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Reaper Fast Start

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Setting Up a Project

Kenneth Gioia

Reaper Fast Start

Kenneth Gioia

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2. Setting Up a Project

Lesson Info

Setting Up a Project

first we're looking at is the arrangement window. So here's where our tracks are gonna be, and this is where our media items are gonna be. The arrangement and everything moves from left to right, which is what similar to most UW's. Um, let's create a track so you kind of get an idea. Now you can create track with the menus. You go to track menu, insert new track, but the easiest way to do it just come over here. Double click. It creates a new track. As I said before track, there's only one type of tracking Reaper, so it's not like other DEA W's when you have to make a meaty track, you have to make an audio track, have to make a sub mixing track of V. C. A track video track. All that stuff is all one track. In fact, you could put all those different things on one track if you want to. You get a video on here audio mini, you can create a boss. You can create a folder. All that stuff could be on one track, so there really is no different type. Track tight to learn, which is nice. So to se...

e what else we got here. Thats dragging some audio, saying, get an idea of what a media item looks like. So we'll go to the finder, which is on Mac or PC. You'd call that the directory? I guess so. I have some John Loops here. What's ah Dread one in? Actually, we just change the temple of this first down here 2 95 Because I know the loops I'm dragging in our 95 beats per minute. So I'm gonna bring this drumbeat in, and I got a place it right on bar three. As we could zoom in. You could see I'm zooming in on a track pad here. But if you're a mouse, really could do the same thing. And just by pinching out consuming zoom out, drop it right here. Now, up here is snapping. That's how you put things on the grid. So it snapping turned off its complete loose, but with snapping turned on, it'll snap to the nearest group position. We just turn the grid on here, and right now grid is set to hold notes or full bars. What set of the quarter notes. So you see the grid lines there, so I want to snap it. Well, let me just fix that here. Spacing and able stand spacing. Now, as we get closer to the spot, it actually snaps. Do it me get closer. If you could see it's completely lose here and then you drop it on the line. It actually snaps. So let's take a listen to this drum loop. We have nothing special. Tickled typical drum loop. Let's get ideas. Some of tools you could do with it. For instance, you can trim left and right by just putting your cursor over year north changes again. As I mentioned before, when the great things about Reapers you don't really need different tools. You have to go the toolbar and grab a trim tool. You just go right over here and you could trip You go up the top here, change the volume of the item Scoglio side Do the same thing on the side. Just trim you can add fades Gonna couple up Excuse me. Go on the upper left corner Pull it down You could fade in, go to the upper right corner fade out You can even stretch it which I'll show you in a little bit, but what's get back to the loop here? What's at a few more loops and balance the levels of each of them. So again, instead of making a track, we actually just drag an item in, and it'll make a new track automatically. So I grabbed this synth line. We'll just drop it over here, move it to line up off grid. It could balance the level of these with a little fader over here. He's a fate of our synth Japan paint left. All right, uh, we could solo it in the S button when you tracks in the meat button. Let's bring in one more loop piano, and again, I'll just right right over here, rounded up over here. Now what we're looking at here is considered media items. Everything in Reaper is about items, so we can just click on them. We could delete them, we could cut them, we could paste them somewhere else. So mention before we can trim them by going, we hear trim, we could change the level at the item level. In other words, instead of doing it over here, change the level by going right over here. to the tool changes. We change each item's level. Yeah, zoom back out. And of course, the fades score the upper left corner with upper right corner faith things in and out. So you feign mute solo. We instead are inputs for tracks right here, mono and stereo audio midi, which will get back to in a little bit later. We can affect any of these tracks in the effects button right here, opens any of our plug ins and repartee, works with its own plug ins, but also uses V S t a u. So just about any plug in maker supports those. So third party plug ins is not an issue.

Class Description

With so many digital audio workstations to choose from, many engineers have tried out new platforms in the hopes of finding more flexibility suited to their workflows and production styles. Reaper has been gaining popularity for its support of multiple plug-in types, easy-to-use MIDI programming and audio automation - and its affordable price tag.

In this Fast Start, famed producer and educator Kenny Gioia will walk you through Reaper’s basic layout and format. He will cover:

  • Track layout, programming and automation
  • Virtual instruments and plug-in compatibility
  • Both audio and MIDI workflows for production
  • Basic recording and mixing techniques
  • File, track and clip organization
If you’ve been thinking about trying out Reaper as a DAW, this class will give you the basic skills you need to get right to work on one of the fastest growing DAW’s around.


Buckeye Pete

Outstanding teacher. Kenny is by far the best of the Reaper instructor, and there are many good ones out there. He uses very understandable examples and presents in a fashion that the novice and expert can learn from. Great job Kenny.


Kenneth Gioia best teacher on Reaper. thanks so much for time to teach. Reaper is my primary daw since last year - great daw. Thanks Creative


Mr. Gioia's "Kenny Mania" channel on YouTube has always been a TERRIFIC resource for my beginning to learn REAPER. That being said, his unique speech patterns always got old really quick. It's nothing against him, just a personal tick. Thankfully, Kenny is in top form during this course, and this is one of the most useful and feature-packed CL courses I've seen. Unless you're an absolute expert in REAPER already, there's plenty of information here to get you into becoming more familiar with my favorite DAW.