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Editing a Fusion Showreel

As I said before, over here is all the clips that we took, um, someone kindly put them all, and they're ready for me, and I, uh I'm going to start with the mistakes I made. This is all my footage is underexposed, and this is a really good mistake because I exposed for the screen on top, and it wasn't what I am used to exposing for it looked fine, but in the actual fact it is under exposed, so I've just been going through and trying to correct that you'll see if I have a little scroll through here. I've just started. Teo, bring up the mids a little bit here, so it's kind of like photoshopped you goto effects go to filters your filters and color correction. I always use the color correct. And I like this little thing you just opens like that. You click it open and here in the minutes, I just pull those back up. So it's kind of like photo shopped for video not quite, but to stop so I wouldn't recommend under exposing your footage, especially uncreative life. Uh, but I have so I'm fixing i...

t, so yeah, you're when you're changing something like that, will it change it just for that one clip, yes, okay. So I have to go through you select the most suitable clips, so I'll do that now show you that that's great crushing. I selected the color correct under the video filters and see here I can see the video here filters here, motion here in color character. So and this is, I guess that's the filter in a different version if you prefer to use it like that. Um but I use it in a text version see khun sake visual or you could just see it like this so I can copy select the color corrected nancy happy and ivory done that clip, I think yeah, this clip I have not done and look at that that isthe so let's. Go, teo, that and command v but it's there now, so yeah, great that's what I would be doing so let's start at the beginning. Let's pretend I haven't opened this five. I'm going to hide this and we're going to go to my editor, which is called example at it very unique. Um I'm going to have a whole stack of media thes air the video files I should shoot, shot sorry. And then this is the ivory I've saved the best ones and I put them in a slow mo footage as well, so normally I would I'm going to go through and show you how to do that as well, but that I've put it in a separate folder just so I can quickly access and I don't have to wait for the render and you sitting here well, you kind of scrub through like itjust in a preview before you even dropped him into video. No, but now we're gonna go to the stills and I'm gonna open photo mechanic to do that. So I grab from a mechanic, I opened it up and I go to the desktop. I goto example edit and kindly all my skills are in one folder. So this is funny that they're all raw and they loaded that quick it we can zoom in and see them. I kind of like to see them about there and if I focus my eye only on the top a left footer I can now scroll through let's, go bottom left um and see the motion that's happening and if there's any that I want to cut out okay, so this look at that there's quite a few there that are blanks or this little first throw didn't really work so let's quickly tag the ones I want and actually, you know I'm going to do it the other way there's gonna be less is that I don't like they'll be more that I want then they will be that I don't so I'm going to tag the ones I don't today you can do it either way how cute is she how cute is this and any shot you want to see I've lost it you want to see bigger you can go like this and zoom it into whatever you would like let's move it around okay so let's take that off okay so I am going to quickly go through and find the ones that didn't work so let's do that people I'm liking all this I like this keep going keep going and in it I'm not sure about this when you see the white floor so I'm going to start pulling them out but let's keep going with these ones because they're funny she's laughing at him and she's like I can't believe my face looks so bad and there's a really soft one in between two shot ones and it probably won't matter if I lose it so I'm gonna lose it on let's keep going what else don't I want these weren't shot these lot these ones of just his face like that there's no emotion in them they're not that interesting that were justice still cause I wanted a haircut spiky at the top like that so I'm getting rid of them they're not exciting for me in motion as stills they're fun okay again here um now I'm saying to get to the shots that I don't think really worked so I'm going to select them all at once and it didn't do that okay so I lied uh we'll do it individually thinking you just click on the checkbox selected let's see uh didn't work but I try good try learning through failure excellent wit so uh all these ones I didn't really like it was mostly just cloud and tiny bit of hand but when I pulled back I love these ones ah that was my focus one so I don't really need that but thes red wall by themselves they build us into what's about to happen so I'm going to keep those and I love that one's okay? And now we're here to some other shots from a different scene okay now before I go into another scene I want teo go into photoshopped with just these ones cause all the lights the same for these and so I process in batches are sorry I was just going to say for the like throwing for the powder you have to just have your shutter speed really high right? You have to have over a thousand right just because I love like the definition in the powder so you're like so if I shout that out one hundred it would all just be blurry and the paint wouldn't be shop so that's why over a thousand for yeah yes anything looks really cool yeah so I'm going to open these shots now it first I have to get rid of all the ones that I tag so I select up here it says all selected tagged or a ntags so either way you could go around this I'm going to select actually untapped because in this case I used a ntags as the ones I want so we select I'm not going to select all because I only want to do the same lighting set up so let's grab all to hear all these and we're going to photo shop and we're opening it up and if my computer plays well it'll be really good and it's going slightly slowly but it's okay under pressure okay here is thie camera window and it's so easy it's little first of all let's crop them sixteen by nine sixteen by nine it's already ready to go sorry well I have to do is drag it and I have to select where I wanted and I've already cut quite a bit of his head off so let's go to a nice frame there but let me scoot down here and check that I'm not doing anything stupid in another picture okay so you know how someone said earlier today he's another mistake I made order white balance here is the mistake let's describe those food here is order white balance okay, they're different why? Because I did order what white bands I should have had it all set for daylight because he's a daylight balance lights so excellent mistake haley I did that on purpose you could all see the great example you are such a good teacher. Yeah, I'm I'm still making the same mistakes our okay, so this framing by sixteen by nine on this shot looks fine too why do there's not a heap of action happening there but it does come in eventually so will save these I'm going to keep going. This is all fine what's happening here why why have I got that? Oh yeah has a person okay, so the frame sixteen by nine frame looks good there her face is funny I like it you get to see a bit of a preview of what you're getting and I'm just going to scroll through well, yeah, that makes me happy. Um ok, so I'm selecting them all and now I want a really basic preset okay, probably going to cause before I do this let's select one shot that is a good example of what the light is like and maybe on a face because skin color is what I'm worried about my do I shouldn't really worry here should I let's pick my favorite okay, so let's see eyes process and then I tweak them for any shot I do um depending on the lighting what works uh I'm gonna stop with something kind of fill me because I like it and these a whisker it's called fisker yes yes and they're great fun uh kind of feels like film let's see what it looks like yep I like we'll go with that and it's quick okay so select all and they're all going to be this and just like that they are all this sir how funds up quick quick quick quick quick we want quick editing with this many stills I'm just going to scroll through and check that there's not any huge disparity ok there is a bit of disparages but in the interest of being quick and not dragging I would go through and make sure the red matches throughout if I had done the mistake of order white balancing on such a situation but today we'll we'll try to ignore that fat those air too overexposed because they are and so I'm gonna pull those back just slightly so you can see what that would be like exposure just a little bit down so that they sort of matched the others at sea okay that one needs to come down to okay so we have a stack of photos we have a very to couple why does that not look processed let's just check it is it is let's see it raw to be sure okay I believe you um what was it this one no previous committed. Well, that looks nice uh anyway I should not be fluffing around with this not sure what's happened there with my processing doesn't look processed all right let's select all on a ttle too raw again and now we'll guard to the preset very annoying I think I may have had too many selected okay I'm not a huge fan of that big vignette so it's go again was it this one? Hey, does anyone remember anyone anyone for the eight hundred pretty sure it wasn't the eight hundred bucks well back to grand oh look it's fine it's not perfect but it's a fine example and let's let's just go in and take that no let's just keep going because I want to show you how to edit okay so select all oh no no no I can't do it too dark let me out okay so it's just tweak them up and then I won't feel so bad hey look slightly green and these ones too bright now oh but somebody else some questions while I do this now is it? Do you ever use light room tto do editing that anything like this? No, I always do it I just got used to this and I like this fairly now whatever works for you and if you use light room I would stick to it uh it's no point juggling now uh I I used to use appa job but it was just too slow um for the quickness that I want but it doesn't matter for the video processing which one you're using are it's just going for the stills? Yeah that's right so these ones at the end or a little bit dark so we know they're still processing okay? So let's select all and save the images this is really important if you want to get into your head it and then all to be in order you have to really pay attention to this and I've done this so many times trevor teaching uh stills I'm going to say in the stills I'm going to create a new folder and it's going to be called paint fun right select okay and I'm going to go paint fun again and I'm going to have three digit now just say I was doing I don't really process in a cia more than three hundred images at once because it starts to slow down the computer and it gets a little bit funky sore a three digit serial number should be fun and I started the blue one now they're all save in there and that will take some time you can close this window but you can see here seventy seven seventy six remaining how many it's doing so we'll leave that to do some work and we'll go back to the edit and look of the vision that was video while that's wooden in the back room okay uh where we going to say let's start with a song because once I picked my song then I'm gonna pull an edit to that so I have two tracks for you and you I want you guys in the live audience and even in harm if you want to close your eyes listen to the track and think about the shoot that you just soul and tell me which one you feel like is the track that goes with the shoot okay we're gonna cancel that that's too long let's do this actually I'm just gonna find a bit of the music that works before get you to play because it starts very slow okay let's listen you know what I do I get I'm really impatient I'm like yeah yeah yeah we belong so I sat like this all the positions of booth so I can quickly teo uh feel like whether this is going to go up enough down enough I don't want that okay, so that's that track cool uh now what I'm doing here when I click here all I'm doing is zooming the track in and out so I can see the full wave form of the song e let's find a pot that sounds energetic I do get drawn to tracks that are a little bit jumping or b for that's quite remember, let's see what's over here. Okay, so we chosen attract? Yeah, I was saying number two, number two uh, it's kind of interesting, like, just listening into it kind of going back, I'm thinking about the different scenes like close your eyes and you listen to the music I can kind of see, okay, you know, the balloon popping or the paint flying and like changing scenes to the beat after, like, kind of seeing the videos that you've been doing, like over the last couple of days, like how the scenes will change and thinking of okay, this is a good part, you know, that beat right there will change no teo them falling into the chair or something even without seeing the video yet, you know you've already you have in your mind your whole shoot already. So it's easy to figure out really much one might goingto where exactly? And I agree with these attract choice. Totally hundred percent hoping you would yeah, we have people. Oh, sorry, go ahead doesn't see you talked about making sure the mood with booth that the moon was consistent across the whole thing in the movie that second tracks a lot more fun, yes, first track and why she was funny, even I agree exactly what I'm doing, so I'm trying to feel like, does this feel like it fits and that's ally dick, do you ever feel like you have a stop motion film that you shot in stop motion or that has a lot of stop motion that has that would go with a slower song because it seems like it because it seemed like it was just because of the, like, the flickering choppiness of it that it's like playful by nature that it would go better with yeah, ah that's a really good question, just trying t o let me think about that I'm trying to think if I've done the stop motion with so well, I mean, I guess I've done like kids animations, that song wasn't super fast or anything a little bit slow apace, but I guess I feel like my gut feeling is that it would be better with the fastest song and but that also I might be the way I shoot if if just say, like, you had a super eyes shoot and that she was spinning on a beautiful wall and it was and you may be faded between the shots or maybe, um it was stop motion, but there wasn't a huge amount of movement it was like a dancer or something like that leaping, you know, that could be cool I wouldn't I wouldn't put it past the slow zone okay let's I know candy did you have something to say gonna chime in for the internet but the majority of the vote was definitely for a song number two and they have the same comments about the mood and feeling circus like or even tap dancing leg and there's going to be dancing that's right go internet right I'm glad we all agree because you were gonna say let's have a look at some of the footage I'm so excited about this footage especially the slow motion I like stop motion but slow motion does make me look a bit silly so it is a little bit under exposed I'm okay with the mistakes I make okay how cute is this older one second we should have some sound you know what I just want to quickly pick the part of the song that most pick fits the feel of our because look how long it iss this is the full song okay we will not use that long way more instruments it was somewhere I like a variation in that I'm only doing thirty second ended here I'm not gonna give you a full fit the film in this little short you know edit sequence but I'm going to give you a really good idea of how to get it started so let's just pick thirty six a thirty second piece that has a bit of something to work with and open it down in a excitement in it from the way from I think around here is probably what it's going to be I'm just gonna have another check of this I can't hear anything but that's okay so let's just in and out I know in and out but that's too short so let's do that that okay I I just want to see some music with some moving forage that's this is where I get all excited the first part of the edit on like what? Oh my god and then I get into the edit and I pulled out all the tracks I start cropping, cropping, cropping then I might uh it's not how I thought it would be but then you get have a break, go away and you come back and start solving the problems and working it in and making it tighter and it's really fun process so okay, obviously I haven't cut this out yet. Wei need to call this footage majorly but as an example I want to show you the whole clip so I can show you what I pick out of that. Okay, uh this is by its called birdsong and it's you know it's by but I know you can get it from audio network yeah, this is travis clip because look who he's on yeah, it starts a look what a great film leah because they only started two days ago fill me in well, I have a feeling he I's not a total newbie but how lovely is that footage? I had a question about that so this is what, like twenty seconds long or so thirty seconds long how have you been taking multiple segments from a clip? Lots I've already got three mining that shot on so you go we'll take one then go to a different cut from maybe your camera then go back and just go back and forth so I might end so I might think her expression was better when we started and then snap to yours as he eases into her and then back to mine and I mean the beauty of us both shooting at the same time just gives us so much to work with especially as the action is exactly the same action but when I should have known I never had that luxury and I just redo it over and over so that's also grab some other footage and start cutting up let's go toe all my slow my footage and have a little scroll through okay that's that shot that's what? I want this ship okay my mind when I pitch it this I felt like okay nothing's happening things help me okay, so it's not likely let's try this uh huh okay ally want to see in this clip so you can see all that excess and all that access and you see the mistake I made there was nothing happening after the balloon popped so to cover that up we're going to have this it's going to start here in and out or maybe a little maybe that much okay so look how much of that footage using it's hardly any albeit always standing around for ages but still let's stick it there let see if there's a beat in the track here that we could that has a nice little off I need to zoom in I feel like I need a pop way okay so let's get that I'm zooming in on the track a little more here I'm gonna put a mark up in the marker in this case and lots of them will be similar to that and we're going to a wrong track put you over here and glad this little baby and still came in line with that marker and I'm zooming in on the timeline by just command plus plus plus easy now wait a second I need a market where the balloon pops okay I can toggle back with the arrows to the moment it explodes and we'll put a mark up there so that I know right here is where my action should be okay let's have a listen I just checked the sand yeah do those markers automatically lying up. Like it's kind of snaps to it's nasty having said that sometimes if you don't do me and it doesn't do a very good job of snapping and you have to double check that let's see we'll zoom in really big and we'll see how it's doing so okay and I'll probably end up losing more of that clip because I feel already it's too long you can feel the awkwardness on either side in my opinion let's say it oh quit it I want it to be like this no more turning I don't anyway when we get some of the footage in there I play off that as well so let's let's go to the next shot I did was that one that didn't want teo one ah that was stop motion now this sometimes gets a little bit confusing if you shut in stop motion and video and you think where's that clip well it's back in your stop motion folder so let's go back there while we're there and get the saving while we do other things so I'm going through these thieves sir inconsistent shots because there's no confetti so maybe we'll just bypassed those for now um yeah I think we're probably will okay so let's leave them alone but but I know I want this dancing sequence because it's soup ical so let's let's grab from okay I'm not loving that shot so let's get it out let's start here mimi, we're just going to go through I'm liking all this has got such a gorgeous smile and keep going, you know what? I don't love that the wool is gone there, and normally on a shoot, I would be all around them, I would probably spin round them around them as they danced and get in and be like, I'm dancing to come in and out, and in this case, I can't film around the other way because it isn't really pretty, so I'm just going to keep them in there because I like her her expressions and stuff so let's, just quickly for this purpose, I'm not even going to tell them I'm just going to grab them let's do that. So let's, grab I'm not going to get sills of the feet because I know the vision. The video of the feet was better it's kind of a shame that I had that inconsistent thing with the confetti because, you know, it would be nice to have stop motion in between the two, but anyway, we'll learn keep going, let's see, no, no, we're not doing that, I'm going to phone shop so again, we're going to do a really quick process and crop cropped um sixteen by nine like, so get them down like that. And then another they're all cropped in a reasonably nice way I'm not going to process them I'm just going to leave them like that because we're in a hurry to get through a lot of stuff so you guys have any questions at any time let me know as well this is not paint fun now this is uh dancing and we needed me folder for this because we're going to import by the folder we go back here and saying you folder dante created select say okay final cut let's get in here and look at more footage. I'm excited about the footage okay, so this is a live video footage again a little bit doc that's my voice that's so embarrassing okay, we definitely need to lighten it because it's annoying me can I have a question so okay from j c modern why do you record sound if you only delete it later wouldn't save room on the cars if you knew you weren't going to use the recorded sound well, maybe I wanted I may wanna access something you never know what would happen like um the birth video I showed there was bits of sound that came off the camera uh I may have thought that I wouldn't want that but then when it happened I was so glad I had it so it's not hard to delete it it's quick so I don't really mind okay, so let's go been in and out point um not that clip whatwe want uh when we got here, I'm kind of thinking because actually where is that clip that's that one yeah place? Um when you're editing this right now, do you have that kind of laid out in your brain already? Of how it's gonna go as far as like the scenes are you gonna throw like, the paint scene in between the dancing scene between well, when I'm doing fusion, I always like to break up the vision, the video vision with this thought motion vision so I kind of planet around that like, okay, I need a bit of stop motion now and now I need a little bit of video footage and I'm breaking up like that. Uh, when I'm editing it's usually I have an idea if I know the song beforehand what action's happening first or if it's a story I know and I just start calling and pulling to the story in this case it's kind of a montage and it's not really a story it's just what I think looks good and I think I want this short next so in but this is a really cool thing actually love the screen going black like that and you'll see why when I get into the editing um, if we go here and I the balloon has burst and I end this clip with half the confetti already falling and then I jumped to this shot here that the balloon has not popped that would be weird you have tio match the footage to what the previous shot was about I'm sure there's a really technical way to say that continuity yeah, it couldn't yeah it's kind of a different type print tio and I think it kind of needs a bit more so I would just try and hopes no, you're trimming those air you're just dragging the edges and then if you trim too much you can just drag the edge back. Yeah, sorry is that slow motion yetis okay, it's still too dark for me so I'm just gonna open it up, grab that filter let's see that's better. No, I mustn't have copied it exactly as I had it. So we'll up our middle little here too let's have a look and let's have some music with it too. Maybe well, maybe not I actually I really like that shot. Um but it's way too long already. So um but I really love this it's like you can see they're reaching in for each other and then the screen goes black and that's an excellent way to edit into another part of the story um actually I don't know if you remember in and his film surprises film of the senior and the stream is a running along and I'm on the fig rig and I've cut you can kind of tell but there's actually four shots or three or four shots that I've cut between the stream is and every time they come up against the lens I put a new shot in after that so you only saw the best of each run we would have done three runs and you only saw the best of three runs so because it caused the stream it covers the lands I can put in any clipping you don't even know your shooting from the same vantage point that they're all different clips it's not the same no I that's right it's just a different a different clip and if you go back and watch that video if you help on the video again and watch that really carefully you'll see like three cut of the stream is she's on the grass in one and she's off in the other and yeah, but it works really well so okay we're here and we've got a little bit of this and now they're going to lean in towards each other I may keep that let's just cut that and I'll see if I want any more that later and let's grab some nothing else as faras workflow really when you start like very first you put all your images in yes are you saving them down into the folders like you talked about first and then once those still motion things are all saved and kind of categorize and ordered then you come into final cut are you doing? I'm kind of both at the same time because you've done it a lot so I'm just like you know what you need to do this organization goes so I would download the cod's put all those stills in one folder and all the video footage and another folder is a process differently then I use it uh program could mpeg stream clip which is this one here and I batch last it's kind of like rule processing what fun of mechanical photoshopped does but it's for the video footage so I do a batch list and I convert the raw footage from video footage from the five day mac three and two here I add a file and I have the rule footage here apparently here roll and I'll grab one clip too so you can see not that clip that clip to batch and yes it will go to quick time and where do you want me to save it? It says so I'll say media you'll save it in a file that's yet different different to the role so it's going to convert them or tour easy I use progress lt on dh it's great because it will make make it easy to edit sir let's go up here and I select terrorism for two to lt so then I make sure the quality is hundred percent fifty and where a twelve eighty by seven twenty to batch does it don't ever right? Does it matter which format you choose uh yes but this comes back to my technical thing I know enough to get by I'm not an editor and I can't even pretend to be one I do edit my homework but I sometimes hard and their wealth of knowledge is amazing and this is a case of my research I went teo philip bloom and I was like what how do I make my footage edit quitters every five seconds out to render everything and it was so slow and I read up that it said convert your footage to this that's basically every problem I come against up against I google I google I google and I google and if I can't find it I give it to andrew who's amazing researcher and he will tell me the answer after half an hour but if you're working with something like I'm movie, you don't need to do all that you just bring the clips in and they're automatically converted it does whatever to it yet there are different part yeah definitely I mean I haven't used on me so I don't know it but yeah other ways to do it so I am going to see what I'm thinking maybe her expression and then go to your shot trevor so let's see where would it be when see her hand in this shot here her hand is there and he's leaning in and we need a bit of movement in her head before I can cut between some movement in this hand so I can't actually I can either cut this clip shoura so there's no movement toward each other yet or I can't bring this one in until kind of sorry I'm getting till she starts moving you see how her hand doesn't move at all so it's kind of a consistency thing again you've gotta decide where you want it so I'm I'd even shorten this let's try it shorter is always better anyway okay that's not entirely true maybe this is what we go like that and then I'm out of there and we go and see what trail ago which was beautiful footage okay let's just save because that's really important I cannot tell you how important it is to save your at it. I've lost some and it's not funny not funny at all. Okay with travis no that's music yeah yes, this is it here actually no, because it's not slow motion is it no it's not look how kind of funny it looks now when it's not does it feel funny to you I feel I always think it feels a bit funny when you go back okay where is your clip well we'll just have to get it out of the slow moving fuck it again I think it was the first one okay so we're sitting here tio now we know the blends already already exploded and she started to lean towards him so we're up to that part of the action and maybe around here we could come in and get that beautiful shot I liked the kiss but we're gonna cat just after that okay I can't stand looking at doc footage so I'm goingto have to do something about that let's go and do it least you're learning with me let's up the middle it's uh I can see how I can't see the footage that's because it's not on the timeline so I want two scoops that's quite a long clip that one that's that way oops oops oops let's not do that um that's public there drag it in a little bit I don't want that wobbly footage and let's grab it in here okay so let's have a look I cannot stand it I have to get this sorted okay, so we're looking at this clip and I know that it's on uh exposed so I'm just upping the mids which is a very rough way to do it I would fit with that more if I didn't want to bore you okay, keep going. Ok, let's have a look at that with music this music is probably a little slower than what's happening, so let's have I don't know let's have a feel no. Okay, so we've got nice little sequence there it's not as tight for his nieces. I want let's look at it again. Okay, can you see here? It felt funny between those that's because it wasn't consistent that the amount of stuff here didn't feel like the right amount there or something was wrong. So we have to fiddle with that. This thing feels nice, but now I think we're ready for some stills let's, go and grab some and bring them in see if we can pop it up uh, let's go to file import older because we've saved all the images in their own folder. Now all I need to do is move around the folder. I don't have to move individual photos and that's really important when they're like this big, so hard to live with them. So media stills and I called them what did I call anyone have any questions? I do have some questions, so he'll m walton had asked why and we talked about this on monday, but maybe since you're editing weaken, reiterate this, why did hayley same the clip as well, it says one eighty by seven. Twenty. What about ten? Eighty? Or was it because of the slow mo clips were seven. Twenty. So that's right? That's exactly right. It's slow mo. So there's seven. Twenty uh, yep. So could you tell people let's see, fashion tv can always count on fashion tv for great question. So v asks in singapore we are obviously capturing many forms of movements in a clip, but what is your usual thought process to decide will be the best shown in slow motion. What is your deciding factor in particular in a scene or movement now? So I know we kind of talked about that when you're shooting this is it the same when you're editing? Yeah, I just I'd just like to break it up and change it, but really, I have a terrible time deciding this sometimes I went on holiday just recently, four days in a combi van driving down the great ocean road in australia and I could not decide with I was filming or photographing it was closed. Mian, listen, man distress and I was like, andrew a missing great things when I'm taking still, then then a missing right things, and I got it, I really have tio decide and actually in the end I decided I was going to shoot only stills and I'm going to stop motion so that's why I chose for that trip but um I think it's really up to you what you want to do and breaking up the flow of the video you just have to do that by feel I think so I'm just moving okay so did you see you probably saw I grabbed the dancing folder and I picked it up and I just put it here and it bought them all in in order I'm not gonna do it again but let's have a look at them okay that's fun but it's too long and I don't like seeing the white screen really annoys me so let's take it from there I'm gonna grab from here get rid of it over here in case I want something out of it sometimes I uh the editor I use is brilliant in brisbane and last night he messaged me and said great day and I said stop watching I when I show my edits to some editors they're like messi uh so this is just how I do it and not necessarily the only way you can do okay so obviously hopes I don't want to put that bit yet okay okay I like that feel but there was one frame did you see that one friend with the white yeah is it that one no I think it might be that one so quick it's that one okay, so it's amazing that it's that tiny amount but you notice it and I can shift a late operational and okay make me alive uh let's put that in there okay let's have a look at them you know what the video footage of them dancing was really cool so let's go to that now um because maybe we could do a few stop I actually focused on stop motion maurine this paint and here I focus more on video not necessarily a great way to do it but I was a little bit distracted anyway. Uh so where is the dancing shots? Let's have a look for them. Okay remember yeah uh well, you go through and renamed files so they you know, like okay, this is them dancing from with camera or balloon popping with camera b or something like that, you know, I do know people I've seen that it's like that and I'm so in all of those people who go through and rename everything, I never do it. I think it's amazing and so easy because then you can always find what you're looking for. I'm always like double click double click but I just can't be bothered, so yeah, I was just wondering when you put in the stop motion footage and that's like edited with like the film at its does that ever look inconsistent? Like from switching to video? It does? Yeah, sometimes it kills that mother. You, um, stop motion. We'll take penny and sam's video. I felt like the way I did it, I kind of gave you a little bit, so I do have spray painting the heart, and then we were in a window and it kind of was like, I'm telling you where the scene is and now we're doing some still motion. I'm telling you where the scene is, I'm doing some stop motion and I felt like it worked, I feel like it looks good, but it can look weird and I've seen it liquid a lot and I just play with it and play with it and mold the project. You're not going to see a great product in an hour or less than so I it's more an example of how I started and then it's pulling down and pulling down and going back to beat and and, you know, basing it on the song and the flow of that so yeah, it's, just fun uh, any other questions? I have a couple of questions, I'll, etc. Uh, let's see, I have a question here from steph columns whose from los angeles is there a way to apply the same precepts that were used for the stills on the video clips or vice versa? Like, how do you get the exact same look, I would I would do this stills first and then hoping teo final cut and just fiddle with the color corrector there are amazing programs for editing, like photoshopped editing off video footage, aftereffects is one of them, and I've had a little play with that and it's great fun. Uh, but if you're a beginner, I wouldn't go there yet. I would just play with what you can do in here and it's levels and all that sort of hugh and saturation and all that, so try matching from that from just starting. I mean, what would you suggest be like? Because this is a lot, okay? I mean, like, all this stuff? Like, I understand the process, but I see this taking me like months to be able to do a thirty second video. No. Are you okay? You're saying, wait seems like it would take me forever. So but just for a basic start with what, okay, so you're going to download your files, actually, I have some editing tips like a checklist I did I probably didn't study what that basic but but you download your files you back them up to a hard drive you back them up with hard drive and I'll say that again you back them up with hard drive hard drives you don't want to lose them less locations in different locations so I can't and I use those g raids they're amazing because you can edit straight off that so I don't have to have it on my desktop well uh back them up then I get in I create okay, so let's do it let's do it that's screw it let's hide that project let's go to final I'm gonna save it and quit it. I'm gonna go to final cut pro, okay? Remember how I said we had to convert the footage so we've got to do that so well cottage not the stills. No, we do we do the stills but you already got that covered. You know how to do that in light room or whatever you choose eyes foot a mechanic. But now I want to import this raw video footage and let's pretend we're in my movie and we can do it straight away so I'm not gonna go into that because it's a bit of a technical thing and it depends on your editing software so researched it a bit for what you want but here on my rule files they're in a folder could rule I mean here's my media all the movies aaron the media file and they're all sitting there ready to go I go to final cut pro I open it it will open the project that I opened previously so we're not going to do that I'm gonna clues that one oh no don't take a lighter we have a couple more questions thrown at you memento and be photo are asking what is the duration of each individual still on the time line and I think maybe both for when it stop motion but also when it's more traditional fusion um so when I do a still and what we'll go into that guy go and open the project I'm gonna close this project so that you don't see how how I bypassed all this let's say close project okay, I'll go new project helps you project and I say I want to go in here to use a preferences actually before this I'm going to go to system settings I'm going to say where we're saving all our files all the um renders also saves everything I want to know where they all are so I can get them off my computer shortly so let's go tio here and call this chad this is okay and we're going to set it all up in this one fold up see how I'm sitting with the saving will be going water render files capture scratch render files all going in one place this is how I do it again there's probably many editors hopefully not watching uh okay safe then I go teo use a preference especially if I'm doing stop motion this is super important I have made the mistake for years well uh poppies animation the one I did for my daughter I went in I imported all the clips but that was too long so I just short in the mall they told me I didn't have to do that and I was like that's so funny I just skipped over that too quickly so user preferences editing how am I doing here this is where you set the length of the clip the shot and just say it was a super shoot and we're going to fade between them and we wanted not quick quick quick we wanted a bit more of a slow pace I would make that number bigger and that means every still that you import from here on in will be that length yes can you change so you said you can change that afterwards also so if you go see you've got a thousand still frames he did point oh six yes you want him to change it to point oh four I would probably reimported that line but can you select all and change do javari but I don't know so I gotta yeah there's this probably quite a good way for that and I'm sure someone will write and tell us uh okay, so that's how I've set up my project and now I just import the files it's basically just how you would in any case command I import I go to my ted folder and I import them oh no, I don't I got my media father and I put all media and then I'd go to the stills folder and pick up the ones that don't want that is still so then that gets me where I wass so I'm going to close that project and I'm gonna have been recent which wass this one okay, I really wish I'd shot more stills here um because to give you a really good example of going in and now I need more still so but we don't so we're going to make it work uh here I am filming them sleeping I want shot of the feet or are they uh this looks familiar no no, that was a practice run. This would be excellent if someone had come along and named them all uh let's see if this is it. Yes, I love this footage I can tell you this will look good um I'm gonna kill the audio because it's gonna drive me nuts I'm also going to filters and I'm gonna had um color correction there's some really fun things you can play within here I used to always do very strong vineyard I'm glad that I'm not doing that okay we'll stick but I didn't say where I'm just gonna stick them here and what was that? Okay and delete the order to stave time and come up here and color corrected again with a little bit of ah right. Okay, right okay, so now I come back to my footage and let's have a look that's just scroll like this this is how I call I looked like this. Well, obviously I'm not getting that um let's have a look I kind of like when I got up off the ground actually let's see there's any kicks here that it just perfect that's pretty cool. You see, this is how I call like you're hacking, flashing think there's gotta be a better way to do it but I'm looking at this thinking that I mean that makes life so much easier than watching thirty second cliff after three you get the feel for it and then go back and look watch in detail if you want yeah, exactly yeah it's so much quicker I couldn't watch it all it's different if you doing interviews that's family telling you don't do that and yeah um having just completed my first documentary I can tell you that a long process uh so I really like this little kick up here I do have white board in it that's like um I'm gonna start in there and let's see what happens let's not no no no no no okay, this action on dh I already feel that's it that's all I need I like it I'm gonna put a mark of that because I've already put this clip on the timeline I haven't done the in and out and then pulled it in it's a long clips sitting on my timeline because I wanted to the color correction so I'm going to press b in final cut your press beef for the cutting tool depressed like that and it cuts the clip in half of two clips now uh is there any questions can hear you? You're good. Okay, great. Um let's have a look I think it could be cool to just have that and go straight into dancing or something else if I wanted to, um or I could come scroll a lot but come back to this and fun and now the bit of this maybe where it's more about their faces and oh my goodness that's cute I like that we're going in here and that makes me long and let's see if she did live is e I just feel like that went a bit underwhelming so let's stop it there is no offense to him let's just put a mark up okay cut it eh and I'm gonna drag it up there and see if they sit together really nicely which I'm hoping they do because you're all watching you know when I added I put headphones on nobody can talk to me I tell the children I'm editing no like it's our only usually do it at night when no one's around I don't I find it very flowy oak up I like to follow my gut and when I'm around other people I'm wondering whether thinking and just naked so if I want to really get into a net it it's best if I'm my head is in it and I'm listening to the music and really a hundred percent thinking thinking thinking interrupt so when you're doing the in out yes sir do you push when you margaret does it mark the end of that and then that's where you cut it like I don't know I guess I didn't understand how you sure no good how you grabbed that it's already on the timeline and one in its entirety and then you selected on the video on the top but it doesn't trim it to that right no because I only put marcus it does if I say in and out and I'm not the markers of the the little end is myka and I were in and over out and the reason why I do it like that is because this clip has so many good robb's in it I'm I'm leaving it there and I'm just doing a mockery cutting every time I want a little piece of it there's other ways to do it but I just but it doesn't automatically like trim a section to the inn out selection it does if I wanted to so just say I go over here to the main clip double click on it and I'm like, okay, they want I want I want I want just this okay it's just for argument's sake that's how they see how the clip chains and let's go back I want to leave it there because I'm still so the in and I will actually trim it the markers or just in and out markers just in market just makes that little red point c here I thought you were selecting that in and then out you were just mark oring it? Yes, yeah tricky so when you've broken that up into three different clips, will that cut it? So for so second clip that you're on right now? Yes, can you extend that or is it no, I could bring it all back, but I wanted it an entire clip, but it's just cut down to that one the other one the entire cliff is just cut down without little spot yeah, all all the clips of this standard line little clips now in the time line early but up here the one clip just cut where you want it that's great. Okay, so just pretend we're bumping these up together not pretending we actually are doing uh I don't like that I quite like that it's like tossed him in a tough spot so I kind of feel it let's see no, we don't need that extra bit because she goes to throw and doesn't so let's pull it bag maybe we get that and then we go to the other clip and we find in here something that's like flows from that and I can't let you throw it in like directly stays yeah that's pretty good but because in the previous will try but the previous when she hasn't let go so it may not flow but it could float like we've missed a bit let's try it mark I'm just doing a marker here because I'm still using all that footage and let's grab this pole it'll be just let it be if I didn't have a music track already laid in this film I could do a lot quicker with this but because I do there's a few things that are slowing me down okay let's have a look, okay that's quick um what if I pulled her back so she looks like she's about to move towards him which could suggest those some paper in her hand and then we pull this into you might need more than that and see how it really is like how I shoot it's like so I mean, wouldn't it be cool if I wanted to play around here I could play with like this let's let's pretend let's double click this wouldn't it be cool if we are not sure if I'm confusing people but okay there was a shot of her getting blasted and then there's a shot of him getting blasted and it came from the middle and they both came out that way you could you could put both of those shots on top of each other and frame them long thin or something like that I mean the the ideas in the editor endless but I don't want to make it too confusing too so I won't go there yeah haley uh mckellen, fatah had asked and we've had so many questions about shooting at sixty frames or something, so if you do shoot at sixty frames per second and you blood and you put it into your editing software, how do you choose if you want it to be fast right question I forgot about that um so I've actually slowed down I've got a folder of slowdown footage in a folder of non slow down footage because I didn't want you guys to wait for that conversion but basically I would grab the cliff this just say argument say this clip just check it is not slo mo and it's not that's normal lovely out of focus work there uh which is intentional uh and I would say I would command click and it brings up this little thing and it said so reveal in finder and this brings it up in the finder now I might if I knew that I wanted everything to be slow motion I would just grab the folder and duel this all at once but often I just want one or two clips that are really moving and beautiful to be slow modem so let's open this with cinema tools now this comes with final cut pro but unfortunately I don't know what you would use if you weren't using final cut pro I would suggest looking on philip bloom vincent law for it those kind of places we'll take the crave my workshop that was on probably last week I probably did that did they do that yes you mean in the filling one yes yes sir or ask people in the live chat room ask each other yes but there's a lot to people and if my editor is watching hopefully he will answer that okay conform so currently it's shot it says here the current frame rate is fifty nine point nine four frames per second basically sixty francs per second on the camera says sixty frames per second. Okay, I'm going to turn it to thirty frames per second, which will slow it down and all you press is conform and it will show you straight away what it looks like and let's scroll along because it's uh, leg addict very so nice. I was trying to get confetti. Yeah, so still trying to get the right confetti shots? Yeah, so it gives you an idea of how it would look, how fun is that? So I've already done that two photos completely of raw and so once he gets like that, you export it again as they create a new file. Or is it no it's now that file that you so when I go back here, I actually did it to this file, so I see that it's done it to that far that's why? If you don't want it in slow motion and you do make it slow mission, then you wish to hand it's probably good tohave the rule file somewhere else so you can get it. So you do duplicate the file or something and then yeah, keep keep the original one. Well, if he followed the process of doing like you can't be always stuff to two hard drives and stuff, you'll have a copy somewhere so usually I have roles and then I have the program's el tee's which I'm conforming and doing things too and I can always go back to the previous one okay, this is not gonna look great yet it needs lots of time and love but you'll get a feel of what we were doing anyway, I'll be great to have music, okay? Yeah let's do that you want to see it big let's see if my computer will behave and give it to you full frame did you know it well so I'll do it this way I don't know why, but final cut actually is a little bit buggy and for some reason I can never get it to do that cinema display but I'm sure some of the programs someone is using kids all right? Okay, so that's all managed to get done today but it gives you an example of I would love like another whole day on that before I would show it normally after you quick question do you find yourself moving the video mohr or moving the music? Will you put the music where you want it and then adjust the video to the beat? Well, if I've cut the music to be how the length of the song the length of the movie I want so so a minute thirty then I would um ed it to that already but if if I was just getting a feel for it early days and I wanted to know where one of the track on my play with a different places and then cut the song up to match my put it, I'm I'm blown away by what you've done in a short amount of time just to say like you're like, oh, this isn't any good, but you could put that ten seconds on the beginning of anything and I would be like, I don't know what that is, but I want to see it okay, well, that's really good, yeah, you can see it's quite a process and it's kind of explode I like it it's like shooting you just play and put together and see, bump it up a bit more and pushed this way and that way so you know what's. So one final question before we go to break hayley about the amount of time that you said the stills, because I don't think we ever answered that dinner first you for for stop motion and just regular still that you would put in into the video. So just say, like it's, a still at the end of like surprises film and it's her still image and it's we need to actually see it, uh, it's a show off her shots, right, you really can just do that by the song probably is what I would do it by, like hat and hopefully the pace there is a nice slow pace if not, I give it you don't have a maximum, like three seconds tops or anything like that. I don't really work with any numbers like that, it's kind of like it doesn't feel that it's a feel good it it doesn't feel good, don't do it, and then what about stop motion? Uh, stop motion? Yeah, that was up here when I said the preferences user preferences in the editing and he a freeze frame duration before I pull them in, I sit it and to be twenty five frames per second, it's zero full, so I'm with mathematical quarter a quarter of a second about for hundreds of second will you ever make the make him longer make those stop motions longer so they're kind of yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah you khun you consent that toe however you like it that's the spate this speed that I like. But you might think my song needs a little more and I want to really show these images off and I'm only doing ten they need to be longer, something like that, so it is by feel, I think

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