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Lesson 24/30 - The Light That Shines - Jill's Story


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The Light That Shines - Jill's Story

You've seen her progression from her first video through to her portrait work through to her visual work through her marketing and as she progresses as she progresses further than us along the line she becomes a documentary maker a little filmmaker and she will become a storyteller ofthe great capacity because it is his skill so haley started a documentary cord three hundred sixty five days of gratitude now I wanted to spray if we talk about that before we get to paris because that's how it launched into her coming to paris and ironically she started three sixty five grateful as a side project to work on her first documentary and then the opportunity came up to come to paris with us and she jumped on the opportunity to come and film jill and so the irony is who's sick and documentary will be her first ever released documentary and it's so wonderful to see a little mini doc oh that will tell a story of the sky great proportion and I look forward to win three hundred sixty five days of g...

ratitude comes out so there's a couple of things I want to say before I go any further about that and that is three hundred sixty debt five days of gratitude is a year off gratitude I talk a lot about gratitude and my branding I talk a lot about gratitude and my um facebook on my life on my block because because I was somebody who was a bit of a victim intel they couldn't make money couldn't sell my work I really had to learn over the years that my attitude wass paramount into becoming successful and I did it by simply leaning that if you have a positive mind us successful in your negative mind your blocks and fears and I also realized that blocks and fears are really nothing they don't exist without a negative voice if you deal with that negative voice it goes away and I started to turn around my money situation, my business everything and so I've always been a little bit of it it's an attitude of gratitude kind of girl and I've always loved there and when I met hayley on dh I hired her to do that video I searched on the internet and of course she has a facebook page which is pretty three sixty five grateful so three sixty five grateful is here facebook page you can click on it and like and have a look at it three sixty five grateful is the logo right there and the idea with the logo for three hundred and sixty five days of grateful came from haley not being in a good place personally so starting a personal project that will end up becoming a film that will change lots of people's lives so you woke up one day uh I woke up one day and I realized I I didn't want to get up well a few days of that more than a few and I thought this isn't good, I'm not being the mom I can be the best mom I can be or the best partner I could be and I knew in my head that life was really good for me I did have a good life I have a beautiful husband healthy children, you know? But I felt so flat about life no excitement, no passion, nothing so I thought I'd better go see someone because I'm not doing well. So when thornton and she basically said to me the secret to happiness is reflection and gratitude and so she said you could spend time every day, the end of every day take time and think through the whole day see if there's anything you could be grateful for and she said, just do it for ten days just practice and just write it down. So I did ten days of writing it down and I was absolutely blowing away like completely blown away about what I was seeing in my life that I hadn't been seeing because of where my headspace was and then I thought I'm a star running I'm running so I started taking polaroids and sharing them on flicka and every day I took a polaroid and I search for the good things in my life and I found so many that after a while I was only taking one photo a day because I didn't want to use all my polaroid up but uh I couldn't I was arguing about what was in the photo you know what? What photo should it be but some of the things that that changed in my life over that year that the project totally change my life and one of the first things I noticed was my husband and no no no um his a really amazing man and I was just feeling like why isn't he more romantic and I kept thinking listen here guys I kept thinking this isn't very exciting and in them I loved him but it wasn't just not very romantic or exciting like movies and things that I get a bit carried away with and the project decided to make me realize how absolutely beautiful he was to me every single day and I started to see things that I hadn't been seeing and it actually happened when he gave me the biggest piece of pie one night and I hadn't taken the photo for the day was five pm delight was going all psycho crap was with the a photo world oh my grateful for today and I looked around I turned around and he didn't even know I was watching you grabbed the biggest piece of pie and he put it on my plate and he gave himself the small sliding bit and uh and I was like, on my card, if I had not been searching in that moment for that something to be grateful for, I wouldn't have even seen it and it's such a realization for me that we do that with so many people in our lives, we want them to be something that is a fantasy, and we don't see what all the beautiful things they are, he is amazing to me every day he makes me tea and messages my feet. And in that year, I if I collected all those photos this so many times, like I was ringing, complaining to him at work that I am hot, we don't have a neck condition. Can he ride home on his bike and buy me ice cream? I mean, so what you think about expands when you are a visual storyteller like haley, what you go through becomes a visual creation for you, you can create galleries and movies with feeling that turn out to be like this. And then all of a sudden, she's telling a story that becomes a little film that she's been working on that tells people how to be grateful for their life, and that is an amazing project, and it is going to be so wonderful to see that come to fruition. And I cannot wait and I knew she wouldn't be out to talk about it without crying because he even told me about it christ told them about it, she cried it close to your heart and the truth is, is that said, you know, if you can be grateful, you can heal anything and gratitude and this is another reason that we got to jill because I'm talking to haley about gratitude. I started to practice gratitude every day. I just want you to be grateful it so hard to be grateful for the simple things you have in your life and it's so hard to, I think there's a really famous quote where it says the one she loved the most get the worst of you because you rail on them and then you're polite to a stranger so a stranger gets your politeness and the people you love, they get your venting and it's like when you were grateful for something all of a sudden, everything changes. So I was having overwhelming gratitude on creative life on my last creative life, where I just I just couldn't believe how I got here because, you know, I couldn't speak to a roomful of people two years ago I was crippled by public speaking four years ago, I was crippled by marketing my business in australia six years ago, I was crippled by making money how did I get here? I mean, I know I've worked hard, I've worked had through all the steps have changed the way I think feel and put out there and really did make a significant difference to my life. So I'm sitting here on the last night, and I get the email from nikki closer, nicki costs are sent me an email from so I'm how am I gonna get through this? I'm gonna get through this. You watch this, you're right, they don't hi. Here we go. So, nicky classic scenes mean email and she tells me this story about chill sometimes something just resonates with you. I don't know what it is. I get so many beautiful stories on emails, stories, just life stories have blown me away, but there was something about nikki and jill story that just made me want to respond mostly it was gratitude, the gratitude I have right now for the position that I'm in. I also realized I'd had a really great working here. I have a fully booked here and I could share something off myself now. I was having a big wind about going to paris on my own because I won a trip to paris and nobody wanted to go, none of my friends. I wanted to go they wanted to go but number one could so I'm like two weeks out my first holiday in nine years and I'm going to paris by myself what am I gonna do in paris by myself and I was not happy about it I always thought about giving it away I didn't know what to do next minute I'm sitting here and I meet jill and I meet till uncreative life and I and nikki closer she said something to me that day she said I don't want anything from you I just want you to critique the images that I've taken for jill because deal wants to tell her story to the world and I want the photos to be good enough for my best friend and nicky's um she's you know starting a business and she's becoming a great little photographer but she was concerned that she got one shot to tell your story and she reached out to me and she said I would do anything in this world to get you to photograph deal and I couldn't because I was fully booked as fully booked before my holiday and after so I realized in that moment I was fully booked before my holiday and after so I thought I'm going to take him on holiday with may and I did and when I put that out there I talked to haley the next day and he was like, I'm coming and then I spoke to haley again, and she bought rowing and timpson rowing it'd sound for us the entire time we're there. Then I spoke with jamie stevenson, and she said, I'm coming, too, and she brought her camera and did all the behind the scenes shot. And then I spoke to sierra smith from syrian tobin, who are creative life created. Five regulars here came in, did the hair and makeup from canada. So I had two girls flying from australia, one from kentucky, one from cierto, myself from l a, um, brisbane, brisbane and then sally saw good was in london and sell. He decided to come along, too, and so she made us in paris, and within forty eight hours I had a team of eight women, a symbol to go on holiday with me in paris to tell jill story, and he is the beauty of storytelling and being visual creators, we got to photograph dill and now communicate dill story, which was who desired to the world. And I have this incredible platform of being able to speak here so I can reach that out to us many people in the world as I can that can then go and share jill story for jill, this is not a story about me. This is not a story about haley. This is a story about asked meeting a girl who needed to tell a message to the world and we help to do that through l media and throughout creative experience now dustin built a page last night on my website which we'll go live in an hour so don't bother going on my website yet because it's right here I'm not gonna let it go alive until I finished talking and then he can get up and go and do it on that page is deals documentary jules documentary is also on my video account anna's on hayley's vimeo account and it will be on both of our blog's so don't just crash my blogged and we will talk we're going to spread it out as far as we can you can embed this video where ever you want to share it if you would like to share deal story to the world and we would like to help jill brzezinski connolly share her story her facebook page is your present ski conley bit breast friends and you can go on there you can like your page and connect with till that way to share the story to us many people as you can um because that was jill's desire right? So the desire for me to create an issue book was to tell my side of the story haley got to tell her story in a documentary and I get to tell minor stills this is the power her and I both have. I'm a stills photographer that wants to say something, and she is a filmmaker that wants to say something, so I've created this beautiful little issue book, and this is this is not how it navigates because obviously it's on my web site, but this is how I let me just designing an issue issue dot com isis you again. The issue magazine, as a features above the video is just a double banger of advertising. That's what I've been talking about, you have single page template. You have double play to templates to make a mega scene design off your pity if online plugin and connect to it. It's um, it's only twenty dollars a month and you could have this media on your website now advertising your business with the team plates with given away on this course. It's so easy, it's not funny and it's incredible! This is what the page looks like on my web site, so this is the documentary that hayley is shot it. Sears read this story and then it says, watch this movie now, in terms of marketing, this could be the most amazing way to connect your behind the scenes or anything you want to connect on your website this expands to full page, it looks like this and it never gates like a magazine when you turn the pages it's absolutely beautiful really easy to use really easy to install really affordable so I created a little issue story I'm going to tell show you my little magazine and then I'm going to play you hayley's documentary so this story here for me waas a bit of a life changer and I guess the thing is is I'm not going to apologize for being emotional because I am you know I can apologize for being moved by the story because you can't not be and I can't apologize for standing here talking with a really high voice at this for next team that's gonna probably am going to do that so this's what I would want to say about paris and this is how I would want to show it this is how I put it on my website and this is how I want to share it and then I want to play this little film fear and it is fifteen minutes long jill stories fifty minutes long that absolutely beautiful to watch and I cannot wait to show this is being we've been working on it since the death of seventeen back deal in paris this is jill's issue cover still paris photo shoot by surprise okay thiss year I want australian portrait photographer of the year I want a trip to paris on my own they don't mean it go name too I hope his friend raged out to me when I was teaching on creative life. Joe was married for only three months when she lost both of her breast to breast cancer. She was only thirty two years old. Her only request of me was to critique her photos. You see, dil wants to tell her story so I took them to paris and I was not on my own anymore. Sorry that was the hottest one twenty four hours we had a simple to team from halfway around the world to shoot jill story. These woman donated their time for jill either grateful loving gratitude director and formica haley bartholomew from brisbane growing timpson, brisbane amy stevenson, las vegas serious men think over kelly said good melvin two opposite ski connelly from kentucky and nicky cross a bit different from zero with mei in paris paris what shall I wear a steven clue gown I will never forget. The first time I saw this gown I have never felt a moment of such overwhelming gratitude when you seriously handed me this gown for jolt or beer from sydney to paris in her own suitcase. Stephen khalil, you are a dream maker stephen khalil makes these counts for brides and women and he is the single most beautiful designer I have the same he handed me this gown and let me take it to paris for delta where it was it was beyond a dream I didn't think it was something I could ever ever have gotten, and he just handed it over and I remember the first time she saw it and his fist will, and in that moment I realized that I didn't even know her measurements when I asked for that dress in it fit to like a glove, and it was just perfect. Um, jill still has one implant, so she chose not to were pacific for her other because she doesn't weigh one she's just so gorgeous, and then we started to shoot her around paris. Over the years, I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who was wearing it. If sang nam jill has a light that is so bright she loves and everybody laughs with her, she is one of the most considerate, generous people I've ever made in my life there she is sick with cancer, and we're on the metro in paris and she got up to let other people sit and hit here always stood she always put everybody else first she's such a beautiful girl and watching her go around paris in this gown was like the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen, and I remember right then in this moment when we first left the hotel room and we found the red doors I knew right then when I started to take the fear siri's of images that this took my breath away the dress jill in it and everything that came together to make this possible we shot her through windows we shot her all over paris and every one of these images to me a beautiful there are two ways of spreading light to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. Edith warton everything about this girl is beautiful and the experience of being with her in paris was just incredible. She danced under the eiffel terror it dawn we chauffeured around the city of love and it rained and rained and rained and rained but we were in paris we walk through the loop we just discovered so many beautiful places all of these locations altogether more amazing his name angel this is outside the lo ve still sent me this can't say cannot doe cancer is limited, it can cripple love they cannot shed a hope cannot corrode faith and it cannot eat away at peace they cannot destroy confidence cannot kill a friendship shut up memories silence courage cannot quench the spirit easy but he is a light that shines out from inside you when you hold someone's gaze and you can see it everybody has it it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen to bryce we went to the bridge of love locks and she put a lock on the bridge for bat her husband joe has a tattoo on her wrist it says bad angel bad in angel because he really is his angel and he said you're beautiful man it was such a vision of meat you back this is mr trump tio I truly hope after watching this documentary in looking at these amazing pictures that you will go and have a total physical exam I kick myself often for ignoring the signs and I are nate north um because I was not educated about grace's cancer if I knew then what I know now I always wonder where I would be today. I think the hardest time for me is the summertime I feel myself esteemed gets a little tested I said at the pole and I stare at these women who are so lucky to have beautiful breasts that I once head in may I took them for granted then I find myself snapping back to reality I looked down at my breasts and I think, why am I even complaining I am alive this one from me my name is surprise I'm a portrait photographer I've been photographing women for twenty three years meeting and photographing dill has been an awakening for me a time to confront my own fear in opposition through acceptance in gratitude because I want to change the conversation the internal conflict that we have with ourselves that depletes and consumes us when we could be nourishing and loving. I want to change the way you see yourself and value all that you are because we do not have time for that conversation and I will endeavor to live a fuller, braver, richer life for meeting you, joe killing bat if you're alone, I'll be a shadow if you want to cry, I'll be your shoulder if you want to hug I will be your pillow and if you need to be happy I will be your smile but any time you need a friend I'll just be me so that's little paris book this is the amazing woman who flew halfway around the world away from her family for eight days to shoot a documentary and her beautiful style and now we get to play it for you. Everyone ready, e if I could change one woman's life, I feel like I would die the happiest woman. Just fact one woman I would feel like I accomplished something. She has been on quite a journey that has been a very difficult one, but also very inspiring one. Because she is turning this into a very positive experience, it was day for off creative life and create a life for me your presentation every day and giving us a matter to physically cannons both emotionally and physically really draining on the last night before our final day, I was just checking my e mails and I came across it and I just live mickey story and something incredible resonated in my intuition and my soul and I just so I have to speak so that's going with you to speak to this girl and I love back immediately I said call me I said that I have can I have a dear friend who, um was diagnosed with cancer three years ago and who, uh was in remission? And jill is someone who is beautiful and strong and hilarious and brings a positive energy and humor to every situation, including cancer and that her dream was to inspire other women to feel ok with their bodies. What, whether there's any form of cancer any anything that has caused your body to look different from what society, how society says our body should look I was still kind of li I thirty five years old I was born and raised in michigan, moved to las vegas, lived there for eleven years well, I was living in las vegas. I met my husband bart and we instantly fell in love and he lived in kentucky, so I went to visit him in kentucky, and then he came to visit me and vegas, and when we're dropping him off the airport, he was like, I just can't imagine having the wait two weeks to see you so I was like, well, what do you want me to do? Do you want me to hit the gas, or do you wanna get out of the car and go back home and he's, like, hit the gas? So that's what I did and he honestly never left. I was diagnosed with breast cancer, thirty one and so I went through sixteen gruelling rounds of chemo, and then I went through radiation and then a total of five surgeries in a double vasectomy, and then, unfortunately, my left prostate removed the implant because it got infected from the radiation and I was in remission for a little over a year. And then about seven months ago, I was diagnosed with stage four incurable bogey answer so that's, where I'm kind of right now, first time that I set back and I was actually sitting with simona and creative live, and I sit back and I looked at the email, I spoke to nicki, and I said to someone, I'm going to take them to paris two weeks ago when I found out that super ice was take me in a paris was one of the best days of my entire life I just was so amazed and excited that somebody was going to help tell my story and being in paris has been absolutely amazing in the group of women that have come out to share this experience with me um it's they're they're amazing and unbelievable when I uh found out that I had breast cancer it was one day before my birthday it was the worst day I went in and he was like, you know I'm ninety nine point nine percent you have cancer and I was like why I can't have cancer I just moved here I just got married I'm too young and I'm like a vegas girl like I like I'm a party girl and it was just devastating I was sorry on then just and then when they pulled out to my house my husband I was standing in the driveway interested look on its face it says something that you'll never forget it's just hard like when you go through a double mastectomy it's the worst pain but it's indescribable how painful it is and you just don't have any pride left you your husband you're like a baby couldn't shower unit you had to do everything for me so you just you just have no pride and he was just amazing and most people that have been married for, like, thirty years don't even go through this and here were married for six months, and I mean, we just have been through helen, back and that's, why he's just he's my rock, my angel, my anniversary, um was it's my husband's birthday too? So I was smart on that one because he could never forget our universe adversary or I will forget his birthday. So anyways, he, um we went to a really nice restaurant, and so I wanted to feel super beautiful sexy for him, so I would they want this long redwood fruit wig and I pin it on my eye, browse and got eyelashes, so we're sitting at dinner and I am so hot because when you were away when you have here it's completely different than wearing a wig when you're bald, when you're bald anywhere away, it's like a heater is on top of your head, so I'm sitting there and I'm sweating and I'm sweating, so I go in the bathroom and I was like, screw it just ripped the wig off, ripped the eyelashes off what washed the eyebrows off and I'm like, this isn't me, I come back to the table and the waiter was like, can I help you know, like he already did? And he was just like are you kidding me like I look like a completely different person and my husband bart just was like that's more like it you're being this's you you look beautiful when you go through cancer it's not just you that is going through cancer it's your family it's your friends it's all your loved ones I mean they're going through it right with me wait I choose not to wear prosthetic I have one but it's hot it's heavy and one day I was like, you know what again this isn't me and I chose to be who I am and be proud of it to be beautiful and yeah, people stare when I wear sundresses or tight shirts or anything I wear they stopped and stared I could care less and that's why I wouldn't to photograph me I decided not to wear it because I just want to show all women that you can be beautiful and sexy and why we're prosthetic in a photo shoot when I don't wear it in my real life hee joo and I I think it was a committed to sixth grade and um we just instantly became friends she's always been someone to make people laugh and put on a show and she's just always been the person to bring laughter everything wait it's um it's the light that shines out of people's eyes when they look at you and when you hold the gays, and then everything else falls away, and then you see their true self and it's just staring back at you, and it is magnificent, and everybody has it. Ah, I can speak for all of us to say that wait can't imagine a life without her, and we don't want to imagine a life without her ways. The reason we're here in paris is because women all over the world who are going through this way want to make sure they're feeling supported and comfortable and beautiful while they're going through this while we're trying to find a cure and that's why we're here and that's why jill is telling the story every year victoria's secret has a huge fashion show it's always you know which supermodels gonna have the honor of wearing the million dollar bra. I would love it to be a cancer survivor, because in my opinion, after everything that woman's gone through just that moment that she puts that broth on, I just I want her to feel like a million dollars because she should, especially after everything she just went through it's been an opportunity of a lifetime, and I just can't wait to share this story, and if we can change one life, then all of our dreams come true, so thank you, way can show everybody through her how teo just be so beautiful so beautiful with those scars on and that then anybody could pretty much anybody could pretty much confront anything in themselves after seeing something that beautiful and I will say that the entire time that she was without clothes I never saw any scars on her body I only saw thiss increased fold smile and just means nothing to anybody to look upon someone and say there's something wrong with you it's nothing you only see beautiful is the most beautiful thing it's just incredible to say wait theo wait mmm isn't that beautiful? It sent not the most beautiful thing you've it was saying still, I hope you're watching right now I know you having a party a home in kentucky thank you. Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you for coming to paris with me, jaime thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for coming to paris with me, sirrah. Jamie celie. Nicky rosina thank you for doing that for giving your time to deal people out there that are watching. Please share this and build it here it here it for jill it's a live on my website now it's on my video page it's on hayley's fumio page uh the light that shines it's going to go live on my website right now ah, the light that shines a documentary for all is on the menu you can open that you can look at the issue magazine you can go to video and hit sheer copy being bid and put it on your facebook page on your block the more people that we show to tell jill story and the power of all social media and the power of el storytelling for this story to go as far as it can go uh will be the greatest gift that you could ever give me give jill give hayley and I think before we move on I just like to say deals message was on that magazine I would like everybody to hear that I heard a quote by nancy reagan who that said do not be afraid of a mammogram the afraid of cancer okay um if you've had anybody in your life that has been through cancer then you know to spread that story spread that message make sure you're educated jill wasn't educated about ridge bruce cancer because she was ready when he is old so why would she be it's you know and that's exactly right um meeting this woman and sharing the story would probably be the greatest gift of my career off photographing women um and everything about my experience with making this film has contributed to who I am is a photographer who I am is a human being and I just feel like bless beyond measure that I got to play it on here on this platform that has supported me throughout this last year and thank you so much creative five thank you craig swanson thank you for letting me play they're insuring that and thank you so much for all the support of the people out there that like jill's page when I when they first heard the story and connected with this story and she ate it it is just so amazing that you would do that um thank you but for being a great husband and I just so happy to call you guys friends and and I want to say thanks to barton jill to for their openness and um willing to wholeheartedly share their story and let me film them over and over and over for all my ideas and there's a lot that didn't make it but um I really feel on thank you for asking me to make that film I don't think I could have asked anybody else I don't I don't know anybody that could have done it the way he did and you managed to tell every part of that story right down to her love for a husband as well and it was just beautiful and before we move and can I have some faith bag uh absolutely um feedback it is I think it's just overwhelming for people um feedback is that it's the most beautiful thing they've seen most beautiful story they've seen um, this has to inspire me to something for her. This has inspired me. Thank you, sue. Um, beautiful visual, outstanding job. I think lots of tears, um, brought back dear and precious memories of my late mother. Thank you for that let's from sabina. I can only imagine that everyone out there has somebody in their life. Um, that has been affected by cancer, and I just thank you. Um, so I can read some more comments, if you like. Until? And I talked about this at length. Um, there was a quote it was by william while I said, everybody dies, that most people don't get to live and this nice secret that we don't get out alive. I felt like joe had been delivered a death sentence, and she did too when she goes through all the bad news and the treatment, and it made me realize that to turn your camera on someone and to let them feel beautiful for a short amount of time to connect with them, and that way I gave her a piece and knowing and experience that took her away from being the sick girl with cancer right now and that yes, it is, I burn cantor now, and it is at a ah hi stage and she is fighting that but the truth is is when I watched the documentary I was my biggest fear that the hero off the documentary wasn't a happy ending and then I realized that it wasn't about the heavy ending it is a happy ending right now because I got to meet here thousands of you get to media teens of thousands of people will now get to media you will be reminded to live a braver, fuller, richer life because I wass you remember to bring laughter to every platform because she does you will remember to take every moment that you're given because you never know how long it is and what a beautiful reminder to live strong live live with a big laughing smile on your face and lived to your fullest and I just felt like the message and there was far stronger that she's embraced herself ginny and she's doing the best that she can and she has the support of the family and a husband and it was just such a beautiful experience such an amazing story to tell honored to be able to tell it and thank you to everyone who is already saying that they're sharing it on there are facebook pages and blog's wow and I cannot wait to see where that guy's for jill yeah ah isn't film cool because you get shit somebody else's story like that you can't make a film about it themselves and I I feel it insanely honored to be able to do that with your help and yeah, I think it brings it home as well that it's such an amazing medium and ah hope you'll feel inspired to go until your story with some buddies tell your own story kept other people's stories and um yeah jericho how neat that you've got to see haley three days ago show her fist movie and then go through and show her latest movie and how wonderful that you get to see the progression off a career and that you get to also see the beginning mode and how also wonderful that even though her picket fenced in was really rudimentary and shot run form and everything it's still made me feel and she's still telling stories that make me feel and that's what it's all about so yeah and just one final comment that just came through I think a lot of women in the chat room are saying that they have been afraid to go get a mammogram and this documentary is encouraging them to do so, which I think was jill's was was jill's point in the first place it's so you're already accomplishing what you wanted to accomplish chilled by that yeah absolutely do not be afraid to do that do not be afraid I just want to say like, um I've been thinking a lot this weekend about, you know what I said in my video when I sent in was just, oh, my gosh, now, seriously, it was just that I feel so blessed to do what I do because what you guys have done for me is giving me permission to do what I do. You give me permission by saying you can do it and encourage me through things like creative live and just being the people that you are is you've given me permission to do what I feel blessed to do, which is help other people see that their lives are beautiful things, you know, things like this, that we can take photography and video and blogging and the words that we have on a daily basis and give that as a gift to the people that we work with and that to me, it's just like all the things we learned this week, and I've been incredible from business, but when we're able to wrap it into something like this that's, meaningful it's, like it blows my mind that we get to do that on a daily basis. And why would you want to do anything else with your business? You know, it's weird, but we do do that every day, and I just feel like when we took deal on that journey for her, it was an experience, but for us. Um the experience was not shooting her because that's what he does and for me it wasn't shooting here in paris there you know I'm limited by shooting outside is a photographer so I had challenges my gift was meeting her and connecting with here is a human being how wonderful that I get that gift and so you know the whole story everything about it is just so beautiful and and I love that anybody could even want to spend more feeling time or or just more connection in the business for their life after saying that and you're right I get to do that every day and I did still completely lucky and blessed that I do it I still get sick of it I still have to rejuvenate my attitude and my experiences and everything that I do but mostly I'm just like wow how lucky am I every day that is gratitude you start with gratitude and you know nothing nothing can ever ever bring you down if you are in a grateful mind the grateful mind is the most incredible mind that you can have and it really helps you move forward would you like to say anything else about paris um well I think you covered all the thank you's but I felt this time agreeing with suze thank you's for all those people specially rowena who made me laugh the whole time when I was feeling like crying a lot of time uh, but I also think you asked a really good question about being afraid. And this job felt bigger than I was able to do. And I did it out of life is bigger than I was able to do. But I did it. And it's. Not that you don't feel afraid, but it's, that you do it and that you try it. You try again if you fail, and I just hope people understand that you know, that's, a really big part of norway, with growing and having a good feeling alive as well. But mostly, I just feel honored to be here and to have met jill, too. Yeah.

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