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I have a five day mark two and a five d mac three um eventually I'd like to get rid of the mac two and just have to mark threes because you have so emotion on the mic three and not on the market too and I like swimming um sir, I also have I'm just gonna go straight into showing you what I have so I have a thirty five mil lens and a twenty four mil they're probably the most used lenses I have thirty five is hundred percent the best um you don't want to have put a zoom lens on a handheld camera you cannot steady hold it steady enough handheld or even on a fig rig with like a one thirty five or even a fifty is too it's too much for you to hold still while moving around so I stick to thirty five or twenty four when I'm hand held on the monitor pod I do a forty five mill till shift, which I really like for some effects it's a little bit tricky to focus but you can get it you could do it the fifty mil also wonder part tripod something with a bit more stabilizing not just um handheld I wouldn...

't put this on my figuring it's thirty five twenty four twenty four uh one thirty five lens excellent for interviews so you'll see in jill's doctor on day three if I'm in you know, a hotel room and I need to blow out the background. I don't want to see where we are, it's all about the person you need is ooh, m'land actually, the one thirty five is is great, but, uh, you know, a really big one would be even better one day I'll get one of those, uh, hi them quite a bit, so they're good tohave if if you're doing a little interview type stuff. Okay, let's, start so that's all the lenses in the camp murs basically, and I'm going to start with the cheapest thing you could buy, which is this? This is a camera strap. A friend of mine told me she had one on her camera and I was like, what's that and it's could neoprene and it's on ebay and you basically I use it like this with my camera. Hold on, let me just put it in on. So if I don't have any stabling device, I have this because it's soft on your neck and you stretch and I pull against it, and I filmed like that. So I'm like a mini mono pod or a tripod with two legs. Um, so you could do something like this? You could do thiss you could walk along, I'm pulling tight, um yeah it's actually surprisingly good and sometimes now I don't use a minor part because it does it quite well so yeah, I think this cost me two dollars, ninety five so good I have lots of them. Okay? Let's start yeah, because everyone asked me what is that funny steering really? You've got and the annoying thing is, when you film with this actually people come up to you and they're like, what is that funny steering? Well, you look like I'm actually trying to film something and you're in the shot. Can you just wait? I know it's annoying. So this is how I use I'm gonna part if the person or whatever I'm filming is kind of around my height, sir, it would be pulled against my neck that added stabilising I just do this myself you don't have to do that. When I initially bought it, I never had a neck strap on it it's only that I started to be swapping between the next trap and had to put the next track somewhere and I start to realize this is actually extra cool. I get such a cool little motion going here and I can move and I can probably run even so with thirty five or twenty four mil on my camera in this fig rig, I'm pretty much as happy as I can be with the amount of movement I like in my shots not everyone wants to shoot how I shoot but um I like tio getting closing huh move around a lot and have lots of freedom to move I don't really like being stuck to anything so who wants to go called what it's a big rig figuring figuring and the other thing about the fit I love this and when you're shooting children this is incredibly useful um I would just follow that child like this and as you can see you can get such a cool smooth step you know, smooth movement with this low high it's it's a little hotter if they told the news I was trying to film trouble with it you're too tall I need a month apart because holding something up above me like that is not a cz as easy and economic or whatever it is you want to go come on did you find it easy the other day is simple it's so simple just now the downside of this is that you can't hold that and focus so how do I get around that I would focus I would go okay I'm going to try and keep this distance away from my subject while I follow them so I'd focus them up first and then I stay and with film I kind of like if the focus comes in on a little bit it I I personally like it so if I notice it comes, I'm getting too far away I speed up, you know, and get them back in focus so it's really simple tool, but not useful for everything because you cannot focus, so yeah, so that is my favorite, but also the next rapids of a favorite, so ok, then we can go to the steady camp and usually when I travel with this, I have to bring this whole big case thing and I'm always and it's got weights, stacks of weight, I'm not balancing and I'll do that tomorrow for you and you'll see how works with the camera on it, but, um, I don't have a spare um because I'm putting them on the tribe, but this is excellent, but philly, the first time I bought this, I was like nine hundred dollars and and was like, do you need that? Yes, we need that I'm always the one pushing for more stuff and he he's a you sure, and I got it in, I couldn't make it work and I was like, this is the worst thing and was like, I ain't using that thing, we just bought it, I was like, I will eventually when I learned how to use it and it did take a little while, but now I can quickly before I had to balance it before we went on the job because it took me so long like half an hour to balance and probably other guys out there going in half an hour builds that probably doesn't take them quite so long but for me it was a a tricky sort of toll and when I took it on the job it would be unbalanced by the time I got there because it had been bumped around so you put this on the truck on the bottom of the camera you put this on you're here and you put it there there's heaps of youtube videos on how to balance this I'm not going to go into that we might be here all day but it is a beautiful cinematic film feel when you get it right and you'll see in jill's doctor a few times that I've used this and it does look really beautiful uh especially in slow motion or something like that so again you can't focus when it's on the on here you're just following and try right keep in same sort of distance so that's the steadicam and it's a merlin it's a small one because it's light I wanted the lightest every where I go I want the lightest thing because I don't have a whole stack of muscles and when would you decide to use the study kim versus the fig rig like how do you yeah, they changeable I think what happens is when you, when you stop filming you start thinking what dough I like and when you start editing your like yeah, I would if I went on a shoot I probably take both and just see, I think you know what? I can really see this as a beautiful spin with, you know, a steadicam or I can see this is me just following them low with the fig rig. So it really depends on the shot. And when I write up my shot list off and put a note, I want to use thie so we'll go into that bit more as well, but yeah steadicam melon, there's heaps of ones you can get with jackets and things. And, um if you want to do that, uh, this is my tripod it's fantastic it's a video tripod verses a stills photography tripod my little so I was supposed to start with the money part about this is a great trouble to this pan is so smooth you can't make it rocky. So that's the difference between and also opened down the head of this is pulled and done something technical and really cool and really smooth, so if you want a pen or you want to do anything, you can move and I only use this for interviews pretty much interviews and actually later I'll show you a use that I sometimes do if I want to do a whole bunch to shots against against a wall and I want I know I want my camera to stay in the one position I rarely use a tribe on any other time I feel like it it removes me from the action I'm way over here and I can't get there quickly so that's just a personal taste thing and as you get filming and experience you'll work out what suits you but a video had tripod is pretty important I wouldn't be without it that's that any questions on that anyone would have ago here have a good well it's so smooth it's good when you loosen it in tight knit yeah yeah you can you can add make it harder yeah you're not going to get a fost fast pan but you can unlock it and and you can also lock it off so it doesn't move at all if you in an intern you don't want it to say yeah that's tripod thiss probably after the figuring is my most use used um I think you put um I'm going to pop the camera on there and I'll show you this one is particularly good it's a video monitor part not just a normal one report has these little feet that pop out you can put them up or down I'll show you that in the second makes them makes a man photo I think yes I think so yeah I may as well read out what it is because five six one behave hdtv dash one man fratto okay so again it's got the video head pull so it's lovely and smooth when you do that and it's also got this great ball at the bottom so you can you can do some amazing things with this you can go this way or that way and everyone but it also actually does look off a bit that I wouldn't recommend doing that but I have done andi I don't think it's meant to be used that way and they probably won't cover your camera if you drop it um but these just make sure that is on that would be embarrassing to break my camera um he's come up or down depending on what your uses you don't need the stabilizing and it's just quick so thea other day we're filming and you know it's so small and light and little and it's not like getting a great big tripe it out but it kind of gives me the same effect so it's really good tohave it locks off if you want it to say is there you might want to if you were over a table and you had some jewelry or something there and you might want to pan around like that across it so you can do some really good moves with this it's worth having um any questions about um I have a question about like when you take all over your gear to a job then do you carry on a bag or how do you yeah she takes her kids well um I am often waltzing around with loads of bags of things and it is heavy and also because I travel a lot for my work I'm often paying excess baggage um but these to fit in one bag and I put that over my shoulder and actually wherever possible I have an assistant to carry which is usually my husband eh but yet this is light feel this this is pretty this is with the camera for what it is it's it's not too heavy can head to the tripod so um yeah it is a lot of gay you taking around and when I get hired um to do something like in lhasa india which I'm doing I'm gonna trip on that I could um I really bring down the kid as much as possible I think it will stay there so we've gone over the mono pod and the fig rig and this is me in action using these different things actually see with this on I often used them wanna put lower because the tripod doesn't go any lower than that so that's also a good thing about the money part um so I can run with the big rig I can you also see things that okay here I'm shooting with a different tripod it's a stills photography tripod and I travelled with that one because I I was going on so many different places and this one is a lot heavier and I knew there were no like interviews where I needed to pen or anything so this is main shooting with a forty five mill till shift on the water a little tripod basically and with this sort of lens he really probably want to be locked off it's just too hard to keep the focus sir that's that that's the steadicam in action so when you see and his film keep a lookout for that shot you'll see what it looks like it is quite a different I mean the figuring in the steady kim can sometimes look similar but the steadicam does have a little bit of magic that's quite beautiful so have a look out for that okay? So before I go on a job well, quickly before I do use a lot of sound equipment and so I'm just gonna quickly run over this we'll go into it more on day three but I have an on camera mike this one's too big I don't recommend you get this one but that's the one I have road is excellent and it is a road in t g dash too but the thing is this one sometimes gets in my view if I'm on a twenty for now so I'd take the size down from this if I was here I already bought it uh so I'm using it er and this just slides on top of your camera like sir like so probably not with a fee great but and this just helps if you're getting on camera sound but the problem with this is that every time I do this I hear it and you know if I'm breathing heavily because of pot you also he that so it is an ideal sound it's more just getting ambient sound in the room and I have used that quite a bit to good effect but it isn't the be all and end all sound it's good stuff uh I also used zoom which is this little device I'm not going to go into right now that we'll talk about it more like that it's really worth having but I don't want to get you overwhelm with that stuff because it's all just stuff and you know you could make a film with just you'll camera strap and you and you could do a great time with that house have mikes and head finds and the other thing I use a lot of his hard drives and you need really good fast hard drives if you're putting all your footage and it adds up on the marks very like I think I think your video and stills was thirty gigabytes just him. That wasn't even a long one. Um, some of suzie's being like a huge so I like these. They're g ray drives and they're a little bit more stable. They're also really fast to work off so you can get video editing quickly from from the drive, which is great, so use cod like everyone I like these think tech think tank come things thesis a good um and when it's used, I turn it over, um and I use could mean cod's, they're really good and lust so that's all the gear before I go for a shoot there's so much gear now it's getting more. Oh, I have this list it's tools of the trade gear checklist, and I cannot tell you how valuable this is. This is I must have before you go on a shoot, especially if you're going to do lots of video and you're doing different types of jobs that need different things. So I listed all that stuff on the list, and I go through it before I leave. I'm embarrassed to say that before I left the paris I was going through my checklist and I had not to put any sound in my bag. Now, if I hadn't done my checklist, I hate think what could've happened. Um, it's. So when you're busy and there's so many different things, and sometimes I go off and I just crossed it off, because I know I won't be using it, but it at least I have the list, and so I've got trouble with mount. See, I've left them out before no mountain means you're going is to try bud, not good. Um, cut cards, air clear. Now. I had lights at home, but ninety percent my work, I never use it, so I often cross that off. Um, battery for lights, giant reflective. Five, three, five, two, two, thirty five, twenty four, one, thirty five. Fifty mil, and so on. So I even put higher things that often hire, um, just in case, I don't remember to take them out of the high bag and put them in my camera back.

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Video is a powerful tool for bringing the story of your business to life. Learn how to use still photos and video together to create dynamic products that promote your business from Sue Bryce and Hailey Bartholomew.

Sue and Hailey take you through the process of producing a promotional video from inception to completion. You'll learn how to develop a video concept and establish your messaging. Hailey shows you how to prop and prepare a shoot and covers the 10 essential steps you must follow for every video production. You'll learn how to use Final Cut Pro to weave together still photos and video clips and how to pair that footage with music. Sue brings it all together and shows you how to integrate video into your marketing and how to effectively spread the word on social media.

If you want to learn how to shoot, edit and distribute a professional-quality video that will grow your business, this is the perfect course for you.