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A lot of these up my point of view, my eyes see this if I looked at my skin that's what I see when it moves if I look at the beach while I'm laying on the beach, I see my toes this is all my point of view and that makes them kind of feel like you're there so that's just one thing I quickly want to point out, but anyway, we're going to give you a challenge. We want you to film thirty days of your magical little moments that would be like you in the shower, you walking a dog? It could be, um running in the rain, it could be puddles sitting in the chair and just reading your favorite book could be the light, the way it hits your wall a certain time of day, it could be playing ball with your kids. I don't care, we want your videos, they were going to give you to mid april and we're gonna have a prize. So when I coming up with a great prize and we're gonna teach a our favorites on up looks so get in there and have a guard so if they start maybe first of march and does thirty days has septem...

ber yep, thirty days much, and they do their thirty days through march and give him a couple of weeks to get it and we're getting the hell out of me call it out maybe mid april from our blog's facebook and twitter, and then we'll feature the top ones and we can get people to vote. I'm gonna take the challenge as well, so yep, I might win my m prize. I don't think those who, uh, in the judging seat can win a prize. Sorry, uh, so I just went, yeah, so that's the challenge and before you say I don't have a deer, so lie yet or my don't no, if I can work out the video function yet or your whatever, don't say that get your eye fine, or you're not iphone, but like I think, um, camera and you come down filament millimeter, which is a great little vintage camera makes it look old cute old and you can pick the lens it's it's kind of like hips thematic for video? Uh, and you can use that to edit you can use I'm movie on your ipad or your ipod mini or I'm movie on your laptop, you don't have to go on by a whole bunch of stuff you may want to try it out, see if you like it, see if we catch the bug, so get in and just do my movie or what's the equivalent for anyone has equipment for the movie mason moviemakers sorry it's also you know you don't want to go out and spend a whole bunch of money just go and try and get in and have a play also um I'm just going to show you a little movie my friend did with this app and it's a behind the scenes of their shoot so she's a photographer and had a stylist film with her right millimeter app travel well know across the seven seas so the eiffel tower the great berry solver dancing lines so nice like this no cab down and now the minute the beauty in it I'm really trying to put them down the wind scythe no way wait fantastic so you can do it no equipment at all and in fact just say you do have a devious alone you have no fig rig or any of these other things don't panic that thirty day gratitude that I shot was just with this that's all I had and in fact I didn't even have this strap at that point I only held I didn't like having camera strips when I was shooting stills only and so I didn't even have this on I only shot like this video and if you just keep playing and do it again till you get it looking good and you know remember I shot eight shots all different shots of the flowers on the bench it's not it's there's no time pressure so you can do it again that's the beauty of digital you're not using up down so I have a go let's hea okay, so we've covered that we did that earlier okay? Music when I started out I didn't know what they was available to me and I kept stealing music and putting it on my tracks and then wondering why you two would freak out so don't do that because they'll ban you from you think um from your tunnel will send you mean messages so don't do that um you have three options you can um get from a music library like triple scoop um with etiquette is one as well and song freedom I'm going to go through those in a minute their libraries of music all different genres you can type in things like feelings I wantto ah happy happy inspirational or I could type in moody cinematic um so you can search by your feelings by this is john or like pop or he pop or whatever it is and it's an amazing, very cost effective way of getting music and there's so much to choose from there you'll spend hours and hours and hours I do um with etiquette uh they specialized maurin indie type bands and they have some great music kind of little more unusual but also I mean triple script also has a bit of that as well um audio network they're good and song freedom similar teo triple scoop there all music library's now another thing you can do is, um commission an artist you know you might have a good friend who's a musician and you could ask them to make you something and they'll want you to give them a guide track so you will pick your favorite artists maybe mumford in sums and you'd say, hey, I want it feel like this and then they would baste that as they're like kind of god or you might give them three tracks and then they would make something for you I've done that it's works great it's a little more expensive quite a bit more expensive would you pay for a song like from the for the like trouble's good on something like one hundred dollars depends on the usage so if it's a promo video, it'll be a little more if it's just for personal use it'll be like fifty dollars so it depends on what the uses it might be uh music for like a wedding video or something like that it would be less so like one hundred from around fifty two to three hundred dollars you should be able to get something depending on its and use but compared to going and finding your favorite band and asking them it is very small I had some bands that I love no, I was, um, obsessed with and I thought I'd write to me get a price, and this is where this company, the sound pound in brisbane, they're fantastic, and, uh, they do that for you. You email them and say, I'm interested in this song by also I love um, been how would he's wonderful, um and I asked her for to get us a price, and it was the video five thousand dollars to his feet and then another five thousand dollars for the publishing companies, so ten thousand dollars are all I've got is vigna, I've got no youtube, I've got no facebook, I've got nothing so and I can't I can't put it on tv, I can't put it on a dvd, so every little use is another cost when you go that way so much simpler to stick to the libraries. But having said that, I have had jobs that I got through it really reasonable prices as well, and if they you know more starting up in just getting bigger and they haven't signed, you can usually get something for around sixty eight hundred they would only be if you were making a film for somebody, and it was gonna be, you know, useful. For the person that's just making their own private show real they're not gonna get paid dollars for a song um if I was making a show reel I'm and I was just standing out I'm not gonna pay eight hundred dollars no no that's why you go to the libraries and you would picked something for a hundred I kind of noticed the library's used to a few years back sound like sort of bad so pop prison yeah no, I think so now they're kind of replicating really good music like the ones that I chose for your videos were off triple scope and they still sing them yeah, they're actually amazing mindy good hole you know I like I friended her on facebook yeah, I was like that on instagram that's not a jingle like that is actually yeah, they're starting to get they've got some really diverse range now and some actually some, um some afraid of miners had quite a few as well of sort of but like musicians that have been around a little bit and have some tracks that they're happy to be on a library system so you know they're not like they used to be and I mean that the dough they diverse range is huge so it's it's definitely something easy to do and quick you concert in for feelings and you know, or, um yet like I just think even with etiquette site has this really cool, I think it's called the doctor or something like that remember what it's called but you tight, you tick boxes, it says, how do you want to feel? And and then you say, is it is it fast paced or slow paced? And you set the pace, so you and then it calls down all the tracks to this this is the tracks of fit what your little selection wass and it's a great little tools puts down your hours considerably, and most of the library's also have if you like one track, so you could go. I like mindy, glenda hill showing me how the tracks like her, and they bring a whole different artists that's have a similar beaten sound and feel so that's a great um, so if I'm commissioning something, I usually now go through that thiss company in san pound, uh, because she manages the license and manages the artist and does all the kind of between me and the artist and the paperwork, which I don't really love, so but as a starter thing, it's not probably something you want to do. Having said that, a lot of the show reels I've done have had commissioned pieces, um you'll was actually I think it might be the only one commissioned music or license to music from indie artists so so when you talk about license music you're not talking about library by that when I buy a son from triple scoop I bought the rights to use their license music means you get it for a year and then you have to renew that license yes I'm going to the mistake I made so I two years ago made a show reel which I'll show you shortly and um I found this indie band could hungry kids of hungry I love them so much I found the perfect tract I edited everything to that track it was two weeks of editing to the track it was perfect I was so happy with it and then a year old over and I didn't have a license anymore and in that year they had signed with a big label and it's going to cost me eighteen thousand dollars to re sign for one more year so if you do do that make sure you get a clause in your contract that says with an option five years or something like that I really regret that because that was a very short amount of time to have that track so because of that situation I had to commission somebody to make me something else to fit and it wasn't as perfect but it's a very close and I tried libraries and I went through hundreds of tracks to try and match my track that have been perfect but you can't once you've edited it, do that so I got a commissioned a musician in brisbane and local artist and he's he's amazing and did a beautiful job but it isn't quite the same, so I'm going to show you my show reel uh not the one with the hungry kids of hungry track because I'm not allowed to show you that but tell him the other one so just quickly I'll give you my love and sing for you wayne no don't be hard on me you know that I see cheats I love the models they want teo teo way from us upto my feet way me way just no way that that's right? But then you got your bench just in me way so I did I've got most of my work today because of that show real even the directing work I do now is from a two year old cheryl I cannot wait to get out my new one which is coming up and it will be amazing this is when we were still not doing wedding so I was I wanted to do film but I wasn't sure what was happening so I had all my skills in there and I had my photos and and I had my video skills so it's a great thing to be our to showcase all those things that I did and also I couldn't feel myself, so I didn't want my show reel I couldn't kill myself so there's no way I was going to do that so I had to see a way around filming myself and this was what I came up with um basically inspired by the track I'd found by hungry kids of hungry so and a lot of the, um, thie jobs I felt like fitted under jonah you notice I've put under love on the real and that I tried to make all the sort of sections together and I think it really works because it's to the music it's fast, you want to watch it again because you missed all of photos that were flicking through and you got little snippets here like all that look, you know? And um as I think that it's really simple when you get going, you know that thirty it's basically that thirty day gratitude challenge there's lots of clips from that in there, and if I cut them shorter and put one hundred more in you be very similar to that the use of the words you know, when you use words and they're flashing up one of the things that I noticed that I loved your logo and how made a noise and help moved and then when the music started and everything was coming up fast to the music I remembered I can still watch that and feel the same way I watched I've seen it a hundred times um but when the words started to flash up the way you use those was just it's quite amazing because it associates with the song and associates with the footage um and that's something, I guess it's just on an editing, right? You picked woods, you would do them on father's shop illustrator most now, mostly I do photoshopped file sixteen by nine format I imported into the final cut whatever editing software you're using um and then I moved I basically make it bigger or smaller in the frame, so you'll see there I pop them up big and then made them small, basically that's all I've done but to the beat, the other thing is, um, I think they're like subliminal messages in my video need photos, the film name that you need us like uh, their little messages. I like using text in the footage to break things up, and I think it sends home my message very, very, very clearly when you kind of just told everyone your stills, photographer you removing photographer and moving, you kept your moving footage and you're available, you just went need photos, need film need us? Yeah, I mean, it kind of is like you know you could tell people a million ways and why you kept your images for people and you just did it in a way that you just told everyone what you did even though they're just in the show real you just ripped it all up on three yep and I also told you my style I told you very clearly by showing all my work really quickly like all the stills and all the happy and the bouncy I I bring home you can't be serious it's fun that's what I want to shoot and that's what I do say sorry yeah question from the internet from addie kid who said what a fun show riel on and then at an avert event like a birth where you only have one take how do you decide when to capture stills and one to grab video that's a good question we're coming up to that perfect you kind of answered it just a little bit is like you feel like I feel like a lot of the video that issue is quick and moving and you feel like you're doing that just because that's what you love or is that intentionally like because your marketing to those people that you want to shoot or they just kind of a happy marriage um I have done slow videos as well uh kill you no you know actually, um our dr is on a slower pace. Uh uh. It's, a it's, beautiful it's. Just a different things were different, and I get tracks like I've got the first show reel I did for somebody else was slower. It was heap. So the mind it was hard for me to edit it also way getting but I went into slow motion and you gotto attract that fitted it. It tells the story really well, and it it creates a beautiful mood, actually, yeah. It's just that I wanted that for my show. Really? But, you know, I am attracted to that as a person. I like fast and quick and bright just people that watched that that like that, I mean that she mentioned a little bit she's. Not like that at all. Attracted her? Yeah, because, it's, you know, I wanted so much attracted teo. Like, I think the imagery is incredible. I will never shoot like that. I can't. And I think I like hell hipster. Itwas and how bright and colorful it wass. But what attracted me, wass from the minute I press play, I was like this. Like, are you kidding me? She's a photographer? I've not seen a photographer do that. And then I was like I want to do that like that to me was like seeing a tv advert that would cost you sixty thousand dollars I was so attracted to their feeling I got off it and I was so impressed by it that I came out here and see how could you do a video for me and even though his honor is just world apart from mine it didn't matter it's just seemed so advanced computer other photographers if you look now it photographers and how the marketing the online folios or the galleries I have a sliding gallery you know where the bar at the bottom and not many people are coming out with much better you know and you go to these websites and you see them and what's in there that's just making you go back I I honestly have watched that show reel one hundred times I got still watch it and I want to go back to encouraging everyone who's studying out because I bought this figure this one here for eighty dollars on ebay secondhand I had no money for video I was well have just started at photography business we want doing that great and we're just building up a clientele and andrew's like why you investing in video I I was there I know what that feels like and it's hot and so I bought this I read online a few little so I don't know, I kind of remember where I found this, but I think a friend had one I think that was what it was, and I found how much it was it was like, I can't get that never going to get that past accounts sandra on and, uh, anyway, I found it on ebay bought it, and you know what? It didn't have the plate, so I had to go by and you play, but that was, like, fifteen dolls, so, you know, and in fact, thirty day grant you all it was shot on was thiss you know, or the mark too sorry, um, so you go back to the basics, you don't need everything straightaway I'm going through all this stuff here and I'm gonna long journey even longer than that. Now, you know, it's exciting, but start really small, get your phone out. Um, try I may be out. I mean, you might like it it is so much better than it used to be. My daughters picked it up in two seconds and is running with it so and it load straight to video for you, so it cuts out a lot of the little exporting problems and all that sort of stuff, so I just want to encourage you to get going and that I find maybe I'm gonna talk about this on the marketing segment big time, but that little I find movie of the behind the scenes of the kids and just shooting I always talk about and I've always teached taking an image from your show and bring it on facebook that day as an entice image for two reasons it entices the person you just shots friends because you take the men and they immediately saying they immediately a booking with you, but imagine if you through something like that up to one minute of a behind the scenes with an enticement image that to me and social media is just instant gratitude for it's just straightaway says, I think people will just hit there now I see that I've got eight millimeter on my phone and I forgot I had it on my phone you haven't looked at it for a year and a half well, now's ali can edit a thirteen year old I'll be getting her to do behind the scenes of me all the time because she's there anyway and I'm loading it to be really quickly I mean it's such an easy and quick way teo share what you're up to in one minute okay? I want to challenge you maybe maybe two go along without thirty day talent is to pick a song that represents you and your brand I picked a song that I loved that represented my band, and it was good for me, and it communicated very quickly what we did as much as the footage did so find a song, go on those libraries, look around and see what you confined. I I would love to think that those thirty day growed well, gratitude or thirty day challenge is with the track that really represents either you personally, if you don't have a business yet, all us, your brand really sorry, I can't remember if we if we told people about the three hundred sixty five grateful site where they can go at least find out more. How is the website? Yes, I do. I go into that a little bit more on day three, but it is it's three, sixty five grateful dot com and you can see about that product there if you're interested to find out before people asking, yeah have a quick comment to make this's from la belle, too, who said I showed one of your videos to a filmmaker friend and told him I wanted something like it and he said, well, that is one hundred thousand dollars shoot you can't afford to do that my prices wait, wait, isn't that encourage buddy filmmakers? Doesn't that say so? I think that's so encouraging because I think you know, we we now have the capacity to make something that used to be one hundred thousand dollars I don't believe it is anymore even in commercials that I'm doing now the budgets have got come so far down because people are watching tv as much and they're going online it's online content is growing and and also alas, skills are growing where are getting access to things like I'm a be on dr pad and and one camera, one lens you could make one hundred thousand dollars video I mean, ninety percent of my chutes are this with su su's video this and maybe like this I could do both your videos and paris wait to get there. This is what I used you did that it's it's a little bit of that, but really, this is most of it. And if you if you put me on a deserted island with just this, I would be happy I could give you a film. So, uh, why are we here? We're gonna go back to that. This is a little project what's. So, doc, um uh, the old video footage of my daughter learning to ride a bike and I'm going to show you four videos each one of them is def print music to the same clip so I want to really communicate how editing to the track manners and also the tracks election matters first of all, I'm going to show you the footage with no thought to the music wade and I love you for romain not wanting to go home for a long haul in my short time great way okay that's that and now I'm going to put in a pop song edited to the action I'm really interested you guys I want to hit some feedback on what you feel in the differences between those two to live in every day there's a little booth takes you makes you want to say that it wait did you feel a difference in the first ones like a home? Maybe in the second one seems like a like I'm watching and steps up the body quickly just by the music selection and edited to the action I'm going to show you now the same video um but this time it's the same track but I haven't edited to the trip to the action so I've just planted in there ben get a big weld is out to live in every day ben get a big weld is out to live in every day did you feel different again because it didn't go it's a beautiful day when she got in with my hand there was nothing it was just like did you keep going and when you add it to the track now I'm going to show you again with what I actually put with this footage um initially and it was the track that showed you how I felt when I washed my daughter right? So I think when I when I edit a video I want the music to show how I feel about the story or whatever is happening and this maybe a little over the top but that's because that's how I felt wait, wait, can you see the difference that and even want you now totally brings back that emotion of but the first three times didn't though I think what I'm trying to bring home is that music is so important one hundred percent so important spend the time go on, look on those libraries and I just want to go over quickly again it's either license music which is going to be your cheapest, easiest version or commission music or approaching a very well known artist who signed or which please don't ask unless you have a hundred thousand dollar budget and um all approaching a friend and asking them for tracks they have well yeah the internet the internet was definitely laughing at the at the last one and seeing the difference yeah, most of them said that they were a lot of them said that they teared up or got chills during the second one yeah, if I was going to put, if I was making a show reel, and I needed that clip, I would probably choose the pop one, because I feel like the my version, which is actually what I used is a little bit too over the top. It's. A little bit funny, it's. True, it is how I feel, but it's a little bit, pushing it probably a little fun.

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Video is a powerful tool for bringing the story of your business to life. Learn how to use still photos and video together to create dynamic products that promote your business from Sue Bryce and Hailey Bartholomew.

Sue and Hailey take you through the process of producing a promotional video from inception to completion. You'll learn how to develop a video concept and establish your messaging. Hailey shows you how to prop and prepare a shoot and covers the 10 essential steps you must follow for every video production. You'll learn how to use Final Cut Pro to weave together still photos and video clips and how to pair that footage with music. Sue brings it all together and shows you how to integrate video into your marketing and how to effectively spread the word on social media.

If you want to learn how to shoot, edit and distribute a professional-quality video that will grow your business, this is the perfect course for you.