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The Real Kids Event System

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Sales Session #2 and Q&A

Lori Nordstrom

The Real Kids Event System

Lori Nordstrom

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15. Sales Session #2 and Q&A


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Lesson Info

Sales Session #2 and Q&A

When is the least contact that I've had since I've been here we have done a little bit of email exchange but typically when we get to this point we have the host mom has contacted lisa has contacted alenia which happened and told her a little bit about the event and what was going to go on and then I have been called and consulted with lena and she has sent me her images ever home and we had a stairwell is that right? Yes so she had a stairwell that we put something together for and I sent over that that grouping of images for her to view already and are not images with the framing the framing on the wall and so we chatted that about that a little bit just via email we really haven't communicated a whole lot so this will be pretty like down and dirty sitting down with for the first time toe few images and so has she chosen the package already that she is going tio no not yet so I'm excited to see the different now did I send you packages? No so we've communicated that little okay so yo...

u're normally normally she would have gotten the packages already and I'll just share the package is with you we've got and actually you can see them all here today in real life instead of just in the menu but we've got a package a which is is going to be three ten by tens and you also get to desk portrait's with it, which is like the size fortress and all the ones behind you and those to come framed and I'm sorry the images ten by ten or the frame the images ten by ten so it's gonna be bigger overall with your wall on the piece of paper that you sent on your wall? I'm actually I've got the exact size of that space and so when you see the frame groupings on the wall they're exactly how you're going to see him once they're hung so you don't have to guess on sizes you're hopeful eso those air three ten by tens and then and package b is going to be three eight by twelve and those khun b all hung vertically they can all staff horizontally depending on the situation where she is in her home. I actually suggested package c for her which is a sixteen by twenty and to ten by tens and again each one of these comes with the two desktop framed prints but for your wall this would be the grouping that I suggested going up the stairs and I also thought it would be nice to actually add one more tend my ten just to kind of complete that forward motion of the stairs but that's always something that you could add later as well that's helpful because felix stairs have always been difficult as toe howto angle because, like, a straight on wall sometimes, but so it's. Helpful to see. Yeah, you use your imagination a little bit because the stairway was in front of their no, but just for you to be able to visualize like you said, you, you know, you can kind of see what that would look like. And now we'll show you with images, actually, in those frames. So so that'll be great, too. So, um, and then package d is gonna be our the sixteen by twenty four and three eight eights underneath. Which also, you know, any of these mixed together? Um, we do have people that end up with two packages, and you, khun group them or you can move into a different room. We just have one that one space from you to design. So, um, I really felt like that moving up the stairway would would work really well for you. Do you have any other thoughts looking at this? No. I mean, I love the one that you picked out. I think that's I like that. They're different sizes to you like that. Great. And even looking at this kind of what? I would envision and you can tell me what you think but, you know, having one of the two kids together and the larger one and then one of each of them alone and then if you went with that fourth piece to move up the stairway, we could continue it with another of the two of them. Yeah, okay, well, look at that and then there's there are also of course we weaken frame any size and the desk prince we do a lot of that and then the albums in the image boxes, so if there's some images that you can't live without, we definitely have some product for that. So if you don't mind, I'm just going to interrupt you with with questions kind of breaking the wall, the fourth wall of this, what would be the live interaction? So just to remind folks again normally when would you have had that conversation? And then would she have chosen the package and do they ever come in and change which package they've chosen? If they change from the package? It's going to be a lot like the last session that we did, where it's just a matter of sizes so or I guess it would be orientation almost because we had chosen square frames and then she ended up with vertical images, so we needed to go with eight by twelve excuse me? Those two packages actually cost the same and so that's not going to affect her a ce faras what she saw on the menu like I told you guys that all of the packages are like right at one thousand dollars there's um the difference is mainly the options of just what you choose the two a and b are nine sixty and the cmdr are ten, eighty and twelve hundred so they're all pretty close depending on the size and then they all come with those two smaller framed prints now, but what happens is is when we're talking when they were in there seeing packages it's not saying it's a sixteen by twenty and to ten by ten that in someone's mind makes no sense, right? But when we're talking about decorating a space and completing something that's your decor for your room and it's something that you love and cherish and want everybody else to know this is important, you know, that's that's when it starts making sense that this is this is about designing my home around my you know, what's important to me it's not about spending a thousand dollars on pictures, nobody that doesn't make sense to anybody doesn't make sense to me, so now typically we've been through that process and then I'm going to sit down with mom and I'm gonna tell her um we're just gonna flip through images now and we'll go through them one time and just see everything if there's something right away that you think let's get rid of that um you know, these are straight out the cameras so there's going to be some blinks and some things that that we're not gonna hold on to yeah um also if something is a real real favorite you're gonna wanna let me know that too, but we'll go through them one more time after we go through the first time I just want you to get a feel for everything we got the first time through so we will click on this first one here and everything we we photographed when you get it they're going to be perfect so we'll do the retouching and you know, lightning up anything that we need to lighten up we go um uh so we're just going to see him as they are and let's, I'm gonna move through here I feel like I'm in a level three third in there that very simple response and I think, um, you know what? I am going to go back here and actually do a different view this one okay let's do this crap into that a little bit, okay? Okay, now radar all so we will and I'm actually you guys as I g o I'm going tio just kind of rate as I go I switched to the comparison because I can just rate right in the comparison of you I'm gonna make this one, eh? I made it a one star which is act actually I know the way that set up in this particular sink so we're not going to make that work, so but but I'm gonna let you roll too. So so if you do a one star and I say no, no, no, I I love it. I should hey has tio yeah, so in this first time through really is just a quick review of everything and we can keep you know, most things just as they are just so that you can see as well cover it all right and again wasn't a little bit and I know we've got stuff of evil looking at us, so I'm gonna make one oh, that's cute, yeah she's looking and I feel like this is taking me backwards c that is gonna be one we like. What was that? And I'm actually choosing forward for her as we g o and honestly that's one of those things that just going through and actually saying that if she doesn't agree with me she's going to say so I'm at this point only getting rid of the things that really our nose when it comes down to the next time through chic, I'm gonna let her take the ball and say which ones that she loves so I like that one too because you know what you've already captured to write you kind of know what's what's coming yes and that's a real typical thing too they kind of you know that you trust me so we can give her those suggestions in here to um I know we've got some great expressions even looks great there but I'm gonna won't put that in the maybes about that and I think that's a great point that that lori has seen sort of the whole spectrum of them whereas you're seeing them one by one for the first time so defaulting to her for that first round where laurie knows kind of the prospect of the whole thing that was a great point all right? I'm gonna get back to this because it is keep rotate me back those came for images alright already categorize these and do always send um the mom and your dad away into a different room and normally at an event it's if I'm photographing outside and so you'd be inside with the host mom chatting, having fun and looking at stuff so it's it's a little bit different process you don't feel like you're in a back room alone sending your children away I mean just so they don't see yeah, I see the images that you're taking so yeah and part of that is because you are seeing the images of immediately and so it's still a little bit of that element of surprise instead of you know you being right there and knowing what's what's been shot uh it's not that we don't want hey, um even know that's cute and spontaneous will say tongue out that's pretty sweet oh er e I was there oh uh how many? How many images would you sailor you normally do taken that thirty thirty minutes and then how long does this initial run through? Usually take this it it the initial run we run through normally a marrow king so it's going a little faster having it click on everyone but it takes maybe three, four minutes okay? And then so we're usually literally like I have to hand on the keyboard of narrowing and numbering and so um so we're flipping through pretty quickly and then when we are actually going through individually saying yes, those maybes that takes another five, ten minutes and then and so were fifteen minutes now into that sale session and we only have fifteen minutes left that's part of the reason why we have to be so prepared before we get there since she's kind of agreeing with me and we're going through these as we like stuff I think I free start that last one I think you gotta let me go yeah, I guess so I am actually just gonna number these as we go and call this so actual first run through so that one we're not going to like teo sweetie face we're going to love this one was really cute tio and we're thinking maybe, you know, on the one who I like the other one before I think more okay, so since she hesitated a little bit I'm gonna put that in the movies because we can use that in an album um how about how about this one? No, darling, no and that was actually one of the ones that I deleted and but we're seeing everything so something came straight in that's pretty sweet dio yes and I wouldn't even tell him on this because she is not going to remember anyway, but I'm gonna edit those shoes out. Those will not be in her final image, especially if it's a wall portrait. So um that's one of the things if if she were a little older, I would just ask her to put her feet down but it's not worth it when they're this age just edit it out later that I love them all through the good things I'll make that a maybe yeah that's what I would say that's a pretty typical reaction so what do you say to that? Ok well tag it and yeah and I just tell her that's normal you're gonna love them all that's why we have albums and image maxes in multiple pieces uh that one oh, she likes you sat in that way and we do not have even looking in that one so we'll keep going and we're gonna make that one I know is well that's pretty sweet even though even though sauron's not looking at us I'm gonna make that one or maybe because I would be cute in a book spread even that can be may be in a book spread I want that captures him was personally he's adorable he was really talking it up tio were you able to hear back there, huh? Yeah, it was fun to watch kind of see how he is and out front and I love that too that you got to see it love that expression on him. I have checked those two together late later and see what I like better that was let's get ready to jump she wasn't feeling very good. I actually really like that look on him we could even crop that close on him that one too that could be a maybe in a book no, I like that one sweet dancing like that she's started twirling for you that I even like the hands it doesn't bother me that those are out of focus. That is a sweet face. That it's gonna be really cute cropped in that one. Ow we'll have to put those two together in a minute. E really? Well, I was kind of nervous that she would do that to me, you know? And I actually remember the leading that one as well. I didn't mean that out. I really love those other expressions. Yeah, well, we'll put that in the maybes in case we need it, but I know that one. I thought that was pretty good, and that was out of focus. That can be a maybe at two. And you know that again? I'm gonna tell her. I can see that as a little siri's in an album because I want her to think about that, too. You know, these three seeing those together? Yeah. He loves showing people's pockets so special his pockets are great. I asked him if they had those in my size. And he said no, just for boys, of course. All right, so we're moving through here. And this was an unexpected little surprise that even gave us no I just photographing sauron and she came and sat down and that that last one was really cute let's, keep her e lori I've noticed in both of those that these that you are describing some of the things that have happened during the shoot to the mom since they weren't there and I think that you know, I like that I like how does that feel for you and a it is saying oh feels good yeah I like hearing that I mean even though it's kind of watched in the back just I couldn't necessarily hear everything either so it's just fun to know how your kids are too with other people and then seeing you capture that right so yeah I like hearing hearing how they were all right so we got through those and we're going to go back to uh these favorites let's see if this worked this time they should be our nose looks like it happened because those were maybes no should bear yeses all right, I think we did it. Oz um okay, so now what we'll do is we'll look at this grouping of the four of them together and we'll try to get these narrow down to a favorite let's just make that a little bigger and it's cropping it for me like in this space so it's not you know typically but well at least we can seem a little closer we're all for you, kid do you want me to choose yeah, it was like a favorite one a favorite hoping for um these two are so close but I think someone's got a little bit more of a smile in this one this one's different enough you can keep that one too I think I'm drawn to the first one for something I don't know just cause he seems a little more you can see they're hands being held maybe a little more yeah that's why I like you you're right um so I'm gonna make the this one and this one and maybe are you changing your mind? No no e heard those um and so um and I'm gonna leave that one because that one is different enough yeah, so we'll go back now and then let's look at these three of them I guess there's four groups on the floor there yeah, I think that one you definitely let's go just that's the sweetest face I love it look at that so cute. The other thing that I'm going to do is take this whole out the whatever you call that pipe thing so that'll be gone. Do you tell that? Do you tell that? No, because she isn't she's not thinking about it at all, so I'm not even gonna mention it if she mentioned it to me, then sure I'll tell her absolutely that'll be gone but that it's such a like two seconds and photoshopped with content aware that it'll be gone I don't want that on your wall yeah, but clients just don't think of it they don't wait just think about yeah e was also one question uh when she chooses picture that you don't like like like if I would have to like what happens that they're going for like even they decide to make the world portrait one I guess you and that's not the one that you think doesn't it doesn't bother you that someone she likes yeah it's okay, so and obviously if I'm gonna take that pipe out take this out you know, um but all is she is looking at our her kids faces she doesn't care about anything else she does she's not going to say oh, can you lighten that up a little bit she's not going to say you know, do this do that it's she cares about sauron and eva and how happy it makes her to see them happy that's such an important thing to remember I think because we get so caught up in all the technical aspects and perfection of it is that yeah, I'm good yeah, I'm just looking at it and their face is exactly but it's pretty darn sweet there that and what do you think about adding this one to the maybes? Yeah, I won't make that amane image um what that would be great in a book so okay that's what this light traded it to me before was back where I wass so let's look at these two together yeah which one I kind of like the one where she's looking on what do you think yeah yeah I agree okay we'll keep that one where it is that one of them maybe if we need it and then I've got a couple of really sweet ones of her here let's just look at the's close up faces and choose a favorite there I like that the bottom one er mei to definitely every one of these other wounds can be but uh maybe category again because those I really should be you somewhere I I also think you know just thinking about those let's go back to this maybe um you know even doing a little siri's of her sweet face they were like you somewhere so let's go back teo are favorites and of sauron just him I think these are the three got it down to three and of course we'll crop that so it's just him and same with this one but there's so much personality going on there okay so in my mind I'm thinking this looks like school picture you know and so I want to point out the personality that's in the other image but she's a she's already gonna agree with that okay? So we've got it down pretty good here to our favorite favorites and we may need to let me look at just these two we got temple there are those who want to put the maybes or those still yeses we could we could put it in the maybe I mean yes to frame is that kind of our goal this one okay, so yeah, we could put these the maybes now having seen my other great all right, so we'll go back here so we've got those narrow down pretty well um you know, this one I'm gonna let her leave in the yeses just because it would be great on an end table in a room where she's got something else of her sweet face looking right at us and then you put the hands in the face on an end table so um so I love that and and I would tell you that as well, so if we're looking at kind of that main portrait for the stairs um we wantto have one of the two of them together so let's just look at everything we've got of both of them and we've got it narrowed down to the six, so we'll take those and and back into our comparison view it doesn't matter which way they're we can actually flip that either direction I think I showed it to you vertically but what it could go either way if I say the first one or the third one I think okay I'm in agree with you I love this one um but let's look at those two together eighty five and fifty ones we're going to take those we can seem a little closer and we'll bring that one up again I think I think that I think I just like it more maybe fuller in the frame for on the I grew up in that wall I like that a lot okay so that that's gonna be our main uh one of the two of them together and then as far as even by herself let's look at sea but that one that one way ended up with quite a few of her just by yourself are you still loving this drone right? I think so sweet and then well we know we've loved that one of you sauron so now what we're gonna do is we're going to go and to your wall e I didn't know this would be schoen's I don't know if there's like junk uh get a view of my house so there we are I didn t vertically but well just flip it celery question nat's qi fei wants to know do you shoot a certain amount of photos landscape and then portrait to suit frames or I mean it would be nice if I could make myself think that way throughout the session that'd be ideal but no I'm really just shooting for what I actually pretty tight but I just want to shoot for faces an expression and so it just depends on if I'm backing up a little bit because they're standing up then I'm gonna shoot vertical I'm coming in tighter I'm going to go back horizontal um yeah, it would be great in a perfect world yes and and you'll see while the kids are young tomorrow too typically if I'm doing a family portrait session and we've done designed for their living room and the hallway and up the stairs and whatever we're doing, I'm shooting pretty specifically but it's when you got older kids that are doing exactly what you've got composed in your head you know, with little kids you just have to go with the flow and um when we get here I can tell her those those images can be flipped they can be turned we can you know, do whatever we want them so they're we've got that center image and I'm gonna say that, uh go back and then we're gonna put one of each of them here and we chose this one of eva way cute and then we're gonna grab this one up see it and then we're gonna grab sauron and I'm gonna go back and look and if I need teo, I am going to need to crop her a little tighter in there what's grabbing our image so we'll save him okay click out of that quick back that's grabby there right there tonight we're gonna lose her hand now which are really sweet but so is her face and I'd rather have them cropped proportionately and so um that is and I will on something like that I'll ask her because the hands were something we discussed but I'll tell her why I would like to see it cropped a little tighter if it's something that she can't live without then I'm gonna get over myself and let him not be cropped up proportionately um but so how do you feel about that no that's fine you know a little tighter okay and then are you thinking you want to continue this up the series you want to look for a third one of the two of them together yeah I like I like adding maybe one more okay and I'm actually even thinking by this looks like a bigger frame okay? We'll figure that out later but I'm thinking if we're going to add it I would like to see this as your main composition and then bringing this third one of the two of them so let's take this one in it made it smaller all right we're gonna look for that second one that we loved and even though I mean kissing would be cute in there let's see let's just try that has the float through that's pretty cute oh, you like this standing up when let's just see what that looks like cropped square and if if it doesn't work square then this is a this is a great with going up the stairs and having different sizes is a perfect place to put something that's a little bit more um I don't want to lose her feet go back down one more say that and get back now that's pretty cute. Yeah, I like it. So what do you think about, um we could take this vertical if you want to go from meow remember long vertical frame or we can leave it just like it is can we see what it looks like my uncle happened for that? Um very easy. We'll just go back here into our frame collections and we're just gonna choose our size she's got this is a ten by ten and so I'm gonna want to go with, you know, like an eight by ten or an eight by twelve we'll see what that looks like sand and that's what that looks like vertical I actually like the vertical I think I do yeah, I like having a brick ready to the sizes so um and then what we probably do is also with this I'm gonna wanna probably bring in a third color or another tone of this green that we don't have three uh black or brown frames and then the one green and so what other tones air in that room we've got the brown and olive I don't know if this makes things more difficult but I actually sewed right to the left of the door I had stopped painting and cat everything's grey to that side so it's supposed to at some point continue grey okay, I could see it's just it's a huge wall tohave to paint so um so I guess for everything in the other room is gray and okay lose so now in this room kind of a green color is yellow like a brownish like mustard on mine like a typical hat tells it topi yeah, I guess I could but we're thinking gray well, I I love brown and gray even have it on and so, um I love round and gray together and and I have a really chocolate brown wall in my house that I have great frames on and so if you're cool with that, we can kind of go with the darker gray tone on this and and maybe put the braun back in the middle so let's, just check that out molding color and we'll just go with ah let's see what we can find here? Probably I like that and then we'll go to our trim color and let's make that the brown and it does not show up as brown as it is in real life, but it is this is the same color is that frame that we put on the wall originally, so we'll see what that looks like together and have that like that so and I think that grave and matches that trim a little bit better snow yeah, I feel about that, yeah, all of it. All right, so so now what we've done is we've actually grown this package by another frame, and so what I'll be doing when I do any of you guys still have your order forms and you're thing, um, I've got him out in the hallway and forgot again to bring one in. You all had him in your loo sheet? Yes, so I'll take that and so on. Of course I have a pen either. Make sure you get another one of these. Kristen, thank you. So so what I would actually do with this is I would write down that she's going to do package c and then we're going to dio and add on of one ten by ten frame and to get the price for that I'm just going to click on this again and go, oh, and look, it just meant that that frame there, I don't know what I'll jigged up with this thing but it's going to be about the same I can roll over here and I can get the price that's going to be for the prince and the frame so we've already got it all rolled in there so I'll write that down and most of these moms have either worked with a framer works with an interior designer you know and they know the cost of framing and of getting something done for their home so um nobody's really shocked when they see a you know, two hundred dollar price where a frame and a print um it's not a not a awful thing don't be afraid of it but it's nice to do it all right here too because I know sometimes have gotten prints my kids and then two months later I'm at arco trying to find a front you know, it's just I feel like it takes such a longer process it's nice just to have it all done and see it on the wall too so hopeful and that's a really good point in and one of the things that will actually tell people is you know you're going to get everything ready to hang so you're not gonna slide it under your bed or in a drawer and that really is what happens a lot of times so we've chosen those we're gonna pretend like this all happened perfectly and and then we need to choose tio out takes at least for your smaller prints we've got a couple things and do you think those will go kind of in the same room or you thinking same colors or will they go on the kid's rooms? What little party going on? Same I have an empty coffee table right next perfect in a side table in the next room so all right, so what we'll do is we'll go and and you know what? I'm gonna even though that didn't say that last one I'm gonna go ahead and save this home view so we don't lose it and there it is we're gonna go now uh, back in the projects and I'm just going to give her a just put a five by seven frame up here to work with and we go on that way, you can kind of see what that'll look like cream too, and you're thinking you want to go like with the brown or like that and put a little trim on there? Actually, those don't come with tramps know what I'm thinking, okay? So now we'll go back to our images and let's just throw in a couple of these like, I love that I'm looking at each other, which would be great since we've got the one of them standing on this, you know, on that grouping this one's super cute too which one do you think you like better of that like like that letter and then her hands on her face okay something at some point framed okay, so so that one um and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna start writing down down numbers now and I'm just gonna put on here you know, five thirty seven and I'll say hands on face um and make a little note you're going to see me do that so she knows that I'm you know remembering what we're talking about we can do this and we'll wanna switch the orientation of the frame cute so definitely would make a cute little side image um what about this one? You know, we talked about that kind of being his thing switch to spring back and look at that I like what you were saying about a siri's was that is that something for a book? We can do that in a book we can do that on the wall we've got death strip that weaken dio that's really fun a lot of time miss foreign office space or even coffee table like you said where there's multiple images together um there can even be available with um and and typically we're doing the desk ones with just a traditional frame but I can show you with uh just right here real quick said a going out of this let's look at, for instance uh and we've got these in all different configurations, but since we're talking about this he could dio you know, standing and looking at each other and then we'll find a third one like this one where they're starting to dance so that would be a really cute siri's yeah and again you guys all know I'm gonna lighten this up this is gonna look exactly like this image on the right but she's not even she doesn't care she's not thinking about it so there's no reason teo second guess yourself I guess when you're putting things and I know a lot of times I did it to for a long time I did it where I'd say, oh, don't about this and don't worry about that I'll take care of this, you know? And we get so bogged down on that and then we're I'm forcing her to start looking at this stuff instead of just letting her enjoy the images in the process you know um and it's it is part of that whole sometimes we have to get over ourselves and put all the you know I need to be thinking about her and what's best for her and not my ego and so um you know, so thinking that through and just letting her enjoy that so what do you think if you did something like that, would that be for the wall or for a desk I pray you hang it. I just don't love wall space left. Um does it so with the desk doesn't have the the thing that has an easel back. Yeah, um, yeah, that could definitely a desk one then. Okay, so we're gonna add, um does strip to that and with this, I don't even have to write down numbers because I'm just going to say, save project so that's going to be there? That's one of the things that really help streamline the process, I can make that, you know, just happened really quickly. And I wrote down death strip, so we've got a price with it, but I don't have toe worry about getting focused on trying to find the numbers. Yes? Would you tell her right then how much it costs? I think this is not going to be right, because this one is a very large one for the wall. Okay, um, so but yes, I've got actual pricing for storyboards and for death strips in the menu, it was right now you're up selling I mean, you're you're adding things to the package store they starting to get kind of like, oh, well, I well, she hasn't yet she hasn't told me to stop the o you're going that's when you're gonna keep saying it or if she doesn't have how much of this do you just wait till it's order for time or do you tell her okay now that was actually seeing me write stuff down oh she's seeing the numbers and and I mean she's not literally but my client would be I'd be writing and that's kind of the point of me for the order form to me that's a softer number than seeing a hard invoice for some people it's totally different some people like the high tech and they'd rather have it all right there but just and it's the way I was raised you know I mean seriously it's like tim kelly thing when I studied with him it was hand write your order form with their client and it's just more of a hands on toshi feely kind of thing that, uh hardcourt numbers in front of you you know what they are seeing me right is I go I'm not totaling yet but I think she can start going ok and they come over you know, lie but spending um and the other thing is to is if my first reaction when somebody says that is you know don't worry about anything if before stretching you a little bit I can put a payment plan together for you so I definitely want you to get what you want so you know don't be worried about that at all we certainly can stop if you want to stop but you know but I'm gonna give them some options and that's going to my first reaction and again it's about her you know I'm not hard selling her and hopefully if I said that you wouldn't feel like you were being sold um but it's you know, it's giving them that that option to move on and even if she is starting to feel like, oh, gosh, my husband's gonna kill me you know, I can say you know what? I really want you to get what you want you know, let's surprise him and you know, if you need a payment plan I can definitely help you out with that. Um but you know, let's do you have many? What? Why say that? Like okay, uh, because I've heard other some photographers say get them to bring the husbands at the same time because the objection off me oh, I have to talk to my husband. Yeah, what what fortune events is a completely different minds that I already know, I guess well, all of my client's already know yeah, but with a family portrait sale if and and I'll tell you exactly how I do it, I'm asking them on the very first phone call I'm letting them know and sorry you have to sit through this um but I'm letting them know and that about a week after session we're going to read back to the studio so that you can view in order your images I would really like to go ahead and make that appointment right now so that we can get it in the calendar and right at that time mom's going to say to me, you mean I have to come back and order everything or do I have to order everything that day? Are you kidding? I can't make those decisions, you know, those things are going to come out then and that's my time to be ableto, you know, say, you know what? I'm gonna hold your hand through the whole entire process, and by the time you get there, you're going to be so comfortable with your decisions and and if I haven't yet that's the time that I can say, I'm gonna be asking you take some images of your walls, we're gonna walk them through that process, so we're really talking about taking it to the next level. Um, I'm also going to ask her at that time, we're going to schedule a time that works for you, and as we're scheduling this, is this something that you think you'd like your husband to be present for and she's going to say absolutely not I did not want to marry or she's going to say yeah, I think he better be there and either way I tell her, you know what? Most moms feel that way way not matter what she says because if she hesitates she'll hesitate in the sales room if he's not there if she absolutely has to have him there we're going to make a time for him to and she is right he needs to be there if she says absolutely not he does not need to know anything about how much this cost or what I'm doing then I'm going to say great let's surprise him and, um we'll make in most moms feel that way, you know? I always tell them they're right and they are because it's right for them so you know, and if dad needs to be there, I want him there if she says yes or she hesitates, my next question is going to be okay great, we're going to set up a time that works for both of you guys and we're gonna get that schedule and then I'm gonna ask her you know, since your husband is going to come along, how can I help you prepare him? And that is it that's in our script that's what we ask because dad's do need to be prepared if they come along for the session it's very easy there in the pocket there invested yes and they because they are all dads that end up at a photography session really adore their children they do and you know, if you're telling that in what you see in that and he doesn't even matter when you've got a twenty three year old and I'm telling ernie that girl she's she loves her daddy he wants to make sure that's all I see he's turning red but you know, but he wants to make sure that's a part of his session and then he wants to see that he has to have that dads are easy if they're at the session if they're not at the session, I need to ask her, how can I help you prepare him? Because we're gonna have to do a little work so and then she's going to tell me either my husband's a pushover he's goingto love them he's gonna cry or she's going to say he's gonna flip out, you know? I mean, whatever she says, I'm gonna work with her and, you know, ask him what he wants to do drink when you get there, you know, whatever it takes, we're gonna make it happen, so, um, another thing, you know, if we've got a mom who the dad is the decision maker, which honestly doesn't happen a whole lot anymore but if dad really it's a decision maker on the money and he needs to be there and I have talked to mom and she says we're probably gonna have a hard time he's not gonna like this pricing um I will start asking her questions about dad you know? Well, tell me what he's into daisy a golfer there's like cars you know, whatever it is because men all have something that's completely tied to their ego and once you can stroke that ego a little bit there they don't you know all the other issues kind of go away, right? Ernie ernie is not usually at all but you know, if your wife told me you know well ernie he used to be a chef he's an amazing shafi still does it at home for us, you know? I mean, I could start asking you questions about that and you I'm generally genuinely interested in you and you get to talking about you and you like talking about you and all men do weigh very humble I'm very impressed teo waking picked on but but you know, you get the stick, you know you've got a kind of roll with whatever the situation of the client is and we definitely want what's best for her we I mean I would never want something teo I would never want her to leave and feel like what have I just done? You know, I want her to be able to enjoy what she has in her home every single day and if you, you know, I mean, just turn around and look at this and if you these were your children and this is what you got to look at every day, I mean, that would make you happy, right? So we we want her to be happy. We want her to feel that way and, you know, seeing things put together beautifully and, um, you know, suggested beautifully all those things, just they help through the process. Oh, what's up over there. Nothing that our just take it out. Question. Okay. So, um, lynette, are you interested in an album? Were you thinking that you might want to do that or an image box? Teo, complete the session. I'm definitely interested. Now, is this something? Do you ever can I ask? Do you ever have clients that like to just kind of look back over the images in that way? Yeah. The things later do using, um, well, we do get everything done right here. So we want to help you through and that's part of streamlining the whole process so that you get your images on time. And but we can go back through and flip through anything and see if there is just something you miss if there is one or two that you missed, you might order another small print and we do have a gift collections available um if there's several that you missed, then you might want to consider an album or an image box um even down teo you know these cute little accordion books you know, super fun and you can just get a selection of images and they're usually about ten, so so they're fun and the photo box um so it's obviously a box, but inside is it if they're at their actual prince inside and so each size comes with ten mounted prince and so some people choose to paying these in different places in the house or put him under under on a desk or actually just put him in an easel right beside the box so there's lots of ways that you can use something like that awful it's really well done and then price wise, sending them a product is always a great thing. Teo what's the difference price wise for your box in a nalbandian that they're actually pretty similar and let me just find that for you in here I'm not usually the one doing this, so I don't even know how I kind of have an idea but um but it's okay to to just say no those air right here I'll show you that and then you can flip through some other things too because we're seeing now the tabletop frames um we're seeing an album and um and we also have a bonus schedule that we haven't even discussed we will talk about it tomorrow but when they are at a certain point and I'm adding up I'll let him know you know you have reached our nine sixty level your you have reached our sixteen hundred level wherever she is and you know where you are you're gonna get thirty percent off of any anything additional that's on our bonus schedule and that's going to be my cd slide show any of our gift collections which are just you know loose prince and um the digital collection which we all talked about yesterday but the actual digital files that you have access to print update by ten you could do the accordion albums at thirty percent off so if you wanted ad in one of those uh any of our greeting cards and boutique items like the uh the photo jewelry and any additional frames that you got you would get thirty percent off of any of the tabletop frames so and again we'll go through that more tomorrow but if she chose right now I have to have an image box in here um if she chose right now toe add here there and an accordion album she'd get thirty percent off okay, so the eight by eight album which is this one this one is going to be six, eighty and then this one is our little five by five book this one's three eighty it's really thick pages students nice so and the five by seven image box is actually the same those there are six eighties what's whichever you like better I like you lto I like the little one I think cause it's just I'd probably take it places to like, even maybe a smaller I do small uh okay, great, so you know, so you could see when when everything's plan, when you've done the preparation, when we've made the suggestions beforehand, it really does click along pretty quickly, even with the glitches and the, you know, stopping to chat about things. So I'm the type of person that loves have all my options laid out in front of me and then choose. So in some ways, it's just I don't just sit down for another hour and just say like, hey, let's, can I really see every single product but kind of also going into it, having gotten the email with what our wall looks like with the frames, that was definitely helpful know ahead of time, but my options were as well, um but I love me you will see the colors and the different I'm such a visual like this is this is great this is right up my alley I've never really had um, professional pictures really ever done before we did last time with my kids, but, um that was just more of cd of images and then a metal print is what was given and I have never printed those and framed, you know, dio, you know, that's notice to the other photographer whatsoever, she just she just, you know, didn't offer that. Um so I, um like we talked about the whole husband aspect, he and my husband understands I think he has a good concept of how much things cost, and it could be a little more pricey and but because we've never really framed anything or gone he's he's okay with it, you know? And I think he trust that I'm not gonna go crazy, and I will tell you, too, that if I had had the conversation well in a before and she had told me, you know what, I really would love to see everything you have to offer, you know, I love seeing these four packages, but I mean, this is giving me all kinds of ideas and, you know, she's going to be a regular studio client so I'll let her go through this process of doing the real kids event but then I'm gonna tell her you know well that's playing a family session as well and I even with that type of client would say would bring her into the studio at no extra charge for a family session and that or do that because I know that's going to be to result in that lifetime client that is really what I want so um you know so these kind of things and and I told you guys yesterday or today or remember one but usually I have about one of those clients in each uh one or two in each event that really want to go further they either want multiple collections or they want bigger than I'm then I'm giving them access to um have bigger space and so and so that's great she would be one of those people but um but typically they're going through and they you know like both of the girls have said we really appreciate being able to see things we appreciate having the suggestions being able to see it finished you know all those things ariel positives for them okay well thank you thank you you look great I'm glad they behaved for you all right so are we way thank you so much we have about fifteen minutes left today so thank you again well we'll take some questions for you all right, so we can start here I'm just curious about your books projects do you let's say if she choose the book do you have like a minimum page is what if she wants to add some pays? What? Because how this work with all of our books we I don't ever put a number to them and the reason is is because I don't want them sitting and choosing ten images or fifteen images or whatever so and again that's just my personal thing part of it is with the events to get through quickly I'm going to tell them if they choose an album and I didn't even say it to her but I'll tell her no I like this little book she's not even thinking about the images here surely knows she likes the images and so now she likes a little book so I'm gonna tell her you know, great as we go through and I designed the album your yes will be the main images in the album in the book your maybes will fill in where I need them to tell the story and do those little siri's that we talk about talked about and the nose won't be included is that okay? And they always say yes that's okay, you know and really it's the photographer that is giving that option to the client actually sit there and choose images and narrow down and ad pages and all that that's what's bogging things down it's not that they really even want to or care. We're just giving them the option to and so by taking that away and we do that in our studio, I do that on my weddings I mean, it doesn't matter what level if they're paying eighty five hundred dollars and for a wedding album it's still the same process? They're not telling me I want this, this this and this are on these pages or any of that stuff, and so I have priced all of our albums, whether it's one this big or an album or a senior album, whatever it is, I've priced them so that I can add all the images that I need to to complete the story, so some of them are a little smaller, some of them are a little bigger and that's okay, and we're going to go be going further into packaging and prices tomorrow, right? Yes, absolutely tomorrow we're going to be heavy on pricing and sales here goes way no matter what level you are at in your life cycle of being in business it's everybody struggle is I don't want to be a salesman, I don't know how to price my product, I don't believe in myself enough to price my product you know we all go through the stages I've been through every one of those stages and we all were talking at lunch today about you know, the fact that you know, we we all get on other people, other photographers see what they're doing and go oh, I'm like I'm crap you know I don't I don't know what I'm doing and um you know, we all do it and it doesn't matter where you are on the you know, been in business for fifteen years guilty, you know, um and it just happens but it's it's one of those processes that really if you can learn to put the focus on the other person and on on I don't want to be a sales person I don't want to be pushy I don't want to it's not about me it is about the person that I'm working with and what's best for her and so and yes, that turns into what's best for my business thankfully, but if we work and and you know, work with that person and it's like that in any business you guys and we have to think about it like that we're not just photographers were business owners and no matter what business you're in, the person that succeeds is the one that is making those suggestions that are right for the client they're customizing their product they're making it relationship based you know all those things those are the people that we want to buy from those of the people that we want to refer people to and so why would we not be that same type of business? I find that that they're just relieved that you made the choices for the photo book for them because I said okay, you know you're as busy as I am I'm just going to choose the best images and I'll let you proof it before it print it and let me know if you love it and then if you love it then we're good to go and there was like yeah that's a great thanks making those for drinking those choices because making those choices a stressful is tiring we're busy so just do it for me because they would choose what same ones we're going they pretty much ninety eight percent of the images that we choose would probably be the ones that they've chosen okay? Lori um since we watched you you know, do the shoot and then do this cell session on this seems to make sense to me. Lauren murray wants to know if you're a one man show does this whole process work successfully and would you just like later times essentially yeah if if I was doing it all by myself I would either shoot and then sell each client side, schedule them an hour apart or which which actually would work pretty well because you're shooting as you saw it's never gonna go like forty minutes or whatever, I'm typically really I'm shooting ten, fifteen minutes, twenty at the most and so shooting and selling great. Um, the other option and I've done this before is to do your sessions on, say, thursday, all day thursday, and then go back the next week and you give people the exact same time that they had for their session, so they came for a ten o'clock session they're going to can come next week at ten o'clock for their sale, and it works just fine to do it that way. The problem again is with us because what happens is then we go home and open up every single one of those images and that's where the profitability goes like this, and so if you can do it, then great go back the next week showing their images or even the next day, if you could get people to come right back that the issue is always is that it is, uh, it's a it's an event we want to keep it very profitable, and doing it all on the same day is one of those things that helps it be profitable. We have more questions, of course, and one from michelle from oklahoma is as if there's some questions about preview itself and as you enlarge the image is to fit that frame opening how is that recorded and printed this preview actually send them in order so that zoom size so it fits that way and has shown the best of you I can do that I don't currently use that and they're right now they're they're not it's not a complete production module and so it's not doing anything to your original image if that's what's being asked so I am just cropping for viewing sake and then I'm I'm reopening those images I'm opening up the raw files of the order to images only to process when I'm when I get back to the studio. Great okay, lori peanut would like to know if you offer to hang your client's artwork is that you know is that a separate charge ee um well peanut, um yes, we actually do offer that is a service I don't typically on the events but our regular studio clients and you certainly could with the events but then you're going to, you know, ten different people one of the things and I'll always mentioned this the when this all started I had been doing charity events kind of the same way for many, many years and when the first year I did a charity event in the studio I photographed and sold and it all right then and it was about two thousand one so it was early on with me even being digital not what he's doing and, um, images even worse than you saw today so so we were it was a brave thing, you know, to shoot and sell, but we did it because I knew we had to do this kind of rapid fire thing, so what happened and way had really good averages and so in my mind I thought, wow, we had great averages with this if I can get them all back into the studio, I'm gonna make so much more money if I can sit down with these people well, I typically shoot six sessions a week and with our little angels charity events, I'm photographing fifty, sixty kids, so you can imagine what happened when I was trying to schedule all these people to come back in the studio into this process that normally would take me many months to bring sixty people back into the studio for a sale. And so it was bad we did not call it angel place it was a bad thing, you know? There was so it was chaotic for a very long time and we didn't get the workflow done it was messed, so the third year I did it, I said forget that I'm putting all these images online and a lot of the people were repeat for the charity event and I thought they already know our process they know what to do I'm gonna throw online sales died and I mean completely so of course the fourth year we went back to shooting and selling and when it when you do it a few times and you realize that just like here they don't care that one's a little darker don't care that you got a light box you like being in the background you know I mean they're they're not thinking about those things and you have to do it a few times before that really kicks in that you know it's going to be okay and they trust you they know the images are gonna end up beautiful on their wall so you kind of get over it um however one of the things back to the original question I don't get off on that uh with that teo offered a hang porch is in the home that's why? Because doing ten of them delivering ten sessions and hanging ten sessions would be a lot of work so you'd have to build that into your your pricing in some way or offered as an additional service that you could do it but you would charge for it with the studio sessions that are averaging you know, three to seven thousand dollars I am happy to go and hang their portrait's for them the one thing that I suggest to people is if you're if you're going to go hang porches and people's home, just get a writer on your insurance policy because that's something that is it's a couple bucks a month it's not a lot, but just call your insurance company and say, you know, hey, I'm going to be going and working in people's homes, I'm gonna be hanging art on the walls I need to be covered if something falls and cracks a table or, you know, even if you cracked your own frame or something like that, you want to be covered so that you can get that replaced and not have to eat it so and it's, just for the protection of your client and for yourself, teo, make sure that you had on that coverage great. All right, there are also I'll tell you this to, um, if you have a local frame store or even an interior design shop or you know, something like that, they often have professional hangers and that's really what they're called and you can hire those people to go and hang your display and what's great about a preview is you can actually print out exactly what you wanted to look like so they could to see if they take it as a reference and can hang the portrait, okay? All right, well, we just have a few minutes less, and as I've been sitting here listening to you, I've been thinking about ok, if we're at a thousand dollars average order per mom, this event is goingto ten thousand dollars, is that the average that you are in revenue? Um, they and that's what they were and what I feel really comfortable with saying before we even went to this model, right? And so and now our averages are much higher than that, but it's, because we do have a lot of moms way really only typically have one may be to prevent that don't buy into a complete package, and an add on some of the moms to two of the moms is kind of the average will buy more than one package, so they're buying a grouping for the living room, a grouping for the bedroom or whatever again, if there's a send me three walls, I'm designing three walls, right? And so it's much harder for them to say noted to than it is to say no to one, and so does that, you know, if they send you design it all, all they could do is say, no, you're making suggestions based on what they sent you, they may be offended if you don't try you know, if you don't design ahn something that they sent to you, what was this while this room not good enough, you know? And so so always do that and and as a result of that, we have moms that do say, yeah, I need to have that here, and I need to have this here, and so so that there higher for me. Now I'm comfortable with putting out there that if somebody follows this, whether it's, um, you know, adding on framing or including framing or however you're going to do it, I mean, it's it's, a very comfortable ten thousand a day, which is incredible, it is it zach creighton and do affability. And again, the workflow is so minimal compared to what we do on a day to day basis that it makes it even more profitable, which is why we can charge a little less. You know, I charge twenty to twenty five percent off of my regular studio price is ok for the events, the packages or less the prince and the packages all together. I don't do packages in the studio, but, you know, putting the pricing together and figuring out the packages it's about twenty five percent less.

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This was such an exciting class. I can't wait to implement Lori's system into my business. But it is so much more than that. I always thought I was priced well, but Lori made me realize that I was still way under priced! Best all around photography class. I lived it so much I also bought her other class! Please invite her to come back and teach another course!

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