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Shoot: Powder Paint

I mean camera mode let's just check the lighting because we're quite a bit different here which is great because I can add a little more speed to my shuts okay so the first shot I want to get issue guys nice clean hands hopping into the balls of paint and I'm thinking overhead let's let's have a look which color do you like our interviews or you I should say again okay do you wantto lean down and put your hand in and grab some as bigger handful as you can good pull out okay, wait they're not yet your time let's grab a handful but I'm gonna try a different angle for you let's go lo what color yellow fever yellow and orange what does that make? Neither do I more alex yellow orange sounds good ok ok and I'm gonna follow their hand as it comes up okay she's looking number hold hands in the middle and we might go wide as a first shot because it's establishing and letting people know where we are what's about to happen okay, so I'm focusing mostly and die now uh probably higher than low but ...

perfectly the body um I will eventually get your heads but we'll get there can you face me more? Yeah so always come back to that when when you've finished tussling try and come back to that but I like the tussle in the and the you know what kind of things that go with it naturally is possible but come back there when you're done um yeah so once you've thrown this get lost and awfully read another color so you do purple and green and see who ends up the messiest when I say stop okay betty settee hold on one second just taking my exposure I kant ah god okay that's all right uh hopefully not slip ready steady guy got bread yes he's getting us okay stuff that guys oh that's good now getting close to him pull him in close and rub yourself oh name so that he gets old mrs teo I get oh just now hold hands again facing me oh you look so cute let's get a shot there can I just get some makeup no teeth so that typically you've got some in your mouth I'm so sorry do you want some water? Sure I'm sorry but who won this competition only one okay I just while we're doing that I'll scroll through can you guys see this uh I'm back your camera or here let's start at the beginning what am I doing oh no okay so we got the hands let's start the orange hand and we scrolling scrolling grabbing holding him and go it's on and they're getting missie really quickly great so now I feel like that's too wide I I should have pulled in tighter I want more close so normally um I think what I'm gonna do is let you have a really good go at him let's go blue yep you can let go of his hand yes and you're gonna come slightly forward towards facing me only and you're coming oh, great. Maybe from this side because of the cameras is that better for the cameras? I think any questions kenna less but I had a quick question going back to the, um kind of segment before about how long the video is and clients like that have you ever had a client where you put the video together? It's two and a half minutes long and they say I want more footage I want I want it to be longer all right? I think so, shoura but no yep. So they never you've never had to go back and shoot like more footage. Oh, no, no, no, no. I mean overshooting have you, um, have todo they were wondering what the paint taste life haley a question from, uh, from baby pics is is, uh, what makes you choose video at one point and stop motion at another so as you're going through and you're could you tell us again I think that's experience and playing with both and so as soon as I got down on the ground with the confetti, I felt like this needs to be so emotional I could tell immediately I don't want stop e footage here I want flow in confetti, but for this I want the higher is still basically and also I think with the paint it kind of looks more fun of its landing it's kind of salty and it just feels more like it should be that having said that, this would work just as well in either saying for the other you could you can pretty much do both and just see what you like, right? Okay, I think we're ready to go, you know? I make it easy, making it easier for him, so maybe I'll do a little bit of video here and we'll do video. Oh, no, maybe I do steals. I want some small stills. Okay, um, so eyes to me, I wish I was a bit tall uh, but I'm not I'm holding my elbows in really tight for this because I'm not that city, okay? Don't look at her and just experience the pain ready steady, go face bass, bass, that's right and let's have a great look at that. Actually, I probably would never leave a shoot like this normally I'm not distracted with this sort of thing, I would wait and stop shooting, pull back and see what they did because that there is the best moment where she smacks him on the bum and the puff comes off so yeah normally I wouldn't miss that sort of thing I love that when you're doing stop motion motion like this kind of stuff where they're throwing or jumping or is there like settings that you would never go under or like you definitely want to stay at this f stop or above or just kind of whatever looks good I what you shooting it right now? Well because I guess because it is I'm in the studio I'm at a much higher I so that I would be outside and I'm a twenty five hundred sir twelve fifty shutter speed because I want to stop all that emotion made in our shop yeah that's what I'm saying is like if you like you know two hundred or one fifty what do you want over thousand if you've got like paint or something really quick moving um he will have a quick look hope so I'm doing the wrong thing play uh what do you want this okay so that's probably all I would use that last little piece where it's just on his face so from here and that grimace did a great job but I kind of wish there was more pain do it again all right why no let's try let's do it let's start with that color let's do yellow to break it up she's so good isn't she has ever done this like just for yourselves no but it's fun but just say your photographer said I want to do you guys with confetti fully and giant balloons and stuff you know but if she suggested you'd be like oh yeah absolutely so come over this way a little and give I want a headshot I wanted teo yep and probably one tiny now you will be good you be good keep your mouth shut but then when you when you finished when she's like when once the patters died down um start laughing and lean forward in love you can love too and you guys too oh, okay. Ready settee yeah, georges and I come up behind him and just put your face over here on his team yeah, squeeze into him and give him a kiss on that yellow teeth gorges e guess what a ten what color is your favorite color e think oranges good it's nice and bright against the background let's give it a go yeah hobo that's let's go for it and you get mouth shut till after it passes I'm sure you know that yourself just gonna take my okay really pretty good what? I failed because you did it but then I missed it, okay, I have to do another one purple purple it is and you know what I've been shooting at two point eight because I had the settings like that over there when I was doing dancing and slow motion but actually if I was shooting this in stills and it was me it would be at one point four it would be really tight that's a field I love that look so let's do that now and you can see the difference let me just get my setting the dry okay are you ready? Steady yeah okay now it's so cool how one side of your face is like completely you come and stand next to her and letting in here it's one side each down do not get that I get gorgeous I think you need to go and get help in some water way need to let her go through let's see this one again e I like that shot how cool is that? I love that he was so brave and I'm so sorry to do that to your face but it looks great you're all done with them I'm done with him thank you so much thank you thank you actually get one more shot of you just like that with your hair parking up in the air chin slightly down you can love it's all right I'm one of you on your own just swell with your head kind of crazy gorgeous okay and my camera is a little dirty I don't know if it's suze all mine let's not talk about that. Talk about that later. Sorry. Soon. Uh, so let's have a quick flick through those again. I'll get that it's actually a bit of a cloud. Smoke it working. So any questions? So I get a soda. We're just enjoying noticing that there are foot marks over here with the paint that finding more shine. Oh, that would be a great shot. Have you done this set like this? This? Yes. Not the balloons. We've never done that before, but I have one of my favorite shoots ever. Is this outdoors? Just leave it actually put down on that, but the wind picked up and it all blew away anyway, so I was like, well, cyclic uh, yeah, no, it was a bit of a mess, but it was in an underpass, so you know, no one would notice it. Okay, question from, uh, question from hannah banana. Do you ever get to a point where you where you've, you're either tire? You're feeling it's repetitive? And how do you keep your energy up after so many hours? How do you keep on so on, say, like super us videos there, you know, a full day or two half days or two long half days uh it is true I do get tied and my arms get tied and that's actually really not good for video because I start feeling a bit shaky right now I'm really hungry so I would probably if I had the option stop to stop motion because it doesn't matter as much with a steady or uh I would stop a neat and come back and keep going and often that's all I need is to if I stop panicking like I'm under a bit of pressure here with you're watching but uh and I can feel that kind of like hole I don't know what else to do or something like that which actually haven't felt that today too much because it's it's fun stuff uh I would go back to my shot list and see what if I missed actually wouldn't want doing that anyway let's have a look uh, flying painting here okay, I didn't get that that was just paint on its own we could do that quickly eso let's let's do it holding messy hands no actually let's do flying paint so just one of you can let's get you to do it you're less some less okay so what have we got here? This is the most pure color, so we'll use that one so all I need is a bit of space for just playing war but I need your hand out to focus and then pull back and throw it so I can no no I'm sorry you're going to stand maybe one step there and you're gonna throw this way and I'm gonna focus on the pain only in your hand so here I am going to shoot manual focus with stop motion why? Because I want to set the focus of it on his hand if you hold that out or show everyone okay so if I also focused that by the time his hand goes out and comes back in with the throw it's gone out of focus so I need it to be manually focused so let's do that okay so get it how you would throw it if you were going to throw out the joint no no sorry straight across the frame yet that's it that's where we want it and I want to leave some room I'm just going to take a shot here and I'm going to manually it's switched to manual focus and I mean focus now I'm putting my over in and less get a bigger handful and then shoot this and go well that didn't quite work how I thought it would um I probably need to pull back because the main bulk of the paint was later I got cloud can you see that I'm on a low battery it's still cool but see how the main part of the paint kind of I missed it so we might do it one more time. Is that alright? Manually focus again. Holdout that hand where it'll guard my chi that's. Great. I've pulled back and late term in focus. Okay, school your hand back, miss that is well, sorry. It's a case of cholera there. But don't you love that? I love that that way I'm framing that one, um and that I like that and that I love them. So it's experimenting and seeing what works and the bonus is that I I chose a shoot that I've done before because I don't want to learn with you quite so much. So I do know what that this works. I have done shoots where I had paint filled balloons, wet paint, not dry paint, and it didn't work and it was a disaster. So we was one of my experiments. So yeah, any questions? Even if you plan all this stuff out, you still feel like on the day of the shoot it's still, you have to have that mentality of just like let's kind of go and see how it works and try it out and don't be frustrated when the things that I had all planned and put on my shot list. Don't go that's, right, and it happens. It. I had planned some shots for soos films that didn't work, and so many of my films have these grand ideas, and actually sometimes the simplest, like, you know what, my favorite shot, probably from today, we'll be, you know, her, um, oh, yeah, uh, the it might be the balloon exploding from under the camera owner, and that that was just a throwaway ad, and it wasn't my main idea, really. So I kind of go with whatever is exciting me and keeping my energy up and, yeah, it's, just fun.

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