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Slow Motion

If I had my way, everybody would move in slow motion as you wanna, um, tunes out the five t mac three shoots it sixty fifty frames, physic, and and that means that the slow motion is outstanding. So I absolutely love slow motion and haley does a lot of it for me cause she knows how much I like it. And I know you put it in here yet keep going are also on the download that you're going to get haley has done this for you. And every single sequence should show she's written here what the lenders and she's written here and she's done a picture of what she's shot it on and there's me shooting with it. And when you refer to the footage, you get to see she was on a tripod and she was shooting on the city. Five mil then you get to see she was on steadicam on the city. Five mil, except to accept trap my ipod. And then you can see behind the scenes of how she did it, figg and each one is making sure that we get little footage stop and I say that is brilliant, that is brilliant. Who filmed you? I ...

know you felt her well, yeah, it's a cool thing, I don't look behind the scenes of my video so I do the behind the scenes, the other videos that she does for me, their films of me maybe theo theo hayley, the best part is is people always coming and going? So your film was incredible and I'm always saying things I didn't make it, she made it and a lot of photographers don't let hayley put her name on it, so I don't know how I could make a film that I'm in but you know, the association is I didn't make their film, she made their film and she made the film with me in it so it's really important I just would like to clarify for everyone online, they're still asking what the thirty day project is. Yeah, they still are can we just go over it, please? One more time? Alright, people are also asking can I do my thirty day on my movie? Can we just you could do it on your I find you could do it on our anything sorry, it's filming something every day you start the day and look for any magic movement fun things, your favorite thing? You know, kenny, you were talking about the kale and the water on the kale, okay, everyone has those little moments you like you might be brushing your teeth and you're like, oh, I have a goldfish but me toothbrush and I'm always like he is so funny, like, if you want to know why you're rushing into it is just hilarious. He's this comes up to the wyndham, um, your dean just tell you to be present that I know I'm always looking to go fish so he might be putting your vibrates on every day. It might be, um, your favorite pair of shoes on the honest and floor just whatever it is, it inspires you excites you interest. You just take some video of it every day. And they edited together it a little bit pissed off each cliff. Just the best segment to a song that suits you and your brand just like haley's thirty day. So I think what we should do is that tanya of fbi yeah, if you go and look on my email account for thirty days, gratitude, you'll find it and, uh, be able to look at it and also, if I mean, if you down like this, you also see notes about cutting down the footage and how to do those things so soon doing it for us, like doing its specific more towards our brand like, do you think that that's maybe, like with us, do you want it to be a little bit more intentional about what we're filming? I guess my reason about not doing brand so much was that you might then think this is representing me. I don't want you to be afraid I wantyou exp merriment do everything and then on the use of best no one will ever know and I want to make money hey e think she's not paying me hey, you know you make a personal project because the thing is is what she's saying is all the personal project she showed you today made her money and I'm saying make it for work make it for work because I'm one of make money and make my that's my business is my priority and her creativity is differently a priority, which is why she's leagues ahead in terms of creativity because she gets to enjoy that more I want more of that, so yes, no, you do not have to do it for you. So just one more clarification question after you've done your thirty project that match thirty days and matt thirty days in march and this is just for yourself we're not there's no way I'm upon any way it's every its favorite it's so it starts off everyone's coming up next year, but there's not thirty days and favorite so you will go into match thirty days and to match so first of february stat and then one every night to us cut it it, it's okay, this is the part we're trying to find out that load it onto them, your youtube because after saturday, when I do the marketing, you're both all everybody, both of you out there, you're out there. We're gonna have both a youtube vimeo account, and so I uploaded two of amir and then tweet it to the link when we call out and will call out mid match for that and we'll we'll feature the top five on our blocks and then we'll get a prize, a really cool prize. You will think about it, maybe gold ladies, thank you so much for that. Yeah, so and you can do it on my maybe you could do it on many ipod. You don't like the way this thing that stops you? Yeah, from shooting call film and also the eight millimeter at from him of that it's amazing that little iphone video was amazing. I'm going to show another iphone video later on so there's lots coming. Secondly, when we talk about building the community on instagram in terms of marketing and I'm gonna talk about that and show that I think instagram visually is one of the most incredible tools to just be a little bit more creative than what you do in your normal shooting life if you look at their instagram accounts haley shoots instagram the same way she should stills just like that, so that sort of stimulation in that sort of creative simulation makes for amazed seeing footage that she gets offer I found anyway, so actually reference my instagram for, um, mood boards quite regularly, it's just I'll see something and I'll look at something differently because I've got no there's, no pressure, nothing you're in your creative zone, you're walking down the street and there's a reflection or something like that, and so I think instagram and huge and let's say you're going to go out and shoot your clip today is you don't know what this was gonna go for a walk and you're gonna find something whether it's something floating in the wind or a piece of paper or a child running through the pack of whatever, whatever you choose to go and find wonderful, but if you play in it and you say I want to do a bike, I want the kids to plan a swing, you have to look at the here shoot list and do all of the shots and then tell me four different angles to shoot a swing lie down underneath it, yeah, shoot down on it, hop on it, look at it, but whatever you do, do not stand in front of your child and go at this haley people people are asking how they can be inspired by you on instagram what is your instagram handle? Hayley bethany well name yes it's quite long alright hilly birth homey and sue actually haley be good is merely be it's haley be yeah haley be like b haley be alright awesome thank you under schools no nothing just hate b and so yours no, I'm not on instagram lines I'm not on instagram on pinterest okay you see how much I facebook right? You bet you are on interest but just more interest again with the marketing in fact the marketing preparing for this marketing this visual marketing has given me the biggest kick in the ass pence that I have ever had because I actually realized that there's a lot on my list I'm not doing and I was just like oh I better get that done this week so it's a really big big kicker for may they're really really big um the thirty five severe does thirty five money part thirty five steadicam which is amazing can you go back to that just for a sec? This is steady cam I don't know if you noticed but this is a really beautiful shot and that's steadicam and andrew notice andr is running because I was tired she did by state five times theo, I'm like she's I take it this kill doesn't even break a switch he is so fast it's crazy but what can we just go this slow mo yep keep going keep going ok? Huh? Palo ntsc I'm pal because I'm in australia you guys roll and t c in america uh keep going to the next so if you're on ntsc if you want slow motion you want to shoot it sixty frames per second you'll get this, you go into the movie recording your twelve eighty by seven twenty sixty frames per second f p s that's what you want if you want to shoot some motion, it doesn't look like solar mission when you play it back on your camera unless you place it press the slow mission button and when it was going to say where's the slow motion button somewhere show you so some footage when you argue, of course, can't you keep talking about it? I'll take it, okay, so if you're on it, pal, you trick your president gave me your sorry fifty frames per second for slow motion or twenty five frames per second for just standing. Now you don't have the beauty of for shooting it fifty or sixty is that you have the option of slow motion and you also have the option of not you don't have to have its limits but if you want it it's there so I pretty much always shoot fifty francs per second now the only downside of sow emotion is that it does make a smaller frame size slightly see twenty five frames per second is nineteen twenty by ten eighty which his high def teen adp high definition was just a plasma and then twelve eight eighty by seven twenty if you're on slow motion, which is pretty much internet now going back one question what's the difference between ntsc and pal and why it's australia pal and why's america anti estate nobody can hunt in english so sorry way gonna skip this segment nobody can tell me in a way that I understand so the anyway that we've really understood it wass it's for tv it's more broadcast its full broadcast but because ninety pretty much everything ideo line it doesn't matter just tell me which was wrong just do it so I know you want summer and actually because this is sixty this is more frames per second this will be better slimmer so it's a smaller dp I but more frames pritikin so more information in a smaller frame so for non foot she raised so doesn't make the file bigger when you're shooting at sixty creams good question because it makes it smaller because it is actually interest the smaller rears makes it exactly the same size that's their conversion I'm so on here a few who's got who can get as close to that as possible me a red light okay on the back of this camera when you hit play you get you press this and that hits play and that will play in normal time and then if you go one click across you see slow motion and you can replay your footage back to you in slow motion when it shot at sixty frames and now it's in slow motion by no I mean like how fast the slow motion nice no standard well wait can on the when you just you can't change it on the top go to sleep you and fire you right where you're playing we're all gonna live through a range and go to slow motion and then well you wrote your top shot right? This tells you this adjust the speed of the slow motion you know, like really slow or like kind of slow I will question when you're not shooting some motion is it better for like twenty four, thirty frames per second? There doesn't really matter it does for me it doesn't matter I now pretty much always shoot well sixty or fifty whatever you like, but I am yeah I mean if I'm shooting for tv it's been different, but I don't think anyone here is going to go there so it's not a copy at all haley when you play it regular but you've recorded at fifty no it's not yes sixty for you guys america sixty other parts of australia and the other parts of the world fifty fifty I'm it does you can slow the slow so when you press play on the day you can slow down you can you can press play and then you can go slow motion you can slick slow motion on the with the dial and then issue hit slow motion if you keep dialing it can slow and speed up your slow motion even more, which I don't know why you would but if you had the longest maybe what I like about you playing it back in slow motion as you actually get to see how smooth it is and we're doing it looks really funky because and then you kind of do this when you first then you go to church, you got this on the because you're so excited and then you realize you're not working on your storyboards you're panting to the right. All right? What else to get you started on thirty days? Um the inspiration is going to have to come from you, but you're all photographers, so I'm not really too worried about that I'm gonna do the challenge myself right through february you're gonna do it yes, you can do it can't absolutely and do it on your eight millimeter or on your x one hundred fuji x one hundred shooting in film oh at two point oh oh I don't know I haven't even didn't agree on that, but I did get that eight millimeter app just a couple days ago and I've been trying that out yeah that's funny there's also there's a stop motion app to you can shoot if you want to do that and just another clarification question if you're shooting twenty four frames or thirty frames, how would you slow that down? You can but uh you're spreading your spreading the frames out so it's going to be more guilty? I've done that because that's when I started with the mark too I didn't have the front uh slimer, so I just slowed it down, but it has this kind of this has a stepping kind of thing and it doesn't affect in the video that my very first ever try with the camera she's going to show tomorrow and you you can laugh because they actually here's like a little and I wasn't I wasn't doing there on my pan I was just I slowed it down inflammation you can see the movement because those frames were missing yeah that's right more ghosting teo streaks it's weird it looks like a ripple like that and also that ripple is really pronounced when you have your image stabilization on your letters. And so I was always told, you know, when you hear about the twenty four, twenty five years of image stabilizer, um, on the lens to turn that off because that's, what it's correcting as you're panning, the camera is collecting information in the image stabilization is actually putting a wave and it's a technique working against you for video works really well for still so yeah, they took it off. Obviously the name means in the end, did you have a question? So you put your hand up before I go? I'm sorry, I just I was just wondering if there's a reason that you prefer per silences over zoom lenses. Oh, well, being video it's really heavy to carry big lens, and so I wanted his light and compact as possible. Also, I feel like it challenges me to get all the angles rather than I stand still and zoom in. I think that keeps me in a really static place. Uh, so I just found them to come listen to to manage, especially on a fig rig and handheld, so if I if I'm I've used them on tripods and they're they're fine, but I really prefer prime for the way I shoot um I wanted to too quickly to show you slow mo or not of some actual clips from the film uh this look it had quick this goes but I'm gonna play it twice because you'll need it no it's got a second so let's just do it again slow mo beautiful and I didn't quite get it on again loma but you missed the fast footages first wait a sec okay so it's just showing the same clip but by slow mo and not okay now do we have time to go into quick okay so this is samonas video uh the one we were talking about earlier with the mom that goes out on a shoot and this is my first job for super eyes I was a bit noticed uh I'd heard her reputation was quite huge everyone was like wow, we're working for super highs like ok, this is one page of a full page document for the shoot now this might scare you but I don't want to scare you I just want you to say see it as this is angles, angles, angles shot all the different things I need to do and also in a in a order that I can see I'm going to start at nine a m where we're gonna be the studio who is going to be in it what will I need address chairs, all normal supervise photography things I love that and as above so this is just one little sequence. And what do I need? Where will it be? In light? And I can share this with a client. So if I go if as I did, I had supervised sounds like I better do this properly. And I sent to this list and I said, okay, the props department and this is all your problems and location. These three here you're the producer, you're going to do those for me just so we understand about producing something. Um, when I did my face creative live, I came in and did appreciates, remember? And I did the reveal and, uh, it's the producer, my producer here is the least who's that here producer and she's just amazing. And I'm stressed out freaking out and doing these shots I'm about to go my fierce creative life it's just like right? And at ten o'clock will you be standing? And I was like, when you mean we were, like, stand and she's that where will you be standing? And I was like, just put me out the front, you know, that's what happens, right? I just teach the whipped up. And she said, and what do you need around you? And I just didn't understand they produced this like a tv show, and I needed to tell her where I would be standing, what I needed behind me, what I needed to hip with me, what I need on the cheer behind me because it's live and you just can't, you know, go and change that afterwards and all of a sudden, this here, this is not a photographer's job. We just tell our clients what to wear, and we get the best with what we've turned up in, but these these air produced so right down to who will be wearing what? At what time and wind and it's a really full on thing to do if you've never done it before and it's really daunting to understand what a producer actually does, but without one this, none of this would happen right down to what everybody's wearing in with cheese, a place and everything. So there are unite when you're starting out new making stories like this it's huge job it is in actually, I find this side of my job particularly hard writing a list like that. Luckily, I'm married to a very wonderful man who would do that for me because this isn't my side of the brain organizing and writing all the lists and I could write a shot list and then he makes it where we going who's wearing what? And breaks it down so that I can share that with the client and then they can know what they have to do and deliver on the days. Well, you can take the boxes and I can take the boxes for all those shots I'll just cross them are okay, so let's quickly watch it! I think we have time to watch yet and I'm all about that e cray key flo way don't give way on a bathroom door sofa sent it is nothing to be jealous so way don't have a lot but there's no shortage here for love for love allow pennies, wade wells off, damn it! Other chains get away, sonny, you couldn't make enough you any better. You could give me away the iron clothe, darling baby my guest but I'll take let's having less sequined shoes private just can't mender pennies wails on the dimas police could soothe a lot of pennies, weigh all the diamonds to police itself all their chins booth couldn't make me love you any better, so that was sixty six shots did you count sixty six shots? This was all shot on the mark too I didn't have the slow motion then anything that I slowed down actually you had a one day match for you had the one demark foreign I borrowed it fit in the studio just for that oil and go to shows swelling glitter shot was the only thing I could have inflammation probably so um other than that the whole thing's shot normal frame right and edited it no more firmly so quite different to anna's that way because the house is the opposite whose is nearly all slow motion uh it's all lots of little clips and moments and things to say look at this is annoying but cute farm this is all thirty five I think I'd only shut with thirty five on this except for on your one day, which I think was a fifty yards yeah yeah so other than that it's one camera one lens and so now I'm starting to see after today I'm starting to see that a production like this is really just aiken c thirty days and how it could turn into something like this I can see the bridge yeah, it goes from creating something like doing little sequences and then making a story yet with thirty days it's not a story it's just a show more touch yeah montage jerry oh, but I want to come back to the show reel because I don't want people to get to this and then not to thirty days because they feel like this is too out of there you know what I mean? Anyone that feels like that everyone is going to go and make kick ass these days I have seen that film like two thousand times and every time you talk about your two thousand maybe like two hundred think but every time I watch them like yeah, that would be awesome, but if you if I lined up these two you will probably see so much of the similar sorts of shots that I experimented within thirty days here they're all here is well, I mean, cutting lemons anyone could do that I mean it's just over the limit this record, you know, it's just the adding them together that I think makes people feel overwhelmed, but if you if you went and you had a hundred clips is what I had for thirty days with a hundred clips, some of them fourteen minutes, fourteen seconds or twenty seven seconds long, so if you had that and all you had to pick out was a second for me to them, you're going to make something amazing and I just I just wanted to add that I've seen this video several times before doing during suze previous workshops, but just after today and everything that we've talked about and how I'm starting to see in motion more so than stills I saw it differently and I just thought that that was really cool I was noticing things that I hadn't noticed before I noticed when the film first started I saw the pen come up the first shot came up and then it clicked it and went to the lift and I was like, oh, up lift like I'm starting to see like I was looking like that and then I was and then I would get lost in the story but I'd remind myself to keep counting the shots but the truth is is now I I'm starting to get that hell how I would eat it that wood is course beyond me is a beginner so I think it's really important that we just keep coming back somewhere between city and this yeah, I think I want to encourage you that you can get here and that you kaname aim to do something simple but start simple and get going on it I don't want to scare people off from trying it by showing that but now I look at this and I think the very first shot I see my shadow I was like, I can't watch it without seeing of the problems with it so I think it needs just a case of where you're up to but I'm really proud of it as well it's not like it's a bad film but uh I still think I'm improving and growing as I go and from thirty days where I shot just my life to that is not very long it's within a year that's cool so that's head over thirty thousand hits on my video account and the only place I ever embedded that was my block and yeah and also I played that at my fierce creative life so why released it that first time on creative life has been live on my video for eleven months and I've never put it anywhere else in terms of marketing it which I just realized when I was writing the marketing pain for you guys that I was not michael ng my own share rials and I tried to by the way when I'm changing over my new website I tried teo get rid of my blogged because I'm like don't really wanna blow going into two thousand thirteen and then I realized that not only was it the only traffic to my vimeo account that it was the most significant traffic to my website, so I've learned so much by just writing this and yeah, I've got so much to share with your village so that's the statistics on the two films that we showed you um suzu already talked about that but that's pretty cool that's great, so I think the thirty day challenges like your baby started plan and from that you will also find your style I mean this is my star but you might find that I look you love the tripod and you love action happening with this static frame and that a lot of filmmakers do that and they make it beautiful so it's not that you have to do my moving running crazy style you might find something that small suited to you I just want to inspire you to get out there and play with it see how you go any questions right? Well what a day I think we just have a few more minutes left do we have any sort of final words or anything from our studio audience? Part of the reason I watched the two thousand times I don't think I'm watching two thousand eyes but part of me that wants it so much was I was shooting I was asked to shoot a promo video for a salon owner in our town and it was like I wanted to shoot it like I see like I do pictures you know low depth of field but everything I was watching about how to shoot focus while you're videoing was like I don't have ah seven hundred dollars little follow focus thing and like I tried it with like a rubber band and like a stick and like I couldn't get it so I was like I watched that video and over and over and over again because it move me the video movie so off there so much that like I wanted to see what it was I tried to like break it down technical and I realized like it's really not and focus all the time, you know? I mean it's like there's pieces of it were just a little pieces and focus, but I didn't realize that when I was watching it because I was so sucked into it, so it was really encouraging for me to be like, well, just do it how you would do it then so that's there are other videos on my website that technically excellent slightest gliders stated cames walking through big spaces and they have exactly all the right things going on that you mean to heaven video um and the difference between them is thies videos have ten thousand more hits and that means there's return traffic return traffic is better than first time traffic, and all I can tell you is this it's just about never and focus and you're right there's uneven little bits going in and she's she's always moving and she's always telling a story but every one of her videos make you feel something and those steady cams live glides they don't I don't care what anybody says you could tell may these technically brilliant filmmakers I will not pay them I will pay her before I pay them and if she shooting at four thousand show this weekend, I will shoot it four thousand shadow tree, because what she's doing is better than what they're doing. And I know the difference because what's good is marketable, what's marketable touches, people reaches people, connects people, and I can tell by the way people react to her videos that they are better than those other videos. Now you could sit there and argue that on, but you're blue in the face and it wouldn't change my mind and that's why I started with picket fence in I shot it in the wrong frame, right it's on a horrendous, ugly handy cam back when they had with types and everybody, and and it still says the right thing that I wanted it to say, and I don't think it is about gear. Well, as personally as a filmmaker, I don't feel like my gear is anyway it's, a small part of making the story it's. What do you want to say, what to message, haven't idea and connect with other people.

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