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Marketing on the Periphery

This is where a lot of people get tripped up. What if I'm not just a boudoir photographer? What if I do? But where family baby's newborns, weddings and events and if I love, I love that that's just absolutely brilliant. So I actually was talking to a guy who lives in a small town and canada, and he does all of those things. So I said, tomorrow you're the ultimate you're the ultimate macular, really? Because you can create multiple genres for all of your demographics and here's that oh so unlimited publications and limited brushes unlimited issues if you want to and you don't even have to have them live on your website, you can just have them linking to those brochures you khun send those brochures so that they can read them and yes, they will appear also on issue dotcom say you will bounce off it marketing, but the best patters is I said, what if you shot a video where you had a newborn baby and then you it was a little little baby and then you saw a little blonde girl and then that li...

ttle blond girl ran through the park until she became a seventeen year old blonde girl, and then she was getting engaged to a guy in her twenties, and then she was getting married and the new photograph to pregnant and then she has another little baby in the video implies that you are there for every event of your lifetime. Tell me a story, people about what you do, tell me a beautiful story to that girl so that she wants to grow up with us here photographer, and then get married and have a baby. And and is that an ideal world? Whatever its advertising that's, what it's about, you know, I tell a story the linear timeline that were brought up to believe, and I get that so tell won multiple story in one go or town multiple stories, but the opportunity exists for you to do that on all of them now here, marketing on the periphery, using facebook, sheer facebook, youtube countries or just to get noticed, this is, were I talked to haley a lot about a lot of the videos that she created that were fun hime projects that like this one on here than you, so I want you, teo, check it out. It's called a sunny new year, and I'm not gonna play it now because I'm going to keep moving, basically highly just I'm created a fun video, what did you share that one that was just a private I wanted to make john from the otter beaded right yeah did you show that video? No, we haven't ok if I have time I'll come back and sharp but I want to keep moving because I just got so much to do it and you can check out haley's what you've probably already watched it on video I could keep showing your videos but I want to keep showing you marking on the pro free they'll I hope you're watching them uh ralph it he's a photographer and she came out to me in new york and she spoke it ignite and val said to me she said when she goes you know, I made a video about chen ford and down and I was like, you did and she goes, yeah, I've linked you on youtube it says, you know it's so bright you know just so important val is a winning photographer and how clever is this? She creates a video talking about chin ford and down so that here brides and good tag name how to prevent having a double chin and your wedding photos and both sense halfway through this year has sixty seven thousand hits on this youtube clip. Now this is called advertising on the periphery that somebody who's smart enough to create a video on a little tip she's referenced may she's reference matthew jordan smith and then she's made a great little video talking about herself is a wedding photographer but she's not selling herself as a winning photographer, she's just selling the ultimate thing you don't want to do and it's tuck your chin and union hall wedding day, and I applaud you for that, but I think that's absolutely wonderful what you've done. I think you're clever, clever girl, and it was incredibly smart and that's. What is called marketing on the pro free getting noticed using visual communication, getting noticed on facebook, youtube, vimeo without doing what you actually do but associating it toe what you do so that's, probably one of the hardest things to come up with in your in mind is to mark it on the periphery. So haley did this thing where she created like postcards to give away free kush she's not selling these quotes, these were quotes that she got that she credits the people who who said them, but they her images. So when she did her grateful project, she started with the little things little little moments, they aren't little and she put on a polaroid like that, and she quotes the person who sees it so that she can give these is freebase. Now this is marketing material, but the free and the beautiful and you want to keep them, and they have three, sixty five grateful dot com on the background. So creating peripheral marketing that sees a message about your brand that has your name on it that people will keep is a novelty. Would you keep a generic portrait of a child? No, but you keep that because it's a love her that would go on my fridge. I love that, or this one is even better. The grass is greener where you water it and she put that out there who would like a free postcard. And she got so many hundreds of emails that she couldn't keep sending them out to people because she couldn't keep up with sending them out. And that has her brand name on the bottom. You can't be serious dot com, and they're just little freeways to connect to your mark it on the periphery, stay connected, create magnets, but be creative with your magnets don't put supervise photographer dot com you're gonna keep that on your fridge, okay, so a few years ago I didn't expo for my studio in new zealand, and it was a girl's expo, and I felt like the competition back name was getting pretty fearsome ants, photographers and I didn't realize that I wasn't really into competition. I didn't realize it didn't need to look at my competition, so what I did was I am, I went and shot this really hot guy. Because I was going to a woman's show in expo with forty thousand women, so I shoot this hot guy lying down on this black beard naked, but you couldn't say anything. He just looks naked. I think you could see that he had head some boxes on and he's a really good looking guy and he's lying down big arms all caught up and I did. This is a joke because I photograph women and on the front I wrote for the girls, and so I would watch thousands of woman walk around this expo not making any eye contact, going to an expo to not look it to not be sold to, and I would stand there with this hot guy got at this, and of course, the girls always play it up because they're all hanging out with the girls go, I go, would you like to take him home with you? And that was my opening line. Would you like to take him home with you? I mean, some people went on no, you know? But then about twelve thousand went oh, yeah, and they couldn't go out of my hand fast enough and there was a novelty. It was a joke and on the back it said, now that I've got your attention, let's, make it all about you so mark it on the periphery thinks matt little things like that make a big difference could you design that voucher with the hot guy with my templates yes can you design this felt by the way thank you for the hundreds of e mails on can you do a team player for your business card here it is one single page times it by four flat in the image tuna tova three single images flatten one white page tea for ticks ed ticks that's how I did it I did it myself on photo shop I took it to the designer and they printed me eighteen thousand off them get no template required it's on their single page one image for blade times three white woods easy so easy I get more demands for this card than any single brochure I have even put out there I get people still to this day they email me about it and you know the best part about this about this is I will say when I give this card away to people this is my my haley thing they get the derek walcott poem that is on the floor and my studio to keep and at the bottom it's his super ice dot com now with that you can pass those around I give away a little piece of my philosophy I give away a little price list I give away a beautiful brochure and I give away something that you will keep the time will come when with elation you will greet yourself arriving at your own door in your own mirror and each will smile at the other's welcome and say sit here and eat you will love again the stranger that was yourself if y and give bread get back your heart to itself to a stranger whose loved you all your life now that there is such a simple little thing and yet to put my favorite palm on a business card I laid this text up on photo shop I then flattened it is ajay pig and sent it to mr print online and I got two thousand cards for one hundred and fifty dollars and they are nearly running out that's the very last lot and I'm going to decide what my new novelty is going to be a however when I see hi lace and mine theo grasses any green where you water it she wanted her creativity and I might be a little bit boxed in but I'm not anymore so what I come up with next is my little giveaway is going to be something that is really, really important thes cats have served me so well I found out I was dating this guy and he took like quite a few of them I found out he was cutting my name off the bottom and giving them two girls that's great marketing yet tells may that tells me hey thought it was a great idea just cut the surprise come on there's any girls out there watching their his half a car like e I know who you were so just remember that marketing on the periphery choosing to just market outside of what you think is normal would probably be one of the biggest challenges but I really want to challenge you to think outside the qui today and I really want to show you this issue magazine so photo shia networks are he's a good one what I did was during the video is what we're talking about I was actually thinking about the eight millimeter I could have done this on eight millimeter and it would've worked better after taylor shoot in new york I actually just did this little bite because the dress was such a big hoo ha that when I actually went and shot it I followed here with the camera then I had to go back to my hotel room I had to upload the footage that slow my footage I dropped it into final cut pro I had to export it then I had to upload it onto onto my block now that actually took me about an hour and a half just for that little that's less than a minute and all of it is there's no sound I just whacked it on the block that night and said redress in new york and everyone went nuts over it it's almost a mea and that's all it was I was trying to be you know think about the floor I was trying to get that movement and you can see me going on this like walking because I didn't know any better and I make fundamental more stakes like that but you know, the truth is I drop in those images and we're done eight millimeter would have done that better and it would have looked funkier and that's why I just pop that in there that I did right maybe I just found in thought that would be a good place to put it but she's building a community on flicka we're right on our break I'm not goingto wax on about these people go and look at the flicka pages then go and look at their web pages and then follow them on twitter ms aniela is an artist that started to do her work from self portrait on flicka and is now getting digital fashion work through the entire world just like large, eh and exactly the same I followed them off liquor I watched the development off their work and then I see the development into business and they are using photo she it networks to become well no one to develop their work and flick it is outstanding also alex stutter ok amazing this guy is nineteen years old he did a three hundred and sixty five day project on flicka and that's. How I first started to hear about him because he's sharing his work online, the talk goes around, the bars goes around and then all of a sudden it's like here this listen to this! See this? This is incredible! People are building entire networks on photo xia I'm just sharing their photos on websites, which one exists for you, in which one is going to work from you, okay! Andrew is on instagram, instagram andrews haley's husband will be talking about it all week he is on instagram. Haley has about two and a half thousand followers on instagram. This is andrew's work on instagram! Absolutely beautiful. And andrew, how many, um followers do you have on instagram right now? Where are you going to bring andrew on? Come on, come on, come on, come and talk to us for a minute. All right. So how? Lisa photographer andrews, the designer husband and she is two and a half thousand followers on instagram and andrew hiss. Ninety thousand wake and we can get you to a hundred k. So one hundred thousand how do you get ninety thousand followers on instagram? Basically, I started doing this sort of photography that I was interested in andi, I developed a style I looked at a lot of the other work that people that I respected on instagram were doing, and it inspired me to go out and I saw it started seeing that where I was wherever I happened to be, and I started to create photos that made me excited and passionate and put them up, and then I'll make sure our network with a lot of different people so you're you're photog your photographs look a lot like your design, yes, it's so obviously that's a theme, right? And everybody has their thing, but what I like about it is when you put that many instagram shots together and they look like that you created a following on instagram because your consistency, yes, and I think they instagram noticed that as well, and they added me to their suggested users list and then, uh then I got lots and lots and lots and lots of people t I work and but but there certainly like when you have a theme, a style, you know what you're doing, you know, consistency and like you say, when it's all put together creates a beautiful picture yeah, and you are posting obviously you're posting regulated with consistency same is marketing hosting regularly with consistent with consistency, blogging, posting, really with consistency facebook posting regularly with consistency folio posting regular with consistency as soon as I created consistency and my work is a portrait photographer I hada brand you have consistency even though you work well over the place you have a consistent in your style and mine is really consistent like mine is a formula yours it's not but yours is still a recognizable haley bartholomew style mine is a super ice yours is an andrew barthelemy I can see it now I have always noticed that any photographers or adis that create a consistent portfolio sell it really well and that is ninety thousand is huge. You told me last week and that's why I wanted to show everybody this you told me that you were getting quoted now for commercial jobs off your instagram account that's what people see that kind of work and say you know I would really like to include some of that style in my in my printed material for my building company of my residential development or something like that. And so I've had people asking and send now you're getting people contacting you through instagram through instagram? Yes, something I hadn't even you know, I thought that I would happen, but it just happens that you didn't even consider it when people ask me how I exploded on facebook I get a lot of people have been saying to me this year why didn't you just explode overnight? Alright, well know, I've been a photographer for twenty three years, and now I've been working quite hard over the last twenty three years, but the explosion that you might have seen might be getting numbers on facebook and getting in front of people that creative life. I work, that I am on that profile, I'm connected to that network. I am on that profile all the time. If andrew is commenting, sharing, connecting, liking, then people will know his name, they will see his connection constantly. They will stay, recognize the consistency in his images, and there it is. Right then he can create marketing and branding that is him. That makes a difference to his brand right, really, really, really important.

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Video is a powerful tool for bringing the story of your business to life. Learn how to use still photos and video together to create dynamic products that promote your business from Sue Bryce and Hailey Bartholomew.

Sue and Hailey take you through the process of producing a promotional video from inception to completion. You'll learn how to develop a video concept and establish your messaging. Hailey shows you how to prop and prepare a shoot and covers the 10 essential steps you must follow for every video production. You'll learn how to use Final Cut Pro to weave together still photos and video clips and how to pair that footage with music. Sue brings it all together and shows you how to integrate video into your marketing and how to effectively spread the word on social media.

If you want to learn how to shoot, edit and distribute a professional-quality video that will grow your business, this is the perfect course for you.