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Editing to Music

In most editing suffer it doesn't matter what you're using you're going to have a viewer um this is where the the timeline is here and this when I've played the timeline this is where it will play so the viewer is where I edit the track either the audio track all the vision and here is where it will play when I play it all together now this bit this bit of footage is stuff I've already edited so you won't see the editor that you all you're seeing is me matching the music to the action so fessed up I'm double clicking the video clip and I'm scrolling through to find the key moment that thie action happens the really important part of the film anyway here it is where I am slowly let can go with the bike and I'm gonna put a little mark there all you do is press in in final cut but depending on your editing software what you need for that okay so now I found that key moment I'm going to go find another moment that I really like is well here where andrew let's go back of her bike seat and I...

'm putting another market there okay so we have to mark points on video footage and now I'm going to double click the audio and we'll just soon out to see the whole track and I can get a read I can get a really good idea very quickly of where the high points in the track so I'm going to scroll around and find just the right spot and this song is called a beautiful day and so I'm going to find where some leaps up and the woman says it's a beautiful day sir just going through to find you because I find that I'm gonna put a little mark there same you just press him for micah and it will two uses a guide zoom in a little bit tio be able to see exactly when it is the high point comes in ah and now I have my market there okay, so, um once you've got your two markets and ready to go, you come back to your time line and he moved the tracks so the two markers a bump together so you can see in the video footage of mica and down below in the audio track we have another marker and I'm lining them up. So now I just play a little before and little after to see how that's lining up and actually that's not bad, but I think all juggle that up point just a little before my hand loose so it's kind of leading and her voice coming in just the right thing at the right moment and I'm just checking how the track six with the other moment where sanders, whose bike actually sitting pretty well sorry I'm just cutting the audio track and dilating the part I don't need and coming back here um yeah haley just one more time can you let people at home know what software you're using sure that's final cut pro perfect but now called final cut ex okay so this is the timeline that was down the bottom in now video screen and the timeline is way you place a ll the puzzles together to make your edit the music is down the bottom this is the middle line here above that middle line is vision and below is audio these pits here are the audio to the clips above and this piece here is my music and this is a zoomed in view of my music each music has away form it's like a patent and kind like your heartbeat on a one of those things cool yeah so the music has a little cardio graham and each one of these is a beat so every time I gotta beat I put a marker and every time I got a marker I put a cup in my footage so I'm editing to my footage every time the big came in or in the case of the learning to ride the bike I found with this one marker in the footage that I wanted which was the hand leaving the bike and one marker in the audio of the music which was when she said it's a beautiful day and I put those two together I lined them up like here and here or in the case of the other track which was just one marka and then they play together and they they flowed really well. So it's, quite simple it's just learning that these are the wave form and vision and finding the two markets for both the things you want to go together and lining them up. So any questions around that when I started to learn editing, that was so beyond may that what I did was I would just listen to the song, and when I felt the beat change, I would shorten or yeah, I couldn't even work out on my editing software how to put it into the wave so I could see it in way form no, I just I felt like I was leaning to match and I couldn't go in start editing teo musical below that to me was an advancement and even after spending fifty hours on final cut pro, I still was doing it by sound and I know it's not nearly as good well it's but it's not bad and I started that way too I definitely remember doing that and I would slide the music this way that way this way that way this way that way this way that way till I found it sitting and run this is just a quicker version of that and if if you are struggling with this go and try it with just moving the audio but the thing is this is just a really quick way to do it if you if you think you could manage it depends I guess on what level you're at and and obviously that beat on the screen that you're saying there that can really fast but this is your show reel this is actually anna's video it's the intro to anna's video oh wow okay so anna has twenty I think they were twenty five beats and I knew that song before I shot that video and and so I knew I needed twenty five clips did you count them or did you count final cut pro and then look for the bass and then I can't I just listened encountered twenty five beats yeah and just if you could tell people who this anna is that you are offering to you again okay for people may have just joined going into that next section it's anna is supervises show reel the seniors one for the good uh big girl with a little girl with big dreams o r and it's all about the girl anna who is the star of it cool. Thank you. Yep any other questions now I have a comment here from anne marie who said learning about markers and haley's flow makes this workshop worth it great so okay so what skip a little bit and can I just ask one more question while you're going for it on that from kaylie if you could again tell us how do you get the beats to show in your timeline clips okay so they don't show in the time line they're only showing the view out you double click in final cut you double click and probably primedia's similar premia elements do you know that I don't you don't okay um our views premiere and it does the same thing you double click and it opens in here and you'll see the way form okay so we're skipping ahead here I want to thank triple scoop because the tracks I used for all those little music examples uh from them so they're being very good to me okay this is a christmas promo video so sometimes because I love love film I just get an idea and I need to do it so this was a kind of like instead of sending a christmas card told my clients I sent them a video so to show you that and wait sitting on a mango tree listen to the sound of the honey bee boo and zeb zeb zeb zip it dean megan up some money for them than me and to let the term rome by in the snatches leather man I like to live in a changing room I've been know anyone who could film so I got my sister and a friend and said, can you come out with me and film and though okay hand them the camera I showed them what I want under sustained it and then I went and did it so you could do that too. I mean, get the tripod, put your camera on the tripod, do some dancing with big heads in front of it. Uh, yeah, it's it was a fun very fun project that yeah, another one that and just like, do we really need to spend a hundred dollars on these heads? Hundred dollars each? Um so, uh, poor darling he's getting a bad rap, isn't it? So a lot of those shots are the action is within the frame. The camera isn't really moving it's very simple shooting, but there's quick and there's lots of them. Sorry, yeah, and so have fun. Little project. Okay, there's a difference between stop motion animation animation is like either with cartoons and or clay animation, which is this one or stop motion. So tomorrow I'm going to be shooting stop motion on I just want to quickly show you if I'm shooting video I have the video on the mark three I have the video button on and I would film out like that looking at what I'm doing if I'm shooting stop motion I'm shooting stills and I'm going to get you three to do something for me aren't you lucky uh make sure it's in focus because that always held and I'm going to keep still but you guys gonna wave till there's no tomorrow ready oh, before I start I'm I'm shooting with um rapid fire so as many shots as I can get I'm gonna kind of still so you guys when I say guy hold on sick and let's get the ices right? Yeah okay I can also do looks like durian okay and now I can play that back to you this is stop motion e what else is in there? But yet so this is stop motion I committed and you can move and it's just a whole collection of photos we did that the other day and it was really fun but with animation it's different because it's stills and you want the clay figures or or the lens walking across the bench so if I was shooting a stop motion of a lens moving and I wanted it to be really like perfectly as though it was actually gliding I would put the camera on a tripod and I would sit set that up on the tripod and then I would move one photo move one photo move one foot removed, one phony move one funny move one and that's actually how you do animation to I'm going to show you our little animation which my five year old wrote at the time she was five uh and it's um it's shot all in the kitchen table with a tripod sitting here like in front of table all the action happens within the frame the each one is one photo each one of these little movements is a photo so let's go through and have a look what it looks like and then we'll talk a bit more about how we did that thanks. This is my dad hey, height flies they're little but they're powerful so long suckers this is my sister val can you please help my belief wait this's my mom she loves hey come coming note clarence appear lucky just one more wait, wait, theo so zahle made all the figures uh she spent quite a lot of time making those little clay figures poppy wrote and directed it but I had to shoot it and after about half now they wandered off it is slow laborers work um animation and simple is that one is it took what I think it was a full day shoot um I had my sister helping me move the little characters one little step at a time towards the end were like let's move them biggest it let's get this done but at the very start when it's just poppy and she pulls the signs down and there's no, the puppets aren't moving that's just stop motion, right tio all of it it's only animated when the puppets can't move themselves always say so everything you do for the public so the stop motion beginning is also amazing that you could just keep going if you had no proper, is it? They in itself was a great little sequence yeah, so stop motion that she could move herself so that made it easier but between yet there's quite a difference between the two and yeah, you could make all sorts of things it's don't mention I've seen have you guys seen the put that lincoln uh video of the music video of the girl in the bed with the she's moving everything else is moving, but she stays in the bed and she's walking on her bed like sleeping with an amazing I'll find the length and bring it tomorrow so amazing stop motion for you to look at uh all these things are really easy for anyone to get going and play with I think that I'm showing the the fun projects that I've done to hopefully inspire you teo get an idea that's where you start start with an idea, do something that you want to do uh and then from there make a mood board keep going those little ten steps we went through earlier now my previous keynote are so key to helping you get through teo teo you're finished product so I actually think stop motion is the closest thing to being a still photographer because it's it's not, you know, doing any filming panning not nothing in fact, it's the closest we'll ever get to doing what we do but actually just filming for motion with it. So directing emotion it's weird to me that we don't really do it because when I see that I'm just like, oh my god, I want to do that but I think that is so incredible yeah, yeah it's it's so fun and went when I show you to the shoot tomorrow it's it's so easy to do what you're already a photographer keep going put it on rapid that's a really simple movement rapid and you have a video you don't have to shoot any video to get a video so yeah that's cool um that's a great quote right there. You don't have to shoot any video video to get over you okay to his, um behind the scenes um I've got to be like here because it takes so long to film it I needed a light, so this is not how I normally work but for animation it's a really good thing to know you have to light it because the day will go long and it will be dark and this is the night this is ali's um prep and instead of creating we could she only had clay she just made a happy and a sad face see that that's a oh and this is a happy face and we just swapped the head for the expression this is her with her little heads and this is moving me and ofcourse it's bears absolutely no resemblance to true life my father we're old maine et has never been laid on the rude and I've never got distracted while she was doing other things she yeah I'm being sarcastic I actually do do those things all the time and she was being me so uh yeah, so this is us building the little set making little cloud puffs this is her bossing me around which she really loved and eating her eggs while we're filming. Okay, yeah it's a fun project so I'm I want to show you here and I'm going to talk through this myself these are the clips all the video is made off stills and they're playing like this so I'm playing I'm scrolling through this as slow as I can sit nice and slow so that you can see it's just one movement my hand would have come in there and pulled it up. I've gone in here and I've set the frame freeze frame right to be there for and that's twenty five frames per second so that it feels more like motion. And so before I imported all my stills, I made sure it was set to that so you can also do it it stop motion in quick time you can bring in, uh, two thousand images on quick time and then export them as an m o b uh um you don't get to do anything fancy faded faded out there, but if you want to play with your first stop motion, I did a play around christmas time with nieces and if he's running back and forward and then looked at all the options to manage two thousand files and you're quick time did it and an import and export as an m o v ro and even gave you the option to change how long that clip would stay up for a year. So animated gifs are similar in that. Like to say I wanted I had ten frames that I wanted to just scroll between them, uh, I've done that quite a bit as well where you you just grabbed ten frames and you load them as an animated, gifted and problems on your global wherever

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