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Triggers and Visibility

Right, so, let's put in some triggers here and first of all if I go to the Animation panel, at the moment it's current event trigger is On Page Load, so I'm actually going to decheck that, so it now has no event associated with it, it's inviting me to choose one. I'm gonna go to my hotdog menu here, which itself does not, oh, it actually should have a name, it should be called Navigation, I'm just gonna double check here. It is called Menu, so that's fine, that's got a proper name so it's good. So I'm going to choose an action for that, where do I go? Can you remember where I go? Yeah, if you're thinking, oh I think it's the Buttons and Forms panel, Tony, you'd be bang on with that, absolutely right on the money. Do I need to click the Type dropdown here to designate it being this button? No, no, no, no, no, so I'm just going to come down to Actions here, okay, and out of these things I'm starting to do a bit of confirmation here with you at the same time. Which of these things, it cou...

ld be the one that's highlighted, who knows, do you think is the appropriate choice? If you're thinking, yeah, I reckon it's Animation, again, you are on fire today, you are absolutely totally with it. Really, really good. What do I want it to do? I want it to play that particular animation. Now this is a good time to test this on the layout, okay? So I'm in a master page, so I need to be somewhere else, if you remember, just for this, so I'm just gonna do Command + J, I'll go to page two, because page one doesn't have this master page on it, okay and let's test this out. So I'm gonna hit my Play Spread and of course I need to refresh it. So what I'm actually hoping for is no menu, or no navigation rather, on the right hand side. Hey, let's see. I click there, yes, it plays, fantastic. That is working very, very well. Okay, so we can close that up and I'm gonna go back to the master page, A, just there, okay? One of the things I could do here, I guess, is I can actually, should be able to bring out another window for this, I think. Can't remember if you can or you can't in InDesign. It's one of the things you can do in, yeah, there you go, can you see New Window, just there? So this is one of the tricks you can do. I was sure you could do it in InDesign, you can definitely do it in Illustrator and in Photoshop. But New Window for that. What I could do is actually have a separate window open with the master page in it and so I could work between the two. That would be really, really smart, but, you know, just work with it the way it is, it's fine. So we've got that, okay? Now we need to work inside that group. Now even though I can double click on a group to get into it, yeah, I really don't want to do that, I just want to select the item and this is where the Layers stuff comes in. Again I'm gonna twirl open Nav. By the way, can you see that's been renamed to Button 6 here, okay? And it's now got its different states here, okay, inside of that, so that might be something you also need to address, so I'm just gonna actually rename this one, I'll just call it Hotdog, just there. Some people say hamburger menu. I can see why, the sandwich there and the thing in the middle of the sandwich. I prefer hotdog because I think it looks like three nicely, evenly spaced hotdogs there, but that's by the by. I'll twirl open Nav and I'm gonna come down to Nav Block and just above, where are we? I'm gonna come up to Exit, Exit's on the top of the stacking order just there. D'you know what, I'm gonna actually, I might even drag that down in the, this is the Z index just here, right? So it's the up and down, it's the thing to and for you, so the stacking order on top. I quite often, it's not totally necessary it's just the way I guess I'm set up, I quite often arrange these in the same vertical order that they are there, but that's my own preference. But anyway, I've got Exit targeted just there, okay? And what I'm going to do next is I'm gonna come to the Buttons and Forms panel, just here, I'm gonna add an Action. So I'm gonna choose Animation, okay? It's the animation for Nav, so exactly the same thing, but I don't want it to play 'cause it's already played. What I want to do is I want it to reverse, one of the options I can choose just there, okay? So that that should play it backwards, okay? Let's close the Buttons and Forms panel, let's go to one of the pages, I'm gonna go to page two again, just there, okay? Let's get the ePub Interactivity Preview up, and we're just gonna call it the ePub window I think for now, right, 'cause there's no other ePub window in InDesign. It's just saying ePub Interactivity Preview all the time makes it sound like I'm endorsing a product (laughing) which is kinda funny. Click my hotdog menu at the top here on that slides. Now I may want to click any one of these things in here for them to do something and then I might want it to exit. Click at the bottom there, yay, and there you go, it reverses. It lives. Y'know, all I need to do, click to open it, click to close it and that visual cue is kinda handy. I could even get it, if I wanted to go really, really complex on here and make it so that thing faded in and out, but that's it. That's how you can add some different triggers here and change the visibility, so you can see that's popping in like so, okay? Of that particular element, just by clicking on those different things.

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