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Publish Online with Adobe InDesign CC

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Class Introduction

Tony Harmer

Publish Online with Adobe InDesign CC

Tony Harmer

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1. Class Introduction


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1 Class Introduction Duration:02:20
2 Document & Workspace Setup Duration:05:02
3 Animation Basics Duration:04:32
4 Events and Triggers Duration:12:25
5 Animation Properties Duration:13:05
6 Animation Timing Duration:05:37
8 Working with Buttons Duration:07:45
9 Layers and Naming Duration:11:08
10 Adding Audio and Video Duration:09:20
12 Building the Nested Menu Duration:10:59
13 Adjusting the Motion Path Duration:07:11
14 Triggers and Visibility Duration:06:09
15 Multiple Actions Duration:24:50
17 How to Publish Online Duration:09:48
18 Placing Hyperlinks Duration:04:15

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

Welcome, everybody. I'm really glad that you're able to join me here for this Publish Online course. What we're going to be looking at throughout the course is we're going to be looking at how you can enhance your existing InDesign skills and produce documents that can be consumed anywhere online. Whether it's on a device or whether it's on a desktop browser, you're gonna use those things anywhere. No plugin dependencies, it's all using standard-spaced animation and trickery to do things, and once more, if you need to, you can actually just do a slight tweak to repurpose it for EPUB3. You could even publish to iBooks using the same techniques. All you'll need to be able to do is if you can do anything like place objects in InDesign, and if you can draw simple shapes, and if you can manipulate text, then you already have some of the skills required to do this. The first thing we'll need to look at in just a moment is we'll need to look at the document setup and we're gonna cover the bas...

ics of animation. We're going to cover different key events and triggers, and how they influence what we're doing. We're going to look at some of the fab things built in InDesign that allow us to go beyond the confines of a page. We're going to look at working with layers. There are some things in layers that are kind of important when you're working with interactive documents. We're going to look at adding in audio and video, then we'll be combining things together. We'll be making interactions that also work with animation. We'll be building out a little menu system. We'll be putting in some key triggers and then doing some multiple actions, enhancing our movies a bit further than that. Then, adding some destinations that our viewers can go to. Publish Online is part of the service part of Creative Cloud. Of course, the desktop applications and the mobile applications, they're the things you know and love, but Publish Online is one of the services that exits around that.

Class Description

The InDesign Publish Online service allows you to create rich documents that can be viewed in any standards-compliant browser (including those on devices) and all it takes is a little simple enhancing of your existing layout skills, and 100% no coding—promise! In Publish Online with Adobe® InDesign® CC® Tony Harmer will give you all components and workflows needed in order to create beautiful online documents.

You'll Learn:

  • Document & workspace setup
  • Animation basics
  • Events and triggers
  • Combining interaction and animation
  • Sending to Publish Online
  • Exporting for iBooks

Don't be fearful of needing to know any code or anything other than your existing InDesign layout skills. In Publish Online with Adobe InDesign CC Tony will show you how to Increase your reach and publish to a wider audience.


Adobe InDesign CC 2018


Lenore Spitznagel

Great Class! Clear, concise and timely. Tony is engaging and knowledgeable about the subject. I feel confidant about using the material presented immediately.