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Animation Basics

Animation is actually quite easy in InDesign. What I'm going to do is open the animation panel just here. You can see at the moment, it's all blank because there's nothing going on. What I'm going to do is just zoom out on my document just a tad there, okay. I'm gonna, actually go just a little bit further, like so. One of the things I need to do here, and this is common with interactive publishing, is actually change the pasteboard size. I'm gonna nip up to the preferences. I'm gonna come down here to find the Guides and Pasteboard. What I'm going to do is actually add some extra width around that, because I'm gonna be moving stuff on and off the document. The pasteboard is optimized for just a small area around it for print, but in interactive you need a bit more because you're gonna move elements on and off. The horizontal's just fine. It's just vertical here, I'm just going to increase that. I'm going to make that around about 200 pixels there. Give me plenty of room. Now, if I zoo...

m out slightly, can you see that the gap between the documents has increased? I've got plenty of room for the content to move on and off. What I'm going to do is I'm gonna select this little InDesign cube up here and I'm gonna drag that off the pasteboard like so. What I can do is animate that onto the pasteboard. In many cases, what you'll actually want to do is actually bring this to the location it's going to end up, but we can override that, as you'll see later on. I'm gonna choose this preset here, Fly in from Top. Now, when I do that, the InDesign butterfly here shows me what that would look like, just in case I was confused about what Flying from Top actually meant. Here's the thing, can you see this green path that's coming from it? That's not going to end up on the document, which is why I've taken it out there. You can override that and we'll talk about that later on, but now if I drag that down, you'll see the motion path comes with it. The motion path is where it's actually going to begin. If I zoom in here so it's easier for you to see, okay, there you go. That's where it's gonna begin. The center of the object will begin up here and then it'll come down. It'll be slightly poking onto the page when it begins. I'm gonna test that out for you by clicking on this small preview icon here and using the EPUB interactivity panel. If I click on that, it opens this panel like so. I'm just gonna need to maximize that, because it's not been run today yet. Let me just bring that out a bit, like so. Just down at the bottom here, I'm gonna play this layout. Can you see that glides on? You also see you don't notice where it is at the very beginning, because it's got some opacity going on there as well. We'll look at the animation properties a bit later in this particular segment, but that's working just fine now. I'm just going to actually dock the EPUB interactivity preview panel with my interface. I'm just dragging that over to here to this column. When it lights up blue, I'm just gonna release it there. That way I can click and launch that as I need to do. Okay, so we've got that one going on. I'm just gonna zoom out a little bit and then I'm gonna pick up the first of these shapes here. I've got some semi-transparent shapes. Put those back into place and let's add some more animation. What I'm gonna do this time, I think I'll choose Fly in from Left. You can see where I'm going with that. Then, I'll go for the one down at the bottom here and I'll choose Fly in from Right. Okay, so that's gonna move in to that location. Let's test that out. I'm just gonna play the layout and you can see that those things glide in. What I'm really hoping that you're seeing here is this is taking me seconds. I'm not having to do that much. You can get right into this and actually dig around and tweak some of the controls, which we'll be looking at here, but essentially you just need things on the layout and then you add an animation and then that's it. It just runs.

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  • Sending to Publish Online
  • Exporting for iBooks

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