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Shoot: Balloon/Confetti

I'll just get you quickly to introduce his cell hello, my name is darla I'm jeremy and you're nice to meet you. Yes, very nice to meet you and thank you so much for being out talent today we are going to film you having a lot of fun so I think the first shot I'm so excited about is the balloon popping so let's get that done on and also hopefully you're not scared so I'm just switching my camera to a difference uh set up so I can focus on the camera so if you guys I'll move these out of the road you guys take a seat one on each and if I can get the red balloon in I'm just going to move these tissues and scott have been hiding behind things great I actually wish like this on the motor part I think because of the pop I'm likely and that I'm a bit nervous I think it would be good if I had something to stop the shakes so we will use the motor part. Okay haley, will you tell us what the monitor is when you get a chance? Yeah, sure I did don't actually know what brand it is or anything but he...

's uh I don't normally use these these are for the live feed for creative lie okay, perfect they make my camera super heavy so I wouldn't use one normally my folks had a couple of people have been asking about do you use particular picture styles in the camera when you're setting this up uh picture style like the um the what am I trying to say like the saturation files are past all those things on camera I wish you'd portrait my portrait thank you sorry did night in that forgive me okay so I'm actually ok it's not quite as much light in here is I normally would have because I often shoot outdoors but I'm just going to pump the so just a little bit more so here you shoot outdoors like the majority of the time yeah ideo I love but not one hundred percent of the time I know I'm not one hundred percent I do have do you guys want to grab that balloon so have we got out dot operator is that you um is it possible yeah, that would be fantastic I think a little I think I love a little bit more shutter speed on this shot is there any other questions where we saw this well on that on that note fashion tv had asked are there any instances when you will introduce light to a certain subject to create moving highlights and shadows for example moving a torchlight over a subject and if so any practical tips uh let me think about that I shoot largely at doors and used natural light my gift is using available what however, I have done some studio shoots where I hire a lighting guy and I say what I want and he does that I don't really like being distracted with working out the lights and I'm not that's not my gift I'm not very technical so it is more about me I know what I need is no enough light but it's not about all the highlights and things like that and when I work with the lighting guy it's amazing he'll say or do you want some highlights in the hair I'll be like yeah, there were quite a few people who were asking about I guess it's we've already covered the auto focus thing. So do you have one kind of kind of a fun question from amy e j who says do you have any tips on doing video self portrait's a lot of the time I want to play around with a new idea but I have to be my subject and I'm not sure how to do that in video sure I would get a trifle and just I've seen some hilarious videos on youtube about people filming themselves in like laundromats dancing and they'd just put it on on the washing machine and gone you know and put your headphones on and done a crazy dance you know? So there's that sort of thing I don't get a tripod and just explore that's probably the best if I can give you the other things you could get your neck strap on with a wide lens or a gopro or some sort of fun little camera and film yourself like this so your faces in it and you could see if they have long arms yes, you need longer so another technical questions so we photographers love the technical questions otto white balance this is from joe multi mama, do you always use auto white balance? Uh do you ever dip into the calvins I do if you're in studio or anywhere? Yes and in fact actually I try not to use ordered it I forget, but it's better if I remember to set it for one thing so that it doesn't change based on the background, so if I moved from the blue wall to the red wall, their skin tones might change too much, so I don't actually recommend that, but I do often do it. There was a question from yesterday about flare, about using flair and your photos you use that a lot, don't you? Yeah, I love lyndsey, you have someone's where and so your adjusting your white balance for that as well. When you're doing those shots outdoors, start thinking in terms of yet when you're focusing from this side and then you come into the flare how it's more an exposure issue for me um my camera the portrait setting gives the kind of look I want in the older white balance usually picks it up pretty fine it's a great camera so back on the shutter speed amy had also asked I don't really understand how shutter speed changes anything in video could you elaborate? Sure so what we're about to do is pop a balloon between these two sitting here and you're doing a great job there uh and so I don't I want I wanted to be as crispin clean and as much in there as possible but if the shutter speed is you know low like fifty or something like that it's not going to get as much in focus it'll be more blurry even in video does that make sense and uh we're going to see an action you uh also because I'm setting up for stop motion end um uh it's fusion I have to be ready for the lights to be exactly how I want them for this stills as well. So question from oh, sorry question from kelly sullivan in rochester, new york um what do you do when you get editors block or does it happen to you and you don't know what to do next two days to get out of two days off come back, let it go, come back and look with fresh eyes don't think about it for two days so we have ah jeremy and darla behind you and we would just love to get to know them a little bit more and so tell us more about you where you from how did you find out about creative live why are you here for that many questions at once um found out about it through a friend uh she just kind of said hey, do you want to come and do this it's not sure why not be fun and I am originally from southern california and I currently live in renting right now and are you two a couple then how did you two meet? Well, no, I I actually I teach swing dancing for a living so uh jeremy here was in class for a little while and uh after class one day dance is going on and it came up and asked me what my policy was on students asking their teachers out for a drink so I said, oh, I don't have one of those so let's let's go for it so there it came e I like it. So haley michael fatah has michelle lafata has asked I would love to hear about how you coach the talent so maybe you guys can talk about what kind of conversation you have had with them so far, so we already talked about the fact that they'll be exploiting balloons right me their heads uh and luckily they don't have balloon phobias um so I just went in and had a little chat about you have a few options for what to wear and we went through them and we selected them so then I said, ok, we're gonna have some fun there's a sooners the balloon pops well, actually as you look at each other I want the balloon to pop so I've got to dot coming tio hit that hopefully no, you should I mention the dot you did hit his dark could could um and so as I've already instructed them on what I want them to do as soon as the dark explodes the balloon I want them to be looking at each other as though their love is so uh what's the word uh powerful it explodes balloons with confetti and actually think you need to hold it about here. So when I'm like, take this off and I also talked about how I do experiment a lot with my shots and that's okay, that they can suggest things and we'll probably do things a few times because it's video and I might want another take and things like that so I just went through that was anything else you guys uh yeah think about it ready oh, okay nor just one and thats frame up here for as much balloon but no roof I don't want that white stripe up there so I'm going to framing here what have we got? I think we can pull four hundred that's great so I'm on I saw twenty five hundred two point five because I want a bit more focus between the fact that they're both there's two people in here it's not just one I would probably do too or actually one point for if it was just me or just one person okay uh now I'm just going to give a little direction can you guys sit slightly forward on the chair and little more facing backs to each other? Yep. And alice practice this let's when I say go you and just hold that balloon slightly lower sir little bit lower that make it scarier hey okay I just don't feel flat on and off so let's eye there we go okay, so let's do a practice run there's no balloon exploding yet when um celeste says go when you hear the balloon pops you I think by the time do you think it will get there? Okay, good. I don't want it in the back of my head on and with when she says go you're going to both snap your head to each other so let's practice that ready said he'd go cute, okay um I think we're pretty much ready to roll you know what? No no yes I'm ready to go for it ready rolling over you're doing it because you're throwing out and sorry look that way until she says get ready too three q and now the big mistake I made there with no direction for afterwards direction for after it I should have said when that explodes you're gonna laugh and fall in together okay, that would have bean what if I was with it um and not under many watching I do have a short list but it can't go on this green in the same time way yeah let's do take two so I recorded recording I didn't let's let's let's quickly look at this slow motion yeah uh this one okay, so I'm going to do to get it ideally I should have said when the balloon pops you fall into the catch laughing and and loving each other so can do replayed it in slow motion to slow it down because you spin the dial affinity just went normal okay, well that's the story but not the shot list but he just took it off for your finding there that's what's life yeah. Okay, I'm just gonna doll up for when it's boring there's nothing happening and as soon is okay go back down oh, you guys can't see that can yes this waiting what your hair blur so I think that's a really cool little video if I was starting the video with that, I've got you already thank you imagine that on the beat and and then straight into some cute clips, you know what? I'm going to fix this problem. I made a mistake, I didn't give them direction at the end of things just pretend I'm on the real shooting. I only have one balloon that's it I'm going to fix us, I'm going to say, sit on the couch and laugh and cuddle each other, and I'm going to stop motion it. So from there I'm going to the next thing so that you would have fixed it with the new eat it if you are the one blowing you would've gotten now full now laugh. Yeah, and then you cut it immediately confetti and then you're dead. Yeah, I'm going to fix it in the edit and the thing is, life happens and I do make mistakes and it rains on the day that you were going to do sunny, beautiful weather. So this is just part of the game and that's what keeps it fun? So, um, can we can we have you two back in now I'm just gonna do a few stop motion off what I would love you to have to be doing when that just after that balloon popped so start on the edge of your chair and let's do a practice run because you're in a skirt so just watch your legs can I have um a little travel can I have a little help because I can't leave here I want it I'm not good with my words I'm gonna show you what I want teo so jump up and let's pretend the balloon just popped and you're like, oh my gosh, I've just seen him there was a balloon between us before but now he's amazing and you're just gonna go look on and you're doing the same thing and and it's just like I think it's also like not too cheesy but it's like lean into him and it's like fun laughing the whole time everyone who's watching has to laugh because it's not fair them otherwise is to look at us all the camera if we laugh you were not looking at them just him he's amazing he popped into your life and you think she's the best thing you've ever seen there is no one else in the room, okay? And I know I can be distracting just wait for some vision, okay? So this time I'm shooting stills I'm going to shoot exactly the same settings, but I'm swift swapping over the stills and I've got my settings to rapid fire okay, I'm I have to look here now I forgot okay let's get my ficus plant right now one of the things for the focusing is I want the focus to follow them as they move so that's actually really important part of this you want the smart focus it's a cold where it follows the motion oh, no let me just serve our yeah yes, I I so though it's a I so so yeah that's what I've got and you want to get when I say agar actually because I don't want to cut between the same frame size that I had before to stills I wanted to be broken up in different I'm going to pop on a different lens because this is twenty four and I'm gonna go to thirty five quickly because it looked better in the edit if it's not exactly the same I'm not going to do that thank you. Okay, so this titan said it's a really good tip if you change your if you blow it and you have to fix it in the editing you changed your limbs so it gave you a whole new perspective so it didn't look like you were fixing it is that right? Yeah, I want it I want to look like a different frame now I don't want it to be the same frame because it's not going to match I have moves the tripod have moved everything they're not going to look like it sits in it and eat it it's gonna look like you've got two cameras going but same it looks like it's all just happen and you have two cameras going it's stills sorry she told you that and you know what now I mean still I don't want this I don't mind if I'm shaky I I want to get off this I'm feeling constrained and it's annoying me let it up thank you but I will put this on because it's much heavier than I'm used to and let's get it in focus because and turn it on as well that's always good. Okay all right. I'm in position guys are you guys ready to laugh? Everyone in this studio must laugh with these guys but we're not here you two are enjoying teller ready and you have to keep going till I say stop so you're looking at each other to start off with and when I say you're going for it again and get it do that again do that again that's cute get stay there stay there stay there you don't enjoy telling to match it's a family show way guys that way so good okay let's look at it I know her now there will be some out of focus or just seen her but there is one let's scroll through a quick as we can. Maybe not that quick. Okay, look how cocky they also remember. This is sixteen by nine. All will be copping it. So let's, start from the beginning. So ready, settee and go. I I pulled in. I came in close. I love that shot. That's beautiful. Isn't that gorgeous? I love that it's. So cute. Yeah, and again, really cute little moments and that's going to go so quick, literally, your shakes and all the little parts were kind of feels a bit awkward in between shots. It'll be gone in a second. So less than a second point of four. Okay, so I want another balloon because we have another balloon and I'd love it to be I'm gonna have a second camera. This is if you had an assistant, you could do this, travis, going to do that for me today. Come on earth, and we're going to get a close up of both your faces as the balloon pops. So we'll go back to the exact same post we had before. And but this time, after it pops, you go into that coming close together think exactly like you did, but not for his long, and you can focus on him, and I'll so let's get out settings is saying because when I edit together I don't want him to look his footage to look completely different now I'll give you three will be video uh here let's do video on the mark three and just pop that strap around to steady you you're twenty four or thirty five twenty okay let's get you a thirty five I think this one that no one okay, so we got another balloon that's grabs that and let's take the weight off and the other thing while I'm waiting for trouble to get that sorted so I'm gonna grab a couple of little extra shots to put in here off the balloon and things like that you guys did so good yet so I really on my shot list can we pull up my shot list just briefly let's double check that I'm actually, um covering it off now this is oh, I got to go back to video mode sorry let's do this so hayley I just found out something about your talent. Yeah, what? They swing dancers oh, cool will be doing that. Okay. Oh, my goodness. This is gonna look good let's have three cameras at once um have you got a camera that twenty four malone was twenty four great let's put that in there can you see this shot just briefly there? We connected on oh yeah, yes now imagine that shot with the pop and the confetti falling yeah that's going to look so cool in her face in the corner there I can't wait to see that one so I'm definitely shooting that, um let's grab that twenty foreign seafood still looks as good so in order to get that shot and the shot you want out here, you can't do that because you can't you the camera but when I'm doing tied shots of their faces, which is what trevor and I are about to do, we can do that because I'm not going to see that so you may be two balloons don't make the first mistake don't you want this on that camera thiss here and we'll take these because we're going to film all at the same time so yeah, let's um do you want to do that? And I'll take a question, do you want it to be just what's wrong with that? Exactly? I have a question from steph columns who said I know haley said that you shoot manual focus for the video um when you do stop motion, do switch back to auto yes, definitely I would one hundred percent shoot order focus on um stills always and you don't forget you're not like I took man and I don't think you can tell there's nothing why is this not working and then people with regard to focus we're also asking when you were doing that step stop motion there's two people and their at that particular distance where you focusing? Where were you on them it's probably I I I like at least one eye and focus great white uh important especially probably her definitely dollar sorry uh, yeah I prefer it to be on the expression and over the balloon or anything else and you said you were matching when you're doing the video and then the stop motion you're matching your settings is that what he said? Well, we've got three cameras now, okay? And in the end it I don't want one to be set to something like non order white balance or no one you know thie f stops have wrong with the I s o is completely different and immediately I could tell that they grant the shots of grainy or not is good so I wanted toe all look the same good we're gonna have a hard time focusing like this but I don't think you got it what do you want to focus on? I got a focused on uh I'm pretty sure that's right? So we can't really see but I'm going to shoot it anyway that is what I would do I go I'm pretty sure this looks good that's a really good idea let's do that one two, three pull oh, it's fantastic. Okay, great. All right, we are going to press recording. You ready to get what you want? Me? Um your we're just doing the looking so for you I'd like you here because he's going to turn his face turn that way. But when the end, when the action happens he's going to be facing so I don't really want you to move too much. I'm gonna pull you in and something like that just look towards dolla, okay? Cool! And when they move in together, which they're going to do, you and I are going to bump into each other but let's, get what we can get yet so let's keep the focus I don't want you to focus I just want you to move to where the focus is and I'm going to do the same for you. Do we press record something? Okay, it's just double check that because how to be a shame who and worth checking there was a question from monica wilson, who said is rapid fire the same as shooting sixty frames per second? It seems like you shoot a lot, but most cameras take awhile to write them. Is there something else you're doing okay? Well, it's probably not sixty friends for second it depends on your camera, it's just continuous shooting and okay so are we going to talk later at some point about color rising? We have several people who have noticed in some of the other films that we've been looking at and tatyana calico says do you use any filters on your videos to make the colors look so tasty ninety percent of my videos that completely roll footage there is the exception in the last six months I've been playing a lot more with that and also working with that it is who who add that to my stuff to my world but most of my work is straight out of the camera no color I may add a tiny bit of contrast but that's it and that you can do in your editing software so oh, thank you so much great okay, so you and I'm matching but thank you let's turn it back on it over okay, I've got the beautiful duh and where's out dot throw it no more targets to hit in the back of the head you really don't get me don't get any of us and you're going to say go do you guys remember to look and laughing and straight into each other ready said e you ready? I just it's not there okay that's enough gorgeous you did so so well you know what I'm so excited about this footage your faces were perfect had you go make fantastic about everything so haley our audience would love to have you keep kind of going back to the basics and yes where did we weren't up on the on the live you but now that we are would you be actually able tio take a moment to show everybody as you go through your settings like where is it that you set the frame rates where is it that you okay sure you know what that word that, um let's quickly I'll show this because it's cute okay, perfect and I don't always show you that thank you so what was it thirty five seconds now that is going to be gorgeous to cut too um when in the edit I'm getting excited now uh thank you you want to take the card you keep the car didn't actually you could give that hand that straight I think thank you. Uh okay let's go through the camera settings what a great shot that was by the way yeah have fun have fun isn't to play and I actually had that shot on my shot list but sometimes I don't and I discover something so amazing I just want to quickly go back to my short list I've already done medium long shot couple on catch with balloon not looking at each other dick I'm not funny there is a desk that will be naughty um from below string up to balloon and holding it done view toward each other through the balloon well, we just killed both that balloon so I can do that now but I could do it through an orange one is an example but let's keep moving so uh close up of each faces balloon pops yes did that. Okay, so let's go through the setting, I would say no if you were on a proper shape or if you are under my shape what you would do with that because I know straightaway that what haley does is when everybody thinks the shot's over your turn around and she'll be here like this driving over all of this and driving up all of this? Yes, and you know, she sees things way more than everybody else and then I got one angle, but she would have found four because that is so beautiful and that would look amazing in the video and she might any get one second out of it, but obviously today you're learning how to see and multiple angles on video. So I've got in my mind already on the short list is them kicking up and playing in it or dancing dancing in it let's do dancing in it with all beautiful and I've also got an idea of they're hugging and like eyes closed and it's raining confetti which we can do from up there as well, so back to basics soon we'll do that now would you basics now well you keep going keep going here because you got it's a shooting we'll get we'll break right down to those basic from the back of the camera actually in the canine is this is the photos of the back of the camera and it shows you wonder what menu and everything it's all in there for you in yesterday's keynote because it's too good to pass I know I'm excited I'm on a roll okay so let's have more fun um do we have maur confetti out of the out of the balloons yeah that there okay good let's do that can we get someone out there to do some raining okay I might move the chair for now because I'm going to get more confetti the more I do yep let's just slide this over here for a second and get rid of the blue okay I can't wait to see you guys dance so this is how I would shoot if let's just do a practice from dancing and I'll see how I go we're just extremely heavy device and no figuring so I'm not here you two are enjoying each other you think pants down the best person we've ever met on and everyone in the background is not here and if they are they should be laughing and happy okay so let's go guys just give a little dance gorgeous okay with the confetti not bad student in germany so that shoot it with video I'd shoot it like that with video now gonna do stop motion with confetti so same again but it's going to rain actually if I was on this shoot I would probably play music if they were dancing I have a little portable sound thing and it adds so much to it ah can you just toss one little handful first and we'll see where it flies okay, that looks so cool but probably full of flowy thrower than a chunky for that's great that's good was doing a case I just I want to go to five that way because my life is with this and we're shooting stills now so I'm not holding the breaks out like that and I'm switching over to camera mode okay, ready god said he get I uh and into the confetti well, all good face to face is beautiful. Okay, perfect. Thank you. Uh one more thing just what we have confetti rolling oh my gosh. How fun is this? Okay let's, kick it up now let's do it now it's so good and let's add this to it. You were going to have a kicking throwing fight of confetti I'm going to be down here actually travel can you get a shot of this as well with video uh you could do media on all their stills and from down low down low but you can car from this side and all the splint straight on just uh is that all that's left okay great because I'll still get you to throw while they're kicking up but not as much you have plenty great I can go all right so I've got my shot can you guys get in just in framing them all so I could together it come closer to with me and I'm gonna focus on the heels as cute as your shoes are heels yeah just a different maybe you can pull focus between his feet in her okay wait uh just do a little test run for me but let's do a little kick you know what that's a video shot is much as it is nice in stills and I quickly show you I feel like this is for video I want video I can feel I want video this let's have a look at these this is the stop motion of them dancing with the confetti ah wide I've come in closer I've got the white screen will be cropping that out they're here out of focus a little sometimes but I mean cool let's crop that there but just beautiful fluid confetti dancing motion and I don't mind that it's out of focus at points I think that's fine because it moves so quickly if I was to me that really quickly like this can you see them okay so I'm just going to get some video of this and then we can keep going ok I want to be I would probably put this on the figuring but I've got this thing on so I can figure it this is the plate on it yeah let's do that and while we wait I just get your sleepy shot can you guys hold it teller nice and close I think maybe you and front back to his chest yep rep your arms right around her now don't um pull your head forward towards him like this beautiful ok and it's gonna close your eyes snuggle into her gorgeous beautiful okay, so we'll just get a little video what will I do here video yet so I'm switching back to video mode and I can't see anything yet but okay, I'll aim focus yes I'm recording and raining and I'm going to beautiful beautiful that's great guys lots of rain heat range towards my camera little more well hold on one sec this is getting a little bit distracting sorry okay can we do more toss e I think is so towards me more even so it's in front of my camera and now I'm going to not focus on that I'm gonna try focus on a piece of confetti are so fun to do this for the crowd uh I can't can I come on that was once let's get one well and we'll pull in towards them and I'm shadowing them a little there so that's not great but you get the idea right beautiful okay I've gotta figure it out so just turn that went on for a second and let's say thanks okay so first we'll start on your feet and you're gonna kick it at each other see how much you can get on him and bye servicer and then you're going to grab someone tossem at each other too okay let's you can see I'm actually not referring to my shot list cause I'm really inspired and I'm excited so I don't need it but when I stop when I stop feeling like what else can I do I go back to my shot list and remember things I had gotten let's come slightly out from the wall and we quickly give you a bit of a pile up okay so this is going to be fun I'm going to set my focus on come forward a little more guys you know what I want you to kick it to me sometimes too just don't kick the camera er er and we just turned off ok I'm going to video this and let's go for it okay grab some handfuls grow it and I'm going to change yeah and stand there and he's gonna pelt you do it again you do him great and your face well I get her to help you right and can I just get a hand throwing it across the blue screen go lola beautiful and it's falling alot of them gorgeous okay because you guys can't see that I won't stay there anymore um I just want to do that but I'll show you in the back of the camera if we can do that oh getting hot so this is normal motor wait till we get going before I switched to sow emotion look at that how could is it looking slow immersion that's why I had to switch from stills I had tohave that in slow motion and you will watch as I I jumped from holding the figuring up download to bring it up in my hands how I hold up on the steering wheel kind of part of it and let's have a look q off if I was shooting this not in a studio sort of setting I would make sure that there was nothing distracting from this action it would only be the blue wolf forest long as I can see you don't know what little bits and pieces around and we're going to get some close ups of their face a little bit no and let's try and I didn't hear interview laughing just like now you love yeah I love that hand just the hand throwing it it's so perfect great so that gives you a good example of what have been up to so haley when I see this footage it's all so beautiful and I wondering how difficult is it to edit to cut it out to make it to the next edition down next session we are doing the edit on this so you get to see what it would look like if I edited it together obviously I spend sometimes days on my edit so this is not going to be and I'm only going to focus on like thirty seconds I'm just gonna give you thirty second grab a few stills and a few um video fusion bit so you can see what it looks like you know what just just so beautiful so mean I don't I don't want any of it to be kind of on you will be a ten minute film instead of it exactly exactly so I just wanted to remind people at home about the fact that they are hearing trevor shooting but that's not your video camera that is shooting that's doing the stop motion that's right? So just so people know what that sound is yeah if you could remind because I don't have time to cover every lock off every shot that I want travis helping me out today and he's already had I go it it and he's brilliant so um I got to be good to get different angles by somebody else okay? So we've done dancing let's have a look now squeeze together with it raining yes uh balloon has burst enough times we've got kicking uh confetti around he puts ah I was going to do in the couch like you know, in the movies when the boyfriend put some his hand around the girlfriend was going to do that but we've kind of moved on so let's keep going I would like some funny faces with moustache is but these cute little moustache is very thirsty okay guys, I didn't tell you about this bit did I? Okay, so they just go over your head and I find if you can put it under your ears and catch it on your hair it's better that way but if you can't we'll see how you go you have you guys are so cute okay, so front on both be shoulder to shoulder facing me perfect let's have a little run through what your expressions might be the things that I would like so I don't want you to move your face eugene's gonna stay forward but you're going to do a little till like towards each other yet and you're looking kind of out of the corner of your eyes at him yep and then we're gonna do surprised yep, great and we're going to dio angry now we're going to dio what else chicken smiles so when I'm stop motion I want all of the expressions you guys can do pull at preferably similar sort of one's at the same time so all call out things like happy surprised, angry and you just do those as you go camera would get and wouldn't excellent assistant who is reloaded the camera? So this is stop motion. I'm on my camera setting and I'm turning the camera on but to have a look. Okay, you looking at me, guys and I will probably come in and out from here and let's start with the funny expressions lets that with super happy now angry surprise now look towards each other a little bit yeah, lean towards what movie bodies in and kissed cute and back and loving on and what a sweet surprise. Okay, let's, scroll through those so that's quite a static one for me uh but I do do that. I love expressions and let's roll through those q so it's just a little something different and the same sort of sequence if we're getting sick of confetti which we probably weren't but I just wanted to do it seki you guys great. You can take your fairy mustache is off now first, I just want to read off a comment to you because the people at home are learning so much from watching you do this in action and people are having so many ah ha's eso pure joy studio from pennsylvania says I love seeing how organically hayley is working I always felt like I needed to have more of a plan to be really effective but seeing that she works in much the same way that I do is very validating and freeing for me thank you haley so not seeing that you've got the shot list but then you're going organically is yeah and I used to be afraid that I wasn't take I used to be really embarrassed that I wasn't technical and I wasn't you know like some photography is I've seen who go in and they're like okay set it up and now we done whereas I was like oh and what about this and maybe I'll try this and lots weren't working and I think that's the thing I kept saying I'm not a good photographer gets a lot of it wasn't working one of my beautiful friends he's a photographer melvin she said to me um when it's not working you're pushing yourself further that's excellent if you're not failing then you're not putting yourself so keep going and I've taken that onboard and I do that wherever I go it is embarrassing sometimes but another question along those lines from carrie vines in california who wanted to know about continuity you know it's so fun and you're going so fast and you have a shot list like for example on the couch when you have them fallen to each other and they didn't actually have confetti on them? Yes, do you are you constantly thinking of those things? Or do your videos go so fast that you don't have to necessarily good catch and it it's a problem? I come up against the wall because I am very organic and I figure things like that and I get excited I'm onto the next shot. Um, if I'm in something like supervisors shoot, uh, I'm pretty careful about that, I would think through everything, and I often think, okay, I'm not a little leave this shot I wouldn't have let myself leave that sequence like I just did without checking off everything on that short list and things like, um, confetti on them and things like that would have been caught in a different situation, but you do have to be careful. So in this seat in this situation, though, I'm gonna edit around my mistakes and I do that. So another question is coming in from a french kiss photo in new york city, so if you are recording in slow motion, can you get really time speed later? If you want a hundred, we just don't confide it to slow mission in the end it okay? Yeah, thank you so does the slow motion output from the camera as slow motion or is that a playback feature would you still need to slow it down in post yes so you two play back on I can choose to play back in real time or slo mo on the back of the camera and I've been showing you slo mo just so you can see the action but um when I go to the editing later to day next section we will talk through that and how I convinced the footage to be slow motion or sometimes not so tora parents I said do you ever have to deal with clients after for longer videos like the entire song and how do you deal with them I already let them know up front I'm pretty clear up front I say I don't really like like sue other people I actually had a video where which I'm showing later today with um the client is gorgeous woman um wanted to say a lot of things it was a voice over and I ended up encouraging her to cut it shorter and I showed her what she wanted and I did what I wanted as well so we yeah way came out with a really good plan to get it everything that she needed said and while keeping it as short as possible can we maybe talk? I'm sorry can we maybe talk get into that a little more and talk about why you want a two minute video look, I know we talked a little bit about holding people's attention, but what? What is that about? Uh, well, uh, I'm busy and I don't want to sit and watch videos all the time, and I think a lot of people feel that way and you get distracted when you're our new computer there's, so many distractions your kids are talking to you, it's, not like you're in a movie theater and seeing something in a movie theater you're you're actually in a busy house or work, and so I think a lot of people don't have much longer than say, ninety seconds or two minutes that's that's something I read somewhere, but I really think that for myself, so I I agree with it, but also when I'm editing a film and I'm trying to keep it, I'm not bored. I'm not bored. Is this exciting? Is this engaging? Am I with this story about two minutes? I flag if it isn't something that's, a big story and so primal videos are not very often a story there, eh? There's selection or they're, uh and his, uh, simonas is kind of a story, but and this is more like an advert, so you will go into that more, too.

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