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Hailey's Background and Story

So I saw that loving photography growing up fifteen sixteen playing with it taking photos of my sister and potts but film for me is always interested in interested me from the very beginning I was like, oh, I love to be a filmmaker but, you know, not long ago it wasn't as accessible as it is now so I am argued about whether I was going to study photography lll film when I was like nineteen or twenty and I was like, oh, which one will I do? Which well, well, I do and, uh then I found I was pregnant so I was like, okay, this is a little life shift and, um I ended up being just a moment harm with two little kids who are absolutely adored but boy, was it boring on dh so I photographed them endlessly I hopped on flicka I posted constantly I was all about photographing my kids and learning the techniques and flick it was amazing for me it was basically this huge community of people who taught me how to shoot and gave me information for free it's like um university for free and on that commun...

ity island heaps about photography, but at the same time I was still it's like it was a seed inside me that I had to make films I had stories to tell and I started playing with some friends and family making some films and that went really well and doing a few little like jobs and things like that not jobs no one paid me but like trying little bit. So I'll try the camera, you know, foreign peoples, cameras, video cameras and, uh, it was it was something that just I could not not do. And, uh, basically, my mom saw this ad for a competition caught in australia. There's a bc tv and they had this new station starting and they said to make a five minute film about your life and you win this big fancy video camera was this huge cannon camera and I was like, oh, my goodness that's exactly what I need I'll be a filmmaker if I get it um and so I was like, ok, yes, I could make a five minute film about my life and I sat down to write it, write some notes and I was like, who wants to see about mom at home doing nothing? And, uh no, I said three way anyway, I can pull it together. Um, so I made I made I borrowed a camera, I shot it all in the wrong format with the wrong fried right um and it was it was selected in the top five for the competition I'm going to show you that first because I'm so proud of this film as horrible as the filming is and it is ugly footage and bad lighting and so many mistakes I made, but I won't encourage you that film it's about telling your story and other people's and it is ah powerful, powerful medium and I'm so passionate about it so let's start with that at a glance my life is an overly interesting I'm not working with refugees or children a risk not traveling the world or even australia my place my story is a little more ordinary I live in bridgeman the suburbs I have a husband, two kids station wagon and yes, even a white picket fence I can't say that this is what I planned, but each day there are these moments little gems in motion that I captured to my memory later when I'm free to chase my dreams these will remain my true treasures wait there's an african proverb that says I'm lost and I rejoice in the openness cannot decide where to go so for now I will dance where I am and be there is no goal, no destination life and being I sing and dance and live in the wilderness on I am home no that lasts for ever to see the three teo through this's what you've given me I always wanted an interesting life but I'm happy that this is my place I I can't believe the treasures I'm finding right here in my own backyard thiss is a special place. This is a special story and I'm the luckiest who discovered my life so beautiful. Yeah, I ever found you, haley. I just want to read out some of the comments that are coming in from online because people are connecting with you so much already not to make you cry or anything way have alison alison dallas who says hayley is so real tears or are rolling down my cheeks and dana each says, I just want to say this is awesome! Viewers are blind to mistakes if there's emotion and passion behind it and that's exactly what we're talking about. All right, so adriana devon says I'm already crying koram says, ok, I'm crying miss bai says, wow, this is what I wanted to see people completely overwhelmed by the art they have donated their lives to advancing thank you one more one more studio twelve smiles says hugs and kudos to haley me to another day will be mine but now my treasures are my children photographing life today you are reminding me to capture movement of life tears along with you it's passion from your heart thank you, thank you for all the comments to um so I just want to talk a little bit about that film it was shot on a friend's camera I didn't know how to use it I showed it wrong I had to convert it when they got to the tv um I had to borrow music from friends I beg burdened stole music basically it's not stole music it's okay but basically was like stealing because I was like please please please I I didn't know how to read it so I learned on this job it took me three weeks to edit this um because I was learning I maybe and I may be is a lot better than it wass back then it was bad so it was shot yeah, it was very and there's a lot about it that is appalling but I think immediately when I saw so they did the judging on on the tv show so I was I was setting around like this with all my family and friends sitting down to see what would happen I knew it was in the top five always like I need that camera need that come around you that because I was passionate about telling stories and I wanted a camera to be able to do anyone borrow all the time anyway I got there and I'm sitting there and all I remember the foot from the first comments was there were two judges a man and a woman and the man said um he didn't like it and that it was a home movie and I was like and I'm sitting in front of all my friends and family and I'm like don't say that that's my baby you know the film is my baby it's saying this is important to me and I'm learning something and I put so much of myself into it and so it was like ah basically ran off like that I waited till everyone left but I was basically crying and I was like and, er this is horrible why did I ever make it film? But interestingly, my film one you was choice of work and I think the hat encouraged me so that happened like days later because I had to get aaron and then days later um I found out that one of you is choice award and I think that was really interesting I didn't win the camera, but what was amazing was that they decided to do a tv siri's after this off people's lives for a whole year and they chose me to do it and uh so I have a whole year of five minute films about my life every two weeks I had a hand in a film and it was amazing experience because I had to edit and film every week and so one week I filmed the next week I edited and it was an amazing learning and because I was so passionate about it and so excited about it I did it all the two hundred dollars an episode and it was working full time for two hundred dollars a week a fortnight so yeah this to me is an excellent example of putting our heart and soul and your story into something on dh seeing where it takes you and just giving it a go borrow camera get in there and try it um so I was in love with film from then on I mean, aside from just the experience of making it and being able to say something I wanted to say and other people feeling something back was just so amazing that I was just one hundred percent sold on film but I couldn't see a way to make money from film and so I started photography business with my husband and we got going pretty quickly andrews a designer and I have been on flicka for years so we got going and we meant to do really well very fast I shot families portrait's weddings, everything you name it and um and I learned a lot being a photographer and moving into film is pretty much the best little combination because you already have so many skills under your belt here I'm shooting, you know, family portrait but you can see there's something about my work that you do conceived even here I put movement in everything I love movement I am drawn to movement and the moment and even the kid they're jerks um we were shooting a lot of weddings I was getting more and more weddings and I didn't like them but I have full respect for wedding photographers and I was one and it was hot and it wasn't my thing and I kept trying to make my thing because it was making me a lot of money and um my husband was shoot with me I kept doing things I thought if if I only get clients that are really cooled and I'll love it which I was getting only cool clients I was amazed I like these people are wild I want to keep them all as my friends um but the thing is that I wasn't into it um so anyway a long story short but in two thousand nine when the five d is it floating back to avo d came out with yet the mark two came out with video I could not have been more excited I was like this means I don't have to choose I can be birth and both with the one camera gear saving me a fortune so this this film is that I got it out of the packet and I was going away for the weekend and this is what I made wait here no not on this because nine girl were also for our ambition hope sundry ways wait so this is not a story or anything that makes me feel like rank but it is it is an excellent example of, like a bit I'm steady in the camera but playing around and you can see I'm experimenting and trying different things like speeding up the footage and things like that so it was a great thing so I thought brilliant everyone's gonna hire me to do videos um especially as I have the field now so all the video footage I shot between here and that pig a fencing in this film I had been making short films just on the side for myself just about things I want to say, um some of those it done terribly and some of them did well, um but this I now have depth of field, which I loved in my photography in my films and it was so beautiful, but I didn't know how to keep the camera so you can see these shots are all shots that I was like, gigi, you know? And it isn't economically that easy to film with dear silla so I met I went about making films I thought if I show people what this could do, they're all gonna hire me to make films it's so exciting so these are four of us my earlier films I made a little engagement on the fire item an engagement video which was part stills and part video and I made a music video and I made a christmas video some of these you'll see later um christmas like wishes to my clients you know happy christmas from your compass there's um and then a family portrait but it's a video portrait and now I made all those no one had paid me no one was interested in paying me and it got me still work I was like, what? Oh, this is a video stuff I want you to put that we'll all like, oh no, I just want to haifa stills they wouldn't quarrel tentatively about a video, but then when they saw the price, I'd be like video was like one hundred times more work than stills, so not one hundred probably fifty times, so I said to just think, well, I'm going to use it for myself. I made animations with my kids um I did anything I wanted to do basically and I thought this is and it was marketing my business even the animation we did without kids ended up being blocked by some really big blog's and ended up sending traffic back to our business and it also created a brand I think it really started to make, uh maybe, but realize I mean, we're branding for fun happy things, and I was putting out lots of that, so I think it did really help my business in terms of stills and why we've hardly we're doing so well with still photography, but a main income was still weddings, and I was like, no, this is actually very recent um, I was still shooting weddings my last one was last year um, but I kept coming across this thing that I want to be passionate about, what I do, and I think it actually effects whether you get hide and how good your work is in whatever it is you're doing. So I had to chase what I was passionate about, so I decided last year, beginning of last year, two thousand twelve that we weren't gonna book after this year, we're going to start to ease out of weddings so in two thousand thirteen and from here on in I don't do winnings, um, because as oprah winfrey sit winfrey winfrey, passion is energy feel the power that comes from focusing on what excited? I'm excited by film, and I think it means that more people want films from me because I we bounce off each other, sue and I like, whoa, what about this and let's try this and let's just that so it's fun um I'm gonna skip process it's all about weddings. One of the main things are andrew and I wanted to know how business was to be together as much as possible we love working together and for our kids to be involved in what we do we really passionate about um, learning through life and so um the photography and the film has given me all that and I'm incredibly grateful for that. So hey, I just want to talk a little bit about, um I was still shooting about a year ago I was still shooting all stills and a little little tiny bit of video, but as as I kept putting out more and more things, I started to attract people who wanted me for stills but then eventually they'd want me for a video so it might it might start out with like, so I had a job where it was a corporate job and they hide me for stills and they went so well that they and I was trying to the woman and we built a relationship and I said, you know what your sight needs your site needs a video of course, I mean, I would if you wanted me to quote are well and happy to do that for you, but you know, even if he didn't use me it's still need the video, so this was uh two thousand and eleven this was the majority of my work was wedding portrait it's bands all that sort of thing and that much video work and the money a little bit of video work that I did do was so poorly paid andrew kept saying why are you doing this to yourself because it was so much work and so little money and this is what it is now it is amazing how if you let go off what you think you you need to do to make money and you do what is passionate how the universe meets you there one hundred percent I cannot believe half the stuff that's happened to me so we take our kids on most shoots except when I'm doing something in india or africa or somewhere where it's not appropriate sue has had our kids hanging around for pretty much every video I think and um wherever possible they're involved or they sit in the corner with an ipad or whatever but I think it's amazing learning environment okay, so I can't show any of the more commercial work of being doing but if you want to go to my video karen, you can see that on there and, um in the last six months I've done like hates the videos for a bank in the bank kind of insurance group and it's a little documentaries about um how they enable their staff to do volunteer work in the community so it was a beautiful moving subjects and and real people that I got to sap sit with the you know afternoon and interview hear their stories and then make something beautiful out of it for this bank so I felt incredibly honored to be paid exceedingly well to do that um also did a tv commercial national tv commission subway I've also done directing um uh movie world it's kind of like not disneyland is not that big but it's like the poor australian cousin of I hope they're not watching um but I'm moving more into directing so that's also another skill I'm getting where I get teo you know not just have the camera that I can use but any camera I want and and someone who operates it and knows all every little but there is about lighting and and then how do I pass my passion through to them to get what I need so this is an amazing new field I'm getting to do and I'm so excited haley yes can you just let people know the best way to find you on video I know was on the slightly bartholomew is my name on the mir okay I think so search for I'm uses six one two six three o three search for your name haley but they say on the message about hayley best perfect all right awesome thank you that's right so and I just finished my first documentary is soon I said earlier I mean, I cannot tell you how honored I am that you trusted me with this project um, you know, I hadn't done anything like it before and it wass it's like a dream come true go to paris do what you love um meet amazing people e I cannot tell you how grateful I am for the experience, but also that I'm I'm doing what I love I get to do what I love all the time I've also in the middle of my another documentary that I've been working on for some time in a a book that's coming out, we'll go into that more later, uh, I've been doing filming in photography fat and aid organization that works in australia and they send me to india and africa and I'm going to last next month for them and the beauty of being a photographer and video grateful filmmaker um is that you're a very small package for a low budget kind of thing and you get to do jobs that you know, they couldn't afford to send a camera crew and a photographer, but they can afford to send you and you're now on all rounder you can do anything and I think that's an amazing skill tohave and actually on one of the tv commercials I should, um like last year I ended up shooting the stills as well as do directing the tv commercial and I can't tell you how much that bumped up my income it's so good to be able to do both things so I'm excited to share that with guitar with his beast I think it's such a great market well okay, so I just wanted tio lose some room here for any questions and thought any of you guys have any questions? The internet absolutely has questions. Okay. Do any of you guys have questions? No one raised a hand. Okay, we'll go straight to the phones as can I likes to say winslow says hayley, in the clips that you have shown us so far were you instructing your kids or was it on the fly captures? Um were you instructed your kids of what to do? And which one was that? The first one? I think you're a big offence. Yeah, I do kind of instruct a little bit there the very easygoing kids, but for the most part, picket fenced in is really just me hand hanging around the camera. You know, I had it sitting on the dining room table in anytime I saw anything, I'd grab it, but there are a few things like um, andrew reading to the kids and them dancing that I I said I want that in there because that was something we always did and I wanted to make sure we got it so in a nice light not at six p m when the camera couldn't even see anything question from hill valley underscore photography what did you use to edit your first video with and then the comment great work by movie and I told myself actually after I maybe I was like, oh, this is a horrible program I don't want to use it no offense I maybe now is really good but back then it wasn't that great, so I then went and hide, eh? A editor to teach me because I didn't want to sit and watch um I don't want to do workshops I'm so badly saying I shouldn't say that, but but I wanted quick I wanted it quick and so I hide in it and I sat with my project I had a music video and I said he's my footage, what do I do? And he woke me through I did I think three one hour sessions with him and then I was off okay question from joe multi mama, what did you do about the audio in the beginning? Well, basically, I just put music over the whole thing because I didn't have a good sound, I didn't and I didn't until recently I didn't have good sound so I've often just avoided it by making more music video with a voiceover or inspirational type pieces rather than you know everyone might drop in yeah so you can really it's absolutely amazing what you can do with very very little especially now so yeah it's exciting so speaking of music and I imagine we might get into this further but people are already asking about music and licensing and so winslow from nevada reno says how do you deal with copyrights for your music and videos yeah, and they're getting questions about that we're going to go into that heat smaller later but uh for that video I had actually both the two videos have shown you our friends who are musicians who I said hey, you got any music and actually the first one picket fence in my fur friend actually composed something specially for my video which was a huge honor and he's very talented very lucky that I knew him so ready for a few more um yeah yeah okay uh at photograph basile how do you manage to do both photos and film mentally it's too distracting for me to do both? How do you do it? Yes, good question um when I'm doing that, I often do like morning of film afternoon stills um so I'm in the headspace of whatever I'm doing I don't I'm getting better and mixing the two up you'll see in like fusion videos I do makes them up quite a bit, but I think when it's a job like directing a tv commercial I wanted my head on that and then I was like, okay, we need to grab this still in this still in this still and I'd go back and do those so I wouldn't be doing it at the same time as filming it's a little bit different and often they want portrait um so that just reframes everything so yes it's a it is a skill and it grows as you do more of it. So from g for gail can you please speak to the title of filmmaker versus videographer? In my mind videography is not really storytelling but video is not film how do you look at the tooth the difference between the two terms or do you um I don't really I used the more but then I'm not very technical savvis type person I'm more about if it works, it works and if it doesn't doesn't and find out how it does but for me film, I think pig offense tina's a film it's also a video it's also a short film or it's also, you know, home movie um so it is all those things I don't think it really matters but uh, as a videographer, if if someone said to me, I want to hire you as a video fried our actually I'm a director because I want more say than what a videographer would get a video if you would be under a director and they would say, you know, they would have a lot of saying what the shot angles looked like and things like that but it to do with what the story is about. No, it is more the director that gets to input into the story and have a lot to say about how you shape and build that. So, yeah, there is a definition definitely between those two. Yeah, he said, you bring your kids a lot with you on the shoots, like we take our kids with us to and it's just one of those things it's like, how do you find that balance of, like, my kids always want to play with the kids that are in the chutes and it's, like they're distracted, and I mean, they're great kids and their but that's, the thing is, like I found like that where's, that balance of okay, having your family with you, but not having them be distracting, well, um when they're little are on and they were and I've been in that situation like andr, time to take out kids for a wall on so I would keep shooting and he would go for a walk out because it is also the other kids don't wantto do anything you want to do, they want to go in play. So yeah, that there is a lot of cases they're not attend, they are around, but they are that interactive some videos they get put in because we need more kids. Or, um, um, my subway ad, I cast my own child it's great, because, you know, you know, you've got good town straightaway, but I think yeah, and it's also an age thing when they were little, I wouldn't, and I don't take them on weddings when I did weddings. No, no, no, but, um yeah, I do like to win. I want them to know what I do and see the passion. I have the things and with this particular thing and I think it's also exciting for them to see how we earn our money and the whole process. So yeah.

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Video is a powerful tool for bringing the story of your business to life. Learn how to use still photos and video together to create dynamic products that promote your business from Sue Bryce and Hailey Bartholomew.

Sue and Hailey take you through the process of producing a promotional video from inception to completion. You'll learn how to develop a video concept and establish your messaging. Hailey shows you how to prop and prepare a shoot and covers the 10 essential steps you must follow for every video production. You'll learn how to use Final Cut Pro to weave together still photos and video clips and how to pair that footage with music. Sue brings it all together and shows you how to integrate video into your marketing and how to effectively spread the word on social media.

If you want to learn how to shoot, edit and distribute a professional-quality video that will grow your business, this is the perfect course for you.