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Promote Your Studio with Showreels


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Telling Client Stories with Video

The one thing that I've really has burn away blowing me away of the last two days is watching haley deliver her visual content to you or to get you excited about making show reels. And there was something that I really wanted to ask you on the pre chet and then I thought now or wait until we go live and that wass when you talked about how excited to wear and and showing your show reel and making a show reel on the fact that you just made your own show reel. Have you ever done anything in your business? How long have you been in business? Kiwi? About five years have you ever done anything in your business in terms of marketing that excite too? I don't know about like as exciting is doing the show really? I can't think of anything as exciting as watching a show reel come off knowing that you've now got an online ad vit for your business, isn't that right? Full stop tell me as portrait photographers, it's waiting photographers in business around the world right now tell me something about...

my thing that excites you because I don't hear it, I don't see it, I don't read it and I don't feel it so that there is where I'm going to come from today. Because for the first time ever in my career in twenty three years when I started to see haley's work I got excited about magnin my business now I've come from that I can't do this the big fear place have come from the building, the business from home I've got nothing you know I started my business with a tin di a cannon ten day it didn't even shoot roar come on the twenty day didn't shoot roar didn't shoot roar until we got to the forty day the team day and a twenty four one oh five lens one lands one camera one lands you know and it was not until I started marketing my business that I started to make money but I had to drag myself through the mad too right leaders and show pamphlet I deluding how to design my own pamphlets because I didn't have a designer because I couldn't afford a designer okay and fast forward now to this to this time and here I am making these videos that I am so excited about putting out there it's just crazy but they don't have to be haley about following new videos they can just be great show reels off your work that showcase you showcase your work online and that is so exciting to see so all I'm asking today is I'm going to deliver is much marketing as I can and the next three and a half hours. I'm gonna talk fast. I've got one hundred thirty five slides to show you and it's packed full of information. You will not go on, do it. If you're not excited about it, it's that simple, what excites she gets done and marketing you cannot be the best kept secret. I'm so tired of going into studios that of failing and asking them what the marketing plan is, and they don't have one and bean to a talk of mine. They've seen my marketing plan, but if you think that I have some superhuman power that makes me a better marketer than you, you are wrong. I have been exactly where everybody is in this world right now with marketing a small startup business from home, and I made four hundred and eighty thousand dollars in my garage in the first year of business. When I finally turned around and wrote those letters and put those vultures out to the world, I built a business half a million dollar tune over business in my garage when I finally designed my own pamphlet and win and showed people what I did and here's the kicker, turns out everybody liked my work, but I was the one sitting at home going, but this so I thought about it today, and I said, how do I give you that? How did I give you what I did? Because you need to understand it and you need to get excited about it. You need to come from your own place of design you are photographers, your creative photographers you know what? You're fighting with two things your own ego and fear, okay, which is fine everyone deals with it. It's some mind was message, so I don't think that you know, mine was huge. That was my biggest problem you're dealing with that, and then you're dealing with this idea that it's not accessible to you it it's so accessible it's a joke it's right there on your computer right now every photographer I know has finish up, so I've created a template that you can open and finish up that could give you over two hundred variations on pamphlets, brochures in business cards in business vouchers for your business that you can do in two minutes to think I put a competition out there later today and see who can make the best one seemed it to me the sixties plan from any of the templates so I can showcase it so I can put your voucher on my facebook on my social media because I needed to understand if I arm you with something visual that you could just drop your imagery into because I know that your imagery is amazing if I can arm you with the words and the tools to do that in the excitement to do that, then all you have to do is send it, talk about it and give it away that is that is a joke, people it is easy, but if you sit at home and you choose not to share this and you choose not to give this away, you will fail at it and find gonna get a job, stop complaining, you know, get a job done, work for someone else, you know? But if you want the freedom to whip for yourself and get bitter and create, then this is it. So I am really forceful about mike lee now I'm kind of at the stage where if I was to go back eight years to building my face business too, bitch, let the soup rice that was sitting in here home bawling her eyes, they're going, I'm not good enough. I mean, honestly, I don't even know if I would have spoken to it. I probably would have just looked at her and got this, and but I would have never said to her you're not gonna make it, sister, because she did right, so I thought about it and I thought I'm gonna break it down, I'm gonna deliver this fast and furious and I want lots of questions from you guys but what I want is for you to tell me what you think you can do so if I put something on that board and you don't think you can do it for whatever reason challenge me throw something through me goofball okay? You don't think you can do something that I put up there put your hand up and say I can't do that and don't be afraid to say that don't just go I'm not going to say I'm not going to I'm going to I'm going to tell you why you can and how you can and I just want to know what their blockers like I want to know and do not be afraid because there are people watching that are hoping that somebody is going to ask that christian there's people out there watching thinking I can't do that I can't do that and I I need to be able to dress to them through you guys that it can happen internet will ask questions and kenner and susan you can stop me throwing any time you want I've got good brakes but when I talk marketing I've got lots to say all right for may marketing is talk ability okay talk ability and storytelling the days have gone were shouting in being the biggest shelter and having the biggest advertising budget may you the biggest made you the biggest comet in the world that it doesn't work anymore after the last global financial crisis we all came back to the guts of it all and the guts of it all is telling stories and service the two things would be missing in the digital age when computer is king and we had gone away from two of the most fundamental things people want to be spoken to, they want to be connected with and they want good service if you're offering that's official business will fail now today I'm going to teach you about marketing marketing will give you bums on seats that won't hold them there service will pick the bomb stick service won't multiply people service will bring referrals I can't that another workshop okay, this today is getting the people to you is talking to them selling you experience telling them to come to a studio. This here is about getting shoots in your studio and so we can talk about everything else sure service sales and all the rest of it but right now I just need teo teo get bookings because bookings is where it's at and bookings that's where the money is that what you do with that booking after then is a whole nother conversation marketing should be the most creative part in your business you are creative at us it's not why is that? And I always say it like this creativity, creativity what is that? You know what it is if I told you to get up and walk to the other side of that room and I told you to do it twenty different ways you would creatively have to think of twenty ways to walk across that room you could bounce hot roll jump put cheers you could make twenty planes to get there but you're creative brain would have to come up with twenty solutions this is what you do not do with marketing we do the same thing I see people all the time I know I say this a lot but I'm very feel very strongly about it people who bitch and moan on facebook's that's my bitch in one hour I'm it's that three rich dad on facebook about oh would you believe what a client asked me to do today are and they go on about it and that's fine if you want to be that person your energy on social media looks really bad and you won't hold much for long because that sort of energy is hate but I will say one thing do not then with your bitching and moaning going post a promotion for your studio within that month because it tells me you've got clients on your facebook page and that is disgusting and I never want to see that not for us long as long as I'm on facebook sort your attitude first your attitude what you think what you say and what you put out in your marketing what you put out on your social media will come back to you it will be really but keep it real and keep it positive nobody wants to hear anything else so right now the creativity with which you market must be put into everything you do say and represent in your studio everything you put on your on your website look at haley's website you can't be serious dot com dot you look at it look how beautiful it is look how beautifully it's designed look how his show reel represents hailey hailey is not on it she doesn't need to be you did hayley immediately you know and it's really, really, really powerful so today I want to talk about casino I always say this dick ii follow this guy he's got a block and he's he's got a marketing business and I think it's the uk actually I'm sorry j if I get there wrong he's all about marketing is about people, not technology and he brings constant blog's inconstant information to the fourth that is really to remind you of why visual products are becoming the new big thing creatives are leading the way creatives are now becoming more successful and business than the old style ofthe business all right and his whole block is a great one to follow he's always about steps on video story telling his he talked about the stupid things people do trying to shut out the business in a market that no longer no longer qualifies and he says it in a way that you know you need to wake up you need to wake up people wait we need teo be offering visual dynamic creative service driven product that is about our clients not about us that is about connecting not about shouting and he's a really brilliant way of doing it the difference between marketing and selling I love that you can talk about what a product or service does or you can talk about hair a product or service makes you feel or you could talk about how product and silver is what it will do for you but as a client which one will you listen to? You're gonna listen to the one that saves you because it's about you right? I'm a service provider said that if your marketing is about service providing then you're going to win. So if it's about connection and service providing you're really going to win because I'm so sick of looking at marketing that talks about you and doesn't talk about me you know, I I don't I tiffany's when they advertise those diamond rings they don't talk about how good they are at making diamond rings they talk about every woman that puts one on her finger and they show that girl that those pictures and those images and that they're advertising talks to me about love and I've got goose bumps and I don't know why it's really crazy but it's true, you know and it's really really about the person who's buying the product so you need to think about that today I fell in love with haley bartholomew's brand because of the way communicates and because I thought it was more dynamic than any portrait photographer I have seen in the world. Eva and I study websites I have seen thirteen thousand websites easy I study websites I study what people put out there because I want to know how to make my brand bidder to a global audience haley's website speaks to me more than any other website and why because she has a show reel and that's it I actually have not explored anymore of hayley's website and yet I've showed her show reel in front page to everybody and I didn't need to because when I saw that dynamic when I saw that story are blew me away on this block c no dot com there is a block post called shouting cannot compete with storytelling and there is an hd invaded video which goes to a romeo account this video is called it's actually made by cloud or patters and it's a little stop motion not it's actually it's actually fusion footage off a red book so they made a redbook for valentine's day and it's a man's hands hearing man's hands and he's holding a book and he's flipping the book and he's telling the story of his him and his wife like we've been married for this long and now and he's just flipping this little book and little pop up things come up little stories and I want you to watch it on market watch it later it's a such an amazing little advert for that business is to make these little books, but what it does is it tells a beautiful you two for story and it's not using beautiful people or anything like that it's just using a real couple and he tells this beautiful story unfolds in this and all it is if you could sit this up is a black wall with the five d mac two pointed at it and the content in the video is what makes that story so powerful when you watch that tell me you can't make something like that tell me you couldn't do a proposal video for a wedding just like that with hands tell me you could not show somebody that you have a camera and then you take a picture and then you work on it and then you build and he put it in a frame tell me just with hands you could not tell a story you know when you look at the way children create and draw a child could draw a bitter narrative the most photographers could about what's going on and you could make a movie out of it and when you see the simplicity on the power of its writer will blow you away okay so have a look at that fusion did not take off the case why woke up what was a two thousand nine four years ago? I had a dream videos and expect thing I called my boyfriend at the time I said I had a dream that videos and expect thing he said did you hear ken and released it video camera today that shoots video I think no way you know when I thought wow this is it I need to get a videographer jumping straight away I go and try my very first fusion it's sucked so badly we were going to play it today okay I need teo put that on I'm going to play there after this break I forgot to load it it's my very first tried I've never showed anybody it's whole areas but and now that I know what I know now it's even more funny but the truth is is that the end of the day it didn't take off and I talked to people and they're like, oh yeah the whole fusion thing it didn't take off I'll tell you why this is my theory this is this is my theory there is a ted talk that's the link there's a ted talk called simon senate right? Everybody's seen it? You know why I said eight million seven hundred three thousand seven hundred fifty eight hits on ted in two years in under two years amazing talk it's called how great leaders inspire action and he talks about the golden circle and he talks about we'll just just watch it. It's a great talk most people have already seen it of course is lots of hit but in it he talks about the one thing that blew me away was he talks about the lore of diffusion of innovation? So basically he says that there is a law and you can google that the law of the fusion ofthe innovation is when you create something you have what is called and it's so amazing you have the initial creators at twelve point five percent and they're innovators and then you have the early majority then you have the later majority and then you have the leg and it means that when you look at the world and how they purchased anything, the first people that try something with very small percentage that try something the innovators okay, very few people will try anything new, but the early majority they like innovation, but they're just going to wait and see so they'll wait and see so haley's an innovator and I think I'm probably more in early majority than innovator because she's already got it as a business, whereas I'm just being watching her for four years so that makes me an early majority you do not have a global product anywhere in the world until you're at the later majority because then you have the later majority off the world right that's simple that's the law of diffusion of innovation so whenever you create something little people will get into it and few people will love it and then a few people would take it on and then when it's over the lamp to the other side everyone's buying it like the iphone perfect perfect example and he uses it as an example that talk but somebody who said to me in l a the other day do you remember when nokia was the biggest fine provider in the world and I said, oh yeah, he goes here they failed and I said, what do you mean they failed? I said, well, the iphone came out and it goes here but they didn't make one santa I'm there they're competing and I said yeah, I said so what do you mean they failed? And he said no care at the time were the biggest provider of cell phone in the world and they put out market research and and they had access to millions of people in the market research came back and said nobody wants a touch screen phone course we didn't we didn't know where hell call they were how can you have a market driven product when you don't know what it is and so they let the market research dictate the next five years and they missed an opportunity to create one of the biggest products in the world wouldn't you agree that's good marketing that's right? It was funny because I was just speaking with my brother about this just the other day about how so many times we get into uh our own little nation we think that okay we're going to stay in there we're doing it really well like nokia was and we're you know on top of the world everything and we just stay in there we don't think of what else is out there and what can be done what we don't do trippers innovate and what we certainly don't do it evolve but innovate is the key and the most amazing key about innovation is the twelve point five percent that will innovate the food innovators they will be doing it way before you will hand he's already there she's an innovator so the thing is with an innovator is we still really majority why? Because the camera's been out for four years and we're still not selling it is a product that makes us early majority but what I need you to get your head around is it's simple you cannot have a product until the market desires one so when I show fusion video the math, the market they don't know what fusion means they don't know the wood they don't know the terminology until they see it everywhere so if every photographer in the world puts up a show reel in a fusion video and then they used that language this is a fusion video then soon the world's like I'm getting a fusion family portrait done but until it's a market product it's not a product because I believe that until it exists as a product the market does not know that they want it or need it so you cannot tell me that didn't take on because the innovators are already proving you wrong the innovators are already making it macking with it and making money out of it. So if you're the early majority get on now if you're the later majority you can get on in a couple of years and if you're the leg you're never going to get on that thing but you're probably not on the internet which means you're not watching so I'm okay with that but the truth is is that the end of the day until we create product that people identify with, we will not have a market for it now that makes it the ultimate marketing told so this is how my brain thinks, even though I'm really majority, I'm not an innovator. I looked at marketing, I tried the fusion, I showed a couple of people and they're like, okay, what does it mean? I don't even know what does fusion main I confuse people with it, and then I realized okay, instead of ditching it like most people do or not even trying it, what else could I do with it? Well, I could do behind the scenes videos. Oh, well, I can dio a tour of my studio where I could do an interview with myself or I could do a show reel or I could do this, or I could compete on the second biggest changing in the world or the biggest sheer and video in the world last year was countries or I could put my videos on their own and now it's a vineyard and before you know it, four years has gone past. I've bean very slow, creating my own product because I'm not an innovator, but I'm still doing it. And now now, four years later, it is making me money, and so now I'm like, wow, and I'm already one step ahead of you guys, but I'm twenty steps behind here. Which is an innovator and so now if I start marketing this product and put a whip and I put amazing videos out there to my clients not to other photographers to my clients they start to get it is advertising because it's just tv advertising to me but when I look at what haley does, it looks like television advertising online market for free okay, well, you're paying for us to shooting of it and not a few doing fifty fifty right like we talked about yesterday fifty fifty you shooter cheryl for me I should show real for you so I now see this is one of the biggest marketing tools, but what I'm going to do today is when I take you through my marketing plan when I take you through my marketing plan um it's a marketing plan not based on video but today's marketing plan is a photography marketing plan I've just put a whole lot of extras in there that can show you where you can maximize it with moving image. All right? So it's not about it being this is not video marketing today. This is photography when no one marketing I'm going to take it right down to creating your own digital product right now on photo shop and then emailing it out in the next day you could have a pamphlet, a visual portfolio voucher going out in your studio tomorrow okay, it's that simple while you start to make video. So I had the opportunity then to stand back when I wrote this keynote because I believe one hundred fifty percent and hayley that's why I wanted to bring her here to show you how to shoot show reels, I believe one hundred fifty percent in that and I know that people are very scared of it, and I know that a lot of people feel overwhelmed, but but she just showed you in two days how we can do it the easiest way possible, and you just have to watch that again and again and go and practice and I'm going to practice too. I'm going to do the city days of filming, yes, but I am going to start shooting all off my clients because this was made trying to shoot before I did this class, and now next month you will get to see me go after haley's class, and the cool thing is is I had two chutes last week and I didn't give myself much time, but I really wanted to be able to shoot and tell a story from a beginner basic level to show you that it's actually possible. So what I did was I photographed this beautiful woman here, and her name is dawn. And so what I did with dawn is I photographed here and you know what I tell you? Susan come and join me can you get up and come and join me so susan roderick has been working with mei shooting with may and susan and I did the shoot and I have a five team at three and susan has a five day mack too, so the deal was this I've got the five t max ray and we're gonna do you no just shoot it um try not to shoot me from behind because I don't want footage of my bomb like this because any a lot of people shoot you from behind and then all you see is you give thumb there and it's like what's the point and I say and, you know, make it look good in she's doing behind the scenes and I'm shooting life, but I wanted to also get moving capture off the girl from my camera so I wanted to tell a little story, but I said to susan we can't hire an editor and she's like well, I can eat it on premiere elements and premium elements is eighty five dollars and we found out its limits this week than me yeah that's the best part is I did not want to show you the fancy vision the final cut pro or anything like that I wanted to show you elements secondly we didn't have a fig rig or a steadicam or anything like that when I'm shooting my client I have my mount on a mon a pot on my dolly parton you know, with dolly wells and susan his hand held with no strep so we are you know both of us are and I'm on the money pod then I wanted to do a voice over off dawn speaking and I don't have sound equipment well I do have some mike finds but I don't know how to use it for sync sound so what I did wass I held my neck here up to dawn's face like this and she spoke the words no microphone into garrett's bend okay garret band is on your neck it's like a voice record and I hit record and she spoke the words that she wanted to say now I'll tell you the story afterwards because first I just want to tell you that I show you the little minute that we got from her shoot and then I want to talk to haley about how I could have made it better because I've already know most of what she's going to say but I will be interested to hear something else and I want to show you what we shot together and what susan needed so eighty five dollars elements no no sound I'm garrett van talking at the laptop and this beautiful woman here in his shirt what I did wass we pulled the footage that we liked and it was actually quite good because we shot maybe three times that so we pulled the clips that we liked and then susan took it away. She put it linear story, which is what you do remember when you're learning you shoot, left a right and then you tell a story left or right. So that's, one of the interesting things I learned, one of the biggest mistakes is they put the footage opposite unfolded so to me, that's the day instead of bringing the story from all different angles. Um, I bought the story from here having here or make it done to, you know, the finished and then that was my favorite that's footage. Okay, so that's, what? I shot two point eight and, um, I shot it in slow motion on the five t mac three so that I could get you here blowing and just get their final beautiful connection. Look in the camera. Garrett band aid on premiere elements thirty seven years old. I am a wife, I'm a mother, I'm a business owner. I have not had my portrait taken since I was seventeen years old. I feel more beautiful today than I ever have in my entire life, and today I want to celebrate portrait taken e way well, I think you get this because I had it I got it because I like doing and I'm like oh, we're going to its cry I hadn't seen it I decided it this morning good job eyes guy it's beautiful so that is basic right the most basic that that you could make something we tried not to make the shots too long which we kind of knew before you started saying so is we're editing that we like, you know, short er shorter, shorter we looked at it and then shorter shorter we didn't want anything to drag I felt like you knew instinctively when a image head or footage headed timeline like you just knew when it was done and you sort of because you get bored on this, you start looking around the shot instead of instead of unfolding it and it could be trimmed right down um but I guess the point is is that a minute long? That was a minute thirteen yeah, and so you are good at that. I am like, oh, but the footage is so pretty I want to leave it in you're going to bed and I didn't realize until later I after I'd watch the edit like fifteen times when I get to a clip and I pick up my phone instead of watching it that it was too long yeah, that's, why? I got bored and then I you take saying, yeah, I just feel like, um, you know that it's you like you if you lost your own attention? Yeah, yeah, that was that was triple scoop music. I I searched for just piano background because I had a voice in there and I didn't want it to be a feature. I now feel like I made a huge mistake with that that I could have made the music fifty times stronger. So what? I'm actually at that point, what were going to d'oh, okay, hanna so now what we did was we got and either to friend to look at the footage and just grade it, and that just may change the color a little bit and just make it part make it more contrast, d and if he put some soft wipes on some little flares that I like and things like that and he kept it the same, really, but he just used it up just a little bit, he tied it up, and so I want you to watch it again, and I want you to watch his little vision of it, and now what I'm going to do now, I'm going to take his story. And I'm going teo get someone to re edit it from the whole perspective like I'll show a ll the footage that they took I'll get them to pick an incredible song and I will pay an editor to do that for dawn so that I can use it on my website but what I wanted to show you was how we did it and how easily we actually did this s o this is with a jew shawna my name is don thirty seven years old I am a wife I'm a mother I'm a business owner I have not had my portrait taken since I was seventeen years e feel more beautiful today than I ever had in my entire life and today I want to celebrate it in portrait taken I am done I am a wife I'm a mother wait that was just tweak of an editor so see what he did any put their beautiful pool that contrast through and then he did you hear the music start when she did the talking they pulled the best part of the music he started to even that algorithm that music that feeling and then he changed those images at the end instead of l was just doing the one pull that the elements could do he took it to the next level but did it change how you felt about the story? No so this was my red blaine haley popped a red balloon the other day in front of everybody and didn't direct her subjects to carry on with the filming. What I missed a golden opportunity is dawn has lost ninety pounds and her story is so beautiful about how she has just become this incredible woman and I missed the opportunity to capture that story because I didn't write they shoot this and I knew the story I didn't prepare I didn't get it before shot and I did not film here telling that story because the transformation in her life that she's been through is a relevant message to my brand and I missed it but I still got that but in saying that haley had another balloon and the cool thing about another balloon is that I can shoot more of dawn and I can still capture her story and ed to that video and re edited and get someone to professionally rated that so on we learned a lot about angles and after we watched that even without your coaching on the first day about angle shots susan when I went back through the footage and we were doing too many lifter right hans so the next day we had another photo shoot so we decided to do this again and we did this again with chris and we learned better shots this time didn't way I think we found better angles you'll see there's some little angles here and you'll see that way loot from the first shoot and now the second time we you know, talking into the next level so then I did the garret band's recording again with chris and again I missed a golden opportunity to tell her story which is also absolutely incredible and when you meet I mean I meet women or every week that tell me incredible stories always about their lives and like I said, when women have photographed or human beings have photographed in front of a camera what's inside you comes forward quite quickly and you saying get a sense of where people are in their life and they tell this story you know, when chris told me her story and don't told me his story I was just like you girls are just videos you're just everything about your story should be empowering to the world. So when I met chris I did exactly the same red balloon that I did with dawn okay? Because chris has also been on this incredible life experience over her last five years and she is helping people on youtube by recording herself visual video marketing people she threw her julie she has recorded herself and is helping other people do this and I'm I'm photographing this beautiful woman and I've missed this this was mine and that stick and read alone in two weeks but after I got hailey shoot list I will never miss another one or I will make sure there's other balloons waiting behind me for when I do and the thing is with chris is her chute unfolded and she's just so beautiful and smiling and she has this vibrant gorgeous woman. I hope dawn and chris are both watching today, andy as well, the other line well, I know don is on she made her she weighed her chat name don from suze video, but she said she is crying again thank you both so much, don she's so when I read it that I will put that on my block and put dawn's new video out with appropriate it and we'll see how I can make it even better because his story is beautiful and see if kris is on line two or d her husband there might be shooting a wedding, so chris is her story unfolds and it's a beautiful shade exactly the same thing I watched this vibrant woman I watch his shine and sparkle and she tells me that's chris's before shot uh, not today, okay chris's story is not about losing weight or anything like that christmas story is about I've always felt beautiful I've always been beautiful, I'm loved by my family, I'm loved by my husband, I'm loved by my children, but today I'm just healthy and incredible and that's his story in his message was so clear that I wanted teo capture that. And I missed that opportunity by missing that story. Bored, you know, so but what I still do, what I still do have is the best footage we could take. And we took beautiful footage ofthe issue, and I get the opportunity to go and re do more of that so that I can make that into the sort of story is that I want to tell through my brand through my blogged it's going to be a hard day today because, you know, I got paris coming up and I watched the video this morning, and I was just like you said that they saw it, and I was like, uh, no deals watching today. Say, um, write e I get these stories right? You understand there is a photographer. I get people stories, I capture them. This is my thing. This is my deal. And whatever your thing is, you get the fun of teenagers. You get the vibrancy of young people in l a that is your thing. Everybody has a thing. I told you to find your thing and market your thing. I could tell stories about women through my block because I feel like I would be a woman's magazine. And that their real stories from real people that you can really connect with that tell the truth about these people so if I can put that in my marketing I'm winning what is yours and what are you going to do in your marketing chris's video we didn't put a voice to because obviously we only shot this last week and we work a weekend so we did a small lead it to show you the shots we took and what video will become in terms of story wait wait wait there no way with you wait wait yeah so again it's most basic so that's this live show images edited on elements so really most basic editing that is you'll see that the images wouldn't go full frame at the end there's so much there's so much wrong with that but so much right with that at the same time and yeah so obviously you saw haley carbon and talk because need thio this needs to be about education of where we could have made it better so we started to find different angles and I just wanted to let you know the indeed chris and I are in the chat room watching and sending love and everybody is just in all of what you guys are doing and that you were able to do that and crying of course I feel like because I went to step to and then jump to step without doing with sixty percent between that I feel like I missed opportunity tell a more powerful story than what I was capable of and yet I still managed to create something I could back up my business with you if you go into that not knowing everything else that has taken place or anything else that you could have done you look at that that's great, you know, I would like you said you can put that on your website right now people flock to it and watch it all the time so this is what happened after I did chris after I missed the red balloon on dawn and chris and then I realized that I mr golden opportunity to tell the story better than I did species a week before my creative life I have time to fix that that's okay? But I realized one thing what if I could show a video and and tell a story in another way at the same time? Now what if I could do that? What if I could make a video about the shoot and then tell don't tell don't story tell christmas story and so I realized that this afternoon you're going to see a documentary about paris and you get to see jill story, but what you don't get to see is the whole photo shoot or my story so last night dusty and amy came up to my house till ten thirty last night and they built a page of my website which is not lives, so don't bother going there yeah it's not going to go live not until later where they got to put the video of paris up so that you can watch it on my website, but they also loaded an issue book. Now remember, I always talk about issue the online magazine um plug in that is issue I iss issue you dot com please don't tell me five hundred emails to say what was that website again issue with two years dot com and and then basically I put a story together I created a book of jill's story through paris of the fetish shit, and you can actually scroll through this book and watch the movie, and I realize in terms of advertising how powerful this is because I get to tell two stories now and the biz patters is once from highly in once from me whose is here's this moving and mine aesthetic? And yet you get to see both and I want I really want to see what you think of both, so I thought I'd show you how to do that I would show you how to create an online book that if you can't shoot footage, your story can be told instead of symmetry now I wanted to create a story for chris because I didn't get a video and dawn but then I thought, no, I'm going to go and do the proper video with them and show you how I could make it even better, but the story for paris is coming out this afternoon and when I show you about templates and vouchers and marketing, I'm going to show you about online books that you can put on your website and the best patterns is women love magazines, they can flip the page like a magazine and read the glossy book and it is the most beautiful thing visually that I have seen and I get to show you that today and it is mind blowing, so coming back to the film's way I don't know I feel like that is I don't think I could do better up aside from maybe slightly steady it, but really I understand about I'm still in the show angles were interesting, I'd rather angles interesting than a steady camera I personally think that I would choose that, okay that's interesting, so I feel like we did get some good angles, but they were the best of our footage we didn't take enough footage to be because we did the shoot in the same time we do a normal shit, which is ridiculous, I don't know why we didn't think that every time could you do everything at times so I think well I didn't know that I mean we shot in four hours lace it's absolutely fine here like on that I don't have to hear mike that includes the photo shoot well everything but the cool thing is ok really basic there was something in there that I want you to take notice off did you notice the grating was pushed towards the blues and purples? You know that contrast trading was just upped okay when I shoot a portrait and I opened it and photo shop I give um all of my energy images contrast and then I take my images out ofthe normal skin time right? I try very hard to keep the skin riel but I take it just out of a normal skin tone okay? And the reason I do that is because as soon as you the icy skin is that creamy pink color that only skin has which they can never replicate on cd I by the way the only thing they can do for you on an animal moving but they cannot replicate skin because it's has so many layers and it's so reflective and it always looks fake and but they'll get it and then they'll never have actors again andi I always take my image is just out of that normal look just above it because I want to tweak them in some way and I don't decent rate I left the contrast into towards a color okay, so I really liked the pictures into paints and blows into magenta and blow so we've got the editor to grade that footage into pink and blue now when I show you the very face video that I ever took I this is five years ago when the camera came out and I went aboard it I could not for the life of me I did not know what I was doing I knew nothing about shutter speed anything I just wanted to create a fusion video that would sell this is my very, very, very first ever like practice attempt. Okay um so you can see one thing I'm holding the shots for an eternity um the still stay out there for way too long and when I do shooter in motion she's not really moving that was my favorite shot a time when I edited it the song says look up and she looked up at arthur rose being really amazingly innovative. I was doing big cross fades like a slide show because I didn't know any better um and when she did move she wasn't really doing anything but the most important part other than the slides being typically boring as you can see me directing her so I am actually talking to here and then telling her to move and you can see her listening to may and that is one of the fundamental mistakes that you even make when you're directing somebody in moving footage is to talk to the more you're shooting because if you're talking to them they listen to you when they listen to you the face goes at this and I see it all the time especially with children the shop will open and they will be a child standing there and then the tar guys and then starts running and you think they've obviously said now ran and you know instead of captioning capturing the motion three steps in they capture the listen and then the move and then you see people like everybody stand up and running out of the famous even goes like this and then ran out you know? So also I'm doing left to right pan left to right pan left to right pan left to right pan left to right pan, no other angle other lift right pan and then it's two still now I edited this tio not license song on five years ago and when I played it I totally got it now that I didn't want to put that shot because it was out of focus now I think it's the best shot in there the one shot that I thought was the biggest mistake is actually my favorite shot because I moved and come back so I don't just do a live pan and she's moving and she's moving at the same time so she's moving in I'm moving and that's what haley just taught me if they're moving in you're moving it's okay infect move in different directions crossover that's even bitter or run with them but do not just have them static and then of course, in my editing software that I had I had the opportunity to put a white unit on it so I thought that I want your would be so awesome if I got a wife in here so I did and then she looks did at the end like you and and I kind of like that you did and and its side nobody's moving up she smiled and then it was so funny I figured that this was actually my favorite charlotte the again another focus man but I'm in it's like watching paint dry even though she's incredibly beautiful she is I think I still think it's a great start it's a brilliant stuff, but I do think the main thing that bugs me about this is that every shot is a head shot. Yes, every shot is here because that's how I showed you and so it was all this and I got bored of that and it it's long but I think I can't remember how long it is, but I know that a minute twenty I looked to see how long yeah that's how my god, how long are you gonna have tio tio start taking notes? Are you sure you really you've got it already? But um yeah, and the edit to the music was a little I didn't need it to music. Yeah, and I still can't just so you know, those other two video they're not edited to me take this is gonna be my biggest challenge. I think finding angles in the camera going to be easy. I'm getting better grading the footage with bitter software. I think we could learn that right that you and I could mean that awake, but I feel like the music component will be my biggest challenge and I feel like for the people out there making video for advertising, this is where you were going to fall down. This is where I forget or maybe that your strength ap tech have you edited video before it was this like your first shot? Because if it was, can you do my I've edited in my movie and really make her before ken and I used to do behind the scenes videos for creative live, but we basically were filming on like a flip and then doing it movie maker so I've used premier once before I think so this is the first time I've ever really, you know, stepped it up to this level but I love it I just thrive on it I actually like it as much as shooting my heart races and I'm excited I could be doing it for ten hours and the whole time just like but it was just passion, passion, passion what's that it was your footage editing your footage is so different than editing somebody else's for what was that both of our footage yeah and you got to experience the chute be in the shoot take the shops yeah absolutely what I would want to do both because I know where that moment is and actually when ken and I were doing behind the scenes videos we were like oh who's going to edit this and then I started editing and then she's like oh well should I add it and I was like no no I want to end it all of it so I just I got I'm addicted I played it so play to your strengths right? I don't want to eat it so I'd happily handed over and I was happy to share the shooting off it so I think now first who tries after the angles we've been through the shot list you'll be the storyboard you won't need to jaime thiss week really I can't for dio on and I can't wait to actually start doing that myself and putting out there so if you follow my block if you uh someone who follows my block and you want to see the evolution of doing and christmas story all I can tell you is I stood here and cried because those two women I had the most incredible conversation with both of those women about loving the south and honoring the self and living unauthentic true beautiful life for the children for the husbands who love them it was chris's husband actually was the one that contacted me to book here a photo shoot like she didn't even know and she is so beautiful and when she talks about her husband if re part of her lights up with love and I just felt honored to be around them as clients and I felt honored to be the photographer and tell this story and the message is so strong for women for my brand that if I'm putting I find putting stuff like this on why two channels and and bidding them into my block and putting them on my website what do you think that's going to do for my marketing and it's anybody who's been through that junie to just love who they are that is my death us and that is what I want to communicate so I don't know how many times I have to say how much I love what I do and things you get it you get it but just find what you love and make that happen in your advertising like I said your fun fun fun and I might be cri cri cri front but your fan fan fan so take fan fan fan and make it your love love love you know that's what you are that's what you are you always have right from when I first talked to you about your business I love the idea that you've been together since you were just babies just your lifetime together and how are you now? Twenty nine oh twenty nine you've been together how many years already? Fourteen, fourteen, fourteen years my mom and dad my mom and dad met with fifteen it's a love story you have a love story and you shoot weddings that is your love love love fan fan fan you know what is yours? And if you think doing raced out with jasmine and she's doing three words she's doing really obvious branding is a restart private group on facebook they're doing all of that the unfolding they're over three months work out that base and then start to communicate emotionally through those woods through their brand and then start now rethinking your market because the next few hours I'm going to throw so much stuff it you but if it doesn't come from this place down here, what we talking about now you will not communicate with your marketing, okay? You can't shelter you must tell now um I think it is anything else that you think would help us other than anghel shoot list. I think the other thing with the last video is that your stills and the video looks so almost the same. Yes, so then your stills were not impacting because I'm just saying the same thing. Yes. Okay, so I shot here on the monitor pod like that how I shoot and so really what you said before with my first video is everything they hitch up everything's the same. So that means I'm shooting video exactly the same way I shoot stills, but I'm just moving my client. And what did I, dave, my nan? Because it's, what I do right? I make people do that, but I love that shot. I I'm just the not the first one that I thought all the angles fantastic, the last one of crystal you're right, I'm on the money part. I've shot his stills and the footage and exactly the same frame. Yes, so your footage is that because you have susan on the behind the scenes stuff and you make seven time it changes. But if I had taken more footage and that camera one because the camera one locked off was so beautiful because the depth of field and even dawns in slow motion and chris moving slowly like that to me was so beautiful and camera but you're right I got the same footage I didn't do anything different I just made I did like teen clips the same yep. Ok same or variety more angles, more consistency in the chute on and now start working towards editing with music and a little bit steadier on the camera yeah, obviously give it if you were doing that, maybe yours would also realize that I was you try and get always angles on water but I was, you know, doing the right pan. Yeah, way it breaks right? We'll have to go by figuring maybe you need a video monitor. Yes, with state on it because it's really okay. Thank you, haley thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, sir roderick be oh, it wass and you just did such a beautiful job and I when it comes to images, I'm really in the control freak with my shoots because I wantto produce with that. Is it my level constantly? I've tried always to farm out my work and I can't now I know that it's financially viable to go and get a neat eater but financial viability and compared to giving a product that is a supervised product that comes from my heart and soul that is edited from my heart and soul that is everything that I haven't do is not with financial viability. If that's what you think I could make more money by giving it away, I make more money by having hat I have more hot by doing what I love giving an eat it away to somebody is one of the hardest things I ever had to do. But four days out from creative live, I handed that over to susan, who shot half for herself, and I didn't look at it because I trusted that she was going to bring me exactly what was meant to be there, and I've learned so much now that I'm just amped about making incredible behind the scenes off my clients without hiring videography is to do it. I was just going to say, and this isn't a cut on hayley's working all that like if you had not told us that that was not shot by her that's their similar enough and the quality is there because of just shooting them that it's still has that same feeling and it's still pushes that same emotion for me ways that it's like, oh that's, just a beautiful the beauty exists, uh, there's a really great quote coming up saying it's from saint laurent um I learned about women's dresses it's not the dress that the woman in it and I think there is definitely a lot to be said for emotion off any kind in a show reel now you could not look at it, trevon kiwi shall we say not godless and when he jumps and she smiles and then she pulled it looks over there all that made me smile infact I watched his show reel at this now that that's great and I'm like yeah like this I watched on site there e I like cry cry cry too so that's why we're on the same page that's my thing too but if it's my brand and we'll be out of communicate with that's why right thinking right so well thanks for having faith in me I appreciate it and the loungers susan are just clapping and everyone is very, very impressed but also just seeing your enthusiasm is inspiring them that they can do it too. And so wait susan roderick and I can do that before we did hayley's video class then imagine what we can do now I need you to start now over the next few hours and when you start looking at your marketing plan, I need you to come from that place that we just talked about if you're not coming from you got haley's right I got the fan, the laughter, that creativity, the inspiration you've got, why she does what she does. Did you not feel that when she spoke to you? Did you not see that in her images in her movies? Now you've got mine. You know what, minus it's, totally different from hers, but it's a a message to a different audience of people, and you've got that as well. And yet people like mine antis so this part of her family, in part of my transformation that people get find yours now write it, write it out what it is because when I come back, I'm going to assault you with a marketing plan, and you must speak through that, and I want you to be really, really, really, really christians. Okay. First question from terra read photography, how do you get the client story? I chatted with my clients and they don't open up to me as much as I would like do I just asked them, tell me your story. And similarly, morning, jack had asked if the voiceover was scripted for dawn. Now it was doing so. Dawn and chris both spoke to video. When you hear both of them, you'll be blown away by what they see it. I said to do on I asked her questions I say doing I want to put a voice over to your video I want you to tell mei I want you to introduce yourself she said I'm doing I'm thirty seven years old I'm a wife I'm a mother I'm a business owner I thought that was so interesting why did she say she was a business owner? I will put that in her before shot because she looks so shy and the reason she was laughing and it before shot is because she was in front of me with, you know, fluffy here and no makeup on and I'm taking a shot of there and I jokingly said to hear old dorn you look terrible and she with all of this and I took that shop and we laughed about it and then um when she spoke yeah, this no script I talked to her about it I said, what would you want to say to your, um what would you want to say to your family about this she's the one that said I have not had my portrait taken since I was seventeen years old seventeen years old that's twenty years so there's twenty years of life and there that her children will not own an album and if there's not a beautiful portrait in there that you love, you need to get in front of a camera and she also said that she said, I want my children to know how to love themselves and chris and chris's voice over um I don't want to run it because you're going to get the story it was beautiful and they told me real stories how do we get people to tell my story? I talked to them and get them to talk to me, but I don't talk at them and I don't go, so tell me a story you know, if you're not connecting to somebody and they're not talking about yourselves, I'm sorry, but people see my camera on the money part and they start telling me everything and I don't know if it's me I don't know, I know other people are like that, right? Alan and I think you just meet some people and you want to talk to them, but I genuinely want to hear about you like tell me look, I'm not a fear with kind of person like small talk drives me nuts I really I'm not a small talk if I go to a party, I don't want to talk to you. If you've got small talk, you want to talk about the way that I'm not interested tell me what excites you? You know what do you do for a living that's real to you? Where were you at metaphysically emotionally, financially, intellectually is that not right way? We're sitting at the table last night, doesn't it to mei what do you say? I said every time we talk to you, such a head trip, like all I do is go home and just think about it all the things I'm doing wrong in my life and all the things I needed, like all my states of mind and all the things in considering how I look at the world and for days conversation, that is like, yeah, that's a conversation mean, honey, wear better, you know, I want to grow as a human being, I want lin lin from people I want to know about wealth building a business building and life building, and I want to open my mind, I want expansion and I want life and I want abundance and and I know that I could get because when I learn and read about that stuff, I'm just captivated by this is the conversation that I have these conversations I have with people who are making me a website at ten thirty eight nine. Ted hailey, I talked about it a little bit yesterday, but like, how did you how did you get past that initial fear of, like, what if or I don't really know what exactly I'm all about, you know, I mean, like did you just start doing it? You know, you do know what you're about. Everybody does there's no such thing as I don't know it's like when you say to people, what do you want to do with your life? And they go? I just don't know and you go, you that's not true because everybody dreams. Unfortunately, you just don't believe you can do it. So the truth is is when you say I don't know what I'm all about tell me this what do you always talk about with your clients? Where is the one go to conversation you have with your friends? What is the conversation you randomly have with strangers? That conversation you have all the time. What is the conversation you have with your wife? What is the conversation that you constantly comes up in your life? What is your first priority? Who comes first in your life? Your wife and kids? Then what? What part of your wit comes first what's the go to thing that you own that you look at that you have those your highest values. When you look at those conversations that you're constantly having that's where you are, that's, how you find out what your thing is? You find out what your thing is, because it's the thing you do every day without trying to do it. If you try to make yourself go to the gym and you fail mostly most of the week, that is not your things. The person whose thing is the gym goes every day without trying twice a day, maybe works as a personal trainer loves it, put the hot pants on, it goes well, this is the third person that stands, you know, that I've got this personal trainer in my head that says, get up soon and go for around and I'm like, shut up, you know, she's, not a priority to me, so I do know, and I'm like, shut up and I'm gonna do it. There does not value of my life, whatever your values are that's, where you met that's, where you come from, that you seem to that now and you work out that what it you know, you might be surprised, you know, you might be surprised

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Video is a powerful tool for bringing the story of your business to life. Learn how to use still photos and video together to create dynamic products that promote your business from Sue Bryce and Hailey Bartholomew.

Sue and Hailey take you through the process of producing a promotional video from inception to completion. You'll learn how to develop a video concept and establish your messaging. Hailey shows you how to prop and prepare a shoot and covers the 10 essential steps you must follow for every video production. You'll learn how to use Final Cut Pro to weave together still photos and video clips and how to pair that footage with music. Sue brings it all together and shows you how to integrate video into your marketing and how to effectively spread the word on social media.

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