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Designing Marketing Pieces with Templates

Last time I showed my marketing plan I talked about the pdf booklet the pdf booklet is what you advertise your studio within somebody emails you so you can reference somebody to your show reels but the pdf booklet is also you know, it's something that goes out on email that's not a price list and I know that I've worked in a portrait and awaiting studio for most of my life my adult life from eighteen, two forty I was in a portrait studio and I know that the first thing people ring asked for when they ring my studio is how much does it cost now? I always had a problem with this because when people would train me they would train me to say, but how did you hear about us? And as I answer the question, how much does it cost? So now we have email and the phone doesn't ring it's match everybody contact you via email because then you don't get a sales pitch and then all of a sudden you're pitching on price only because they don't know about you. They don't know about your experience and that'...

s why visual mac ring will help you endlessly because it will give them an inside into who you are it will give them an insight into your studio it will help them connect to like you and all the rest of it but if before you get even dead opportunity, you have to send back some marketing and their email that will stop them and make them read it now the biggest problem is that people get three seconds to open an email now and so what you're doing is you're sending these big woody emails of priceless and you're not sending anything visual and you're a visual communicator, so you're sending backwards and words will get you nothing. Okay, nobody remembers your text information they remember. Listen, listen half of your visual information or your visual seventy five percent in forty eight hours still can recall most of it, but the idea is is that you've got to connect and sell the experience so even without visual product like audiovisual product like a link that that I send out I was sending this so in my first port of call is to give a visual reference to what I do is it pdf so I made the priceless mohr about the images in the experience and less about the money. Now I give my priceless don't get me wrong the price list exists on the last page, but it also exists with my philosophy which is the poem that I use in my ever tightening and so ever started to send out this pdf obviously samonas tells a story and I shut that behind the scenes and then haley shot the video for it and then obviously, what happens then is at the end ofthe the email they can link to haley video, which takes them directly to my website, where I haven't beated the video that plays on the mere that is, it exists on the mir it's embedded in my website. So the search engine, of course, goes from my email back to my website. They're back, they're on my website, and if they like what they see, then it stands to reason they're going to stay in their website and watch more videos because I now have a video page and I'm a video page, I have seven videos, but that's going to build into a gallery of videos and that gallery of videos one hundred percent longer on your website, then if you have no videos, well, just keep bringing people back to my sight time and time again, however coming beggar step because I don't want to take you up to videos if you can't do them, haven't got them can't afford them and all the other excuses I want to come back to step one step one for mai is creating that. Pdf. Now you can imagine I get hundreds of emails a day, you know that I've told you that kid, do you know how many people sent me pds that they designed? Um when I first put that out in new york, but then I really wanted you to push ups, you know, how many people seem bpd ifs too? Are you all see me glamour shots to critique, but two of you send me a pdf too, and I looked at that and I thought, ok, did I not communicate that? What are they doing it? And they just didn't want to show me or maybe they're not proud of it. Or maybe they just didn't wanna you know, I don't know why I don't know how many people actually actively did it over the last two months, even when I see it in new york that I'm coming back in january with haley bartholomew to showyou visual marketing to make you accountable for the marketing program that you should have written then I do want to know how many people did that magnin pain and made it accountable and made themselves accountable in the studio. So then what I did was I looked at it and I was like, okay, I obviously have to make this so easy that you have no option but to achieve this, so I told you about vouchers I told you about brushes and and as I show you, issue the magazine, the online magazine, twenty dollars a month and limited unlimited publishing. Now, that would mean that I could have multiple magazines correct, and I could plug in multiple magazines to my website correct. That also means that that if I'm paying twenty dollars a month, I have multiple magazines existing on issue dot com. So anybody going to that website and if I'm getting a lot of traffic to that magazine, I'm assuming it's going to take my rating on issues website up to the tin viewers a day and links back to my main website. So there's a whole new dynamic network. So we've got online magazine we've got the brochure now, let's, just say you, kevin got twenty dollars a month to get an issue up, so you just want to start doing your own design digitally so that you don't have to print it. You don't have to seem that you're just going to do it on your photo shop and then e mail it out to people, you know, we'll put it on facebook or in your blogger or where would exist that's free marketing there. Anything that that's gonna cost is your time. And so, as I lay up things like this, I create little stories, you know, I know that I crop that image to the right, and so I put some images down there and I know I can put words on images and I know that when I see people designing their own stuff it does look like wood looks like a bad word document as opposed to anything design now I have very limited design skills when you compare me to andrew bath on me but I know enough to be contemporary to be simple to dis keep it simple and I know enough to not pay a designer so that's already makes me winning and then all of a sudden I see these designs and I'm like okay here's where I think most people go fundamentally wrong with design basic design and basic design is creating just a voucher or a template for a business card or anything to advertise your business my sister is an incredible illustrator she is probably one of the foremost illustrators in my country and I don't draw it like she does because she does all the time so one day we were drawing together on sunday afternoon we're just hanging out drinking cut city and drawing together and she said your boxed in and I said pattern she said your drawing in boxes and I said what does that mean and she said you're boxed in she said you need to start illustrating you were drawing in boxes and eyesight ah and then I started to look at design and I realized my design was boxed in a swell I would create a box in a box but not actually make it look like contemporary design, so what I did was I went to my computer now I'm self taught on photo shop, I don't do anything the right way. I'm total head on photo shop and I don't care what you give me. I can find a way to do it on photo shop so if it's designing a brochure or, you know, making anything, I can find a way to do it on photo shop. So what I did was I opened photo shop and I came up with this, um, way to extend the background. And so what I did was this I highlighted the white box and then I got my brush tool, okay b for brushes his short cut the brush till on photo shop and I clicked the darkest space there and then change those out and then click the light of space there. So I had a dark box on a light box and then then I marquis told this area I went to my grady in't tool and I dropped a grady in across here to match the background and then blended the line in between. Now there I put that on my block and it's a very hard thing to do without watching it, and so I thought, okay um, I'll get round to recording a video so that you can see how to do that, and I didn't get round to it, and all I do is that that puts a grady in't here that matches the light and the dark of that background because I want to extend the background so I can design brushes and cards and make them look like professional design. So then what I do is I blend that line, I just used my clone tool and I blended in and then I can drop logos or anything I want there, and then I will have a sudden my design started to look a little bit more professional, and this is how I started out. Now I loot something really big about an hour ago, I love presenting what my journey because every time I do, I learned something huge about myself as a start up creative that I didn't know and I did not know this when I went back to talking about the fear of marketing and thinks that they're in excitement, I said something that just totally I lunches like, oh, wow, I said when you were so excited about something, you just want to show you our new brochure in your new photography because you've designed something thats so beautiful that you're proud of it that's how I first became proud of my work because I was so concerned about my work, I wouldn't show anybody, and then when I finally started to design it, I realized that the design was what I was showing off and here's the weird thing when I would show this beautiful work to people and I was showing them the gift voucher, I was marketing with enthusiasm, and I didn't even know it, so I would take my work, put beautiful designs around it and then show people a brochure thinking luquillo designed that that was my actual thought process like I designed this and really what they were thinking as this's fantastic. Can I do this? And I started to market my business confidently without even knowing it because I was so enthusiastic about the design, the people started to relate to my enthusiasm, then that talk to me about shooting, and I'd get into my excitement about shooting and course, it's a done deal that your book with me, nobody who talks to may wouldn't believe that I could make you look good in photographs because everybody knows it because I'm so passionate about it, just like nobody that talks to hayley wouldn't believe that, you know, you couldn't have fun and laugh on one of her shoots because, you know, you know that she could come up with something that is that clever. And I just sort of realized that I use this one hundred percent all the time I design pretty matched ninety nine percent of everything you've even saying in my business, my brand mikey notes everything I designed them and I do it on finish up and it is this basic. So I get this I get this picture in this image here was shot vertically, and I had to extend the background so I could turn it into a design. And then as I'm doing this, I start putting words on I start putting my life go on, and I'm a girl. I think in magazines, you know, that's what girls think and all of a sudden I'm like, oh, I want to make a magazine out of that. So I put a black line down the middle of highlight on the lift and a shadow on the right, and I made it up. I made it a template tiff so that I could just drop an image in and instantly I have a magazine look, and so I did that so I could put it on my block and make it look like I had made something for a magazine. Then of course, I found out about issue, and when I saw issue as like, they do the same thing they make it look like a magazine. And when you read it online, it flips like a magazine. It looks, you know, like a digital magazine and it's, like I'm already was designing these little magazine pages, which really fit my brand. They really contemporary. And I started to develop my design from here. And then I was like, wow, this is really easy that you do not need to pay somebody thousands of dollars when you start out to do your visual designing this is how easy it is, no matter what you have no matter what you do when you ever ty something, I can push it further if I have a visual product connected to it. And I wasn't gonna play this because it's opposing video, so I put it on my block this morning. You can go and check it out later tonight or tomorrow whenever it's going to be there forever, and I did a behind the same shoot off this girl. So I just set up a tripod and shot here thirty minutes in a teen minutes. I created teen incredible shots of here, and you get to see that and that was the design I made around it, and so now when I put this on my block, I've put out the design I've put out the behind the scenes and I know how many people will be attracted to go on and looking at that so simple little team minute behind the scenes and said, this is how simple it is. I look a template like this, and it has all the right words on it. These words can be changed to anything you want to say anything at the moment, it's is a gift from photographer's name this gift factor and titles the bear to it here's my spiel on it now, whether you use my spill on, make one up your own, or shifted to change it, whatever you want to do, whether you put a dollar value on a full dollar value of free valuer, you're not to put the word free on it, you're not to put the word complimentary, and if you sell it, you just have to make the ticks work for you. And but you know what? Right now, it's enough. And so I looked at this template, and I thought, the good thing about design is if you're a designer, you can move that would give felt anywhere, and you can move that image anywhere, and you can spread that out and change this and change that, and they started to sort of think, okay, maybe I should create some templates real basic tim puts based on my based on my voucher, which I designed myself. And so this is what we came out with this week. So very small changes. I can get more and more feminine. I could do full bleed templates like this. And then I can create anything I want from them. So in the gift vouchers, there are five defectors, right? Five of these different angles, different ways, different boxes that I can make it vouchers out off. And all I have to do, which I can use in thirteen of the avenues and my marketing plan one to twenty. All I had to do is make it mine. And this is how simple it is. So I said I looked at all five and I was like, I love that one and that is it's the first one. Okay, so I'll show you which one it came from. It came from there but said, that template there I made that in two minutes I dropped the image on change the background color, change, the fun change that now the same template. So without changing templates, I then shifted the words an image and made that okay. So exactly the same template so I could do easily teen designs from each template. In this five so these fifty vouchers right now that don't look the same and I could do them about two minutes and so then that opens a world to me with what I can do and so I'll show you what I did in how I did it, okay, these videos here are available for your download they have me speaking on them telling you what I'm doing. So I'm going to tell you now because I want to talk about it and when you get them it gives you a blow by blow account. The first thing I do is extend the canvas off this image I go to my brush tool and I select the color that I want to fill into this side. I go to my marquee till here I stretched the marquee over and I go it it phil and it fills with foreground space, which is what I selected and that fills that right there, but that is too dark because that background is grady int now if I was to leave with the box, they're fine that would look boxed in if you like boxing match the color carry on, but for me I want to blend this through like a full bleed image like I shot it like that so what I do is I take the light but a highlight the esso I go brush tool highlight and then I extend my brush and I am spraying in at two percent flow a little like feathered brush just to lighten up that background so it matches the background that I'm shooting behind here. When I do that, I realized that this here starts looking a little bit more magenta so I just put a touch of green and cause I've highlighted this box. I slowly start to match this color so this is the the longest thing you'll ever do. This is not templates. I'm just showing you extending backgrounds first. Once I met that color I know as soon as I turn off that marquis told there's going to be a line down here because no matter how good you are at mention color, that is not a soldier color there. So I know somewhere along there that line's going to show up, I fled in the image and I clone just along that little edge and I cloned it out until it blends and really nicely so what I then do is I go to hear I make sure my color matches as good as I can. I take off my selection tool, I give it a little bit of green, so command be gives you the color and then I just had a little bit of grain all this is matching up nicely now I can see that I'm getting close. As soon as I turned that marquis toal off, you're going to see my line, and then I climbed that see tiny little line there now and then I just climb big brush. I met one hundred casino, pacey, pacey, thirty percent flow, and I don't wantto put any dark onto her dress, so I was going to go lightly a feather that itch. Now I feel like when I do it to, things happen, and I say this in the recording, you can see banding coming in on dark colors when you do design and photo shop, because you're not picturing, you know, it's not made for design like this, this is just the budget version, so I realized that not only is the banding showing up, I want it to look like it really is the backdrop. So I took a photograph off an oil painting backdrop that I did years ago, and I have it in my tics to file, and I take the texture of the oil painting backdrop, and I put it into black and white, and when I put it into black and white, even though this image is not black and white, but the backgrounds very minor crime, I turned it into black and white, and I love the fact that it hasn't canvas feel on it. And I thin drop it on top of their image, so I just pick it up v and it puts it on top, then what I do first, I did rotation just so I could get the highlight where I wanted it, and then when I'm happy, I literally pick it up and put it on top of here and just like you would, a texture, any texture. But I've chosen a canvas teacher, so it looks like a background I extended out it's a nice high res file, except that I go to my pacenti and I first thing I do is I pull back theo pay city so I can see through it, I pull back the a pastry for two reasons one I know where a race around her body and two is I don't want other the hundred percent texture. I just wanted to be a texture over the backdrop as soon as I go to my erasing till here and then a race back down this line just to get that that dark line off this now looks like a full studio backdrop. Okay, now I don't do this for images for my clients, I'm doing this to design a pamphlet that's going to market my business for the next year, so this is worth the five minute video that it takes to learn this and you can and it's easier with lighter colors, and it is with darker colors. You don't have to do the drop on texture, but if you do want to do the drop on texture, then you get the best of both design world because you're learning to extend your images now I can use an image. Was she sitting to the right? Has this beautiful campus print here I a race back through there and when I'm happy, I can flat in that, and then I have my image. So from here, the cool thing about photo shop is if you christie on your keyboard, that's the ticks tool and instantly it goes to text, you can touch on your screen and it puts a little box on your screen and you can start typing when you start typing antiques, you get a little design box, come up a little ticks box and as soon as you get the text box first I'm gonna drop my logo on so v pick it up. Slide over there. It isthe you can re sais that by going command t command team means you can stretch it out. Do you respect ratio? I can take the opacity down because it's gold and I just want it to be subtle. And from here I can go to my tics box as soon as I touched my screen I can start typing and I can put my words in there I can put my photography name whatever I want ok glamour just like that now the ticks box that exists andi I accept it the tics books that exists on here is amazing it gives me lots of france sizes I can complete it lift it, stretch it do anything I want with takes I can change the color of it choose a color that suit that okay there it iss and then I'm gonna read some words now as I'm doing this I'm thinking to myself this is not easy this is not now I know why nobody did it because even in teaching it I realised how hot it wass and I was like okay, I need to make this even easier like I need to find a way to make this foolproof everybody now extending your images it look some people will think this is basic stuff most people are like what what what does teaming you know? And I realized that no matter what I say with this video this will take you a few times to get it it took me I had to work it out myself it took me a long time of doing it to work it out I can move the ticks around I can create images that's fine and I get it it's um it's hard but the videos there anyway and I'd like to see anybody master that's so easy when you break it down it's actually really easy but I'm going to make it even easier easy uh because this is not a template this is just a listen and how to extend backgrounds the next video what I did was I opened the team plate check out how easy this is I decided on this template I picked an image that was vehicle I like this one um and I like this one too, but the reason I chose the fist oh, and I love that because the full blade one for mai is where I met um and you can put a horizontal image in there of course what I did wass I chose this one and cause I like simplicity so let's time me on how quick I can do this I pick up an image and I put it on there and it says drop image here you can pre crop it or you can go command tea and resize the image I then go to here and I look for gift voucher, gift voucher click you can turn it on and off to make sure you've got the right layer I assume as I do that I had t for ticks and it click on that layer and I can change it to any font, size, color or style that I want and I'm going to change it so that you can see that I'm doing something different not what on there then I can choose whatever I want to put it, I can sweep my opacity, which will give me up and down and it's so easy just sweep the wood opal city that's a shortcut and it's so fast then I'm going to pick a color so all I have to do is when I go t is touched that layer highlight it and I can change the color the size, the font, the type in the way it's positioned on the page when I decide how I want it. So I'm going to go into the grey blue powder blue because it matches the image your eyes when I decide how I want it, I accept it, but I didn't accept that I had t t for ticks and I lost it, okay, so that's a simple mistake, so I thought, I'll leave that so you can see it then what I did was I went back and had to do that again, and the senator did chose my blow this time instead of hitting t I accept it. Okay that's right now it's still exists as a layer it's just a different color I dropped the opacity and I can pick that up these a short cut and put it where ever I want I can move it around, place it wherever I want so I can change it I can put it over here I'm happy with it the ear it looks beautiful so I don't need to but I just want to show you that I can see all of this here this background stays off white and that background it's off white so I attached the color swatch and I choose the color that I want my vow to toby and I choose a powder blue so I touched that and then pick a color and then the left hand side of that voucher changes to powder blue just like that now already I've changed nothing else about the text sorry nothing else about the template other than the font the color of the front and then that box on the left hand side. Now that box has gone blue and now it matches my image right and just like that there it is all I have to do now is change the words to suit my brand tea click on that layer soon as I click on it layer I can change any of these boxes of words and when I do that, I hit I actually do come on date because it it highlights the entire word or I slide obviously handed that run right? And then I conflict any font that I want, and it has to match my brand so you can put your own logo, and here you can match the font to your website, you can change anything you want here, I'm gonna put soup, rice a gift from super eyes and this my voucher. Now what I now I'm going to do is I'm going to take exactly the same template, and I'll make three changes in making entirely different russia again, so this time I'm going to pick up, I haven't changed the words, I'm just going to pick up a different image, I'm going to slide it on, and this one is full blade, even though the boxes drop here, I'm putting a full blade if I bring it down to layers, it brings all the words on top that's, that's simple, but it also bought image box, so I just turn those off, then I can change the word gift voucher because I'm trying to make a voucher that doesn't look like my other one, and you know how I do that? I just go to the word I hit t I click on that layer, I select all and then I can change anything color font style off the word get thatcher and because here image has a nice powder blue in the background I'm going to make it white and then drop the opacity down. Okay, then all I have to change now let's have a look at this so I changed the color off the word in the image in the background and the contrast between two vouchers already that quickly and that is under five minutes. This video is a minute I'll get the blue vision because that was my final that one there and that when they are the same template. Okay, so what it tells me is that if I could just do two in five minutes I can change that background color I can take the pin stripe out of the first one I can change that font to eighty four different fonts that I have in my tics funds I can change the words I can change the image I can change the background color I can remove boxes one template should be able to design me easily ten different vouchers per template and you could just keep switching them out, switching them out, switching them out. I'll do one more for you so that you could another look from here okay, women uh this one's going okay, I want to give you about just just yet okay we'll go to this one asked me questions and I know you want to have the full version of photoshopped it is this a file that you can do and manipulating elements nps day so can you open elements appear staying elements yeah I can't answer that question yeah all I know is just about every photographer I've ever met his photo shop so to something great will ask me that all the time about you know designing an element's okay I didn't know so yeah any other christians say before I keep going yeah throw me something got a question from uh eighty eighty far in england is it better for vouchers and marketing material? Tohave one single picture that best represents your brand or can you have perhaps two or three would that be diluting your message? Good question for one voucher like this one image for the next size up vulture a brochure online brochure of multiple images that's coming next what size are those? The crop to eight inches wide in inches wide yeah so they will give you a really good team player or they'll also give you a standard size for printing that goes into an a for envelope or in a big file big allowed to sin digitally they want to see another one yes we do from here that's what I did so here's the option to have multiple images now my new website that dustin is doing he's building it, we haven't taken it down as he is he improves it, we're going to keep it up is multiple image now I put that together is one single file and when I stretch this out and I put it over the template, it doesn't work because it doesn't fit, so these boxes were designed that you could choose an image crop and drop them onto each box, so that does not work for may because it's already being pre designed. So this is how I would be able to design this for you. I contend that off, and if you want to do a full page brochure with just images on the left because I love the idea that you can do multiple images on one page, so we've drawn up team plates like this, which is a double page spread what these will be great for issue magazine, I'm going to take a single image, I'm going to drop it on, I'm going to go control command tea, okay? And then I'm going to take it down and I'm going to lift it up, but guess what it's shorter than it is longer, so I have to make a decision I extended out, I keep my aspect ratio this is really important keep your aspect ratio up here and obviously this needs to come off I need to crop this out so I take my layer I drop it down so it goes behind those boxes and then I delete that box there then I have a full page spread of t y and I could put it getting ready shots here I could do behind the scenes here I could do multiple images from his chute but look at this I then take her image off the brochure drop it onto the voucher so I have a matching voucher with my bro sha I dropped down her image so I go to monte and I come down and I change it I keep the aspect ratio hit otherwise she gets distorted okay and then I keep it riel she fits into that box beautifully now after I accept that I go to this layer here which is that dark grey and that dark gray is called cold gray I touch that and I turned it off I know that's the layer I'm changing so I always check it I touched that and then I sample the darkest part of her shot and that highlights that color for me and when I'm happy I hit okay and I have accepted the background colors already now I think this box is too white now and it doesn't suit the design so I find the box and there it is I turned it on and off and when I turned it off I realize it looks better off and I leave the ticks floating over the pinstripe and that when I did it in a minute and a half and so as I got faster and faster, I could look at colors, images I could pick up colors, this one doesn't work and I show you why tiffs faces too big and it doesn't fit and that ratio now I make it fit for you, I try it and then I realized I've got this space here, so in order to fill that, I have to make the image bigger soon as I make the image bigger, the words will go over her face that doesn't work okay and here's the really cool thing though at this stage I realized her face is going to be in the center of the voucher and I'm not going to get words here and it's going over her eyes not gonna work, so I moved here I now it can go into her here design can but it can't go into her eye because it's too distracting to the image, so then I have to go to the back ground underneath the image, right? I have to go to this white bit here, so I find that bet which is called background layer, and then I go to my brush to all be, and then I touched the darkest area of blue and you'll see it go blue far left that's where my little swatches see that those dark blow and I fill it with the foreground color, but because the words already on top, I can't flip mitt and clone that line so I would have to go. If I wanted to make this work, I would have to go flatten that layer, clone it out and then bring it back in again to make it fit. So that's, why extending backgrounds is a good thing to learn because not all of your images will work. Secondly, when I put the tics and the white, the white goes into her white flour, and that doesn't work either, so you will find things that don't work. But there are hundreds and hundreds of ways to make it work, and I could just pick up the white and drop it down to the darkest iria out of the white flour, and then I'm creating vouchers. So now I'm just cancri ate any color, any about you with any image, any pamphlet that I want, and I can make it work now see that line exist there, I would have to extend it and drop that on so the first video you get on the download, you can learn how to extend background so that when it does happen to you you can change it, fix it and you don't use another image now let's say you want to do an issue magazine that's a full page issue double spread I make a choice when I bring an image in to go full blade here's another really good example there is a double page spread and it's a big spread so I can pick up and that's how you create that by the way, which is awesome you can create amazing little swatches off your portrait work or your winning work you could do great for detail shots great double page spread in the magazine I love that and I love it on my web page now what I'm doing as I'll show you the different template so then you've got that with white borders then you've got a half bred with a full page spread or a half blade you've got a full page double spread magazine you've got um three stepped images running right through you've got your price list here the prices you can put anything you want on it so you can actually choose how many of these double page spreads that you want to use and use build an eighty page document you will be you will be using the same template more than once but you can move the template around when you drop an image on if it's that small and you extend it that's going to be too low and resolution to print. Okay, so when you do do that, make sure you dropping an image on that's around the same value off the background that you're designing on, but all you have to do is follow the boxes command t resize, pick it up with the veto and you can move it anywhere you want and you can always go to layers and work out what layer is weird by simply touching it and turning it on and off to flicker on and off so you can see where you are, right. You could change that top here color by changing the background. You can change the font on everything and you can change the way it's written you khun edwards takeaway words, so think about how many combinations you could create. Now this is a double page spread. If this was going in the magazine, I wouldn't put her face down the centre. What? Because that's, where the magazine will cut into it, I would probably position it to the left or right. And luckily I have that crop. Also, if you're going to just create a booklet pdf that's going out the email you khun do double pages single page it doesn't really matter. There are so many multiple combinations that you can put together that you can make it look and it's kind of like album designing your winning designer, you know it's like alvin design, but try and get away from the album. Look, it's, very hard to do for photography is try to get more into a magazine field. Once I used my brand, my favorite font on and then it looks like me and then I changed the color so I conflict that color, then I can select the ope a city I can pick up this word and it matches my brand and I could drop it anywhere I want, and I'm studying to do multiple designs, right? So that's, another good one, then I've got this one. This is a single page design. So instead of the double page, these air just single page designs really simple I've given you hitting I've given you words of given you a colored backdrop, I can put an image in and bring it anywhere I want in this image, it says image here, but you decide. I can follow those boxes or I can make boxes of my own I can have two images side by side or I can have a central image with a half image on either side so it looks like a film running through the centre I can change the background color I can write is many or little words as I want and I big you don't put too much takes in your brochure we don't want to read we want to see okay would get sick of reading we want to see and it's really really important here's a good mistake that I did I like this because this is a really common mistake I resized my image okay I keep the aspect ratio selected I resized my image and then I do on the next one okay so I make it the same size I slicked it and I can move these layers around it's easier to move the layers around if you hit order slicked up here because then whatever you touch on we'll move if you don't have order selectively they have two headed in layers or right click to get that selection I always work in order selects I could just pick up and run with it wherever I go all right so I'm gonna change the background so I'm gonna go to the pink I can't wear tune off those image boxes that were behind so that they don't show through I'm gonna position my photographs I'm gonna make sure if you want to know where layer is you can either click on the layer or go through in tune in tune antonoff really simple. And then all I'm going to do here is go background okay to net box off and that color in the pink. I'm gonna find it. That's, not there. Where is it? The hitting. Okay, healings easy. I can change. The chicks have showed you how to do that. Multiple times I slide down and there's a pink background there, I select it. And then I go command a which selects the whole area and all I do is touch the first color I see over there. Phill and I can fill that space with any color I want. You could just fill backgrounds. Any color on the color spectrum, you can make the background to your voucher or to your pamphlet. Keep it uniforms. Keep it interesting. Keep it matching your brand to keep it simple. Keep a contemporary. Don't have it to woody on this film strips lots of multiple filmstrips these existence layers as well. You can use them and put your images through the boxes or not it's up to you, you can just turn them off. The film strips are here they called filmstrips there's a fix these patterns on the background you can make these pendants lease opacity morro pay city you can bring in your own textures you can make your own petain's you can change that box make it bigger here's the mistake I made I brought my book my image in and I went teo move it and see my background was still selected with a marquee tall so it cut into my image so I had to take it off reese elect my image and then I've got no marketable so now I could pick it up and I could go command tina I actually like that when there's an image in the background but just be careful it has to be the right sort of image so it has to be maybe not a busy image so that you can read the words really well resize it to whatever I want film strip and we're away okay and so those templates there are so many of these templates here and the double page single page and you can build so I could easily do out if you want to do how many pages can you do on an issue magazine unlimited. Okay, so what do you think my magazine is for paris? Okay, so I could do two hundred pages in an online book and I did tiffs a swell and and they cropped really hiring because you can enlarge them on my website um I just want to ask this question just to clarify for everyone julia wonderful life had said has suman given permission to use all of these client photos in promo materials or is that a given what she has taken the photo and it's your copyright you're not getting my images no no should know what I'm saying is what they're asking is when you do when we talk about the top model release happened like that the fact that you're using these in specifically promo absolutely my copyrights everything I use is got a copyright on it they're my image is my client signed it over to me immediately if you don't have that document you can't even put them on your website and you don't even know them you find us very, very important okay, I just want everyone to make sure that way it's like using license music yeah all right, right um just a couple of little questions are where the were the vouchers were those double sided and where people are getting a bang princess harmony too but right you khun just um designed to and if you want to print a double side, you give it to the designer and so that's the front that's the back so the limit when you learning is questions like that where people think but you didn't do when that's his two sides but two sides is, you can make two sides, you get one side and then you get another side and you say this is the front and this is the back and the printed does that you don't do a double side on a digital voucher because you can't take it either. So it's, only ever when you design your image is it designed one side at a time, and then you take it to the printer and say, do this on the front, do this on the back if you download like this different. So when I was standing out vista online is this multiple now, but back the investor was the biggest one. They'll do a thousand vouchers for one hundred twenty dollars, and you just make up the j pick and drop it on the team for good, so one of their vouchers is a color front in a black and white back, because that means they're only using a four color press for one side, which makes it cheaper so you can put your images on the front, and then you're sort of takes on the back of that's what you want or just to a watermark, black and white on the back that looks funkier, but there is a really cheap way to do multiple advertising, multiple prints that you can advertise with. So soon not to back you up a little bit here? Yep. Back me up, but I'm talking too fast. I need to come back to the dpd. It's not that. And I know that you had had have explained this before. And if you've ever seen a supersize workshop before, then you understand this. But there are quite a few people, including tatiana. Stan nova, who is watching from russia. And the question is, how are you profiting off giving away gift coupons? So I just kind of want you to talk about the fact that when you put this out there, this is the return, okay? I don't think people are getting why you do this. Okay? It's ticket photoshoot say that you can tell them photographs perfect. Yeah, so all I want is to give away a decision to get them into the studio so I can shoot them said that they buy their photographs so broken down even more you give them a couple hundred dollars value and they're still spending two thousand dollars with you easy, but they wouldn't even be there if you hadn't. Well tonight, but really, they just haven't it's one of those things do you wake up in the morning? Go, yeah must book that family portrait shoot when you do that you don't write, and then somebody suddenly gives you about two to go and do it, and then you make sure you educate your client to the process, what they've been given, how it works, it's, not at all, so I had to pay for it. It's a gift voucher, the station is frayed. The images you buy are entirely up to you. This is how much they cost. How would you like to be photographed? It's a it's a way in the door, you can put a dollar value on it if you want, you still have to design some material to market your business. So whether you're selling a fifty, dollar shoot and that is your voucher, it is still a marketing at a tangible product. You said, I think you said earlier, even if it's something like I did to get here is, I offered my sessions for this year to a limited number of people, at last year's price that they would purchase ahead of time. So I was like, we did something similar to that way made a voucher that was worth this year's pricing at last year's cost to buy in advance, so we didn't really give anything away, we just we, but we had to let people know about it, and they had a you're right, and I've tried so many different ways to do it like I've tried giving it away free with two hundred dollars, plus a hundred dollars to spend. I've tried giving them a free make up and a hundred dollars to spend on photographs, and then I've tried giving away five hundred dollar voucher for fifty dollars, and then I tried giving away. There are so many ways you khun would this voucher to make it work for you and even not the voucher. There are so many ways that you could just create online advertising that you, khun seemed out to your clients that simple there's so many ways you can do it just by using a basic team put anything else? Yeah, good, okay, so the next one is and I've done multiple images, we're looking at full frames here we have embellishments, we have words, we have boxes and just here's, another simple little tip that looks so good in design. I like my images to be full bleed on the page because I think that looks more magazine than photo studio. Do you understand? I want my brand to look like contemporary magazine now these embellishments, they don't often work or they do, they've never worked for may, I'm not unembellished her eye, just like tio. Keep it simple with a good heater so I move it around you can pick it up it's elite and you can pick it up moving around you could even drop the opacity down but if it doesn't fit turn the layer off this tune it off that's all you have to do as soon as you turned that layer off it's gone okay, when you flatten it, it doesn't exist. You could drop that down and see if it looks really good with theo pacenti. Listen, some people love you can even bring in your own designs in your own embellishments, your own textures, your own photography teachers on top of that so you can anything you've got in your library already, which you probably have teachers and backgrounds that everybody does actions you khun, bring onto that template drop down there pay city and even you could drop something on go to your racing tool and erase it back if you want one area gone you said something earlier about you took a picture of a painting that you took yeses well, maybe it is a picture and took a picture and put it on your background. Yes, it's a tiff and I just drop it on and take me away, so if I wanted like a gravelly texture, I could just take a picture of gravel, yeah and if you don't want the gravel on your face you drop it on you dropped the soap a city you get your racing tool and just a race becca team buzzing around your face but watch the bleed so it looks real and then keep adjusting your apace it and it looks like a texture I changed this funk down here easy peasy I show you that and there's a million different things I could make it bigger I could make it smaller I can make it rid this is a basic design just a basic magazine design was going to look great in issue now what I'm gonna do if I show you something that works instead of going away from full bleed because this is where I think so many people start going wrong they don't do the full bleed design when they feast leaning is you can go and re size this image and it's not magazine anymore and you can box it in and now it starts looking again like sort of budget advertising so watch this I'm changing all my funds I got a bit excited about how many ways I could write so bryce photographer and but you guys are gonna have to learn so I am speaking about how changing the tics and how you guys can change it you can do color and hope a city and well look I can make it red so speaking about that like texan stuff so well you generally keep the same text and frantz throughout all your marketing and every year I choose a different one and I change it change it and I pretty much keep there now if I box this in and try and make it look like box design and then have my logo down here I don't like it it doesn't fit the page and even if I had to crop down into a least unlike knight I'm a full bleed designer I want to go full page magazine crop the head so to make your logo stand out this is such a basic design that I've always used go to your marquis told go layer new layer okay and marquis we you want to put a new layer eat it, phil you're going to fill that layer that mikey with white and then you're going to go to the wood opacity on layer you're gonna slide the word opacity until it dropped back and what it does is it puts a see through box which draws you down to the teak ce but you can still see the image and for blade you can use ticks boxes like let's say I'm advertising a workshop and I put a half a box and here I dropped the opening and write words on it and then that advertising but I'm still gonna full blade image that's a really great way to design, and now that you're seeing simple things like that, you're going to look at other designs and go, oh, they use that design, they did it like that, and you can actually see how you're using that design and how you can use that design in your marketing and then whatever I choose, and I have so many choices. If you goto de font you know these amazing fronts and nearly free this free fun, shaken by fonts, download them and just create your own style that simplicity and it's all there is a temple, but we used to do is choose the funds that you like and drop in image on now make a magazine out of it, so make take multiple single pages, change around the boxes do double spread so they marry each other so that when you got the magazine open, you can do it a double spread one the side, one the side and you can put words, you can write stuff, you can talk about it, you can create really beautiful, simple business cards, everything just like that, I did my business cards. My first three lots of business cards on vista, designed on photoshopped, flattened isn't a judge a pig seemed online arrives in the post ten days later. Ok because at least your marketing and until you have a budget for a designer a printer in somebody that can create beautiful product for you you are doing it yourself okay really really important so it's all there all of those all of those tim puts in there for you the hardest thing I think is going to pay you're going to get the templates and maybe get stuck on just the template so maybe I need to do some more designs to show you how many multiple choices that I'll have in tim's off creating that visual guide for you um if I go back, let me say okay so when I look at this here these are just about to templates thes and even the single spread and double page spread so these are just the goodfellas but I can change their image to anything I want I can put a full bleed image in the background I can have no image and just delete that box on layers and make one color in the background and have no images I can change these ticks funds to anything I want any logo I want I can turn off any embellishments bring in any textures and embellishments, lift the opacity on those or delete them and remove them every single voucher has a little quote to it so they're either feminine design they've either got tim pits or they've got backgrounds or they've got pinstripes well, I've got grids on them that you can make white a darker and change the color too those significantly change your background colors so it's really, really, really important then we've got, um that cora gatien is really amazing you can turn that off you can drop the apace ity on this box so it's like a light a milky white box that exists over the top of the background color or the background image you can delete that box entirely like I did with t wise image you can change anything image wise and all of these designs all of these embellishments here all of these words can then be picked up and moved so I can move entire words remove entire words and all you have to do is work in layers now layers can be daunting but these layers have written out for you so not only are they remember that's the same belcher five minutes two vultures so simple to change these here are written out for you in the sense that it sears gift voucher get out your word your image here tix box pinstripes cool gray so the cold grey layer when I changed that, all I do is hit this little cool grace watch and opens the color wheel and I can put any color I want on there and it changes instantaneously so it is so basic and I yeah, I would challenge somebody to try teen different designs from one voucher and show eighteen different design. I'll take that challenge easy, you know, because it's. So I mean, I could just think of a million ways to do that. Now, at this moment here you have an eight inch wide document on photo shop. You have picked a voucher that signifies your brand it's simple it's clean. And it says what you want it to say? Double check the text, triple check batiks. Save it as a tip. Do not flatten it. Always save your designs in layers so that you can go back and change. I once did a correction on this card. I got everybody to read it. I got everybody to chick it. I gotta print vision down. I showed everybody and nobody noticed that photographer had no p photographer because we so used to seeing the word photographer we didn't read it, and it was actually photographer, huh? And, you know, we paid for the printing, and we're like, uh, double, triple quadruple check. Secondly, if you are giving away a voucher that has a dollar value on it. So let's say I want to folio build, so I give people a hundred dollar voucher. I'm not gonna do a free shoot because then they think it's all free lease with a hundred dollar voucher they get a couple of images and it's worth something to them even though they didn't pay for it even if I'm folio building it works what I want teo is make sure I write that it's not redeemable for cash because if you give a dollar value on a voucher, you have to say I'm specify that it's not the choice to do the chute or get the dollar value back um and make it work to your business model but that's coming right back to just a simple idea of how to spread your message elvia and making it happen chad is the date important? Yes because you need a call to action and you need to make people call you before it expires and you need they need to know that it's not for a lifetime that's for the next month and that makes them call you yeah I'm back then if anybody called me in the studio and said I've missed the cut off date my voucher expired used today I would still let them redeem it I'll take you don't worry about it I don't know how long is a good amount of time for six weeks, you said I think earlier four to six four to six weeks is the right amount of time yeah anymore is pushing it but to found is that um four to six weeks tohave the session or to book the session it would have decision yeah so obviously you do get the instant ones that get excited at the base patterns if it doesn't matter how much information you put on the good felcher when it goes out people will bring you and say so what's it about and that's a perfect opportunity for you to educate them and what's it about and get them excited about the shoot and then get them committed to the shoot now the gift voucher just doesn't apply to giving away free staff the gift voucher applies to the dollar value it applies to all of the macking list that we did before lunch and there are so many ways to create different vouchers and brushes from that marketing list that often in here and the issue magazine absolutely mind blind the issue magazine for may I think it's probably one of the most exciting things do you? I mean do you want them to call you tow? I mean other than the book the session like do you put just enough information on there that it's a tease or you know, because there's still information they don't know that it was so much more information yeah so you don't feel like they don't read them you give people the book of wits and they won't read it you give people a beautiful image in an incentive, or even just an enticement. And they will ring you two no more. And then you can connect with them over the fine.

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Sue and Hailey take you through the process of producing a promotional video from inception to completion. You'll learn how to develop a video concept and establish your messaging. Hailey shows you how to prop and prepare a shoot and covers the 10 essential steps you must follow for every video production. You'll learn how to use Final Cut Pro to weave together still photos and video clips and how to pair that footage with music. Sue brings it all together and shows you how to integrate video into your marketing and how to effectively spread the word on social media.

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