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Reaper Fast Start

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Grouping and Folders for Audio Tracks

Kenneth Gioia

Reaper Fast Start

Kenneth Gioia

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Lesson Info

14. Grouping and Folders for Audio Tracks

Lesson Info

Grouping and Folders for Audio Tracks

Let's go toe a mixer and here's a pedal is our amp. It's really nice on Reaper is that all the mixer channels have the phase invert right there. So unlike other D. A. W's and we're not gonna mention names, you want to put a plug in on the track in orderto invert the face. It's right there, just like any standard mixer. So it's blend these two first, uh, what's bringing up based pedal? It's actually go into recording these tracks instead. Have more to work with way, by the way, when you have. If you notice I selected all three together and I went to move it. They moved as a group, which is a temporary group I mentioned before. But I really want to do is just move this one. Now you think you have to do is take them out of selection and just like this one or not select anything and then move it. That does work. But if you want to de select the temporary group temporarily, you just select them all another app, and now they act as a group. Uh, hold shift. I just liked one of them, and it di...

sables the group for that channel. So that selecting anything, we could just a base together individually, the whole shift Notice. All this is happening without creating a track group. This is still temporary groups. You can see how powerful that is. So it's take all the tracks at a solo and balance our base with our drums, which are not in record at this moment. Okay, that was pretty good. And once again, we've saved. So now we could start adding some guitar tracks. We could make a folder for this. I guess I could do that. Put this up here, pop this out and name this base. And now all these tracks down here are in that folder. So I could meet the base or the drums, which is one click. I did something wrong there. Let's open this up. I don't think so. It's good. A little smaller. Fix that folder problem. It's gonna move this over here in the track manager. There we go. That was our problem. Just a little bigger. So now it should work correctly. This is just for the Jones separated. This is just for drums. And this controls on the base and because because the folder no, the already was going to it. We could add in effect to this so I could put a compressor on cue on the base overall and said on the individual tracks. So let's give this a color so it shows up something different. It's going blue, purple, some like that nice. And we could also give those icons what's choose again. I'm right clicking on all this to go to track icon, choose base. Mm. I got the one I like to use its base for. There she was little four pegs up there that works for me because I go through them. You'll see there's a bunch of different ones we could choose from, and you can make your own just kind of fun. I You can make all your own using PNG files or even, uh, buddy called J pegs and stuff like that. You could just use your own custom ones to fit in there, but you have to make sure they're sized so they fit. Otherwise, they look awkward, but you can change them toe anything it wants. Like I said, there's a few other base ones in here like this bass clef. If you prefer that it's really just about making it easier to see where you are a recession or reapers, case the project. So you can quickly see all these my bass tracks or there's my drum tracks. You're not looking around going which track is which, which is quite a time saver when you make single recording a lot of stuff to worry about moment. All right, so we saved that again. What's now? And some guitar tracks. Oh, this is actually interesting thing. It's little trick. I'll show you, um, make these a little bigger. One of things you could do in Reaper is making new tracks. He's got a track menu. I'm sorry, The insert menu and go to track multiple tracks with this kind of cool is when you're dealing with multiple tracks that have are similar. So, for instance, guitar tracks I'm gonna make to, But just make five for a second. So gonna choose how many trucks you want to make will make five with the guitar, and if I hit OK, don't just make five guitar tracks. Always make five tracks. They're all named guitar with a number. Next guitar 1234 and five. Which to me is such a time saving me doing guitars or you doing backup vocals and you're going to like eight or or 32 back on the tracks you want golden food and rename them. So by adding the right from the insert menu multiple tracks and giving them a name. It's gonna put that name with a number of the end, which I find a whole lot better. So let's delete these three cause I want getting to guitar tracks and a pan, one to the left and the other to the right. Bigger and well said these inputs to mano Qatar lefts and guitar, right? Take all these trucks at a record by holding down command on Mac or control on the PC, and we'll just hear this track way should be hearing that just on the left chattel, the guitar player is coming at the right channel. It is together. What's balance that with the rest of tracks going to a mixer? Put these tracks in record. If you notice in the mixer of folders over here, there's a reason for that to see if I could move over makes it easier when you're you, fold his role next to each other so quickly. Grab the drums or your base and just beat them. We're in our window over here. They have to be next to the instrument that they're controlling or fold a ring for the parent track. But in a mixer, they can all sit over here. So if I make a guitar one and let's make this a folder in the guitar folder or guitars if we go to a mixer, we see it all over here so you can control guitars right from here. Have that problem again. See what's up with that. Let's go back to our track manager here and make sure the guitars and next to each other on the are. By the way, the track managers we can look at all your tracks. You could do things like hard and show them so I could take the drums and swept them all. Taken out of the truck control panel panel taken out of the mixer, I could put them in and out of Accord. Commute them all, all from one window like this. Here's our base. Here's a guitar. I don't see why I'm having a problem with that folder, though not sure what that is. But for now, let's take this out of the folder. Seems to be better that become not sure what that was. But never go to a mixer. Our folders right here so I can control the overall level of our drums, bass and guitars from these three failures with the individual tracks over here like a group. Sounds good. All right, so now get him small enough so I could see all this if we can all attracts or drums or bass and the guitar, which could also use some color on an icon feeling like wants to this pinky color from guitars. If you notice I've left the color of the folders different color. I prefer to meet those black justly stand out for me, So give them this color and what's also give them a folder icon. All right. Here, I think, is the one I want to work, and the guitars will give them an icon as well. Much. Try Guitar five at work. It's not really the guitars is probably playing, but it was a guitar, so I don't work so again we'll hit. Save now with one MAWR track to record. That's the vocal I'm gonna create this way, said its input. Bigger to our vocal mike, which is putting down here and see the other tracks at a record actually could even record. And just so this life searched the world to find a recent wire, some said at home this way Ah ha lies we could use to effect to that as well. See what starts who have served would start about here, which put in effect on there even it out a bit cause it's a little dynamic. So we'll go put a compressor on there. No, I say like he's 4 to 1 a lot, but you're a good spot to start Life searched the world to find a recent wire Some said at home this way Ah ha lies You could be anything to spay our cards, right? Mona vision is the strong s gone before I put the compressor on I think I want to is another e que This one of the things I like to do with compression is only had one in Q before the compressor. Another cute after the compressor just kind of nice with plug ins you have so many to choose from. There's no limit, so it's kind of nice to have that flexibility. I'm noticing that if you want the vocal, it's a little Wolfie, so deep sounding throughout, searched the world. Now if I compress it before, that's gonna kind of be part of it. So I want to get rid of some of that wolf Penis before it hits the compressor. This way it's not triggering that compressor unnecessarily medicating another week. You after the compressor that'll do some post compressor like finalizing well, usually do what that is when I'm cutting low end or cutting anything I put before the compressor. When I'm boosting anything, I put it after the compressor. So what's that make you like this one? And if you see right here, this is the order, but you just drag them around to change the order. But the queue before that impressive instead. So now let's get rid of some of that low end. Have you already need who have searched the world to find a result wire. Some said at home this way. Uh, life, everything down there, we don't need, But I still could pull little lower mid range out. So it sounds a little less beef. Your thick life searched the world to find a result Wire. Some said at home this way, huh? Lies that has to be clear to me. So now we can hit the compressor. When we do that, we want to readjust our compressor because the accused can affect how it's being triggered. Well, I searched the world to find a recent wire. Some said at home this way, Huh? Lies, you could be anything to spay our cards, right? So it's any Q after it. I just double clicked. Now they're gonna queue before then the compressor and then Ellery Q. And this one was used to boost the top end. Make it sound a lot clearer. And he's a high shelf to start. Well, I searched the world to find every some wire. Some said at home this way. Ah ha lies You could be anything to spay are Cartwright. Mona Vision is the strong s gone now that helped it out in the five K range, but I still could use a little more upper mids. Somebody's the 4th 1 was a Peking que four band EQ you and bring that up a bit as well. Who have searched the world to find a recent wire. Some said at home this way. Ah ha lice. You could be anything to spay our cards right before who have searched the world to provide. It's pretty dark. You compare that or describe it as sound like someone's got a pillow over the face. You want to be as clear and in your face is possible. Least I do. Life searched the world to find a recent wire. What? You that the track? Find out why that sounds a lot better now just for the singer to hear himself a little better. I'm gonna get a little effect because he kind of likes a wetter sound. So I'm gonna go to the effects again, and I could put this on its own separate effects return. But because it's only on the vocal, I must just put right on the vocal track. So go right to the end. Add a delay now, in this the way you can choose to do it by time, which is by eighth notes, which is what I didn't other video on the vibes. But because I'm gonna slap back or echo, I'm just gonna do it based on milliseconds right here. You like to start around 180 almost milliseconds. So let's just type that in because it's not cooperating. And if it's full weight, it's going to be pretty loud. What what's? So wait just a dry, wet sound right here who have searched the world to find a reason why some said at home this way. Ah, lies. That sounds pretty good there. But sometimes, like a stereo effect, it's What I could do is take this one and pan to the left and then make another one by adding a tap and paying that to the right now right out of the same length of 180 milliseconds. So it's gonna sound mono right, sir Steuer, because the same thing on both sides. So to make it sound stereo, I'm gonna take the went of this, make it a bit bigger, like 30 milliseconds mawr. So let's go to 10. The world knows the effect on the sides is ah, you're still getting a slap, but it's kind of separate from each other. Life searched the world to find every some wire, some said at home, and makes the effect a bit wider, obviously. So to that the mix fine wire. That's pretty good. So now, once again, we will save.

Class Description

With so many digital audio workstations to choose from, many engineers have tried out new platforms in the hopes of finding more flexibility suited to their workflows and production styles. Reaper has been gaining popularity for its support of multiple plug-in types, easy-to-use MIDI programming and audio automation - and its affordable price tag.

In this Fast Start, famed producer and educator Kenny Gioia will walk you through Reaper’s basic layout and format. He will cover:

  • Track layout, programming and automation
  • Virtual instruments and plug-in compatibility
  • Both audio and MIDI workflows for production
  • Basic recording and mixing techniques
  • File, track and clip organization
If you’ve been thinking about trying out Reaper as a DAW, this class will give you the basic skills you need to get right to work on one of the fastest growing DAW’s around.


Buckeye Pete

Outstanding teacher. Kenny is by far the best of the Reaper instructor, and there are many good ones out there. He uses very understandable examples and presents in a fashion that the novice and expert can learn from. Great job Kenny.


Kenneth Gioia best teacher on Reaper. thanks so much for time to teach. Reaper is my primary daw since last year - great daw. Thanks Creative


Mr. Gioia's "Kenny Mania" channel on YouTube has always been a TERRIFIC resource for my beginning to learn REAPER. That being said, his unique speech patterns always got old really quick. It's nothing against him, just a personal tick. Thankfully, Kenny is in top form during this course, and this is one of the most useful and feature-packed CL courses I've seen. Unless you're an absolute expert in REAPER already, there's plenty of information here to get you into becoming more familiar with my favorite DAW.