morning now it's gotta be finished I was like, okay, seniors well, this is haley, me and hayley we start off like a tired in the north and it's like, oh, and that could be like a cinderella story and in a way that does getting ready in the booth. So then all of a sudden we're like and I was typing and then we got so excited we look here has been a good andrew type wait could do this one without doing the things that way and you realize that when you have friends who are visually creative is you, there is no amount of tiredness that could ever stop there from being the most exciting conversation that you could ever have with a visual creator and the two of us will have the rear like this and she's like I want to make that one and I'm gonna make that one has to say, well, I'll never get time to make any of those because I have to get backto work boy, am I gonna change that this is something I wanted haley to show you because, you know, she made me promo videos but she also does work for other photographers and she made this beautiful video um and so I want you to talk yeah so katie is ah a photographer in australia and she e mailed me wanting a bit of a different video to what I'd done previously for soo in some other people uh she wanted to talk through her video and about her work and about who she was and why she did it was a photographer and so she gave me a script and from the script I wrote my shot list and I picked a song and with in consultation kind of like with you guys center a track she sent me a track we talked about what fitted and it's quite an organic and fun process to work with somebody and ah so I'm I wrote the shot list which is the next it's a long shoot this is actually one of the longer promo videos I've ever done and this was it also a case where she had a lot she wanted to say and I kept morning to pull it shorter and we kind of got into the middle part and she loves her video now sir it's so good but for a while they were like a little should she wanted a bit longer and I want it shorter but it's it's also part of the process as well as when you are shooting for somebody else just say you're going to do show reels for other people that's why you're doing this course uh it's learning for you and for them they're learning how to produce a video and so you need to show them why something works and what doesn't and so we do that as a process I I put into my time in my head how long I say one round of changes for you actually that never really happens um and if they're feeling around I cut it off but if it's actual concerns about all well, you know we can't use this so this doesn't we're cool for this reason we can't use this yeah if it's really really concerns I'm happy to make this video I want my client's toe love their films it represents her brand and I want them to be so passionate and excited to share so going back to basics on there I realized one thing they're sort of three or four types of videos in this video and this is this I went to haley and said do not feature me in this video I said you can shoot me from the side every now and then and even when she gives me the first did it the first thing I do is pull my shots out of it this these videos and not about me okay, I do not want to be super ice the super star in my own video because I am not like that I want to make it about my client only because my experience is a glamour photographer is about the girl and I need to make that obvious now secondly, I do not want to speak to camera because I'm not very good at it did I don't think I look that good on camera, so I don't want teo you know, be all up on further like I'm also rise and and too brassy rice that that was my personal choice I've seen videos where it's more about the photographer than the client and that works if the photography is someone you want to hear see listen to like katie's beautiful she's a beautiful message and speaking voice so it works for her I don't think that would work for me your video feed, which is both of you you do not speak in it, but it features you on the opposite side of the camera as opposed to me holding the camera that again is featuring you but with no monologue with no dialogue, nothing you were just featuring in the mood of your video. What I like about it is we were just going to shoot kiwi and I realized you do go to the shoot your audience needs to know that you're going to be there so they're not surprised by who the boy's voices when they ring they'll see you in the video four if people like you they buy from you so whatever you project on your brand, if they like you, they will book you now nobody's going to book you if you look creepy, sweetie, or full of yourself don't make creepy sleazy full of yourself show really if you are one of those people, do it about your work not about you if it's hard for you to define that you are creepy, sleazy or it's all about you and maybe look at how many feedback and directions you get from your video and if you get multiple tens of thousands of shears you're not any of those things hopefully too and the truth is is that how you predict this video out now is what you should make, so consider this do I want to speak on my video? No do I want to appear in my video but voice over it? Maybe do I want to be on my video with just music? Yes do I want teo be on my video is a behind the scenes, but tell me which one and those genres will make a big difference to your final cheri oh let's watch this one I'm katie I'ma feel a and I'm a storyteller I capture what is both ordinary and extraordinary at the same time people you I want to capture what's in your heart I want to capture your story having your story told beautiful, authentic images that show your true selves is an enriching and empowering reminder of everything you hold dear on that last ever wear what I aim to capture in my sessions is what I would want captured of my own family love connection, relationships, what it is that binds us together, character and spirit behaviors and expressions that make us unique individuals your story, my experiences an image maker I don't have a formula I want my images to make your heart warm every time you look at them for the rest of your life e I believe that family friendships and connections with others are the most important things in life and I'm here to tell those stories I can think of nothing I'd rather do and no more important task that could be done for family I feel it in my heart every single time you have to do is be yourself being really opened show me the way beautifully made but um wow, you know that's what it's all about that sort of story telling is what we can all look forward to if we keep going with what we have learned and just keep doing it we're talking about if you ever shot a slower egidio and so I was watching that cause I knew the music was slow right from the start, but what was interesting was like it's still the image is still change like every three or four seconds, even though it was a slow video felt more relaxed, but the images were still change. Music brought you down here what I brought you down accident like this lighting the voice, but it was still changing and it was still like moving rather quickly, but this what? There was slo mo a lot more slow mo in that film on my other because but I'm still cutting them, but because of footage is slow, it has that goes with music, but again, footage was always moving there's no standard prosthetic moving image either I'm moving for the subject is the intern, eli then did they like that? All right, so one of the cool things that um haley has access to is her accounts department also happens to be one of the most dynamic designers I've ever seen. Um, her husband andrew is an incredible designer. You get to meet andrew tomorrow because I've asked andrew if he'd come on the show to tell you all because I'm going to talk about photo sheer networks like flicka, instagram people are building careers by loading the images on these photos she networks andrew his over ninety thousand followers on instagram and his work is outstanding and he did not even start out is a photographer he just is married to one how many? How many followers do you have a way? Have tuna har what that's really selfish of and, er, I think not to share his face that has one of those. Ironic is that I was like, come on join answer him because I was a bit obsessed with mr graham and I was like, join instagram, join us and he had thirty followers for a while and I was like you on he's slowly just overnight just overtook me and I was that he was getting like a thousand three thousand likes on a photo I still had, like fifteen hundreds like andrew is getting quoted for photography jobs from his instagram account. Now I think we can push him over the hundred thousand back. Could you come with me? Sorry, really sorry, e o I'm gonna bring him on tomorrow, but going back to india being a designer um, I asked him to design you. So with this workshop, you get this down lied. Um and I asked him to design what I called a visual video guide. And so what it hasn't at the fist it is it has the ten steps to shooting anything of hayley's remember, you start with an idea and you do not skip the next eight steps way, execute every one of them and when you print out this p d if you could make it on beautiful bloody cards you can laminate it whatever put them all every award met wall make a mood board ed and then whatever you want to do that you do not shoot until you have ticked off all of haley steps these this is here tick tick tick okay you start off with that idea from that idea what do you want to say how do you want to make the view of field why you making this what is it mood board where is it going to look like you can you know country it's google whatever you want to do but creative visual mood board so that everybody around you knows what your video is gonna look like what you're moving towards so that everyone's on the same page can you see it any he get it down on paper okay this is where you pick your music remember you khun sometimes coop out music for idea and swap them around once you've got your music and there's a hit list of everything you want to look at then you're gonna do your locations where am I going to shoot it remember you can't photo shop people out of the background you also if you go to a location outside and you turned up three days later and it's raining you're going to get a different look so be aware ofthe your location scouting when I look for a location to do anything, I ring all of my winning photography friend's wedding photographers are the best location scouts in the world that's what they do, okay, I shoot in the corner with a window if you go wears a pack, I'm like, I don't know, I know the pocket, okay, locations and everything you need to look at talent who's going to be in it. I would hit your current database, people that know you, facebook, whatever do not facebook that you need a freebie shoot because if people clients are on your facebook and they see the word free shoot, uh, undervalues you even as a newbie, you can ask instead and sort of put out feelers to email on private message without putting that on your facebook no shout outs for free shoot! I shot up from models for creative liven things that they're on my facebook because I'm educating you with that, but I would never shout out in my earlier days for a freebie shoot for advertising because it makes me look like I'm giving away free stuff and I'm not. This is for my business and my opinion, I just want ad in there with talent if you haven't shot them before, I'd be pretty careful, I mean soon knows people very well and can do that, but if you're a new I would make sure you've already photographed them and know that you can work with them that's um energy between you and that it looks good also you you do know you do photo shop on people right? You make them look different on further shopping with your camera so when you look at model may him and you book that girl and she turns up and she doesn't look like her photo there can heaven a lot to be careful so this is your checklist and in the checklist there's a double page of everything in the dub oh paige gives you prompts on how to take off that list and this is your pdf so as you go through this pds you get your shot list once you've created your shot list you are shooting. Once you're shooting, you're coming your footage and then you are at editing so this is your ticket list to shooting motion and it's a beautifully designed pity if I love andrew's work I think he is and he designed this and two hours lists at like two in that and I just talked to him you are by far one of the most amazing designers that have seen a lover's designs so then what I did was we created this and it carries on so the pdf diskettes plan from plum because I want you to take this off the question is what is it about you that is the most interesting so if you were going to showcase a feature of yourself on a show reel sure you're a photographer but what's good about you what's interesting about you or for me it's the transformation for me I do transformations it's about the here and makeup transformation it's about the girl that goes from gil next door with fresh face to suddenly sixty goddess chick that's like doing all this beautiful stuff and that is my thing that is my ego is calling here stick wrong coast I think mine would be fun yeah so you also be fun in bright then mine would be transferred mine will be transformation beauty um so I would, you know, hit those like jasmine's marketing words for her brand the three words that you let them describe the feature off you and you know, I really believe that if I can translate my my thing you know, in haley talked about feeling so creative about what she did she started to cry and when I talk about capturing women and beautiful woman and how I feel about that and I start to cry we believe that every cell of el bodies believed that that's why we happen to be good at what we do because we work from our highest value always so I'm gonna put it on my mac so I'm gonna go back what is it about you that makes you feel like that? What is it about you that is your defining feature and it might be something entirely the you did not think of what is your strength? What is the conversation you always have? This is the lead in your marketing. This is the lead in your cereal in your story. What is your strength as a photographer with a special different for may? They're going on and I write there for hayley it's quirky, funny alice I just saw them. Yeah. Okay, I really love this idea that you can show people behind the scenes of your studio. They can get a glimpse of you and your process without coming near. They could do their online are behind the scenes shoot is so basic. Like I said swap it out fifty fifty with another photographer get a behind the scenes up now with horizontal images at the inn. Subliminal messaging okay with horizontal images over the vehicle's it's not a slide behind the scenes video calling cards under with its so called hearing. So you say this because there was a time where I was saying this but we all have to start somewhere okay behind the scenes is the most significant way for me to advertise who I am and what I do everyone goes and that's over it but they get to see the transformation but the base patters is idee mystified the illusion that they're supermodels because you see that they're just beautiful ordinary girls do anything and everybody likes a behind the scenes glimpse okay behind the scenes of your studio experience an interview with you if you're a winning photographer and you a married couple interview yourselves on show reel in a really cute way thank you for being frank you together talking about how you fell in love tell me any bride that watches there is not going to go I want these two people at my wedding you two do an incredible consultation for your winning business we talked about how you've been together since high school how you've bean you know married and that you your high school sweetheart and you know that that wins people over because you know that they get that you love each other and I love that you included in your consultation because you're selling love you're selling capturing love and you do it with your own love I mean it's smart think about that when you do show really I want you to think about doing a studio to it in a way that's not and this is the studio and this is the production office it's a bit messy right now I can think of a way you could be in your studio and show people the process of what you do so that anybody goes okay, I think we got this photo shop I've got this photo shoot out so I'm gonna go and look at the studio you know what that is? That is an online consultation to your business, okay? And that should be on your video and youtube channel. We're gonna talk about that more okay, shoot an interview star behind the scenes of you shooting working is cutaways so if you interview and you record your voice but then cut away you working and shooting so that the interview place if you go on my website and look at the behind the scenes of the warehouse shoot I'm being interviewed but you only see me three times but you hear me speaking through the shoot and then you get to hear my voice talk about beauty imposing and things like that while you're watching me shoot this girl okay, twenty one thousand hits on me I never shed it anyway about my blob. All right, you can't be serious is an amazing show reel, so I've written that a show reel still end motion combined a share real stills only use words it to music show real stills in motion it to music create words whether they're bubbles or graphic words either of them work think about the words that you that represent you think about pictures and extras that represent you think like haley, don't shoot two person and then not create graphics and extras. And if I write down supervised klemmer, I could bubble off glamour. A million things that I could rip present that I could shoot like beautiful clothes, beautiful shoes here in makeup, you know, a spinning dancing girl, a ballerina. I can think of a million words that represent glamour that could become visual stimulus in my cheri. Oh, then I'm thinking outside the square, and then I go and shoot there on the eight different angles. From now on, write create a shar reel in your business. That is a private one that maybe does not go live. Maybe you put this on your video account with a particular password. So it's private, you put it on your video account, and when they book a shoot with you, you give them a password and they can watch the shoot. And in that chute you were telling them what the chutes could help going to unfold. How the shoot's gonna unfold, what to wear, what to bring so it's like a visual online consultation that they watch and then they tune up knowing what to wear, what to bring. And then you can create a virtual online consultation, you can create short, interesting videos. You can make up people see your space mate you this can be linked privately or to your pdf priceless which goes out to the people when they inquire so it's not something that's on youtube it's a private video that they get that is a look into your studio magnificent idea easy to do if you communicate well doesn't have to be a five thousand dollar video fifty fifty again okay here's another one newborn photography if you're a new born photographer you could easily do the stop motion or fusion video that like haley showed you that was epic okay you could just do stop motion if you're a new born photographer a mixture of slow motion fusion with beautiful music you know that first time ever I saw your the senate slow motion the little baby they pay and it just I found the sun and that you're old it's a it's a cleaning you know I'm allergic children and I cry watching you singing in all around the house and I want to have a baby for like five minutes that is the power of advertising you have the ability to do that shit on sixty frames slow it down shoot that newborn one point to get that little chubby hand and that little eye and get them in the first eight days beautiful mama did baby coming home haley also did that in her video that was beautiful a beautiful moment for that family get grandma and granddad in there and you've got three generations you put three generations in a room that's too people spending had put it in there because it is and that's the truth it's two people spending and also a whole lot more people sharing right? Because grandma granted and now on facebook scary stuff all right? You get generations and you have created a family network and that is a powerful marketing toe. If you arab earth photographer you could do your pregnancy announcement video so you get a girl and her partner and they dance around, they can do anything, they can write it on her belly and she can go we're having a baby think about all the cool things that you could do with a video promo video like that you can do maternity to booth you could start a neat work off um clients that come to you when they're pregnant do their announcement video get photographed with their bump and then do the newborn shot and then you can book them for the first baby's first year that is eighteen months of shooting one girl from bumped a newborn toe one you have booked their client for life and if you follow through with a package that suits all of those, then you have now that and if you manage over eighteen months to shoot the bump to birth to one then you have got a video that will stay in your business for years. Okay, years and years, then at the birth fusion stop motion. Don't call me if you're gonna have a birthing video. Uh, kind of put them somewhere around weddings. Not really my thing. Hence, who'd have tonight? I like your say. They like it's. Good. When you have a good one, it's like a lottery, a lottery, this his endless possibility. Okay, this is me in highly kids kids. Uh, well, you know what? This just right. This heads in this possibility because if I put adults here, no matter how good they were showing off or how pretty they were, but you put an ad out in here and said, go and ed out would never to play act out something for you in some way they would improvise. They would be an idiot. Whatever child we'll be themselves, and you just turn the camera on a child and your winning my favorite thing to shoot it's kids like, uh, like inspiration and a bottle. Of course not. I need it. You think about it. This woman loves her children when they're laughing in there, riel there's an appearance alive that wouldn't buy those videos. Yeah so with kids it's open slather I couldn't even write I did want to mention the time capital yes uh that's in the seniors but you could do a time capsule interview with kids so when we continues reference there yep winnings okay so obviously with winnings very different game because unless you want to create proper fusion weddings that's a really big call I know like abraham joffe is an incredible cinematographer runs a big winning fusion moving footage business and sydney look him up his business name is untitled film works for untitled film are god's eva I'm so sorry I've just forgotten your website I would get on my block he is an amazing wedding videographer if you want to go down that track you need to really go down that track because there are people out there now creating cinema witting like him that just blow your mind but still I put it on your visual reference because I want you to consider that it will happen I also hayley come up with this how about an enticement bridal no she came up with the engagement video announcing the wedding date and I came up with the enticement bridal details so she came up with the idea that you could do it at your engagement we're engaged is a video and in link it to your friends who then watch your engagement unfold on youtube or going back to your website ceo and hayley uh and then I came up with the idea that you would do an enticement bridal detail video so it's not about just the winning photography it's everything bridal make a video that a bride looks at and goes and that's over theresa's fabric lace rings shoes matters here dues um veiled in how many blog's would blood that like all the big wedding bloke all say we made a beautiful video about that absolutely course they would all right from there a family video this is hailey's family portrait from last year absolutely amazing you don't have to cut giant heads but if you don't wantto but the cool thing about the family is it's now about behind the scenes of a portrait shoot stop motion fusion video portrait with every child gets photographed in their own room and then the whole family together and their own environment get the family to supply old footage old images and then update a show reel of a family up to date so get them to give you home movies and cap together your modern photography family images with old footage you know imagine they juxtaposition off seeing little little babies ali with just tune thirteen year olds alley talking to camera and it it could be old crappy footage if you had it really well imagine how many families could provide you with footage like that of home movies off images that you could make like a video scrapbook a video scrapbook off a linear timeline off your children till now, and then update their every two years. All right, you could also put, like eight millimeter app, um, effect on old footage. That doesn't look right, so it feels like really vintage so feels funky. Okay, pits if europe it's photographer again that's a given pitts was like children just just photograph them. They're fabulous a dog or kept for a day could you imagine that video? Milo and I are just fine with the way the o doggett beach doggett, the pack dog stay out well, you know there was fabulous and the family portrait with the dog or the cat is the focus of the video, so you don't see the family into the very end when you pull back. But it's all about the dog being coddled and petted and being in the family portrait, be creative, think of a video that will attract people to your pits, brand good work behind the scenes library and a bombshell for your eyes only love notes, details getting ready to go out lingerie to getting dressed and see that the other way around and couples would wear. This is something I could create multiple videos off, because this is something I've done for many years. I like this idea that you could do a little story video of the girl that's kind of got the little librarian glasses everyone likes to sixty librarian right? And then she changed into a supermodel for the day or the man that gets a makeover or any of those things getting ready to go out I just think there are so many options there be creative and create stories don't just shoot a video I see all these videos of these girls lying on bed laughing and it's got to make sense it's gotta go somewhere it's got to be fun you gotta stay and wanna watch it um love couples how many millions of ways love fun playing huge and stop motion use words use images used created and the oceans the calvin klein style shoot shoot something fashion you know a date a day out together in engagement and now recorded message to each other when they're not in the room one speaks he speaks, she speaks, they speak together you think about split screen combining footage there's so many ways to make it a proposal video okay in glamour again before and after behind the scenes fusion stop motion the transformation of fish and shoot style video sieve model for the day everything I do but it's about to get better because I'm now getting better myself so there are so many options there to market yourself this here I'm showing you is a pdf for you to take home to reference when you buy the cause, take hime reference it. It will give you ideas, it's, a visual guide, it's a prompter, it's, a tick list and it's an exciting pity of to have high school seniors debutantes promised cinderella story a day at the carnival specific genre. Is she a dancer? Is he a football player? Shooting a group of seniors at the beach of the pack and on the town having fun? Stop motion! Rob trick superstar music videos. Come on. We did this in teen minutes. Teen minutes time capsule. I wanted to do a time capsule of my kids where you know, eight or nine I say to them, what do you wanna be when you grow up? Who are you going to be? What are you going to do? Are you going to get married? What do you think on politics? All their ideas, and then I film. I don't show the interview, but I film footage all through their day of beautiful little moments of what they love to do with the time, and then keep that and parented by that of their kids.

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Video is a powerful tool for bringing the story of your business to life. Learn how to use still photos and video together to create dynamic products that promote your business from Sue Bryce and Hailey Bartholomew.

Sue and Hailey take you through the process of producing a promotional video from inception to completion. You'll learn how to develop a video concept and establish your messaging. Hailey shows you how to prop and prepare a shoot and covers the 10 essential steps you must follow for every video production. You'll learn how to use Final Cut Pro to weave together still photos and video clips and how to pair that footage with music. Sue brings it all together and shows you how to integrate video into your marketing and how to effectively spread the word on social media.

If you want to learn how to shoot, edit and distribute a professional-quality video that will grow your business, this is the perfect course for you.