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Social Media Marketing

Eight years ago, my business had no social media, and now it is my go to about two, or let me see what date was it? I think it sits somewhere in the late two thousand nine october two thousand ninety go, um a friend of mine case, even they've just now building a portrait business and doing very well with it. I'm shooting grammar, casey videoed me on her handy cam, and she edited this on premiere again, like susan did and it's all done and slide show, just like you know, a ll vertical shots is, but only to horizontal shots in the whole thing. It's a little bit of a behind the scenes video we put that on on youtube in october, the sixth, two thousand nine, and we're currently just went over eighteen thousand hit it is so bad this video, but please go on watching if you want to, but it is so bad in what's bad about it is everything the way it shot the way we're shooting down the way we have edited it compared to what is available now. But it is proof that even prior to me having a social ...

media following being a creative live instructor, that it still was getting some heavy hits before the and when people were finding out about me and what I do so this is the only sort of pre creative live marketing on youtube that I have to show everything else was either on my blogger on my website and I still have all the web statistics from building my blogging website before I was on creative life now the reason I'm making the definition is I don't want anybody to sit out there and saying give it she's uncreative life so let's make this really clear I came on creative live and two thousand and twelve last year and march the food ended a three day workshop I from that got twenty four thousand followers on my business page because I didn't have a business page now that definitely that following that came from creative live and from their connection that I suddenly head with their audience was phenomenal, but prior to that before that, my social media was running at around so okay, my website averages what were you saying? Might just my super ice dot com okay five to eight thousand a day prior to this year off of becoming more no one is a speaker and teacher, my website wass hitting up too seven thousand a month. So now I'm doing that a day, but I wass getting knowing to my clients to my industry, I was getting known and I've got the trajectory off building there, I'll blogged about that actually it's quite interesting, but that the interesting thing is his prior to being no one is a speaker my social media was humming along and I was not doing it the way I can do it now when I wrote this marketing plan this week I realized this last two weeks I realized that I'm not doing most of what I'm about to throw to you so my goal over the knicks a month is not only the new fifty days of filming to increase my creativity and my film experience but also to start actually taking the marketing boxes so I will hold my marketing accountable on my block if you hold yours accountable also laurie petric so kindly last night started a private glamour page on facebook it's it's linked on my website if you want to find it's called in bed with so there's a a couple of thousand people in my bed right now and I'm going to connect lots of marketing through them so that we can just start working on marketing a glamour brand but today's marketing is about any brand so the glamour brand marketing is very specific and it has different points but it doesn't change the fact that this is still portrait video and winning and what have a photography marketing this is actually this is business marketing startup business marketing I know this because I built a business from scratch so everything that I write in my marking plan I did I lent and that's how I did actually market my business. All right, so just from one bed video, I'm already hitting some big traffic and I think before creative life that was up around seven thousand matt, um I'm looking at my steps now I just found out that the biggest referral traffic in the world for shearing video last year came from pinterest I'm not on pinterest I have been talking about countries in all of my macklin because it's been bringing me lots of shoots from around the world. People will pin images from my block. I then got a button on my block under the images that says pen this that was a very smart plugin forward press basically, whatever you post you can, it will have a little baton that when you swipe over it's his pin this on anybody that's already on countries on the computer can pin anything off your website, make sure you are if you're not water macking you intimate images, make sure you are bidding the att leased your girl or your name and something in the title of the images before they go on your block so that if people take the source ofthe they can eventually search and find you, you cannot stop that from happening happening yes, people rip you off that is life, my websites being ripped off three times this year that's ok it does happen stay on it stay vigilant keep watching for it but don't make it a drama way we're similar you know when I outed a few people that took sixty images off my log and put them and built a website with it I put that links on my facebook page in my friends and followers which came down really hard on them and it was hard to watch but at the end of the day we need to stop that from happening you cannot stop that from happening that's just part of life I'm just going to address that but what I'm specifically interested in taking this pen tricks box especially with visual data and sheer so video sheer now youtube has the biggest video watch, but countries had the biggest video sheer so it meant that more shearing went down. Now if you link something on youtube you can show friends you can watch it yourself you can put on your facebook but countries if you watch a video and you pin it that's an instant cheer to your page and that's happening more than it is on youtube now this is becoming one of the most dynamic marketing tools in the world and watch this space because there's something's gonna happen huge with us in the next two years I'm not on the social media it is time even though you're not on it it's still sending three to six hundred visits a day to your website from people who have repent your own work and it's in the top two or three refers for your sight every day from my block, right? Yeah yeah so pending images from my block so that's some serious traffic also I get I rear end from non photographers that aren't following me because they want a loon glamour I'm actually getting bookings from non photographers who is seeing my before and after some pinterest so I know that this is going to become the most powerful tool and so we really need to explore more pinterest options and I'm going to blood a lot more about my marketing changes over the next two months so pinterest is going to be one of them so you can actually watch maybe my progression going into pinterest and how I deal with it in terms of marketing my business, my statistics, my largest network it is embedded video on my block and facebook I didn't realise this until dustin looked at my website and he said to me the other day, you know I said I want to get rid of my block and he was like what? And then amy his wife yelled out tell her no, I love reading it sometimes I feel like I'm married to my blawg and me and my husband just in a little bit of a boring phase on I just feel like, you know, I want to keep that fresh and exciting, but I'm really struggling to find the fresh and exciting with my block, and then I realized that I'm not what I'm struggling with his time management because I've overbooked my studio big problem, surprise over books her studio every year and always has for four years. Then she falls down in her service department, and then her service department gets complaints, and that is where I have always falling down on my business, not attracting clients but servicing them, you know what I mean? My reynolds, what that is that the problem is not the get for me, because I've always put a lot of work out there, and I've always had a brand that's different, and I've always had an experience it's fun or exciting or enticing, but my problem has bean the load, and in the service I'm going to really watch that my statistics, I realized when I wrote this plan, I have absolutely no marketing towards any of my videos, even the ones haley has made for me that I have thirty thousand hits, the only reason people have seen them is because I I play them when I speak, which is three times last year w p p ay creative life and, um and mystic right miss takes him an hour and then I always play video um other than that they're on my blog's on issue coming to me because you've heard about me for another reason or you're going to my web site, you wouldn't know about it I have not embedded them in other people's sight I have not asked people to shi I have not guessed posted them I have not marketed talked about them broken down or did the million things that I've just told you last night that I could do with those videos so I'm going to do that because I realized the photographic community might have been seeing my videos for the first time I'm creative live, but what about all the women in the world who need my product that's who needs to see my video so I need to find a creative way to market those videos so that's what we're going to talk about today so my steps without marketing are looking good this is a behind the scenes interview style with a behind the scenes to remember we talked about a ll the options of videos last night, so this is where I'm talking it's a beautiful location it's a great shoot this was shot by a abraham joffe from an title for my film works you'll get with abraham that he's a filmmaker you get the expansiveness you get is gliding threw that big warehouse space and how beautifully this is put together and this has been on my website for exactly one year and that is sitting up around twenty one thousand views. Okay, so then I got hailey to make me my very first sort of advertising video. I release it on creative life in man, this is being on the meo and on my block for eleven months it has twenty eight thousand place. Okay, so that means people I think of coming back to it every day because it's more of a narrative as opposed to an interview about may. So they get the story more than they get the interview with me in the behind the scenes. So that tells me something it's been on the list is being played mohr all right, then I went and put enter up there enter has been up there for four months, so I released that on my august created fly for months and she's twenty five on point five thousand plays this is only from the mere and of course, haley's also got here. Got the same video because, um it's about her being a filmmaker. Make sure when you do in a bid to make sure when you start your vim your account and then you start your youtube account, make sure you are linking the right people make sure because every time you link those people that goes towards your search engine optimization and they will do it vice versa and make sure you create the right people with the blog's makes out with their blocks with their websites make sure you're saying something interesting but not a novel about what you want say in your video I wrote in it is a future olympian that loves to run the video was inspired by the words of a britney spears song yes, a britney spears song britney spears wrote a song years ago that said I'm not a girl but still not a woman and I felt like that's what a senior portrait is they're not sixty women that want to do but they are still gorgeous and they're coming through that change and it's just a beautiful change over from a little girl that's where haley made a play and I made his still and that juxtaposition worked beautifully so obviously I've got them on my block they linking I did a shoot in sydney and I got my assistant jamie just like susan did to shoot a little behind the scenes video and I'ii edited this on final cut pro most after I have very limited editing skills but I edited a video that was two minutes long just a little behind the scenes it's not edited to music there's a thank you trick playing from triple scope on it and what I've done is I've created a triple scope. I've credited jamie for shooting behind the scenes. I've credited my makeup at us, my hairdresser, and then what I did was I put it on my block now, it's not fancy, it doesn't have any story, it's just a little insight into a shoot out done, but it's still sitting in a living thousand hits on video just off my block so people aren't re watching it, but they've gone and watched it and that driving traffic in seo is constant. You know somebody will stay one hundred percent longer on your website if there is moving footage on there one hundred percent an email gets three seconds. The average scan of an email before you decide to spam or delayed is three seconds. Okay, when you put a video on there, you have thirty five seconds or the first play just to grab them, and if it's interesting and they're not looking at there, I fine, you'll get them for the whole two minutes hundred percent longer on your website that just drives your search engine. I put up a little video where I was shooting and that's jamie the next day, the assistant and I said to her, look, I want to do a video called one hundred eighty degrees and where she turns one hundred eighty degrees and I photograph here one hundred eighty degrees to show you how to move and direct real basic I think there's on camera mike and that's at nine thousand nine thousand place so you can put anything on video and it will keep your traffic on your site um and I just found that the more I do even something stupid like my last creative life I took the bloopers that we didnt seemed into creative life for our announcement video and I cut them together just real simple took me about twenty minutes I know fancy stuff I just did a blooper reel in the blooper reel alliance had seven hundred plays and it's just a silly blooper reel of some minor and I missing up and laughing but anything that's going to hold people the teaching and traffic to you it will wick and so we know it drives business I did a tutorial doing photo shop now tutorial basic so basic that one of the guys that wrote this thing on youtube that my tutorial sack than all the service staff it was hilarious and the people following the tutorial obviously hit his comments so many times in the negative that they removed it is a negative comment I didn't do anything I was just like all right it's just a basic tutorial on helping people clone skin were up to thirty thousand place on video in eight thousand nine hundred youtube place just basic things like that now have a look at this when I go back here I have a look at all of these videos that are getting twenty five thousand thirty thousand hits I didn't put you need these on youtube I didn't realize none of these air on youtube, so I have a channel with a thousand subscribers one thousand one hundred subscribers on youtube and not one of my videos on youtube the only video I have got a creative life videos um the bad one from two thousand nine in the tutorial now them years getting high traffic because that's going to my blawg so they're obviously watching it through my blogged is opposed to on youtube, but they're still nine thousand plays on youtube nine thousand people linking to my website through a social media that cost me nothing you need to be on this in some capacity find out today what that capacity is and get on there. All right, so my block is my only traffic to vigna I have a thousand subscribers on youtube in four hundred and seventy eight on video and I am not marketing these channels in any way all right? Does everybody sitting here right now have by the youtube channel end of emil account? Anybody not don't I don't have to? Well, you've got a good reason now that you but you have a video account you have a video account and you've now got your show reels on youtube but I'll put it on you tonight you'll have your show realize it's under meal and your key words are going to pay show real creative fly school see you rise henry bartholomew you've got some good hits to bounce off there really good ones and everybody tonight's going to go and create a youtube account right a youtube channel and start to get subscribers now the best thing you can do is subscribed to other people that you like subscribe to me subscribe to haley start cheering videos shia and bid each other's videos that's cheering and embedding videos with other bloggers approach other bloggers and say would you feature story on your block and we will feature something of yours make sure it's somebody interesting you don't need to pick other photographers you're not marketing to photographers your marketing to the public why don't you go out there and find what are the most amazing bloggers that seniors are looking at right now? What are the blog's that they're going to and block that um are we allowed to talk about okay so haley's daughter sally is thirteen years old she is an incredible creative little genius she's about to become something so incredible because hayley allows a space for her children to really grow creatively valley has blogged now when dustin asked sally last night so what do you into? What you into? Zali said I really into blogging and he went, you know, all the things you would expect a kid to save you that is not the answer that I thought zalis bog is miss sally mrs n a l I yeah, miss sally's did a l I it's beautiful it's incredible in this girl is looming already whose social network it's been years old. She's created a block it's monitored by hayley. So for all the people out there going, I just don't think a thirteen year old should have a block it's, not just a free for all every email goes to haley, not sally. So it's about teachings alley the future ofthe valley's future. Now, if you're going to be the sort of person that says my children won't do that, can't do that understand where your children will be with their computer in the next twenty years do not hold them back from that and do not hold them back for creating an international brand, right from the early stages on where they want to go in terms of design or whatever they want, because they're already becoming bit in themselves anyway, I think it's really, really important that you look at what teenagers are looking at, look at what sally looks it she's thirteen now look att other fourteen year old bloggers eighteen year old bloggers there are bloggers out there talking on the internet social media on facebook where they're going what are they looking at that's where you need your video and you go there and you say can you featured video? You know why can you create a story around your video I thinkyou can we won ah hayley bath on them you show reel we shot a show a show live in seattle creative life the biggest educational classroom in the world we were on that show they made us a show reel let's make a story about that show them some behind the scenes footage show them how incredible creative lives that is called marketing and networking think about how many avenues you can take that on now that means that I can do the same thing with haley's I shot a haley bartholomew advertising video that mark it's my business this is an incredible story I can look att enter as an olympian a future olympian the hopes and dreams of a future olympian girl that is tuning seventeen years old I can tell that story I can tell the story about simona and how with the transformations of my business I could created online advertising I could hit I could hit static businesses I could hit why video is the most amazing art there's a million avenues once you start whatever you do, you're creative let's go put the idea on the floor right there, right? The idea marketing my video now give me twenty bubbles off it and if you can't give me twenty bubbles, stay there until you can joplin get me twinning you know, because this is not you are not going to be able to do twenty until you drop and give me twenty and remember hayley and I are so tired last night we're telling you the story about how we just exhausted and all I had to do was come up with, you know, fifty ideas for making videos that's all I have to do for these people I've got to give it to them they that's what they need and then next minute hayley and I like I wake into this that we could do that and we can do this and we're just so excited because we are creatives and when I get creative when she gets creative woo it's crazy time but that crazy time that is where you think outside your circle so stop telling me her limits and if you have limits you're the one that's telling me that you're one that's saying it you're the one that's saying it you know here's the thing about limits give me a solution stop telling me what you can't do and give me a solution to your problem and it might be I could do this if I had money well that's a little bit of a solution it's a money block but it's still a solution but dark tell me you can't think of a way out because if you're creative you should give me twenty reasons twenty ways to market your video I want you that your homework and everybody else everybody else that's got one creative amir on youtube channel maker's signature show really video I love it how I go one, two, three, four it's that easy, right? Uh thirty days of filming work through hayley's ten steps idea through the editing pick great music uploaded get good start looking at that if that's what you're it start doing that if you already have a fifty fifty she had the show real she had a show your love with another photographer fifty fifty get that show reel up now because even my really bad video from two thousand nine is still rocking eighteen thousand dollars eighteen thousand traffic and numbers right now promote on social media blogged and bid and sheer that's where you start right there and then start working it now tell me what is interesting about this show is there story around it? How could I tell that story? Do I know you know now that they have digital magazines, magazines have become the highest per capita thing everybody's launching a magazine because it's online, you no longer have to pay, you no longer have to pay for printing, you don't have to pay for graphics that's, right? These do it yourself and put it up online, right? Go to that means you can and bid video in every magazine. So anybody who has an online magazine or has a blogger has the potential for you to link your video and story to tell me an interesting story, and if you can't come up with an interesting story, why would I put it in my magazine? So an interesting story for mai is I could tell a story about chris, I could tell a story about dawn, and I'm telling this story, but visually through my eyes, so I'm not selling supervisor's story. I'm not trying to tell a story around myself, but I do have a few stories so I could sell that story. I could give you twenty options right now and that's, where you need to start opening up and looking at that my marketing plan, right? It's simple, I've been over this with so many people, and I'm going to say it again because it's powerful and it's an action taken action first question, I need to ask you, after I asked you what is special about you second question, I have to ask you this morning I asked you what s special about you I need you to give me those words I need you to tell me love love love fan fan fan you know I need you to tell me that so that I can get a sense of how we're going to communicate your mattering the second question I've got us what do you sell until you tell me what you sell I cannot market it what do you sell do you sell um you sell seniors portrait's full stop you sell frames, boxes folios digital product but all of the above so you are a portrait studio that specializes in saying yes I get it not many people can break it down that easy you've got a general and you this is what you sell how many do you want? How many portrait would you like to shoot in one year with your average sale seventy to eighty our problem is is we're shooting more than that and we need to like raina in and have higher averages so we don't have to shoot as much because it's just trevor and me so we kind of go okay so you have a good problem you have too many clients and not high enough average yeah so you're doing more work for less money and you need to refine your product and your professionalism over this next year that's what everyone goes to in the fifth year business you're at the stage now we're not desperate. So now you have to look at how do we make more money, give more service, get a bit of product and get a bit of a turnaround? I went through that and now I have a higher average and I also have a list. I have a food of the chutes that I used to shoot, but I have a higher average of money and I have a higher quality of service and I also have a higher quality of product. So that's a good thing to hear but when I come back to okay, before I go off on a tangent because I think it's, what I really want to know is how many seventy toe, eighty photo shoots a yeah, that's what you like? Okay, so if I look a shooting year off fifty weeks and I break that down is to shoot awake, we'll give you a hundred right to shoot awake. So when I look at two shoots per week, that is a true it's permanent. And in order to get eight people in your studio, you need to speak to a t it's just a magazine role. So essentially you've got to try and get your business in front ofthe eighty times twelve a year now you're sure ariel is going to get in a week it's not much in fact, when you break it down, it's simple it's, a basic number, tell me what you sell. Tell me how many want. So when I built the big studio, I needed to do four hundred shoots a year because I'm big volume. I've now got three photographers and I need to talk to four thousand people a year. So this four thousand my macklin. So if that's, the law of averages sitting back and just sending out a couple of that is it's not going to hit your average, what you need to do is just break it down. It's simplicity take all the emotion out of it. You're looking at bums on seats. This is what I need. This is how much I earned. This is so much money now, four hundred clients a year shoots a year at an average of eighteen hundred dollars. Is was my average so that's, how much my target business was to make in that year and when I sat down and wrote that target out, I was like, that is achievable.

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Video is a powerful tool for bringing the story of your business to life. Learn how to use still photos and video together to create dynamic products that promote your business from Sue Bryce and Hailey Bartholomew.

Sue and Hailey take you through the process of producing a promotional video from inception to completion. You'll learn how to develop a video concept and establish your messaging. Hailey shows you how to prop and prepare a shoot and covers the 10 essential steps you must follow for every video production. You'll learn how to use Final Cut Pro to weave together still photos and video clips and how to pair that footage with music. Sue brings it all together and shows you how to integrate video into your marketing and how to effectively spread the word on social media.

If you want to learn how to shoot, edit and distribute a professional-quality video that will grow your business, this is the perfect course for you.